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Thread: LF advice

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    LF advice


    I've been an insomniac for about ~6 years now and it's really hard for me to sleep. I can sometimes go 4-5 days straight wide awake if I don't take medication (singing Katy Perry's wide awake in my head all the way )

    Anyway, I've noticed that one way for me to catch some sleep every night is by having company! I for some reason sleep better when there's someone in bed with me because I like cuddling and stuff. It's not like an 8 hour sleep but more like just 3-4 which is great for me actually.

    So this month when my boyfriend and I moved in together I was excited about getting some sleep each night without medication just by cuddling with him in bed It was working out fine until this morning my boyfriend had the talk with me.

    He basically said I cuddle too much/too hard sometimes in my sleep and it doesn't let him sleep at times. He didn't say it in a way that it was bothering him, he just said it casually when I asked him why he was taking more coffee than he usually does. I know his tone when he's pissed off or upset but he wasn't. I found it a little odd . He didn't say it in a way that he wanted me to stop or anything but I said sorry anyways.

    I don't want him missing out on sleep because of me since his job requires him to be up and alert all the time. But I'm trying to find a way in which I can catch sleep without meds because they make me feel like crap the next day . I guess I'll talk to him when he comes back from work but I was wondering if anybody here has had similar experiences when it comes to bed sharing and how they resolved the issues.


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    Re: LF advice

    It takes a while to adjust to sleeping next to another person. Perhaps, he'll sleep better over time.

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    Re: LF advice


    You won't feel like crap the next day.

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