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    A Straight Temptation

    This is my first story. Feel free to offer advice. It is semi real. When I say that I mean I have changed the names and some details were changed or expanded on. However, the general story is consistent. I also plan to extend the story beyond what really happened if people like it and want me to continue. If so then you can use your imagination as to where the actual part ends and the fiction begins.


    I was at my computer stroking away when an aim message popped up. I had met Rogers a year earlier playing some online games and we still talked from time to time. He very hesitantly told me he was gay several months after we started playing and was relieved when I said it was no big deal.

    We had not spoken in a long time and I didn't want to just tell him I was busy so I began to multitask. He told me about things going on in his life and breaking up with a boyfriend. After awhile he seemed concerned.

    "Is there something wrong, Will?"
    "What do ya mean?" I replied

    He explained that I had not been saying much. He didn't realize I was typing with one hand. I debated what to say.

    "Yea, sorry for not saying much, I was actually jacking off when you messaged me. Was too far into it to stop haha."

    I felt nervous saying it. We had not spoken much about sex other than me mentioning how I seem to spend a few weeks or so on one fetish before getting interested and one other conversation.

    "Whats the current porn of the month? haha"

    I guess he remembered that about me. About a month ago I had hooked up with a girl who had fantasized about being in a gangbang but never did it. Now it was my currently fetish. He teased me about liking videos with so many guys. Then really surprised me by saying he thought that was pretty hot.

    "Straight porn is hot to you?"
    "I can get off as long as there are some hot guys"

    It seemed like every conversation with him enlightened me further. The previous one had explained the difference between tops and bottoms. I guess I had always assumed everyone was versatile. At this point I had seen several videos of a girl having every hole filled up with cum. I was edging very close and asked him half jokingly if he had any good straight videos downloaded. After a few minutes he sent me one.

    While waiting I wondered what kind of straight porn would he have. A video opened up to a foursome. Honestly, although I guess not surprising, the girls were kinda ugly. I noticed both guys had very big dicks. What was unusual was how thick one of them was. One of the girls could barely fit it in her mouth.

    "Omg, that one guy's dick is humongous, guess I know what kinda guys you like now."
    "Haha, I've taken bigger :P"

    I sat there astonished how anyone could fit something that large. I was rock hard and about to finish when he sent me another.

    This time it was only a guy and girl. An up close shot showed her sucking the tool of a very muscular guy. I noticed how large this one was too. I commented to him about how big and veiny it was. I couldn't hold back much longer and exploded across my chest, some cum splattering near my neck, as my dick throbbed.

    I cleaned up and when I returned my bud had logged off. Before he did he left a message saying

    "You better stop noticing those big, veiny cocks while you jack off :)"

    I laughed to myself about that comment but would think about it for the next few days.

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    Re: A Straight Temptation

    Interesting start, you must expand upon it!

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    Re: A Straight Temptation

    I love reading some of the autobiographical stories. And yours, CC, sounds really intriguing. I hope to read more very soon.


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