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    Make out with someone with HIV?

    Have u ever done this?

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    Re: Make out with someone with HIV?

    yes, unknowingly at the time. He drove me home and when we got into my driveway, he said, "come here" and he pulled me into his face and started kissing me. we made out for about 10 minutes, french kissing and feeling each others body, then I got out. 2 days later he informed me that not only was he HIV+ but actually had full blown AIDS. I was stunned. then scared, then angry he didnt tell me first. He said I have nothing to worry about since all we did was make out, but I was still freaked out. I am negative, thank god. He has since passed away, but still I thought that was a shitty move on his part.

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    Re: Make out with someone with HIV?

    Yea i didn't know either! I'm worried I my have gotten hpv and like I need to wait two years for it to pass possibly until I kiss others ..stupid I know! I'm HIV negative

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    Re: Make out with someone with HIV?

    No aggressive brushing of flossing before making out just to be safe. You can use mouthwash instead to freshen up if breath is a concern.

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