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    Haven't done it...yet

    I am a 32 y/o str8 married white man. I have recently been wondering what it would be like to have a guy give me a BJ and to give one as well. I am a little nervous and not sure how to go about finding someone to do this with. I would certainly want to be with someone who has experience and am leery about just searching on CL. I am unsure how experienced guys feel about the curious ones. Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    The last six months more prominently

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    Does your wife have an opinion on this?
    Everyone wants to be heard. No one wants to listen.

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    If you lived by me in NJ I would meet up with you . But as for finding someone. Its a bit difficult to do unless you are in the scene or know of it. Plenty of guys out there want to meet a married man and suck him off, possibly even get sucked off by one. Honestly, I'd go to Craigslist, I know you are leery about it, but talk to the guys and feel them out. I have met some screwy guys and I have met quite a few decent guys as well. Its all about communication. Some guys just want a quick hi lets suck, address etc etc.. Don't do that obviously, those are whores (not prostitutes but just whores lol) .

    The thing about the internet is, people can hide their identity very well. I remember this one guy sent me a pic of him, told me it was recent. I met up with him and he was a whole lot bigger/round and smaller in the dick department then he said. Just using this as an example because some guys could say things to get you hooked.

    So with all that said. Communication is key. Let it be known that you want an experienced guy and its your first time and want to see how it pans out. But honestly, I think you should find another guy who has similar interests as you. A beginner who wants to swap bj's. I wish you the best of luck.

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    Not really that unusual. I've found plenty, and can't say that there's just one or two reasons for it.

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    How is this supposed to turn on your wife? If you can figure that one out, and she agrees, I'm sure it will be great.

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    hm let me think about it

    you shoul talk to your wife about this stuff

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    I know that I should and then I think that she will think it is extremely strange. You have a very nice looking piece though, wouldn't mine that being the first one in my mouth!

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    I always discourage people fooling around with others while married. It is probably the most underhanded and selfish thing you could do. If you have an attraction to men you should discuss that with her if you feel your urges are strong enough. Some women are cool with it and then it becomes a mutual thing. There are all sorts of couples that are okay with 3-ways and even a crowd for "swingers." However cheating on your wife is not cool at all. However I agree, you are in strange spot. Most women probably would be put off by their husband wanting to be with a man, but still that doesn't mean you should go behind her back to be with a random guy.

    Sorry to always be "that guy," but seriously cheating on someone who supposedly loves you is the lowest of the low. I hope you can resolve your urges without hurting your wife.

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    Re: Haven't done it...yet

    Yeah guys cheating is bad but what makes you think he's gonna talk to his wife about it?...He already made up his mind and he's gonna do it whether you guys preach about cheating or not.

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