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    Jub's most polarizing member of 2012

    I was planning on making this long and involved but I thought "Let the usernames speak for themselves"

    Before I go on, let me just say this is not a popularity contest, simply a thread about a few members that shook things up a bit THIS year. Not of all time.

    So I simply ask: What Jub member stood out this year? Who sparked the most backlash? Who inspired the most copy cats? Who shitted? Who was shitted on? Who caused the most meltdowns?

    Choose wisely
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    Re: Jub's most polarizing member of 2012

    So this is what you do now, prod dead and dying horses with dull sticks, slather on makeup, snap in a C formation, add a gif and repeat?

    Back to my disaronno, lemme know how this works for you.
    "Thereís death on the horizon,

    and Iíll run to behold your sacrifice..."

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    Re: Jub's most polarizing member of 2012

    Quote Originally Posted by DigitalFudge View Post

    That was the original game plan
    you should remake the thread and add more options. please take my name off though.
    one thing about the closet/you don't have to hurry/it will be bad tomorrow/so brother, don't you worry

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    Re: Jub's most polarizing member of 2012

    No, this ends now.
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