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Thread: Hiiiiiii

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    My name is Asher :D

    How is everyone? :]

    It's been a fantasy of mine to act in porn for a very long time... and I've recently decided to try and do something about it! :D Thing is... I don't know where to get started :x But I thought joining this forum couldn't hurt :P

    So if anyone has any insight/advice/experience/pointers... it'd be much appreciated! :D

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    Hello Asher and welcome.

    Get yourself over to the Show Yourself Off forum and let us see what you've got to work with. Then I'm sure some of the guys will rate your porn star potential.

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    I have no good nudes yet though... :[ just some bleh camera phone ones.

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    Ya gotsta start somewhere........ .......let 'em rip.......

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    okay I posted

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    First step to uncovering your talent!
    "... You think the only people who are people
    Are the people who look and think like you ..." - Colours of the Wind by Vanessa Williams

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    I don't see your post.
    "Reading should be easy. Only the reader should be hard." -- hardreader

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    for some reason every time I try to post something, it says a moderator has to approve it before it will show up... >.>

    - - - Updated - - -

    well almost every time, apparently.

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    Re: Hiiiiiii

    Welcome to J U B!! I like you pics at the amateur forum, would love to see more!!

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