I have stated that a perceived... no an actual experienced difference in performance by the veterans affairs department was yet still another reason that I voted for Obama. Here is an AP article found at Huff Post that outlines all that retired four star General and VA Chief Eric Shinseki has accomplished and where he is setting his goals.

I think this is appropriate and effective change in our bureaucracy Now if the republican members of congress would actually get behind the setting of goals and then aggressively achieving them to streamline our government services then perhaps we could get somewhere with our federal government.

Have a read it is a good one and particularly apt on Verterans Day.

Some snippets I found to be excellent signs of good leadership:

Shinseki,... ordered that the VA would not just reduce veteran homelessness -- it would end it. And end it by 2015. (THAT IS) ...those 154,000 homeless veterans living as beggars on the streets.
He is making progress and will achieve this goal.

"When I put that out, there was a lot of wind being sucked through teeth," Shinseki told The Huffington Post during a rare interview.
In combat, he explained, commanders never have perfect knowledge, never have enough time, never enough resources. "Sometimes you just gotta launch, and fight your way through the unknowns," he said.
That is the problem with Washington. Our State houses set public deadlines and mandatory requirements such as balanced budgets and then they meet them or lose their jobs. Washington and all of our bloated programs never approach it that way... with silly thingys like goals to meet and deadlines.

I voted for change and that is what I wanna see.