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    Letter To My Friend

    First story posted here. Apologies for spelling/grammatical errors: don't have 'Word' at the moment. Hope you enjoy.

    Dear Friend,

    The moment I saw you I knew I wanted you. I saw you sitting on your bed, smiling and flicking your hair and it drove me wild.
    Do you know what ran through my mind at that moment? I'll tell you.

    I wanted to sit down next to you and place my hand on your face. I wanted to lean in slowly and press my lips to yours, kissing you softly as my body trembled with barely constrained desire. I would put my hand on your chest and gently push you back on the bed, and swing my leg across you, so that my knees were either side of your thighs. Kneeling over you, I’d lean down and kiss you again. I feel your hands on my thighs, sliding up to my waist. I take your wrists in my hands and pin them to the bed either side of your head.

    My lips are now crashing into yours with an ever building intensity, the lust bubbling up inside me like a volcano, overwhelming any restraint I may have possessed before. I feel you writhe beneath me, feel you pressing your now bulging jeans against my arse. I feel you grind your bulge against me, between my arse cheeks. I smile against your lips, knowing you want me as much as I want you. I hook my feet over your thighs and pin them down. You let out a gasp, a sigh of frustration as I deny you the feeling of contact. Your wrists and thighs pinned to the bed, I still kneel over you, leaning down, kissing you. I catch your lower lip gently between my teeth and slowly pull back from the kiss. I look down at you, so helpless, so full of longing. My heart is pounding in my chest, my blood and adrenaline pumping as I look down at the beautiful, sexy, boyish guy under me, at your smouldering eyes and soft, smooth lips.

    I unpin your wrists and slide my fingers between the buttons on your shirt. With a swift yank, I rip your shirt open, the buttons cascading across the bed. I place my palm flat against your chest. I slide it across, feeling the smoothness of your flesh. I allow my thumb to wander to your nipple to caress it. Unable to resist you any longer, I move my hands to my jeans, to unbutton them. You stop me, brushing my hands aside so that you can do it yourself. You part the denim and I push my boxers down to expose my dick.

    It's only average length, about 6 inches, but it's rock hard, aching for you. I crawl forward on the bed, straddling your chest. My erection now bounces painfully above your face. You lean in and begin licking my balls. I shudder as your tongue runs over my sack.

    "Ahhhh...fuck" I groan, and brace myself on the headboard, feeling the pleasure tingling up through my body.

    I run my fingers through your hair as you give my balls a tongue bath.

    "Suck me", I say, simply, half pleading, half ordering, in a voice that is low and coarse with desire.

    You oblige, and I place one hand on your head as I press myself forward between your lips. I shudder and gasp as I feel the heat and wetness of your mouth engulfs me. The sound of your sucking and slurping drifts up to my ears, as your smooth lips slide along my shaft. As pleasure courses through my body, the last of my restraint melts away. I begin rocking my hips, fucking your face. Instead of soft gasps and sighs, a louder groan escapes my throat. I pull my shirt off over my head, too hot now for even the thin cotton. My manhood is now throbbing in your mouth and I feel pleasure tingling in my balls. I know I have to stop or the intensity of my lust will end this far too soon.

    I stop thrusting and crawl back down until I am kneeling at the foot of the bed. I hook my fingers over the edge of your sock, and swiftly remove it, first one then the other. I take hold of one of your feet and raise it to my face. I plant a soft kiss on your arch. Then another on your big toe. My lips, pressed against your skin, part, to engulf your toe and suck it for a few seconds, slowly but firmly. As I do, I caress your foot with my fingers, my eyes closed.

    I put your foot back on the bed and reach for the button of your jeans. I quickly brush it aside and part the fly. Clutching at the denim by your ankles, I pull your jeans off and drop them onto the floor behind me. In front of me, you lie almost naked, the thin cotton of your boxers strained by your bulge. I stand at the foot of the bed and look down upon the male beauty before me, as I step out of my own jeans. Crawling back up the bed I begin to kiss your thighs, gently brushing your skin with my lips, my hands roaming, gently caressing your legs.

    You moan softly and I begin to nip at your exposed flesh gently, making you jump and smile. Now I'm between your legs, my head over you bulge, looking up at you. My eyes still meeting yours, I lean down and place my lips around your linen-wrapped manhood. I mouth you through the cotton, as I slowly pull it down to reveal your member in its naked beauty. I run my tongue over your balls, and you arch off the bed, your fingers clutching at my hair. MY tongue runs up your shaft before my lips descend over your head. I hear you moaning and cooing softly, breathlessly, as I begin to suck you off. You squirm a little and run your fingers through my hair and I savour the taste of you in my mouth.

    But even this is still only foreplay. There is so much more I want from you. I push your legs up and move down to your tight hole. I feel my dick twitch at how exposed you are as I begin rimming you, tonguing your hole without restraint, my lust now a desperate hunger that needs satisfying. I slip a finger into you and fuck you with it, testing that you're ready for me.

    "Fuck me!.... Fuck me!" You moan

    I line myself up and press the head of my cock against your hole. Holding your legs I drive myself into you steadily, as you writhe and whimper. I fuck you slowly at first, my cock stretching your arse as it slides in and out of your hole. But the lust I feel, and the pleasure of being inside you soon drives me on, faster and harder.

    I'm groaning in your ear, my hands grasping at you, my manhood inside you, filling you. My hips are rolling and my arse clenching. My fingers grope at your thighs and arse, roam along your hips and arms. Finding your hands I slide my fingers between yours and close them around your hand. My hot breath is on your neck, my groans and grunts in your ear, my lust controlling my every thought, feeling, action.

    That’s when you push me onto my back, and I look up at you bemused, before you start lowering yourself onto my dick. As the hotness of your insides engulfs me again, I moan and arch up into you. You begin riding me, wasting no time in building up your speed. Soon you're taking my dick hard and fast, making me groan loudly and writhe beneath you. Your hands are on my chest, clutching at the hair, pulling, hurting, but feeling so good.
    We're fucking hard and fast, building towards that glorious release. Sweat coats our bodies like a thin veil. The bed springs creaks beneath us, our moans fill the room. Harder. Faster.
    You moan, louder and louder.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes! Yes! YES!"

    Suddenly your dick explodes, your thick white spunk erupting everywhere. It splashes over the bed, my stomach, my chest, scorching hot and clinging to my fur. Your body shudders with pleasure and your arse clenches tight around me. It's more than I can stand, pushing me over the edge.

    "Oh fuck, here it cums!" I cry

    I feel my dick throb, and my balls tighten, and then my hot, thick cum coursing up my shaft. Moaning, I thrust up into you, arching off the bed, clutching at your hips. I fill you up as shot after shot of my cum is released and my balls empty themselves into you. My moaning grows softer, quieter, my thrusts slower, less forceful. With a sigh I relax my body back onto the bed and let go of your hips.

    That, my friend, is what I wanted to happen the first time I saw you. But it didn't. I didn't make my move, and we never fucked like animals on your bed.

    But hey, we're both still young, right?....
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    Re: Letter To My Friend

    Welcome to the story board and thank for that horny letter from Coventry!

    I have run the spell checker for you.

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    Re: Letter To My Friend

    Great story loved it ! worth at least !

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    Re: Letter To My Friend

    Nice story! Very well written.

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