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    Hot Gay scenes in mainstream movies

    There are, of course, dozens or hundreds of mainstream films (i.e., non-porno, non X-rated) with scenes of hot lovemaking between a man and a woman. But can you think of any mainstream films that show hot sex between two men, or at least hot kissing and foreplay? As an example, I thought the hotel room scene in Latter Days was very hot.

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    Re: Hot Gay scenes in mainstream movies

    I don't know if I'd call Latter Days mainstream, exactly, though it is one of the better-known "gay" movies. And yes, the sex scene (and the discussion between Aaron and Christian afterwards) was pretty hot.

    If we're limiting this to "mainstream" movies, I'd have to say the probably most-known gay movie among the general public is Brokeback Mountain. There's a bit of a build-up to it, but I'd gather you wouldn't know it was coming until right when it happens. That adds to the excitement of the whole thing, even though you can't see much.
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    Re: Hot Gay scenes in mainstream movies

    I agree that some of the scenes in Brokeback Mountain were hot, but I'm not even looking for gay movies in particular.

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