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    HI there, long time reader but finally got the courage to post something, although it may be fictious, many parts on here are true and were part of the things that i had to go trough in life.
    Thank you and please comment

    “Warren where are you, your shift should have been over about two hours ago.” Anthony paced the living room as he ran his free hand though his hair, trying to placate his worries. He heard voices on the other side, laughter and heavy music and that didn’t sit very well with him.

    “I’m at the shop babe, don’t worry I’m almost done, besides I have a surprise for you!” said a young man’s deep, and soothing voice, Anthony closed his eyes for just a second and reminisced about how good it felt whenever Warren whispered in his ear.

    “You’re gonna like it” he said and hung up. Anthony walked to the kitchen and reheated the dinner he had prepared for the both of them.

    Anthony was by no means a pushover, well perhaps in bed but he was a partner in a lawyer’s firm, he made good income, good decisions and darn good pasta, he was six feet tall, average build at best, but at 43 the weight seemed to just keep piling on and on and his looks weren’t getting any better, or so he thought.

    Anthony checked his watch again…where was this guy, he said that he was at the shop but who stays up this late trying to fix vehicles. The door opened suddenly and in walked the man of the hour; Warren had a huge grin on his dimpled, unshaven face and a paper bag in one hand labeled “Tony” with a little smile at the end, Warren threw his keys on the table and leaned on the kitchen door, arms crossed.

    “I hear someone was waiting for me” Warren’s eyes sparkled and Anthony knew what he had in mind. No, no, no discipline, he thought he can’t be coming in and out whenever he pleases!

    Anthony put on his best poker face and asked Warren what time it was.

    “I don’t know, ten?”

    “It’s eleven thirty Warren”

    “Yeah…look I’m sorry but I was getting something, I was at the shop” The young man’s face changed at once, his care free attitude gone and in place was one of hurt and remorse, it panged Anthony just a little to see his boyfriend like that, Warren could be read just like a book.

    “Who fixes cars at this time Warren Steven Vega, if there is something that you want to tell me now is the time” Anthony’s voice wasn’t as deep as Warren’s but it still carried power. Warren didn’t speak but instead walked over to Anthony and stood in front of him, his hands at his sides.

    The younger man always took the breath from him, he was just a tad bit shorter than himself, about five ten, five eleven, but other than that, Warren could have been the exact opposite from him. He was a behemoth of pure, hard muscle that threatened to rip apart any shirt he wore, he was young, aggressive and had such a peculiar sense of humor, but how could he expect him to be any different from the youth of today since Warren was only 23, the young man could even pass as his son.

    It killed Anthony every time that he looked in the mirror and he saw the graying man next to the young and full of life person brushing his teeth next to him.

    Warren began to undo the buttons on his shirt which came apart easily in his long fingers and let it fall to the floor, Anthony felt the blood rush to his groin, his cock responding quickly to the body it was by now accustomed too.

    His thick arms were mosaics of bright colors, skulls and demons writhing in flames and water, the sleeves were a work of art and there were none like them in the world, Warren had drawn them himself. Warren turned to the side exposing his ribcage and in old English lettering was Anthony’s name, the first letter a murder of ravens that was flying away.

    Anthony’s jaw dropped.

    “It’s your name Tony…do you like it?” Warren asked.

    “How could you…why?” Anthony asked in bewilderment, he reached out and placed his hand on the raw skin, Warren hissed but held his ground.

    “It was worth it Tony, I love you it’s only natural that I would want to show my appreciation towards you, you left a mark in my world” He grabbed Anthony’s hand and kept it in place over his name.

    “But Warren it must have hurt, and you promised that you weren’t going to get any more tattoos, you broke that promise to me and-“

    “But I love you…” Warren interrupted.

    The older man sighed and picked up Warren’s shirt and guided him to the dining room, the candles he had placed had long since burned to the base and the wax clung to the small silver holder like stalactites. They sat opposite of each other, both eating their late night dinner in silence, Warren did not understand what the big problem was, he had tattoos galore all over his body one more wouldn’t really make a difference in his appearance, and it was a really thoughtful one he thought, fuming.

    Why shouldn’t he show how much of a mark Anthony had left on him? After Tony had offered him a place in his home, he always got home later than his older counterpart so Tony made dinner, Tony took care of the finances, Tony took them out on vacations and pricey outings, Tony…

    “Aren’t you going to put your shirt back on?”

    “No, it’s hot and it the material scratches on the tattoo.” His voice had dropped an octave “besides, I’m not hungry, thank you.”

    Anthony finished his plate and put the rest in Tupperware, cleaned the table and shuffled upstairs to their bedroom. The bed was still made and Warren was nowhere to be seen, Anthony called his name and the answer came from the balcony that faced the pool and the rest of the neighborhood that was flushed in fluorescent lights.

    His strong figure could be seen through the thin layer of curtain, it revved up his libido, seeing Warren lean on the metal rungs making his back muscles stand out even more. He placed a hand on his wide back and called out his name softly, but he didn’t turn, Anthony sighed and leaned next to him.

    “I’m sorry, it’s just that you surprise me almost every day, you have to give me a warning before you go on and do something like this…I mean I’m still a little speechless about it Warren, I love you too” he added in the end.

    Warren was still as a statue of Adonis, his short hair blew in the chilly wind, eyes closed he whispered something to Anthony that he couldn’t make out.


    Warren answered with a kiss on the older man’s lips, he was caught off guard again and tried to push him off to no avail; it was a battle that he would never be able to win as long as there was breath inside Warren.

    “Please Warren stop!” Anthony urged when Warren moved on to gnaw at his neck “the neighbors are watching!”

    So what? Warren thought to himself briefly and lost himself in Anthony’s lips, ears and neck, but he could feel the tension, Anthony was still trying to push him off.

    “Fuck!” Warren yelled and shoved Anthony back inside the bedroom, he stumbled back and fell on the bed, Warren was on him in less than a second and began to undress him. He could actually hear Warren panting, swearing like a mad man as he ripped buttons apart and tore at his clothes, there was no part of him that his lover didn’t devour, no open skin left untouched by his hungry mouth.

    Anthony couldn’t help it anymore, he couldn’t keep his passion in and let out a long and loud moan, two could play at this game he thought, Warren had never been this aggressive with his love making before and he knew it was only going to get worse, these were the few times where Anthony found himself in danger…scared even of what his boyfriend might do.

    Anthony grabbed a tuft of Warren’s hair in one hand and pulled back suddenly, the young man howled in pain, strands of saliva clung to his chin and dripped down on Anthony’s chest.

    “Relax” Anthony said, it was like trying to calm an animal in heat down, his emerald green eyes glowed in the low light making him seem other worldly, sex with a beast he thought.

    He slowly let go of his hair and Warren seemed to have composed himself a little, he wiped his mouth and smiled “I’m sorry babe, I just couldn’t resist, you look so sexy in your suit and I just wanted to devour you.”

    Warren removed the rest of Anthony’s torn clothes slowly and placed them carefully on the foot of the bed, he was still dressed from the waist down, but he liked it that way, it was to show who was in control.

    Warren kneeled on the bed and began to make his way to Anthony’s naked body “I’m going to bring you close to cuming and then pull you back at the last second, then I’m going to do it again and again…and again” Anthony closed his eyes and rocked his hips as Warren jacked his leaking member, he loved how Warren was so eager to please and give as opposed to his ex wife that only wanted her own juices flowing, for god sakes he hadn’t even removed his pants.

    The small gesture brought clarity to mind that he didn’t have before, not once had Warren cum first in their three years together, the selfless, beastly gentleman had always sought to please him first.

    “Warren” the whisper was full of passion and emotion that it made the young stud stop mid stroke “I love you.”

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    Re: Gravity

    Welcome to the story forum, Jonathan. A very interesting beginning to your story. The vigor of youth certainly shows in Warren's actions and Anthony, as the older man, falls in line as well. I look forward to reading more about "Gravity."


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    Re: Gravity

    Jonathan you are so welcome! What a great start to your story! I hope you will become a long term contributor to our collection of erotica

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    Re: Gravity

    Log 1: Love Fool

    “Warren…Warren wake up” No he thought I don’t want too, Warren could feel his brother rocking his arm slightly with his cold, bony hands. A few more seconds of this and Don would give up and go away but it wasn’t the case today, Don was ready.

    Don had grabbed a spray bottle and filled it with water and soon began spraying it on Warren’s face, it did the trick. Warren jumped from the comfort of his bed to the hard wood flooring that was his older brother’s apartment.

    “What the fuck Donatello?!” Warren’s skin immediately felt the morning’s cold draft coming in through the open window in his room.

    Don stood innocently by the bed concealing the bottle behind his back and biting his nails. His blank stare gave nothing away of what he was thinking, Donatello was the older of two brothers in the Vega family, with Warren being the youngest.

    Just like Warren, they both had the same colored eyes which were a violent shade of green, they both were five eleven and had the same deep voice but the similarities stopped there it seemed. Don was nowhere near as built as Warren, he was scrawny and didn’t sport any type of tattoos or piercings.

    “Coffee?” he offered

    “Might as well…let me just put something on” Don left the room, Warren sighed and closed the door his older brother had left open. He grabbed a clean pair of underwear from the drawers, some jeans and a t-shirt. He wasn’t used to living in cramped spaces, he practically lived in a mansion just a few months prior.

    Everything had changed, ever since she had decided to come back into his life.

    Warren was almost done when he saw it, the name that was still as black and imposing as the first time that he felt the needle pierce his skin.

    Anthony it read, the first letter composed of a murder of those black birds that he had loved so much. Seeing his name still brought back the flood of memories, his nervous laugh, his graying hair, the way he made love.

    Fuck, I’m never getting over you am I?

    “So do you want blueberries or strawberries on your waffles?” Don called out from the kitchen, bringing him back to reality.

    “Can I have both?” Warren asked…he touched his face absentmindedly, he needed a shave, maybe a haircut but why though, there was nobody to please anymore. He took a seat on the small wooden table where Don had already started eating.

    “So tell me little brother…where are you going today?” Don asked with a mouthful of bread, pouring the syrup directly into his mouth and taking a gulp of chocolate milk.

    “I was going to apply at the community college, look for work it doesn’t suit me much living with you rent free, besides I feel like I’m disrupting your flow” Warren mumbled with a downward gaze, he had taken refuge with his older brother five months ago...after all the evil happened.

    Donatello peeled his eyes from the television; a fire had consumed three apartment complexes and threatened to destroy a house “I don’t mind you living here” and went back to his T.V and mountain of food.

    Okay…I guess I should take that as a compliment.

    “Are you going to the station today?”

    “No, I haven’t been to the shooting range in three weeks, besides…I really don’t have a case on hand to work on, maybe I’ll show up on Friday.”

    “It’s Tuesday Don” The scrawny pale man didn’t turn or made any indication that he had heard him, Warren sighed and washed the colossal amount of plates that his older brother had used to make a handful of waffles.

    “You don’t cook often do you?” this was the first time that he had seen his brother make something, when Warren moved in, after a couple of days of staying in the guest room, he took over the house hold chores like cleaning, making dinner, washing, something he wasn’t particularly fond of.

    “Takeout. You can use the truck I’m taking the bike” Apart from offering his apartment, without blinking an eye, Donatello allowed him to use any appliance, ingredient, even vehicles to his needs. He felt bad every time that Donatello did something nice for him, he had stopped basically all communication with family and many friends to focus his energy in being with Anthony, so when his boyfriend of almost three years dumped him for his ex-wife…

    “All right, I’ll see you tonight then, I’ll bring Chinese”


    Time stopped, the smoke that rose from the broken down vehicle seemed like a ghost, frozen in mid air. People stopped…cars stopped, only one thing, well only one person moved at this moment, every move he did and every grunt that escaped his mouth was registered in Neil’s memory as the stranger tried to fix the dying car.

    He could not remember the last time he was so awestruck by someone, he was five eleven of pure, hard muscle. The first thing that Neil noticed about this stranger was his dark green eyes; it was as if somebody had placed two large beautiful emeralds there and forgotten about such a treasure, he had a beard situation going on and a pair of luscious lips that parted to say something he didn’t catch.

    Young Neil didn’t know how much time had elapsed until muscles finally closed the hood and turned to face the seemingly younger person. Muscles was a little taller than him and much broader, his short brown hair was a mess and his face was contorted in worry and sweat, he bit his lower lip…a single drop of sweat clung to his chin.

    “I’m sorry?” Neil asked finally, the stranger raised an eyebrow and a lopsided smile formed on his lips “I said that your car is a goner, it’s going to take more to repair it that what it’s worth man” he had a really deep voice, a proper man’s voice.

    Neil shook his head and extended his hand “Thanks for all your hard work, I’m Neil”

    “Warren, it was a pleasure” he said.

    “You didn’t have to do that, you probably saved my car from setting itself on fire, thank you!” Warren could hear the sincerity in the other person’s voice, it seemed like he was 22 or 23, he couldn’t tell.

    “So where are you going, it looks like you’re lugging a lot of stuff?” Warren asked after a painful silence between the both of them.

    “New York” Neil answered automatically without thinking.

    Shit, something about this beautiful, man is making my head spin, relax!

    “In this?” he inquired again, Neil scratched the back of his head trying to find a suitable answer without sticking his foot in his mouth.

    “Well no, I was going to my friend’s house and then we were going to take it from there in her car, road trip you know.” Neil could tell that Warren didn’t buy his story for shit, he simply nodded and began to unload the luggage from the car.

    “What are you doing?”

    “Well seeing as you don’t have any means of transportation, I was going to drive you to your friend’s house”

    “I was going to catch a cab or something…” Neil lost his train of thought as he kept staring at Warren putting his stuff in the back of the pickup, the play of muscles working together made intricate knots under his skin. He could feel his member growing underneath his jeans, probably leaving traces of precum all over his boxer shorts.

    “A cab wouldn’t pick you up from the side of the highway, besides I’m heading into Bakersfield myself so we’re good man” Warren put the last of the bags inside and wiped the sweat from his forehead, they had been a little bit heavier than he had expected.

    Neil bit his lip, took one good look at Warren’s wide frame and nodded “let’s hit the road then.”

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    Re: Gravity

    Thank you guys for your awesome thoughts!

    Let me know how you like it so far and i promise to post more often!

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    Re: Gravity

    Thanks for the continuation - looking forward to the next chapter.

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    Re: Gravity

    Me thinks Warren has some lustful thoughts that are going to match the lustful thoughts Neil is also having..... I look forward to where the trip into Bakersfield takes them. Keep it going, Jonathan.


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