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    The Game Reserve Adventure

    The Game Reserve Adventure

    About seven miles out of town we have a game reserve. It’s nearly 100 acres of natural wetlands with several secluded wooded trails. During the summer it’s mostly unused with the exception of a few fishermen. The game wardens only frequent the grounds during hunting or game fish seasons.

    I found it a great place to explore my hobby, “ Nude hiking”. This is not as creepy as it may sound. It’s just that “hiking nude.” You see I’m a nudist, and I enjoy walking outdoors naked. Since there are no clothing optional campgrounds near where I live. I have to make due with what is available. I know it’s illegal to be nude on public land so up till now I kept my adventures mostly to late at night. When I felt less likely to be caught.

    After several very enjoyable but none eventful nighttime outings, I felt the place was safe enough to try a daylight stroll. Still being a little hesitant, I chose a weekday evening just near sunset for my first attempt.

    As always I drove down the whole lane to make sure I have the reserve to myself. Than I back tracked half way to my favorite spot. A place where the trails go nearer the woods and away from the river, thinking if anyone would come they would most likely be there to fish and would park on the other end.

    Where I parked I had a clear view of the park entrance and would see anyone drive in. After sitting in my car for about five minutes I felt safe enough to remove my clothing. I always wear just a tee shirt and loose shorts that I can put back on in a hurry if a hear someone coming.

    Still being a little nervous I kept my clothes in my hand as I began my stroll.
    From where I parked the trail took a sharp right turn about forty feet from the lane. At this point the trail could no longer be seen from the lane and I began to feel more comfortable. The more I walked the more I was enjoying the freedom of it. Being totally exposed and at one with nature.

    It was still about an hour until sunset but the air had already begun to cool. The slight but steady breeze ran gently over my naked skin like the soft touch of invisible hands. This tender massage caressing my whole body, made me become very aware of every inch of my flesh.
    I could feel the sun mildly warm the cheeks of my ass when I walked from shade back into the light. The wind brushed coolly over my nipples, making them sensitive and firm. My balls were hanging low in the freedom, gently bouncing with each step. I could feel the damp coolness of the grass lapping between my toes. My dick, aroused but not yet hard, swayed smoothly, unrestricted, in the serene twilight air.

    The peacefulness of this place and my overwhelmed senses led me not to want to end my walk, but to go on further and explore more. I continued deeper into the reserve. To places in the park I haven’t yet seen. The trail became lined with waist high weeds making if very hard to see what maybe around the next turn. But still content in seclusion I continued. Than suddenly I heard a mans voice saying, “Somebody’s got the right idea.”

    I could feel my heart pounding in my ears when I saw a man step out of a clearing waving to me. I put my hand over my chest and said, “Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was here. I’ll put on my clothes and leave.” I felt frozen as I waited for what he was going to do next.

    “ Don’t worry about it,” he said laughingly, “ I shouldn’t have said anything to you”

    I stood there for what seemed like forever not knowing what to do. I was thinking damn I’m going to jail. This guy is going to call the cops. What do I do?

    Next he says smiling, “I’m sorry I scared you, let me get you a beer.” “Come on over and have a beer.”

    Now I really don’t know what to do. I never thought much about what I would do if I got caught. Let alone if by someone who didn’t care that I was naked. “What do I do”? I asked myself? “Walk away, have a beer with him? Should I put my clothes on, what?” I’m just standing there like a deer in the headlights, when he said, “It’s all right I was thinking about doing the same thing. It’s sure a nice enough day for it”

    That’s when I got my first real look at this man. He was tall, thin and sort of handsome in a rugged outdoorsy way. His hair was sandy brown a bit long and uncombed. He had some graying in his well-trimmed goatee. He was shirtless in khaki cut off shorts showing his well tanned muscular legs and defined hairy abs. He was standing bare foot on a plaid blanket, near a cooler and some fishing gear. There was a kindness in his pale blue eyes and crooked smile. Though somewhat embarrassed by my nudity I started to feel like this was going to be ok. My whole body was trembling and I felt my voice choking as I replied, “ That’s alright, maybe I should just go”

    “Nonsense,” he said motioning me over as be bent down reaching in to his cooler. “ I at least owe you a beer for giving you such a start.” “ Come on sit down for a minute.”

    Still bewildered, and not sure what was the right thing to do? I slowly walked over still holding my clothes in my hand. As I neared him he looked up at me with a warm smile offering me the beer with one hand while the other waved over the blanket in a welcoming gesture. As I reached to accept the beer I spoke with a timid voice, “Maybe I should put my clothes on, this is a little awkward.”

    “You don’t have to on my account, it’s just us out here in nature, be comfortable,” he said, as I was sitting down. “Oh by the way my name is Sam,” his soft voice said as he looked directly in to my eyes, still smiling he reached out to shake my hand.

    My voice still quivering I said, “I’m Rick,” not realizing that I was still holding my clothes I suddenly dropped them to the ground just before our hands touched. His grip was warm, gentle yet firm. His hand slightly rough and larger completely encompassed mine. In what seemed more like holding hands, the manly greeting was oddly erotic and somewhat comforting. I somewhat melted a little with his touch.
    Setting down his beer Sam placed is other hand over mime and said, “Well Rick it’s nice to meet you, do you come here often?” with a slight laugh he turned and settled back resting on his side with one arm over his head.

    “Not to often,” I said lightly, “Mostly I come out here late at night, but I never got caught being naked before, Man this is so strange.” Shaking my head and taking a sip of my beer, I noticed I was feeling strangely all right with this. Ya this is ok, sitting here naked, having a beer with this guy. I like this, it’s strange but I like it.
    Sam was really kind of hot. I would say he was about six feet tall and maybe one eighty. His face was starting to show some age but still had a boyish charm to it, his arms were muscular but not overwhelming, his chest and abs were well defined, yet soft. His body was covered in light fine hair and had such a manly quality to it. I’m not sure how long I was looking or if he noticed, but my glance got fixed on the well outlined shape of his penis bulging under his pants. I was thinking my god that thing is really big. Than suddenly I became very aware of my nudity and could feel my dick starting to swell.

    Sam cleared his throat and joked, “Your braver than I am dude, I thought about running around naked out here too, but the closest I came to it was jacking off out here a couple times.”

    This is when I can’t believe what came out of my mouth. I’m always very shy and never make a move on a stranger, but somehow the words just flew out. I said, “Well I could help you out with that.”

    “Oh really,” Sam turned to me and ask, “What do you mean by that?”

    Without missing a beat I blurted, “I could give you a blow job.” I nearly fainted as I heard myself speaking. Again my heart was pounding in my chest, my mouth became very dry, and I felt the sweat beading on my forehead. I thought fore sure I was going to faint waiting for his reply.

    Smiling and shaking his head Sam softly said, “No kidding, you would do that?”

    Shrugging my shoulders I said timidly, “Yes if you wanted me to.”

    His smile getting even brighter Sam replied, “Really, right here right now?”

    Again I just said, “Yes”

    “So what, you just want me to whip it out?” Sam asked playfully.

    I quickly replied, “ Well that or just take your pants off.”

    “Well… ok, why not?” Sam said questionably as he lay down on his back and began to unsnap his pants. I just nodded my head. I took another sip of my beer to get rid of the dryness. I licked my lips and inched a little closer as Sam slowly began to unzip his fly. My mind was racing with anticipation, as Sam was about to reveal his stunning manhood from beneath his pants. Arching his hips slightly off the ground gently pulling the khakis over his elevated thighs, I got my first glance of his well-trimmed pubic hair. Like in slow motion I started to see the shaft of his penis unveiling yet pressed down by the lowering of his pants. Till eventually it sprang free and bounced back up resting on his groin. I’m not sure if he heard me gasp as I was in awe of its size and beauty. Not yet hard it was over four inches long and maybe two inches wide. It had a very large well-shaped mushroom head. His shaved balls were huge and hung low between his legs. I could feel a rush of excitement come over me as he laid back and said, “There you go.”

    I couldn’t believe this was about to happen. I’m out here in the woods and I’m going to suck off this really hot guy. This is unbelievably cool. I want this so bad, I thought to myself.
    My whole body was trembling as I moved to position myself over him. My hands were shaking with desire as I ran them softly up his thighs, gently spreading his legs apart until my naked body lay comfortably between them. I softly glided my hands up tenderly touching his balls, working my way up to lightly grasp his now firming shaft. I sensed a slight quivering in his body as my hands pulled is dick into my open mouth. I heard Sam quietly moan when I lowered my head to take in the rest of his cock. His breathing got heavier when I closed my wet lips and began to suck. I could feel him getting harder and longer as I slowly begun to bob my head. I loved the way his shaft tasted a little salty and his head felt hard and hot on my tongue. I knew that when his dick got fully erect I would not be able to keep it all in my eager mouth. So I firmly grasped the bottom his shaft in one hand and started to stoke him. I cupped his smooth balls in the other and continued sucking him slowly. I took my time on his now eight inch long cock, as I wanted to give him as much pleasure as I could. I slowing moved my head up and down taking his shaft in and out of my mouth as far as I could. I ran my wet tongue around his huge hard cock head over and over. I could feel the gentle breeze blowing on my bare ass and my hard dick was rubbing on the soft blanket. I felt like I was about to come with out even being touched. I loved it. The sun was almost setting and it turned Sam’s skin an eerie gold color as I looked up at him. It was totally hot seeing him with his head tilted back and eyes closed, truly enjoying what I was doing to him. His breathing got even faster and he started to thrust is throbbing cock into my moist mouth. When I felt his hand softly holding my head against his body I knew he was about to come. So I drew my lips tightly and sucked him in a long slow firm motion. I firmly squeezed his balls. With another deep thrust I felt his hot steaming come exploding in my willing mouth. Running thick and juicy down my throat with every pulsating wave.

    “Oh, Oh, Oh,” I heard Sam moan in a breathless voice, “Oh god damn that’s nice.” I could feel his whole body quivering as he empted every last drop of his man stuff deep inside my mouth.

    My hot aching balls and hard throbbing dick were now begging for release when Sam gently guided me up onto his chest. Softly caressing me with one arm Sam slid his other hand down my completely aroused body. Firmly grabbing my rock hard cock. With just a few strong tugs I began to come so hard my juice shot out so far it landed on my chest. The intense spasms of ecstasy overwhelmed me. With a few whimpering sighs I collapsed entirely into his strong arms. In a moment I felt a tender kiss on the top my head and I heard Sam whisper softly, “ Thank you.”

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    Re: The Game Reserve Adventure

    Welcome to our story board. Quite a hot story! There is something special about walking after dark with a cool breeze on your body - have to try it again sometime soon!

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