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Thread: Him-new story

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    Him-new story

    So there I was, again, getting ready to go out clubbing with Lill. Don't get me wrong we've had some great nights but turns out you stop drinking and continuously going out to straight bars is boring as hell; especially when your best friend, putting it politely is a slut. She can single handedly pull like five guys in one night, in fact, in the year I’ve know her I think I’ve seen her buy her own drink like five times. Anyway having your loneliness being reinforced by that every night isn't fun.

    My phone buzzed and I’m snapped out of my jealousy, "Hurry up we’re getting bored," the text reads. I don't know why she always plagues me with this text I always end up waiting at her flat for at least an hour before she's ready to go. Though the “we” bit bugged me, "Please don’t says he's coming,” I reply. " U mean Drake?" my fears are confirmed Dan (Drake is his nick name god knows why) is the most irritating person ever, this is enhanced by the fact I find him hot but I don't want him to have the satisfaction of knowing that as I would never hear the end of it. I rush to get ready to avoid anymore texts and within twenty-five minutes I'm opening her always unlocked door and shouting, " What's up bitches!!" There he is, Drake, dancing around already shit faced with Lill looking at her wits end. I give her the 'told you so face' and find my normal seat on her sofa. It's a normal student flat everything crammed into one room basically but it hardly matters as it serves its purpose. I close my eyes and try to block out Drake and Lill

    Before I know what's happening I’m being shaken awake by Drake with him shouting, "Time to go you lazy fuck come on we've got a surprise for you."

    I quickly check my pockets for all my stuff as last time Drake had a surprise he hid my phone, iPod, keys and wallet around the flat. Needless to say, I wasn't impressed. Fortunately everything was there and I walked with Lill to the cab when she nods at the driver and says, "You know where we’re going right?"

    “Yes love Da-..."

    "AAAAH... shush it’s a secret for our friend here".

    Now I’m getting worried Lill, can never keep secrets so why keep this one? I lose track of time in the taxi - always do on car rides - something about zipping around in a car watching the landscape change is mesmerising to watch.

    We finally pull up and I see where we are and my heart drops; panic starts to fill me, we're at Dale's.

    "SURPRISE!" Lill and Drake shout at once. "I thought you'd be fed up with going clubbing with me, so tonight were going to a gay club; so I'm going with you... let’s see these skills in action hey?" Lill then winked and dragged me into the waiting line.

    Most people wouldn't see why I’m so panicked this seems like a nice night out only I might have been over zealous when describing my flirting skill to Lill. She had never been in a position to see it before so she had nothing to discredit me with. In reality I'm a babbling mess when it comes to flirting and what's more is I’ve been sober for nine months now due to a little hiccup in my life with addiction so I don't even have an excuse to fall back on.

    When we get in the club Lill and Drake rush to the bar while I slip into the corner of the room and try and stake it out. Maybe if I get someone slightly less, let's say stereotypically hot they might be easier to flirt with and I'll just get the other two so drunk they won't remember. I start scanning the room; there are some really hot guys in here tonight though, shame I don't have the backbone to talk to them. As I was drooling over a particularly hot guy that had douche bag written all over him, 'Just Lill's type,' I was thinking when I felt someone staring at me. I shuffled to the left a bit just enough to see Him. You know when you've seen your “Him” when all the clichés in the world pop into your head. You hear music different to that playing, the room slows down and time suddenly unveils its self to you and you can see your life with “Him” spreading out before you.

    "HEY DANTE WAKE UP! Here's your sprite." Lill hands me a cold glass and snaps me out of my premonition.

    “Oooo, who's Mr. Handsome?" Lill questions with a raised eyebrow. I blush and try to change the subject.

    “Where’s Drake?" not that I really give a shit.

    "Guess," Lill replies. I look over to see a very disgruntled guy being a grinder up against by Drake; he looked like a little puppy humping the leg of a stranger in the street.

    “He’s coming," Lill whispers into my ear. My heart drops for the second time tonight, I don't even have to ask I know who it is “ He's”coming over. "Please pass by please pass by please pas-..."

    "Hey, can I get you a drink?” His voice is like that of a god’s and seems to tickle my ear; it's so strong and decisive yet confronting.

    “Ummm," my voice breaks and I go bright red which even in the dark of the club can be seen clearly. "Me?" I manage to whisper. He smiles a half smile so amazing my knees nearly buckle.

    "Yes, you everyone else here looks boring"

    "Ummm no I’m ok I’ve got one." He looks down and takes a sip I willingly let him, this little act of dominance turns me on a bit. He giggles.

    “I meant a real drink." I feel really uneasy but stand my ground and say the nine month old line, “sorry I don't drink."

    "Nonsense! Everyone drinks around me...bartender two G'n'Ts.”

    I look around to get support from Lill only to find her dancing with Drake. I start sweating and getting really nervous what was I going to do? There's no such thing as just one drink. Do I decline and rise losing “His” interest or just go with it. He places the drink in my hand. ‘God, I love gin and tonic,’ my brain screams. The strong smell of gin rises up to my nose. It's got to be a double to be that strong. I look up at Him and stare into though brown powerful brown eyes and all my willpower disintegrates like ice over fire.

    What's the worst that can happen? I think to myself, the ultimate goal is to drink at social events I’m probably ready. I take a sip. I savour the taste in my mouth. O God that's amazing.

    "That’s better than sex!" Shit! I think that just sipped out - Oh crap what's he gona say? He leans in close placing his lips nearly on my ear and I feel his chest against mine and his hot breath on my neck.

    “Well, hopefully my sex will be better." With that he kisses my neck and again the whole room seems to slow down but for a completely different reason this time...lust. I grab his butt and Oh what and amazing butt even through his jeans. His hands are working both my arse and my sensitive nipples. I'm in heaven with a full blown erection and I'm not even trying to hide it; in fact I start grinding it against him only to find another erection is waiting for me in his jeans. He starts to follow my speed and moved from my neck to my lips. We start slow, just getting to know each other’s rhythms and moves but before long our tongues are in perfect time with one another, exploring each other’s mouth. He pulls away and I feel it that feeling after I first stopped drinking, that desire, that knowledge that everything will be better with this thing in your life, that same scary addiction.

    “Drink up... I’ll go get some more drinks," he does that adorable half smile, winks and walks to the bar.

    Lill rushes over, "SPILL THE BEANS NOW!" she's beaming with joy and even Drake seems to be smiling. I open my mouth to explain but I lack the words to express myself instead I do the campest thing of my life.

    "Supercalafragalisticexpaladosious" she laughs her trademark laugh and I bask it in then remember my drink. Shit if Lill sees it I’m dead! I quickly down my G'n'T - phew I’m safe! At this point as if orchestrated by a higher being “He” comes back with nine shots of god knows what each. Lill stops laughing and gives me a look so strong I can feel it in my soul.

    “What the fuck is that Dante?”

    “Look love, calm down its just shots," "He" replies.

    "Just shots! Dante's a fuckin alki don't drink that Dante!"

    I look between Lill and Him. For the second time tonight I find myself having to decide what to chose. Going back to my old life but with a sex god of a man. Or staying on the wagon and going to straight clubs all the time constantly lonely.

    "Fuck it I want to be happy for once!" I take three of the shots one after the other. As I pick up the fourth I see Lill's back as she walks away. You must have been able to see the pain on my face and the remorse because “He” leans in and gives me the kiss of all kisses and brings me back into the moment. We finish off the shots quick time and head outside.

    "Your place or mine?” he asks.

    "That's a little quick," I say.

    " So is that a no?"

    I quickly shout, "No!, is yours free?"

    "I’ll get a cab."

    If only I knew the trouble the best night of sex would bring me, I don't think I would have risked it that night.

    Too be continued....

    Hope you liked my story first time writing I wanted to set the scene before going onto anything sexy so if this is well received the second part will be all sex. Sorry for any spelling mistakes I wrote this on my iPod and its autocorrect hates me I swear.
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    Re: Him-new story

    Looks like the start of what could be a hot story ...

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    Re: Him-new story

    Nice beginning, YAMJ. Life is full of temptations and some people cannot resist the worst of those temptations. It's hard to blame Dante for choosing the sex god, but he seems to have lost a good friend by his decision. I look forward to reading how he rectifies this breach of intelligent design. Welcome to the story forum.


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    Re: Him-new story

    Hey Joe, welcome to the story board. You have made a great and promising start - please continue.

    You will see that I have dealt with the vagaries of your iPod!

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