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Thread: startup repair

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    startup repair

    so everytime i try to boot my computer, it takes me to startup repair. is there anything that i can do or do i have to take to a professional.

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    Re: startup repair

    Is it Windows 7 you're running? Is Startup Repair giving you any further details about what exactly it found wrong? Are you shutting Windows down properly each time? What can you tell us about your hardware and its age? At worst it might indicate some corrupt files or a failing drive - you might want to make sure you backup anything important to an external hard drive (or USB thumb drive) just in case (good policy anyway). The more you can tell us, or taking it in to a repair shop to have a look, might help out.

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    Re: startup repair

    It is windows vista. It was bought in 2008. It said something about corrupt registry. Thanks.

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