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    Mature Master seeks slaveboy

    I am a Master from uk, 55yrs, and seeking a younger slaveboy to train for regular sessions. I will accept occasional sessions if time constrained. I am strict, but fair. I have basic rules. I conduct sessions via Skype only and am willing to meet in realtime for right person. I am more of a sadistic Master rather than a fetish one and I'm not into crossdress, messy or illegal. Reply with your full details of age, likes/limits, etc, including Skype name. If you add me on Skype straight away I will want to know more before we start. Straight guys and newcomers are welcome. The younger and fitter you are the better (not below legal age please). Thanks.

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    Re: Mature Master seeks slaveboy


    I'm a 21 year old guy, however I'm chubby and quite hairy not really "fit" haha, but still willing to be used and looking to try out new things.

    I don't think I would have any limits really, I'm willing to give anything a go and think it would be fun trying new stuff out. Not really experienced in this kind of stuff, so would need instructing etc haha. Again, not sure what kind of things I would like either due to not really trying much out, I could do whatever you want really with pegs and allsorts, quite like the idea of nipple play etc.

    Skype name is martint660 - I still live with my family, so can only go on cam after around 11pm each night, and have the whole of downstairs to myself to play

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    Re: Mature Master seeks slaveboy

    I'm afraid I cannot accept chubby or hursuit guys. Its nothing personal, just my preference. Please also PM me with details, rather than post in here if you can. You can also apply using my application:
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    Re: Mature Master seeks slaveboy

    okay sorry xD

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    Re: Mature Master seeks slaveboy

    Hi, I'd love to serve you. I'm a good obedient slave. My Skype is ukslaveboy

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    Re: Mature Master seeks slaveboy

    My add to Skype is jamesslaveboy
    Please add me sir

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    Re: Mature Master seeks slaveboy

    Please ad me, Ryan.oneil69 .... My only limit is scat

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    Re: Mature Master seeks slaveboy

    hi master i am 19 from uk straight but want older man to show me new things x

    Skype: oldgregg144

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