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    Best Friend's Used Condoms

    Hey there. I have a new fetish. Every time my best friends fucks a girl, he tells me directly after. Don't know why, but one time he called me and told me to come over while he was still at work. I used his spare key, and while I was getting in I'd remembered he'd told me that he just fucked a chick last night. I knew that whenever he does that, the condom is thrown straight into the garbage next to his bed. And he NEVER changes that garbage. I decided to take a peek and saw a stretched condom, tip filled with a big load. I'm gonna be honest, I tried it, and I loved it. I'd never liked my own cum, but his was out of this world. I feel like the luckiest man in the world to experience this, but feel bad for invading his garbage, even though he loves to tell me his sexual relationships. God, he's so built and goes for a run with me every Monday morning, and he certainly has the parts of a stallion. <3


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    Re: Best Friend's Used Condoms

    Does he know you're gay?? If he does, I think he gets off on the idea of telling you about his sexual experiences. He probably knows you have the hots for him. I depends on the type of relationship you two have but I'd dare to say he'd be happy to give you his used condoms if you asked him for them.

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    Re: Best Friend's Used Condoms

    Once a hot friend of mine had broken up with his GF. It was so worried that he could not perform with another woman I offered to let him use my spare room and call in a hooker.

    Anyway - it was a success for him and when she and he had left - I found the used condom in the paperbasket. So I carefully rolled it onto myself and jacked off using his cum. I blew a good load.

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