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    Google redirect virus

    I recently noticed I've been hit with that damn annoying google edirect virus, which I've had in the past. Everytime I get it, I run Malwarebytes which finds the issues and gets rid of it. But this time Malwarebytes freezes as soon as infected files are found. I ran in while my computer was in safe mode and the same thing happened. Does anyone have any suggestions for what else I could do?

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    Re: Google redirect virus

    You probably have the TDSS rootkit, operating with a browser redirector (which it downloaded as supplemental malware). Once installed, the TDSS rootkit keeps downloading more and more supplemental malware, all of which it installs on your computer. It evades detection by most anti-malware software, and is extremely difficult to remove.

    The redirector component redirects IE and FF, but Chrome seems able to resist redirection. If you have this rootkit, you likely have more than just the redirector malware operating on your computer. And you will accumulate more and more malware as the rootkit continues to download it.

    Download the Trend Micro rootkit removal tool here. See if that will remove it.

    The Trend Micro tool will probably not be able to remove the malware, but at least it can tell you wheter or not it finds problems on your system.

    It may well be time to re-format and re-install Windows.

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    Re: Google redirect virus

    I wonder if thats the shit I got the other day? Totally knocked me off the net and even in safe mode my system reported malewarebytes files were corrupt or missing and couldn't boot, or get on the net
    it erased my connection information to the isp, but it was a mess. I noticed nothing else working improperly but my other security all updated didn't find anything with full scans.
    I was on a streaming adobe flash player cam site. I hate flash player, even with the latest updates its a easy whore to breach.

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