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    If I knew then, what I know now

    If I knew then, what I know now...

    1. Love is innocent, humble, unjudgemental , dorky and mr. nice guy...some guys can mix the elements of high-end professional call-boy in "luxurious" setting as-love? but that's definitely not for me, or else I'll blow in very first day. Love is about real 'connection' you feel to other soul. The bond, the trust-insurance, the private partnership within souls ( people usually just have one but some can have more)
    You dance with him in harmony, give and take.

    2. Sex in other hand; is very "power" inducing life experience. The power of sex is as strong as the politics, money, finance, economy, etc and that's why people drawn to it. Sex is cut and dry like business, it can be dissected, measured and described literally to its primal basic need, love eventually can not. Sex is Mr. badass, those of you who can't do dirty spank over beloved-ass (losing mood due too much affectionate foreplay in the cloud) I feel you!!..^^ Sex is mechanical, selfish, to the point..whether he wants it/not.
    Sex has its own special button, some people can have spark easily, some need special ritual.
    You dance with him, sometimes inharmoniously- give and take

    3. Sex is temporary high, love is the ultimate high
    because love still linger 'till the next morning...sex smells like lube from last night.

    4. To be trusted and protected with someone or living in relationship is not dragging or losing a bit of individuality. Why not? You can still have a very independent lifestyle, you can wake up feel un-obliged. I had a wrong concept before to think rltship is purely co-dependent toxic 'cuz I HAVENT EXPERIENCE IT by myself It depends of what kind of party you're going to and how you define your relationship style~> other thread.

    5. Partnership is actually a very empowering lifestyle, because there are 2 people nourishing each other's life. 2 is stronger than one, you just cant beat. If you fall, he raise you up, vice versa. It's like you're living in a secure bubble when from outside: people yanked each other's hair and being nasty..they're not affecting you!! Those people in dangerous trade of dating service applications, "the unsure place"~a very devastating slippery slope if one might've fall,... you're not in that stage anymore! Gosh! I've never feel so much SECURE right now..it's like pheww.. I just skipped the last judgement and go straight dating with Jesus

    6. You can dream overboard about your ideal partner.. psst psst...but fatefully speaking, actually you're attract someone who reflects your personality
    This rarely becomes discussion here even though it's actually the truth, because people rant their story without sufficient background of themselves (afraid of hurting one's esteem) it becomes very different if JUB isn't anonymous, everyone appears with pic-id so whoever lamenting lost a bet from a hot guy, we can see his face!!

    The thing is:
    If you're an ugly person, you'll attract uggs. If you're an adventurous-outdoorsy 'bisexual' hottie, you will attract same type and he is also adventurous
    If you're a wimp, you'll attract a wimp..and so on.
    "in my league" or "out of my league" are the vocabulary of sex, not love. However, they're determining the outcome of your date.
    So, why a hot bimbo can get along with an old farts? There must be something wrong inside the bimbo.
    Reflecting or complementing.....if it's not visible outside then the inside might be complementing.

    7. Sex is supposed to be the icing of the cake, not the cake..because relationship will crumble with sex as the foundation. The obsession with sex will become a deadly hazard in your way to find happiness among other hazards. So, sex addicts and fetish specialists..you guys have extra policies in lease contract.
    And finally..I get it/still not get it...^^
    those who waits for the very best hook up with the right one. Is it about the thrilling experience? Roses blooming simultaneously after you've tended your garden for quite some time? Harvesting a hard work? Or could it be something greater?

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    Re: If I knew then, what I know now

    Wow. Incredible post and incredible thoughts.
    Inspired - but too tired.

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