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    Arizona Immigration Law Protested After 'Show Me Your Papers' Provision Takes Effect

    A hotline run by civil rights advocates has been fielding queries from people wanting to know their rights if questioned about their immigration status.

    The advocates are asking police departments not to enforce the provision, as a way to gain cooperation from immigrants in reporting crimes. But not enforcing the requirement could expose the agencies to lawsuits from people claiming authorities aren't complying with the law.

    Outside the Immigration and Customs building in Phoenix, Prescott college student Brooke Bischoff said she doubts provisions prohibiting racial profiling will succeed.

    She said testimony during a recent trial involving racial profiling accusations against the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office indicated that training to avoid discriminatory practices was "cursory."

    Advocates also planned to gather Wednesday to address the Phoenix City Council about their concerns about the law, and a march to the Maricopa County jail in downtown Phoenix was scheduled for Saturday.

    So the evil law stripped down of most of it's teeth goes into effect. This on the day after Romney appeared before a Latin american forum to argue for their votes. He has stated that he will make this law the model for the entire nation, if he is elected, and President Obama is going to that same forum tonight.

    I am sure Governor Bonefinger is going to help the president's bid tonight, to further garner more votes from that community.

    Interesting times.

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    Re: Arizona Immigration Law Protested After 'Show Me Your Papers' Provision Takes Effect

    Is this the most **RECENT** immigration thread that I can find? Wow.

    The immigration system is even more broken than I ever imagined. I've commented before, that there are sensible ways to give those "WHO ARE ALREADY HERE" a sensible path to legal status. (There would be a date-certain by which everybody WOULD need to have residency applications in process, and **THE PROCESS SHOULD TAKE NO MORE THAN TWO OR THREE WEEKS** to perform the background checks and everything else - after all, pretty much everything is on computer databases.) Legal applications should be something that should not take long at all.

    I heard somebody on MSNBC say something that, if there is even the slightest shred of truth to it, is entirely inexcusable. That person said that visa applications from **1992 and 1993** are ONLY NOW being approved. WHAT THE FUCK?????????

    Christ on a cracker. This is the friggin' TWENTY FIRST CENTURY. Is the Immigration system still operating by smoke-signals communication, delivering paperwork by horse-and-mailwagon, and...well, I can't even guess??? Even if they wre using telegraph and trains, there's no excuse for any of this shit taking so long.

    This fucking reminds me of the Battle of New Orleans, where a battle in the War of 1812 took place MONTHS AFTER THE WAR HAD ENDED, because there was no electronic or even mechanical communication (such as trains) yet and news took months to spread.

    Is there any excuse that it would take an entire GENERATION for a visa application to be processed, in this era (or, for that matter, in ANY era - even ten thousand years ago)?
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    Re: Arizona Immigration Law Protested After 'Show Me Your Papers' Provision Takes Effect

    Even the Pony Express was faster!
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