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Thread: Shaking Hands

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    Shaking Hands

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but...

    Looking to get some insight into the world of handshaking. I've always been under the impression that, while a handshake should be firm, it is meant as a friendly greeting and is not supposed to be aggressive or combative. However, I find that many men seem to think that shaking hands is a pissing contest and are determined to inflict pain. That, or they do this weird "dive bombing" thing, raising their arm at the shoulder and offering you their hand with the fingers pointed toward the ground.

    So, what is the proper way to shake hands?

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    Re: Shaking Hands

    It really depends on the person you're handshaking. For example women do it very lightly. Almost like a handhold. Men tend to give it a squeeze. How much you squeeze depends on the guy and how much they squeeze. So, normally I tend to grasp harder with men then women.

    It really comes down to confindence in my opinion. Typically a handshake lasts all of like 2 seconds.

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    Re: Shaking Hands

    Holding on too firmly suggests aggression. A 'manly hand shake' which is friendly and cordial should be firm, but not bone crushing. By firm, I mean just enough to feel some bone under the skin.

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