Chad gave up his position as a computer specialist at the end of last year to pursue his dream of becoming a cowboy. A competitive swimmer at university, he had developed a musculature that gave him a 50-inch chest, a 29-inch waist and arms and thighs that were the envy of all who saw him. And to top off his graceful, beautiful body a face that resembled the famous statue of David by Michelangelo and a now-almost-to-his-cleavage head of dark brown hair wwere inheritances he had received from his ancestors.

The hair earned him both whistles of appreciation and the occasional catcall that he was able to endure without getting upset. Especially since he had been able to adopt the lifestyle of the cowboy he was modeling himself after: Texas Cowboy, the first among equals of a group of cowboys who accepted him as their leader.

Being able to wear super skintight Wranglers and five-inch high-heeled pointy toed cowboy boots was a significant part of his motivation to pursue the life of a cowboy. And being frequently bullwhipped as cowboys are in that part of the Lone Star State where he was traaining to be a rancher was another strong motivator. There cowboys frequently are bullwhipped for three major reasons: to toughen them up for the hard work they do, to discipline them when it is felt necessary and to be stripped and thrashed according to their non-winning placing in the local rodeo contests they participate in.

When he was accepted at the ranch he was now working on, he did so with the stipulation he would work for six months without pay; happily he began the fulfillment of the dream he had entertained ever since he was a child and taken to cowboy movies by his brother. And when the initial period of training was coming to an end, it was suggested he spend most of July and August in training with Ron, a reknowned teacher of cowboys who wished to become even better ones. And without any hesitation he agreed to spend six to eight weeks on the island where he would be instructed.

Accompanied by Texas Cowboy and his lover Jake, Chad joined the three other cowboys under Ron's tutelage, himself an extremely well built and handsome cowboy whose method of bringing the best out of the men he trained was legendary. His schoolroom, so to speak, is a large island just off the coast of Texas. And here Chad went, being allowed to take only what he was wearing when he met Ron: his ultra skintight Wranglers, his pointy-toed five-inch heeled bullhide cowboy boots and spurs, a huge belt and buckle and a buck knife and cowboy hat. He wasn't wearing a shirt, so none was allowed, but he was permitted to take a toothbrush and toothpaste to ensure his teeth did not suffer from neglect.

Before taking him on as a cowboy-trainee, Ron told him frankly he did not usually take on the training of "city slickers." The three cowboys to be trained with him had been working cowboys all their lives and had been bullwhipped repeatedly to prepare them for the hard work on large, rough cattle ranches. "You'll be expected to do what the other cowboys do and you'll be bullwhipped as often as I think you need to be."

"Do you fully understand what I am telling you about the way your life will be over the next six to eight weeks?" Ron asked Chad two or three times, telling him he wanted a clear unequivocal answer before he would agree to take him on as a trainee.

"Yessir, I do,|" Chad replied feeling his package stiffen as he did so, especially at the thought of the whippings he would receive.

The next morning after the four trainees had slept fitfully as they were dreaming over and over about what was going to happen to them, they were awakened just before sunrise by their master Ron's command that they were to run 25 miles around the island, naked and without any food or drink beforehand. This order served to spring the four into action and off they started with Ron riding behind them, bullwhip at the ready to encourage those trailing the others with some slashes of his whip. However, he was not required to slash any of the four more than a time or two because they all ran as swiftly as they could and mantained a generally side-by-side pace.

Once they had completed the run, breakfast was followed by their struggling into their super skintight Wranglers abd chaps. And once they were dressed, they were required to go out, find, run down, capture and saddle a horse they would work cattle with until sunset. Working cattle meant each cowboy would round up and drag cattle to an area with no fence or corral where one cowboy would hold onto the big longhorm while another cowboy would see that it was branded, castrated, knocked up or milked for cum.

Once he returned from his training, it was clearly evident to the ranch foreman, to Texas Cowboy and the other cowboys he had been working with for six months that Chad had become a much better cowboy. So much better that the foreman decided to send him with Texas Cowboy to the South Ranch to help Jim, the cowboy who worked single-handedly most of the time in its operation.

"And," Texas Cowboy muttered to himself, "how will Jim take to helping Chad put on his four-sizes-too-small Wranglers, two pairs of which had been given to him by a neighboring cowboy?"

To get them on he had to lie down on the bunk mattress and have the other cowboys pull them on up over his thighs, huge package and cute bubble butt. And then pull up the zipper with a pair of pliers. And that with a great deal of effort.

"But what a sexy sight," Texas Cowboy continued to mutter, "and one designed to send the message he wanted to be bullwhipped."

"And it is working," Texas Cowboy continued, "for yesterday when we went to the Junkman's to pick up a waterpump, he took one look at Chad and asked him if he was looking for a bullwhipping."

When Chad said he was, the Junkman had him peel down his chaps and struggle mightily to take off his Wranglers. And once he had succeeded, he stood naked with his huge package totally hard before the man who was going to do what he was hoping for.

"Come over here by the whipping post," the Junkman commanded and then tied him by the wrists so that his toes barely touched the ground. He then proceeded to methodically slash Chad's back and ass 10 times. And after he had given him another two strokes, he stopped the whipping and released him; but did nothing to stop him from falling onto his welted ass on the hard. greasy ground.

Getting him back into the Wranglers and chaps was not something Texas Cowboy suggested, for he had had similar experiences and knew it would take a few days before it would be possible, expecially with the size of the Wranglers Chad was now wearing.

* * * * *

Today an old rancher at the auction barn where Chad with Texas Cowboy was delivering a load of cattle and asked him if he'd like to have a bullwhipping. "That's the message those super super skintight Wrangs are sending," he pronounced.

The very next morning after Chad arrived, Jim, the cowboy who looked after the ranch singlehandedly, wakened Chad by slashing his ass with his 16-foot rawhide bullwhip. This was the custom of this 34-year-old very sexy cowboy on the rare occasions when Texas Cowboy came from the main ranch to help with such tasks as impregnating cows. Observing Chad sleeping on his stomach with his very sexy bubblebutt totally exposed to the world, Jim had to admit he was totally rock hard as Chad rubbed sand from his eyes as he rose and stood before his bullwhipper with an equally hard cock.

Over the course of the next few days Chad asked Jim if he could be his boi. And Jim said yes. And warned him he would bullwhip him and "take him" frequently if that is what Chad wanted. Chad did not hesitate to say that would a great privilege for him to be Jim's boi. "And," he said with great expectation in his eyes, "you can bullwhip me as many times a day as you think I need it."

"And," he added in the next breath, "drive that tool into me as man times a day as you wish. Sir, I am your Boi."

And when Saturday night comes the pair go to the nearest town where they can have some beers, show off their generously endowed packages and asses encased in the four sizes too small jeans faded almost white that Chad wears and has convinced a slimmed down Jim to wear also. Jim is even letting his hair grow longer but he says he will not let it reach his crack the way Chad's does.

Chad also has bought a new pair of black leather jeans that ride up his crack and show off his cock and balls to perfection. Jim does not admit it, but he is very proud to be with Chad when he stands at the bar and drinks a beer while all eyes are on his crack.