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    Whats the wildest thing youve done?

    For me i have done a few things but the time that stands out the most was a few years ago. I was visiting San Jose and hung out with a friend of mine. Well he didn't know i was into guys and he was openly gay. Well i started to pick his head (with questions) lol

    Because the guy i was messing with was a lil to forceful for my first time and to big. So it hurt and never got in. I thought screw this im not into guys, but the more I thought about dick it made me horny. And all the porn I watched i focused on the dick or the girl sucking the cock.

    So I asked him what to do and how to make it fit lol. I told him i loved giving head and later after more BS he came out of the room with shorts off and just briefs and asked if i wanted to suck him.

    Now i am a bodybuilder type guy and this is a skinny fem guy... So i was shocked after this and probably why fem guys turn me on so much. I told him to pull it out then, thinking were still joking. He then said no get on your knees and tell me why you should suck my cock...

    So I began to get on my knees as he put his crotch in my face, as i went to pull it out, he said no tell me....So i told him I want his big cock in my mouth... and then pulled out a nice cock. he was bigger then me to, but thats not saying much im 6 inches.

    I sucked his dick sooooo good, deep throating and licking his balls at the same time as he play with my ass. he took complete control and it was a huge turn on for me because i am pretty masculine and he was really feminine.

    at this point my ass was dripping with lube and he worked in a second finger. he then walked behind me and played with my hole with his tip. working it slightly in but not all the way. just enough for it to sting a bit. then he reached around my shoulder and slid it all the way in. It felt sooo good. He worked me to the point where I was sooo relaxed i took his entire cock.

    the rest was all great he cam multiple times each time on me. it got a lil messy but it was a blast. then at the last moment he pulls out again to cum but this time he goes down and sucks me. The SECOND his mouth wrapped around my cock I blew. I could not hold it at all....

    now whats the wildset thing uve done

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    Re: Whats the wildest thing youve done?

    Had sex behind a waterfall we hiked up to, with people out in front taking pic's not knowing we were behind the waterfall.......it was really hot and the water mist felt so good, we got horny and fucked/sucked and it was a thrilling day.
    You cant change the way the wind blow's, but you can change the angle of your sail to take you somewhere else!!

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    Re: Whats the wildest thing youve done?

    It was my second trip to a porno theater ... Iíll admit that I was still a little apprehensive but not nearly as embarrassed as Iíd been the last time.
    Once seated, I glanced to my left and saw a young Hispanic guy playing with his dick. Instead of being embarrassed that I caught him playing with himself, he smiled and held it towards me as if inviting me to suck it for him. His brazenness was so embarrassing that I leaped up and moved to a seat on the back row by the door... It wasnít but a couple of minutes, before the Hispanic guy passed by me on his way towards the exit... I couldnít believe it, but his pants were still un-zipped and his dick was hanging out... When I didnít hear the exit door open and close, I looked over my shoulder to see what the problem was... Instead of leaving, the guy was leaning against the wall right behind me and still playing with his dick... When he caught me looking he waved his dick toward me again... In embarrassment I scrunched down in my seat and stared blank eyed at the screen... I felt something behind me, so I looked back over my shoulder. When I turned my head the Hispanic guy was standing so close that the head of his dick was only about two or three inches from my face... I was so shocked that my mouth dropped open... Before I could close it, he grabbed my hair and feed me his dick... Once he it was in my mouth, I had no choice but to suck it for him... Judging by the way he grabbed the sides of my head and started hunching, I think he liked my mouth... It wasnít long until his balls burst, filling my mouth with his hot gooey cum... Naturally he didn't let go of my hair until I swallowed every last drop... Then he casually zipped his pants and left.
    When I turned back around in my seat, I was shocked to discover that there was a white guy standing right in front of me with his pants around his knees and his big dick hanging out... Like the Hispanic, without a work he pulled me forward and feed me his dick... As I closed my lips around the shaft, he pulled me off my seat and down on my knees on the floor... I guess it's a power thing, but guys like whoever is blowing them to be down on his knees ... As I knelt there sucking his dick, I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw that everyone in the theater was crowding around so that they could watch me sucking dicks... Even as embarrassment reddened my face, I realized that I was a little turned on by the all the attention... When I finished off the white guy, I looked up and a black guy was taking his place... By now I knew what I was doing, so he didnít have to force feed me his dick... I grabbed it and feed it to myself.
    Before they let me up off my knees I had to jack off two guys and sucked off six more... I would have sucked off the two that I jacked off, but they didnít want to be sucked off... I had to laugh at the last two guys that I sucked off... They walked into the theater, took one look at what was going on, and got into line... They may have been expecting to get their dicks sucked, but not that quick or that easy... Neither one of them seemed to mind though.
    I stuck around about thirty more minutes and managed to suck a couple of more dicks.
    Then with a very smug look on my face and a belly full of cum I headed homes...

    and this isn't even the wildest thing i've ever did, by a long shot...the wildest was being a sex slave for a year os so...i hesitate to describe what i did as a slave... it MIGHT shock you ....knowing that its shocking...if you want to hear about it ... let me know...
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