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    At what age ..... [G-84] .....

    What Age?

    The first time I sucked a cock I was the summer that I was 18. Before that I never even thought of sucking someoneís cock. It happened while on an organized camping trip put on by our church. They wanted to expose the teenagers to the great outdoors.

    I shared a tent with Austin, a guy from school that was a year older than me.

    The first night it was really hot so I was lying on top of my sleeping bag.

    Like a typical teenager I was hornier than a two-headed billy goat and I had a hard on. And even though it was very dark, I decided to wait for Austin to fall asleep to play with myself.

    I lay there until I heard his breathing smooth out in sleep. After a few moments to be sure that he was really asleep. I carefully pulled off my underwear and started masturbating. I was really getting into it. There was sweat on my brow and I was breathing heavy.

    All of a sudden I felt a hand on my cock.

    I froze, as Austin started stroking my cock. Once I was over the surprise it felt very good. Iíd never been touched before. I grinned at Austin in the dark as his fist fly up and down my shaft. My balls shook from his powerful strokes. The head was swelling up even bigger and there was just enough moonlight streaming through the small window of the tent that I could see its pee-slit was opening and closing with each stroke of Austinís hand

    After a few moments Austin bent over and I felt his warm mouth close around the head. As his mouth closed around my dick, Austin started sucking it. The pleasure was intense. It was great having Austin take my hard cock into his mouth and suck my cock.

    He deep throated my cock and then would lick around the head.

    I pumped my hips forward and back as my cock pumped in and out of his mouth.

    I felt the cum building in my balls and knew that I would soon be shooting my load down Austinís throat. I hoped that he swallowed.

    I bucked my hips forward as my orgasm hit and the cum erupted out of my cock. Austin didnít miss a beat. His warm mouth, wrapped around my cock, sucked hard to finish the load. It was such a rush to shoot my load into Austinís hot mouth and kept sucking for a while...needless to say it was not his first time.

    Falling back on my sleeping gag, I breathed heavy after my orgasm.

    When I caught my breath, I knew I had to return the favor.

    I was a bit shy but I reached over and grabbed Austinís cock through his boxers.

    It was semi-dark in the tent so I couldnít really see very well and aside from being very hard and hot, his cock felt bigger than my 6-inches.

    Getting up on my knees I pulled down his underwear. I stroked it a few times and closing my eyes, put it in my mouth and slowly started sucking it. At one point of the sucking Austin started to moan as I bobbed up and down.

    After a few seconds I discovered the new sensation of having a cock in my mouth.

    The more I sucked, the more I loved it. It felt natural.

    I sucked, played with Austinís balls until suddenly his cock swelled even larger, stiffened all over and he moaned, ďIím cumming.

    I felt the first blast hit the back of my throat. They were followed by pulsation after pulsation and I felt like my mouth was filling with thick, hot cum.

    His cum was salty and sweet and was such a cool sensation to have it sliding down my throat.

    I waited until Austin was finished and then sucked him some more.

    For the two weeks Austin and I were there, every night we sucked each other off.

    I knew from then on that sucking a cock would be something I would always like.

    Austin and I ran in different social circles so once we got back home from camp, we never hooked back up again.

    I only got to suck a cock two other times since then.

    My girlfriend, Paula does not know about this little episode in my life. Iím lucky she likes sucking my cock and sometimes swallows my cum.

    I am 28-now and as time passes I find myself miss that feeling. When I watch of a girl doing a blowjob I often imagine that Iím the one sucking the guy's cock. I really miss it.

    Paula too experienced same sex play. Iíd noticed that when she watched two girls making out she was really turned on.

    Finally Paula told me that when she was a teenager she and a girl from school would play with each other when sleeping at each other's place. They went as far as licking each otherís pussy and Paula admitted loving it.

    I told Paula that I didnít mind if she wanted to make out with a girl. I didnít say it but I didnít care if

    But I really don't know if I should tell Paula about my little teenage discretion and my fantasies. I suppose only time will tell.

    The endÖ

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    Re: At what age ..... [G-84] .....

    Camping buddies, I've had friends we did the same, hunting too, nothing like hunting with a buddie, and celebrate with some good cocksucking.

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