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    Basement bowjob ..... [G-83] .....

    Basement Blowob
    I only got caught sucking a guy off once.

    After our first time together, I saw my new friend George twice a week with each visit ending with me sucking him off. Then I'd drive home with the taste of his cum still in my mouth and lips and the smell of his maleness on my fingers.

    Over time George and I became closer and more comfortable with each other so we always sat and talked a while after I blew him. It was a perfect arrangement...he wanted someone to give him sexual relief and I wanted to feel his cock spurting huge gobs of white sticky cum in my avidly sucking mouth and on my face.

    One afternoon I was giving George a very sensuous and impromptu blowjob, when, unknown to either of us, his friend and neighbor, John, had come home early, saw my car in the driveway, sneaked around the back of the house and because it was a basement apartment easily looked in George’s partially open bedroom window. John watched the whole thing, including when George obviously cummed in my mouth.

    Not knowing that John was watching, I took George’s cock into my hot wet mouth, taking it so deep that my nose and lips were nestled in his kinky blond pubic hair and the head of his cock was bumping the back of my throat. Then I slowly slid back up, stopping with my lips tight around the head as I flicked my tongue in his pee hole. Slipping my lips down and closing them around the base of the head, I sucked gently on it before repeating the process.

    George as usually began to get very vocal and John got a good earful as well as an eyeful.

    I knew that he didn’t mean it so it didn’t bother me, but my friend George got very vocal and very personal when he got excited.

    "Fuck yeah, suck me all the way you little homo. Go down on my hard dick."

    Again I lowered my mouth onto George’s cock until his thick and wiry pubic bush was brushing against my nose and lips.

    "Mmmm....that's it, faggot mother-fucker, suck me off. And don't stop until I say so.... Mmmm that feels good, I can tell you like it."

    I started bobbing my head eagerly up and down on his cock. His mushroom head was pushing at the back of my throat and I could taste his pre-cum.

    “Yeah, you’re so really know what to do with a cock, don't you cocksucker?” George said in a louder than usual voice. “Do you really like sucking me off cocksucker?”

    I eased my mouth off his now wet and fully stiffened cock and as my hand stroked him, I looked into his eyes and replied, "Yes, I love sucking you off and each time is better than the one before.”

    Between each kiss I planted on his cockhead, I said, “I can't help liking what I do, because I'm really only satisfied when I suck a cock. I would find it very hard to turn you down, especially since you have such a nice one."

    In his excitement, as my mouth slipped over George’s cock again, he slapped my hand away from his cock, grabbed the back of my head and almost violently shoved his cock down my throat. My nose was pressed into his kinky pubic hair and his balls were flopping against my chin. As George tensed up and held himself immobile, I could actually feel the cum boiling up in his balls. As he moaned and I moaned, John, who was still peeking in the window, knew I was sucking off his friend George’s cock. Finally, he erupted and it felt like a dam had busted. There was no doubt he was shooting his load in my mouth. I almost chocked when what felt like a quart of warm slippery cum pulsed into my mouth. When I took George’s wet cock and squeezed out a big drop of white cum and then sucked it into my mouth, it was also evident to John that I had swallowed everything that George had give me.

    John must have left the window shortly afterwards, got in his car and left because he wasn’t around when I left George’s place.

    I knew nothing of what John had seen until a day or so later when I found out that he’d given his friend George a lecture about it.

    I don’t know if it was because I’m 6-foot 1 and 200 lbs or not but he said nothing to me.

    John wasn't too bad of a guy... I would have sucked him off. I secretly hoped to get a chance with him, now that he knew I was a cocksucker. If John had given me an opportunity, I have done the two of them, but that wasn't meant to be.
    George moved away shortly afterwards and I haven't seen him since.
    The end …

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    Re: Basement bowjob ..... [G-83] .....

    that was a nice little read

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    Re: Basement bowjob ..... [G-83] .....

    I've had encounters like that, without the voyerism, or gay slander remarks, but the cocksucking brings back memories. Good story.

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