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Thread: Angel Haze

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    Angel Haze

    Last summer it was Azealia with "212", now it's Angel Haze with "New York".

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    Re: Angel Haze

    I love the video for Angel Haze's New York

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    Re: Angel Haze

    [QUOTE=EvilTwinTwo;8277487]Last summer it was Azealia with "212", now it's Angel Haze with "New York".

    I was watching the video for ''212'' yesterday and it still makes me smile. I quite like Angel Haze's ''New York'' but it doesn't hit as hard as ''212''. I really hope Banks's debut, ''Broke With Expensive Taste'' lives up to the hype. I wasn't too impressed by the ''Fantasea'' mixtape so I've got my fingers crossed.

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    Re: Angel Haze


    I know what you mean.

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Angel Haze - Gossip Folks

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Azealia Banks - No Problems (Angel Haze Diss)


    Angel Haze - On The Edge (Azealia Banks Diss)

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    Re: Angel Haze

    im just gonna pretend that theyre actually best buds and only doing this for the media buzz. the alternative is way too depressing.

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    Re: Angel Haze

    I was ready to run in here and DRAG Haze for Banks but "New York" SHITS

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Azealia Banks Posts Sales Gains Following Twitter Feuds

    The ongoing feud between Azealia Banks and Angel Haze (which then morphed into a*larger spat*between Banks and Perez Hilton over the weekend) has sparked sales gains for Banks over the past week.***

    The New York rapper's "1991" EP re-enters Billboard's Heatseekers Albums chart at No. 32, posting an 18% sales gain and selling just under 1,000 copies in the week ending Jan. 6, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Meanwhile, Banks' breakout single "212" moved 3,000 downloads last week -- up by 3%.

    In total, "1991" has sold 24,000 since its May 2012 release, while "212" has moved 118,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

    Angel Haze also posted an overall gain for her available songs and "New York" EP; however, the combined sales for all her titles was below 1,000 units for the week.*

    Last week, Banks and Haze exchanged insults on Twitter before lobbing hastily prepared diss tracks at one another. On Friday night, Banks then called the openly gay celebrity blogger Hilton a "f---ot," a comment which has since received heavy criticism. Banks' debut album, "Broke with Expensive Taste," is due out in early 2013.

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    Re: Angel Haze

    loooooooove her

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Quote Originally Posted by Spunks View Post
    loooooooove her
    Me tooooooo!!!

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Angel Haze Settles Feud With Azealia Banks, Talks New Album: Watch

    Hey! Remember*the racist, vitriolic feud*that erupted between sparring rapstresses*Angel Haze*and*Azealia Banks*back in January? It’s better now! All fine! Nothing to worry about. Move right along, folks. These two femcees are totally cool.

    That’s what Haze said this weekend in an interview with*Fuse*at SXSW, where she said that it had all been sorted: ““I’m a 20-year-old girl and sometimes I get a little aggy at other girls who kinda throw a little shade here and there,” she said. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s totally over. I don’t really care about it and I wish her the utmost success, and it shouldn’t have happened on such a public platform, so that’s all I regret.” Class act!

    Haze also revealed that she’s a big fan of*Sky Ferreira, in case you needed any more reason to stan for her, and discussed the process of putting together her debut album — which she says is about 60% completed. Watch up top.

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    Re: Angel Haze

    I can't wait to hear the studio version of the new Angel Haze track "No Bueno".

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    Re: Angel Haze

    This is a hilarious!

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    Re: Angel Haze

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    Re: Angel Haze

    You have to think, if this is the kind of track she’s left on the cutting room floor, what does that say about the quality of*her new album?

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Release that album already!!! Guess this will until then.

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Angel Haze has already put the finishing touches on her debut album, Dirty Gold, so what better way to bide her time until its release date than chilling with Donatella Versace? Uh...there is no better way. The rapper performed at Lollapalooza last weekend in a Raf Simons menswear tank, paired with a leather J.W. Anderson menswear baseball cap, and topped off the look with a gold, Donatella-gifted pendant. Fashonista sat down with the rapper, and her affinity for designer fashion, is obvious. No wonder she and Donatella hit it off so well. And after reading these five points we gleaned from her interview, you'll def wanna be Angel's BFF, too.

    1.) She and Donatella hang on the regular: "She actually took me to my first Vogue Fest this year—I sat front row during her talk, and then she invited me to play at the Versus party. She's been really, like, in tune and reaching out to me for such a long time, from the beginning of the year until now. She's such a great person and she's so sweet."

    2.) She abides by a simple rule for picking outfits: "I just pick whatever the f*** looks good in the mirror, dude! I had on this striped raindrop thing by Raf Simons today, and everyone said, 'Don’t wear that, you look like a fu****** blueberry.' And I'm like, 'Shut up! I don't care, I'm gonna wear this s***!' And it looked great in motion, so it turned out really cool."

    3.) She'll drop designer names in her lyrics (get that free swag, Haze): "My single 'Echelon' is really fashion—it goes 'Fashion Week, I'm out here slaying'—so it's one of those things that really means a lot to me. I've been doing things with Donatella Versace and J.W. Anderson, and even Helmut Lang and Phillip Lim. They are all amazing, so all the stuff that I talk about now is like, 'Yeah! These clothes are awesome!'"

    4.) She's into 2013 festival style: "There have been really, really short shorts and bandeaus—I'm way too body conscious for that, so I wish I could pull that off but I can't. Also, the guys who wear all black in that hot, smoldering sun, like black eye liner and everything. I'm just like, 'Wow, that's wicked!' Yeah, I'm not seeing many things I don't like."

    5.) She would totally collab with Rick Owens:"I love the gothic ninja s***, it's so amazing, it's all me. Just give me a second, I'll be there."

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Angel Haze's new single "Echelon", from her long-awaited album Dirty Gold, premiered yesterday.

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Music video by Angel Haze performing Echelon (It's My Way).

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Love this version!

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Can't wait!!!

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    Re: Angel Haze

    I love the album.

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Angel Haze covers Beyoncé's Drunk in Love for Trevor Nelson in the 1Xtra Live Lounge

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Angel Haze featuring Sia

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    Re: Angel Haze

    Angel Haze performs A Tribe Called Red

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