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Thread: its too big

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    its too big

    not sure if this belongs here im new to the forum, thanks for your help

    back when i was 17 i met an older black man named colin online. i wanted to see what it was like to get fucked,,one day colin came to my house n fucked mee,,,the problem is ever since than his cock is too big and hurts to much, I am now 24 and since that first time he still hasnt fucked me to completion and he hates it. ive had sex with 5 other guys who all had smaller dicks then him with no issue,.

    my question is i dont see colin or any men that often,,is there any advice on how i can stretch my asshole out on my own to losen it up for him?

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    Re: its too big

    You can try all sorts of ajds , like Butt-Plugs , Anal-Beads , Dildos .

    Though am very confused that the 1st time he fucked you , yeah it hurt but the point being he managed to fuck you .
    Now after six years of trying again and again it is not managable ,

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    Re: its too big

    Jack your cock and let him fuck you until he cums - no matter how much it hurts - the more it hurts the harder you'll cum

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    Re: its too big

    I knew a black guy with a big dick. I don't know exactly how big he was, but it was really awesome looking. He said he rarely got to top anybody. Most of the guys who were willing were unappealing to him apparently.

    Being big has its down side.

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