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    Hot Grandpa Gives Me My First Big Facial

    He was 59 and we had met online. I cammed for him a few times then he decided we should meet. We didn't have a private place to go so we met on the street in front of a store and we were as attracted to each other as we were on cam. I was nervous and excited as we walked to his car and I felt him checking me out. When we got in he asked for a kiss and we did and the feel of his tongue in my mouth and his grey moustache got me very hard. He had told me before not to wear underwear and he would do the same so when he told me to unzip and show him my cock, there was already a huge wet spot on my jeans. He said I was even bigger in person and that he liked my little bush and then made a lot of comments about how wet I was (I precum so much it's like cum lol).

    I turned over so he could see my ass and I spread my cheeks for him. He pressed his thumb against my virgin hole and I knew it was smooth and soft because I had just shaved it. I wished he would stick it in but he told me to sit back down and to stroke so I did, wetness dripping down my cock as I used it for lube. He then reached over to stroke it, saying he loved how thick it is and looked around to see no one was looking before leaning down to suck it quickly. I moaned and said, ‘That feels so good daddy,’ and I asked if I could please see his cock. He sat up and unzipped and I asked if I could taste it. He said yes you may and I put my head on his lap so he could watch me while I rolled my tongue around the head of his cock then took it into my warm mouth. It had been almost a year since my first cocksucking experience and it tasted so good I got even harder.

    He told me to position myself so he could see and touch my cock so I did, pushing my pants down to my ankles and spreading my legs on the seat next to him with my head still on his lap. I took all of him down my throat and wriggled my tongue. I tried reaching for his balls with it and he moaned. I asked if he wanted to take pictures and he said yes and I looked up at him while I sucked and he snapped pics. I took him deep again and he snapped a picture just as the head of his cock hit the back of my throat and I almost gagged. I knew he liked a wet blowjob from having chatted and then cammed with him so I was extra slobbery, making slurping noises as I sucked his delicious daddy dick. I lapped at his balls with my short tongue and wished I could rim him but it would’ve been hard to do in the position we were in.

    He told me he loved my big eyes then he put the camera down and reached over feeling under my balls for my asshole then he started to put his middle finger inside. He closed his eyes and was quiet and I sensed he was getting closer so I worked on his cock head flicking my tongue on the underside. He moaned loudly and took his hand from my ass and put it in my mouth with his cock which made me moan. He said he was gonna cum and he wanted it on my face so I got down into the well of the seat quickly and positioned my face in front of his cock as best as I could while he stroked and I opened wide and darted my tongue out to taste his cockhead.

    In like less than a minute he grabbed his cock into his fist and started pumping; hitting my mouth with his fist each time because there was no room. It was sort of rough but I loved it. After about a minute of just the noise of his stroking, he moaned loud and started spurting his thick cum on my forehead and nose. I closed my eyes and when I sensed he was done I opened my mouth wide looking up at him and he put his cock in it to clean him off. He squeezed the last remaining bit of cum into my mouth and then continued to take pictures of me sucking him with all of his cum on my face. It was my 1st facial since the first guy would only cum in my mouth and I loved it. When he was satisfied he told me to sit down next to him again and that he wanted to see me cum too. I spread my legs wide and stroked and he took a few more pictures.

    I could feel his heavy cum run down my forehead and nose and there was a heavy long strand dangling but not falling. I reached my tongue out to catch it and the flash went off. He looked at me and then the picture he just took and told me what a slut I was and that made me cum shooting up in the air and he told me to catch it all in my hand so I did. it was a huge load because I was so turned on then he told me to eat it out of my hand so I did, making a big show of it. Then he ordered me to eat his own cum off my face and I did, sort of scooping it up with my index finger and then sucking my finger in my mouth like I'd just sucked his cock.

    After we kissed passionately some more and he said he wanted to take some pictures of my ass while I was there so I turned around again and spread my cheeks. He told me to spread wider and I felt his tongue and moustache back there and jumped a little. Then he stopped and sort of pulled down on my balls and started taking pics again. I stayed still, then felt what seemed like his whole thumb go inside my hole. He took a few more pics then told me to tighten my ass around his finger while he tried to pull it out and I did and he took a few more pics then told me to turn around again. Of course I was hard once more and he told me he was to. I asked if he wanted me to suck it again and he looked around one more time, then leaned his seat back which he hadn't done the first time and said yeah nice and slow this time baby. I was happy to get a second chance to please him and didn't wanna let him down. I got back into position and went back to work.
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    Re: Hot Grandpa Gives Me My First Big Facial

    An interesting story - the writer took rather a risk getting into a stranger's car! Sad to see that he has left JUB after sharing this with us.

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