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    Outlook, BlackBerry and the iPad - how to sync Contacts?


    So I have a question regarding contacts and iCloud. I am going to try to lay everything out in a very clear way so hopefully it won't come across as confusing.


    Before buying the new iPad, I USB-synchronised my Outlook and BlackBerry contacts every time I plugged my BlackBerry into my computer. So if I made a new contact/updated an existing one on my computer, it would update on my BlackBerry (and vice versa). This was all fine. Now, I have an iPad to juggle with too, my contacts have become screwed up.

    My Aim:

    I have linked iCloud on my desktop to my Outlook contacts so they synchronise to my iPad. This is great (or so I thought). I wanted to it be that if I updated a contact on my iPad, it would automatically synchronise over iCloud to my Outlook which, when I next plugged in my BlackBerry, would update on my BlackBerry. Similarly, if I added/updated a contact in Outlook, it would automatically synchronise to my iPad over iCloud and would go onto my BlackBerry when I next plugged it in. Also, if I added a contact to my BlackBerry it would sync with Outlook when I next plugged my BlackBerry in which, in turn, would automatically sync with my iPad over iCloud.

    This was my aim. It semi-works, but not in a very clean manner.

    The Problem

    Upon setting up my contacts with iCloud, Outlook promptly moved all of my contacts from the folder 'My Contacts' in Outlook (the main one) to a separate folder in Outlook entitled 'Contacts in iCloud'. This was fine to sync between iPad and Outlook (every time I updated contact on iPad or Outlook, the other device would be updated). This was fine. But now my BlackBerry has been left stranded. Because the Outlook folder has moved from 'My Contacts' to 'Contacts in iCloud', the folder no longer syncs with my BlackBerry, so I can't update between those devices.

    I tried cutting all the contacts from 'Contacts in iCloud' back to 'My Contacts' and, while it worked in sorting out my BlackBerry problem, iCloud no longer syncs with my iPad.

    I hope it's clear what I am trying to achieve.

    Can someone smarter than me please help me with my aim above? Essentially, I need to find a way to link BlackBerry Desktop Software to the folder 'Contacts in iCloud', which would sort the problem immediately. But I can't find a way.


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    Re: Outlook, BlackBerry and the iPad - how to sync Contacts?

    Sad to say Apple, it seems, has made it a "feature" that you cannot achieve that end with iCloud contacts!

    Some explanation here: Problems with #iCloud and #Outlook | Swirl Solutions

    I'm digging a bit deeper on the BB and Outlook side. Will respond with more later.
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    Re: Outlook, BlackBerry and the iPad - how to sync Contacts?

    Thanks for the link - that was well explained and I feel I understand it more.

    I have now completely got rid of my link with iCloud. The only thing I use it for is 'Find my iPad' function.


    My BlackBerry will sync nicely with Outlook, now that I have gotten rid of iCloud. But that still leaves the difficulty of getting my contacts synchronised with my iPad.

    Incidentally, that article referenced ActiveSync for Hotmail.

    I have found a way that allows me to import my Outlook contacts into the Hotmail cloud (which will then let me sync with my iPad). But if I create a new contact on my iPad, it will sync (I assume) with the Hotmail cloud, but will then leave my Outlook and BlackBerry stranded...

    I can't believe how inflexible and archaic some software is.

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