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    Re non-relationship encounters

    If you are the type to meet someone for a pick-up or for sex from an ad, how often do you have sex with that person again? If you meet them from an ad, how often do you not go through with it assuming you met for the purpose of sex, not a date? Will you have sex with someone even though you know beforehand that you won't be interested again?

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    Re: Re non-relationship encounters

    I'm amazed no one commented on this post. I would have thought it an interesting topic and one I haven't seen here before. Maybe if I pose a different question. If you are looking for sex but not a relationship, do you hope to find just one guy to have sex with occasionally or do you thrive on the variety and thrill of a new conquest?

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    Re: Re non-relationship encounters

    I was going to comment on this but didn't really feel like it. I've met a handful of guys off the internet and most of them I saw multiple times, because when I find something I like, I stick with it. The ones that I didn't stick with didn't do it for me either physically or mentally. I'm pretty good at weeding out the guys who I won't like ahead of time. Basically, if you have good looks and a good personality, I will be back for more.

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    Re: Re non-relationship encounters

    You'd probably have got more hits in Hot Topics than the Bi board.

    On topic, I'd have been happy to find a fuck-buddy or two. I went with the guys I thought I'd like to see again. Two of them were keen to meet again, the rest weren't.

    As far as it turned out, the arrangement with the 2nd of the two who was keen to meet again lasted about 6 weeks before we made the leap to boyfriends instead - together 8 months now.


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    Re: Re non-relationship encounters

    Whenever I've met someone through an ad, I've always intended that he be my regular buddy. Better to look for quality rather than quantity in this day and age. The only exception that I ever made was one guy who said that his BF was out of town and he was looking for some safe play for a week. He sent some pics and there was no way that I was going to pass that up.

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