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    a guy i like might like me?

    so there is this guy i met at the office. we are both in our late 20s. Hes been pretty flirtatious with me, and he told me i should go and "get my sideburns reshaped". He also complimented my eyes in a weird way. "those blue eyes probably save you" he said. When a coworker heard this he said "uhhh i dont like them but girls do". (i dont know if this guy is gay or not). The person that overheard this said to him "i don't want to have a discussion about how pretty his eyes are" (they were talking about me!) He then changed the topic with the straight co-worker that overheard about pretty female eyes. also, he invited me to lunch and he paid! he also acted shy, i did most of the talking, and he could barely look me in the eye. He doesnt know i am gay either. Also, if i brush up against him, or my arm touches his, he WONT BUDGE (i know people that are not interested/grossed out will pull away). He always passes the touch test. What do you think? am i on to something here? he also talks about different women with co-workers but never me. And if he sees i am overhearing, he watches my reactions closely. He also had an electronic/techo music CD playing in his car when we were going to lunch. He also laughs at EVERY SINGLE one of my lame jokes and will repeat what i say with a genuine laugh. He also said we should have a new nickname for each other everyday when we are at work together

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    Re: a guy i like might like me?

    i guess it does seem promising. What do you think about the not being able to look me in the eye thing? hes shy when its just me and him also.

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    Re: a guy i like might like me?

    Don't read too much into how he acts in the workplace. In other words, don't expect too much. You might want to ask him to a sporting event - like baseball. You can learn a great deal about someone in three or four hours, especially if its away from work. If you have detected positive vibes, perhaps you could suggest something for "afters". Good luck.

    And by the way...

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