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    Re: 21 yrs - HUNG Canadian College Guy

    I'm from Canada, and no not all Canadians are uncut. I'd say about 60% of Canadian men are cut.

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    Re: 21 yrs - HUNG Canadian College Guy

    Quote Originally Posted by mattad View Post
    1. I thought Canadian dudes were normally uncut?
    About 30% of Canadians are circumcised. Like the US at the state level, there's a lot of variance by province and location. Most people are not aware that Canada has one of the largest populations of Ashkenazi Jews outside of Israel which along with the Muslim population ensures that about 7-10% of the male population will be circumcised.

    The coastal areas tend to have overall lower rates - Quebec, Nova Scotia and Nunavut rates are under 20%. The center of the country has rates that exceed 30%.
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