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Thread: Jake bass

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    Re: Jake bass

    Is that just a glare from the camera or did he get his eyelid pierced....?

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    Re: Jake bass

    New TATOO for Jake Bass

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    Re: Jake bass

    ^^That is hideous!! I like tattoos on a guy but some go WAY overboard with it.

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    Re: Jake bass

    Jake Bass Nails Asher Hawk

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    Re: Jake bass

    ANSWERED PRAYERS , with Ricky Roman

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    Re: Jake bass

    Jake Bass and Tony Milan

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    Re: Jake bass

    "The Banker" the first of five films in ANSWERED PRAYERS premiers Tuesday, Nov 26th at CockyBoys!

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    Re: Jake bass

    God he's hot dressed up or down or nude

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    Re: Jake bass

    Ricky Roman Tops Jake Bass in Answered Prayers: The Banker

    Director Jake Jaxson and COCKYBOY just premiered the porn mini-series ANSWERED PRAYERS and it’s surely the project people are going to talk about. It’s nothing like anything I’ve ever seen in gay porn before. It’s mind-blowing, intense and weirdly erotic. You have to watch it yourself and you will understand what I’m talking about. This first part of the five part miniseries Answered Prayers is called “The Banker.” Part one stars CockyBoys exclusive performers Jake Bass and Ricky Roman, with a cameo by Max Carter.

    I was recently asked what Answered Prayers is about. My answer was simple: Fear… Fear’s destructive power and what it takes to beat it.” Jake Jaxson wrote. Each of the five parts are based on a human archetype: The Banker, The Bully, The Healer, The Lamb and The Actor.

    Intertwined in each of the films is a family feud between two brothers, Jinks (Jake Bass) and Malic (Max Carter), ancient beings, each fighting for the hearts and minds of mankind– HYPOCRISY, manipulation, fear, loathing, revenge, secrets, luck, and love, all highlight an epic struggle. A war for the Ages.

    OK, I’m not gonna pretend I understand what’s going on in Jake’s mind. I usually don’t watch arthouse movies because I thin it’s too hard for me to understand. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the experience watching this first part of Answered Prayers. Yes, I think it’s more like an arthouse movie than porn.

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    Re: Jake bass

    I originally thought he was ugly! But after seeing him top a couple times i was sold on him! Now i think he is sexy and his cumshots are incredible!!!

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    Re: Jake bass

    When will he do bareback?

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    Re: Jake bass

    does this cutie do escort work

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    Re: Jake bass

    For me he is beautiful!

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    Re: Jake bass

    Jake Bass and Ty Roderick

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    Re: Jake bass

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    Re: Jake bass

    With ricky roman

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    Re: Jake bass


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