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    Testicular Cancer Awareness Video

    The family jewels.

    The gonads.

    The sweets.

    The balls.

    The truth is testicular cancer is something all of us guys need to pay attention to. Itís easy to detect, highly treatable in the early stages, and checking/detecting is something we do everyday anyway, messing with our junk. Now for you young guys who think that only old men get this type of cancer, think again, you are actually the prime candidates who get this cancer as this is most common in men aged 20-39, and is the most common form of cancer in males between 15-34.

    Here at Tridents Compass Productions we made a pledge to three great organizations that are dedicated to the early detection and prevention of Testicular Cancer. Our pledge includes two parts first by donating, second by spreading awareness. We have already done several promotional videos, and we would like to help out again and thatís where you guys come in.

    So, for our new BALLS OUT Campaign we are looking to make another Awareness Video, but this time we want you to participate. This is how we want to create a video with a wall of underwear and what we want you guys to do is first perform a self-check, second write on a pair of your underwear the time and date you checked, and then we want you to send them to us (cleaned, please). The best part about is that we for every pair we receive up to 8400 we are going to donate $5 to our three great organizations:

    So help us get the message out there, tell your friends about it, you may save a life, and it could be your own.

    If you have any questions, or want to know more information, please feel free to contact me or my staff. Look forward to hearing from you all.

    Montecorde de Cloutier-Tuberosa (Monty)
    Tridents Compass Productions

    Or our production manager:

    Cayddrick Ballard
    Trident's Compass Productions

    or our BALLS OUT CAMPAIGN mailing address:

    Addressed to: Cayddrick Ballard
    Production Manger
    2339 North Lillie Street
    San Angelo, Texas 76903

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    Re: Testicular Cancer Awareness Video

    I had testicular cancer 20yrs ago and one of the important symptoms are not just your nuts. They never found my tumour but the indicators were pains in the back (kidney area) and down the groin so make sure you check any unusual pains and they can be quite nasty.

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    Re: Testicular Cancer Awareness Video

    The love of my life and a partner for twelve years died because of testicular cancer. There should be a charity set up - not just in the U.S. but GLOBALLY.

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    Re: Testicular Cancer Awareness Video

    I had testicular cancer 16 years ago. My nut was not painful but became very annoying, uncomfortable. It kept getting bigger and bigger but, true to the macho nature of man, I ignored it. I was in complete denial. It wasn't until something else happened that sent me to the doctor that I knew what was wrong. Fortunately, I'm still here to talk about it. The lesson is how to convince a dude to not just recognize that they have a problem but then DO something about it. Overcoming denial is a crucial factor in diagnoses.

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    Re: Testicular Cancer Awareness Video

    had it, beat it, kicked it

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