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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    And thaaaannnkkkss alot for Cormac to show me this

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    But it's like revelation to me..it's like..JACKPOT!! When I found pictures or some rare videos featuring asian performer who's fit to my type..
    There's a bit more about that. Is Porn really powerful? Or those asian guys I like are more like anomaly?
    The answer could be "both." I had time struggle to discover whether I never fit asian guys in my book because of those factors, because there weren't many guys look like that in my premediate environment, especially in late 90s when fitness was quite unknown for asian guys in my native land..all scrawny, regular, twinky guys abroad and I dont like that look.
    That time was hard to find a specific sample from porn because we were still pay a lot in porn back then and there weren't that many specimens I could pick from asian category...
    No, Im not talking of those Bangkok cum dump twinks- they're cheap
    Even until now...
    It's difficult to get certain type of asian guy doing porn

    they might just posing sexy but they dont do porn, although reality almost changing nowadays since many of Gloss men videos leaking from Japanese store. But you know what I dont like about Japanese porn? That's right..pixelated dick x_x

    I notice if not Japan could produce a well fed panda bear then..some korean, chinese and I have high hope for bearish gay guys from Taiwan..I think Taiwanese bears are hot! and I hope when they make porn, they dont need to pixelated themselves.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    So..my taste is ok for white/hispanic, asian, pasific islander but not so much on black beauty...I honestly still a bit illiterate in black beauty

    like from this vid for sample (I have to mute the music because it's just shitty)

    Some attrakive and not so attrakive guys in the vid. But my sense just not turning on "Nigeria" 1.55. In my mind he's just a random black dude..although he has rocking body but idk..he's fine but not like deadly sexy. DEADLY SEXY- that's a tipping point of attractiveness I must get from certain guy..if I dont feel it then I must pass..Is that Nigerian guy actually a really fine guy and Im being illiterate? (Unable to grasp the concept) or I'm right that he's just average? I dont have that body though..

    Mexico is fugly imo, there so many better sample telenovela actors from there..not that dude. Im not better than that guy, but hello..Im a consumer here so I can critict

    South African.. that what happen when majority brain brainwashed by minority domination..young black guys in that era must living in sad situation, seriously..they let that happen. And that's what happen when Im circa 2010..closed my mind from "variation of sensualities" STICK to my diet white meat...I might be like those young black gay guys over there.."I can't live without white meat!" or.."Im gay because I like white guys!"

    Why Italy almost fit every book? The guys are like "Chinese food" of international male beauty- even David Gandy that brit model might going that further if he's not Italian looking.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Philiphino is fine in my book- check out those pecs but I can't get South Korean..he's below that nigerian guy attrakively speaking.
    India also always fine..

    Australia is very much look the same as South African ideal..or maybe because they're in SOuthern Hemisphere? Idk
    too tall/toned in my book- I look for curvy ^^ but they're not bad and always on demand.

    ^squeeze me I missed my type up there **
    young black guys in that era
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    So..I called myself "illiterate"- sexually. If I can't get sexual to a guy because of his race/ethnicity..and I admit, not too many black guys fit my preference. Although I believe when they fit my "mold" then whatever color of them..dont matter and I will totally forget about *that.^^
    *petty corny issue..

    So, when you seeing guys outside your daily meal...and you simply say you dont want him because you're not sure what he tastes like? Or because you can't churn/describe his appeal, then you're being sexually illiterate - same like me.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok..I find a sample of black guy I think..

    he's SUUUPPPEERR fine ^^

    and I can imagine him further in here

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    perhaps one of reason why my attraction toward black guys is limited because
    1. The stereotype of them as fierce top
    2. They hardly look "submissive" imo, it's rare, they often look intimidating. Of course there are some blacks with bottom face such as Drake, David Otunga, Russell WIlson..and some of my fav seahawks players thanks to them for "educating" my senses..^^ because they bent over like that
    3. When I see black cunt, I think that void not supposed to be plowed. Idk, is that weird?

    I have feeling..it just feeling, not yet reality...that...if Im a total bottom then I'll be totally into black guys. Why not? Just like this guy whose slutting 24/7 to BBC
    when you look at his profile turn offs:
    i dislike: men who do both ( top/bottom... choose your way baby!!), small dicks, asian, smelly men!!!
    ouch! He put small dicks and asian in one row..it fumed me a little bit like what the hell this cunt think of himself?
    But wait..actually I can't label him racist because he's a truly black men appreciator, he can't be racist because himself dons interacial, you get the logic?

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Whereas on asian, white/hispanic and lots of pinoys...it's easy to drag them in submissive category. Even I admit..my voice is sultry like I DONT HAVE top voice tbh.My frame just happened like this..^^
    It's lovely to look at white guys flip flopping each other and it's also fun to see sticky rice perverting one another..cuz they all look like bottoms ^^

    I think it has to do with how the "image" projected according to one's taste. I also a bit difficult to truly droll over middle eastern guys; especially the lanky/super hairy one with big dick and full beard. The image is total top and it's difficult to be truly into them..
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    that just racist

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Young Nick Jonas Cupid with all his glory

    Lil Bit is a "huge-warm-teddy bear"

    said the doctor

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


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    Sexuality and Orientation part.1

    Ok, long time ago I was proposing this idea (we're all could attracted to female being) is that true? Am I being serious/kdin?
    Well I believe the idea is true, dont burn me on stake because of my stance though.^^ Our sexuality is more fluid than you can imagine, but the reason we could describe our sexual orientation is because.. we firmly anchored in particular spectrum in which we could consciously identify ourselves....

    So, before I take further I hope everyone can separate the idea of "sexuality" and "orientation" because those 2 are similar but not quite alike.

    What is sexuality? Sexuality range from your miscelanious favorite fetish, your role (top/btm/vers) your bdsm position (master/slave) your erogenous zone weaknesses (foot, ear, neck, nipples, etc) it's like "your primal mode" of what makes you a sexual human being.

    THAT is sexuality for me! Hold up that idea for awhile, Im not finished yet.
    Meanwhile orientation is..all about gender. Gender you most comfortable to be romantically involved/ your most passionate gender-affectation. Bisexual? Those who can equally split attention in between male/female lover fairly. Anyway.. to spread greater horizon- I would say androgynious favor and those liking half transitioning transexual are in the spectrum of bisexuality while those liking fully transitioning transexual without grudge/holding back are mostlty gasp..straight* Confuse? Dont shake your head yet-^^, I'm talking about those men who sexually involved with MtF transexual. Why? Because MtF transition is physically successful! <yash> A male transitioning to female could earn a fully functioning vagina...that plus a fuly metamorphed body, trained vocal chords, successful face femininination- turning him "female" with all her glory ^^

    So MtF is quite successful..not like that laughable penis from FtM lol..

    A guy who drawn into MtF whether by bait or honesty..and he LIKES them because MtF is a real girl/woman in his eyes/mind- then he's STRAIGHT! However, when he attracted to "her" because of her "androgynous" attitude/ that in back of his mind, she's still a guy with dominant (usually) aggresive quality- then the guy suitor is somewhat "bisexual." Simply like that ^^
    'Still- unless they dig and explain themselves properly, we never know who's fuly straight/bisexual and that's not our business.

    Im a gay guy who capable to objectify women but if Im a king with tons of concubines (unlimited supply of male or female lovers..imagine that ) I would definitely favor stronger male companion(s), female concubines would be more like experiment for me..that means Im leaning toward bisexuality but Im NOT A TRUE BISEXUAL. So put that in adjacent with "gay for pay-broke straight guys", you'll get the idea.

    Now..if I could clear up the mess in the idea "We can't change our orientation." That's also true and I hereby support it. Not because we born gay, I can't believe/trust that idea yet..but because it's a totally "non of your business- private life of a person" and to interfere one's sexual orientation by intimidation/ religious fucking freedom is AGAINST human's right.

    I think orientation is someone's private business and we must respect that but orientation is still a "conscious" business- a stance of freewill we could securely anchored when we awake..just like as gay man, what kind of channel would you like to be entertained? Gay porn site? Bisexsual? MILF milkshake?
    Of course we choose entertainment in "gay porn site" right?^^ That's how orientation works- it's very .. conscious :-D
    However, if you get off your orientation guard, listening more to sensation around you, meditate or awakening your chakra, allow yourself to be "hypnotized" by sensuality..you'll be surprised that gender/sex/ orientation are starting to get blurry..and that's exactly what I experienced!
    One of those blue moons..Im totally in the zone and forgot that Im gay! :-D
    I guess..my sexuality was taking over... Speaking of sexuality, most people..they can't truly describe their sexuality even when they pledge sooo hardcore/dead-sure that they're in the gay or straight league, because that's NOT the way you describe sexuality!

    But I've had been unconscious for awhile..so I came back from the depth of sexual dungeon inside my mind and bring back to you the news..^^

    ~~~~to be continue~~~~~

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    It's lovely to look at white guys flip flopping each other..cuz they all look like bottoms ^^
    'Still..there ..some anomaly like in this dude for sample

    Attachment 1104929
    He's deadly hot/handsome, buff as fuck but his eyes tell me that he can't be owned..that whatever his demand is my order..that I can't say "no" to him, that he might pleasurably satisfying my prostate, one thing I never experienced.

    That's why he fucked my senses it's like I pulling out my wand and ..pull it back again
    because I can't comprehend him. ^^ No comprende..

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    Sexuality and Orientation part.2

    I'm..in sexuality speaking. My mode is very "On"^^
    Idk if "On" refer to be a "total top?" But it's the same energy of why a bean sprouting up in spring? Why a train goes into tunnel in full speed? Why my car goes inside garage and why my boner raising up when I see a hot babe?

    It sparks, it goes forward, it's burning, objectifying, visualizing, consuming, degrading, perverting, penetrating, pushing, forcing, raping and cumming..
    and in one of keyword-"consuming" is very prominent.
    I like to eat ass period. There's nothing more beautiful in this world..no mountain could beat a mountain-ous globe ass shoveled to my face while I can taste the otehr parts as well. ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!! Always climax with face sitting- no kidding. I never kidding. Srsly..^^

    If Im a king ..and I have unlimited male concubines..then they're all I force to sit on rim chair..in the row, so I can taste their butthole one by one.
    Since Im not a King..then my rimming bookmark folder can do the same-^^ relationshit? I dont mean with only one guy, I'll be bored already

    Everyday- new taste of ass ring my door bell ..today Chipotle ass, tomorrow Chow mein-ass, on the weekend- Blue cheese ass, you'll get the idea I haven't try Kebab-ass tbh.

    So what about woman's ass? A woman could have ass isn't she? A hole and a torn up pussy? Straight porn are everywhere and it's common to be shoveled with that kind of image to my eyes. Also, since one of my mode- is visualizing*..then it's easy to get contagious with the view- The first step I must be sympathized FIRST..then every thing goes..

    Maybe it's attraction to genital at the first sight? like Bankside said..however, since one of my mode is "degrading/humiliating, raping and dominating" then ALSO I got turn on by how woman treated in straight porn.

    Straight porn is just "GOLD" in bdsm-perverting scenes..they capture my vision perfectly! Straight bigots love to blame us as super depraved but I've seen lots of samples and I say ..the ratio is 5:10 in gay over straight porn to those loving depraved scenes..most gay porn are "too consensual" for my taste. Wazp with that straighties?

    Ok..back to where am at? Maybe because Im into degrading scenes then it's easy to be truly in zone with women..although I often jilted in surprise by how horrible they look in porn (smeared smoky eyes, pigtails, square nails, smeared lipstick, fucking stupid long hair,etc) but because they "act" dead on in the scene- I could care less with their physical profile-although they're far- from my usual favorite (a dude duh!) I even starting to like girls "Ooh..ahh..yes" moaning..I think they sound cute

    To add more confusion but not too confusing to me: I like my guy target having rounder silhoutte, big pecs, bubbly ass and hole like torn up pussy..the guy still a "man" with his manly behavior but his body scream "Im cunt!"
    Idk- perhaps I was shaped/influenced by straight porn in my developing years. ^^ maybe I have "misplaced genital fascination syndrome??"~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Sample: Look at this brunette bimbo.

    that clip is my guilty pleasure came from straight porn(product). I always wish 'was a dude instead of chick, but the scenario won't fit.

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    Sexuality and Orientation part.3

    So, I explained pretty clearly of my mode. Mine isn't the only type for all men out there. People have variation in sexuality
    Now think..if a *gay guy is very submissive- that his errogenous zone is inside his rectum/prostate and he loves to be dominated, 'always hungry for giant stiff cock from killer daddy/BBC who love to split him in 2...
    Those gay guys like them, how close their chance to become attracted with submissive women?

    Those who sometimes simulate themselves as submissive woman..those who worship male figure like Greek statue and want to lick every single inch of it:
    or doing long foreplay-ballet dance to him, I dont get that vid. It's rare to find a super fine polynesian stud in porn site but my celebration came short. I just aroused for minutes but then I..zzz
    I realized because that isn't how my sexuality works.

    But for those liking the video and those loving sensuality of "strong masculine men" in passive way...
    I would say their chance to earn straight sex is..0.0001%- that means "If I bored as fuck while stranded in island." Because y'all rather lie dead fish and let the dick do the job ^^.

    Now I believe in you..if you most likely won't have sex or attracted to woman..ever in life BECAUSE YOUR SEXUALITY favor, scene and kinks are FAAARRR from that kind of forceful/fast pounding action.

    How about me? With all the quality I like from hetero sex..do you think Im capable to get (cum-on) with woman? Idk, only when I had chance to be with one, but seriously..I won't push my chance, rent them with my money?- No way kiss ma ass!! I won't spent a dime for pussy since men are soo fascinating and more interesting to explore..if I hv leisure money, I most likely to spend on "men" because "consciously" I always drawn to them. Men are awesome right? Hi-5! Im sure 100% that Im fully gay. ^^

    So..if some straight converters praise my ability to appreciate straight coupling and think I would switch totally- I would say FUCK YOU NONE OF UR BUSINESS..please go away

    * some straight guys too..also very submissive- they're real straights but they loving dildo so much
    and even more bizarre..I dont get what a sane straight man would love to see ..other "straight men" got butt licked from woman?
    Sexuality yo, it's a freakin huge-subject..
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    'Still..there ..some anomaly like in this dude for sample

    Attachment 1104929
    O snap!
    The attachment gone

    he's Spencer Reed if you wonder

    Does he fit to bottom?
    Please dont -_- Don't stop topping

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Life is good..when it's too good..you afraid it's gonna be over. When you start worrying, life becoming less good..

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Cormac, rexcalibur, telstra and vitamin singing in choir extravaganza ; "Your cock is King"

    How essexboy fell into sin

    by the whisper of demonic twinks

    2 lurking jubbers caught wet

    several lurking jubbers in a row-party

    dpnice gettin a fig leaf to cover private part

    - in nekid gardenin

    Lilbit's tinder ads

    Harkey clapping his bweebs
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    'Original image was from "splendour-thread" awhile ago (by who?), I though hmm..
    that picture begging to get hipsterized..

    so I just add a circle and triangle and illuminati stuff like that..

    I like it. I wish I hv the HQ version, so it won't blur when printed as poster.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Yes..I know this shit stirring thread http://www.justusboys.com/forum/thre...et-any-respect
    badly written and totally have no time to take offense (against the villain 'course) it's just fallacy written all over place hehe ^^

    'had one good sample of "respectable-masculine gay man" + (plus) hotness too whose I think a good candidate to bring us good name for our community, isn't he?

    not so fast

    He is a WHORE period. And a whore never get into prestigious level, just ask beyonce..she knows when to be a saint/ whore (how to balancing)
    but when he put himself as object of desire like that, people tend not to taking him seriously. "People" gay and straight included, because that's the way it works. You can't be a whore and musician in the same time..? If he wants to be respected as serious musician..less skin showing, more raw talent!!

    but idk why I want to close my ears whenever he wailing
    perhaps not good enough ^^

    I don't like his aesthetic interpretation, could he "moves" the mass? Nobody knows..
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Btw..being a whore also gain respect too (some admiration)

    so feel free to ogle ..

    maybe he can only be that far ^^
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    God, thou great symmetry
    Who put a biting lust in me
    From whence my sorrows spring,
    For all the frittered days
    That I have spent in shapeless ways
    Give me one perfect thing.

    Anna Wickham (1883-1947)

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by Essex Boy View Post

    God, thou great symmetry
    Who put a biting lust in me
    From whence my sorrows spring,
    For all the frittered days
    That I have spent in shapeless ways
    Give me one perfect thing.

    Anna Wickham (1883-1947)
    Probably perfect for you..^^

    and can sing too..

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Sometimes I wish Im a member of "single club."

    Rule no.1 for single club is NOT to talk about single club
    Rule no.2 is simply we're not allowed to date each other.

    Why Single Club? Because some people just born that way..duh
    However, they can't fight their humanly urge ..to socialize, to having support system, to care, to be cared, to have someone remember their birthday when they can't remember theirs.

    And most of all..is for "security reason" in olden days

    Imagine this

    Would you like ambulance or someone you know to help you first?

    No obligation, no drama shit, no kids messing up the house..
    just a group of people, deeply care for each other.
    I heard/learnt that the more we getting older, the more we appreciate the meaning of friendship/more loyal/faithful, more trust (unlike some wrecked elder jubbers here whose acting the opposite )

    Maybe it's gonna turn out the way it is..dont have to desperately looking; 4 musketeers in my golden years
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I think JUB is starting to getting masculine.

    This catchy song has been aired 2 days ago but NO ONE talking about it (in here)

    that song is definitely gay magnet but I guess, we're all progressing? We're not worshiping divas anymore aren't we? ^^

    and paying their lunch money

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