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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    this double post need to be put off with something
    How about an egg nog (Blond) porn?
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    That might sound a bit preachy but I still have to tell otherwise..
    Im not trying to enforce us to living "straight" lifestyle with their expectation. So if they think we're perverts, they're too
    (I've seen them do vaginal fisting, putting random objects in there and then launch a baby..1, 2, 3...push! ) Prego fetish and more of unthinkable perversions cause guess what? Female has lots of holes ^^
    Ok, back on topic:
    It's our life, we shouldn't change..I just say be careful because enemy always lurking

    Although we always win no matter what (for humanity and common sense) However, I still think that's not enough, we can't just being lazy and keep the way it is..we are..a COMMUNITY whether you like it or not, our action will affect one another..

    Im glad that we (mostly) behaving well..maybe because of the oppression or a sense of brotherhood..this is the time when I haven't heard abusive gay step dad (gay couple adopting a child for sex abuse) or a violent gay guy who rape straights..
    I hope I never heard those kind of story on the headlines..even if we already win for everything (even the dark sides usually develop later)
    We're doing it good The only very weak link I heard recently is about..gay porn actor who spread HIV to a 14 yo minor, seriously a good ammunition from homophobes to burn hatred toward us. Im sooo disappointed to that porn actor dont he realize???

    If a guy guy disregard his entire community, Im sorry but not sorry..he could keep his pride but he never function really well.
    The most important thing is to embrace your identity (mostly these type of guys they're not) and having backup from your community because we are..the very people know and feel your orientation, not them. Not your guy friend because with him..he could only go that far, for her..you're only a side-kick. Orientation does make boundary, Yes I said.
    You could be soulfully click with hetero but they dont understand a hefty dose inside of you..Just like male created not to understand female. I might say straight girl might has more intuition to understand you than your guy friend but once she married, having babies..or family, you'll totally out of sync with her..(most gay guys are feminine but we do have limit for our femininity). Guy friend? Oh please..how butch are you? IM VERY BUTCH but IM GAY!! they dont accept "but" they won't listen and they dont want to know your life..straight guys..idk, for me they're like in between very sincere and superficial at the same time. Yep, from my 28 years experience

    So, it's good to be ourselves..but also think for others like you, just be cautious..'cause the enemy always lurking
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I forgot to say..that the STRONGEST reason in our movement..is the movement against HATE
    I think..it's what always stomping down religious bigots and homophobes..

    our column of strength...

    if we fight our rights for us getting our selfish way..guess we never be this far..

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Belamo in a bad mood

    Shy Reone

    StarWarrior's Joy and Laughter

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Belamo in good mood



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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Vitamin and alcohol

    Felverick and Vannie


    Geloge and Milk

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Centipede with other..


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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Finally I have time to hear it

    Im proud that actually my current "run" (singing technique) is actually in the same level as her ^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I have to say..special congratulation to Wilson, Willson, Sherman and ...Lynch for today's game

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok, I hv to say ..2014 was a great year for me. Better believe the God of Luck rolling his dice twice...in this year with his retrogade motion. Jupiter is in Leo, 4th house..he bless my family-relationship and issue regarding upbringing/heritage. Gosh..it's good to be a good son again Im glad that my parents support me although Im living in shadow because I dont want them mingle with my living..but eventually they're not treating me that way.
    Jupiter also making aspect to my node and south node- making a harmonious bridge between 2 opposition forces..it's what makes me tranquil and happy whenever I go..
    It happening in my 4th house so I can brag about it ( I hv ethic code for things I can brag/whatsnot) but those people with Jupiter in house regarding concrete issue such as money and relationship, they're luckier imo.

    Those with planets or aspect 'against' Leo better hold themselves on grip (right now). That's how universe rolling..some people lifted, some wheels turning down.
    When Jupiter was in Gemini..I had the MOST DIFFICULT TIME in my life, no kd.
    That was when I drop off my college and decide my major not working..it was in second house; the house of talent and resource..how do you feel when your talent took away from you? When you aren't functional? It was very stressful issue for me personally..
    and alas..It goes back and forth in Gemini long time..affecting my other area of life..especially career and service- of course..I became unemployed. (house 10 and 6)
    Not only Jupiter stayed there very long but it also retrogade because that's how Jupiter move on the sky. It stays quite long in one sign then retrogade vice versa..
    making your life difficult.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    But when I thought..I never get my lucky card ..I was wrong because 2014, even 2015 right now..Jupiter has been on Leo, gracing my point of luck..and retrogade at the VERY SPOT of my luck located..(21 degree of Leo)

    I feel like I reap my payback..for all the tears and pain I experienced before (2011-2012)

    Next Jupiter in Virgo, I shouldn't worry because I hv good aspects in Virgo but I gotta be careful when it enters Libra since my venus square moon over there. He will exacerbate my dissatisfaction over beauty and perfection..?I hope I dont explode then.
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    ~* If I am Leelah Alcorn parent...*~

    If only I am Leelah dad...

    Leelah: Dad, do you have time I have to tell you something
    Dad: Wazp son..
    Leelah:Eversince I was 4, I knew I was entrapped in a wrong body. I always feel like a girl inside boy's body.
    Dad:I know..
    Leelah:you do?
    Dad:yes I can see/ sense
    Leelah:and that also mean I grown up to be gay
    Dad: That's ok too son, lemme guess..you talk about this because you want to get sex reassignment surgery, isn't?
    Leelah:Yes..yesss!! I do..Omg please please!! I just need your permission, I've been saving my money!!! I ..I...!!(excited)
    Dad: Dont worry, I will take care your fee but you MUST make sure you really want this and that you're ready..there is no reverse button when you cut your pee-pee place
    Leelah:YES..Im so ready!! OMG..I knew what I am dad..
    Dad:Ok, I'll let you know when our financial ready.
    Leelah:Thank u, Thank u, Thank u so much!!
    O yeah dad, one more thing..

    I want you to refer me as your daughter after Im done with my surgery. Please call me Leelah and please refer me with "she, her" okay? No more Joshua.

    Dad:No, I still think you're my son, that will never change.

    Leelah:Buuuttt daddd!! Im Leelah now, you can't call me Joshua in front of my friends and boyfriend, you'll humiliate me!!

    Dad:I know! I will call you Leelah with "she or her"..even it'll mess my brain for awhile..but you're still my son, you born a boy.

    Leelah:What's the matter with my previous sex? It's just a body! What matter is inside, IM A GIRL, DAD!! You better know that!!

    Dad:No, you aren't ..you're a transgender, boy to girl,
    If you're a real girl, can you menstruate? pregnant? Your body is male and you never can change that fact, you're a girl imitation, a FAKE girl!

    Leelah:HOW DARE YOU TO SAY THAT!! We can CHOOSE GENDER we want!! It's in a basic human rights!! Even my school told me that..that Im okay to be gender I choose..maybe you need to re-educate yourself dad.

    Dad:Hey watch your mouth! Dont tell what I dont know, Im your dad..I know you! Do you want my money or not?

    Leelah:HHHMMMPPHH!! X-]
    Whatever..IM A REAL GIRL!! The world will know!

    Dad:Yes, you better cover up real good..otherwise your manliness will visible. ^^

    Leelah: Dad, seriously ..what am I to you? -_- (calmed down a bit)

    Dad:You are my transgender son. Honestly, Leelah..I will call you Leelah with your gender pronouns. However, when people asked me who you are to me..I keep telling them that you're my transgender son, I gotta be honest!

    Leelah:I can't believe how screw up are you!! HATE YOU!!

    Dad:Love you
    I will help her get surgery, she doesn't need suicide.
    Bratty son.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Children stuff...

    - - - Updated - - -

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    When I was a kid..I often wake up early morn due to muslim lullaby.
    It sounded like..

    That's a daily life when you live in a country with predominant muslim faith. All chanting, singing and sermon.. all blasted from 10 gigwatt speaker. For their reason, everyone MUST hear the gospel. Such an enormous difference in US. Northgate has a mosque but I didn't hear a sound around 6 am, 3pm or 6 pm..?
    Seriously, they have habit like chicken..wake up before sun rise to sing and they also making mark at sunset. I just take on positive note..you dont need an alarm!!! :-D and you might know current time from them.

    Now the song I sung was a song they sang most often (there are quite other songs but I remember that the most (although lyrically inaccurate) How come not?^^ They chant almost half hour in repeat and could extend to an hour when Idul Fitri arrived (sort of like Christmas for muslims) a lead singer complete with 2/3 background singers following his serenade..
    Tbh the song isn't that bad..i kinda like it. I bet the singers were on trance/ mantra. What do you think? Do you like it?

    O yeah..actually my childhood house wasn't too far from them. We lived in a real estate complex, across a river with barbed fence, there was a rural village with masjid (mosque) erected. So, my house received direct full transmission from them. Not only singing session but also the sermon; what they teach to their follower, and for that reason..I must say they teach horrible things.
    These people (moderate muslims) believed that there will be a day when prophet Mohammad avenged, when the whole world bow down to them and infidels die...(they talk about us who lives across them) The imam said: "All nasrani (christians) people who stole our properties and turning it real estate..they will pay in blood! Amen? Amen!!!
    Holy...are they talking about me???!!!

    Yet, I never experience riot/looting/muder although burglary is very common in Indonesia--- from them. All peace and sound but ..UNTIL WHEN?? Are these guys having enough restraints and understanding how to treat their neighbour (non muslims) the right way?
    I bet they know..but are they keeping their value when Isis/any islamic radical movement ruled my country?- for sample.
    I dont think so, these very people..covered in moderation but they're "support-ing" radical agenda which is the TRUE FACE of ISLAM.
    They will smile to you, giving you hand shake but when it's time to kill you, they will do..^^
    they're blinded by their faith and swayed easily...

    That's why I said: NO muslim is a safe acquittance in these days. I would less suspicious to the women like my coworker but do I trust her husband? Absolutely not. Another reason why muslim women are generally safe...they tend to be more liberal/rebeling than the men which is awesome trait! Pay attention to muslim women without scarf or wearing scarf with visible hair showing, or those wearing full make up and tight clothing..she's definitely not giving a fee with rules and quite liberating herself.
    Also..women are generally less strong/ violent than men, 'still I think some suitable to be cast from action movie / suicide bombers..

    My point is..IT'S OUR RIGHTS to discriminate and suspicious, we have the RIGHTS to protect our(safety)beings. If they complain with our discrimination then it's up to their JOB, not us! Stop scratching your head try to defend/ describe them..let them EXPLAIN themselves!! Which I think imo right now..Islam, radical or not is the same. The difference that some modern (good) muslims consciously ditch the extreme part and adapting in modern world.

    Unfortunately, because of ISIS& the radicals..it becomes harder and harder to prove a good muslim intention. Like I said, if I know my coworker very well that she's definitely OUT from terrorism, do I know her husband? her brother? her dad?
    Absolutely not.
    Nowadays..unless you really know a muslim person close enough...there is no way we could separate good vs. bad muslims..
    Do bad muslims have isis tattoo or isis flag in their bedroom, probably..but how do we know? They're look the same and it's very unfortunate for them (as a whole)
    The bad muslims making good muslims having difficult life, very unfortunate..because to know some good muslims..you gotta know their belief, their value. Someone must check their religious activity including online and internet..to whom they relating?
    If a muslim person do not has anything suspicious from their private life, then GREEN LIGHT..they pass, but once again...how do we know?

    Can we drone them? ^^ Can I drone muslim women taking shower??-
    See..all floating on the air and life is getting more complicated with Islam on the face of earth.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    These people (moderate muslims) believe that there will be a day when prophet Mohammad avenged, when the whole world bow down to them and infidels die...(they talk about us who lives across them) The imam said: "All nasrani (christians) people who stole our properties and turning it real estate..they will pay in blood! Amen? Amen!!!
    Basically what I heard when I was a kid..was about "persecution of non muslims" agenda..
    it's even there..on their wiki islam:
    ccording to Islamic laws, non-Muslims in Islamic lands should be subdued and be treated as dhimmis (second class citizens). They should be coerced and intimidated to convert to Islam, through special humiliating taxes like Jizyah imposed on them. Following Prophet Muhammad's example, this has been taking place throughout Islam's history. While Muslims demand for concessions in non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims are systematically persecuted, terrorized and ethnically cleansed from Islamic lands.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    Who will win?

    Is he "The King of North East?"

    Tom Brady


    "The King of North West"

    Russell Willson

    ha! I made cheap fakes

    I can't help, it's sooo EXCIIIITTINNGG!!
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I want to confess .. -_-

    I guess it's obvious that if you pay attention to my whereabouts and ideology; I emphasize soo much on winning on instant luck.
    I felt like that because ..it seems the world isn't fair, I think being a hard worker itself isn't enough to give you a "raise" because to get a raise, you need a "favor" from your employer. If you aren't so like able and quite difficult then chance is you'll earn promotion slower than your gleaming- boss pet co-worker,.. for sample. The truth also more obvious in the world of entertainment and arts...do you seriously believe that being a hard worker and to be hard working is the only way to gain reputation and high recognition such as oscar nomination?
    How about being a fashion designer? Can a person born in Nigeria could spread his line worldwide? Of course..everything is possible but what do you think his chance compared to those born in London? Paris? Milan?
    You see...dirty luck isn't fair, but dirty luck does exist. I can't help myself not to think that way ever since I gravitate toward entertainment industry..I KNOW that.."favor" is priced higher than talent.

    However..last week seahawks overtime miracle..expand my horizon a lil bit. Seahawks won open my eyes that the universe works differently in the world of football game. In football game..you can rely so little to luck because if you're an athlete and you aren't move quicker, run faster, more agile than the ordinary you, you'll get beaten up by your enemy..FASTER than a blink of eyes.
    It's about YOU and how you make connection with your team-mates.
    Those who pass the playoffs, they pass NOT because they lucky but because they deserve to be there..including the Colts. Wazp with them? They gave up and was mentally beaten (deflated) by the Pats, if only they BELIEVE themselves more, they should think WE'RE HERE because WE DESERVE to be here. Idk, the quarterback must giving them that kind of mental boost.
    Seriously though, in football..IT'S YOU and YOUR TEAM effort which bring it to championship, not the lady luck
    Although she might interfere when the judge tossed coin in overtime (due to tie score)..I remembered that minutes I gigitty inside thinking "seahawks must GET the ball! It's their only chance to win! And there you go..the lady fortuna smiled to seahawks team. Seahawks was head- and the coin fell into their favor
    What would happen if the tail showed up? Probably the Packers is the one planning for TD, the play will be sluggish due to seahawks defense but eventually I think they possibly TD seahawks in very last minute, which is a nightmare for us

    So thanks lady luck for small help but that winning would be impossible without hard-work and dedication from seahawks players. Whenever Im down and think Im stuck/ I couldn't win.. in the world of dirty entertainment; Seahawks always remind me that a lot of hard work and dedication might turning my luck a little.

    Thanks a lot Seahawks

    Seachicken here..BAWK BAWK!

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    They think when they killing in the name of Allah

    they'll inherit 72 virgins?

    ..that's not the case


    the truth is hurt...

    This is Mohammed.

    and y'all signed as his "virgins"

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok, this space actually reserved for Rob Gronkowski-pic getting gank rape (photoshopped) by Seahawks.....

    Yes..I already prep a picture.

    But since The Seahawks lose the game, Gronk can keep his position as a "top"-straight guy this time.

    As a Seattle native (although migrated) I hereby disappointed by the lost.

    But what can I say? We running out of magic.

    I already had feeling but I shook it (always rooting patiently for seahawks magical moment.)

    Firstly, I sensed that from the "49" number Forty-Niners ..Superbowl 49- that's unlucky number, ain't like even numbers...such as 12,24,48

    Secondly,Katy Perry literally lit up to the sky riding star-shaped prop device..

    with star studded- gown..bad omen!

    The Seahawks DON'T have anything to do with star-symbolism while Patriots symbol/logo is an old timer soldier wearing hat with star badge.

    Thirdly: A kid from my family and friends.."a wimp" jumped up and down during crucial moment- covering tv. I really want to tell him "STOP JUMPING LIKE A WIMP OR ELSE WE LOSE!!"
    I didn't, he isn't my kid but I somehow believe that you gotta watch the game "properly" in order your team to win; that include on getting away/take a break..from 3rd or 4th quarter, go get some food or go to restroom, DONT STARE your tv COMPLETELY because chances are you gotta caught your opponent's TD or your team player injured.
    Idk..so many superstitious I'd like to figure it out..SO MANY...anything to fix seahawks win
    But the time won't turning back...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    However, I can comfort myself a thing from Seahawks lost

    1. To teach Russell Willson that there is no-Cod in Football game. The more magical move Seahawks earned, the more space out Russell Willson will be..and the more gullible he is to think..God handed him the win.
    Like I know Russell? O yeah, sure...he is a devoted member of City Church- the same church my sister going. He went there with his bodyguard attending sermon every sunday, sitting on top deck, keep it low profile as possible.
    I dont mind he's being religious and Im more respecting him as a person but last match against packers threw me off some points with his comment of God interfering seahawks game. How about he start relying on himself more..and go with his guts NOT to throw that GODAMN ball in last seconds ..which only get intercepted by godamn pats!!!
    So..the win of Pats- rolled by its "worldly" quarterback..is like the winning of Atheism and rationalizing.
    Like Aaron Rodgers say: "There is no divine intervention in Football game, he is out there but he cares more things than the outcome of football game."

    Other than that. Congrats Tom Brady to clear up your career in one single fool-proof football game ..otherwise, his lose proving he cant do win without deflate-gate-cheat.
    It's an important self-proving moment for him, he wanted it so bad.. but personally I dont care..Im not his fan.

    As for Lynch..you are our key.....why Russell, Why Pete?

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post

    Who will win?

    Is he "The King of North East?"

    Tom Brady


    "The King of North West"

    Russell Willson

    ha! I made cheap fakes

    I can't help, it's sooo EXCIIIITTINNGG!!

    Katy Perry was absolutely fantastic at the Superbowl last night.

    I live in England and I stayed up just to watch her performance and it lived up to it's expectations. She did so good and I forgot about the game and focused on her and her amazing talent.

    I speak for everyone on JUB when I say she is exceptional gifted with the voice of an angel like no other.

    Thank you Katy come again next year.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok..not only that, her entrance with gigantic cyborg lion to superbowl stadium...

    Lion= Leo

    Tom Brady's birthday= Aug 3 1977 (a Leo)
    too many!! bad signs...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    For those..haven't check his package

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Anyone has crush on Bret Michaels? (The lead of 90s Rock Band "Poison?")

    Not me though..but I accidentally found his look alike:

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok this cat definitely looks like a celeb (actor)

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    while this dog is..

    Vinnie D'Angelo

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Not really, it's ok


    That fine too, as long you can carry yourself safe and sound.

    NOT OK!

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    Well..my stance if you dont understand..is about NOT GIVING FEE to tradition/religious demand..although I might giving a bit leeway..in the sea of politic but honestly, I dont think they should told us what to do.
    I cant believe I cant believe
    the problem is actually "closer" than I can think of.
    I think just last year I lamenting about my previous apartment which overridden by Somali "muslim" immgrants. Those who turned a brand new apartment to become a place of "stink." Like how so? Who on earth cooking gallons of onions "outside" a multi purpose room?
    Im sorry, is that Somalian culture? Should we appreciate the stink?
    Not only that, they joined food stamp only to give freebies like "potatoes" in emergency stairs. I can't stop thinking..who gonna take raw potatoes from the floor?
    I know their intention of goodwill but please......be logic

    But the inconveniences living next to them are nothing than to hear them demonstrating religious freedom oppression.
    They want to bring "Somalia" the failed country to here...
    Recently, 6 days ago..there was protests from Somali Immigrants regarding Mohammad Cartoon ...in Seattle like OMGah

    ^ some of them can't spell.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    Do I trust them? They demonstrating peacefully and innocently, right?
    I dont think so..this is how islam infiltrate a society, firstly they counter attack our system with free speech and equality but later..when they about become 10% of a neighborhood- they will infuse their law inside a new community, just like parasites.
    It's the idea I hope everyone's get it. I came from a country with 80% more muslims and feel the difference.

    Dont believe me? Did you hear the news of Taliban prisoner spill the bean of Saudi royals giving aid to al-qaeda WTC operation back in late 90s?
    For them ..we are kaffir. It's doesn't matter we dead or alive, we're dead meat to them, they want us to die...slowly or painfully.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    O yah one more thing. Do you think they care more of Mohammad cartoon or those who died for free speech in France?
    See..me vs. Islam= so much win to me

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Sometimes Im glad Im not a girl...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    It's Sam Smith Niiiggghhhttt!!!

    Congrats Sam Smith to self prove yourself and I love how he dicthed his ex bf while holding 4 babies at the grammies:
    'Iíll keep this one brief Ė I just want to thank the man that inspired me to write this record. You broke my heart because now Iíve got four Grammys
    Why I love Sam Smith
    1. His songs, taste and song articulation as a singer (aesthetically)
    2. His song meaning, lyrically..it's about his love profession toward straight guy. Listening to Sam's album.. brought me inside a time capsule- to the exact time when Im struggling truly madly deeply with my classmate ..so Sam is like the "first-gay-artist" who understand what I've been through like he painted and depicted his feeling and mine elegantly through out his songs. I can't be MORE THANKFUL to him..of his existence in music industry and gosh..he's like my soul-brother to me

    I used to wrote poems, making a fancy book with illustration to express my teenage anxiety..especially because I can't describe and express my feeling toward him but Sam ..closed that chapter in my life BEAUTIFULLY
    Im glad..that I live and KNOW him through out his music, he's a special visit in my life..an Angel
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    I feel you, I feel you bro

    3. Sam Smith brought the gay card elegantly without stupid flamboyant attitude or stupid costume...just because he's gay.

    And tbh Im quite dissapointed hearing comments - from here saying he's too soft/flabby/not masculine enough

    I can't believe gay guys could say that to him and be vicious. He's a GAY ROLE MODEL, not a straight macho man, what do you expect!!!
    Of course..Sam Smith just being a Sam Smith- and he's happen to be a sensitive/ artistic type which he has been GREAT at.


    Leave him alone if you dont have anything nice to say to him

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post

    Do I trust them? They demonstrating peacefully and innocently, right?
    I dont think so..
    I told y'all they're up to no good

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    OMG OMG I ate "Sea Squirt!"

    from this noodle:

    and if you pay attention, that ramen also have some weird 'fishy' ingredients I never ate before...interesting.

    This is sea squirt:

    At first I thought that thing is a merman-made ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    ..that ramen also have some weird 'fishy' ingredients..
    Like corvina- a prized fish from South America and Sand Lance


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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    Im glad Im not a girl...
    Part II:

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok..what comes to your mind when you hear "Chippendales Murder?"

    ..Jealousy? Hot glistening bods? Male bimbo competition? Hot closeted gay sex?

    I do think such things too

    Alas the Chippendales murder although true but farrrr from being sexy. Im quite disappointed knowing the true story behind the murder
    Somen Banerjee; a rich/slimmy Indian business owner 'should' be gay in the first place to make the story interesting IMO.

    But this news although old..is far more juicy/sexier than Chippendale murder
    Hot Tub Fight Breaks Out Over Who Is Higher Paid Escort

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  39. #1539

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    I can't...

  40. #1540

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    some guys overweight when they were teen and suddenly a hunk in his late 20s
    or..the other way around:

  41. #1541

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    But still..I think his overweight hassle is a minor if he has MOTIVATION. Do you know that most of overweight people, they usually have "base" to sculpt?

    Rob in younger days

    That's right. He should proud of his body type. While most folks seeing him as a fat-bitter right now..I see him with LOTS of potential, Rob just having too much jelly but I see pass through the jiggles. He just need some re-shaping.

  42. #1542

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    In the opposite: Some guys just 'skinny' no matter hard they lift. Take a look at Jamie Dornan for sample:

    “I think I am like anyone, I have massive hang-ups about my physical appearance,” he said.

    “I was always fighting against stuff when I was a kid. I always felt skinny and small.
    “No matter how many times you get filmed with your top off and the photographers are saying 'Oh, you look great, add more oil", and all that, you have all these things ingrained in your head - insecurities about yourself,” he explained.

    I think he's self-criticizing himself - correctly. That's exactly what I saw. He doesn't has potential to be curvaceously beautiful like typical english lads. He just done in toned, can't exceed more while his base is skinny. But I think case-wise, that's not enough ultimatum to shut down his confidence. Haven't he looked up in mirror and see his face? He's gorgeous and many girls craving his physique (skinny-toned without being too muscle head) He should think outside the box that ..there are many types of beauty out there. Yes, he's not Joe Manganiello but he's to fill..something else and that he's a part of the aesthetic. So, chin up Mr. Grey

  43. #1543

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    He doesn't has potential to be curvaceously beautiful like typical english lads...
    Woops squeeze me

    What I meant "He doesn't has potential to be curvaceously beautiful like a typical english lads he is, they don't have curve.." ^^

  44. #1544

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    You know wazzp

    50 shades is coming to town. On Feb 14th Valentine's day. Am I excited?

    Not really. That's straight porn movie and the girl reminds me of my sister (haircut, body type and all) I probably puke.
    Despite Jamie being attractive and fine to look at, I wish we have the "gay" version you know? ^^
    That would be fun..but first we need to make it R- without camera angle zoomed exactly to penetration//one rule hard to follow since we're less moderate and love to get "too steamy" hmm...

    but for the cast? I think porn actor suited best. Mr Grey must be a dark haired handsome devil with intense eyes/expression and painful prick.
    maybe him as Mr.Grey?:

    All size queen rejoice

    and soundtrack by...
    Last edited by JPGhost; February 12th, 2015 at 10:59 AM.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Happy v-day (vagina day) everyone!! This year I'm single because i want to

    Well, why not showing love to some jubbers I familiar with? ^^
    This one for Telstra because he understand the language and this cartoon is sooo him

    This for Cormac because he can stand boring in trade of "hotness" ^^

    (but if he thinks that guy ain't hot, he's useless then )

    This one for Carey because he loves trans-progressed guy

    Marina and Diamonds for Greyunderscore Yay!

  46. #1546

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Belamo met a pesky asian

    Geloge as "defiant otter" ^^

    Elroy Auto makes sure he's the only one for his dad

  47. #1547

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Vitamin& hubby; Mineral

    Sixthson in my imagination as 30 something muscle-head

    My pie to derezperez (no pun)

    more recipes: http://www.today.com/food/14-beautif...l_tes_20150210

  48. #1548

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    For..Blackbeltninja because he's into underwear:

    Oh! Dont forget to snatch this one too http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/...8230659968.jpg

    Nose gay to Johnny Anger:

    Essexboy winning album of the year:

    Luckyrevenge decides to reconciliate in this Valentine's day

  49. #1549

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    NYClover54 last night

    Bort provides hospitality to a guy friend who came over

    For Pat..because he's into plants
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  50. #1550

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Well..I got it late.
    For the next Valentine's day...

    I will prep this:

    for a special "mouth-watering" someone
    he'll beggin under my spell

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