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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok- so from how to preserve life paragraphs..might prompt you a question:
    How the heck Im having fun?
    Ya know? It's like...Oh wow..if you wear this gown, how the hell you gonna pee?

    Of course I already think about it.
    Ya I know how to having fun! Actually Im a pretty limber myself, love to dance

    Woo Woo!

    But I always think special occasion/ reason to have that. People who going out every night like they partying and drinking everyday, I have nothing against or strong dislike of them since they aren't affecting my life at all but the reason Im not like them is because I think you better have reason to partying.

    What do you celebrate when you partying? If you have nothing to celebrate, then dont go cruising...if nothing to be cheers, then don't drink your wine.
    Why? Because those things will become excess, burn your age candle and not to mention addiction.

    When Im at my old factory job, I notice Americans- guys around my age, every Wednesday (paycheck time) on a break- they bought 6 packs, cigs .like ALWAYS!! I know these are like $12-$5 of your paycheck, but you could buy something else useful with that money!! And I bet they have still more in their home-fridge.

    For me, Im going out because of reward. It's important to reward yourself
    When you really tired or you accomplished a hard shift and you wanna get loose.
    Usually I go eating out. I love to eat :-D Who doesn't?
    Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, weird cuisines- that's my reward.
    So maybe my coworkers are rewarding themselves? ^^

    Having this kind of uptight behavior and writing this to be share with a lot of people, doesn't make me cooler. I lose a lot of potential friends because of this...and commonly I dont get along with generation younger than me because they think Im a straight-suck.
    Im glad I still have phone numbers to call when I have reason to celebrating- these people knew me for the better. It seems they pass my filtering system but actually Im the one who got accepted- it comes in both ways.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    So surprise to have this in my sim game

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I think I have this guy's pic waaaaaaay before he became famous


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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Can he break down like that when he's sitting on me? hmm..?

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    Lady Gaga and Saturn return

    Ever wonder why Gaga career flopped? Ever wondering ..is that must to do with the stars??^^ Then you're in the right guess.

    Stefanni Germanotta; born 1986 is about to having a Saturn return in just a mere a year or 2 years later which is on 9 degree Sagittarius.
    Planetary return means- when a planet had done its orbit alongside ecliptic and back to its starting point on your birthday.
    The easiest way to imagining its movement is by thinking of your own birthday; The solar return, planetary return has the same method as the sun
    When the sun back in the same position of your birthday- then you get aged O-Naaaw!!

    Of course you must remember that the sun isn't planet, dont you know? , the only difference that every planet has faster or slower revolution around the sun. Mercury and Venus are inferior planets and they never be 1 or 3 signs further than the sun i.e; Sun in Pisces, Mercury must be in either Aquarius or Pisces and Venus could be ..in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus or Gemini...Venus couldn't sit in Virgo when the sun is in Pisces, that would become impossible, you can check.

    Now..in case of Saturn- one of the classical planet that has the slowest orbit ...Saturn moves really slowly- It took 30 something yrs to complete its cycle back on the starting point of your birthday.
    Saturn return in astrology is considered 'sacred.'
    Saturn is the God of life lesson, hardships, authority, system, obstacle and all the not so fun things in the world
    He's a guy..but he's the bitchiest guy ever known. He will test your endurance, make you suffer because he knows when you're not suffering that means you aren't gain anything, he evaluate you during its return...to ask you in the face: "Did you pass your biggest fear?"
    Each of us has different place for Saturn to wreck our life...some people have hardship/ estrangement in family, at work, in partnership, in legal matters, etc
    I actually put mine up there, one of them if you can guess

    Some astrologers are giving more input on planetary placement within the sign- like they didn't count the house factor. I believe in both (house and sign) to determine..what kind of life lesson Saturn bestow to a particular querent?

    I dont know where Gaga's saturn located (at house) since I d know her birth time..Oh hello- it's been confirmed now Yowzaaa!!
    I just checked and she was born March 28 1986 at 9.43 am It's been confirmed from her tweet!!

    Now I got a complete Lady Gaga's chart mua haha!

    *~ to be continued
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    Re: Lady Gaga and Saturn return

    Oh so that's why La Gaga's career has hit the buffers. Now I know.

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    I dont know where Gaga's saturn located (at house) since I d know her birth time..Oh hello- it's been confirmed now Yowzaaa!!
    I just checked and she was born March 28 1986 at 9.43 am
    As it happens I remember exactly where I was when she was born, assuming she was born in NY. It was 2:43 pm in London, it was a Thursday and I'd taken the day off work to go on a date with a girl I'd met in Germany a few years earlier and was besotted with. She was still at school, not quite 18. We'd had lunch at the Neal's Yard Bakery and were strolling round Covent Garden. Later on we had a bit of a snog in the Victoria Embankment Gardens before we said goodnight and that was the last time I ever kissed a girl on the lips. Where did twenty-eight years go?

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I haven't explained Gaga yet ^^

    Oh wow, not quite 18? Dude, I haven't born
    So 28 yrs ago..you were a straight boy with a girlfriend? You aren't born this way? ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This was my mom's reaction when I first showed Conchita to her

    This was my mom's reaction when she saw Yannis Marshall, Arnaud& Mehdi dancing with heels

    She said they're cool as hell

    I do too...might willing to pass the bill for guys wearing heels..this is way better than those with sagging pants
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    So 28 yrs ago..you were a straight boy with a girlfriend? You aren't born this way? ^^
    Oh, I was born this way all right. But she was unique. I've never met anyone like her, before or since. She had a sort of aura about her, stunningly beautiful and vivacious and very self-possessed for her age. Everybody noticed it. No man would have dared to try anything on with her. She wasn't really a girlfriend, just a youthful crush, but it was a good ride while it lasted. One day I'll tell the whole complicated story. If I ever write my memoirs there'll be a whole chapter devoted to her.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    that's intriguing. So a beautiful soul could breaking a wall of sexual orientation? Hmm...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I imagining your lady must be either Twiggy

    or Olivia Newton John

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    Astrology of Lady Gaga

    This hotlinking is temporary but I have to explain it with picture

    Gemini Asc- Gemini people are savvy and quirky- hardly a loser type since they know how to spin themselves 180 degree, always change, always reinventing themselves. They're magicians.

    If people often say that Gaga isn't really talented, they might be right. Nothing in her 2nd house Leo, although Leo is the sign of feisty performer, so maybe she's that kind of artist who is more into performance art. Not the greatest singer, not the greatest pianist too- you can tell.

    Nothing in her 3rd 4th means she's quite not the introvert person. Those are the houses of child development and internal feeling. It seems she didn't attached to much from her past, from her environment/ family. Always looking up to the sky. There's nothing aspected in her 3rd and 4th means although these weren't her specialty, nor her favorite but she's having her past/childhood life just "fine" ...no wonder, I heard she was born rich kid in N.Y ^^

    Now her 5th house has something going on. It's Scorpio with Pluto and Moon..
    Why Gaga is often TOO INTENSE to be a pop artist? That because there's nothing cheerful with those planets when combined together in the sign of darkness.
    Gaga always has dark imaginary no matter colorful her costumes are..

    Both Pluto and Moon making sextiles and trines which astrologer call it bi-sextiles
    aspects. Bisextiles are good aspect, consider that a blessing- it makes it easy for her to be brooding but also being appreciated out there- I saw Neptune in her 7th, Jupiter and Mercury in 10th are making bisextiles with her Pluto and Moon.

    Pluto and Moon could be a troublesome planets (and satelite) under wrong circumstance but in her case..her friend, relatives and even acquintances out there are getting used to with her antics- thinking she's still adorable eventhough Moon& Pluto in Scorpio portend nasty character.

    Gaga's Saturn located in 6th house- dun dun dun!!
    6th house is naturally the house of Virgo, the house of hard work and servitude. Sag and Vir isn't mix and Sag also naturally uncomfortable in 6th. Saturn however, might liking its placement in 6th since they're mutually related. I consider Gaga is a very lucky individual- if she keeps telling public how sad and miserable she is at heart, prolly just her moon&pluto acting up. Why she's lucky?
    Her Saturn rx- means that she's facing hardship but still has immunity to avoid. People with Saturn rx (retrogade) prolly has knack to avoid/cheat life difficult situation..although that means they must facing their lesson again and again..overtime because Saturn knows who hasn't pass his test.
    Her another lucky strike is because her Saturn in 6th house doesn't has aspect/opposition with planets in 12th...I had 2 clients with hard aspect between 12-6th with Saturn and they suffer mental problem..Im emphatic with them, so when I read their stories I can simulate how chaotic inside their heads!! Gaga doesn't has anything in 12th-that house of suffering/undone.

    Third of her lucky; that her Saturn trine her Sun, that means she's in tune with authority/ system. She doning her homework without complain and a hardworker too.
    Can't stand still-- always buzzing and moving, pro-active.

    But alas..her Saturn square Jupiter- the planet of luck itself. Gaga seems having knack to dip into huge fortune but I predict she could getting financial crisis ...soon/later? Is Gaga extravagant? Only her peers know. If it's not about money then it's about reputation- like maybe a thing she's experiencing now. Her image! Jupiter also the planet of philosophy and ideal...she always has weird image about her and that never off from media-bullying hook.
    Annnddd...her Uranus in Sag also didn't help her public outcome with uranus square mercury...she usually say things in the wrong circumstances..and with the wrong words too. With Mercury in Pisces, her words are wandering everywhere like doesn't has feet to stand, sounds like a drunk person, sometimes cryptic and not truly reflect her meaning.
    Uranus in Sag is her unconventional side- put that action with Mercury and we have reckless person (in speech) who often put her foot in her mouth and getting trouble later.
    Glad that Gaga has alot of feminine signs going on..so maybe she's not yapping too much like JoAnn Rivers- Yes she could turning into JoAnn without censor ^^
    Im a guy with Saturn and Uranus in Sag- so I quite understand her planetary combo
    Saturn and Uranus are very incompatible- they should be separate, wide apart since they represents very different area in life.
    Saturn in 6th also portend "bad health" how many times she's in and out hospital? Lupus? Hip Surgery and recently : http://www.eonline.com/news/546332/l...-mermaid-voice

    Saturn like I explained before and Uranus is about breaking the boundary/ revolutionize yourself and freedom. Are they quite the opposite? Saturn is about restriction and Uranus is about being rebel and breaking rules.
    Imagine those 2 must living in the same house/ castle? What kind of rule they make? One making rule, and the other objects / denies/ throw that rule away.
    People with Uranus and Saturn in the same house- really need to dig to themselves to know...what kind of person they are? And what kind of rule they want in life? Is it strict or unruly?
    Because when they didn't pay attention, they could appear like both..strict and vulgar and becoming hypocrites.
    Gaga's 6th house antics making her difficult with people who guide her/ her own peers..those greedy corporate scums.
    But I see her Uranus trine her Venus in 11th-the house of friendship. When you dont work with her- you'll only see her fun loving side and Gaga is a really fun person to hang out

    * to be continue

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    I imagining your lady must be either Twiggy or Olivia Newton John
    No, but she did look a bit like the young Jenny Agutter
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    A second page????

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by Essex Boy View Post
    No, but she did look a bit like the young Jenny Agutter
    Click image for larger version. 

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    She's Jennifer Lawrence in today's standard

    Quote Originally Posted by cgymike View Post
    A second page????
    is coming.. ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    My teacher told me..In relating to others: One of the most important element is "respect."
    No matter how good/interesting/fun your friend is..without respect, all those qualities will be gone.
    Unless, of course..if you "like" and "addicted" in abusive rltship ^^
    However, a normal human being usually sense.. and by I mean "sense".. sometimes there is no logic behind it. You just know if he's the right friend for you or not.

    like me from awhile ago:

    so respect thy neighbor

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This Chart won't ever dissapear ahgain!

    Now..We enter lady GaGag 7th house- the house of rlthship (seriously the most annoying english word to type) 7 house the house of marriage and partnership- you can get your hubby or an enemy from it (if afflicted) Friendly coworkers or annoying as fuck neighbor- anything can happen in this house which is our relation to others.
    Gaga 7th house is Capricorn- she is actually more down to earth (d.t.e) and practical when it comes to partnership. She doesn't need drama or being fickle with friends. She's loyal, practical although could appear uninspired sometimes..in friendship.
    Her Neptune in Capricorn- I think it's what to help her to avoid financial debt- they're really tight with fortune- this is not a splendid placement. Neptune in Capricorn dreams about practical house that you can count for years to the future and it's very heavy on investment.
    Gaga's bisextiles between Neptune-Pluto-Jupiter indicates that "if" she really knows what she's doing and "TRUE" to her art"- she could reach that iconic superstar status. But alas- if she's not having birthday on that day- she probably can avoid this detrimental aspect of her Aries sun. Gaga's sun literally square Neptune- that's a bad placement for an artist.
    How many times you've seen her and her act and think "WHAT the F is this?!" That's almost describe the whole Sun square Neptune thing which mean your idea isn't only appear confusing to others- it's even repugnant and vision sometimes not coming too easy for you. Especially because she has a blessing in more practical-business matter (the bisextiles with pluto-moon-Neptune and Jupiter) I think Gaga-will not suffer too much from the demand of being an artist- if she's not trying to be an artist! Because she's lacking THE QUALITY! ^^
    What interesting that the thing Gaga's lacking as an artist (Sun square Neptune) is actually one of my advantage because I have Sun trine Neptune
    Im confident to challenge her for a new concept- srsly and tbh...I never came out with something like meat-dress...puke -_-

    Ok in 7th house Gaga has Mars- Mars is your bf material if you're a girl..or gay man and we all know..what kind of guy she snatched..

    Woot- woot! (wolf whistle) ^^ That's right...Im jelly ^ he's a pure beauty up there.
    I only jelly if I "really" want something tbh...-_-
    but since Im no a bitter bitch and I have no reason to dislike them as a couple- so I say..congrats to his cock GAgah...

    Gaga Mars exactly at 0 degree of Capricorn while Taylor Kinney is actually a Cancer- the opposite, she once said in interview: "He's a weirdo at heart and actually we're having opposite attraction"- sounds matching with her astro depiction
    How Gaga treating her significant G.U.Y? By a little bit conflict-it seems she doesn't like things running too smooth;y, it's uncomfortable for her. But her savvy and d.t.e usually never spin everything too far.
    Gaga's mojo drive perhaps could fluctuate high or low because her mars almost square her sun- that could make her tired easily. Maybe some nights- Gaga doesn't want to be touch with Taylor?^^- maybe that's when my hand comes to the rescue for horny- poor Taylor?...hmm

    Gaga's 9th house is Aquarius with nothing in it. SHe's the ultimate LIBERAL- Aquarius in love with weird, unusual things and maybe that's what makes her signed to support our movement because she's a true non-traditional at heart. We doesn't give much influence to her personal life- she could be conservative as fuck, she's a straight girl! (Dont believe bisexual gimmick) But she's inherently liking queer movements.

    In 10th house, now we dissect her Jupiter and Mercury Rx
    Jupiter is comfortable in Pisces and no problem too in 10th house- I would say without Jupiter- she won't had chance to become what she is right now..so many people with better talent than her but if they dont have luck? Who gonna sign them?
    Although Jupiter in Pisces could be annoying to some people. Jupiter in Pisces put too much emphasize in universal love, the meaning of all things. This placement could make an idealist person become 10x more idealist and note: her Moon in Scorpio also hard to please.
    I did already few interpretation of her Jupiter with Saturn, Neptune, Moon and Pluto.

    So, aspect with Pisces
    Mercury in Pisces is the speaker of Jupiter's will. How many times we encountered Gaga spoke up about bullying, eating disorder, self esteem, etc..
    those things are in the realm of Pisces but it's HARD for us to take her seriously because
    1. She's not a good speaker (Mercury fall in pisces and hers is rx -_-)
    2. She's a superstar artist
    3. No one can take her seriously with meat dress or lobster on her head...-_-

    If Gaga wants to use benefit quality of her Pisces-side, she shouldn't be a singing superstar like right now. I dk I sense that she's good at other thing too: A business women..or a "humanitarian business women" to be exact. I sense somehow or someday she will tired with her own antics and wanting to do more practical stuff (even though that'll be too boring for her standard) but hey..better reputation! ^^
    Gaga could be a generous lady (if her saturn not making her stingy with money) there is a great indication that she's into charity work, maybe that quality will appear in her pass 50s

    Sun in Aries 11th house. Lady Gag is a true Arian- perhaps sometimes she's wandering to Pisces or Gemini or Scorpio when you really get to know her but on her persona- of what she put out there- she's a true Aries on the surface. Daring, challenging, enterprising spirit and always want to be first or different than others..are true Arian spirit but..in this particular area too Gaga found herself in hot water/challenging. She's desperate to be original, she is.
    If Gaga stop listening to the voice inside of her head to moving impulsively..she might know that her quality..in this post modern era isn't enough to make her the "true" original.
    She needs mentor and she ought to learn from the past of how certain people paved their own way- learn from Madonna, u-huh..but the thing she did wrong is..she copy the original while she sprinkle a little bit Gaga signature on it. i.e: Born this way= Express yourself.
    Well, people ain't dumb! You can't say you sell Key Lime Pie but you label it: Gaga' Key Lime pie- it's just a spin off from the original.
    I think she knows what she's in it but it's too late to erase her wrong impulsive move..as an artist. However..it's HARD not to be an INDIVIDUAL as an Aries..since Aries is the strongest sign for the sun to sit (exalted) perhaps..her whole entire life is to be whatever her sun told her to.

    This is the meaning of 7 degree Aries:
    7.....Degree of life and death
    perhaps could be a clue of her ambition.

    Venus is her sense of fashion- She is actually suitable to represent Goddess of Love since she has it rising, not on her true form...but in the battlefield of postmodern junk-warholian-utopian world in her head.
    Venus is detriment in Aries, although her venus isn't adversely affected at all but it's still not her 'domain' planet/energy. She should make song about "Mars" since the God of War is more in tune with her energy.
    I love Venus in Aries- fashion; her, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham. Notice the similarities? They're daring..to mix and match alot of things, their taste is insatiable..they're bold and having "masculine" attitude towards fashion. Not afraid to be different and unlike Venus in Cancer- they dont emotionally attached to style in certain era- which they think they look best-- that's the cause of outdated old lady with 80's big hair u-oh. Venus in Aries love the late-st..
    Venus in Sag- Anna Wintour; think fashion as disposable material..Next!
    Yeah we need that fire sign attitude, so the fashion world not gonna be stuck/uninspired/biased.

    The grey symbols from Taurus to Gemini to the end of her life journey, I might say.
    They're her secrets and I dont think I deserve to reveal what I think here..since Im still respect her as a person.
    And the cycle is complete! Back to symbol of AC- her Ascendant. That's a wrap. ^^
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Gaga's lilith is in Taurus:

    Oh..it's not that harddd...to find a picture with horns

    Lilith, THE BLACK MOON, Positioned in TAURUS

    This position speaks of the most unsuccessful karma linked to the earth element: body deification, earthly love, things, movable and immovable property, disrespect revealed to life or harm made to it. Often this position discloses the negative karma of the individual who lost their love object and was out for revenge driven by jealousy. It may also be the karma of the individual who was extremely greedy and was destroying the welfare of others, was taking away and destroying land or maybe was destroying peace.

    This position may also be linked to the destruction of towns, debauchery, indulgence in food and deification of things, body and money. Lilith in Taurus may also speak of a rude behavior and harm made to animals, women abuse, rape and disrespect. This Lilith position may occur in the chart of the individual who was a slaughterhouse worker, a dogcatcher, a flayer or a destroyer of fauna in their past lives. This karma is linked to the destruction of natural resources and disrespect revealed to the Earth.

    The individual may experience the loss of love, wealth, peace and welfare in this life. The individual may have an unpleasant appearance. Women may show little attention to the individual. Sometimes animals reveal their hatred toward the individual or babies cry at their presence. Greed or deification of things and body would simply mean that the individual is repeating the same mistakes. Therefore the individual should aim to develop unconditional love and respect to life. The individual should avoid jealousy and greed. The individual should aim for peace, beauty and simplicity. The individual should not betray tenderness, but respect weaker living beings.

    Lilith in this position limits the possibility to have offspring. This is especially true when the individual is repeating the same mistakes. Most often the individual is in disgrace of the female principle of the Universe. The individual has to redeem this disgrace if they want to find love, inner peace and to have offspring. It is important to aim for the welfare of the Earth. It is essential to develop kindness, tenderness, purity, simplicity and respect towards women, children, fauna and flora.
    it's hard to believe isn't? Gaga is a pig in her bedroom?
    - - - Updated - - -

    Just FYI I think I know someone with this position:
    Lilith, THE BLACK MOON, Positioned in LEO

    Lilith in Leo most often speaks of mistakes linked to egoism and false pride. Most likely the individual had much power, Which spoiled them during their past lives. In this life the individual may experience the consequences of the past lives, when the individual could afford more than they can afford now, when their word was an order and when others were afraid to criticize them. This position indicates the surrender to false pride, egoism and the willingness to be the most important figure. The individual may think that a beautiful life, luxury, welfare and power are inborn qualities. The individual may believe that they are the most important person. Often this sincere feeling has been nurtured for many lives.

    Lilith positioned in Leo encourages the individual to be theatrical and exaggerate their role in all their actions. The individual can be full of jealousy and touchiness if they meet someone better or more loved than they are. This position speaks of those past lives linked to severe fights for power, glory and spheres of influence. Sometimes this position speaks of the individual being so in love with themselves that they refuse to have children and share the attention that they feel is reserved for them. The individual may avoid any difficult work, opting instead for a life of luxury.

    One of the most important tasks for the individual's soul is to learn to give love, be generous, caring and honest. The individual should aim to break free from the grip of ego, which may seem strong and beautiful to them. Otherwise the individual's life may turn into meaningless theater, emptiness fair and land with no space for love and honesty. If the individual no longer wants the power of Lilith to be strong in their life, they should consciously aim for modesty, moderation, simplicity, honesty and unselfish love. The individual should get rid of theatrical behavior and self centeredness. The individual should learn to give, hear and value others.
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    I saw Kolibri/Hummingbird at the Walmart

    ..from last week. It such a magical experience, the bird surprisingly ain't scared of human. It just buzzing minding its own business when I snap my phone quite close to it ^^
    I wish my phone not too shitty so I can get better pictures
    But this is..a real hummingbird

    Gosh..It felt like Disney princess that day

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Look at all these cuties sucking blood out of your hand!

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    Creative Genius

    Like I said before..I really jealous if I want something. Now in this case: Artistic Talent.
    It doesn't mean I have zero talent over there, I just want ...more
    like what this guy have:

    ^He hand painted his doll for christ sake
    here his gallery:
    be ready for some oohhs..and aaahhs.. ^^\
    and drooling over your favs too!

    Im thinking..how can I get into that level? I can't even draw realistic yet. Yes, you can draw whatever you want and to create art masterpiece, it doesn't has to be realistic. I know, but it's good to master the most difficult technique before you can choreograph your own dance. Eeeh...Im fairly conservative in art, technically.
    In other aspect of life, I always freewill/freelancing/squeezing against the rule, but for art...
    I have to learn 'exactly' from 'realistic' masters

    like Da Vinci and Raphael for sample. You can draw a stick figure or a human with donut head but if your proportion is right- your art will believable. If you did it wrong then you back to kindergarten finger painting.
    You can't beat 3d perspective- you just can't. If you came from your own 5 dimensional ideas, you better make your piece believable or stands out with its meaning, otherwise people will assume it's just a failed imitation of 3 dimensional art form.

    Speaking of 3d, that Filipino artist using 3d rendering technique while painting his dolls, otherwise his dolls will appear cartoony/ flat. It's not easy! That is a mad skill I crave for a lifetime ^^ And to think I dont have it right now..it's easy to think that Im not that talented.

    Sometimes I think I might be a part Mexican because nothing really stands out in my art making, not like most of my relatives/family friend's children inherited. Asian stands out in silent arts; that filipino doll painter for sample, a bunch of 3d animator teams from Singapore (they're all wearing glasses), Korean illustrators hired by animation studio in US, my cousin who recently just threw a fundraising orchestra concert for starving children in Africa.
    Like seriously..they're all mad-awesome. T_T
    What happened with me?!! Why nothing really stands out in my art-making? When I think again..maybe because my family (from mom&dad) don't have particular artistic lineage..like my ancestor. My Dad ..I want to kill myself when he playing keyboard ...all wrong keys! he sang like a mouse too and Mom..her singing is not out of tune but still I doubt.
    The musical talent- goes on nothing to me..but my sister can play guitar- she isn't that great either, so I think artistic talent must be inherited somehow? Is it a myth or fact?

    I never know but from my family's relative usually I saw a pattern from their parents:
    They're musicians breed musicians and sometimes their offsprings are more talented than them.

    But when I like to put myself down, simulating hardship harder than it seems..I think again, well.. Im not in a really bad position.
    I won honorable place for high school art competition- it's me against the whole Seattle schools.
    And surprise but not surprise..recently my mom told me news that my little sister won the same category..."a honorable place" Yay!!
    The only difference that her badge is green and mine is hot pink ^^
    It's haaaaarrrdd not to think that we're all a family with the same level of artistic skill.
    She made Joseph Gordon Hewwitt silhouette painting which looks absolutely fantastic like negative cutout from b&w photograph.
    What did I made? A huge mural of Donna Summer. ( I'm liking her so much that time, excuse me -_-) with red glitters all over her body
    When I looked again I think my art looked like crap because the perspective was still wrong- it was like an early renaissance painting
    but if I won, maybe something stand out from it? Sometimes people see what we can't see..no matter how we know ourselves ^^

    I have endless vision- hatching an idea is easy but sometimes it's not easy to manifest.
    And when I discouraged thinking I never can be that 'realistic' I have a LIFETIME chance to shape myself, what life is good for? ^^
    It's gonna be FUN when I get there..
    Last edited by JPGhost; June 11th, 2014 at 10:55 PM.

  23. #1123

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    OMHG!! Someone has the same industrial/modern taste in decoration with the same musical taste he played in background!!

    It's worst than to see someone wearing a same clothing with you at the party

  24. #1124

    Re: Creative Genius

    What an artistic macbook ^^

  25. #1125

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Sex..is not pink and rosy


  26. #1126

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Anyone still using laptop here?Are you using your laptop on top of your lap? As you know..it could be a dangerous device for your balls. The radiation could make you infertile, but wtheck infertility? Unless in one point of your life you'll need surrogate wife^^
    I personally avoid it because I often get hives on my thighs; skin cancer is one thing I cautious.
    So dont be like these guys...

    they fry their balls ^

  27. #1127

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    And this one is my secret discovery

    "Have you ever find one day that your balls and penis head sooooooooo wrinkly and dry?" Solution?

    Use vitamin E cream!!

    'gently rub your balls/penis with vitamin E and keep that up until the next shower.
    Prove guaranteed, your genital skin will be getting smoother and your penis is getting good looking . Why? Vit E as topical ailment; will help blood vessels to dilate in your skin which that means- smoother /less wrinkly penis. Vit E intake is well known to increase your sexual metabolism; very essential for women but minor for men. However, many guys overlook the benefit of vitamin E.. I think it helps us in so many things; range from Erectile Dysfunction to bigger penis (helping the blood flow, not increase your genetic size -_-).

    So, for vitamin E cream, I usually do that regimen before a date/special occasion. Not only I groomed myself but my penis and balls too ...Are you?

    *available at all kinds drugstores and supermarkets.

  28. #1128

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    What are you doing spidey?



  29. #1129

    How wonderful life is...

    Now you're in the SIM-world...^^

    - - - Updated - - -

    Our lyfe...
    Last edited by JPGhost; June 17th, 2014 at 09:43 AM.

  30. #1130

    Re: How wonderful life is...

    The one and only artist in the 21st century..whose people still can't get over his death is...


    I seriously had emotional response/blown looking at his latest album cover ^ he looks majestic wearing a ring of Saturn collar with bedazzled stars on his outfit..

    I believe he's still alive somewhere...

    over the galaxy

  31. #1131

    Re: How wonderful life is...

    beautiful song indeed..and if you like refined disco like that; this song in the same nature ^^:

    Good to starting your day (gloomy 9 am here )
    Last edited by JPGhost; June 17th, 2014 at 09:51 AM.

  32. #1132

    Chicken or Egg?

    I think egg came first ^^

    or the chicken?
    Last edited by JPGhost; June 18th, 2014 at 07:07 AM.

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  34. #1134

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

  35. #1135

    alex thelizardking

    This was where the attitude era really began.

  36. #1136

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Need more money? Stream vid yourself eating splendid food in front of food fetishers
    (the other kind of food fetishers -_-)
    just like what this women in South Korea do for living ^^


  37. #1137

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    But perhaps...

    it depends with the model

  38. #1138

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    ^ You're out of school. We get it. You can't find anything better to do with your time?

  39. #1139

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Which one? Work/ Gardening/ Playing sims/ blogging here in JUB? ^^
    How about you? What you find better to do with your time?

  40. #1140
    ...is no hippie Harke the Boeotarch's Avatar
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    Mar 2009

    Code of Conduct

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    ^ Cruising/Sauna/Baths/Mikveh?

  41. #1141

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by Native Son View Post
    ^ You're out of school. We get it. You can't find anything better to do with your time?
    In English, the simplified term for that ^ is HECKLE (heckling)

    Quote Originally Posted by Harke the Boeotarch View Post
    ^ Cruising/Sauna/Baths/Mikveh?
    So you rinse all the germ you might snatched from cruising....in Mikveh?


  42. #1142

    Madonna and Astrology

    Speaking of someone who will soon experience Saturn return is..Madonna.
    That's right; a material girl will soon experience The Lord of Material himself around 2016 or so.

    TBH, Madonna isn't the most interesting person for me to dissect her chart. I have little interest..on her and perhaps, she might already know her astrology chart better without a help from astrologer; of c'mon! A grand priestess of Kabalah..

    As proved here:

    However, Madonna is quite notorious for having 2 kinds of astrological charts. How? By changing her official birth-time from am to pm, that'll turn your houses placement upside down and will affect your chart greatly.

    This is her first released astrological chart: Madgie 1
    This one after her own modification: Madgie 2

    Which one I trust more? Of course the first one She ain't fooling me. -_-

    btw from her video; that's not aquarius asc obviously, pretty much a virgo Asc- calculated, shrewd cold, no sense of humor....
    confident for being annoying

    my sister virgo asc and she's a real bitch

    The reason she changed her chart might because:
    "weaknesses", she tried to distract people from her vulnerability. Virgo is known to show strength and vulnerability at the same time and it's actually easy to push their button, they have SO MANY "Dont touch my buttons!" ^^
    The other reason she switched her birth-time is because on the modified chart;
    her chart oriented to the western top hemisphere; that shown that she's more people oriented, less personal, what you see is what you get kinda people instead if we compare from her original chart, she might appear more skittish and very ego driven.

    Now back to Saturn return, her Saturn was in 19 degree Sag and will be meet In 2016
    She will get the 2ND Saturn return while Gaga will having the first, what's that means?
    She and Lady Gag could be parent and daughter...respectively. The example isn't far away from me; my mom born in her year 1958 and I in 1986, just like me and my mom
    Both Gag and Madgie actually could be a duo team-mate (if they getting along just fine -_-) there's...some cosmic connection between them, very interesting.

    2nd Saturn return could indicate more maturing reason for living- preparation towards elderly life and despite/whatever her house placement ...the overall lesson of 2nd Saturn return as it's a tough year for her to not acting like a homecoming queen all the time, a total make over of her character and yeah madonna, you're not young anymore

    She and Gag will endure life evalutation during 2015 and 2016 respectively. Gaga will experience Saturn brief-er than her- Madgie might endure twice rx movements, if I didn't check that wrong.
    I suggest they (both) hide from the limelight because their input will be judged quite harshly during these time. I bet Madonna knows- she look at her chart wisely...not so much for impulsive Gaga I bet -_-
    Madgie might already prep some magic wiccan potion to ward the negative spell
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This Friday night...

    Do It All.... Ah-gain!


  44. #1144

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    We are..all tumbling down and trying hard in life..

    Saturn is like a chunk of your iceberg- the warp wall you must jump.
    In 24 yo we realize that we're not living in comfort bubble anymore (some of us sooner), we could die and reality isn't sweet due to Pluto return square.
    The hardship increase..and if you're in mid 20's ...that's the chaotic and the most confusing because...it's the first time you build your own tent- without help, just instruction. Although it's not always pain and blood, The God of Luck Jupiter also having his first cycle; open up crazy opportunities and more entertainment than what you having in your parent's house.
    But we all heading to Saturn lesson, eventually.

    "Who are you?
    What are you doing in life? What's your input and what are you trying to accomplish worthwhile?"
    It's not an easy answer for everyone and ..a type of question that "money" always come to the rescue because it needs maturation and knowing thyself.
    I will experience sooner than Gag/Madonna...mine in 3 degree Sagittarius, I'll be on just next year with a few Rx motions.
    Brace myself hard, wish me luck Peeps! ^^ I dont wanna join 27 yo death-club and perhaps...My generation (until 1995) we carry more weight on our shoulder:

    On the dark side, the Pluto in Scorpio generation (1984-1995) must deal with serious depression, inner depression - and also outer economic depression. Suicides and mass killings, bullying, oppression, slavish debt, corporate corruption, and the secret government(s) - and wars where citizens, even the soldiers, don’t know what we are fighting for -*RosieOne
    Sing that anthem Lana...

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    Where's your Venus?

    Venus in the 1st House: I am beautiful
    Venus in the 2nd House: My surroundings are beautiful
    Venus in the 3rd House: Language is beautiful
    Venus in the 4th House: My home is beautiful
    Venus in the 5th House: Creating is beautiful
    Venus in the 6th House: Everyday life is beautiful
    Venus in the 7th House: You are beautiful
    Venus in the 8st House: We are beautiful
    Venus in the 9th House: Knowledge is beautiful
    Venus in the 10th House: Success is beautiful
    Venus in the 11th House: Humanity is beautiful
    Venus in the 12th House: Vulnerability is beautiful

    Where is mine?
    6th house: Everyday life is beautiful

  46. #1146

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    We should learn much from Arcturians tbh

    Arcturus is one of the most advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy. It is a fifth dimensional civilization which, in reality, is like a prototype for Earth’s future.

    Its energy works with humanity as an emotional mental and spiritual healer. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth. It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality.

    The book, "The Keys of Enoch" has described it as the mid-way station or programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in our local universe, to govern the many rounds of experiments with physicals on our end of the galaxy. Their total focus in every aspect of their society to the path of God realization.

    The Arcturians teach that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love. They teach that negativity, fear and guilt must be overcome and be exchanged for love and light.

    Arcturus is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation (click image right), which is approximately 36 light years from earth. The Arcturians work in very close connection with the Ascended Masters whom they refer to as the brotherhood of the all. They also work very closely with what they refer to as The Galactic Command.

    The Arcturians travel the universe in their starships, which are some of the most advanced in the entire universe. One of the reasons that Earth has not been attacked by more warlike negative extraterrestrials has been these civilizations’ fear of these advanced starships of the Arcturians. These ships are the cutting edge state of the art technology. One of the starships circling the earth is called the Starship Athena, named after one of the Greek Gods.

    The Arcturian society is governed by what they call the elders.

    These beings are revered by the people of Arcturus for the advanced knowledge, wisdom, and extremely high vibrational frequencies. The higher the vibrational frequency, the closer one is to light, or spirit or God. The Arcturians are very short in physical stature, about three to four feet tall. They are also very slender. They also all look very much alike in appearance. The Arcturians pride themselves in this because this erases the pettiness of comparison of looks which is so predominant in our society.

    The Arcturians are the most loving and non-judgmental beings you can possibly imagine.
    Their skin is a greenish color.
    They have very large almond shaped eyes.
    They only have three fingers.
    They have the ability to move objects with their minds, and are totally telepathic.
    The source of food is an effervescent type of liquid that is highly vitalizing to their entire being.
    Their eyes are a dark brown or black color.
    Their main source of seeing is actually through their telepathic nature, not their physical eyes.
    Their sense of hearing even transcends their telepathic nature.
    They also have an ability to sense with the back of their heads.
    The average life span is from 350 to 400 of our earth years.
    Their highly developed spiritual nature has allowed them to never age, since they have the ability to transcend time and space.
    They terminate the life when the contract that has been arranged for their existence is up.
    There is also no sickness on Arcturus, it was eliminated centuries ago.
    if they're really exist, they must be "the purest" race on the Universe..
    and please ..we human beings (humanity), we're not turning into "The Greys" -_-

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I always wonder what the females in extraterrestrial civilisations do. It seems to be the men who whizz around in flying saucers, guard the secrets of the universe, cultivate the spirit etc. I heard somebody on the telly who had been abducted by aliens say that she was taken to meet the "wise ones" who wore floor-length robes. So the women presumably have piles of ironing to do.

    That's the thing about advanced civilisations. No matter how advanced they are or how expanded their consciousness is, someone still has to clean up the mess. Even if you subsist on manna from heaven you've still got to do a shit at some point, so somebody has to put in hours of drudgery at the sewage works while you use your telepathic powers to contact remote galaxies.

    I bet if you took a trip to Arcturus you'd see a great ant hill of little green men slaving away on the minimum wage just so that a small elite can spend all day thinking beautiful thoughts.

  48. #1148

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Lol I do wondering too ^^
    if it's all "good" and "perfect" where's the catch?

    But these beings living in the 5th dimension, so they might operate differently than us. Their world is closer to our imaginative
    heaven as they're heavenly being. Maybe...these guys are what we referred as heaven inhabitants. Their basic ideology is actually similar to basic world's religions morality but as we know..we're failing in application -_-
    So maybe..5th dimension has a lot to offer as a better system sigh

  49. #1149

    Yes..to this

    Summer is brief..the weather is humid and your balls hanging loose..
    what better gear to wear other than these?

    Well..in what occasion Im posting that ^
    because Im just having my first pair, yay!

  50. #1150

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Spit your eyeballs:
    Dont you know that your saliva contains lots of antiseptic and could be used in case of immediate first aid remedy when it's not available? In case of eyes health, I wish I know this method before I spent on steroid/unsafe eye allergy drops ..a thing I got while ago -_- and also, it could act as an immediate solution for dry eyes too! :-D

    Simply just by spit my infected eye- would do the trick.
    No, I believe my spit is fairly healthy since I take care my oral hygiene pretty well ^^
    Right now I spit my eye whenever Im having a discomfort and maybe.....lemme spit your eyeball too for your health sake

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