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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This is what a practice yesterday friday night at drunk karaoke night

    [ 4x:]
    Take that money
    Watch it burn
    Sing in the river
    The lessons I learned
    *What a tongue-fucking sentence

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Last monday- the 14th? Actually a premiere of gay related cartoon- Chozen in FX. Team Archers are the one behind it.


    Too bad, I missed it -_-
    Im actually very passionate for gay related comic/illustration/graphic novel/ animation field ..flying thousands miles to pursue that type of career- you can tell Im very realistic, am I?
    But the fact that animation actually isn't my true-calling and I cant stand (even actually can) to have tedious illustration job for hours. So I canceled my aspiration since 2 years ago- not too long ago actually ^^ and getting more practical job.

    And not only that, actually I have zero networking skill to know things about this business..it's my background limiting me, my script might conflict with US native's flow of thoughts if you know what I mean..I dont know but I wont give up- soon or later I'll launch it to public..here and you'll be the judge

    So back to Chozen, Im surprise that it garnered negative reviews.
    neutral: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment...#axzz2qnG1Gs5s

    Too bad they already made iconic scenes like here and there:

    I thought the concept is pretty cool: an ex gay con- rapper career? 'Could be a break-though for us..but like every other good animation movie, it relies on execution and how good the vibe is..If the vibe was uncomfortable/ filled with bad jokes, I predict it won't stay still..too bad

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Excuse my perv..I think Big Booty Guys need twerking organization


    BBGTF ( Big Booty Guys Twerking Federation)

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    A must watch from 'Chozen'

    - - - Updated - - -

    Love this buzzfeed vid <3
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Yahoo article I read yesterday:

    "Does Gaga feels rather inept?" wearing skyscraper heels like that?

    Probably, I can buy this article since this is basically what I vibe from Gaga:
    If you wear very high heels often …
    “You stand on solid ground with your shoes, and they carry you through life, so they do say a lot. Wearing very high heels might mean she feels rather inept and cannot look at people at eye level, and uses the shoes to elevate her, both physically and in her mind.”
    She's never be the dominatrix. She's rather be the pleaser/sex kitten victim. She loves play role; giving-order but she's inherently submissive...that's why she needs aid/support like those towering heels/ super structured outfits.
    Meanwhile, this young lady:

    I read and observe her whereabouts..definitely no need heels to stand her ground, she just stomp you with her sneakers

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    So pumped today ^^ Euphoria is everywhere...

    Bye Bye 9'ers

    Nah..^ Willson is a classy guy, he never taunt ^^

    This guy otherwise, I wish he could change for the better -_-

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This hot speedo clad- Dolphin fans


    actually has a mugshoot:

    not a bad mugshoot. I must say
    In what kind of story? http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/ne...beating/nLw8F/

    Street beating?
    Well, that's not very hot I guess

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Now, about those little green men. "I see everything through a spiritual lens," she told the magazine. "I believe in a lot of astrology. I believe in aliens.... I look up into the stars and I imagine: How self-important are we to think that we are the only life-form? I mean, if my relationship with Obama gets any better, I'm going to ask him that question."

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    When I think about porn- I rarely think about the outfits but there is one number I keep thinking of the shirt.
    WHat porn makes me think about shirt?
    So here it is: http://www.queerpornnation.com/2009/...hakes-scene-1/

    I kept thinking how Paul Wagner defied my rule of color- he worn a muted celadon color which not matching with skin tone but still look darn good? Does he has a gravity defying power? The color is muted but actually contrasting medium skin tone like me or some Brazilians out there.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Paul Wagner like..

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This is what happen when porn has too much soap like a show from LMN

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Amazing how everything dancing harmoniously ..

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Surfboard, surfboard

    Graining on that wood, graining, graining on that wood
    I'm swerving on that, swerving, swerving on that

    Big body Benz serving all this, swerve, surfing all in this good-good

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    - - - Updated - - -

    it's amazing how 2 people could understand each other perfectly using telepathic sense- sweeping undetected over common human perception. I guess giving time of interaction, observation annndd...depends on individual quality as well.
    Especially if both parties both apt and cooperate harmoniously, cutting unnecessary slacks that many common human had done mistaking.
    There must be a term for that ^ lol

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I have mixed feeling on this :

    he has that politician face...No! He looks like a mix between G.Bush and Will Ferrell
    But if politician face isn't your thing..maybe he could win you from the rear-end..
    He's a kind of guy who will make trouser slack "Pop"

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Heading to the game right now. No ^^ Not at the NY one, but heading to major football show just like the rest of Seattlitess. This is my first football experience for like 10+ y living in US. Unbelievable! ^^ Im glad I was starting to know some of rules of football since superbowl last season and now I truly gitit what this hype about.

    Excited! Wish my home team WINS!

    Now, since Im impatient. I looked up my oracle (astro) to know what team is gonna win? Event forecast isn't my specialty so..here's what I've got:

    From Chinese Astro: It said that Denver Broncos will win because ..this year is the year of the horse, therefore Broncos (which also having horse mascot) will have a mystical lucky strike to win. Hmm..

    From Western Astro, the opposite; Seahawks will win! Why? Because it has "MORE" technical explaination

    February 2nd, 2014, 6:30 pm, New York, NY

    If kick off does indeed happen at 6:30pm, then the very last degree of Leo would be rising, which promises us a profound display of showmanship, superstardom, and big-play energy. This might really support the outspoken and huge personalities of a player like Seattle’s cornerback Richard Sherman. With Mars in Libra trining the Ascendant, athletic ability and prowess could call for stand-out performances by not just one, but many key players.

    If kickoff happens just five minutes later, the game may spin into a more technical direction and hinge on accuracy, precision, or even penalties, due to the highly analytical and critical sign of Virgo rising.

    We get the feeling that big plays and even trick plays may guide the course of the game. Jupiter and Venus’s square to Uranus may trigger the exciting and unexpected trick plays, while Jupiter’s opposition to Pluto and Venus’ conjunction to Pluto suggest over-the-top energy, extreme bravado, and some obvious surface tension between players early on.

    But perhaps most importantly for the Super Bowl, we have to study the Moon. The Moon is the general mood and feeling permeating the game and the vibe surrounding the whole experience. On Super Bowl Sunday, the Moon is what astrologers call void-of-course, which means it has made its last geometric aspect to another planet before changing signs. This fact alone could bring a lot of surprises to the game’s proceedings. Also, the Moon is in the final degrees of Pisces and the watery symbol of the fishes forewarns us of possible fumblings, slippery grips on the ball. The formula could be as simple as whomever turns the ball over the least wins the game.

    Mercury, planet of communication, is conjunct Neptune and Chiron in Pisces as well, which could bring difficulty to communications on the field, and also leads us to think that weather (again, Pisces’ water sign) may become an important factor, and could even lead to mishandling of the football.

    The media is ruled by the sign of Pisces. Naturally, the media’s presence, including the focus on the advertisements, is always strong during the Super Bowl, but especially in New York City. And with all the Pisces in the air, it will seem like the big game is actually a unifying experience of our collective imagination. There will be no shortage of entertainment and Pisces partying on this night!

    All this Pisces (in addition to Mars’ flip-flop and indecisive attitude in Libra) doesn’t portend well for having too fixed of a game plan, since Pisces is a slippery water sign, and the Seahawks tend to remain pretty fixed in their playing style. Intuition should guide the players and an almost psychic sense of the play, the ball-position, and other players’ decisions should permeate the field during the Super Bowl. Denver quaterback Peyton Manning’s keen ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage could give him an advantage. In any case, the team that uses illusion and deception most may have the upper hand.

    * Personally of course I believe classic astrology better. Chinese astro seemed too heavy on superstitious. Boo!!
    Or because I love Seahawks more

    Lets see which one right after all?

    go HAWKS!!

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    those 2 basically were bad predictions. None of those teams winning by a landslide, all of them having pretty fixed play. However, I think it's appropriate when being sly and cunning were referred to Seahawks, because SH changed their game so drastically until their opponents can't read their movements at all.
    Instead of using Lynch; the cornerback to carry the ball like they did in Arizona's game, Willson threw the ball to all defense team..while they dominating, smothering clueless Broncos which very unfortunate to play on SB yesterday.
    NOT only that! Their stamina was very high! extreme bravado, hell yeah
    They skewed, skipped, jumped, ran for yards...un-tackled by exhausted Broncos, AMAZING!! And if someone got stolen..or has slippery hand- that was Manning himself -_-

    This guy had better prediction than 2 of astro read combined. He SAID SO since Jan 31st

    6. My first prediction is that Broncos fans will not like any of these predictions. Seems like some Broncos fans are confused here. I'm not a WWE script writer, so my predictions are just opinions. But please, hit me up on Twitter, I still love hearing from you.

    5. And I predict I will still feel that way about Twitter on Sunday night. Don't ever change, internet.

    4. Madden Next Gen superstar Bobby Wagner is going to make a big impact in this game. He's been a monster and often overlooked by some of his more outgoing teammates.

    3. The Broncos ranked seventh in the NFL against the run this season, and they are very underrated on defense. But Marshawn Lynch has done well against strong defenses in the past. Just check out his history against the San Francisco 49ers. Lynch is going to crack 100 rushing yards in this game.

    2. Russell Wilson is going to make a ton of plays with his legs in this one. The Broncos have a strong defense, as you know. But Wilson has been able to extend plays during the playoffs and he will continue to do it in this game, too. His elusiveness rating should be off the charts next year. Just saying.

    1. Watching so many people pick the Broncos to win this game, it gives me a similar feeling to the way people overlooked Pete Carroll's USC team in the 2005 Orange Bowl. People were convinced USC would not be able to match up against Oklahoma, but the Trojans won the game, pulling away with a great defensive performance. I really do believe the Seahawks win this game. And it wouldn't surprise me if this one starts to get out of hand late in the game.
    All Seahawks fans cant forget yesterday

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Know thy enemies:

    Top 10 most religious states
    Mississippi: 61 percent are very religious
    Utah: 60 percent
    Alabama: 57 percent
    Louisiana: 56 percent
    South Carolina: 54 percent
    Tennessee: 54 percent
    Georgia: 52 percent
    Arkansas: 51 percent
    North Carolina: 50 percent
    Oklahoma: 49 percent
    Kentucky: 49 percent
    Maybe talking about gay rights to people in Utah is like talking to waffles.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Now..lets celebrate the beauty, cutesy of Zac Quinto!

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    Maybe talking about gay rights to people in Utah is like talking to waffles.
    No, they're pretty steadfast in their beliefs - they don't "waffle" much at all, lol.
    BOSS: I'm sorry, but I'll have to lay you and Jack off. SUE: Can you just jack off? I feel like shit today.

    "I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires" - Susan B. Anthony

    Fox is to journalism what World Wrestling Entertainment is to the Olympics. -- Dr. Jazz

    SANDERS-WARREN in 2016! The people are ready for change.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Ok, so 2 days ago was a giant festival for all Seattlelites.

    Seahawks went to victory parade in downtown Seattle. GO HAWKS!!!

    That day was big..first estimation of people watching parade on street was 300 k but on Wednesday it was whopping to 700+ and almost went to "a million" when parade happening. How FREAKIN crazy was that?! That's like the entire downtown population multiplying rapidly in 1 day!!!

    TBH I wasn't there shame on me, I know, I choose my job first before Seahawks and maybe because my newly grown fascination over them wasn't enough to make me 'bandwagon' them on their victory day

    So..no..photos, no me on that parade, cuz that would be fake -_-
    But It was a "big deal" for Seahawks fans who were born here and grow up with them.^^ Wednesday was their coronation day from their hometown, Their fans were truly devoted to them, waiting patiently for 20/35 something years for Seahawks to win Superbowl

    However, if Im just a little bit younger..maybe in my HS year or early college- I DEF go there It just not "cool" to not coming to parade..why so? Almost entire school went off that day, 60% students in Shorecrests hs went to parade- that's what I heard from my lil sis highschool, idk how big the number from grand total of Seattle school district ..teachers..office workers from all kind of jobs also skip their work ..eventhough..many of the employee or school official didn't especially marked that event as an excuse- so everything was on your 'expense'

    Even our mayor, our city mayor was overjoyed and candidly said this on tv "Thank you for the 12th man, thank you for Seahawks because of you guys ...I dont have to work for a day!! And if students want to skip their class for this once in a lifetime experience, let them be! ^^"

    Lol^ he reminds me of this cheeky mayor..

    So yeah, I watched them from my break room- Tv with few of my un-cool coworkers.
    We need paycheck more than Seahawks- Im not a loyal fans.. am I?

    Forgive me Wilson, but I think I won't touch or handshake you anyway- the cream of the crop on that parade , so the parade wasn't worthy WIlson was standing on top of tall military amphibian-pick up truck which ...appeared like the "manliest" truck I ever seen..
    Willson looked full of zeal and cheeky that day..rarely I saw him like that since he's usually dead-serious on tv..but GOOD JOB Willson!! it was YOU on the truck, not you and your wife!!...'cuz she might ruining my parade -_-

    A grown man like me need at least 5 more years of intense fascination to them to make me 'go there' like a maniac


    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by frankfrank View Post
    No, they're pretty steadfast in their beliefs - they don't "waffle" much at all, lol.
    I meant their "brain" soft and plushy- like waffles

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    Know thy enemies...
    Know thy enemies also means that we have to think, feel and sense (straight guys) mentality. NOT to completely oppose or ignore and not to be completely sold either because refusal/lack of acknowledging "heterosexual man" and their traits in our life will create beyond repair- damage.

    Examples: Russian tyranny against gays
    - Should we mock and laugh for Grindr's mentality or we rather cry for it? ~The competitiveness of us, the 'shallow'ness of gay man sexual desire that many of us inhibit.

    ..those 2 I can think of right now and I bet more examples.

    Russian Masculine Bullies: As I said..we dont have to be straight acting/ completely sold but we need to understand their language- at least to some extend. Failure to notice will create extreme clash and hate.The rule of thumb is to 'respect' each other's space.

    However, we know their hatred always came first. Bitching and whining isn't the way to react to masculine bully since that just fuel the fire and escalate the situation. We need to dive to their mind and self defense ourselves. I dont want to give specific example because each case has different application..but I just did mine ..in US highschool I survived highschool, being out and free of my sexuality in tender year of 2005-when gay movement wasn't as big as now..and there was still homophobic-lack of understanding of gay people from straight perspective as seen from Chuck and Larry (Adam Sandler, Kevin James) movie- Oh! That was from 2007- still brutally offensive

    and perhaps since we're guy..it's not hard to understand how guys think isn't?


    Oh wow! They're so DAMN shallow! But you know, you can rip all of those masculine demand..and be yourself. Be totally indifference, be indiscriminative, be feminine, be an outcast, be out of shape, be open minded, be color blind, be age-friendly. Whatever it is, but DONT be a liar to yourself

    If you're content and peace within yourself..I dont suggest you to change to anything else.

    What I notice...people with true open mind, they reveal their inner self too..those rarities, they're like gems because they're luminous inside. They bond with their mate inherently with soul, not because of looks, penis size, race fetishism, business prospect or any selfish- superficial- win-win situation.

    However there are MANY imitators out there- pretending they're open minded while they hide hidden agenda inside. Those are the hypocrites, serious-mind fucked denials or simply mean spirited teasers. These people are no different than those superficials which I think ..they rather show their true self and stop playing wolf who cries sheep.
    >>>>will dissect more about Masculinity and attractiveness later on..to be continue ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    U, myself is inherently a dude with all dude characteristic, who likes a dude. A cis? I dont like to use that term but what I learnt from myself through out years..
    ~ my desire, my bed position, my assertive- aggressive, my competitiveness, my taking charge, my modal..are like a dude.

    But am I VERY MASCULINE? No ^^ Of course no..because that would be ridiculous. We are marbled (contain many elements) inside just like this betta,

    MANY many of gay guys..are masculine flawed and dont know what masculinity is but they pretending like one (pure strain)

    We need to have mirror to each of us and see.."Look! How many feminine/impurity spots I have?"^^

    Of course real masculine guys are exist but they're RARE, even straight guys are suffocating/ pressured to keep up with the standard, they often lied to themselves.

    Yeah..he could be a real breadwinner, having a white picked fences, SUV car, a cute wife, kids and yards of backyard for summer BBQ. However, dont cuss him mad or he'll become a back-stabbing BITCH, spread rumors like a mean girl you know from your high school.
    Dont mess with him or he'll turn Cruella Devill

    You see!!?^^..Even the most masculine guy you know could be a major bitch, a submissive bottom, a weak contender, a cross-dresser?

    You never know but it's ok..because WE ALL IMPERFECT!! ^^

    But-but ...he looks masculine!?
    That's why many gay teen guys bulked up with steroids because "the surface" is the most important place to start

    And we know...even straight guys are suffocating with the effect and the stressful thing that we're gay man are the most freckled/spotted from pure masculine standard BUT from us (gay guys who fixated over masculinity) came the BIGGEST DENIALS.

    I give 5 mins to just take a look out there

    Done? ^^

    I believe masculinity is 'exist' but there are things that are genderless:

    i.e: If you like classic music, you're not gay or feminine
    if you like fashion, you're not gay and feminine either

    The sense of Art ..is not feminine, nor masculine.
    The theme and nature of art COULD be masculine or feminine.

    Aside, there are many adjectives that neither masculine nor feminine;
    responsible, defensive, apt, grumpy, happy, charitable, poor, smelly, bitter etc, etc...

    I swear, when the first time I saw Mucha Alphonse- Artworks..

    I thought..these must be made from a gay guy ...too many flowers and gracious vines and how soft and sensitive those artworks... but then again, I checked that he was straight..-_-

    Roberto Cavalli is straight..

    this dude might already has wife and 1 yo kid
    we never know...

    those guys are artistically given but their orientation wasn't dictated by their arts..
    Only masculine myths and close minded bullies like to exercise which one do/ onts..?


    American Horror Story- I watched the Coven edition..seemed very eerily 'gay'

    No wonder- it was made from a gay guy creator- using female/feminine perspective
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    There is nothing wrong if you think this as masculine:

    and this...

    Im not here to educate anyone. However, for me..masculinity is nothing but a very strong ideal (imaginary bubble) which value reflected back in reality and became EMBEDDED inside human mind, therefore it's real..just like a word can describe meaning.

    Masculinity works in 2 realms:

    Physical (Mars&Sun) Red/Orange

    and Abstract (Jupiter&Saturn) Magenta/Purple

    a TRUE masculine guy is a guy who reflects both of worlds. 24/7 PERFECTly...without fluctuating, without bitching and moaning- 'cuz that would be feminine. -_-

    There are SO MUCH exhausting demands to be a true masculine guy:

    ~He couldn't be overcritical/ discriminative either..because that's feminine qualities. Idk I think perfectionism is inherited to both genders but those perfectionist, snotty and over critical people tend to appear like they came from inside one mold. -_-

    ~He can't even say Awwwwww how cute!!- to this puppy

    I heard he can't utter word-"cute" if he's a true masculine guy. I read many youtube comments from self-described' tough guys reported that they lose some part of masculinity when watching those kind of videos.

    ~If he has to deal with difficult client tomorrow but he back-off...because he scares..
    You're not being manly! Now man-up!!

    ~If he hides from his wife

    ~If he screams like a girl for a harmless itsy bitsy spider..

    ~If he's tough and he's submissive- call me maybe
    Submission is NEVER in masculine dictionary.

    ~If he likes Mariah Carey for her songs-sake. Nothing gay/feminine with that...but masculine fight club presents: "Do not listen to DIVAS..!" -_-
    If you gravitating towards, idolizing strong female icons - of course, that reflects SO MANY things inside of you

    ~Be a good listener, touchy-feely and being emphatic are neither masculine/feminine IMO but masculine rule forbid men to cry except for big league sports team

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    The interesting thing and what makes masculinity annoying, sexy, repulsive and wonderful at the same time is because how "FIXED" that is!! ^^

    It's more fixed than wide range of feminine influence- just say they (society) have broader acceptance of what is considered 'feminine'

    Not the same as when men wore a dress other than comedic reason 'still even for today.

    But if you think about it, because it's SO DAMN fixed..therefore it's very fragile isn't?

    ^so many unnecessary mess, false assumptions, heartbreaks and even blood spilled from masculine bubble..

    I choose not to care for the mishap- at least he looks like a guy- that's my foremost attraction and that what makes me gay. And perhaps because we're all 'marbled' anyway even those straights. ..

    Gay for pay...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Until now, I never quite find a female superstar whether actress, singer or idol whom I can relate/identify.
    I like to watch their glamour side- actually really easy to be distracted with shinny things

    Love whatever Gaga wears, she's entertaining my eyes but "Do I feel soulfully related to her?" Nope.
    Rihanna- quite some time but she's inconsistent .
    However, a new singer: Lorde. I think she's something different

    Maybe Lorde is my Diva? Who knew? I like what she did so far..like her first album, been playing that all day long.
    She's not too glamorous, maybe my diva isn't like femme pop star bitchess with faux female empowerment like Gaga, Britney, Xtina, etc.
    Lorde reminded me with my gay friend; Adam. Adam's diva is Alanis Morrissette? She's just a musician for being a musician, not a "devine" feminine archetype. Is Alanis has huge gay followings? Idk

    This girl band

    Actually have pretty masculine aura about them, I can switch their vocal to Matchbox 20 lead singer: Rob Thomas, I think he's fit that song Haim is quite different than regular girl band which usually appear too "girly"

    like this one -_-

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    As long Im living in USA (AMERICA FUCK YEAH!! )

    I think American National Song is something special. It's so beautiful, emotive and intricate. Not too mention, difficult to sing! x_x
    Over the ramparts we watched
    Were so gallantly streaming

    Read more: Kelly Clarkson - Star Spangled Banner Lyrics | MetroLyrics
    ^ the streaming line- idk what key is that? So freakin low ^^ lol!

    but the amazing thing is how that song really capture the spirit of America while being timeless-ly beautiful.

    As long Im here, I've heard SOO many verses...I think every singer has different interpretation of how that song is suppose to be. It might be there is no certain rule of how that song is supposed to be carried? Idk It seems Star Spangled Banner is always changing since I never heard the very basic original version of that song ^^
    So..from lots of interpretation, hands down! I think Demi Lovato sung THE BEST!!

    Dont believe me? ^^

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    How do you like your eggs in the morning?
    I like my eggs scrambled with ground beef and goat cheese!

    A song that makes your heart skip a beat?
    Bonnie Raitt's 'Feels Like Home' and Mariah Carey's 'Always Be My Baby'.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    A song that makes your heart skip a beat?
    I always find it hard to say one song as I like so much music. One off the top of my head is The Doors' 'Love Street'.
    What never fails to make you smile?
    Paddling out for a sunset surf session in 6-8ft warm water waves always has me beaming.

    A guilty pleasure you can't seem to quit?
    I would say Mary Jane is a guilty pleasure I cannot seem to quit.



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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Heart skips a beat: 'Waterloo Sunset' (The Kinks); also 'Say You Don't Mind' (Colin Blunstone). I've heard both those songs hundreds of times and never get tired of either of them.

    Makes me smile: Don't do much smiling. I'll get back to you on that one.

    Guilty pleasure: 'Benidorm'! Just watched the last episode. If you ever get to see it watch out for Adam Gillen as Liam. He's a star.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Im just started to learning this "beaoootiful" song : http://vocaroo.com/i/s0MAysC7qWGN

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    As long Im here, I've heard SOO many verses...I think every singer has different interpretation of how that song is suppose to be. It might be there is no certain rule of how that song is supposed to be carried? Idk It seems Star Spangled Banner is always changing s
    When Im thinking about that again. I think the unique-ness of American National Anthem lies in the "individuality" of that song itself. Maybe that song created to be versatile, timeless and can be sung in any type of vocal and music genre. Try to sing my first national anthem "Indonesia Raya" in melisma/vocal acrobatic version and suffer the consequences ..especially on national tv- you might get pelted with stones- kiddin my Indonesian national anthem has only one way to sing and everybody just follow.

    However, Americans need to forbid Hillary Clinton to sing national anthem- since one time I overheard her singing in one of formal event on Tv- few years ago and I can't forget how horrible she sings..
    made me wanna kill myself

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    Thankfully Liberal & Gay
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    There's people in here, too, who would atrociously butcher the Star Spangled Banner, too.
    BOSS: I'm sorry, but I'll have to lay you and Jack off. SUE: Can you just jack off? I feel like shit today.

    "I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires" - Susan B. Anthony

    Fox is to journalism what World Wrestling Entertainment is to the Olympics. -- Dr. Jazz

    SANDERS-WARREN in 2016! The people are ready for change.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


    This dude really look like a bulked version of Channing Tatum and his instagram pics are even better...I watched from the news the other day

    Too bad we ain't his type

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    Now..lets celebrate the beauty, cutesy of Zac Quinto!

    The dreams I've had of Zac...

    (especially the Magic Mike dreams...)

    Swaggering US Olympic Gymnast Sam Mikulak

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    He's all yours ^^
    And now...
    White chicks and baseball special edition

    Nearly kiiilledd!!

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by jdcnow View Post
    The dreams I've had of Zac...

    (especially the Magic Mike dreams...)
    OMG YESSSSS I lovessssss him in his Heroes days. (I feel bad for liking a villain character so much). But that man is pure *hotness*

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    ^ You and JD can have 3 some with him x_x

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    The interesting thing and what makes masculinity annoying, sexy, repulsive and wonderful at the same time is because how "FIXED" that is!!
    Like..how irky they're with female football player?
    I can't lie, I got irked too ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings


  42. #1042

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Have you ever hang out with someone you know; a friend, bf, family member, relatives; buying an ice cream and when it's about to choose the flavor. He/She takes a great deal of pause for choosing the right flavor.



    in the end, they still choose based on popular flavor or flavor that you just ordered.

    "I'll have what you have then."

    Indecisiveness/ lack of self-will is very common affecting us. It's totally understandable when we showing indecisive sign for the lack of interest but it's quite problematic for almost every subject of life. Heavily- indecisive people often dont have direction in their life and it's quite dangerous to be like that.

    The opposite of indecisiveness is to be decisive. Determinate people are the opposite of them. Too much determination is to become ambitious and ambitious people usually are idealists- Why? because they listen to the beat of their own drum and they often prefer to be originals.

    Now, speaking of idealist people. They could say "Nothing in this world is able to satisfied me." So much for originality. The problem is...if he caters to his own head 100% without an actual reward- in reality, he becoming unhappy and unhappiness could turning him to a looney. FYI it's worsen with age.
    So, idealist and original people need "manifestation." They need to manifest their ideas- in physical world. WHether it's material, idea, feeling or creativity.
    They need an outlet.

    Like me for sample; since I was teen I have vision of how women dress is supposed to be. Whenever I go to the mall or department stores- I often found " No, this dress need more pizzaazz!!" This lacking this, this doesn't need that.." My brain can't stop analyzing them, from that grow my interest to fashion.

    I often made a sketch in my class (instead of listening to my teacher) some fashion sketches and showing that to girl classmates. They liked my sketches but when Im thinking "am I gonna go to fashion major?"
    I think Nah..I dont have much beef in sewing. In fact I dont like tedious job- fashion is just too nitty gritty to me. But I have my own style, I have my vision! ^^

    Time goes by..
    and finally- since 2009 I notice fashion industry getting closer- and- closer to my favorite looks, they're getting refined each year (IMO) 2010 Im glad I knew about Alexander McQueen and Thierry Muggler and thanks to Gaga to bring me to them.
    I love their costummy- glam-futurustic-avant garde look. Thanks to Balmain to bring those elements to casual wear.
    But Im not all about structure- I also appreciate flowing dresses, texture, cut and especially color..
    Was in awe for Ellie Saab in 2011
    And now..I accidentally found him- where is he? From all these years? ^^

    Stephane Rolland.

    If Im a woman's clothing designer- I might make similar stuff like him. I might add few knick-knack finishing touch but overall- he has my brain. HE IS what I call manifestation of my fashion interest.

    I bowed and grateful to him to make my taste happening!

    His spring 2014 couture dresses are structural- futuristic- clean design and flowing altogether...
    Idk what how he did that? The results were truly fantastic.

    I looked back his previous designs from years before, and I still like them whereas McQueen I still have like and dislike to his dresses. Now! He's not only manifesting but he's also consistent. What could I asked more? ^^

    He's a Leo-

    Done in woman's fashion- not yet in men's fashion, the best remix I ever listen, the best body I could fap, automotive (just having interest recently since they're getting awesome every year, not like 90's car ) the best travel destination and of course ...THE MOST DELICIOUS FOOD IN THE WORLD

    Let them all manifest!

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    His spring 2014 couture dresses are structural- futuristic- clean design and flowing altogether...
    ++ billowing, fluffy, majestic, regal, grandeur... just like:



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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    TBH, Im not a fan of celebrities wearing couture gown. 'heard Mariah Carey has hobby to modified designer dress by herself and then returning the damage borrowed.
    bad Mariah

    They often think they're all that- and the dress must follow whatever taste they like. THAT'S NOT HAPPENING THAT WAY! DO IT according to fashion show!

    I kudos for Gaga to "literally" brought runway look on the street.

    and perhaps because her face and stature actually really high fashion.(Unconventional beauty)

    ^that for covering her eyes from semen, you know..sudden facial attack

    But many celebs DIDN'T borrow the dress accordingly. Sometimes they borrowed gorgeous dress that's unflattering to them, different size but they custom fitted the dress to fit their posture. They bought it because they just think that dress is cute- which is a very misleading way to shop.

    They also often paired the dress with wrong hairdo- jewelries, make ups, shoes ,etc.
    I.e Katy Perry:

    This dress is suitable for women who looks like a bird/swan/phoenix; a very tall and slender women to handle the dress extreme silhouette.

    But Perry; she's more firm and athletic, not to mention she paired that haute couture dress with a WRONG hairstyle x_x and I dont know what she mimed in that pic?- She must be performed her mediocre top-40 hits...double whammy downplaying that dress, a blasphemous act I must say.

    Kim in another sample. She's actually has a good taste. Her husband too.

    But she was born with conventional 'voluptous' beauty that is not match for high fashion+ She's short. Just like fashion police said:
    Kim K in Stephane Roland,
    I’m so sorry Kim you are so beautiful but this was a no no, when you where a gown fresh of the run way its clear the gown is made for a coat hanger straight and up and town and tower tall, a beautiful curvy girl like you doesn’t work. But I like the risk taking.
    Agreed. In positive note- she wore her hair simple and elegant like that with the right accessories.

    If you're not flat chested and skyhigh tall, what do you get when wearing this dress?

    "Are my boobies out?" Yes they are
    Last edited by JPGhost; February 18th, 2014 at 10:18 PM.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Do you realise that "unconventional beauty" means ugly as fuck but no-one has enough balls to tell you?

  46. #1046

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    that's so mean for me unconventional beauty means...kind of un-fapable.

  47. #1047

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Im SICK SICK SICK! Of my early 20's.
    Especially for that era of music -_- It was the era of HIP HOP!
    Im sick of them songs on the radio, 50 cent; rapper this, rapper that.

    If Hip Hop wasn't played and there came FUGLY Punk Rock Bands like Fall Out Boys...DOWN DOWN DUDIDUDUDAM...SUGAR GOING DOWN SWINGING..


    My prom night played Usher-"Yeah-Yeah-Yeah." I hate that song.

    'Switch to dance station- FUGLY dance tracks too!!! x_x
    What good around that time? Beyonce egged good tracks unlike now.
    'Cuz I have a bad day nanananan..sing a sad song, You're beaoootifuuuulll!!! and Coldplay.

    Ok. If Im sounded ungrateful, then yes I was! My youth blossoming in the era of not-so-good music and I felt wasted. Music started getting better since 2009- that's when hipster movements started but before I got headache much and can't jam to any of those songs- seriously, my body can't lie if I dont like what I heard. So- I went surfing for indie-youtube channel, to find non-mainstream music. First I found TammySzu- being hooked up ever since..
    And I notice 2010-2011 HAS THE BEST!!! indie-underground electronic music..period. EVER!!^^
    I think this channel still consistent with RetroWave- difficult to get the exact station out there.

    Retro Wave like; Breakbot, Tesla Boys, Barretso, Fear of Tiger, Jensen Sportag..they're not famous- that's good

    Thank GOD for 80's synth revival!
    Thank GOD for French House- music. Thank GOD for ITALO DISCO! ^^

    If you're not familiar to what that is? - Lady Gag "Do what you want" actually has similar tune with Retro-wave-. She's pretty late to snatch that genre in 2013. While she was busy with pops- from 2008-2012.

  48. #1048

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Around 2012-2013- Indie Electronic switched to more downtempo, simple beat, getting alot of 90's vibe, remixing many hip hop works from early 90s
    i.e: Azalea Banks, Grimes and The Wekknd- which tune later copied by Bey&Jay in "Drunk in Love" I listened to the Weeknd long way before he became famous.
    Eton Messy is the channel.
    Sometimes they get really dark ambient- witch house they say...dark wave- recently Lorde brought the tune to mainstream ears, to make it more pop/digestable. Otherwise too much ambients/noises sort of wanna hypnotize you. @_@

    From 2011-early 2013. Pop Music finally blend with electronic, everywhere you go you hear Pop Dance Anthem..like music to be play on Arena. HI-ENRGY! Crazy Auto tune abuse..by B.E.P, LMFAO, J-LO, FLORAIDA, PITTBULL, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry "FIREWORK"

    this is the campiest I can get from that period

    they are GARBAGE!!!! I must say Those musics were made for entertaining adolescents.

    Not only that- around that time was the dying of hip hop.. eversince every new hip hop/R&B crossover switched to Pop Dance like Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo, etc..There is one radio station used to be a BIG Hip Hop station in my city: Cube93, on that time they played Nicki feat Justin Bieber So death... but they dont have a choice.

  49. #1049

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    And finally 2013- and still until now...the era of Mountain Man- ^^ Idk what genre it is..but them Mumford and Son- I'll be there I'll be there for you!! You belong to me, I belong to you..sweetheart! Heyyyyy...brother...T_T
    WHat kind of songs are that? Sounds foreign to me..make me fell like stranded on mountain cabin with a bunch of rural mountain man. And also...very-very white and sort of beardy
    It's the opposite of 2004-2007, those days when hip hop and high life reigns and also very black. This is the opposite- it's very........thrift store, more modest and humble.^^

    Im not really loving that tune..for once, they're ok but it just sounds really strange- like they brought folk music from Ireland/Scotts? to become pop?

    However, little indie band still brought fire from retro wave but more 'rockish' that's why they've been undetected by me even when they started in 2010 since I always listen to dance-version.

    The Naked and Famous [ww)
    them and Lorde put me RESPECT! To New Zealanders

    This is their genre according to wiki: Post-punk revival, indie rock, indie pop, synthpop, indietronica, noise pop, nu gaze
    Young Blood- like a breath of fresh air in this era of ugly music. I knew them pretty late (2013) from my lil-sis (she went to their concert, lucky bastard -_-) because my sis listen to rock-alternative.

    I declared that as..the most beautiful song in 2010
    And..Phoenix from French actually turned to be a beautiful band, Passion Pitt too.
    I group them all with Ellie Goulding- even though she's less rock and more electronic- they're the best legacy from 2012-2013.

    And...with confident I declare Wake Me Up/ Avicii as the song of the year for 2013

    That song brought the tune- to mainstream and practically everywhere . have you gotten sick yet? ^^

    If you dont like what you listen on your radio- go on music hunting- sometimes the reward is big..like I know exactly what music I like...it's become your musical taste. And maybe to be true; there is no era with ugly music because music is relative opinion. The good thing to live in postmodern era- we have gazzilion of choices/options to choose. But it makes me wonder What's next for 2014? What would it be..the new trend of music?

  50. #1050

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    And perhaps because Im too picky for music, that's why I never go to concert Money always fly somewhere else..but never on concert.
    If only there is a multi concerts event like Burning man festival/ Lollapalooza/ Lilith fair, Jingle Bell bash, etc THAT play all artist on my playlist and they only PLAY the songs I LIKE

    >>>not gonna happen, that's why No concert for me! ^^


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