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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    You short legs...who's ur daddy?

    Say it's me!!


    You think..you're a sly agent don't u?

    Do you think I can be fooled with leather pants and pointy nips?

    Now hanging there..

    stay there until you pee



    ~30 minutes later...~

    a gun shot blasting on air..


    Thanks Morrisey, how can I repay you...

    suck my dick now...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I will eat what he eats

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings




    'nuff said

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    Opah Fish

    Does this fish looks like Oprah?

    Opah fish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opah

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    For a thread about fucking while sucking: found gif equivalent with that, we just need to calculate the mathematical point between A to B

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Found the full movie from this gif:


    I keep waiting...for the top guy to spread over and show his cute ass but the moment never came he was there.. for topping.
    Too bad the bottom's ass isn't too delightful enough to motivate me anything. This became one of unused porn just like those good quality guys must gone just because they dont want to switch


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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Im tired/bored with guys presented frm hothouse- they keep spamming my mail dont know how to stop!!

    they could passable as brothers while doing some 'faux' incest flix TBH. Where is the variation? No Im not talking about race -yet .. but at least hire some soft bodied guys in the team..
    Right now is just Jordano Santoro maybe few others but my fav fav..soft bodied guy with vacuum cleaner taint is Jason Balboa
    he's not there anymore -_-
    they need to add more pussay!

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

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    Mechanically separated Chicken

    No..Im not gonna do a typical vegetarian chanting.., that's not how my thinking process.

    Sometimes bad things happen to good people while bad people can get away with his/her deeds until the end of time. But..ck ckk...nothing is free in this world.
    I believe and somehow I FIRMLY believe they will pay..later in different form.

    Think of the baddest guy/chick you ever known in your life, how can they can still living on ease? Dont worry..they will pay

    Nature has a way to restore itself.

    One day they hatch-- and no body care with them...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    You certainly take the thread title to heart......

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    ^r u talking to me? ^^

    I admit I never put punctuation in between joking and to be serious..but I hope you can distinguish between my kiddi'n and serious around

    not everything I put in here related to my un-seriousness ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This will put smile in your face

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    ^r u talking to me? ^^

    I admit I never put punctuation in between joking and to be serious..but I hope you can distinguish between my kiddi'n and serious around

    not everything I put in here related to my un-seriousness ^^

    I was talking to you......and you're right, those coloured chicks did put a smile on my face, thanks

    The cookie monster cupcakes were cool as well.

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by CupidBoy View Post
    I must make awl of these.

    that make you fat

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Stinky bum bum equal fly on ur hole (03.18)


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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    indeed very cute, but fyi Blue no.1 coloring made from petroleum ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Srsly..how many of us can throw shade-fest with perfect grammar...

    altogether with elegance and class?

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I put a wig on my dog but this is just plain fugly

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Funny ^^

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    Florence and the Machine

    She's like..a born again Shirley Phelps who just got revelation from gawd then becoming a witch..

    There is something very raw and strange about her. Im not truly a fan of her music, very hard to listen (Im into catchy sounds) and she's not matching with my everyday mood.
    However..I must gave kudos to "Shake it off" and her other-worldly performance here

    "Shake it off" is easy in my ears and make me wanna...

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    she's..surprisingly.. on 86 team SHE LOOKS SO OLD omg

    alongside with Lana, Gaga and Lilo

    *born 2 days earlier before me
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    Re: Florence and the Machine

    Wtf is this daily mail?

    ckk ckk...totally M100000

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I had encounter a thread before about people complain that there is no HOT democrat on their team- not much into politics but I think they can lick this guy's cum

    Brian Sims

    like seriously...

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    CORNY time!

    *this is my guilty pleasure exercise song

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Just what I like..: muscle covered shit

    no 72 the smear helper could go away plz

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Part 1: The golden proportion

    Holy fuck..I just scrolling too much white guys in one tumblr..I got a headache.

    ~:This is purely my conclusion of why they becoming ultimately superior in beauty and attractiveness:~

    All of them- the best hand-picked one are usually have flippable-face (symmetry) little or not hairiness and decent endowment. They have multi colored hair and eyes and they can extend wider range of sexual preference (from dark features to blond, daddy, twink, etc), therefore very marketable. I dont want to kissing ass or fanning white guy's ego but it's true and I admit that white guys are like... chinese food in dating/sex market. I believe even for those who aren't into white guys have one or 2 favorite(s).^^
    I think the secret of why they're hugely marketable is not because of the color of their skin,hair or eyes and even more little in how successful they're with worldly privilege. YES, there are some shallow people with low esteem and they're looking for partner who can upgrade them - that's not my specialty to discuss ^^ ...what I want to discuss is: how white guys easily become everyone's fav hook up meal? Everyone's staple taste? Everyone's comfort food? "Im not into white"- have you seen it? On gridr?

    This everyday situation triggers my curiosity and then push me even further to investigate.
    First of, take a look at this:

    We are all..in the basic have same skeleton, sometimes I wonder- does white people have different shape skull to make them prettier? ^^
    so we are basically the same...

    homo sapiens. or the homos...

    and next- put some organ inside, fill the volume, muscle tissue- wrap it up but dont color the skin yet.

    Now. That is what I call the blue-print of golden proportion-...each of us has different golden proportion depending on our taste (some like it chubbier, huge butt, apple butt, stocky, slender, etc). But lets talk in in term of mainstream attractiveness; those Abercombie boys and how male modeling, movies, media and tumblr shape one's perception of golden-proportion until many of us..imagining things like this:

    Usually the preference mold not only happening on body type but also facial features as well. We all have (A)"type of face we like." True?
    Favoritism stemmed naturally just as a baby attracted to more good looking/friendly/welcoming face rather than the ugly, creepy, sour one..later your preference shaped by environment (nurture) and experience.

    Im still in unrendered version of your ideal guy, dont paint the face yet! ^^
    But is it jarred when you have preference for the pretty white/asian face mold (basically the same really, only different skin and eye shape -_-) and suddenly a guy who appear to you has african american/africaan features? (B)
    Yes the guy is hot, total babe, he has the body you like but why is it difficult to you to put him into your no.1 spot/ priority? I will explain it later

    The thing about face mold- it isn't forgiving as body/physical mold. TBHonest, it's very rare that a guy has severe unattractive physical condition such as muscle dysmorphia, hyper obesity, etc and therefore physical mold usually can still able to be SHAPED/modified.
    But the face mold?- all plastic surgery are basically fail attempt. You can't change your face. Period.

    Face and body could be the ultimate reason to hire/fire your partner (accept/reject) I wish it's as simple as it is..like some people have rich attractiveness and the others are poor/lacking in that department.
    But why A still persist (happening in me) and what the heck those unfair rejections based on race as taste- still baffles me, honestly.

    I think up to 90% racial preference are related to 'face' . The body/physical preference could easily subtituting or deceiving one's sexual taste. In case of head-less porn if you wonder, many in my collection are headless: i dont wanna know what race you are- if you have nice bum and babelicious body then you're in........that kind of porn. Why I said body could be deceiving?..Well, unless you have obvious pale/pink complexion or super dark tone- most people usually have same shade in front of camera/lighting especially brown/tan people. I can't differentiate naked-headless amateur of hispanic to pasific islander or with pale japanese/korean to white...until they revealing themselves.
    A hunk is a hunk I think, and we're having same physical anatomy.
    In my experience, if you rely much of your preference in physical/body type you will less likely to be judgemental based on race/color, so go ahead watch headless porn and have sex in the dark! ^^

    'still not that simple.
    But ..why I rarely watch headless black guy porn- well because some black cant hide their skin color and therefore extend my masturbation imagination- it makes me imagining the rest of that person while I hv this sexual block to black guys (C)- explain later
    However, I found a surprising twist, a solution for my lacked sexual connection to black guys.

    Now back up to this: up to 90% racial preference are related to 'face' the face really does describe what race you are..what ethnic background you are...
    pure/mixed- all is visible. If we make connection with (A) then many of racial/ethnic favoritism sourced from the face. The mold of ideal face we used usually are open to few types of race/ethnicity but rarely all types. If you want to know what is one's sexual preference, take a look at his tumblr and scroll until about 10 pages, see what kind of guy he likes? I bet you already make a conclusion by looking at the first page- how many times you found a pic of a guy next to his look alikes or a bunch of similar looking guys in one page, how many repetition? And usually!....usually ... he has persistent taste that can be seen up to 100 pages++++
    some like it blond-brunette with modelesque stature, washboard abs, fade stubble, shaven with huge bulge and long legs and the face are all the same...with little variation.
    Maybe he posted a very light skinned black model once awhile who surprisingly has same PHYSICAL MOLD with the rest of his favorite guys. it's like a same mannequin, presto chango- painted black/caramel.
    That also happening with rigid modeling industry. I've seen more racial variation than in the past 10-20 years but all the colored models MUST follow the unspoken- standard or... the mold. It's a little biased to say that they need to follow the white mold but considering what people think about pretty asian/black male model..

    the fruits not fall too far from the white tree.. I means if you erase the render- their frame could be filled out with white guy's face srsly. Maybe Im just being ultra sensitive, maybe it's just a color-less of good looking modeling standard for some can reach, some don't. Im still in vague over this matter...

    I believe douche bags of Grindr, some jubbers are not necessarily douche baggers..they just live their standard and being discriminative, just as fashion industry, it's a character. If we look at the other perspective, they just enslaved by their sense of beauty/ lust and trapped by it. Drugged and imbibed, unable to freed, to think outside the box--- dont bother to speak about heart matter to them, they live in their ideal and shut the door.

    Still in the favoritism of face matter- in the (B) case, many asian and black facial features are against/off the mainstream ideal mold, not essentially effect hispanic- unless you look like George Lopez and because hispanic idk, they're mingle perfectly fine in this matter, no?

    These..what Im talking about
    as seen here

    and here

    The thing I concerned but NOBODY ever talk to me about it: If your face out of the ideal mold- you're more likely perceived as unattractive or ugly. Well, some people are less-attractive what can I say/ you to help? But I hate hate..hate...the fact that people with tiny head are being ignorant- to facial features they're not familiar with..
    I've been in other forum before when a random poster post a pic of a perfectly fine black /asian woman and the trolls yapping they're ugly because she's not like a predictable white model.

    If I think again, I think because the trolls are absolutely brainwashed with white beauty standard, it's because unfamiliarity with other feature such as....things outside their mold. And that also what makes me think, if I come hither to a guy then I got block because of my face photo- that because they close the door, they cringe with their unfamiliarity as Im with case (B)

    I hope you can appreciate Jin/Dong presence without you have to scream/whisper...............Asian...can you?^^
    All American/European and the notorious Aussie citizens. It's ok- if you can't. ^^ I also can't stop whisper: he's white if I've seen a white guy. It's natural, I dont sweat about that.

    Im personally not a fan of long face- any race. skinny- narrow head, I dont like huge heads either. I like a right size- compact cute face that can flippable with beady eyes , itty bitty nose and cute lips- any race! Ethnicity, tribe whatever you call! ^^
    Asian, White, Latino even Black...a black guy that can fit to my face mold perfectly is Donald Faison- he's foxy to me, idk

    dont complain me if he's not a pure black, I can't....

    Im also not a fan of authentic black features and a lot of authentic asian features just as seen in my sims model here:

    I will cry if I look like that
    but Im asian- am I hate myself?- as long my hair black, cropped, didn't fully shave, fluffier than my skinny day and wearing nice glasses, then I love myself. If my hair bleached- shoulder length like in my highschool years- then I might hate myself while my estrogen level doubling like Jayqueer.

    but... I dont call ugly- just because they're not my type. The DBs of Grindr- some of them perpetuate political power based on their action- we all can sense who and who.. we all have our point of view.

    Im able to get hot with very dark brazilian/mixed black brazilian, cute-bottom like caramel blatino, tan japanese through SE asian bodybuilders, buff Hawaiian and pasific islander. In case (C) I often imagining having private wank (masturbation) with a sizzling hot brazilian/ japanese tan bodybuilder while in fact using cover of black guy's body.
    Have you ever wanking using footage that you have no idea- what race the actor is? Have you succeeded?
    Based on my experience, I think the block is not in skin color. My best bet that our sexual block created based on unfamiliarity with the sex object. Unfamiliar- not because you never been with a particular race/ethnicity but because the colored guy usually NOT A PART OR UNINVITED in your sexual imagination. When you looking at porn, when you browse cute guys on profiles- what do you seek? Should we become accustomed/ familiar to each other?

    Dont have to, it's not my reason to write this ^^ actually I want to crack something else.

    to be continued==>
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    PART 2: Marketable Myth

    I believe all human male could be a hunk, has great body, in good shape. Some even inherited an extra bonus of good genetic, endowments, endorsements....but God tilt the world 23 degree with northern hemisphere experiencing 4 seasons and flourishing civilizations. What gives? The unfairness of heavy blessing towards white people, also white chinese han , cruel white japanese, etc.
    White people like my first opening paragraph- not all but many..born with enhancements: body and face usually hand in hand gracefully, have decent height, proportion..and endowments..

    I got a hitch after encountered this thread: http://www.justusboys.com/forum/thre...hich-most-ugly
    Is it true that some nation have the most beautiful and some are fuglier than the other?
    If I hear once more that people prefer Italians, Middle Eastern, Spain or Brazillian ..I will

    KD ^^
    What I think about that condition;- because how they are usually sell/perceived on sale

    1. Italy-
    they have huge customer satisfactory ratings for ages...can be tracked back to 17th century dildo sales,- selling fantasy of macho Italian man to horny British ladies.
    John Wilmot, the 17th century English libertine, published his poem Signor Dildo in 1673. During the Parliamentary session of that year, objections were raised to the proposed marriage of James, Duke of York, brother of the King and heir to the throne, to Mary of Modena, an Italian Catholic Princess. An address was presented to King Charles on 3 November, foreseeing the dangerous consequences of marriage to a Catholic, and urging him to put a stop to any planned wedding '...to the unspeakable Joy and Comfort of all Your loyal Subjects." Wilmot's response was Signior Dildo (You ladies all of merry England), a mock address anticipating the 'solid' advantages of a Catholic marriage, namely the wholesale importation of Italian dildos, to the unspeakable joy and comfort of all the ladies of England:
    You ladies all of merry England
    Who have been to kiss the Duchess's hand,
    Pray, did you not lately observe in the show
    A noble Italian called Signor Dildo? ...
    A rabble of pricks who were welcomed before,
    Now finding the porter denied them the door,
    Maliciously waited his coming below
    And inhumanly fell on Signor Dildo ...

    How..unknown/unpopular countries could beat that?

    2. Spain too--belamo'r Spanish language labeled as the language of love- of course giving more power to Spanish man.

    3.Middle east guys (Mediterranean)

    . and Brazil- I heard Brazilian having sex all day, they're pigs! All have smoldering mystery about them- like they're sort of hot-sex crazed-virile babes, bottoms will love them instantly. Brazilian also make non-pale guys sexier than ever.

    Black have big duck too why black not included? Because black mold different than them. Although, I have heard once you go Black you cant go back..^^
    Leaving frail top asians in market, unnoticed, dusted until he got picked up by older white man. Sometimes I think if Im a bottom, my life would be simplier- maybe I confess later. ^^

    You read.. some countries/nation/ ethnicity, wtver it is.. glorified with good stereotype but some..are not so lucky. Asian-oriental man ...have the most detrimental position in sex/dating game, hands down. If I have time machine I want to slap back and forth whoever- in 18th century, American colonization- a chinese gigolo sent to white lady just to be discovered that he has small peepee...later his incident became butt joke for GENERATIONS!
    FUCK U!!

    Idk is that an urban legend?
    or...maybe it's true that stereotype came from corner kettle of truth- a troll in JUB once said that here..forgot his name- he was here on the my very first joint. I think sock-puppet ...wrote that.
    "corner kettle of truth??" Idk wthell that means but it sounds right in my ears.

    Now back to this: *I should marked it earlier
    I think the secret of why they're hugely marketable is not because of the color of their skin,hair or eyes and even more little in how successful they're with worldly privilege.~~what I want to discuss is: how white guys easily become everyone's fav hook up meal? Everyone's staple taste? Everyone's type.
    So..WHAT IS IT!!??

    the answer....

    It is the sex appeal itself- ..the golden apple (apple of discord) owned by white guys for grace and beauty.

    I dont think the background- success- myth, etc influence much of white guy sex appeal marketability, this is not a long term rltship, this is about fast sex, open your pants, hunt or masturbate- mentality...white guys usually came as first aid in most people than any other races/ethnics whatever..

    Now..take a moment to savor this

    Am I talking like all white guys are looking like that, true?.... Of course it's a lie..
    I will find many flawed white guys when I walk out of my apartment building right now..

    in 3, two, one...


    Not all of white guys are super cute

    got him from soldier face documentary in yahoo news while ago, some of his collague are worst looking than him and I cant even put..
    he has asian mold tbh..if he's not white- he's probably not sell very well. BUT...this is how I drawn the connection:
    I've been in other forum before when a random poster post a pic of a perfectly fine black /asian woman and the trolls yapping they're ugly because she's not like a predictable white model.
    Ok, so we can see the unequal treatment of how white guys often got discount which I think they dont deserve.
    But the foremost cause of why white guy immensely marketable in market 'cause...

    they're the closest to resemble the ultimate golden proportion. Im glad I put a vague statement over this matter

    When I think again, I might swallow my tongue or made a wrong statement up there.
    the fruits not fall too far from the white tree.. I means if you erase the render- their frame could be filled out with white guy's face srsly. Maybe Im just being ultra sensitive, maybe it's just a color-less of good looking modeling standard for some can reach, some don't. Im still in vague over this matter...
    I just got the conclusion now. Here's a thing: Actually human sense of beauty in face and proportion is color-less- it's our brain using the same mechanism to understanding form and shape. So, this computer 3d model face- mold is a correct analogy

    My statement needs science to back up- but Im pretty confident right now. :3

    When we render the face- that's when we get info about race- ethnicity, background, story, status and all of those traits...to describe our ideal guy.
    Why discrimination is prevalent in asian and black guys because...they got blocked even in the mold form...the shape is "alien" for those who anti, therefore they can't render their dream, fantasy correctly to that particular guy. I tell this again and again so you can get the logic.
    It takes a lot of guts to choose other word than simply being "racist"- since I dont believe it's working that way.

    White- few asians-latino-brazilian, you name it-- they're not too far from the base mold- the base mold is not white itself and it isn't essentially standarized for white people- because it's not only 1 golden mold available- but a few of acceptable good looking/attractive molds, think they are all qualified after test screening.
    Butt!-- they're usually have same characteristic with not too many varieties- just open HOT guys and PORN section, webcam models or your magazine and see what kind of people you see?

    So the mold- why he is not necessary white and modeled after white guy? Because every country has their own golden mold- of what they perceive as beautiful.
    like I said, there are so many good looking molds, SO MANY MOLDS- dont get me wrong I kept open minded of what people perceive as beautiful but only a few stand out.

    Have you ever traveled far? When you went to non western country- pay attention to their ads- see the models because models- represent what's IDEAL in society. The models are subtle but they can't lie, they brought hidden message of our desire- every place has different/similar version.

    I can guarantee my words, 16 years living in the land that has very little western exposure, not sure about recent time but I can guarantee; 20 years before, Jakarta was far from western influence. I know what my people perceive as good looking-ideal image from both genders...I have my own version too!! Not too white like I have right now, I know
    but.. I feel like I want to go back to my roots. I was like HOW DAMN!! Im so overly white washed!! - I even forget how cute I have a crush with my classmate back then..

    Unfortunately white mold is happening to be super flexible and acceptable in most part of the world, they even contaminate an original mold of some foreign countries as seen in Thailand and Filipino- to use an obviously half-blooded white guy as better representation:

    now I believe they're white washed.
    Absolutely vile and venomous..what do you think people perception of the original asian guy in the commercial? The side-kick? The guy who did it wrong?...
    Im glad that kind of silly commercial never aired in my land.
    If I didn't watch the entire commercial- I just think both of guys are guy candies but after watching it, one will appear as winner and the other less than...
    THAT influence are heavy in US, Aussie and western-centric countries- no wonder.
    But I just give you example of how the fad started.
    I believe 20-30 years before- the ideal looking guy in Thai were so much different than what they fancy for now..because I think Thai is easily white washed and also susceptible to K-pop fever
    I must salute Korean and Japanese for having serious strong mold- and sticky to their own kind.
    Chinese? Eh...mail order bride.T_T

    But Chinese Han with mold closely resemble white is what makes me thinking many people gravitate to same mold.
    India favor the whitest representation in their Bollywood movie actors while unashamedly still promote cast system. I think, because the Aryan (persian descends) have more trusted structural features- therefore more star quality.

    Japanese think fair skin is beautiful while dark skin as a sign of poverty.
    Notice- that stereotype embedded inside the flesh of those countries- without west interference.
    When west expanded in the era of colonization- they unconsciously 'reinforce' the power..but idk- since when European man start becoming sex symbols? I believe it's not in the fugly fashion of Christopher Colombus era-- that was when they spreading "status"- influence and perhaps still heavily religious back then. I believe it's started in 20th century...1960- Beatles? The first heart throb boyband or Elvis? Maybe Elvis Presley accidentally importing western masculine-sexuality? The impetus?

    I had mentioned this phenomena before as I wrote:
    Western male mold is in conjunction to already established custom in many foreign countries about light skinned beauty.
    In case of one's country favor over lighter skinner version of their kind: People can say it's because the positive stereotype associated with them but stereotype won't occur if they're not presenting themselves very well. My head might full of looks but as I mentioned here:
    Favoritism stemmed naturally just as a baby attracted to more good looking/friendly/welcoming face rather than the ugly, creepy, sour one..later your preference shaped by environment (nurture) and experience.
    Public mass- like a baby (dumb- purely instinctual) 'might' favor the light skinned face as pleasant- bright face as welcoming, attractive, sexy- whatever it is..
    I have wild guess that we, human attracted to luminosity.
    so..are dark skinned guys are less cute/luminous?

    Dark skin tone sometimes make a person hard to be seen/photograph and need to be lit adjustly. Im not saying to ALL dark skin tone as in central Africa, I thought there is natives with very glossy- beautiful dark skin tone. But in case of Indian man, many of them have muted-opaque dark tone that might not camera friendly. Under right light, some of them might hid cute face

    I'd tap that, I rather tap him than sexy chinese singaporean anytime

    one Indian guy already has suicidal approach to me online back then, he doesn't know that Im pretty open to most of indians.

    oh..I rape him: http://menshealthman.flydigital.com....Denham-mag.jpg

    My point is...whether light or dark, when you're good looking..then yes you are.
    Despite the stereotype and favoritism between light and dark- tan or pale- beautiful people are beautiful in their own.
    Im talking this whole paragraph as Im maintaining dynamic of competition and try to fix unfairness between light and dark beauties.

    of course, some of us excluded.

    But there is still more underlying issue ===>
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    OMG! I'm a Singaporean, and my first boyfriend was Indian, but of the same nationality of course. He was love and so ultra hot! Tanned skin and all the works, beautiful smile, eyes and cock! I prefer darker skin guys in general, after all, most of my hook-ups have been either Indians or Black guys...
    "... You think the only people who are people
    Are the people who look and think like you ..." - Colours of the Wind by Vanessa Williams

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    how sex changed the world is one of my favorite shows on tv. don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. i love the narrator's voice on the show.
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    one thing about the closet/you don't have to hurry/it will be bad tomorrow/so brother, don't you worry

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    man, the WORLD is depressing. TOO FUCKING DEPRESSING. the pic in the avatar is exactly how i feel. i'm a sad clown right now. DEPRESSED!!!

    i just want to crawl into a hole and disappear.
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    one thing about the closet/you don't have to hurry/it will be bad tomorrow/so brother, don't you worry

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I'm not sure why I agreed to act in a music video today, but that's where I'm headed. I'm playing the grumpy principal who doesn't like rock and roll. Typecasting.


  35. #685

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I dont think the background- success- myth, etc influence much of white guy sex appeal marketability,
    There is a loop-hole- I want to elaborate that.

    Not trying to erase few factual facts on this one. There are types of people who allow themselves to get laid if the status clicking. Imagine the scenario- a white heiress lady; Paris Hilton like- and her cute mexican pool boy. The mexican pool boy- actually fit/kind of fit/interesting to her type of guy, but she didn't tell.
    She even bad-mouthing that mexican guy among her friends and never allow herself to be acquainted due to class/level.
    ^ completely hypothetical situation but if that's not happening in California, then very common in other parts of the world.

    For people like that- hands down, dont waste your time with them. I can tolerate unfit mold complain (not my type)- but this is when racism issue went down, detangle everything to a mess...because these people ...are near sighted. Their dating rules were based on surface or "render" level which is..money, fame, class, background, education, power, even fetish..

    People might change for the better but Im positive these people actually dont know what relationship is about. They rely at a/some very weak foundation that might crumble/backfire them later at the future and they're usually unhappy/living in fakery.... like Kartrashian.. If you're selfish- either you or your partner will be suffer. If you lie in the beginning of rltship- the actualization-day won't be pretty.

    That's a bit rltship on that, but notice- those judgements
    money, fame, class, background, education, power, even fetish..
    are totally render- material, VERY much on the surface.(E)
    How about "loving-fetish?" this is also something that we hold privately. Only us can evaluate ourselves. TBH I think loving-fetish is not harmful.
    I give pass for "biological-anti" I also give a pass for fetish- if you ..dislike being fetishized, just remember that your partner do it with love/infatuation to you and they do in full effort . You can simply refuse nicely. Huntneo (jubber ex) once wrote here: "I dont understand why black guys complain when white guys not hitting on them, and I dont get it either when we're complain for being fetishized!?" It's actually true- this is a no problem matter.

    Who has white fetish here...?

    Back to (E). I wonder should I put "skin-color" on that? For example:..the guy in front of you is black, then you automatically rule him out from your list,
    Is that a matter of taste or simply being a racist?

    When you use my model- everything is becoming clear. If you're not into black/asian guy- simply because he's not your type then you act according to your biological kick, in my page- you're not racist. But
    ...if you 'dislike' black guys because of his cultural association, bigots, bias, etc while..HE's completely innocent/dont do anything wrong to you!?- Then mam, you're a racist. If you blame the whole ethnic/community due to act of one person- then you're biased and a racist.

    How do we know which on which we fell on? It depends of how you evaluate yourself. Everyone of us can lying on surface and we never know... I'm taking myself cautiously on this matter- as you see, I dissect between taste-mold through render carefully and perhaps this issue between racist and preference is one of my generator to write this long essay.

    I believe Im not essentially racist- in "core" you can't count every word I say since my words are often racist. ^^ tee hee. I think nobody should get butthurt with racial tease and taunt- just enjoy the humor, we're not perfect! ^^
    If Im eating out and I got 'ching-chong' customer name- I wont sweat it. The lady who suing over this matter on the news was simply over reacted. I might suing them if Im in dire need of money, still the resto obviously being stupid.

    For me, true racism is the act itself. If you're capable to do crime hate due to your hatred- you're a true racist at heart. If you're an employee and you giving your employer hard time just because he/she different than you- you have an unrealistic hatred/bigot towards them and a racist. If you make one's life miserable because of his race (bullying) you're being emotionally abusive and that's also a racist act.

    so NOW...we can get the difference.

  36. #686

    Defeat and redemption.

    For this chapter...I turn my head upside down. I scraped so many drafts which many thrown away. I dont want to write negative storm with no end point, I dont want to give false inspiration either.

    Now continue from the last sentences:
    But there is still more underlying issue ===>
    it's related to this:
    asian guy penis size=...maybe it's true that stereotype came from corner kettle of truth
    because no matter what average my penis winning by a landslide- still it always bring negative stereotype whenever I make a move outside.

    I dont really care about dick size, actually. Eversince guys I've been with 'usually' were never be overly big/too small than my size, then Im ok..eventhough I agree that too small isn't a pretty sight, too big also. I've been with a pornstar size: 8.5 inch, dont know what to do with it not good...

    I used to be intimidated with muscle size but not anymore- I guess my taste progressed from clean-shaven muscle gods to.... hairy-stocky (muscular the better) scruffy/brawny guys. Notice I start posted a lot of bearded-moustached guy pics here. ^^

    However, still have question regarding body image.
    I wonder how asian body frame perceived in western world.
    Is it true that asian guys always perceived as shorter, scrawny, less meat, physically effeminate?

    Everytime Im bar hoping I always feel like...

    and they're (white guys) like

    it's like I dont belong there!!

    Ok, I might exaggerate a bit. With my 5.11 frame and 155 lbs- Im not like that cute chicken, but 'still they seem bigger than me and I never can reach 34 waist size- DAMMMNN tad ass!! , Im size 30 btw. ^^

    Sure there are few pocket GWM- I like short guys too :-D
    and Im about their height most of time but still the number of short white guys can't beat petite asian guys roaming around in the same room.
    That's what I'm concerned much. What if...the ratio of tall asian guys are like 5 every 10 white guys. Big dick asian are like 1:10 and Buff asian are like 3:10 (seriously not too many asian have athletic buff without being overly stocky/fat).
    Good news, everybody seems to be able to grow muscle and asian are notorious in producing abs..but how many able to grow to this size

    ^with healthy package?

    or like this:
    Jang Byung Ho

    Height: 6'1''

    Off Season: 242lbs-253lbs

    Contest: 220lbs
    CRAZY! >o<

    if you're into muscle- of course

    and how about this hairy mexican?

    Surprise surprise people, he's 100% Japanese and IF all japanese/asian man can grow sexy stubble like that...

    Case done..

    The thing is..whenever we want to stereotype- there must be another god creation carry a revenge from a 'less-than' community- they mind boogling all the hecklers and naysayers. But ..what use if the number of representatives cant pace up to make it equal?

    I think the most defeating position for asian guy is to be "hair-less" it's the one that bothers me much (I wanna be hairy!! )
    That could be curse or bless for some people. I feel it's not a curse entirely, I heard having insane facial hair could be pain in the a**.
    BUTT...the curse is because Im hitting ALOT of hairy guys-- and I notice that they have strong cliche-just to dating their own kind. My chance to be with these kind of guys is very small..
    I need to stop overly compare/being obsessive towards them tbh..
    The more I looking at that, the more I become 'whitebrained' and defeated..why? The tension of wanting someone you never taste (bear beefcake) is far more psychologically consuming. It seems to make you wanting more- while not appreciating the rest.

    Turn back time- simulate yourself when you're 5 yo being seduced with new toy- what would you do with an old toy you're currently grab in your palm?

    the old toys- are guys you earn without cheat- happening naturally. He is not a total babe- but equal by any means. For me, the old toys are also means other color than white-- white glossiness seem distract me much, thinking they're "less than" which actually an optical illusion to perceive that. White vixen seduce me much with his bum bum..eventhough Im not entirely sold for white guys..but if you're living surrounded by them, you'll be on spell-unless you're having such defensive resistance/not into them.

    and if Im cater to it, that's what I call: defeat...
    Defeat means..you ogle/masturbate but your target never comes to you. In the end it's always you and your hand.
    Defeat means "beg/fetch" since your green light chance is almost based entirely on 'mercy' of your crush.
    It's like high school once again..you think of jock you like never give a chance..and when you met them, you just stutter...
    You might have better term but I think defeat is what I honestly fell.

    There is psychological defeat on the matter like "how to?" get their attention? But the most difficult/impossible thing as asian guys to break through is because most of us are hairless..therefore we dont cut- We have physical defeat.
    Maybe facial hair transplant could help- but isn't really that tedious? Hair transplant? like to be real?...

    Type of hairy I want is not like this:
    but I wanna be...JESUS FREAKIN CHRIST ..

    I want to be like..or to fuck him, so confusing really. Actually I less care of what I look like...- it's the desire, the desire is overwhelming.
    If I looking like that resulting me get much chances hooking up with muscle-gay bears, then please presto-chango me
    He is too...I think he's an anomaly

    Question is: How many of asian can cut like that? ^

    Take a look if you will: http://www.flickriver.com/groups/104...l/interesting/
    I like their frame and their asian-ness isn't brought me down a bit. It's not asian thing- it's their mold, some have FANTASTIC MOLD!! Fuck'em all!!

    but the thing is how many of them can be found in latino, arabic/ white? My logic runs like this: some people dont hit asian guys because of physical limitation asian guys seem to inherited, like we're lacking in some aspects. It doesn't mean they're racist but they just stick to their preference while keep "open mind" when some of asian bear/muscle strikes.

    Another form of defeat is to emulate/copy your fav look in order to impress people/uplift your ego (vanity) but unfortunately..you dont have a base to do so. For example: all plastic surgery victims.-- and if I decided to grow hair transplant, maybe/

    I know this guy spent so much time watching his male models catalogue until he wants to be like them. Unfortunately, he doesn't has basic to look like them. I think he might look like a descent daddy without all the junk if he didn't push himself and he might be hairy naturally-

    Donatella too- might be pressured watching her goddess models all day, then she tries to be in same level with them.

    Defeat also related to esteem as I mentioned earlier.
    I've encountered a black or south asian poster here who loveeees...to stroke ego of white guys while selling himself short.
    I just smh with them, I get the humor ^^- sometimes very funny and right on inappropriate... but in the same time, after we've done, the effect is not too funny. It's dark, sick and absolutely need help.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Whether they want to have esteem or not is not my business. But dont you think low self esteem is unattractive? But what if THEY DO HAVE AND IM DONT!?

    You can't change that..just like you can't change your face without faking it with surgery. There is fine line between exercise enhancement to cosmetic enhancement. I prefer exercising- I think exercising is victorious, not a defeat. but back to: what if THEY DO HAVE AND IM DONT!?

    You still can't change that..you can't change who you are. The only way is to accept yourself with all your defeats- turn them out to be your advantage. You think you're less than this and that..how 'bout you asked your partner/bf why he choose you? Because you have something they dont.
    Like my ex before- he's a 40+ yo bear, he just hitting asian twink like me.. cause I have things he likes, he can't get from his collagues.
    Lol..I complained that I never hit a bear over that age- white man usually grow old like same and they're usually hairy, so it's very common to get silver otter/silver daddy but actually there are only a few that still (naturally) hairless. Yes but still- I wish younger- hairier muscular cub around my age please, that's the hardest to get.

    They seem put up price/expectation too.

    At this moment right now..Please dont think Im throwing outcry 'cuz I cant grab these babes.

    Perhaps I rather look at myself in mirror and see what I look like before I hitting them.

    and I won't lash them as "racists" because they're not into me..

    because they might rejecting other whites who can't keep up on looks with them and many..are "defeated" on their eyes- not qualified suitors I meant..

    Like I said here: Im ok with healthy dynamic in gay dating world. What I really try to erase from the surface of earth is the ugly slavery inside of it.

    I just voicing the pressure I've experienced as GAM in United States. Voices that silenced because of too much pressure..because it seems..everytime we want to address our frustration it's like an open wounds to rub salt in, to be laugh, to be make fun of. But I won't silenced and I dont mean revenge either. It seems we're (asian guys) boxed- sardined inside bento box while not having a choice.
    It's enough!!
    And if you read thoroughly, it's not only about GAM- it's for all inequality in gay dating world.
    As long people hiring and rejecting by the book- then Im fine.

    Some of you might smh reading my long letter..."I dont experience what you think/experience, you might think too much."

    Let me tell you, how my arguments could be sounded off/ invalid
    1. Your taste is twink
    2. Your taste vibe at you back mutually
    3. you aren't idealist- you hv easy going sex life, you aren't hold onto specific type. A whore is a free man- I think
    4. You dont have baggage in rlthship, you never been hurt/cheated/dominated/racially humiliated by other race particularly white, therefore you always in clean slate of everything.
    5. You're fine and love living in stereotypes on role of what society perceived. If you encounter restriction- you dont try to break or analyze it because you worry it might ruin everything you earned/built. A state between hopelessness/complacency.
    6. Like no.5 only because you're honestly at ease with the world, not against it.
    7. You're the ultimate sex bomb and all types just fetch over you. ^^
    8 ??? other?

    Ok how to close this without I spilled out my personal guts on public? The ending....?
    Thanks for reading :hugz:

    it's confusing really...an extreme feeling between huge fascination and to be totally defensive.

    Actually, ..esteem can't be bought/rent..
    you need to find it inside yourself.
    there are great things being asian and I dont wanna sound like butt hurt or anything but it's true, there are plus and minus. And also, accept your limitation. Gawd created me with asian limitation for some reason.

    Im not fetch 325 lbs white bodybuilder, rareboy ^^ never.

    Maybe I should let go of my lust ...mom said: If it's not for you, that means it's not for you, let it go...
    if it's for you- then the sky will give you sign

    The most important thing to me right now is to get equal partner by it means- not in physical level- but to your essence. Like Im a geek- I admit that O_O, I will exhausted/shocked to date a circuit gogo dancer- for sample. Be realistic to what's in front of you- your expectation vs. reality. You can agree/disagree- but to be equal it's the strongest way to keep it going harmoniously among other things

    and remember..

    dont be defeated, dont fetch, stay true to yourself
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    your mind will grow bigger, your dick will grow smaller, escape to learn (cause penis is power), fuck a schoolhouse, schoolhouse rock, it's bout schoolhouse schoolhouse cock.
    one thing about the closet/you don't have to hurry/it will be bad tomorrow/so brother, don't you worry

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    if fucking you is right, then i wanna be wrong.
    one thing about the closet/you don't have to hurry/it will be bad tomorrow/so brother, don't you worry

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Things that unseen (because I always avoid it) but highlighted in vegas thread:

    A sexual role isn't just a sexual role in dominant vs. passive culture but a pure form of symbolism. Those Asian woman automatically enrolled to be bottom with all the sticky-stereotypes feminine related issue. Gay guys are having a bit of freedom because gay rltship can swap role easily, even in sexual intercourse but still the result is almost similar.

    I think the biggest element is ego (visible) while secondary element would be "escape"
    those white man can't woe highly advance white woman- like the tricks aren't working. They need meek audience without having their ego crashed/ measured like with those (might) high demand white woman.

    "escape" because all his tricks are wonderful to this innocent Asian woman.

    "escape" because all his tricks are wonderful to this innocent Asian man.

    It's not always working that way but the stereotype hurt my prospect BADLY! It seems there is a hush hush between white guys and GWM that it's a "weak-sauce" to date traditional/authentic Asian guy like me because the whole dating scene cries desperation. (from both sides)

    Idk- nobody ever told me that---but I sniffing...

    therefore- even with those who might secretly ok with me, he canceled out because he thought I might look shameful next to him.


    What can I do if they think Im not his type? I can't change that.. but I wish that hassle^ could end in mid 21st century.

    that's why maybe they wait until their prime time over to nail Asian guys...like it baffles me really. Sometimes I want to ask my old stan in tagged ( I had stalker in myspace era)--- when you start into Asian guys? Is it recently? then block him because he's too creepy.

    sometimes Im sooo tired over this thing- to keep guessing intention of wg who apply, like I wanna give up this whole interracial thing.
    No question for my bros, absolutely.
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Not a true fan of Britney but this makes me love Britney and the video editing is mint

    'bet could make proud few of Britney stan here ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    If you around JUB for years..you might be already familiar ...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	tumblr_m7fo9qvFia1qeuthyo1_500.jpg 
Views:	10 
Size:	122.7 KB 
ID:	957768
    ^you can show the booty but you can hid the face...there
    Im proud that some jubbers are actually really fly.

    got the pic frm tumblr when I browse by under category of UNF ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    on a totally different note......does JUB have an app?...since my computer went the other day...my phone is my computer...leani g that I can do just about everything with this phone that I did with my computer.... but.....this place would be so much more easily accessible if it had its own app!! lol.... though I am learning my Firefox browser app on here is amazing!..
    <img src=file:///C:/Users/john%20b/Documents/New%20Cleveland%20area%20pics/Cleveland%20view%20stone%20wall.jpg/>


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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    This is a famous parody of "Call me maybe" that has 7million view..with the lead guy- I think you know whose the cutest ^^

    not my type though- but pay attention to his hair, his thick helmet straight-cropped hairdo..
    I think his hair is awesome..

    this look..is very youthful-looking..especially if combined with warm (contrasting color), stubble and clean hair look in overall..
    it's super attractive.
    I know..not everyone of us has thick bangs/ needle straight hair but for those who can pull and you're still in 20 something...try this look, work it, flaunt it ^^ It looks really good, Im not lie.

  45. #695

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I hope I won't experience mid-life crisis when I hit 30 ^

    Miu, 31, student...

    * source: http://www.justusboys.com/forum/thre...=1#post8915662
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post

    she's..surprisingly.. on 86 team SHE LOOKS SO OLD omg

    alongside with Lana, Gaga and Lilo
    and Amanda Bynes...

  47. #697

    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Who cares if Valentino such a horrible bottom?


    *so happy to find his freebie vid

    in other note: Only an Italian can expect us to pay $4 for his lame shitty ass video
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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    I made 3 chapters-long post about racism-related issue and it just need 1 thread to tumbling that:
    Srsly..if more and more people think and feel like that, then all hypothesis would be invalid.

    It seems Im making it sound difficult, harsh and cruel just like what happen in natural food chain

    Did I saw Bear? and think Wolf- are like husky type brawny man and Cougar like Abercrombie pretty guys...

    I don't know where I put myself in that food chain- I hope not the insects. maybe Im the raccoon/weasel. ^^
    The thing is...unlike food chain- Those on top usually stay intact with their pact and don't wanna interact with the lesser.
    That's what I always felt when Im put myself on the market. Im all alone and Idk why those on top don't wanna play with me?
    I think because JUB is more warm and we're not intentionally hitting on another so people might getting more ease to say...yah, Im ok with gut feeling but that's what Im not feeling it outside! It's very systematic indeed although..
    People (outlook) are nice here in my area- there is no bitchiness trend, people respect each other online and offline, that's good, maybe it's Seattle-polite but impersonal.
    But I don't think that simple...because there is no heterogamous interaction, we're just pretty homogenic- don't you think?

    However this thread have shown many people have willingness to grab hand by hand then together sing: "We're the World, we're the children..."
    Im still skeptical...but deep inside- prove me wrong! ^^ If people are more likely to get attraction based on gut feeling, Im more than 100% support that

    How about me? Would I get to know guys below me? (On market- don't get me wrong) I will...^^
    but lemme taste Italian Beefcake on my table first, plz

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Quote Originally Posted by JPGhost View Post
    and Amanda Bynes..
    and Mary Kate- Ashley Olsen

    but ditch the tramps..hello hunk

    Alex Martee also born 1986 ^^

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    Re: Thread of Nonsensical Ramblings

    Old News..but just put 2 and 2 together..^^



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