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    Listening to random strangers go to the bathroom?

    Does anyone else get aroused while listening to random strangers take dumps and pissing? I'm not sure why, but this has always been a huge turn-on for me. Maybe it is the accompanying smell but for whatever reason I sometimes sit in a stall at a busy truck stop and pleasure myself while listening to the random strangers going to the bathroom in the stalls near me.

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    Re: Listening to random strangers go to the bathroom?

    No because i keep wondering if it's some 85 year old man with a huge gut.

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    Re: Listening to random strangers go to the bathroom?

    yes, i have done that. I picture someone in my mind that I think is hot making those noises. sometimes you can see their shadow on the floor and see if they are jacking off. I am sure they can see mine and that I am stroking

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    Re: Listening to random strangers go to the bathroom?

    I like listening to guys peeing.

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    Re: Listening to random strangers go to the bathroom?

    I love listening to someone taking a hot long piss. Another thing I got off on was when the local library first got computers high school an college guys would make a b-line for the stalls after checking out porn on-line. Loved listening to them whacking off. Never made any contact with them but hearing their breathing and their belt buckles jingle got me so horny I'd whack off.

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    Re: Listening to random strangers go to the bathroom?

    Listening to other guys wanking is yet another form of voyeurism (which I love), and very similar to spycams or hidden cams.

    I was always a very horny kid back in school, and many times during our lunch breaks I used to go into the bathroom to see if I could hear anyone wanking off in there. There were two bathrooms at school, but this one had only three cubicles, but no urinals. Usually there was always someone in there at lunch time. If there was, I'd creep into the adjoining cubicle, get my cock out, and quietly masturbate in sync with him. The other kid was always completely oblivious to anyone else being in the same bathroom, and so he'd normally assume that he was alone, and would naturally carry on wanking his pre-cum soaked cock, with the usual sound of moaning and heavy breathing. On occasion when I could hear by the rapid increase in noise between his cock and his hand that he was becoming over-excited at the enjoyment of his masturbating, I would step up onto the toilet seat and take a peek over the (solid) wall to watch him in action. Very few things were more erotic to me at the time than listening and seeing how different boys wanked their cocks, and ultimately how their cum eventually erupted from them. Amazingly, I observed that on more than one occasion, the boy in the next cubicle would spurt off into the air above his hand when he climaxed, so that his cum simply fell back down on to the back of his hand. Then, he'd either clean up by licking it off, or wipe it with toilet paper.

    I still can't believe that I was never caught out doing this, even though I did this dozens of times at school. But that was such a big thrill for me.

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