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    Rugby team stories

    Okay I fucking LOVE rugby players, so this thread will be dedicated to stories about my experiences on a rugby team.

    Here are some hunky players if you want people to fantasize over!!!

    Sorry if this first story doesn't include much sexual content but it's a prelude of things to come!


    I was the new guy on a rugby team over in Europe, recently having graduated from college and excited to live in a new part of the world. I had played the sport in college but it ended badly. My senior year I was outed as gay and faced much harrassment from my teammates, both during practice and off the field. I was even cornered in the locker room by a few of my teammates and threatened. I feared for my physical safety, but nothing happened fortunately.

    As a result of my experiences back in the States, I felt very reluctent to be out to my new teammates. It was very hard to do, so I mostly avoided too much contact with them. I would go to practice and then leave without showering and never went out with members of my team as a whole. It was hard, but I didn't want to take the risk of getting beaten up or worse.

    There were two guys whom I had become close to. Their names were Stefan and Antonio. They were great guys. We would go out to bars and talk about the team, our families, and life in general. One night at the bar I got a little too drunk and started to talk about what happened when I was in college. I started to cry as I talked about it.

    Stefan put his hand on my shoulder, "Don't worry, nothing of the sort will happen here", he assured me.

    "Yah. Remember Gareth Thomas is out, so it's not as big of a deal anymore", Antonio added.

    It felt great to hear those words, though I still had my guard up and wondered if what they said was really true.


    A couple nights later the three of us were hanging out at Stefan's parent's home (they had a huge house in the country and were out of town) and having some drinks. After a couple of sips I started to feel faint. I began closing my eyes and tilting my head back.

    "We don't have much time", I heard Antonio say.

    I was too weak to fight back, but I saw them coming towards me on the sofa. When they stood over me, Stefan began to take my shirt off. At that point I blacked out.


    I awoke still on the sofa to feel something over my head, which felt like a pillowcase. After realizing that I was stripped of all my clothes except for a jockstrap and my hands and feet were tied with plastic ties, I began to freak out. Sweat began to pour down my face and my heart was racing a mile a minute.

    "What the fuck guys?! I fucking trusted you!!!", I shouted at Stefan and Antonio, not knowing if they even heard me or were even around. Tears began to well up in my eyes from fear. So many thoughts popped into my head of what could happen to me. I might've been big and strong, but they were both bigger, and could probably kill me if they wanted to. I then heard footsteps coming towards me. A gentle touch was felt on my shoulder.

    "Steve, don't worry. We're not going to hurt you. We want to help you out", Stefan said. I felt another hand on my other shoulder.

    "Yes, you deserve to feel welcome on this team", Antoino added.

    "What did you give me?", I asked.

    "Just a mild sedative. Completely harmless, even with alcholol. You've only been out for 2 hours", Stefan replied.

    I felt Antonio move down to my feet. He cut the tie off of them. Without warning they both lifted me up by my arms, still keeping my hands tied behind my back though. As they slowly pulled me along I felt my body brush against their bare skin. They were both naked too! I wondered what they hell was going to happen, but at the same time I felt safe with them.

    After we stopped I heard a familiar voice.

    "Kneel down", the voice commanded.

    I recognized it immediatly as Hanz, our team captain. I obeyed as Stefan and Antonio lightly pressed down on my shoulders. Suddenly the pillowcase was removed from my head and I couldn't believe my eyes. My entire team was in the foyer, and they were all wearing nothing but jockstraps. My attention quickly was directed back to Hanz as he stood right in front of me holding a glass with what looked like black paint.

    "Steve, we understand what happened to you in your past. We want you to feel welcome with us, and not be afraid to be yourself. You are a valued member of this team and we care about your well being", Hanz said with sincirity. He then dipped his finger into the paint and began to rub it on my chest.

    "This is a Celtic symbol for brotherhood. Know that we think of you as a brother, a teammate, and a friend", Hanz stated as he finished. He then dipped his finger in the paint a second time and rubbed it across my forehead.

    "It's done!", Hanz shouted enthusiastically. Before I could even smile I was lifted up by Stefan and Antonio and my jockstrap was pulled down to the floor. I noticed that my teammates were doing to same thing. They all came towards me, stark naked, and patted me on the shoulder and cheek, officially welcoming me onto the team.

    I looked back into the crowd and saw Stefan and Antonio, standing and smiling at me.

    "Thank you", I mouthed, nearly hold back tears of happiness. My fears were all gone after that point, and it set things up for even greater adventures down the road!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    This promises to be a very interesting and stimulating thread! As a one time rugby player I know something of the delights of this contact sport - write on!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    I'm totally open to suggestions for story ideas too btw!!!


    It had been a few weeks since my "welcoming" into the team as I liked to call it, and things couldnt've been any better. I was having the time of my life playing the sport I loved, getting to know a great group of guys, and experiencing a new continent and culture. Even better, I was completely out. About one week ago I came out to my parents via telephone. They suspected it for a while and were very accepting. Stefan and Antonio were right there by my side and gave me hugs afterwards.

    One night I was working out at our team's facility. I was the only one there at the time. Suddenly Deiter came in. He was easily one of the sexiest guys on our team. I have always loved guys with thick, muscular thighs (as most rugby players have!!!) and he had the best ones.

    "Hi Steve", he said as he waved to me and sat down on a nearby machine.

    I knew that I wouldn't be able to focus on my workout with his sexy self in the room, so I went outside for a run. Consequently it didn't work, so after about a half hour I went back inside to do some weights. As I walked into the gym I couldn't believe my eyes. Deiter was laying down on the bench with his shirt off and shorts pulled down stroking his hard dick!

    I couldn't believe my luck that this adonis was pleasuring himself before my very eyes. I stayed behind the wall so that he could not see me. Either way his eyes were closed as he jacked himself off with ferocity. His hand moved up and down his long, fat cock. I had seen him naked in the shower several times, and I thought he was huge then, but seeing him aroused was nothing short of amazing.

    With his other hand he rubbed his body all over, touching his chest, stomach, balls, and thighs. He was breathing and moaning heavily, which made it even more sexy. I knew he was going to cum at any moment.

    By this time my dick was pressing against my shorts so hard that it began to hurt. I pulled it out and began to stroke it just to satiate my sexual appitite. Suddenly Deiter turned towards me and opened his eyes. He let out a gasp.

    "Steve! How long have you been there?", he asked, his hand still clutching his manhood.

    "Just a little while, but long enough to see something hot", I replied.

    Deiter looked suprisingly unphased by what just happened.

    "Come join me. No sense doing it alone eh?", he said.

    My mouth literally dropped. I couldn't believe what he said. Not wanting to question any of it, I made my way over to the bench beside him. I sat down and pulled my shorts down to the ground and took off my shirt. Deiter turned to me and smiled.

    "Just to let you know I'm a major exhibitionist.", he said with a slight wink. He sat up nearly straight and leaned against the bench bar.

    I didn't say anything because I was so taken aback by everything that was happening. He started to stroke his cock with much more ferocity. He began breathing heavier and his face tightened. I knew he was going to come at any moment.

    After about 30 seconds cum spewed out of his throbbing dick in powerful spurts, shooting all over the bench. He also let out a manly grunt that was so sexy. Not long after that I shot my load.

    "That was great", I said, reaching over Deiter's bench with my finger, eager to sample some of his man-nectar. I then boldly tasted it as he stared at me.

    "That's good shit. Kinda sweet and sour", I added.

    "Thanks. I've done this a few times before, but you are the first one to watch me.", he said with almost a greatful tone.

    "Are you gay?", I asked.

    "No, but a little bi-curious I guess. I never want to have sex with a man but I love the attention from gay men.", he replied.

    "I could watch what I just saw over and over again. If you're up to it", I said with the same slight wink he gave me earlier.

    He smiled back at me, "I don't know about you but I need a shower after that!", he said boastfully.

    I agreed. We both got up and walked back to the locker room still completely naked. Deiter assured me that no one else ever came in this late, so we were fine.

    After shower off and getting changed we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways for the night. After I got home I masturbated 3 times back-to-back fantasizing about what I saw.

    "Can this get any better?", I thought to myself.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Thanks for being patient. This story will feature sex!


    The Holiday season was fast approaching. It was my first Christmas away from my family and friends back in the States and I was feeling kind of homesick. Stefan had invited me to spend Christmas with his family, but I knew that it wouldn't be the same. Also adding to my unhappiness was the fact that I didn't have a date to our team Christmas party. It would suck if everyone else had a date and I was alone.

    One day after our workout Deiter told me that he wanted to hook me up with his cousin Lars for the party.

    "He's a great guy. Funny, smart, chill, and a rugby player too. You'll have a great time with him", he assured me.

    I trusted what he said but I had so many thoughts running through my mind. Will I have a good time with him? Is he cute? Etc.


    It was the night of the party. I arrived at the hotel where it was happening, both curious and nervous to meet Lars. I was dressed my best, with my hair styled and wearing an expensive cologne. As I walked into the banquet hall I saw several of my teammates were already there at the bar. I said hi to them but my mind was elswhere. I scanned the hall when I found Deiter already sitting down. I noticed he was by himself so I began to get worried.

    I began to approach his table. When I was about 10 feet away he saw me.

    "Hey Steve," he said as he looked at something behind me. He the got up, continuing to pay attention to whatever was behind me.

    "Meet my cousin Lars", he said the moment I turned around to see what he was staring at. I nearly was knocked over with what I saw!

    Lars was a God. He was about 6'5, muscular build, had piercing blue eyes, wavy dark hair, and a trimmed beard that went all over his face. He looked a lot like Joe Mangienello (Alcide from True Blood), but I found Lars to be even hotter!

    "Hello Steve", he said in a low voice with an accent that made me weak in the knees (as if I wasn't already!) as he lightly grabbed my shoulders and leaned in to kiss me on the cheek.

    "It's nice to meet you. Deiter told me so much about you", I said.

    "Same with you", Lars said, taking a sip from his beer.

    I couldn't believe how lucky I was. Little did I know it was about to get better!


    After a few minutes we all sat down to dinner. During the meal we talked about a lot, mainly rugby and my experiences in Europe so far. As I turned away for a minute to take a bite of my food I felt a hand rub up my thigh to my crotch. I turned to Lars to see him smiling a bit. I smiled back. He continued to groap my cock for a couple seconds before stopping so no one would notice.

    I wanted to fuck him so bad I could barely control myself. I hopped he wanted to also, but I didn't want to be led on.


    After the meal the dance floor opened up. Everyone got up and headed out. If there was any moment to make my move this was it.

    "Wanna dance?", I asked.

    "Sure", Lars replied. He responed very quickly, like he was waiting with anticipation for me to ask.

    He stood up and reached out his hand. I grabbed it and stood up as he led me onto the floor. The whole time I was smilling so hard.

    We then started dancing. He was not shy to pull me close to him either. He smelled amazing too, like nothing I had ever smelled before. It felt great to be in another man's arms in a romantic sense. I had never actually felt it since in college I couldn't risk a relationship over fear of being outed.

    After a couple songs worth of not taking our eyes off each other he leaned into me.

    "I really like you. Do you want to spend the night together? I'll get a room here", he whispered in my ear.

    I couldn't believe it. I thought this night couldn't get any better, and clearly it was about to. I leaned in closer to him.

    "I thought you'd never ask. I've had one thing on my mind since I laid eyes on you", I whispered back.

    He looked at me and smiled. Suddenly he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I felt shockwaves through my entire body. After about five seconds he released.

    "Give me about an hour", he said as he walked off the floor to talk to Deiter.

    I couldn't believe what was about to happen. The night I was at first dreading and then worrying about was turning out to be the best night I had in Europe yet.


    I went to the bar to get a drink. As I sipped on my beer I talked to some of my teamates.

    "Dude, have fun. You deserve it", Antonio said.

    "I can't believe you hooked up over me!", Hanz said jokingly.

    I saw a bellboy come towards us with an envelope in his hand.

    "Are you Steve?", he asked me.

    "Yes", I replied with a smile.

    "You have a message", he said, handing me the envelope.

    I opened it and it listed the room Lars had got for the night. I said goodbye to my teammates and headed upstairs, so eager with anticipation. My cock was beginning to twitch uncontrollably so I moved faster.


    I stood outside the room Lars had gotten. I knocked on the door. After a few seconds the door opened up and my dream guy appeared.

    "Come on in", his said with a smile.

    He did not have to tell my twice. I walked in and saw that he had stripped naked except for his dress shirt, which was now unbuttoned, his black boxer briefs, and his black dress socks. With his shirt being unbuttoned I saw his sexy chest and abbs, which were covered in a light coat of dark hair. Without warning he kissed me. Instantly my arms wrapped around him and he did the same. Our hands moved up and down each others bodies passionatly.

    After a few seconds he pulled back and looked at me in the eyes and just smilled. His hands moved down to my waist, untucking my shirt. As he unbuttoned it he kissed me on the neck. After finishing he unbuckled my belt and opened my pants, sticking his hands down them. They quickly fell to the floor and he continued to rub his hands on my cock, going inside and outside my underwear. He then removed my shirt as I continued to let this hunk strip me of my clothes while I moaned with pleasure. My dick was getting harder with every groap he made.

    After I was down to nothing but my underwear and socks. I then started to touch his cock. I felt huge, long and thick. With the other hand I removed his shirt.

    "Sit down in that chair", I softly commanded. Lars smiled and obeyed, though I don't think he minded at all.

    He spread his legs apart as I pulled his underwear down over his thick, muscular thighs. His cock was rock hard with pleasure by this point. He smiled at me while putting his hand on my upper back. I grabbed his shaft with one hand and pulled it towards my mouth. I began to tougne his shaft, causing him to moan with pleasure. I then moved my hands up his muscular torso and began teasing his nipples.

    "Oh Steve. That feels so good", Lars said, barely able to speak.

    I then started sucking his dick, deep throating it at several points. I could taste some saulty precum that oozed out. After about 10 minutes Lars said he was going to cum. I grabbed his hard manhood with one hand and continued stroking it, slightly pulling it out of my mouth. It twitched like crazy as cum shot out in powerful spurts. It got in my mouth and beard and all over my chest.

    "Steve that was amazing", Lars said, grabbing a towel for me to wipe myself off with.

    "What do you wanna do now?", I asked slightly seductively.

    "I wanna show you how great of lovers rugby players are", he replied with a seductive grin.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Thank goodness for the open minded Europeans. Live and let live. I'm sure there are those in the States that would accept a gay teammate, however, after your experience in college it would deter anyone from coming out of the closet. Looking forward to finding out what Lars has in mind.


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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Quote Originally Posted by Craiger View Post
    Thank goodness for the open minded Europeans. Live and let live. I'm sure there are those in the States that would accept a gay teammate, however, after your experience in college it would deter anyone from coming out of the closet. Looking forward to finding out what Lars has in mind.

    Yah. For all purposes let's just say I went to a private college in a conservative area of the country. I'm sure in more progressive areas they would be accepting (I believe there are already some out college athletes). Hell when I was in high school we had an out bisexual lineman on our football team!


    "Lay down on the bed", Lars commanded.

    I did what he said, so eager to see what he was going to do to me. He reached into a plastic bag and pulled out a can of whipped cream. He then walked towards me and kneeled onto the side of the bed, starring into my eyes as he pulled the cap off.

    "Close your eyes", Lars said, lightly touching my face.

    I did with a smile of anticipation forming on my face. I felt him squirt the whipped cream onto my nipples, then onto my chest, trailing down my stomach to my naval. Finally he squirted some on my cock, beginning at the tip and trailing down my shaft to my balls. I could feel him moving closer to me as he moved to lick it off.

    I felt his tougne in my naval first, going inside and around it as well, licking all the whipped cream out of it. By this point my breaths became more heavy as I was getting more aroused by the second. I felt his tougne move up my stomach to my chest as he licked my body clean. Finally he moved to my nipples, taking his sweet time with those, repeatedly hitting them with his tougne even after the whipped cream was gone. By now I was moaning like crazy. Finally he moved to get my cock. He began at the base, licking up towards the tip, which he slapped repeatedly with his tougne. He finished by licking the whipped cream off my balls, slurping them in the process.

    I had been licked clean. I opened my eyes to see him standing over me smiling. His cock was sticking up, hard as a rock. He placed one hand on my shoulder and the other on my stomach. I knew what he wanted to do, and I was not ready to refuse.

    "Do it. Make love to me", I said.

    Lars then reached under me and turned me onto my side. I could feel his trobbing manhood rub against my hole as he pulled me close to him with his strong arms. After a couple seconds he was inside me, thrusting powerfully. His thick, muscular thigh wrapped around me, pulling me into an even tighter embrace. He reached around with his other hand lightly grabbing my chest. moved his hand around my chest, then down my stomach to my cock. He did this repeatedly.

    "Don't stop Lars. Fuck me harder!", I said with excitement.

    He did just that, thrusting his dick inside me even harder.

    "I wanted you from the minute Deiter showed me your picture", Lars said.

    After several more minutes of intensity I could feel Lars slowing down. I knew he was ready to cum. I could hear and feel him breathing harder. He then grabbed me harder as he came inside me. I felt what must have been at least 8 squirts of cum empty into my asshole. When it was over he let out a powerful, sexy moan of pleasure. I then quickly turned around, wrapped my arm around his back, putting my hand on the back of his head and kissed him passionately. He did the same. We were in each others embrace for several minutes before he let go and starred into my eyes.

    "Shower with me?", Lars asked with a sexy grin that I couldn't resist.

    "Of course", I replied, and we got up and went to the bathroom. Before we got there Lars reached into the plastic bag and pulled out a bottle of body wash.

    "Wow. He really thought this night out!", I thought to myself.


    We got in the shower, which was one where the water rained down from the top and not through a shower head. I got under the water as Lars squirted some body wash onto his hands and rubbed them together. He told me to turn around so he could get my back. I did and he began rubbing it on my back, shoulders, and ass, which he concentrated on more then the latter two areas! He then began to rub the body wash onto my front, although he was still standing behind me. Suddenly he stopped.

    I could feel his cock hardening against my ass. I waited with anticipation for whatever would happen next.

    "I've shot my load twice tonight, and you haven't once yet Steve. I don't think that's fair. How about we make it fair?", he whispered in my ear.

    I just had to let out a light moan for Lars to know what my response was. He began stroking my cock from behind, which was so hard is was nearly hitting the glass. With his other hand he teased my nipples, going back and forth between them. He also kissed and licked my ears, neck, and shoulders. Between all the pleasure I was being subjected to I could barely stay standing, but Lars was so strong he was able to hold me up.

    "I'm so glad I came tonight", I said, barely able to speak from arousal. After several minutes hot cum shot out of my manhood, covering the shower glass in front of me. I turned my head around to look at Lars, still holding me, smiling. I then turned completely around and we moved under the water and kissed, wrapping our arms around each other. I ran my fingers through his wet hair. It felt even more amazing to kiss him under the water. I pictured us kissing under a waterfall in the Alps, paying attention to nothing but each other.

    After we released I washed off Lars, concentrating especially on cleaning his cock. I really wanted to deep throat it again, but I was starting to feel kind of tired. After we were done we got out and dried each other off before getting into bed. I layed my arm across Lars' body and rested my head on his muscular chest, his heartbeat as a matter of fact. He then lightly wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the forehead.

    We began to get to know each other. He told me about his rugby experiences and life in general. I told him about the things that happened to me in college with my team, and how great it felt to be able to be out and accepted by the team. I didn't want to but I began to cry. Lars then wipped away the tears from my eyes and turned to look at me.

    "Things are different here. It's much better for people like us. Things are getting better where you're from too.", he said as he kissed me once again.

    After talking for about another half hour we both fell asleep, still embraced in each others arms.


    I awoke the next morning before Lars did. I sat awake taking in everything that had happened the night before. After about a half hour he woke up. He stared at me and smiled.

    "Good morning sexy", I said, running my fingers through his hair.

    "Likewise", he said, leaning over to kiss me.

    "Got any plans for today?", he asked.

    "Not anymore", I replied.

    We freshened up, put our clothes back on and headed out into the city. Lars took me shopping and out to lunch. After we were walking around for a little while he grabbed and held my hand. I looked over in surprise and he just smiled. I quickly did the same and went with it.

    "Does this mean we could be going out?," I thought to myself.

    After a few more hours we went to the train station. We said our goodbyes and exchanged information. Before boarding the train we kissed each other one last time. He got on and sat down, still starring at me from out the window as the train pulled away.


    That night back at my place I talked to Deiter. I told him how great of a night I had, and how amazing Lars was

    "Lars said he had a great time with you, and also that you're a great guy", he said.

    We talked for a little while longer before saying goodbye. A little while later my phone rang. It was Lars!!!

    "Hey. I was just thinking about you", I said.

    "Me too. I had a great time the other night. Do you wanna see more of each other?", he asked.

    "Sure. I was going to ask you the same thing actually", I replied.

    I could not believe it. In a matter of months I went from being closeted to my entire team to being out and seeing someone!!!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    What an awesome ending for a Christmas party and first date. I hope the relationship is still ongoing. It sounds as though you and Lars are meant for each other. I also hope to hear more as time goes on, Scream4ever.


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    Re: Rugby team stories


    It had been a few weeks since my time with Lars. We talked on the phone almost every night since, but I longed to be wrapped in his arms, kissing him with passion.

    Finally I was going to see him for the weekend! I couldn't wait and didn't know what to expect but I was excited.

    As the train pulled into the station I could see him out the window waiting for me. As soon as it came to a stop I got off and walked towards him. He had a smile on his face.

    "I missed you!", I said, giving him a hug and a kiss.

    "I missed you too Steve", he said, "We should get a cab".

    We went outside and hailed a taxi. It was roughly a 10 minute drive to Lars' home. He lived in a simple one story home, but he had a patio with a hottube and a fairly large yard that was fenced off.

    As we walked in I saw that he headed towards the kitchen are.

    "How about a snack Steve?", he asked.

    "That sounds great", I replied.

    He opened up the fridge and pulled out a bowel of strawberries and a smaller bowel of chocolate dip. I walked over as he dipped a strawberry into the chocolate and held it up in my direction. As I got closer he held it up to my face. I smiled and leaned in, biting it off. Suddenly Lars moved his hands underneath my shirt. As he lifed up higher, clearly wanting to take my shirt off, I lifted up my arms and let him.

    As I stood in front of him half naked he dipped his finger into the chocolate. He then rubbed it onto my right nipple. It felt cold but also tingled a bit. He moved his mouth to my chest and began to lick it off, his beard tickling my chest at the same time, sending shockwaves of pleasure all over my body (I forgot how great that felt when he licked the whipped cream off of me!). I lifted his hand to my mouth, putting his finger inside and sucking off all the chocolate.

    After licking my nipple for a couple minutes, Lars looked up at me.

    "What do you want Steve?", he asked.

    I began to undo his jeans.

    "I like strawberries and chocolate, but what I love is chocolate on a bannana", I said, reaching down his pants and pulling out his cock, which was already partially erect and wet with precum.

    I dipped my finger into the chocolate and spread it onto his dick, starting at the tip and going all the way to the base. I looked at Lars, who had his usual sexy smile on his face but was clearly holding back expressions of pleasure.

    I got down on my knees and began slowly licking off the chocolate from his shaft and also from his balls where some had fallen to. Lars tilted his head back and started to moan.

    "God Steve that feels fucking amazing", he said softly, putting his hand on the back of my head.

    Taking the hint that he wanted more, I shoved his now rock-hard manhood into my mouth and began sucking it. To stabalize myself I reached around and grabbed his rock hard ass-cheeks, which made Lars moan even more. I then saw him reach down with both hands and pull his shirt off up over his head.

    "Get up here", he commanded as he reached down, grabbing my arms and pulling me up to his level. Still having a hold of my arms, he pulled me towards him and kissed me. At the same time we both wrapped our arms around each other. We moved around the kitchen area, leaning against the counter, fridge, and stove.

    After several minutes we let go of each other Lars led me to his bedroom. On the way we stripped out of our pants, underwear, and socks.

    "God, I will never not be amazed by how great he looks naked!", I thought to myself.

    Lars then laid down on the bed, motioning for me to do the same. I obeyed and before I knew it we were rolling around in eachothers arms and kissing, completely uninhibited and almost animalistic (I know I said that Lars looked like Alcide from True Blood, but he also had the animalistic/werewolf-like tendencies during sex. "I would run with him and his pack anyday", I thought to myself!).

    After a while of rolling around Lars let go. He got up in front of me and softly spread my legs apart.

    "He wants to fuck me!", I thought with excitement.

    "You want me to?", Lars asked.

    "Yes", I replied.

    He lifted me up slightly and shoved his erect cock inside my crack. He then began to pump it inside me until it was all the way in. He leaned down towards me and I ran my hands up and down his arms and chest, and also touched his face. Without warning he pulled me up, holding me only a few inches from his face as he continued to fuck me with great ferocity. I then pulled myself closer to him and kissed him.

    "Cum in my ass Lars!", I yelled.

    After just about a minute Lars slowed down a bit. I knew what that meant.

    "I'm gonna fill you up Steve!", he shouted, and not more then a few second later I felt him shoot inside me. Lars roared with pleasure.

    When it was all over we both collapsed onto the bed and just stared at each other for what seemed like a while. We then got up and took a shower together, kissing and groaping each other the entire time.


    That night Lars made a great dinner. He even bought a nice brand of wine to go with it! After dinner we watched some tv. I laid down on him and he wrapped his arms around me. After we finished the bottle of wine we got into bed but stayed up talking.

    "Lars, don't freak out when I say this, but I think I'm falling for you", I said with a little hesitation but sincerity. I then began to cry a bit, which might have been from the wine a little but it was mostly from my emotions.

    "Steve don't cry, I feel the same way", he said, kissing me on the forehead.

    Like our last night together I fell asleep in his arms. I couldn't wait to see what he had planned for our next night. Little did I know it would take my by surprise!!!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    I can relate to the nervousness of being separated for a while mingled with the excitement of seeing that person again. In many ways, the separation tends to enhance both emotions and makes the meeting much more special. Lars really knows how to take such a small thing like whipped cream or chocolate to bring on a rush of lust. Looking forward to finding out what this surprise is.


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    Re: Rugby team stories


    That morning Lars told me about how he invited a few other rugby players he knew for a "hot tub party" that night. To make matters better he said they were all gay! I thought about the possibility of a 3-way with an open mind, but I was still nervous about sharing him.

    After breakfast Lars took me to a store to buy a Speedo for the party. I had never worn one being from the US but I always found them sexy on the right guys. As we walked entered the store a sales clerk greeted us. I could tell he was gay and was checking us both out! He took us back to the swimsuit department and gave me a few things to try on. Lars came into the dressing room with me.

    After I tried a couple on I found one that I really liked.

    "What do you think?” I asked, while also flexing my muscles a bit.

    Lars stood up and walked towards me, his hand moving towards my crotch.

    "You look so hot in anything you wear. This especially gives you a great bulge", he said as he began to rub my cock from the outside. I was getting harder by the second until finally I was poking out of my swim trunks. He just stared into my eyes the entire time.

    I pulled him towards me and kissed him. At that time he stuck his hand down my suit and started to stroke my dick. I grabbed onto his strong back to hold myself up. Suddenly I looked up and saw the store clerk! He had a look of glee on his face despite being caught.

    "Lars, look", I said. Lars looked up and was surprisingly unphased by the fact that we had been caught. He turned to me and looked at me quizzically, as if asking for my approval.

    "You can watch", I said. Not more than a second after I said that Lars got on his knees and pulled my Speedo to the ground. As I stood there naked he began to tongue my shaft and balls. After about a minute he put it in his mouth and began to suck me off. I looked up at the clerk and he was rubbing his chest and crotch, trying to control his excitement. I had to put my hands on his shoulders just to stop myself from collapsing with pleasure.

    After several minutes I told Lars I was ready to cum. He took my cock out of his mouth and continued to stroke me off. I spit my load with such ferocity, spewing all over the carpet and even onto the door. After I finished Lars ran his finger over the tip of my dick and tasted my cum. The sales clerk was clearly satisfied with what he saw.

    "I'll take this one", I said, holding up the Speedo I just had on. I handed it to him and he went to ring it up. I knew he would probably take a good whiff of it, but I didn't care, and it kinda turned me on too.

    We were alone again. Lars lifted my chin up and kissed me.

    "That was fucking hot Steve. In case you didn't notice I'm a major exhibitionist," he said as I began to put my clothes back on.

    "It must run in the family!” I thought to myself, thinking of how Dieter said the same thing after I caught him masturbating in the gym that time.


    We had lunch a nice cafe and Lars showed me around the city a bit before we returned to his place. It was almost time for his friends to come over and I was excited and nervous at the same time.

    Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Lars opened it and a tall, muscular guy with short blond hair walked in.

    "Steve, this is Friedrik. Friedrik, this is my boyfriend, Steve." I had never heard Lars address me as his boyfriend, and it felt great!

    "Hello Steve", Friedrik said in a low voice, shaking my hand with a firm grip.

    Friedrik walked over and poured himself a glass of wine. Not long after there was another knock at the door. A thinner, redheaded guy (whom I presumed was Irish) walked in. His name was Rory. After Lars introduced us Rory walked over to Friedrik and began talking to him.

    "We have one more guest. His name is Peter", Lars said to me, a look of excitement building on his face.

    "What did he have in mind?” I thought to myself. "Would it be another "welcoming initiation"?"

    I had told Lars about what the team did for me back in October. He found it really cool, so I wouldn't put it past him to do something similar. Regardless I knew I could trust him.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    wow im so hard from this story keep it up
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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Are store clerks really that lucky? Great episode now let's plunge into that hot tub!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    I can imagine the clerk didn't just take a whiff of the speedo, he probably went back to the dressing room to "clean up the mess you made" Something fun is going to happen in the hottub, I can feel it.


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    Re: Rugby team stories


    I had a million fantasies running through my head. I didn't know what to expect but I knew if Lars had planned something it would be great.

    There was a knock on the door. Lars opened it, and the guy whom I presumed to be Peter walked inside. He was shorter but very muscular, with olive skin and dark hair. Lars then introduced us.

    "Let's hit the hottube!", Lars said enthusiastically.

    All the guys started to strip out of their clothes. I thought nothing of it since I change in front of guys all the time, so I did the same.

    The guys all looked like they were in their early 30's, and I'd always liked older men so I liked what I saw (btw I was 25 and Lars was 32). As the stripped naked I looked at their sexy bodies and also noticed they were doing the same to me and Lars. Not that I cared though!

    Friedrik was muscular and smooth, with a nice sized, perfectly formed cock. He had a nicely trimmed patch of lightly colored pubic hair to go with it.

    Rory may have been thinner but his cock was fucking massive! I so wanted to take it in my mouth. I was half expecting Lars to let me too! He had a patch of red pubic hair, which I had never seen before but knew of people who really got turned on by it. I could understand why now!

    Peter was muscular and had maybe a sligtly smaller dick. He had thick amounts of hair on his chest and stomach. I still found him sexy because I loved shorter guys just as much as taller guys.

    After we got into our Speedos, Lars came up behind me and put his arm around me.

    "Here we go!", I thought to myself with both glee and hesitation at the same time.

    "Steve, we want to give you our own initiation. There are tons of gay rugby players around the world, and we are only a few. Please lay down on the coffee table", he said softly. I had no reason not to trust him, so I did what he said.

    Freidrik layed a blanket down to make it more comfortable. Not one second after I layed down I had my limbs grabbed and held down, tied with velcro straps. I freaked out a bit, but still felt safe. All four of them positioned themselves on my sides and pulled their suits to the floor. Rory pulled off my suit and they all began to stroke their cocks.

    "Our cum will make you stronger Steve", Friedrik said.

    I could barely take what I was seeing. My cock was so hard it pressed against my stomach to the point where it almost hurt. It felt at least 5 times worse then the worst "blue balls" experience I had prior. To make matters worse Lars and Friedrik teased my nipples. Precum oozed out of my throbbing dick, and the guys playfully sampled it, rubbing it on their nipples or tasting it. Rory started to groap my balls, while Peter caressed my thigh, which made it unbearable.

    "Come on guys I can't fucking take it anymore!!!", I shouted, nearly on the verge of tears. Just then Peter approached my mouth, his stroking beginning to slow. Just then Rory approached from the other side. I eagerly awaited their man nectar.

    Peter came first, shooting into my mouth. I had to open wider just to fit Rory's fat cock inside. He shot a nice load and let out a breath of pleasure and relief. Peter had gone back around and started to stroke my raging erection, while Rory again groaped my balls.

    Suddenly I saw Lars and Friedrik approach my mouth. I opened wide to take what they were about to give me. They both came like fucking gysers, at least 6 long, thick strands each. I actually gagged on it. After I swallowed Friedrik positioned himself on my side and began to tease my nipples, while Lars stood directly above me and caressed my face while staring me in the eyes and smiling, as if congragulating me on a good job. He leaned down and kissed me (which made me think of the infamous scene in Spider-Man, which I found hot as hell!).

    After a couple minutes I shot my load. I shot all the way up to my chin. The guys all tasted it, some using their fingers and others licking it off. After I got licked clean they removed the straps and I stood up. They each gave me a hug and a kiss on the check, except for Lars who kissed me on the lips.

    "Now how about that hot tub!", Lars said. We all agreed enthusiastically. I helped him take some beer outside as the others went out. We all stayed naked and I couldn't be happier! I was really growing to love how uninhibited European men were, gay or straight.

    "I could really see myself living here", I thought to myself.


    We sat in the hot tub drinking and talking for about an hour. Lars was right beside me with his arm around me. It was probably a bit because of the alcohol, but it was mainly my heightened sex drive kicking in, and I began to stroke his dick underwater. Lars had a look of arousal on his face, and the other guys quickly noticed what I was doing.

    "Great idea Steve!", Rory said, and he went over to Peter and began doing the same. I saw Friedrik sitting all by himself looking almost alone and confused. I motioned for him to come over. As soon as he sat down next to Lars I swam around to Friedrik's other side, putting him between me and Lars. Friedrik looked clearly surprised byt what I did.

    "What do you think Lars?", I asked coyly as I put my hand on Friedrik's chest.

    "I think you should make the call", he said.

    I then moved my hand underwater towards Friedrik's cock, which was already stiff as a board.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    once again you have got me hard as rock wish i was Steve
    Hot and Horny

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    The hot tub episode 'came' up to expectations - what next I wonder?

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    Re: Rugby team stories


    I began to stroke Friedrik off, while playing with his nipple with the other hand. Lars was groaping his balls while also teasing the other nipple. He smiled at me and I gave him a smile and a wink. Friedrik had his head tilted back, eyes shut, and deep moans coming out of his mouth. He turned his head to Lars.

    "You're so lucky Lars", he said.

    "I know. Thank you", Lars said back to him.

    I looked over at Rory and Peter and they were getting pretty intense. Rory was fucking Peter hard.

    "God I want Lars to do the same to me right here", I thought to myself.

    Friedrik started to moan harder. Suddenly I felt his cock twitch. I looked down and saw gobs of cum spurt out and trail off into the water. I had never done anything with "pearl diving" before, but it was great (Lars was really breaking me in!). Friedrik let out a sigh and looked at us both, thanking us without even saying a word. Not long after I heard Rory make a loud moan as he came inside Peter. They both sat back down to calm themselves.

    After sitting for a few minutes Peter suggested we play in the snow. We all agreed and in no time we were running around Lars' yard naked, throwing snowballs, rolling around in the snow, and just having fun. I found it so sexy how carnal we became, acting like cavemen almost.

    Me and Lars were rolling around in the snow kissing passionately when I whispered in his ear, "When they leave I want to go back out into the hot tub and fuck", I said.

    "I was thinking the same thing", he said with a smile, kissing me again.

    After a little while we went back into the hot tub to warm up a bit. After a few minutes we got out and dried off. Friedrik, Rory, and Peter said goodbye and left, and Lars and I, still naked, went back out to the hot tub.

    We got in and stared at each other. I got up right next to him and put my hands on his shoulders. I moved my hands down his chest and abs, until they went underwater and I began stroking his cock, which was getting harder by the minute. He tilted his head back and closed his eyes, letting out a moan of pleasure. I then moved my head underwater and put his dick in my mouth. I felt his hand move to the back of my head. He didn't press hard, but just let it rest there, as if telling me I was doing a great job, but also that I could come up at anytime.

    I came up for air, standing up and wiping the water from my hair and face. Lars kissed me, while at the same time pulling me up towards him and laying me down. I grabbed onto the side of the hot tub to stabalize myself for what I was about to recieve (I had discovered that it's true what Lars said about rugby players being great lovers. The action on the field gives us a really strong ass and thighs for powerful thrusts!).

    Lars moved my legs around a bit, positioning them to his liking, and he stuffed his cock inside me and went to town. I had heard having sex in a hot tub was amazing but it was better then I expected. All the splashing around felt great, and the warmth was very arousing. I looked up at Lars and saw a look of aggression but satisfaction on his face. After several minutes I felt him spew inside my hole and he belted out a powerful moan. He then leaned down and kissed me.

    We stayed in the hot tub for a bit and then got out and took a shower. We both fell asleep quickly because we were worn out from everything that had happened that night. I honestly don't think I'd slept that good since I arrived in Europe.


    The next morning I got up before Lars and went outside to smoke a cigarette. I stayed in my boxer briefs because it was a pretty warm and sunny morning. Suddenly I felt my cock begin to twitch and stiffen as I thoght about last night. By now I was poking out of my shorts. I began to stroke myself off with one hand and tease my nipples with the other hand. After a couple minutes I took off my briefs and stood their naked masturbating (was I becoming a major exhibitionist too?).

    I turned around slightly and saw Lars staring at me out the corner of my eye. He quickly hid behind the sofa.

    "An exhibitionist and a voyuer too?", I thought to myself.

    That made me jack off even harder, and I was near climax when I positioned myself in front of the glass to give Lars a great view. I rested against it with one arm and continued stroking myself with the other arm. Lars then came out of hiding, with a huge hardon poking out from his briefs. In no time after that cum shot out of my cock, spewing all over the glass. Lars looked so aroused from what he saw. I picked up my underwear and wipped my jizz off the glass before walking back inside.

    "Thought I'd give you one last image before I leave", I said to Lars with a smile and a kiss.


    I boarded the train that day thinking about all that I experience. I couldn't wait to see him again. Valentine's Day was just a few weeks away and I couldn't imagine what Lars had in mind for us!!!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Boy, I need a weekend like that. What with the hot tub and the interaction with other sexy guys sounds like a dream.


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    Re: Rugby team stories


    It was the weekend of Valentine's Day and I was going to spend it with Lars. I was beyond excited! After everything that happened the last time I was looking forward to endless sexual stimulation and surprises. I couldn't stop thinking about him and couldn't wait to be back in his arms. Lars told me that I could fool around with other guys when I was at home, but I never wanted to. He made me feel that great, and he would even satisfy me when we were apart. Plus, he assured me that he wouldn't fool around, so it wouldn't feel fair.

    I planned to surprise Lars with a brand new pair of bikini briefs that I had bought and was wearing. I had really grown to love how they felt, plus a lot of the other players wore them and we'd compare them in the locker room! Finally the train pulled into the station. As it came to a stop I could see him waiting for me.

    As I got off and walked towards him I saw he was doing the same. A smile had grown on both our faces. When we reached one another we hugged and kissed.

    "Missed you babe", I said.

    "You too. Happy Valentine's Day", he said as stared into my eyes and lightly caressed my face.


    When we arrived at Lars' place he immediatly began to make dinner. I didn't mind that we didn't fool around right away because it was late and we were both starving. Lars made a great meal and had a nice bottle of wine to go with it. He even lit candles! The whole meal I stared at him, eager with anticipation of what would happen over the weekend.

    After dinner I told Lars that we should head into the bedroom, but that I had to use the bathroom first. I went into the bathroom ajoined to his bedroom and pretended to relieve myself, when I actually just stripped out of my clothes to nothing but my bikini briefs. I then poised myself and opened the door. I gasped at what I saw.

    Lars was lying on the bed, slightly sitting up in a sexy position wearing nothing but a pair of red silk boxer shorts. I couldn't believe he got the jump on me! I could feel my cock begin to twitch with anticipation and lust over how sexy he looked. Suddenly he turned over and layed on his side.

    "Surprise", he said with a devilish grin that beckoned me. I walked over and layed down on the bed next to him. Instantely we kissed and began to move our hands all over each others bodies. My hands were inside his boxers, groaping his ass for several seconds.

    "You have no idea how badly I've wanted you", I said in between kissing him.

    "Let's take this out to the hot tub then", he suggested.

    I quickly agreed, remembering last time. We stripped completely naked and headed outside. Lars grabbed a bottle of champagne and two glasses on the way.

    We then got outside and he turned the hot tub. We both got in and he popped the champagne, spraying us both. He poured a glass and handed it to me. He then did the same for himself. We touched our glasses and stared into each others eyes for several seconds.

    "Be my Valentine?", he asked with a grin, as if he didn't know the answer already.

    "I already am", I replied as I sipped my champagne, still staring into his eyes. He leaned in and kissed me. Not caring about anything else I let my glass go and put my arms around him. He did the same. My hand moved underwater and began to stroke his cock, which was already hard.

    "Do it", I told him, and he layed me down in the water, preparing to make love to me. As his dick moved inside of me I thought that it felt better then any other time he had fucked me prior. It was maybe just that I was more "broken in", or maybe we just felt more comfortable around each other.

    After we finished we got out of the hot tub and headed into the shower, where we continued to fool around. We feel asleep in each others like we usually do.

    Before I fell asleep, I asked myself if I should tell him that I loved him. Since I had never had a real relationship before (other then sham ones when I was still in the closet), I didn't really know when was too soon to say the "l word". I decided it was best to wait a little while longer.


    I awoke the next morning to find Lars out of bed. I went out to the kitchen to see him eating a bananna (I wondered if he was practicing for later!).

    "What do you wanna do today", I asked as I walked towards him.

    "Not what. How and where", he said as he wrapped me in his embrace and kissed me. We began moving around the kitchen, still wrapped in each others arms. After several minutes we moved into the living room, where we had sex on the carpet. After that we moved back out into the hot tub and he fucked me again. Finally we moved back into the bedroom where he sucked and stroked my cock until I shot my load.

    We laid in bed for a while, not speaking but staring into each other's eyes.

    "You are so amazing", I said touching his face.

    "You are too Steve", he said, gently taking my fingers and kissing them.

    "Follow me into the kitchen. I have something planned", he said.

    I obeyed and followed him in.

    Lars began to put on the counter various baking supplies. After it was clear that I understood what he wanted to do, he turned to me.

    "I thought it would be fun if we baked a cake together. Of course staying naked", he said with a smile and sexy chuckle.

    "That sounds great", I said.

    Before I knew it we were mixing the batter together. When it got to a good consistancy I dipped my finger in to taste it. It tasted great. A sexy thought ran through my head and I asked Lars to turn around. After he turned around I spread some cake batter onto his back and licked it off. He moaned with pleasure the entire time.

    After I finished he dipped his finger into the batter and spread it on my nipples and also from my chest down to my navel (exactly as he had with the whipped cream, and he knew how wild the drove me when he licked it off!). His tougne went to my left nipple first, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my entire body. He took his time licking the rest off, his beard rubbing against my skin adding to the pleasure.

    After we put the cake in the oven Lars took out the frosting. He dipped his finger into it and fed me some. I acted like I was going to do the same but I spread it on his cock instead. I got on my knees and began to suck him off. He moaned perfusely, and put his hand on the back of my head. When he said he was going to cum I just keep sucking, taking his entire load. After that we took a break for a bit because we were both exhausted. We went into the living room and I rested my head on his lap.

    Lars had such a sexual enturance that was just amazing! It was even sexier that we had stayed naked for over 15 hours straight!

    The cake was done and we took it out of the oven. As it cooled off we took a shower. Afterwards we frosted the cake and tried some. It was delicious.

    "Steve, I got something a bit different planned for tonight. It's nothing like last time but I think you'll like it. It may be a little scary at first but it's not dangerous I promise", Lars said.

    I was not worried at all. In fact I was very excited to see what he had in mind!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Two little Probably not that little, but their cooking fantasies are intriguing.
    I wonder if there is going to be another orgy or if this is just between the two of them?


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    Re: Rugby team stories

    ^^^It's just between the two of them. Sorry!

    As far as size Lars is 6'5 as previously mentioned while my character is 6'

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    looking forward to what cums next i know i am
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    Re: Rugby team stories


    After eating some cake (which we fed to each other actually, romantic and cheesy I know!) we took a nap, still naked of course, and then got up and got ready to go out. In all we stayed naked for about 22 hours. It felt so freeing.

    Lars took me out to eat at a nice resturaunt. Afterwards we walked around the city, going to various different venues. At around 11 PM Lars told me that he was ready to spring the surprise on me. I couldn't wait! We got off the bus and began to walk out when I saw a sign for an S & M club!

    "What do you say Steve?", Lars asked.

    "Never done anything like this before, but it sounds fun", I said. I was a little nervous inside, but I knew with him around to protect me there was nothing to be afraid of.


    We walked inside and bought a private room for one hour. We walked inside and it looked like a dungeon from a castle in the middle ages where they would torture people. It had a rack and various types of leather-wear on display. Me and Lars agreed that he would be the "dungeon master", and would give orders. However, if I would be genuinly scared or in pain he would stop. When we were ready I went into the "waiting chamber" of the room to wait for him to "dress appropriately". After a couple of minutes he opened the door and we were ready to begin!

    Lars was wearing a medival executioner's bottom part of a hood (which covered his shoulders and upper chest and back), black leather gloves that went halfway up his forearms, and tight leather boxer briefs (which really showed off his bulge!). He held a black horse whip in his right hand.

    "Up against the rack", he ordered, pointing with the whip. I obeyed and walked towards it as he grabbed my arm with his gloved hand and pulled me along. When we got to the rack he lightly slammed me against it.

    "Take off your clothes", he ordered. I looked at him with a little confusion and fear. He then grabbed the neck of my shirt and pulled me towards him, grabbing my arm with the other hand.

    "What did I just say? Take off your fucking clothes prisoner", he said as he slammed me against the rack with a little more force then before. He picked up the horse whip and began to hold it in a threatening fashion. I obeyed and stripped naked quickly.

    Lars then got up close to me and began to tie my hands and feet to the leather cuffs on the rack. After he finished I moved around in them, which made it clear that I couldn't get out.

    "Tell me what you know", Lars said, grabbing my shoulders forcefully. I began to look at the wall for a split second when Lars grabbed my chin with one hand and pulled it back to his face.

    "Look at me when I'm talking to you!", he commanded. He then ran his gloved hands down my shoulders and neck, then down my chest and stomach until he reached my cock and teased it a bit. I couldn't believe how great the leather felt on my skin!

    "Got nothing, huh? Well then you won't mind this", he asked with a smirk. He walked over to the display and picked up a ball-gag. I immediatly thought of the scene in Hostel, but I knew I would not meet Paxton's fate.

    "Open", Lars commanded as he shoved the gag in my mouth. I obeyed and as he pulled the straps around my head I began to moan to keep up the role play. Lars then went back to the display and picked up a blindfold.

    "I'm getting so sick of you staring at me", he said as he put it on me. I began to wriggle in the straps a bit.

    "A lot of good that'll do", Lars said with a sinister chuckle. I sensed he was back at the display case because he sounded further away. I heard him walking back towards me.

    "What is he going to do to me?", I wondered. My question was quickly answered when I felt cold metal against my right nipple. Suddenly it got tight and I realized he had me in a nipple clamp! He did the same to the left one. They weren't unbearably tight, and felt good as a matter of fact. I felt the horse whip rub against my cock. I braced myself for him to whip it, but he didn't.

    "Oh you're going to love this", he said as I felt the leather on my dick. He put some kind of ring around my balls, and then another one which attached onto my shaft. I could feel myself getting harder and realized what the purpose of this instrument was. They would pull against each other and cause a little bit of pain. I felt Lars begin to stroke me off.

    "Just fucking cum and all this pain will be over", he said. I felt his other hand move around my entire upper body, from my shoulders down to my stomach. In between he would pinch the nipple clamps a bit, delivering even more sensation to my body. After several minutes of pleasure and pain I shot my load. It was one of the biggest ones ever for me. I must've squirted at least 10 streams of cum. Lars moaned with excitement at what I'm sure was a glamerous sight for him, and he smeared the cum that got on his leather glove onto my thigh and stomach.

    "I guess you're not as weak as I thought", he said as he took off the blindfold. He followed with the gag, nipple clamps, and cock ring. He then untied the leather cuffs, first the ones on the feet and then the ones on my hands. I was finally free, but I knew that he probably had something else in mind since our time wasn't up.

    "You made the dungeon master very horny", he said. I couldn't help but notice that he had a raging erection in his leather boxer briefs.

    "Now get on your knees and take care of it", he ordered.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    sounds fun this is one hot and hard story
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    Re: Rugby team stories


    Lars grabbed me by the arms and lightly pulled me down to the floor. I was on my knees, staring at his hardon poking out underneath his leather briefs. I pulled them down with both hands. His dick was so hard that it nearly hit me in the face. I put it in my mouth and began to suck it. Lars put his hand on the back of my head and pushed a bit harder then usual. His cock was rubbing up against the back of my throat so hard that it made me gag.

    "I love it when prisoners choke on my cock", he said as continued to push hard on the back of my head. By this point he was also grabbing my hair too.

    After a few minutes I needed some air. I pushed away and took his cock out of my mouth to breathe for a few seconds. I got not more then 2 second of air before Lars grabbed my head by the hair and shoved his cock back in my mouth. He pushed on my head to the point where his dick his the back of my throat and he held it there hard for about ten seconds. Finally loosened up a bit and I gasped for air.

    "Try and pull that shit again and you'll get it twice as bad", Lars warned. I had no choice but to obey. I sucked his cock hard for several more minutes until I felt it begin to twitch as he came in my mouth. He pushed on my head hard, holding it down as I choked on his dick again. I could feel his jizz hit the back of my throat and go down. He let out loud, manly grunts as he shot his load.

    Finally he finished and let go of my head. I dropped to the cold, hard ground on my hands and knees and began to cough and gasp for air. I spit out some of Lars' cum that I wasn't able to swallow.

    "Was this getting to be too much?", I wondered to myself.

    Suddenly I felt Lars' leather gloved hands grab my arms. He pulled me up and held me tightly in front of him. A sinister look formed on his face.

    "What now?", I asked myself. I wasn't sure if I could do anything else. Suddenly his sinister expression turned into the smile that I loved so much. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

    "That was so hot Steve!", Lars said with glee.

    "I'm sorry if I got a little too rough towards the end", he said with an expression that was so sexy in a sympathetic sort of way.

    "No I loved it! I'm not sure if I could've handled much more though", I said.

    We then got our clothes back on and left to catch the bus back to his place.


    We spent a nice, quiet rest of the night at home. Lars even started his electric fire and we layed down on the carpet under a blanket and drank champagne, naked of course.

    "Thank you for giving me the best Valentine's Day I've ever had", I said before kissing him.

    "Same to you babe", Lars said after we let go.

    "I really love how you've gotten me out of my shell sexually. You've really taught me a lot", I said to him.

    "Thanks. It's been great seeing you grow. I used to be a lot like how you were when you first arrived in Europe. It was hard to step out, but I finally just took that dive", he said.

    "That was amazing tonight, but it's definately not something I could do all the time. I'd be open to more threeways though", I said. "Friedrik seemed to really love what we did to him last time", I added. Lars leaned over and kissed me.

    "Whatever you want is fine by me", he said as he wrapped his arms around me in a warm embrace. We fell asleep right there on the floor, still in each other's arms.


    The next morning I awoke to see that Lars had gotten up. I turned my head to see him naked and stroking himself out on the patio just like I did the last time I was here! When he would turn in my direction I pretended to be asleep. After a few times he caught me.

    I got up and walked towards the glass. He positioned himself in front of it in the exact same pose I was in the last time. I stood directly in front of him. He began to stroke himself hard. When his head tilted back and he began to moan I knew he was going to spew his load at anytime. After about 30 more seconds he did, shooting all over the glass in my direction. When he finished he stared at me and smiled, still holding his manhood.

    He had nothing out there to wipe his cum off the glass so I went to the kitchen and grabbed a towel. I went outside to give it to him, but not before I tasted some of his jizz.

    "Never get tired of how it tastes", I said with a smile. I then wiped the rest off the glass and we went back inside.


    After we showered and had breakast it was time for me to leave to go to the train station. It was getting harder to leave Lars each time.

    "I really think I do love this man", I thought to myself. I vowed that the next time we were together, when the moment was right, I would tell him that I loved him.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Another hot episode - thanks for sharing it with us!

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    Re: Rugby team stories


    I was having a great night. Our team had just won our game against our biggest rival, and we went out to a local bar to celebrate! I had a great time drinking and getting rowdy with my teammates. After we finished at the bar me, Stefan, Antonio, and Deiter all went out to a gay bar to continue the party. We continued to have a great time there. I even had a few guys hit on me. Unfortunately for them I had to turn them down, since I did have a boyfriend (God I never got tired of saying that!). I started talking to this one guy a bit, and he asked me if I wanted to buy some pot. I asked the other guys and they all were up for it and they were. I didn't think this night could get any better!

    I went outside the bar and into the allyway with the stranger. He reached into his pocket and suddenly I felt a crushing blow to the back of my head. I fell to the pavement in pain. I turned around and saw two huge guys had joined the original guy.

    "So you're a queer huh?", one of the big guys asked before hitting my head with the bottom of his foot.

    "You know what happens to fags right?", the original guy asked as he kicked me against my chest. I could hear and feel one of my ribs crack. They continued to beat me with their feet a few more times before the big guys grabbed me by my arms and pulled me up, pressing me hard against the brick wall.

    "Do you wanna die queer?", the original guy asked me. I wriggled around trying to break free, but they were both too strong for me to escape from alone, and I had been weakened from the beating.

    He began to punch me in the face. I could feel my eyes swell from pain, and blood run out of my nose and mouth. He then punched me in the stomach and chest hard, knocking the wind out of me and cracking another rib. I collapsed over and spat out blood. I wanted to scream for help but I was too weak, and also scared over what might happen to me if I did.

    The leader of the gang reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade.

    "Oh God, I'm going to die", I thought to myself. I pictured myself lying in a ditch with my throat slit. I also thought of Lars, what would happen with him and how I never got to tell him that I loved him.

    "You brought this on yourself", the main guy said as he stabbed me in the stomach. I let out a cry of pain as I felt the blood begin to pour out of the wound. Suddenly I saw Stefan run up behind him and punch him in the back of the head. Deiter and Antonio were not far behind. The two big guys let go of me and took off. I collapsed to the ground I saw Deiter begin to chase after them. Antonio immediatly came to my aid, while Stefan began beating the other guy.

    "Hang on Steve. Don't go", he said as tears began to well up in his eyes. He lifted me up and held me in his arms as he put pressure on my stab wound to stop the bleeding. I saw Deiter come running back with his cellphone in hand. I hoped he was calling for help. Stefan continued to hold the man up against the wall, demanding information about the other two guys. I felt exhausted from the trauma that I endured and began to close my eyes.

    "No Steve! No!", I heard Antonio shout. Before I blacked out I saw Deiter appear above me, still on the phone. Him breaking into tears was the last thing I remembered.


    I awoke in a hospital bed, wearing nothing but a pair of scrub pants. I noticed I had on a cast across my ribs, and a cast on my nose as well. I looked down and saw that my stab wound had been stiched up. I couldn't see very well, but my eyes surprisingly didn't hurt too bad. Turning to my side, I saw Deiter at my bedside. He saw that I was awake and he smiled as he reached over to hug me, being careful of my cast. We both burst into tears.

    "I really thought we'd lost you for a bit there", he said.

    "You could've easily", I said.

    "You're so tough and strong though", he said with a laugh over the tears. He got up and walked outside the room.

    "He's awake you guys!", I heard him shout. Footsteps approached the room and suddenly Stefan and Antonio appeared in the doorway and ran towards me. They both hugged me.

    "I'm so sorry Steve", Stefan said. He looked like he was about to cry.

    "How are you feeling?", Antonio asked.

    "Not bad considering. You got strong painkillers in your country", I said with a chuckle. They all laughted at that.

    "You've been out for about 6 hours. They sedated you so they could stitch you up and whatnot", Deiter said.

    "Lars!?", I asked with conviction.

    "I called him as soon as we got to the hospital. He was going to catch the first train out here.", Deiter responded.

    "How did he take it?", I asked, having a feeling that I knew the answer already.

    "Well, he was very upset and crying. I really think he loves you Steve.", Deiter said.

    After we talked a bit more I said that I was feeling tired and wanted to rest a bit. The three of them left the room and I heard Stefan begin to cry again.

    "We fucking promised him that nothing like that would happen here. What is he going to think now? Will he be scared to open up like he was before?", he said.

    "We promised him that nothing like that would happen within our team. We have opened him up so much, and last night we saved his life. Right now we have to be there for him.", Antonio said.

    "I should've gone outside with him. This never would've happened then. I hope Hanz and the others kill those fuckers!", Deiter said. That was the last thing I heard before falling asleep.


    I was out for I don't know how long when I felt someone grab my hand. Suddenly I heard Lars' voice. He was crying.

    "I love you Steve. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you that sooner but I was scared of ruining things. You're the best thing to happen to me in a long time", he said. I then moved my hand around a bit, which cause him to look up at me. The smile that I loved spread across his face. He got up and wrapped me in arms and kissed me. We both began to cry.

    "It's okay baby. I'm here. I'm here now", he said in between kisses. He then sat back down, still staring at me and smiling.

    "It's great to see you. I love you too Lars. I've wanted to tell you that for a while too, but I've been scared. Last night when I thought I was going to die, you were what I thoght about. I worried about what would happen to you, and I thought about how you would never know that I loved you", I said as tears streamed down my face.

    "Last night I really realized how far I've come. I thought about killing myself a few times back in college. I even planned it out on occasion. Last night though I was genuinly afraid of losing everything I've worked for, especially you", I told him.

    "Nobody has ever looked at me that way you do. Nobody has ever touched my face, or held me in their arms the way you do. I love you Lars", I added as we both began to cry again. He leaned over to me and we hugged and kissed again.

    "No more tears Steve", he said. We then talked about happier things, mainly our winning game the other night. After about an hour Lars asked if I'd contacted my parents. I asked him if he could do that for me. He stepped out into the hall and talked with them for about a half hour.

    "They're catching the next plane out here and will probably arrive tomorrow", he said. "And I have a surprise for you", he said. A smile of anticipation formed on my face.

    "I talked it over with my coach, and I'll be staying here with you until you get better", he said.

    I didn't know what to say. I pictured us living together several times.

    "That's great Lars!", I said. He leaned down and kissed me again, and I felt his other hand touch my crotch. He stopped kissing me and I stared into his eyes. With his other hand he began to tease my nipple.

    "Only if you want to", he said.

    "Yes, I want you to", I said, and he pulled my pants down a little bit and moved his mouth towards my cock.

    The second his mouth touched my dick I felt instant relief from all the pain I was feeling. He moved up and down, rubbing it with his tougne at the same time. I began to moan with pleasure, but I knew I had to keep it down because of the setting! Suddenly I heard the doctor coming towards my room. Lars quickly pulled my pants up but the erection was so obviously poking through! He turned to me and smiled his devilish grin that I loved.

    "Lars will be my at home doctor! I should hope my recovery will take longer then expected", I thought to myself.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    great twist to the story hope all works out ok
    Hot and Horny

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Wow! What a time to catch up on the story. The unfortunate thing is there are those kind of aholes everywhere. Most are probably latent gays themselves and need to react with such violence to hide their own desires. Always in a gang though. Too chicken to go one on one. The main thing is Lars is there and both of you have been able to express your love for one another.


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    Re: Rugby team stories

    THE ATTACK Pt. 2

    The doctor came entered the room as I began to calm down, though my erection was still noticible through my scrub pants! Lars was still sitting in the chair at my bedside.

    The doctor explained to both of us my regimine for recovery, how to shower, possible pain killers, when I could play again (which probably wasn't going to be for several weeks, but with Lars around it would pass the time!). He also said to be careful during sex. I noticed that he stared at my crotch a couple times, clearly noticing my erection! After taking my numbers he left. We were once again in privicy. Lars and I talked for a while longer until their was a knock at my door. It was Hanz, followed by Nigel and Colin, two of my other teammates.

    "I'll go get somthing to eat and leave you guys alone for a bit", Lars said, and he left the room.


    "How are you feeling Steve?", Hanz asked.

    "Getting better", I replied.

    "You're lucky you have Lars. From what you've said he sounds like a great guy", Colin said.

    "Thanks. Yah he is. I never expected to meet someone like him so soon after coming out", I said.

    "Steve, we wanna show you something", Hanz said as he pulled out his phone. He hit a few buttons and went to the picture menu. The first picture he pulled up showed Nigel and Colin punching one of the big guys that held me down as I got beaten. He scrolled ahead and showed me several other pictures which had them beating him more and then the other big guy who held me down, both to the point of having blood on their faces. Nigel and Colin were the biggest guys on our team, so they could hold their ground.

    "Remember what we said during your initiation. We value you on this team and we think of you as a brother", Hanz said, tracing the design of the Celtic symbol on my chest that he painted on all those months ago. I began to cry again.

    "I can't believe I was every worried about being open with you guys. I actually questioned if you would accept me, and here you are standing up for me in the biggest way possible", I said as Hanz gave me a hug.

    "Of course we would Steve. Rugby teams here have very strong bonds", he said.

    "It was nothing Steve", Nigel said, "When I was younger I used to protect kids who got picked on for being different. Why should I stop now that I'm older?"

    "Steve, if it's okay with you, we want to wear rainbow colored armband in your honor during our next game", Steve said.

    "If you want to that's fine by me. You can also explain what they're about too. I'm not afraid to be out anymore", I said.

    "Okay. I think you're braver then anyone else on our team", Hanz said. Nigel and Collin nodded their heads in agreeance.

    After a couple more minutes Lars returned. We all talked for a bit longer before Hanz, Nigel, and Collin left. It was getting late so Lars decided to head over to my apartment. I gave him the key and I hugged and kissed him goodnight. After he left I decided to shut my eyes and try to sleep.


    After sleeping for a couple hours I was woken up by a text. It was Lars. I opened it and nearly gasped in shock by the picture he sent me. He was lying in my bed on top of the sheets wearing nothing but the red silk boxers he had on over Valentine's Day.

    "The sheets had your smell and I got horney for you. I wish you were here tonight but even though we're apart we can still have fun", he wrote as a caption.

    I immediately began to feel a tingle in my crotch. I reached down my pants and began to stroke myself. Lars began to send me more pictures. He had is hand down his boxers, touching himself. Then he pulled his erect cock out, which he began to stroke. He then removed his boxers and was lying on my bed completely naked. I sent him a picture of my cock and told him to keep it up, showing that I had recieved his pictures and was still interested!

    He then began to take various positions on my sheets. My favorite was when he sat up on his hands and knees and grinded his cock into the pillow. He then layed down and stroked himself off. The drops of precum that were leaking out of his manhood showed me that he was nearing climax. His next picture showed his cum spewing out of his dick, getting all over his torso and also on my sheets. Seeing that was enough to make me shoot my load in powerful spurts, getting all over my stomach. I let out a manly grunt, not caring where I was or who heard. After I finished I sent Lars a picture showing the "fruits of my labor".

    Lars' last message of the night was a picture of himself laying in my bed on the pillow, smiling in the way that I loved. The caption read, "I love you Steve. I'm so glad to have you in my life".

    I replied with the same message. I then put my phone down and closed my eyes to go to sleep.

    "Despite what happened the other night. I'm not ashamed of who I am. I'm a very lucky person and I love my life", I thought to myself before going to sleep, while also thinking about Lars and how great it would be to live with him, even for just a little while.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    THE ATTACK pt. 3

    I awoke the next morning still thinking about the other night. I loved how Lars had "marked his territory" in my apartment, and couldn't wait to go home that day. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Lars!

    "Good morning sweetie", I said to him when I answered the phone.

    "I'm glad you liked what I sent you the other night! How'd you sleep?", he asked me.

    "Much better then I thought I would. I swear sex is the best pain killer!", I replied.

    "I'm glad I could help hon. Hey I'll be a bit late to come to the hospital today. I got a few things to do, but I can't wait to see you and hold you and kiss you my prince", Lars said, as I began to blush.

    We talked for a bit longer before we said our goodbyes. Not long after he hung up I got another call. It was my dad. He told me that him and my mom would not be able to get in until tomorrow. I told him that Lars would be here to take me home and make sure that I get settled back into my apartment okay. He began to cry, and said that he was sorry that he wasn't able to be here with my during this hard time. I told him that Lars and my other teammates were here for me and had already been helping me out a lot. We talked for a bit longer and he said goodbye. I then turned on the TV to try and pass the time, eagerly awaiting for Lars to come back.

    "What was he doing?", I wondered to myself.


    After a couple of hours Lars returned, greeting me with a hug and a kiss just like he said. He had also brought me a sleeping shirt from my place for me to put on.

    "I got a surprise for you when we get to your place Steve," he said with a smile.

    Now I couldn't wait to get back home!!!


    After a little while the doctor came in. He told me that everything had checked out and that I was ready to go home. After wheeling me out of the hospital me and Lars got into a cab and we headed for my apartment. In the car he grabbed hold of my hand. I turned to stare at him smiling at me. He then leaned over and kissed me.

    When we arrived back at my apartment got out of the car first and went around to open the door for me. He then reached his hand out, inviting me to grab it. I did and we got out of the cab. With one arm Lars carried my stuff and with the other arm he wrapped it around me to stabalize me since I was still a little whoozie from the drugs they gave me. As Lars led me up the stairs I tripped slightly. He dropped everything and wrapped both arms around me, while at the same time being careful of my cast.

    "It's okay, I've got you", he said softly. I wondered if what he said was also meant to imply greater meaning. My money was on yes.

    When we reached my apartment he opened the door and led me inside. I noticed that he had cleaned the place for me, and also bought me flowers, which were sitting in a vase on the table.

    "You didn't have to do this Lars, but thanks", I said as I leaned in and kissed him.

    "I also bought some things for me to make dinner for several nights", he added, "I figured we should obviously just take it easy for a while."

    "That sounds great. I'm really glad you'll be staying with me", I said.

    "Me too Steve", he said.

    "Shower with me?", I asked with a slight tone of seduction, "I feel really dirty and probably smell too".

    "Of course, but you always smell great", Lars said.


    In no time we were both out of our clothes. Lars wrapped me up in the plastic just as the doctor said, covering my cast and the stitches.

    "Maybe when I'm recovered we could do something kinky with this!", my dirty mind told me.

    Lars then turned the water on, took the shower head off and began to get me wet. Afterwards he squirted some body wash into his hand and began to wash me off. He concentrated a long time on my penis. I tilted my head back and gasped with pleasure. He did that for quite a while before washing off the rest of me. He dried me off and I got out of the shower and sat down. He then washed himself off, taking his sweet time and making it extra sexy for me. He got a good, soapy lather on his cock, chest, and ass. He saw that I loved what he was doing so much that I began to stroke myself to contain my raging hardon.

    After he finished he got out, dried himself off and we went out into the living room. Lars then got a bowl, filled it with hot water and grabbed a washcloth. I sat down on the couch and he washed off my stomach area, being very careful to work around the stitches. At several points he looked up at me and smiled. After finishing he dried me off and began to caress my body. My cock began to twitch again.

    "Lay down Steve", Lars said in a mildly commanding fashion. I obeyed and he stood up over me, positioning himself so that his cock was right by my mouth. I immediatly took it and began to suck it. It was swelling bigger by the second. He began to stroke me off with one hand and rub the top of my head with the other hand. With my free hands I teased my nipples.

    "We can do this every night Steve", Lars said, staring into my eyes. I had nothing to say since I was too busy sucking on his delicious cock, but I did smile a bit. After a few minutes I tased Lars' precum in my mouth, so I knew he'd be coming anytime. After another couple of minutes he did, shooting right into my mouth and letting out a roar of pleasure. I swollowed every drop of his man nectar and as I released his cock licked off whatever remaind on the tip, which caused Lars to laugh like a little boy.

    Immediately after releasing his cock I shot my load, jizzing all over my stomach. Lars then licked it off of me. When he finished he wipped his lips clean and kissed me passionately, rubbing the back of my head with one hand and caressing my neck and shoulders with the other. Afer a couple minutes he let go and stared into my eyes, continuing to caress my face.

    "I love you Steve", he said with a smile.

    "I love you Lars", I said.


    Lars began to make dinner. We both stayed naked but Lars put on an apron (he looked so fucking adorable wearing just that, his beefy, sexy ass sticking out the back as he cooked over the stove). As he cooked we talked about whatever was on our minds. After dinner we layed in bed, still naked and sipped champagne. After we finished the entire bottle we both began to drift off. Lars couldn't wrap me in his arms and hold me tight like I so wanted him too, but he layed with one arm drapped across my chest, as if to say "I'm here for you babe" without saying anything.

    Before I fell asleep I thought about tomorrow, and what it would be like to see my parents for the first time since coming to Europe, and what they would think of Lars. I knew I had nothing to worry about, since he was such a gentleman and great with other people.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Good to see Steve home and in the gentle care of Lars. It will be interesting to see how his parents react. I'm sure it will be fine. I hope the other guys find who did this and they get their just dessert.


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    Re: Rugby team stories

    "I hope the other guys find who did this and they get their just dessert."

    It was explained in THE ATTACK Pt. 2

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    I remember during the attack, rather when they found you, they were punching someone out before you blacked out. That is what I thought the photos were about. Glad that has been cleared. However, I'd like to have seen more justice done to them....


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    Re: Rugby team stories

    "However, I'd like to have seen more justice done to them"

    Well they did get the shit kicked out of them, and my main attacker obviously got arrested because they held him until help showed up.

    I will try and have more written soon but this is a busy week for me with school and whatnot. Thanks to all my readers!!!

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    Re: Rugby team stories


    As I slept I began to have a nightmare in which I was reliving the attack. This time, however, I was tied to a chair and had duct tape over my mouth. The bigger guys took turns punching me while the main guy watched with glee. Suddenly they stopped and the main guy took out his switchblade and walked towards me and put it towards my neck, ready to slit my throat.

    "Steve. Steve!", I heard as I felt a hand lightly shake my shoulder. It was Lars. He saw that I was having a nightmare and woke me up. I was in a cold sweat. I immediatly wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his chest, not worrying about any pain I might be having. He put his arms around me and I began to cry.

    "You don't deserve someone so fucked up Lars", I told him as I bawled.

    "Hey. Hey", he said as he lightly lifted my chin with his hand so I was staring into his eyes.

    "I love you Steve. I love the fact that you're human. I will help you get through this I promise", he said with a smile. He leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.

    Lars continued to hold me in his arms. In no time at all I fell back asleep, still in his embrace. That night I had nothing but pleasent dreams.


    The next morning I awoke, noticing that Lars was nowhere to be found. I put on my underwear and walked out into the living area. Lars was sitting at the table with my breakfast already made.

    "Good morning baby," he said as he got up and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me.

    "Your parents will be here soon so you should probably eat", he suggested. I ate my food quickly and we both cleaned up.


    I no longer needed the cast on my nose, which was great because I wanted my parents to see me with as few injuries as possible. I also held ice on my face for as long as possible to reduce the swelling. My eyes still looked pretty bruised, but they were much better then a couple days ago. I could see just fine now.

    Suddenly my phone rang. It was my mom. I answered and she told me that she and my dad were in a cab on their way, having already checked into the hotel and unpacked. After talking for a couple more minutes I said goodbye.

    "We should make our way downstairs to the sidewalk. They'll be here any minute," I said to Lars. He agreed and we got up and began to head downstairs. I didn't need his help to stabalize me because the drugs had really worn off since last night. We reached the main floor of my apartment building and went outside. After just a minute or so the cab with my parents pulled up. My mom got out and walked towards me and began to cry. She gave me a hug.

    "Mom, it's really not as bad as it looks", I reassured her. I looked over at my dad shaking hands with Lars.

    "Hi Lars. I've heard so much about you. It's great to finally meet you", my dad said.

    "You too", Lars said.

    My mom and dad then switched places. He gave me a hug while my mom and Lars introduced themselves. After a couple more minutes we headed up to my apartment. When we went inside my mom sat down. Lars offered my parents some wine, which they accepted.

    "He's doing a great job impressing them", I thought to myself.

    We talked for a while, catching up about what was going on among people I knew back in the States, and also asking Lars questions about himself. They surprising didn't grill him too bad!

    Lars said he wanted to go to the market and get some things for dinner tonight. My mom asked if she could join him. He said yes and they got up to leave. Before they left he walked over to me and kissed me.

    "Love you", he said as he left. My parents looked surprisingly unphased by what they just saw. After they left me and my dad stayed where we were and continued talking. I asked him what he thought of Lars.

    "I was a little concerned about him being older, but he seems to really treat you well. It says a lot that he dropped everything to come here and help you get better", my dad said.

    "It's great to see you being honest about who you are. Despite what happened you seem more relaxed and happy", he added.

    "I really love him dad. If possible I'd love to spend the summer with him", I told him.

    "If it's what you both want you should do it. We'll miss you of course", he said.

    We talked for another hour or so before my mom and Lars returned with food. After putting everything away we decided to walk around the city a bit. I was feeling much better and thought it would be good to get some fresh air. We all headed downstairs and outside.


    After a couple of hours we came back to my apartment and Lars began to make dinner. My mom of course, being the kind of person she was, had to help! We then sat down to dinner and had a nice meal, talking more about anything and everything. After coffee and dessert my parents said goodnight and left to go back to their hotel. After they shut the door I turned to Lars and kissed him passionately.

    "My parents love you", I said with sincerity.

    "Thanks. Your mom asked me a lot of questions when we were out. Nothing out of line though", he said as he stared into my eyes.

    "I think it's time for your shower", Lars added coyly with his usual devilish, seductive grin that I loved. In no time at all we were out of our clothes and he wrapped me in plastic.


    After a repeat of the night before in terms of showering and sex, Lars and I were in bed, naked of course. He held me under the blanket and kissed me all over.

    "You were great today baby", I told him.

    "Thanks. You're always great to me Steve", Lars said as he kissed me on the lips. We had our lips locked for at least a minute before letting go. I rested my head on his chest and he lightly wrapped his arm around me. As I fell asleep, I thought about how great of a day I had, and also how greatful I was that Lars was here for me. At the same time, I longed to be playing with my team again, but I knew that would not be possible right now.

    I was glad that they would be making a public gesture in my support, but I was also nervous as to what it would mean. I decided not to let it worry me and I went to sleep.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Hi, "Scream"!

    I've been reading, but not commenting. I have to admit that I wasn't very "sure" about your story, when I first ran across it. Thought it might be another one of those "frames" for Just SEX, with no real Content behind it.

    However ... I've been Impressed with how you've been handling it, and where you are taking it now!

    I'm very much looking forward to what MORE you might have in store for "Us"!!

    Just rated this with 5 Stars!!

    Keep smilin'!!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    It's always a pleasure to read where parents can be so accepting of their son being gay. Of course it depends on the partner as well. Obviously Lars has made a great impression on Steve's parents which in turn will help them in any anxiety they may have had. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyanimal View Post
    Hi, "Scream"!

    I've been reading, but not commenting. I have to admit that I wasn't very "sure" about your story, when I first ran across it. Thought it might be another one of those "frames" for Just SEX, with no real Content behind it.

    However ... I've been Impressed with how you've been handling it, and where you are taking it now!

    I'm very much looking forward to what MORE you might have in store for "Us"!!

    Just rated this with 5 Stars!!

    Keep smilin'!!
    Thanks for all your kind words of encouragment.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    still loving the story and look forward to more
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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Kyanimal told me about this story so I read it today and rated it. I'm looking forward to more.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    What a great story!!... I'm just a lil confused... Is this a true story or fantasy?

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Quote Originally Posted by bigjimboe09 View Post
    What a great story!!... I'm just a lil confused... Is this a true story or fantasy?
    It can be whatever you want it to be...

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    RECOVERY Pt. 2

    It was Friday night. My team was playing their first game without me. My parents also left the day before so that had me down as well. My only saving grace was that Lars was still here. Earlier in the day he asked me if I wanted to go watch the game. I told him that I didn't feel up to it, both mentally and physically.

    "I understand Steve. We'll have a quiet evening to ourselves then", he said.

    He made a great dinner (as usual), and we just layed on the couch for most of the evening and cuddled, not thinking about anything else other then each other. When it got late we went into the bedroom and we continued to hold each other and stare into each other's eyes. I reached over and lightly brushed his face.

    "Why are you so amazing to me?", I asked Lars.

    "Because you are to me", he replied as he leaned in to kiss me. After kissing for a few minutes we continued to stare in each other's eyes until we fell asleep.


    The next day awoke to find Lars out of bed. I got up and went outside, expecting to see Lars making breakfast.

    "He really needs to teach me how to cook so I can do it for him sometime", I thought to myself.

    As I walked out into the main area I heard a familiar voice. When I reached the outside I couldn't believe what I saw. Friedrik was sitting at the table with Lars drinking coffee. They both turned around when I entered the room and got up to come towards me.

    "I'm sorry Steve if I didn't tell you that Friedrik would be stopping by. He wanted to see you after he heard about what happened to you. I wanted it to be a surprise. I hope you're not mad", he said with a worriesome look on his face which almost made me cry.

    "No of course not. I'm glad you're here Friedrik", I said as I gave him a hug (I noticed I could hug tighter then before, so I was clearly healing).

    "It's great to see you already doing so much better. Lars told me about what happened to you right as he left to come here. Rory and Peter send their wishes as well", he said.

    "Do you feel well enough to maybe go out?", Lars asked me.

    I thought about it for a few seconds and then said that I did. I got dressed and we went outside.


    That day we went around the city. It felt like we did anything and everything. The fresh air made me feel so much better and energized. I got to know Friedrik more. I learned about his life and what it was like for him to come out as an active rugby player. His parents didn't take it well at first, but they came around.

    We found a great place to eat dinner. We stayed there for at least two hours talking about rugby, life, and so much else. When it was time to go Friedrik said that he was going to catch the night train back to his city.

    "No man, you gotta stay the night", I begged. After begging for several minutes Friedrik agreed to it. Since the fresh air had lifted my spirits and in turn my sex drive, I wondered how I could possibly use Friedrik spending the night to my advantage...


    When we got back to my apartment we all stared at each other, as if silently asking what we wanted to do next.

    I walked up to them both and put my hands on their shoulders and began to smile.

    "I've had one thing on my mind for half the night. Guess what it is", I said coyly to them both.

    "I'm game if it's okay with you", Friedrik said as he stared at Lars, a smile spreading across his face.

    "Absolutely. If you feel like you're up for it Steve", he said as the sexy grin that I loved spread across his face.

    "I feel up for it. Now take off your clothes", I said as I lightly groaped their crotches.


    In no time flat we were all naked and in the bedroom. I told them how I wanted them to position themselves as I layed down on the bed. I gotta admit that it felt great to take control every once in a while!

    Lars positioned himself right about my head, his dick resting right above my mouth ready for my taking. His balls would also be right by my nose so I would constantly have that musky smell in my face. In addition to letting me suck his dick I told him that I wanted him to tease my nipples the entire time.

    Friedrik positioned himself at the end of the bed and would suck and stroke my cock and tease my balls until I shot my load. I told them both that I wanted to take both their loads when they were ready to cum because I wanted another "burst of strength", like the one they gave me back in January (I honestly did think that it had a positive effect on me, and I knew that this would too).

    Before we began, I warned them to be careful of my cast and stitches. With that they both began to pleasure my body. I felt like a God having these two Adonisis pleasuring me exactly how I wanted them to!!!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    mmmmmmmmmmmm very hot
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    Re: Rugby team stories

    Fucking love this story!! I get an almost instant hard on!! Keep the good times cumin!!

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    I think this goes great with my story/stories:

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    RECOVERY Pt. 3

    Instantly I felt shockwaves of pleasure coming to every area of my body. I couldn't tell what felt better; to suck Lars' long, thick cock and have his balls in my face, or having Friedrik suck and stroke me off.

    Lars would continue to kneel up and down, his muscular thighs tensing up as he squated up and down and I sucked his dick. As he played with my nipples I looked up at him and smiled. Suddenly I felt adventurous. I reached around with one hand and began to pleasure his crack. I started with just rubbing the outside but then I began to press inside a bit. Lars gasped at first, but then he moaned with pleasure.

    "Oh Steve, that feels so fucking good!", he yelled. I felt his dick twitch in my mouth, so I knew that he was telling the truth.

    Friedrik was giving my cock the attention it deserved (not like it was starved by any means!). He was stroking and sucking me off at the same time, while using his other hand to tease my balls and taint. By this point I was twitching like a diving rod so I'm amazed that I didn't hit him in the face.

    As a result of all the pleasure I was being subjected to I shot my load in a matter of minutes. Friedrik took it all in his mouth. After he finished he got up and I couldn't help but notice his raging hardon.

    "That tasted great Steve", he said. "You're so lucky Lars", he added with a smile.

    "I am aren't I?!", Lars said with a chuckle as he took his hands off my nipples and caressed my face.

    Suddenly I had an idea. I know that I just got off but I could feel my cock tingling again and I wanted to see more.

    "Sit down in that chair and jack off", I said to Friedrik as I pointed to my leather desk chair. I tried not to be too commanding, but firm at the same time.

    He obeyed and began to stroke himself off. He spread his legs so as to give Lars and I a great view. His strokes varried between slow and long and fast and short. After a couple minutes he draped his left leg over the arm rest and began to rub his chest and play with his nipples. I looked up at Lars and saw him staring at Friedrik with a look of lust on his face, and I could feel his cock twitching like crazy in my mouth. I honestly didn't mind if he stared at another guy because I was there too and I knew that he loved me.

    After several minutes Friedrik was clearly ready to come at anytime. His head was tilted back, moans of pleasure were escaping his mouth, beads of sweat were forming around his temples and on his thighs, and he was oozing precum. I didn't want this to end at anytime, so I knew I had to speak up.

    "Come over here and stop playing with yourself", I commanded as I pointed to my accordian-door closet with the full mirror on the outside. He obeyed, standing up and walking toward the bed with a look of sexual frustration on his face.

    I had him stand there for about a minute as I continued to suck Lars off, and he wasn't allowed to touch himself. I guess by this point I was ordering Freidrik around more for Lars' pleasure then my own! When I noticed his erection was going down I knew I could let him continue to make love to his sexy body.

    "Turn around and do what you were doing", I told him. He obeyed.

    Friedrik's body looked so amazing where it was positioned. We saw every inch of it from every angle, every muscle that tensed up from each stroke.

    "Pretty hot huh Lars?", I asked as I looked up at him.

    "Yah it is", he said, barely able to speak from all the arousal. I could taste the salty precum from his cock and knew that he was ready to cum. I drove my finger in his ass a little harder to aid in the process more.

    "Oh I'm almost there!", Friedrik yelled as he rushed towards my mouth, still stroking his cock with such ferocity.

    "Me too", Lars said as he turned to my side a bit, taking his dick out of my mouth as I still licked the head while he slowly continued stroking it. After only about 15 seconds they both shot into my mouth. It felt so warm as it ran inside and down my throat. When they both finished spewing I ran my tougne across both of their shafts to get every last drop of jizz. They laughed like little boys when I did that, which I found so fucking adorable!

    When I was finished licking their manhoods clean they both collapsed onto my bed with exhaustion. I knew Lars got a great workout with all the squating I had him do (I knew it would be beneficial for when he fucked me next time). I wipped my mouth clean and leaned in to kiss Lars. We kissed passionately and held each other for a few minutes. Not forgetting about our guest, I turned around to see Friedrik lying their staring at us.

    "That was amazing Friedrik", I said with a smile. I then leaned in and kissed him on the forehead.

    "Hope I wasn't too hard on you!", I said with a chuckle.

    "Not at all. I loved it. It's fun to be ordered around in the bedroom every now and again", he said with a smile.

    "The couch is really uncomfortable to sleep on. Do you mind if he sleeps with us Lars?", I asked as I turned to face him.

    "Absolutely. Just don't try anything on my boyfriend in the middle of the night!", he said in a jokingly tone of voice.

    "No worries", Friedrik said.

    We turned the lights off and talked for a while before we fell asleep. Me and Lars were in each others' embrace while Friedrik turned towards me and put his arm around my stomach, pulling himself closer. It felt so amazing to have these two gorgeous guys rubbing their naked bodies against me.


    The next morning we got up and had breakfast. Afterwards we showered together (where surprisingly nothing happened, but I didn't mind), and Friedrik got ready to go to the train station. Lars and I said our goodbyes as he left but hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. After he left I turned to Lars put my arms around him.

    "That was so fucking hot last night. I could tell you liked what you saw so I wanted to give you more", I said with a grin.

    "It was hot, but you're hotter Steve", Lars said as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me.


    The rest of the day we mostly just hung out around my apartment, enjoying each others company. That evening while Lars was making dinner I went online to check my Facebook and email and couldn't believe what I saw. So many people from high school and college (and many others I didn't even know whom I assumed were fans of our team), including some of my old teammates, were sending me well wishes and congratulating me on being out and honest about myself. I even got sent an online video from Hanz where he spoke before the game to a reporter. He was waring the rainbow colored arm band like he said the team would be. I called Lars over to watch it with me.

    "We want to support our teammate Steve in his time of need. One week ago he was the victim of an attack that was motivated by nothing more then the fact that he is gay. We also want to send a message of support to all those in the LGBT community. We want to say that you should not be ashamed to be open and honest about who you are. Rugby is a sport where you can be yourself and be accepted", Hanz said.

    I began to cry as I hugged Lars. Yet again the support from my team had exceeded my expectations. Later in the week I was scheduled to get my cast and stitches off. I couldn't wait to get back to practice. Between them and Lars, I really had a complete family over here.

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    Re: Rugby team stories

    i wish i was steve
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