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    top 25 listened to

    post em!

    your top 25 most listened to songs on ur ipods/phones/mp3players/itunes/various media playing apparati!

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    Re: top 25 listened to

    I don't have I-Tunes, but these are some of the songs I listen too pretty often


    1. Kelly Clarkson- Mr. Know It All

    2. Ciara- Blauw

    3. Tynisha Keli- Denial

    4. Tynisha Keli- Blackberry

    5. Aubrey O'Day- Hitchhiker

    6. Ciara featuring Ludacris- Ride

    7. Tynisha Keli- Lullaby

    8. Beyonce- Diva

    9. Beyonce- Schoolin Life

    10. Beyonce- Resentment

    11. Lil Mama (LOL)- Strawberry

    12. Avril Lavigne- Unwanted

    13. Lil Kim- Suck My Dick

    14. Nicki Minaj featuring Enimen- Roman's Revenge

    15. Nicki Minaj- Did It On Em

    16. Taylor Swift- Story Of Us

    17. Beyonce- Why Don't You Love Me?

    18. Ciara- Girls Get Your Money

    19. Demi Lovato- Skyscraper

    20. Christina Aguilera- Walk Away

    21. Nox Arcana- Pandora's Music Box

    22. Nicki Minaj- Save Me

    23. Ashley Tisdale- Switch

    24. Kimberly Cole- Smack You

    25. School Girlz- Something Like A Party
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    Re: top 25 listened to

    Here's my iTunes (not that high of plays due to a few hard drive crashes and new computers happening through the

    and my Top Tracks
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    Re: top 25 listened to

    My plays would be higher to by switched computers abt a half year ago and it started the plays all over.. made me sad though Brit would still be rulling it
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