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    Str8 Guys Stripped/Embarrassed By Girls (aka CFNM)

    Ever since I was a kid, I've been wildly turned on by cute str8 guys being embarrassed either by having to take off their clothes in front of girls or being spied on by girls. Some of my first encounters with this came from movies or TV shows where a guy had his pants pulled down with a girl watching, a girl looked through a peephole to see into the boys' shower or locker room, and girls caught boys skinny dipping. I've come to learn that there's an entire genre of porn on this called Clothed Female Naked Male. Some of the best (at least for me) situations in CFNM include girls getting to swim with bathing suits while the boys must be naked, girls getting to use the boys in class as props for a male anatomy course, girls getting to watch a boy get a physical, girls blackmailing a boy into showing them his cock and balls. Although CFNM is ultimately about power, it's much more subtle and erotic than Femdom, although it shares qualities and can go in that direction.

    I think the reasons CFNM turns me on so much are:

    1. The guys (at least in my fantasies) are hot and str8.
    2. I can imagine being the girl or what it must be like for the girl to have a crush on a guy who isn't interested in her and then having the enormous thrill of taking control of him and seeing his most personal body parts and perhaps getting to play with them despite his protests.
    3. Although as a gay guy, I sort of already have this experience (by getting to see the goods of str8 guys in the locker room), there is something more exciting about seeing a hot guy embarrassed in front of a girl, probably because someone physically weaker is suddenly in a position of power over someone stronger.

    Because of this, I also like to look at pics of amateur guys with unhappy expressions taking a pic of themselves naked and imagine that a girl is blackmailing them and forcing them to send to the girl a pic. (See attached.) For example, I imagine that a girl in his class (me?) has proof that he was cheating on a test and said she would keep quiet only if he sent her a fully naked pic of himself. He tries to talk her out of this cause he's not interested in her and is embarrassed to be seen naked, but ultimately agrees. She swears she won't show it to anyone else (and is skeptical he'll do it.) I can imagine being the girl, perhaps one who has never seen a guy naked before and who has had a huge crush on the guy (a popular jock) whom she has seen in jeans and a t or a football uniform hundreds of times, getting the email, opening it up and seeing the pic. It would be thrilling as hell!! His unhappy expression makes it look even more real.

    Sorry for the long email but I'm curious if other guys on here are into this, too, and for similar reasons. Does it turn you on imagining being a girl taking advantage of a str8 guy?
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    Re: Str8 Guys Stripped/Embarrassed By Girls (aka CFNM)

    That stuff really turns me on, too.

    Try this website:

    It's not always realistic, but some of them aren't bad.

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    Re: Str8 Guys Stripped/Embarrassed By Girls (aka CFNM)

    I, too, discovered this in the last week or so. I like it mostly for the humiliation aspect of it for the same reason I love CMNM porn where the clothed men are mostly older or professionals. It's especially hot if the guy(s) in CFNM are gay but straight works too.

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    Re: Str8 Guys Stripped/Embarrassed By Girls (aka CFNM)

    i found some videos and i like it, especialy how the str8 guy is abused by the female

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    Re: Str8 Guys Stripped/Embarrassed By Girls (aka CFNM)

    yeah i think its hot. i had an experience one time with a group of girls while i was slacklining at secluded lake where i live. i was walking the slackline over the water and then i was chilling on the other side in just my soaking wet tightie whities. i had to walk to the other side to get my clothes and stuff, i tried waiting for them to leave but they werent going anywhere. i had to walk right up next to them in soaking wet white briefs, get my stuff together and then leave. very embarassed. lol

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