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    Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Sometimes I just want to write full on fantasy riddled hot man on man sex mixed with fetish acts. Some of the previous piss stories I have written have a complete plot with messages and characterizations mixed in. The stories I post here will have less of that and more just straight out piss play.

    If you are at all sensitive about this topic it is best you do not read any further. These stories are pure fantasy. They are not for those who wonder about the logistics of this fetish. I have left those at reality's door and entered the realm of pretendland.

    I totally understand if anyone would prefer to refrain from posting comments here. However I always welcome them if you feel comfortable.

    Thanks for indulging me.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 1 – The Gift

    Charlie excused himself and headed down the long hallway. He passed the bathroom and stepped into the bedroom. He paused to look around, surveying the room, before stepping in front of the bed. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out. It took a few seconds before piss was flowing out onto the carpet under him. He stood still and watched a puddle form and when the last few drops were falling he shook his cock to be sure every bit of it hit the floor. Charlie zipped himself back up and returned to Jamie who was waiting on the couch.

    Jamie was falling asleep and Charlie got up to leave. Jamie followed him to the door. Charlie paused and looked at him, a smile formed on his lips.

    “What?” Jamie asked.

    “Nothing, goodnight,” Charlie smiled.

    Jamie locked up and shut off the lights before heading to his bedroom. He stripped off his clothes and stepped to the bed to climb in. He felt something wet under his feet. As he wondered what he had stepped in he remembered Charlie’s sly grin. Jamie’s breath caught in his throat.

    Jamie climbed into bed and laid on his back. He ran his hand down his stomach and wrapped his fingers around the shaft of his semi-hard dick. He squeezed and pulled against his dick feeling it get stiffer under his fingers. He closed his eyes and pictured Charlie standing next to the bed with his dick dangling out of his pants, a steady flow of piss wetting the floor. Jamie let out a loud moan and came hard onto his stomach.

    He moved onto his side and felt the cum roll down and hit the sheets under him. He felt the hot liquid pool around him as he added piss to the cum stained sheet. He pulled the covers over him and snuggled under them until he was fast asleep.

    In the morning Jamie’s piss hard dick woke him up early. The sheets under him were still damp but the blankets and comforter were soft and warm. He gathered them up and rolled onto his stomach. He rubbed his dick against the warm covers, thrusting his hips against the mattress. He fucked the bed harder, faster, and felt his dick throb underneath him. He let out a deep grunt and shot cum into the makeshift hole he had created. When he caught his breath he let his bladder release the hot morning piss it had been holding.

    Jamie got out of bed and threw on a pair of sweats. He headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. While he waited he called Charlie.

    “I found your little gift,” Jamie told him.

    “Did you enjoy it,” Charlie asked.

    “Very much,” Jamie said.

    “Tell me about it,” Charlie prodded.

    Jamie told Charlie about jerking off and pissing the bed before falling asleep. Then told him about his bed fucking session. Charlie mmm’d and aaah’d on the other end.

    “I would love to return the favor,” Jamie suggested.

    “I think I would like that,” Charlie said after short pause.

    A few days later Jamie and Charlie were having beers and watching a game at Charlie’s apartment. Jamie tried to be sly about heading to Charlie’s bedroom to return his gift, but they both knew what was going on. Charlie let Jamie go into the bedroom alone, if anything at least he would be unaware of where it would be waiting for him.

    Jamie looked around the room. He did not want to leave his piss puddle by the bed, it was too obvious a spot and there was no carpet, it was all hardwood. He saw Charlie’s computer sitting on a desk near the closet. Charlie spent a lot of time watching videos and playing games there. Jamie sat in the chair and pulled his dick out of his fly. He let it rest against his balls and waited. A puddle of piss formed just under him, soaking the small rug under the desk. He zipped himself back up and rejoined Charlie in the living room.

    Charlie headed to bed after Jamie had said goodnight. He looked around the room and did not notice any puddles. He knew they would be visible. Charlie wondered if Jamie had chickened out. He shrugged and pulled his t-shirt over his head. He decided to have a jerk session before bed and sat down in front of his computer. His foot landed on the wet rug and he smiled. Good job Jamie, Charlie thought.

    Charlie went to his favorite porn tube site and found a video to watch. He unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and pulled his dick and balls over the band of his briefs. Pre-cum was leaking out of his cock head and he rubbed his thumb over it. He massaged the head with his thumb and forefinger before wrapping his hand around the shaft and jerking steadily. Cum splattered onto his stomach and rolled down into his underwear. He pointed his cock to the floor and added his own piss to Jamie’s before heading to bed.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 2 – Shopping Wet

    Jamie was in the men’s section at Macy’s shopping for a gift. He was thumbing through a rack of shirts when he felt the need to take leak. He looked around and found the sign for the men’s bathroom. He slowly made his way back to where the sign pointed, pausing at different stands and racks to browse. By the time he stepped into a stall he was desperate. He unzipped his pants and felt pee leak out of his dick. He tried but could not stop the flow. He stood still and let it fill up his briefs and roll down his legs. He let out a deep sigh and stepped back from the toilet. His pants were soaked and so were his shoes and socks. He unzipped his hoodie and tied it around his waist. As he left the stall he noticed he had left a puddle on the floor.

    At home Jamie took off his shoes, socks, pants and underwear and threw them into a pile on the floor. He admired them for a minute and held his dick over them, wetting them down once more. After a nice long leak he jerked himself to completion, adding hot white cum to the mix.

    Later that night Charlie called to say hello. When he asked Jamie what he had done that day Jamie told him about shopping and wetting himself. He told Charlie that he felt a sense of mischief as he walked through several more stores with piss soaked pants. They hung up and Jamie had one more jacking session before falling asleep.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 3 – Connection

    Once again morning arrived and Jamie’s hard dick called to him. He had enjoyed his bed fucking session earlier in the week so he tried that again. When his fluids had completely soaked the sheets and blanket under him he got out of bed and threw on his baggy sweats. He felt the piss and cum soaking into his skin as his dick and balls hung freely.

    Jamie was making breakfast when there was a knock at his door. He went to answer it and found Charlie standing there.

    “Hi,” Jamie greeted him with confusion. They lived in the same building but Charlie had never shown up unannounced.

    “Hi,” Charlie smiled at him and stepped inside.

    Charlie got close to Jamie and grabbed his arm. He pushed Jamie’s hand against his thigh and held it there. Jamie was confused at first but then felt hot liquid hit his skin. He took in a deep breath and felt his dick twitch. Charlie stared at him as he relieved himself and when he finished he stepped even closer to Jamie. His lips were less than an inch from Jamie’s mouth and Jamie leaned back a tad.

    “I am not going to be an experiment,” Jamie told Charlie. “You need to be sure this is what you want,” he added.

    “I want this,” Charlie assured him. He leaned into Jamie and pressed his lips onto his.

    Jamie grabbed the back of Charlie’s neck and pulled his head in closer. He deepened the kiss and opened his mouth to play with Charlie’s tongue. Jamie’s left hand was still in place on Charlie’s thigh. He moved it up toward Charlie’s crotch. Jamie stepped back and took Charlie by the hand, guiding him into the bedroom.

    Charlie sat down on the bed and Jamie got to his knees. He slid his fingers into the band of Charlie’s sweats and pulled them down. Charlie’s dick leaked precum and Jamie licked it off the tip before wrapping his lips around the shaft. Charlie put his hand on Jamie’s head and held him there as Jamie’s lips and tongue massaged every inch of his hard-on. Charlie let out a deep moan and loudly announced his was cumming. Jamie slowed his pace but kept his mouth over Charlie’s dick. Hot cum hit his tongue and throat and he swallowed all of it down.

    Jamie looked at Charlie who was smiling at him. He kissed him and stood up in front of him. Charlie tentatively pulled on the sides of Jamie’s pants and let them fall to his feet. He looked up at Jamie.

    “Tell me what to do,” Charlie’s voice cracked.

    “Just do what comes naturally, and watch the teeth,” Jamie encouraged him.

    Charlie licked the tip of Jamie’s dick before opening his mouth wide enough to take him in. Jamie stepped forward and pushed his cock further into Charlie’s mouth. Charlie let him face fuck him for a bit before he took over, sucking and bobbing on Jamie’s dick, being sure to keep his teeth away form the skin. Jamie warned him he was cumming and Charlie stopped bobbing. He waited for the cum to fill his mouth. It coated the inside of his throat and tasted like nothing he had imagined. He licked Jamie’s cock clean.

    They both climbed onto the bed and Jamie laid against Charlie’s stomach. They fell asleep there and Jamie woke up several hours later needing to piss. He sat up and Charlie’s eyes opened. Jamie kneeled next to Charlie and aimed his dick at Charlie’s waist. He soaked Charlie down with hot liquid and then straddled him, sitting in the puddle on his stomach.

    Charlie reached down and grabbed Jamie’s ass cheeks, massaging them and opening his ass. He sat up and pushed Jamie onto his back, laying on top of him. They kissed and gyrated into each other. Charlie slid his fingers over the spot between Jamie’s balls and ass. He let them slide further down until he was rubbing the skin over Jamie’s hole. Jamie tightened his grip on Charlie’s arms and spread his legs further. Charlie let his middle finger slide into Jamie’s anus. He watched as Jamie’s eyes rolled back into his head and he bit his lip.

    “Fuck me,” Jamie demanded.

    Charlie’s dick was leaking pre-cum and he used it as lube. He spit onto his palm and ran it over Jamie’s hole. He guided the head of his dick into the tight opening and felt the muscles contract around him. He pushed in further and Jamie’s grip tightened. He slowly pumped in and out and went deeper inside the cavity. Jamie’s anus pulled him in and wrapped around his dick. Charlie would not last long. He let out a loud moan and coated the inside of Jamie’s ass with cum. Jamie smiled at him and pulled him down to his face. Jamie’s lips moved against Charlie’s mouth and he reached down to finish himself off. He moaned into Charlie and came hard.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 4 – Sleepover

    Charlie was at work, his cubicle walls were covered with papers and his computer screen flickered in front of him. His headset was resting askew over his ear and a customer was talking incessantly into it. He looked at the clock. One more hour.

    The call continued for another 10 minutes and Charlie got the urge to pee. He could not end the call or put the customer on hold so he held on. A few minutes later he felt a drop of piss escape his dick. He looked down and remembered he was wearing his black slacks. They would not show the wetness if he just let go now.

    He typed in the customer’s orders as he let hot piss escape his dick. It splashed against his balls and thighs and pooled under him, soaking into his chair. He let out a deep silent breath as the flow came to a stop.

    When the call was finally over and it was time to head out for the night Charlie stood up and admired the pee stain on his chair. He threw the strap of his messenger bag over his shoulder and went to his car.

    At home Charlie changed out of his wet pants and threw on sweats and a t-shirt. He made himself something to eat and putzed around while he waited for Jamie to be off work. When he knew Jamie would be heading home, he dialed his number.

    Jamie answered and Charlie could not wait to tell him about wetting his pants. He described it in detail and Jamie told him he loved it.

    It was harder for Jamie to let loose at work because he dealt with customers face to face. But he often let streams of piss flow into his briefs before removing his dick and aiming for the toilet. He told Charlie that just after lunch he headed for the restroom and created a small wet spot in his briefs. It felt good to walk around wet, knowing his piss was soaking into his pants without anyone knowing otherwise.

    All the wetting talk had Jamie hot and bothered. For him hearing about piss was like watching someone else yawn. It was contagious. He was on the subway, standing dangerously close to other passengers. He would wait until he got to the station. As soon as the steel doors opened and Jamie stepped onto the platform he let his control go and filled his briefs with piss. He felt it roll down his legs and soak his socks as he walked through the station. The wet fabric of his Dockers rubbed against his skin.

    Instead of heading to his own apartment Jamie went to Charlie’s. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer. When Charlie opened the door Jamie unbottened his coat and let Charlie see his piss soaked pants.

    “Nice,” Charlie admired.

    Jamie stepped inside and pressed his lips to Charlie’s kissing him hungrily. Charlie’s lips moved with his and he reached down to press the wet pants against Jamie’s skin. Charlie unbuttoned and unzipped the fly and let them fall to Jamie’s feet. He cupped Jamie’s balls in his hand and squeezed them in his fingers. The wetness of Jamie’s briefs made Charlie’s dick leak.

    Clear jizz left a wet spot on the front of Charlie’s sweats and Jamie jammed his hand down into waistband. He played with the precum and kissed Charlie’s neck while Charlie’s fingers massaged his dick and balls. Jamie’s hard-on throbbed and danced under Charlie’s hand. He moaned into Charlie’s ear and shot his load all over his briefs.

    Jamie played with Charlie’s dick and balls coaxing it to explode inside his sweats. Charlie gasped and cum poured out of his cock. Jamie took his hand out of Charlie’s pants and licked the cum from his fingers.

    They climbed into bed together, after Charlie had insisted Jamie eat something. They were kissing and cuddling, letting their hands roam around each other’s bodies. Jamie grazed his middle finger over the opening of Charlie’s ass. He rubbed the skin gently and paused before pushing the tip of his finger inside the hole. Charlie flinched but did not stop him. Jamie slid his finger deeper inside.

    “Do you want to try it?” Jamie asked.

    “Not yet, I’m not ready yet,” Charlie choked out.

    Jamie nodded and swung his leg over Charlie’s waist straddling him. He reached back and guided Charlie’s hard dick into his ass slowly letting it slide deeper inside him. When Charlie felt his balls against Jamie’s ass cheeks he sat up and thrust his hips into him. Jamie rode him as they gyrated against each other. Jamie’s arms were wrapped tight around Charlie’s neck and he moaned into his ear, encouraging him to fuck harder. Charlie’s dick hit against Jamie’s prostate and Jamie’s dick exploded with cum. He arms were still wrapped around Charlie’s neck.

    Charlie gave a few more pumps before his own dick burst with cum.

    They spent the night together. Their first sleepover. In the morning they woke up piss hard and sticky from sweat and cum. Charlie rolled onto his side and faced Jamie who was already in that position.

    “What should we do about these?” Charlie asked Jamie.

    “I usually fuck the sheets,” Jamie laughed.

    “I jerk off in the shower,” Charlie told him.

    “When you had your finger in my ass, it felt really good,” Charlie said out of the blue.

    “You’ve never fingered yourself?” Jamie asked.

    “No,” Charlie told him.

    Jamie put his middle finger in his mouth and coated it with spit. He pushed Charlie onto his back and reached down, gently pushing it into Charlie’s hole.

    “It feels really good when you jack off,” Jamie told him.

    Charlie nodded and reached for his hard-on. He closed his eyes and slid his hand over his dick rubbing methodically. Jamie slid his finger deeper into Charlie’s ass and wiggled it around. He could feel the muscles push against him. He slowly moved his forefinger closer and slid it in next to the middle finger. Charlie flinched but kept the momentum in his strokes. Jamie could feel Charlie’s anus constrict against him and he knew he was about to shoot. Charlie’s dick blasted out a load of cum and he exhaled sharply.

    “Feels good right?” Jamie asked as Charlie’s breathing went back to normal.

    Charlie nodded and grinned and then closed his eyes again. Jamie glanced down at Charlie’s dick just in time to watch fresh morning piss flow from it.

    “Next time I’m bringing over a dildo,” Jamie told Charlie.

    Charlie smiled but the idea frightened him a little.

    “I think I want to watch you fuck the blankets,” Charlie told Jamie.

    “’Kay,” Jamie said.

    He gathered the top sheet and fluffy blanket and piled it under him. He laid on his stomach and slid his dick into the pile of fabric. He thrust his hips against the bed and fucked the pile moaning gently for Charlie’s benefit. He kept a steady pace until cum hit the cotton sheet. He opened his eyes and looked at Charlie who was intrigued by the action. Jamie stared intently into Charlie’s eyes as he soaked the sheet with piss.

    “I hope you fuck me that good when I’m ready,” Charlie told him.

    “Better,” Jamie promised him.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 5 – First Time

    Jamie was spending his day off cleaning up around his apartment. His piss and cum stained sheets were in the wash and he was steam cleaning the carpet. When he was done with his chores he sat down at the computer and tooled around the Internet. It bored him so he flipped on the television. That did not hold his interest long either.

    Jamie used his emergency copy of Charlie’s apartment key to let himself in. He headed straight for the bedroom and sat down in Charlie’s computer chair. He reached into his pants and pointed his dick toward the floor. He covered the rug in hot yellow piss and put his cock back in his pants. He locked the apartment door behind him and headed back to his own place to wait for Charlie to get home from work.

    Charlie called Jamie from the car.

    “Jaim,” Charlie had started calling him.

    “Hi babe,” Jamie answered.

    “I’m soaked,” Charlie told him.

    “Tell me,” Jamie encouraged.

    Charlie had decided not to enter the men’s bathroom unless he needed to shit. That only happened once. The rest of the day he wet his pants whenever the feeling hit him. His pants were soaked and his chair would likely never be dry again.

    “Sounds amazing,” Jamie told him.

    “I’ll be home soon, will call you when I get there,” Charlie said.

    Charlie got home and threw his bag on the table. He headed for the bedroom to change out of his soaked pants. He noticed the computer chair pulled out from the desk. He smiled knowing Jamie had been there. He stepped out of his shoes and placed his bare feet into the puddle on the carpet.

    “Thanks,” Charlie said to Jamie as he opened the door.

    “My pleasure,” Jamie grinned and motioned for Charlie to enter.

    “Did you have a good day?” Charlie asked Jamie as they sat on the couch.

    “I did a lot of cleaning actually,” Jamie told him. “I saved up all day so I could leave a big puddle,” he smiled.

    “You didn’t save any for yourself?” Charlie asked.

    “I’ve been leaking off and on, little drips rolling down my legs every so often,” Jamie confessed.

    They spent the evening cuddled up on the couch. Jamie wet himself halfway through the basketball game and Charlie dripped small amounts into his sweats off and on. When the game was over they headed for the bedroom.

    “I want to try the dildo,” Charlie announced.

    “OK,” Jamie opened the drawer next to his bed.

    He pulled out the smallest of his 3 toys, a condom and a bottle of lube. Charlie stripped naked and laid down on his stomach. Jamie took his time kissing and massaging Charlie’s neck, shoulders, back and ass. He spread open Charlie’s ass cheeks and squeezed lube onto the hole. He rolled the condom onto the 6” dildo and gently rubbed it against the opening of Charlie’s ass. He pushed the tip in slowly and Charlie grabbed the sheets, burying his face into the pillow. Jamie carefully pushed the rubber toy further inside. He kissed the small of Charlie’s back and slid the dildo in and out of his hole.

    Charlie let out moans and grunts as he tried to relax his anus and pull the rubber dick further inside. He felt his dick dance under him. He moaned in absolute pleasure when Jamie hit his prostate just right. Jamie stayed in that area and pressed against Charlie’s prostate with the tip of the dildo until Charlie’s dick exploded with cum.

    “Wow,” Charlie said breathlessly.

    “Pretty good huh?” it wasn’t really a question.

    “I want you to fuck me,” Charlie told him.

    “Now?” Jamie asked.

    “Why not?” Charlie asked honestly.

    “You might want to sit on me,” Jamie suggested as he lathered lube onto his hard dick. “You have more control that way,” he told Charlie.

    Charlie straddled Jamie and guided his hard cock into his ass. He did not have too much trouble taking him in, having just been opened up by the dildo. It was slightly harder taking in 2 more inches and having it be more flexible.

    Jamie let Charlie have complete control. Lying still for the most part, until Charlie begged him to fuck him silly. Jamie did as he was told pumping his dick into Charlie’s hole and hitting as many sensitive areas as he could find. The tightness of Charlie’s ass against his throbbing dick made him cum hard and fast.

    “You OK?” Jamie asked Charlie after a few minutes of silence.

    “Yep,” Charlie answered.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 6 – Sharing is Caring

    Jamie woke up before Charlie and got out of bed. His hard dick bounced up and down as he walked to the closet and quietly opened the door. He tried to be careful not to make much noise as he found the underwear drawer in the dresser at the back of the small walk-in. He slipped on a pair of Charlie’s white briefs and let out a small amount of piss. It made a quarter sized stain on the front and dripped down to the bottom of the crotch. He stepped out of the closet and headed into the bathroom then returned to gently wake Charlie up.

    “You gotta get ready for work babe,” Jamie whispered into Charlie’s ear.

    Charlie rubbed his eyes and sat up. He smiled at Jamie and brushed his face with his hand as he headed to shower. When he got into the bathroom he saw his usual work outfit waiting for him on the counter. He smiled at how cute it was that Jamie had laid his clothes out for him. His dick ached to be released and he turned on the water in the shower and stepped in. He worked his hard cock over and watched as his cum ran down the drain, he washed it down further with a nice long piss.

    When Charlie was finished in the shower he stepped out and toweled dry. He reached for the white briefs Jamie had left on top of his usual black slacks and white shirt. That’s when he noticed the dampness of them and saw the small yellow stains. He felt a tingle run down his spine and he quickly pulled them on.

    Jamie had climbed back into bed and finished his morning piss against the sheets. He drifted in and out of sleep while Charlie showered and got dressed. His eyes opened when he heard Charlie come back into the room.

    “I’m going to enjoy them all day,” Charlie whispered and kissed Jamie hard on the lips.
    “Have a good day,” Jamie said when Charlie had pulled himself away.

    Jamie went back to his apartment after sleeping another hour or so. He felt more comfortable at his own place when Charlie wasn’t around. He busied himself with little tasks of dusting and vacuuming. When there was nothing left to clean he pulled off his sweats and sat naked at his desk. He went to his favorite video site and lost himself in the abyss of Internet porn. When he found the section of guys wetting themselves he pressed play on every video.

    A huge puddle of piss and cum formed under the desk and Jamie finally pulled himself out of his wet pants trance. He looked at the clock and found that he had been sitting there for over 4 hours. Charlie would be home soon.

    Charlie called when he got home. Jamie asked him about his day. Charlie told him about annoying customers and stupid questions and then got to the good stuff. Jamie’s piss spots had dried shortly after Charlie got to his cubicle so he dripped a small amount of his own to keep them damp against his skin. He did not wet himself fully that day, just small amounts to keep the briefs wet. Charlie did not piss in the toilet either though. He went to the bathroom and built a huge puddle in the middle stall just behind the toilet.

    “How was your day?” Charlie asked after he finished his story.

    Jamie told him about the dusting and vacuuming before getting to his own piss puddle story. He told Charlie about getting caught up in endless videos of guys filling their jeans with their pee.

    “There is a huge puddle of piss and cum under my desk,” Jamie told Charlie.

    “Nice, very nice,” Charlie responded.

    Jamie and Charlie went out to dinner that night, feeling they had spent too much time in their apartments lately. They spent the evening eating and talking, drinking wine and laughing. Toward the end of the meal and just before their dessert arrived Jamie excused himself and stood up. Charlie followed him. In the bathroom they stood side by side in front of urinals. Jamie undid his pants and pulled them gently off his hips. He looked at Charlie and released his bladder, filling his underwear with piss. They watched it drip out the crotch and roll down his legs into this jeans. When he was done Jamie pulled his pants back over his hips and closed them back up.

    Charlie did not even undo his pants. He stood still and filled his underwear and dark jeans with hot liquid. They returned to their table and shared the dessert that was waiting for them.

    When they got home they headed to Jamie’s apartment and stripped off their clothes. Charlie’s dick was leaking pre-cum and he could hardly wait to stuff it in Jamie’s ass. He bent Jamie over the bed and fucked the cum out of him. Charlie continued to slam his dick into Jamie’s hole and Jamie’s dick let out a hard stream of piss. Charlie exploded inside Jamie’s ass and slid his dick out. Jamie turned around and licked the remnants of cum off of Charlie’s dick. Before he climbed onto the bed Charlie left a puddle on the floor.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    A Marathon read to be sure - water sports galore and hot guys to add to the fun. Who said it was old folks' homes that smelled of piss - if so these guys have started young

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 7 – Work Buddy

    Jamie was standing in front of a urinal in the employee bathroom. He had just given himself a nice wet spot on his briefs. He watched the piss flow out of his dick and into the drain. He wished it wasn’t being wasted. The door opened and Jamie looked to see who had come in. Trevor stepped to the urinal beside him and they gave each other a nod. Jamie discretely watched Trevor’s piss flow out as he zipped himself up and went to wash his hands. Trevor stepped next to him at the sink.

    “It’ s OK, ya know, I do it too,” Trevor said.

    “Huh?” Jamie looked up at him.

    “You were looking at my dick, I do it too,” Trevor told him.

    “Oh. Um. I was actually…never mind,” Jamie turned off the water and went for the paper towel dispenser.

    “What?” Trevor asked, stepping next to him.

    Jamie handed him a couple sheets. “I was watching you piss,” he told Trevor.

    Trevor paused. “Oh.”

    Jamie and Trevor left the bathroom and went back to their respective electronics departments. The big store was quiet and Jamie got lost in thought as he was organizing shelves of electrical cords. A few minutes later Trevor approached.

    “I’ll help, nothing going on in the camera department,” Trevor said.

    Jamie nodded.

    “So tell me, why were you watching me piss?” Trevor whispered.

    “What do you want to know?” Jamie kept his voice quiet too.

    “What is it you are into? Just watching?” Trevor asked.

    “Actually, watching and wetting,” Jamie told him.

    “Wetting?” Trevor pushed for more information.

    “You know, like, pissing yourself, wetting the bed, pissing on things,” Jamie explained.

    “No drinking or piss sex?” Trevor wondered.

    “No, not really, never got into the drinking, and piss sex, it happens sometimes but mostly I like to feel it all over my skin,” Jamie told him.

    “Me too,” Trevor said as they moved to the next aisle.

    “You too what?” Jamie knew what Trevor meant but he wanted him to say it.

    “I’m into it too,” Trevor told him. “Wetting, mostly. I don’t drink it. Piss sex, I like to have a guy piss inside me but it’s not a requirement,” he continued.

    Jamie looked at him but said nothing. He was surprised to meet someone right here at work who was into piss.

    They continued to organize the shelves and make themselves seem extremely busy when manager walked by.

    “So, tell me more,” Trevor pressed.

    “I discovered it like a lot of people discover things, on the Internet,” Jamie told him. “I was searching around Xtube and these videos kept coming up of guys pissing themselves,” he continued.

    “I skipped them for a while, and one night I just clicked play. My dick got hard as soon as I saw the fabric change colors. And I had the immediate need to piss. I went into the bathroom and took a leak, came back to watch more videos and jerk off. Every few videos I felt like I needed to piss. Every time I got up and went into the bathroom. I didn’t even think about doing what they were doing. For some reason it was just not clicking with me that I could be doing it too. I don’t know how many hours I lost myself there but I think when I went to bed the sun was coming up,” Jamie paused.

    “I woke up the next morning and my dick was sore and of course hard with piss. I laid there for a few minutes and contemplated it. I let go. That was the last time I ever hesitated.” He paused again.

    “One of my best friends, Charlie, who had identified as straight until recently, is always asking me about what I do sexually. He called me that afternoon and asked me how my day had been going. I told him that story, and asked him if he thought that was weird. He said he didn’t find it weird, and oddly that freed me even more. I started experimenting, wetting my pants at home, leaving puddles around my room. I told Charlie that I was having a lot of fun with it,” Jamie looked at Trevor to see if he was still interested. He felt like he had been rambling. Trevor looked at him and nodded for him to continue.

    “So one night Charlie and I were watching the Bulls game at my place, he lives in the same building, and he got all mischievous and giggly when he left. I went into my room to get into bed and my foot landed in a wet spot just next to my bed. Charlie had pissed on the floor for me. I didn’t remember asking him to, but I think he knew I would like it. I asked him if he’d want me to return the favor and he let me piss in his room. Jumping ahead a bit, we’ve since started fucking and sharing piss stories, and piss. He’s having a really good time with it himself. He wets himself at work, he can do it without anyone noticing,” Jamie finished his long tale.

    “I wet myself here,” Trevor interjected.

    “Oh I do too, just not all the way,” Jamie said.

    “How do you do it?” Trevor asked him.

    “Before I get to the bathroom I leak a bit into my underwear. Then I finish off in the bathroom,” Jamie told him.

    “That’s pretty much what I do too. Damn these khaki pants,” Trevor laughed.

    “I do piss myself on the way home though,” Jamie added.

    “I can’t, too many people on the streets, people who know me,” Trevor said.

    “Bummer,” Jamie quipped.

    “This piss talk has me worked up, I need another break,” Trevor announced after a few minutes.

    “I’ll meet you in there,” Jamie told him.

    Trevor walked back to the employee bathroom and Jamie waited a minute before heading back the same way. In the bathroom they both stood in front of the urinals and unbuttoned their pants. They pulled them just over their hips. Jamie watched a wet spot form on the front of Trevor’s blue cotton briefs. He let his dick leak into his own briefs before they both pissed into the urinals, watching each other’s dicks flow steadily.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 8 – Game Night
    Jamie stepped into the employee bathroom expecting Trevor to be waiting there for him. Instead he saw their co-worker Ethan. Ethan looked at him and smiled.

    “So, what’s going on with you and Trevor?” Ethan prodded.

    “Me and Trevor? Nothing,” Jamie answered.

    “Really?” Ethan protested.

    “Really. We’re just friends, I have a boyfriend,” Jamie insisted.

    “What is it you two spend so much time doing in here then?” Ethan asked.

    Jamie paused. “We go to the bathroom,” he said sarcastically.

    “Together, all the time,” Ethan pointed out.

    “So?” Jamie stayed defiant.

    “Dude seriously, you’re telling me you just coincidently have to go to the bathroom at the same time all the time?” Ethan was not giving up.

    “Dude, it’s kinda none of your business,” Jamie told him.

    “Hey, I’m not trying to start anything, I just want in on whatever it is going on in here,” Ethan blurted out.

    “What is it you think has been going on?” Jamie asked him.

    “Sex. Blow jobs, I dunno,” Ethan shrugged.

    Jamie laughed. “Nope. No sex. No blow jobs,” he told him. “And I am not sure you really want in on what we’re doing in here,” Jamie gave in a little.

    “So something is going on then?” Ethan caught the hint.

    Jamie looked up to see Trevor coming through the door.

    “Trev, Ethan wants to know what we’re doing in the bathroom together,” Jamie told him.

    Trevor stopped in front of them. “What’d you tell him?”

    “Well I was just telling him that the sex and blow jobs he was assuming were happening in here weren’t,” Jamie said.

    “No we save that for the couches in the Geek Squad home entertainment area,” Trevor quipped.

    “Cute,” Ethan snipped.

    Jamie stepped over to Trevor and whispered “He said he wants in on whatever we have going on.”

    “So let’s show him, and let him decide if it’s what he really wants,” Trevor shrugged.

    They stepped back and looked at Ethan.

    “There really is no sex of any kind going on between us,” Jamie said honestly. “We’ll show you what we’re doing but I don’t think it’s anything close to what you are imagining, and I’m not quite sure what you will think of us after you see it” he added.

    Jamie moved Ethan to the wall by the urinals so that he could get a good view. He went to one of the urinals and undid his pants, pulling them just over his hips. Trevor watched as a wet spot formed on the front of Jamie’s briefs. They both glanced up at Ethan who was quietly leaning against the wall. Jamie reached in and took his dick out, piss was leaking out of it as he aimed it to the urinal and finished off. He zipped himself back in his pants and turned to watch Trevor do the same thing he had just done.

    When they were finished they looked at Ethan and waited for a reaction.

    “That’s it?” Ethan asked after a couple seconds of them staring at him.

    “Yes, that’s what we do, every time,” Trevor told him.

    “You just come in here and watch each other take a leak?” Ethan asked.

    “Essentially,” Jamie answered. “Sometimes it’s just one of us that has to go though,” he added.

    “How much do you let leak into your pants before you pull it out?” Ethan asked honestly.

    “Good, you noticed that part,” Trevor smiled. “It’s hard say, as soon as the piss starts dripping I count to 3 and stop it,” he told him.

    “Ya that’s about what I do too,” Jamie added.

    Ethan stepped away from the wall and took Trevor’s spot at one of the urinals. He undid his pants and stood there for a second. His dark underwear did not show the spot but they could see his lips move, counting to 3. Ethan reached down and pulled his dick out of his underwear and let loose a huge stream of piss against the back of the urinal wall. He zipped himself back up and looked to Jamie and Trevor.

    “I piss myself all the time, at home. Never been able to master it with these damn khaki pants,” he told them.

    Later that day Jamie approached Ethan in the stock room.

    “Trevor’s coming over to my place tonight to watch Bulls game, you wanna join us?” Jamie asked him.

    “Watch the game, is that code?” Ethan said with a laugh.

    Jamie smiled at him “Look, honestly I know piss play is a very sexual thing, but really at this point I just started seeing Charlie and I’m not looking for hook ups, call it crazy or weird or whatever but here’s the deal, Trevor was coming over tonight anyway. I asked him a few days ago to come to my place and piss somewhere in my bedroom without telling me where. It’s a thing. You said you wanted to be a part of whatever we were doing and I figured I’d ask if you wanted to hang,” Jamie barely took a breath through all that.

    “Dude relax, I’m just playing with you,” Ethan stopped unpacking the box and looked at Jamie, “I’m just overcompensating here. It’s crazy to me that you guys are into this. Do you not realize this is a huge coincidence? It’s not some common thing everybody’s into. It’s crazy enough that there are three, possibly more, gay dudes working here!” Ethan chuckled. “I’m totally down to hang out and watch the game with you guys.”

    “Cool. And Ethan, I’m just as baffled by it as you. That’s why I never said anything to you about it. It’s not something I’m just gonna walk up to every friend and talk about. Trevor caught me watching him in the bathroom and you know my big mouth, I didn’t just let him believe I was checking out his package. I told him the truth. He came to me and told me he was into it too, and we just sorta fell into a pattern of shared bathroom time,” Jamie explained.

    “I’m seriously not upset that you didn’t share, I didn’t exactly come to you and tell you either, so let’s just forget all that and see where things go from here, cool?” Ethan was back to unpacking the boxes.

    “What time does your shift end?” Jamie asked as he turned to leave.

    “Six,” Ethan said.

    “Trevor’s gonna wait for me, I’m off at 6 too, if you want to just all head over to my place together,” Jamie told him.

    “I’ll come find you,” Ethan nodded to him.

    The guys were all sitting on the couch watching the game. During a commercial break Trevor stood up and headed toward the hallway. He found his way to Jamie’s bedroom and stepped inside, closing the door behind him. He walked over the bed and stopped by the head of it. He paused there and let his piss fill his briefs to the count of 5 before pulling his dick out and leaving a puddle on the carpet.

    Jamie thought about going in right away, to see where Trevor had gone for him but he waited. When he felt a serious need to pee he got up and headed for his bedroom. He instinctively went right for the bed and found the spot where Trevor had pissed for him. His dick was already leaking into his underwear and he let it flow, feeling the hot liquid on his dick and balls and run down his legs. When he was almost done he pulled his dick out and added the remaining piss to Trevor’s.

    That left Ethan as the only one who had not relieved himself yet. Just after halftime he made his way into Jamie’s room. He stood right where Jamie and Trevor had stopped, somehow they all knew where to go, and pulled his cock out. A long heavy stream of liquid flowed out of his dick and he watched it splash onto the carpet. When he knew he was about finished he stopped the stream and zipped himself back into his pants. He finished off there.

    After the game Trevor and Ethan headed out and Jamie waited for Charlie to get home from work.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 9 – Open Concept
    Charlie got to Jamie’s apartment after a long double shift. He thought about going home and crashing but he was anxious to hear how Jamie’s get together went. They went to the bedroom and checked out the piss puddle before lying down on the bed. Jamie told Charlie about Ethan and filled him in on the evening and then kissed Charlie on the lips.

    “Sleep,” Jamie whispered to him.

    Charlie fell asleep quick and Jamie was not far behind. In the morning Jamie woke up with his alarm. He laid still for a few seconds while his body woke up and let go of his bladder. He got out of bed and jerked off in the shower. Threw on a pair of fresh briefs and his usual khaki pants and royal blue polo.

    Just after Jamie left the apartment Charlie stirred awake. He turned to lay on his side and felt the dampness of Jamie’s morning piss against his dick. Charlie laid against the wet sheets and let out a stream of hot yellow piss. He left his dick against the wet puddle and fell back to sleep.

    Jamie’s phone buzzed and he looked down to see “bathroom” on his text screen. He had been holding his piss for over an hour before Trevor finally sent him the message. He hurried into the employee bathroom and found Trevor waiting for him. They smiled and went about their usual routine. When they had both released heavy amounts of piss and zipped themselves back up Trevor stepped up to Jamie until their faces were about an inch apart. He reached up and put his hand on the back of Jamie’s neck and pressed his lips to Jamie’s. Jamie let Trevor kiss him, moving his lips against Trevor’s mouth and opening up to let Trevor’s tongue find his.

    Trevor stepped back and Jamie pulled him in again, kissing him harder, deeper. Trevor pushed against him and led him to a stall, locking the door behind them. He unbuttoned and unzipped Jamie’s pants and let them fall to the floor. Jamie’s wet briefs made Trevor’s dick throb and he reached in and pulled Jamie’s dick and balls over the waistband. He pushed Jamie to sit on the toilet and he knelt in front of him. Trevor wrapped his mouth around Jamie’s hard dick and sucked and licked and took him in deeper until Jamie’s cum had filled his mouth.

    Jamie caught his breath and Trevor looked at him with a mixture of guilt and satisfaction. Jamie leaned forward and pressed his lips to Trevor’s softly before deepening the kiss. They stood up and put themselves back together before stepping out of the stall. As they started to leave Jamie stopped.

    “Trev, that was, amazing, but I think we should just, stop until I can figure things out,” Jamie said quietly.

    “Stop everything?” Trevor asked him.

    “No. Just, no more kissing or anything,” Jamie felt guilty saying it.

    “Sure, of course,” Trevor nodded.

    “You know how long I’ve been waiting on Charlie to figure out who he is, I can’t lose him, let me talk to him OK?” Jamie looked at Trevor earnestly.

    Jamie knew Trevor had been wanting to hook up with him since they met, but he had always had a thing for Charlie. He was upfront about it and never led Trevor on. And he knew this piss game would end up here, he just thought he would have more time to figure it out first.

    Jamie went over the conversation in his mind through his entire shift. He and Trevor had one more piss session before Trevor’s shift ended and Jamie promised him he was not going to let things change.

    Charlie had the day off since he had pulled a double shift the day before. He had slept most of the day and went home to change into fresh clothes before Jamie got home from work. He headed back over to Jamie’s apartment and made them dinner. Jamie got home and greeted Charlie with a big hug and kiss before heading to his bedroom to change into his pajama bottoms. He left the piss dampened briefs on though.

    They were eating dinner and talking about nothing in particular. Charlie asked Jamie about his day.

    “I need to talk to you about something,” Jamie’s voice got serious.

    “What is it?” Charlie put his fork down.

    “During one of our piss sessions today, Trevor kissed me, and I let him,” Jamie told Charlie.

    “OK,” Charlie’s face softened.

    “And, he sucked my dick in the bathroom stall,” Jamie confessed.

    “Did you enjoy it?” Charlie asked him.

    “Yes,” Jamie admitted.

    “Did you blow him?” Charlie’s voice never changed.

    “No,” Jamie said.

    “Did you want to?” Charlie asked.

    “Yes,” Jamie admitted.

    “Look Jaim, I’m OK with whatever you do as long as you tell me about it, no lies and no secrets,” Charlie’s voice was calm.

    “Are you sure?” Jamie’s voice cracked.

    “Yes. I’m sure,” Charlie looked him in the eyes and made sure he saw that he was being totally honest.

    “I love you Charlie,” Jamie said.

    “I love you too Jamie,” Charlie told him.

    Jamie helped Charlie clear the table and clean up the dinner mess and they made their way into the bedroom. Jamie took his time kissing and massaging every inch of Charlie’s body before slowly sliding his dick into Charlie’s tight hole. Charlie was laying on his back and Jamie laid against him, holding him tight while his hips thrust into Charlie’s, pumping his dick in and out of Charlie’s ass until his cum was coating it. He gently pulled out and rubbed his dick to Charlie’s until Charlie was cumming on his stomach. Jamie laid still and held Charlie in place. His dick flowed piss and wet them both down.

    They cuddled and kissed until they were almost asleep. Just before fully submitting to slumber Charlie soaked Jamie with hot piss.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 10 – Trevor’s Turn

    Stepping off the bus Trevor wished that his neighborhood was not so busy all the time. He also wished he had stopped in the bathroom once more before he left work. His bladder was railing against him and he quickened his pace, waving at his nosy neighbors and ducking into the stairwell of his building. Running up the stairs two at a time was not really helping. He stopped on the second floor landing to catch his breath. It was only one more flight up to his apartment but he wouldn’t make it. He stood against the wall and gave in. Hot piss filled his pants, covering his legs and soaking into his socks. He felt his dick throb under the pressure and let out a deep sigh. When he was empty he adjusted his shoulder bag and headed up the last flight of stairs.

    Trevor’s small studio apartment was cluttered and filled with technology, most of which he got at super low prices through work. He stepped out of his wet shoes and sat on his bed, removing this wet socks, pants and underwear. His dick was hard and he leaned back to take care of it. Staring at the ceiling rubbing the shaft and head with his palm, Trevor recalled the feeling of having Jamie’s cock in his mouth. He had wanted to know that feeling for so long. His hand moved faster, pressed harder, and a pool of cum formed on his stomach. He remained in his Jamie filled daydream and then remembered he was really hungry.

    The first hour or so after getting to work always bored the life out of Trevor. The store was still closed and his co-workers barely spoke to him. Jamie’s shift did not start for another couple of hours, so Trevor was always alone in his department checking cameras and organizing shelves. After he had turned on all the display items and made sure everything was working properly Trevor headed for the bathroom. As he got there he saw Ethan coming out of the stock room.

    Ethan followed Trevor into the employee bathroom and they quietly went to a urinal each. Ethan watched as Trevor undid his pants and rested them on his hips. The light fabric of Trevor’s tight briefs turned dark. He reached inside and pulled out his pissing dick letting a trail of liquid hit against the fabric. Trevor put himself back together and turned to watch Ethan. Ethan went through the same motions, unzipping and leaking, before his dick was aiming at the urinal. Trevor got goosebumps watching Ethan’s dick flow. It was like a fire hose going off when he pissed.

    As they went to leave Ethan paused.

    “I know you’ve got a thing for Jamie, and let’s face it, who doesn’t, but when he’s not here, I’m totally down for meeting you in here if you don’t want to go alone,” Ethan told Trevor.

    “Thanks,” Trevor smiled. He hadn’t been sure if Ethan was just tolerating him because of Jamie or if they could be friends.

    Trevor headed back to his department and waited for Jamie to get to work. When he saw him enter the store Trevor’s lips formed a huge smile. Jamie looked in his direction and smiled, gesturing with his head to follow him to the back. Trevor made sure there was no one around who needed anything before stepping away.

    In the break room Jamie was clocking in and putting his bag into a locker.

    “Hey,” Trevor greeted him.

    “Hey,” Jamie closed his locker and turned to him. “So I talked to Charlie, and he said that as long as I always tell him what I am doing, and I never lie to him, he’s fine with whatever I choose to do,” Jamie explained.

    “OK,” Trevor could not help but grin wide.

    “But, Trev, I need you to understand something,” Jamie stepped forward and faced Trevor fully. “I don’t want anyone hurt here, so please, think about things before you decide this is alright. I’m not leaving Charlie. You know this. I like being with you, I like what we’ve been doing, I am happy that we get to do more. But I don’t want you to think this is something it isn’t,” Jamie told him.

    “Jaim, I get it. Let’s just have fun,” Trevor assured him.

    A couple hours later they found themselves in their usual spots in the employee bathroom. When they were done with their piss game Jamie stepped to Trevor and kissed him gently on the lips. Trevor pulled him in and deepened the kiss. They stumbled into a stall and locked the door. Jamie pushed Trevor against the wall of the stall and shoved his hand into Trevor’s pants, cupping his dick and balls in against his wet briefs. Jamie got to his knees and unzipped Trevor’s pants, reaching in to free him. His tongue teased the tip and Trevor’s breath caught.

    Jamie pulled Trevor’s hard cock into his mouth as far as it would go and sucked on him until he was tasting hot cum. He stood up and Trevor pulled him in to a kiss, sweeping his tongue across Jamie’s mouth to get a taste of his own juices.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Oh, I love reading. This should be interesting. Kind of long tho, not sure I'll be able to finish right now. I'll post back later tho for sure.

    And here is a question I just thought of... Can I post a link to my thread in the ametuer section? I love knowing people are seeing it and I would love to post it everywhere! I don't want to break any rules and get banned for spamming as I assume that's what it would fall under. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this.
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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    You are not breaking any rules by putting the link in your signature, which is what I suggest you do instead of posting it in every thread you read. That way there is no spamming risk and, people will find it wherever you post.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 11 – Suggestions

    Jamie sat straddled over Charlie’s stomach while Charlie rubbed his ass with lube. He reached back and stroked Charlie’s hard-on, feeling the sticky precum as he spread it over the head and shaft. Jamie guided the hard dick into his ass and sat slowly down on it feeling it slide into him. He rode Charlie’s cock hard, leaning forward to nibble on Charlie’s lips. Charlie’s dick throbbed and he groaned deep before shooting cum all over the walls of Jamie’s ass. Jamie continued to grind against Charlie’s stomach and his whole body reacted to the feeling of Charlie’s hot piss mixing with the cum already coating his insides.

    Jamie’s dick rubbed against Charlie’s stomach as he continued to grind into Charlie’s hips. He felt it pulsate and ache to be released. He held his breath and watched cum gush out. He let out his breath and pushed against his bladder until piss was pooling around Charlie’s belly button and rolling down his sides.

    They fell asleep after a lot of kissing and cuddling and woke up the next morning sore and sticky. Jamie turned to his side to face Charlie.

    “I say we stay in bed all day,” Jamie suggested.

    “Sounds like a good deal to me,” Charlie agreed.

    “We need a houseboy,” Jamie yawned.

    “Why?” Charlie asked.

    “Someone to bring us food, drinks,” Jamie told him.

    “We’d just end up inviting him to bed, then we’d all go hungry,” Charlie laughed.

    “Good point,” Jamie laughed with him.

    Jamie moved closer and put his dick against Charlie’s. They looked at each other and smiled wide as piss streamed from both. When they were done Jamie reached down and rubbed his palm against both shafts. Charlie reached down and teased Jamie’s balls with his fingers. They both came hard and neither of them moved.

    They fell asleep for a few more hours. Hunger finally pushed them both out of bed and they went to the kitchen to find food. When they had been replenished they climbed back into bed and cuddled together quietly.

    The Bulls game was on so Jamie and Charlie climbed out of bed and went to the couch to watch it on the big screen TV. Their beers kept them nicely refreshed while making good pants wetting sessions and the game turned out to be a win. After the game they climbed back into bed, taking full advantage of the lounging around, doing nothing all day, opportunity.

    “You think Trevor would be up for a threesome?” Charlie’s voice broke the silence they were sharing.

    “Hm?” Jamie had been half-asleep.

    “Was just wondering, if maybe you’d want to invite Trevor for some three-way fun,” Charlie said again.

    “Um, ya, he’d probably be down, you sure you’d be OK with that?” Jamie asked.

    “I think, ya. I mean I only thought of Trevor because you know him, and he’s into the piss thing,” Charlie said.

    “I’ll ask him Tuesday,” Jamie said.

    Jamie found himself in the bathroom with Trevor on Tuesday afternoon and wondered how he was going to breech the topic of this threesome Charlie had suggested. He’d been going over it in his head all day but never got the nerve to start the conversation. They had just finished a nice pissing session and stepped out of the bathroom, which led directly to the break room and then the main floor.

    “Hey, I have a question,” Jamie stopped Trevor before they left the break room.

    “What’s up?” Trevor asked.

    “So Charlie asked me if you’d be interested in messing around with us,” Jamie sorta fumbled it out.

    “Us?” Trevor asked.

    “Ya, like, a threesome,” Jamie said.

    “Charlie said this?” Trevor was intrigued.

    “Yep. His idea, I mean he suggested you because, he knows I know you and you’re into piss play,” Jamie told him.

    “And you? What do you think of it?” Trevor asked.

    “I think it would be fun,” Jamie smiled.

    “Just tell me when and I’ll be there,” Trevor winked at Jamie as he left the break room.

    They decided on Friday night. Trevor and Jamie left work together and headed to Jamie’s apartment to wait on Charlie. He was working late. Jamie sat close to Trevor after grabbing a couple of beers for them. He leaned over and kissed Trevor gently on the lips. Trevor pulled him in closer and deepened the kiss.

    “Can I ask a favor?” Trevor whispered into Jamie’s ear.

    “Sure,” Jamie pulled back a little to look at him.

    “I want you to fuck me first, now, before it’s all three of us,” Trevor told him.

    “I knew this wasn’t OK with you,” Jamie sat back.

    “That’s not it, I’m totally OK with it, I just, want to be one on one with you first,” Trevor assured him.

    Jamie stood up and held out his hand. Trevor took it and followed him into the bedroom. Jamie slowly undressed Trevor and then himself. They climbed onto the bed and tangled themselves together, kissing and groping.

    “Where do you want to be?” Jamie whispered to Trevor.

    Trevor turned to his side and Jamie moved against him. Trevor draped his leg over Jamie’s side and opened his ass for Jamie’s dick to enter it. Jamie kissed Trevor’s neck as he guided his shaft into Trevor and pushed against him. They held hands while Jamie pumped in and out of Trevor’s hole. Trevor’s faint noises kept Jamie’s rhythms moving at a steady pace. He quietly announced to Trevor that he was cumming and tightened his grip on Trevor’s hand.

    Trevor reached down and stroked his hard dick until his cum hit the bed. He turned his head and kissed Jamie deeply. They laid still together and waited for Charlie to get home.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 12 – Three’s Company

    Jamie’s phone was making all sorts of noise in the other room where he had left it. He jumped up and went to grab it in case it was Charlie. It was.

    “Hey,” Jamie said out of breath.

    “You didn’t start without me did you?” Charlie teased.

    “Well, sort of but that’s not why I am out of breath, left the phone in the living room,” Jamie said.

    “Sort of?” Charlie caught that.

    “Trevor wanted some one on one time first,” Jamie told him.

    “OK, I’m on my way now, meeting went really long, I’ll be there soon,” Charlie’s voice never wavered.

    “We’re anxiously waiting,” Jamie teased.

    Jamie returned to the bedroom and went back to snuggling under the covers with Trevor.

    “Charlie will be here soon, you can still bail if you want,” Jamie said.

    “Not a chance,” Trevor laughed.

    Charlie came in and found the guys laying together on the bed. He smiled at the sight of them. Jamie sat up and pulled him in for a kiss. Trevor watched as Charlie’s white shirt and black slacks hit the floor and his damp white briefs fell to his feet. Charlie climbed onto the bed and Jamie mock introduced Charlie to Trevor. Charlie leaned down and kissed Trevor gently on the lips and a said a breathy, “Hi.”

    Jamie laid still while Trevor fingered his ass and wrapped his lips around Charlie’s leaking hard-on. Jamie guided Trevor’s dick inside him and pulled him in as deep as it would go. Trevor thrust his hips against Jamie and held Charlie’s dick in place with precision. Charlie gently pulled back and went around to Trevor’s back, slowly pushing his throbbing cock inside Trevor’s ass.

    Every thrust Charlie put forward pushed Trevor’s dick further into Jamie’s ass and they were all making happy noises. Trevor tensed up and shot his load into Jamie. He held his dick inside and Charlie continued to fuck him. As he waited for Charlie to cum Trevor released his bladder into Jamie’s hole. Jamie’s skin danced with pleasure with the hot liquid filling him up. Charlie’s dick exploded into Trevor’s ass and Trevor told him to keep going until Charlie pissed inside him.

    Jamie was wedged in the middle of Trevor and Charlie as they fell asleep. When they woke up he felt both of their hard cocks against his hips and it made him smile. Adding to the pleasure was the feeling of piss that hit him simultaneously from both sides. He stroked himself until he came onto his stomach and added his own piss to his already soaked torso.

    “You want a ride home?” Charlie asked Trevor when they were dressed.

    “Sure, that’d be great,” Trevor answered.

    They said bye to Jamie and headed out. Just before getting to his building Trevor looked at Charlie.

    “I’m not after Jamie, just so you know, I have no intention of stealing him or anything like that,” Trevor said.

    “I appreciate that,” Charlie smiled at Trevor. It was genuine.

    “Thanks, for everything,” Trevor grinned as he got out of Charlie’s car.

    “It was fun, we’ll have to do it again, someday,” Charlie waved to him.

    The afternoon snuck up on Jamie and he rushed to work with his mind rehashing everything that happened the night before, and that morning. In the break room Trevor caught up with him.

    “Hey,” Trevor greeted Jamie.

    “Hey,” Jamie looked up at him.

    “Charlie’s really cool,” Trevor said.

    “Yes, he definitely is,” Jamie replied. “What did you talk about?” he wondered.

    “We were pretty silent all the way to my place, when we got there I just told him I was in no way trying to break you guys up and I meant it,” Trevor said. “Charlie just said he appreciated that, he had fun and we should do it again, someday,” he finished.

    Jamie just smiled and nodded. They left the break room and went to work. They had a few piss sessions with just the two of them, and invited Ethan in for a couple more before their long shift was over.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Friendly Neighbors

    Chapter 13 – Drink Me

    Trevor rushed through the door of his apartment and dropped his bag on the floor. He stood in place and released everything his bladder held into his briefs and pants, watching the khaki material turn dark. He stripped down and threw the dirty clothes into his laundry pile and made himself something to eat. He was just about to play a round of Call of Duty before bed when his phone buzzed with a text message. It was Ethan.

    What are you up to?

    Was just about to play COD. You?

    Not much, was wondering if you wanted to hang out?

    Hang out, that code? Lol

    Actually yes, dork. You want to?


    I would invite you over here but my parents are home, can I come there?

    Yes. Apartment 3B.

    Be there soon.

    Trevor looked around his small area and knew there was nothing he could do to make it look any better before Ethan got there. The knock came sooner than he had expected and he laughed to himself thinking of Ethan running full speed to get to him.

    “Hi,” Trevor said opening the door.

    “Hi,” Ethan said back. “Cool place,” he looked around.

    “It works,” Trevor smiled at him. “Want to play a round of COD, loser bottoms?” he suggested.

    “Definitely,” Ethan followed him to the bed and took a controller.

    Trevor lost. He turned to Ethan and shrugged. They put the controllers on the floor and locked lips, laying down on the bed. They were kissing and undressing each other hastily. Ethan flipped Trevor onto his back and reached down to finger his ass. Trevor pulled him in and commanded him to fuck him hard. Ethan did as he was told, pushing his hard cock into Trevor’s hole inch by inch. When all 10 inches had made their way inside he used his hips to hit every spot imaginable. Trevor breathed and moaned and kissed Ethan hungrily. Ethan filled Trevor’s ass with hot white cum and slowed his pace.

    Ethan’s fingers wrapped around the shaft of Trevor’s dick and he stroked until Trevor’s stomach was coated with cum.

    “I lost on purpose,” Trevor announced when Ethan had collapsed beside him.

    “I know,” Ethan laughed.

    Trevor woke up with Ethan laying beside him and his lips formed a stupid grin. He turned over to get close to him and Ethan stirred awake.

    “Morning,” Ethan whispered.

    “Morning,” Trevor answered as he made his way down to Ethan’s morning wood.

    Trevor licked and sucked on Ethan until cum hit the back of his throat. He moved up and laid back on his pillow. Ethan stood up and pointed his dick at the pile of dirty laundry, soaking it with morning piss. He went back to Trevor and put his tongue against Trevor’s hard-on. Ethan used his tongue to massage the head until Trevor was announcing he was cumming. Ethan’s lips wrapped around Trevor’s entire cock and he swallowed down the hot cum. He pulled back slightly and continued to massage Trevor’s cock head.

    “You better move, I’m gonna piss in your mouth,” Trevor breathed out.

    “Go,” Ethan said around Trevor’s dick.

    Trevor let go and watched as Ethan drank in every drop of his morning piss. It made every hair on his body stand on end and he jumped up and attacked Ethan’s mouth before Ethan could wipe away any remnants. Trevor licked Ethan’s lips and tongue and kissed him deep, hard.

    “What time do you work?” Ethan asked as he was heading out.

    “Two,” Trevor told him.

    “I’ll be there, text me,” Ethan kissed him and walked out.

    Just before he left his apartment Trevor stood by the sink in his kitchenette and counted to 3. He unzipped his pants and grabbed a plastic cup from the counter. He let his dick rest on the rim and filled the cup with the remaining fluid. He brought it to his lips and gulped down every drop.

    Jamie was putting his messenger bag into his locker when Trevor came into the break room. He could not help but notice the complete change in his demeanor.

    “What’s up?” Jamie asked him.

    “I hooked up with Ethan last night,” Trevor smiled big.

    “Oh ya?” Jamie was intrigued.

    “God damn that boy can fuck. It was so good Jaim,” Trevor laughed.

    “Tell me everything,” Jamie commanded.

    Trevor told him the whole story. Including the Ethan’s drinking and his earlier taste of his own.

    “I’m really happy for you Trev,” Jamie said hugging Trevor. He really was happy too.

    THE END.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread


    Chapter 1

    Max rolled over onto his side pulling the covers over his head to block out the light coming from the windows. He took in a deep breath and let it out while letting go of his bladder. He watched the hot yellow morning piss soak into the sheets under him and dozed off once he was empty. A huge rumble in his stomach pulled him out of a deep sleep and he threw off the covers. He slipped on a pair of boxers and headed for the kitchen.

    Standing with the refrigerator door open was his roommate Josh. He was lost in thought and did not hear Max come in.

    “What’cha lookin for?” Max looked over Josh’s shoulder.

    Josh jumped “I have no idea,” he glanced back at Max.

    “I was gonna make some eggs and toast, want some?” Max offered.

    “Sure,” Josh grabbed the egg carton and handed it to Max.

    Max busied himself with the pan and eggs, threw some bread in the toaster and grabbed a mug.

    “This fresh?” Max asked Josh holding the coffee pot up.

    “I just made it,” Josh answered.

    The boys sat down at the counter and ate their breakfast in near silence. Josh cleaned up the breakfast mess and Max went to find something on the TV. Josh joined him in the living room, plopping down the big comfy chair next to their small couch.

    “Any plans for the day?” Josh asked casually.

    “A lot of laying around the house, you?” Max glanced away from the TV for a moment and then went back to searching for something to watch.

    “Same here,” Josh answered.

    Golf was the only thing Max could find on that wasn’t going to hurt his brain or remind him he was much older than the morning cartoon’s intended audience. He leaned back and put his feet on the coffee table. After a few minutes Josh got up and headed into his bedroom. The apartment they shared had two master suite bedrooms on either side of a big main living area. He stepped into his bathroom and stood in front of the toilet.

    Josh’s mind wandered to thoughts of Max and he decided once and for all this was going to be the day he made his move. They were both home all day and it was time already. He let his dick drip the remnants of piss while he lost himself in Maxland. He pulled himself out before he got too far ahead. He returned to the living room to see Max where he had left him. Of course it had only been about 5 minutes. Josh walked to the couch and sat down next to Max, leaning his bare back against Max’s bare chest. He felt Max take in a deep breath. Josh continued his mission and grabbed Max’s arm, wrapping it around himself and closing his fingers around Max’s. Max let out his breath and tried to breathe steady.

    Max wasn’t sure what was going on with Josh but he was not about to move or complain or call attention to anything, so he just sat back and watched the most boring sport ever created. He was really enjoying Josh’s hot skin against his own, squeezing his fingers between his. He had his chin resting against Josh’s head and he was comfortable and content. Until his bladder started calling to him. Max cursed in his head and held on as long as he could before he thought he would burst and embarrass them both.

    “I gotta get up and take a leak,” Max whispered into Josh’s ear.

    Josh sat up and let Max get up. Max tried to nonchalantly hurry into his bedroom. He could feel drops of piss escaping his dick. He made it to the foot of his bed before his bladder just emptied out all over his legs, boxers and floor. His breathing quickened and he could feel his cock throb and grow. He thought of bad things to keep it from getting fully erect. He slid off his boxers and wiped himself off with a spare t-shirt. He found another pair of boxers, which were exactly the same as the wet ones, and pulled them on before returning to Josh.

    Max sat next to Josh and waited for him to lie against him again. Josh looked at him and leaned forward, hoping Max would close the gap. Max did. Their lips gently came together and they slowly moved against each other. Josh opened his mouth wider and encouraged Max to push deeper. Josh slid off the couch and sat on his knees between Max’s legs. He slid his hand into the leg of Max’s boxers and teased his semi-hard dick, making it throb and grow under his fingers. He pulled Max’s boxers to his knees and closed his lips around the head of Max’s hard-on.

    Josh opened his throat as far as it would go and drew Max’s dick in. Max’s hands were wrapped around Josh’s arms and he squeezed tighter as he felt his dick hit the back of Josh’s throat.

    “I’m cumming,” Max breathed hard.

    Josh loosened his hold and waited. Cum hit his tongue and splashed his cheeks, sliding down his throat and sending shivers down his back. Max convulsed and groaned as Josh licked every ounce off of Max’s dick. Max sat forward and kissed Josh gently.

    “Stand up,” Max commanded Josh.

    Josh stood up and Max pulled his crotch right to his face. He nuzzled against Josh’s hard dick and gently bit him through his shorts. Max yanked on the legs of the shorts and let them fall to the floor. Josh’s dick slid over Max’s tongue and Max closed his lips around him. Josh pushed against Max, letting his hips move with Max’s head bobbing.

    “Now,” Josh’s warning was almost too late.

    Max swallowed down Josh’s cum and licked his lips. Josh curled up on the couch next to him and they quietly fell asleep together.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Pretty hot stuff. I got a massive hard on right now. I love piss play and this is all amazing. I must jack off. Good call on the signature too.
    Showing myself off, 39 pics and counting!
    Reply with your favorites or thoughts! Also taking requests!

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Chapter 2

    Josh sat up slightly and watched Max sleep. His eyes wandered up and down Max’s long body and he took in every line, muscle and freckle, storing it in his mind. Max’s dick was cut and laid gently against his sack, parting his balls down the middle. Josh noted that Max was naturally hairy in all the right places. He reached over and traced the lines in Max’s abs with his fingers. Max stirred awake.

    “Sorry,” Josh whispered.

    “For what?” Max’s voice was sleepy and deeper than usual.

    “Waking you up,” Josh told him.

    Max just smiled at Josh and adjusted his position so that he was more comfortable.

    “Why didn’t you tell me you were gay?” Max asked Josh after a few quiet minutes.

    “You didn’t ask,” Josh answered.

    “So you’re definitely gay then?” Max rethought the statement.

    “Mostly, I have my moments of desire for women but generally, I’m into men,” Josh told him.

    Max just nodded.

    “Can I ask you something?” Josh looked down at Max’s stomach.

    “Sure,” Max said.

    “How often do you wet your bed?” Josh still could not look at Max directly. He felt Max tense up next to him.

    “How did you…” Max’s voice trailed off.

    “Don’t freak out, just, listen for a sec,” Josh started. “A few weeks ago I heard you leave for work and I wanted to feel close to you, so I went into your room and climbed into your bed,” he kept his eyes on Max’s torso.

    Max put his hand under Josh’s chin and made him look up at him. “Every morning for the last several months, but not usually overnight,” Max answered Josh’s earlier question.

    “Do you do it anywhere else?” Josh asked.

    “Sometimes,” Max answered honestly.

    “Like where?” Josh’s confidence started to come back to him.

    “The floor, generally,” Max told him.

    “I’ve been wanting to try it but, I haven’t had the nerve, like, what happens to your mattress after all that pissing?” Josh kept the questions coming.

    “I have a plastic cover over the mattress. That way nothing soaks through. All I have to do is wash the sheets and use a wet rag to wipe down the cover,” Max answered.

    “And the floor?” Josh asked him.

    “I have a steam cleaner,” Max smiled.

    “I’m only asking because I’m interested, no judging here,” Josh felt like he needed to be sure Max knew that.

    “You can use my bed, with or without me, any time you want,” Max told him. “But if you want I’m more than happy to guide you along,” he chuckled.

    Josh nodded. Max sat up and pushed Josh with him. He took Josh’s hand and led him into his bedroom. Max stopped Josh at the foot of the bed where he had left a puddle earlier.

    “The main thing is making sure your mind doesn’t play games with your body,” Max said as his dick started to flow with piss. “If your mind tells your body this is the wrong place to be, your body will believe it,” he told Josh.

    Josh watched as the puddle formed under Max’s dick. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Soon he was adding his own piss to the puddle on the floor. He opened his eyes and watched as it splashed against the carpet. It gave him a rush of adrenaline and made him extremely horny.

    Max smiled at Josh “How was it?” he asked him.

    “Exhilarating actually,” Josh looked down at his fully erect cock and smiled. He stepped forward and put his mouth to Max’s ear. “I want to fuck you,” Josh whispered.

    Max led Josh to the bed and laid on his back. “Go slow, been a long time since I bottomed,” he warned.

    Josh slid his middle finger over the skin on Max’s hole. He carefully pushed it inside and massaged the walls of Max’s ass. He kissed and licked Max’s nipples and rubbed his other hand over Max’s hard-on.

    “Lube?” Josh asked.

    Max moved up and opened his bedside table drawer. He opened the bottle and squeezed out a generous amount before handing it to Josh. Max spread his ass with as much lube as possible while Josh coated his dick with it. Josh leaned forward and let Max guide his dick into his tight opening. Max moved his hand away and let the rest of Josh’s cock slide in on its own. He grabbed Josh’s ass and pulled him forward. Josh’s hips moved against Max’s ass and he leaned further forward to get to Max’s lips. Max dragged his fingernails across Josh’s back and playfully bit Josh’s bottom lip as he moaned and writhed with pleasure.

    Josh slowed his pace and moaned into Max’s mouth as he was climaxing. Max felt the hot cum inside him and his dick throbbed and danced against his stomach. He went to reach for it to stroke himself off but it wasn’t necessary. He shot his load against his stomach without so much as touching himself. He pulled Josh on top of him and held him there until they were both sleeping soundly.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Chapter 3

    Sunday morning crept up quickly. Max had lifted the covers over his head at some point, though he could not remember doing it. He opened his eyes and caught sight of Josh’s beautiful morning wood pointing at him. He smiled and pulled the covers off his head to see if Josh was awake. The movement made Josh open his eyes.

    “Morning,” Josh smiled at him.

    “Hi,” Max smiled back. “Ready for the next lesson,” he chuckled.

    Josh just nodded.

    Max pulled the covers off them both. “Same as yesterday, but this time it is going to get all over you, you okay with that?”

    Josh nodded again.

    Max’s dick immediately let out a stream of yellow liquid. It pooled under his cock and rolled down to his chest and waist. Josh’s piss was soon adding to the puddle and he took in a deep breath as he felt the hot liquid hit his body.

    Max reached his hand out and grabbed hold of Josh’s wood, stroking steadily. Josh took the cue and did the same for Max. They jacked each other off until they were both shooting cum onto the soaked sheets under them.

    “Hungry?” Max asked after about an hour of them drifting in and out of sleep.

    “Starving,” Josh answered.

    Coffee was the first order of business. Josh got that going and Max made eggs and toast, the usual staple of his morning. Though technically it was now past noon.

    There was still nothing good on television but they cuddled on the couch anyway. Josh got up and headed to his bedroom just as commercial number 47 was telling the audience how manly their beer makes you. He stepped into the bathroom and stood over the floor mat. He let a steady stream splash against the rug.

    Max wondered what Josh was doing and felt a little tinge of jealousy thinking of Josh peeing without him. He tried not to stare at Josh’s bedroom door but the television wasn’t holding his interest either. Josh finally came back to the couch and Max tried to pretend he was watching whatever flickered on the box in front of him.

    Josh sauntered over to the couch and leaned over Max, kissing him on the lips. He climbed into Max’s lap and wrapped his arms around Max’s neck. Josh reached down and teased Max’s dick, waiting for it to get hard. When it was just about at its full length he spit into his hand and rubbed it onto the head and shaft. Josh guided Max’s hard dick into his ass and sat down on it until it was all the way in. Max let Josh have all the control, kissing his neck and running his hands down Josh’s chest and arms.

    Josh rode Max’s cock until he felt it explode inside him. They kissed passionately and Max stood up taking Josh with him. He turned and put Josh down on the couch kissing his way down to Josh’s dick. Max slid the hard cock into his mouth and sucked on it until Josh’s cum was sliding down his throat. Josh sat up and pulled Max’s mouth to his, hoping to get a taste of his own juices.

    The rest of the day was spent in various states of making out or cuddling when they weren’t taking turns pissing on each other’s floors. They went to bed early with the intention of sleeping but that did not last long. Max found himself on all fours with Josh pumping his dick into him.

    Max’s alarm went off before the sun came up on Monday morning. He quietly apologized to Josh who had woken up with him. Josh just shrugged and shared Max’s morning bedwetting routine with him.

    Josh slept another hour after Max left for work. His workday started later in the morning, and luckily today he would only have to go in for a few hours. As he walked back into the apartment his phone beeped. Max’s text told him that he would be working late, probably not home until after 9PM. Josh marveled at the fact that this news bummed him out more than usual, now that they were together. Or at least he hoped that’s what they were. He changed out of his work clothes and made himself something to eat, then headed back to the bedroom and sat at his computer.

    Josh’s brain always needed more information, so he spent the next several hours researching this fetish he was sharing with Max. He saw a lot of things he was certain he would never try, and a few that he was pretty sure he’d like to do. Right now he was standing in the kitchen holding a drinking glass under his cock. He filled it about a quarter of the way and looked it over. The liquid was slightly yellow and felt warm on his fingers. He lifted the glass to his lips and took in a small taste. It was salty and different but not terrible. He gulped down the rest and rinsed the glass out.

    Just after 9:30 Josh heard Max’s keys in the apartment door. He got up to greet him with a hug and kiss. Max happily accepted the affection and lead he and Josh to the couch.

    “I am so exhausted,” Max sighed.

    “Sorry,” Josh massaged his fingers against Max’s skull.

    “That feels good,” Max closed his eyes.

    “Come,” Josh stood up and pulled Max off the couch. They headed for Max’s bedroom.

    Josh slowly removed each piece of clothing Max wore and let them fall to the floor, then slid his own shorts off.

    “Lie down,” Josh gently commanded.

    Max laid face down on the bed and Josh sat on his butt, tucking his feet under Max’s legs. His fingers and hands went to work massaging every inch of Max’s body. Light moans escaped Max’s lips until he went completely silent. Josh finished his massage and laid down next to Max, watching him sleep.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    At this time 455 hits but only a couple of responses by one member - maybe this theme is proving as unpopular as the Bull Whipping stories posted by Whipped.

    Shame as your other stories have proved very popular.

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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    I think that it has just run its course. No more updates will be posted.


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    Re: Haunted's WS Fetish Stories Thread

    Stacy - hot story - only just been told about it by a mate
    Dedicated to watersports GROUP: WATERSPORTS

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