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Thread: Awakenings

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    *Fetish Warning - Piss Play*

    The first part of this story has a lot of piss play in it. Future updates* will not have fetish aspects to them. It felt right to move the story to other areas.

    Would love as much feedback as possible. Trying to hone my writing skills.

    *Future updates refer to anything after today's date. Everything posted today was already written with the fetish in it.



    Alex woke up not wanting to move from his warm bed. His radio alarm was blaring some guitar driven rock song. As he willed himself out of sleep mode he heard the news break in. Two feet of snow had covered the area overnight and it was still coming down. Businesses were closed, streets shut down, all residents were advised to stay indoors and wait out the storm.

    Alex rolled over and turned off the alarm, bringing silence to the room. He threw the covers over his head and laid there for a moment. Just before he drifted back to sleep his body reminded him, it’s morning. His dick was hard and his bladder was waiting to be emptied. Alex groaned, took a deep breath, and curled up to go back to sleep, ignoring his needs.

    The dream came just as sleep retook him. Alex was standing in Patrick’s office discussing a client. Alex watched Patrick’s mouth move but the words stopped reaching his ears. He loved the fullness of Patrick’s lips. The flick of his tongue as it hit a certain syllable. He loved looking into his deep blue eyes, and watching the way his dark hair became unruly by the end of the day.

    Patrick was athletic and it affected the way his suit laid on his body, his muscular arms and chest were outlined when he moved. Alex often imagined what it would be like to see Patrick out of that confined clothing. He shook off the feeling of wanting to rip Patrick’s clothes off and reached for the file just as Patrick was closing the folder. Their hands brushed against each other and Alex felt it like an electric shock. He glanced at Patrick who was looking back at him, had he said something and was waiting for a response? Alex had no idea.

    Just as he was going to ask Patrick if he had said something, Patrick did the one thing Alex had been dying for. He reached up, grabbed the back of Alex’s neck and pulled their faces together, smashing their lips to each other. Alex’s breath was knocked out of him for a moment but he regained control, he did not want to miss a single moment of this kiss.

    Patrick began to pull away but Alex held him there. Patrick put his hand on Alex’s face and gave a slight push, motioning that the door to his office was wide open. He wasn’t trying to stop he just wanted it to be more private. Alex moved to let Patrick slip past him and shut the door. He locked it to make sure they would not be disturbed. He returned to Alex and leaned into him, this time with his whole body. Alex could feel Patrick’s hard cock against his leg. He felt an immediate need to taste it, feel it in his mouth. He put his hand on Patrick’s chest and pushed him down in his chair.

    Alex tried as hard as he could to not be in a hurry but he was eager to get into Patrick’s pants. He fumbled with the belt but recovered well, managing to get the button and zipper open without a problem. He could see the outline of Patrick’s hard dick against his tight white briefs. Alex put his face closer and breathed in the musky scent. He looked up at Patrick as he grabbed onto the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down.

    Patrick smiled and nodded and Alex leaned in further. He used his tongue first, licking from the head to the end of the shaft and taking each ball into his mouth. He made his way back to the tip and slid Patrick’s dick into his mouth. He moved closer into Patrick’s crotch bringing the hard dick deeper in until he could not handle any more. He licked, sucked and bobbed on Patrick’s dick until he closed his hand on Alex’s arm and announced he was cumming. Alex took in all of Patrick’s cum, swallowing it like it was the best drink he’d ever tasted. Patrick pulled Alex’s face closer to his own and kissed him, allowing his tongue to sweep Alex’s mouth and taste his own fluids. Patrick broke away from the kiss and grabbed Alex by his tie, pulling him up from the floor.

    Alex stood in front of Patrick, looking down at him as his strong hands opened the belt, button and zipper of Alex’s pants. He let them fall to the floor. Patrick smiled as he noticed the front of Alex’s briefs were wet with precum. He grabbed the elastic band and pulled down on them, watching as a string of clear jizz dripped down off the head of Alex’s cock. Patrick stuck his tongue out and let the liquid drip onto it before licking the head of Alex’s dick and taking it deep into his throat. Alex’s knees almost gave out as he felt the warmth of Patrick’s mouth. It was all he could do to hold on long enough to take in the feeling before he was announcing he was cumming. Before the words even left his mouth he felt the hot liquid escape his dick and land on Patrick’s waiting tongue.

    They kissed once more before pulling their pants back on and making sure they did not look like they had just sucked each other’s dicks. Patrick opened his office door and watched as Alex staggered down the hall back to his office.

    As the dream faded Alex found himself lying in bed with a pool of cum next to him. He let out a chuckle as he tried to remember the last time he had a wet dream. Then he realized something important. His bladder was still full. He reached for the covers but it was too late. Piss was flowing out of his dick. He tried to stop it. There was no use. Alex was pissing his bed. Lying there in his own piss and cum, Alex first felt weird, and then realized he’d enjoyed the sensation of it. Feeling the warmth of the piss as it pooled around his body, the sensation of relief as it escaped his dick.

    He got out of bed and threw on some sweats, socks and a sweatshirt before making his way into the kitchen to get food. Alex put two pieces of bread in the toaster and readied the coffee pot. He stood at the counter to wait for his toast and coffee. He thought about all the ways he’d enjoy his day snowed in. His first mission was to piss himself again. The toaster dinged and Alex was awakened from his daydream. He scarfed down the toast standing at the counter, downed three glasses of orange juice and took his coffee with him to the couch where he flicked on the TV to wait for his bladder to fill.

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    Re: Awakenings

    The weather was awful, Alex noted as he flipped channels, every so often stopping on the local news reports. He was growing impatient as his bladder had not yet asked for release. But it wasn’t long before the sensation reached him. He sat still and told himself to go, but nothing happened. His body and mind were working against him.

    Alex walked into the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet hoping whatever was preventing him from pissing himself would ease up and allow him to go. He stood there willing himself to piss. Taking a deep breath he told his body it was OK. He wanted this. As he calmed, drops of piss leaked out of his dick. Alex pushed against his bladder and it let go. He felt the warmth of the liquid flowing down his left leg, splashing against him, soaking his sock and making a puddle on the floor. He took his piss soaked socks off and threw a towel on the floor to sop up the mess before exiting the bathroom. He stopped in the kitchen to grab a large jug of water before returning to the couch.

    Alex’s dick was hard from the bathroom experience and he reached down into his damp sweats to take care of business. He wrapped his hand around his dick and stroked it. It grew harder, throbbed deeper and soon exploded with cum. As he sat there watching TV again he felt an odd sense of mischief. He had found a fetish and it was like finding a shiny new toy when you were young. He wanted to play with it all day. He continued to drink as much water as he could consume and fill his bladder until it needed emptying. He sat on the couch plotting and planning places to piss, things to wet down, ways to play this new game.

    His first piss spot was the box of magazines by the door. There was no reason why they could not recycle wet paper, right? Alex stood up from the couch and walked over to the box, reached into his pants and pulled his dick over the waistband. He let it rest there massaging his stomach and waiting for it to flow. A steady stream began to pour out of his dick and he watched as the magazines grew soggy and wet. He put his dick back in his pants and let the remnants drip down his leg.

    More water was consumed throughout the day. He was thanking the weather gods for snow and ice as he continued to play with his new shiny toy. He laughed at himself as he felt giddy each time he had to pee. What an odd sensation, being happy about something so annoying. Who gets excited when they need to piss? Alex wondered to himself. He still felt a sense of oddness about it all, but he was enjoying himself.

    Right now he was standing over his laundry basket. The clothes were piled high, waiting to be washed. Alex held his dick over the pile and hosed it down with fresh hot liquid. His dick was hardening as he wet down his dirty clothes and he stood over the pile jerking off once again. He wondered if there was any cum left in him, but worked himself over anyway. Sure enough when he reached orgasm there wasn’t much to shoot out. He left a small spot of cum on the piss soaked clothing and walked back to the couch, checking off “laundry basket” on his mental piss on it list.

    His next piss spot was one he decided he would not try again any time soon. Alex stood at the sliding glass door with it open just enough to fit his torso, and attempted to piss on the pile of snow that had built up on the patio. It was bitter cold and Alex wondered if the piss would freeze midstream. His dick and bladder told him no, we’re not doing this, and he had to step back into the warmth of his living room. As soon as he was inside he pissed on the floor, soaking the rug he was standing on.

    The day was coming to an end and Alex found himself praying for a second snow day so he could continue his game just 24 more hours. He made his way into his bedroom to climb into bed and watch TV there. He decided that was going to be his spot for the night and he would allow himself to piss the bed whenever the need arose.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Despite the long day of pissing, Alex found that he could still release a strong amount of pee the two times he went before turning off the TV and attempting to fall asleep. Urine soaked and euphoric from his day of pissing games, Alex drifted off into dreamland. Just before he was deep in sleep he wondered if he would dream about Patrick again.

    Yes. This time it was outside the office and Patrick was dressed in jeans that hugged his crotch and ass, outlining both, toying with Alex’s need to feel Patrick’s dick in his mouth again, to spread his ass and penetrate him. His t-shirt fit him just right, showing off his muscular arms and chest, clinging to his six-pack abs.

    They were at a bar downtown with other co-workers. Happy Hour. Alex was sitting at a table with two other lawyers and a paralegal. They were talking shop, but Alex could not hear anything they were saying. He was focused on Patrick who was standing at the bar waiting on the bartender to bring him his beer.

    Alex made his way to the bar and stood next to Patrick, allowing his arm to brush Patrick’s before motioning to the bartender. Patrick did not make any attempt to move away from Alex or even shift his weight to clear room between them. Alex smiled at Patrick and he smiled back. Feeling bold, Alex leaned into Patrick and suggested they go back to his place, which was close by. To Alex’s surprise, Patrick nodded and left money on the bar for the beers neither of them had even touched.

    They had just stepped through the door when they started the groping and pulling at clothing, kissing and moaning. Alex guided them to the bedroom and pushed Patrick on the bed lying on top of him, grinding his very hard cock into Patrick’s, which was just as hard. Alex pulled Patrick’s t-shirt over his head and let his hands explore the muscles of his chest and stomach. He reached down and yanked open the button fly jeans and grabbed hold of the hard dick waiting inside. Patrick arched his back in pleasure, and demanded that Alex fuck him. Alex removed both their remaining clothing and leaned in to kiss Patrick, running his forefinger across his hole before inserting it to open him up and ready him for more.

    Alex pulled Patrick closer to him and kissed him while he pushed his dick into Patrick’s ass. Patrick reached forward and grabbed Alex’s ass pulling him deeper inside him, groaning in the absolute pleasure of the pain. Alex pumped his dick into Patrick opening him up and making him grab onto the sheets. Alex stared into Patrick’s amazing blue eyes as he continued to slide his dick in and out of Patrick’s ass. Alex was in complete ecstasy and it wasn’t long before he was ready to burst. His breath began to quicken and his body tensed up as his dick throbbed inside Patrick’s tight warm hole. Alex’s dick exploded with cum and Patrick told him to keep pumping. Soon after, Patrick was cumming hard onto his stomach without touching himself. Alex collapsed onto Patrick taking in each breath, slowing down his heart rate, readying himself for round two…

    The alarm was loud, the music was obnoxious and Alex was mad. It could not be morning already. He was having such an amazing dream. Alex’s senses began to come back to him. Assessing his surroundings he noticed the bed was wet from pissing overnight, he had once again cum in his sleep, and his bladder was asking to be released again. The radio blared guitar rock and he laid there hoping to hear news of another snow day.

    Laying still he felt the hot piss wash over him, sending goosebumps up and down his entire body. Letting the piss pool up around him, he listened to the radio willing the DJ to tell him to stay home. Alas his wish was granted, when the report came that more snow had fallen overnight and the city was still shut down. He felt like a young kid back in school, giddy and excited that he got to stay home and play.

    Alex went about his routine, making toast and coffee, eating standing up, and today he was once again drinking as much liquid as he could so he could piss as much as possible all day. He went through his mental list of places he’d saturate. When the first urge came to him he stood up and made his way back into his bedroom. He opened the door to the closet and reached in, finding a plastic storage box hidden in the back corner.

    He had called it his “ex” box, he remembered laughing as he wrote “Ex-Box” on the outside, but this was no box of video games. He removed the top revealing the pictures and mementos of past lovers. Then took out his dick and proceeded to drench the box in hot, yellow piss. Bladder emptied, Alex replaced the top and moved it back into the corner of the closet. He went back to the couch and waited for the next round.

    “The next item up for piss is this lovely throw pillow!” Alex laughed at himself as he grabbed the pillow and set it on the floor in front of him.

    He scooted to the edge of the couch legs spread out over the pillow, and pulled his dick out of his pants. He held it over the target and watched as fresh piss began to wash over the fabric, turning it from faded red to dark red.

    Alex smiled in satisfaction as he wrapped his hand around his dick, watching and feeling it stiffen in his hand. He could feel his smooth cock throbbing, ready to burst. He watched as streams of clear precum dripped onto the wet pillow. His breathing quickened, his body reacted to the sensation, and he blasted out a huge load of white jizz onto the deep red fabric. This game was just too much, he thought as he collapsed against the couch.

    Just before nightfall Alex went to his final pissing spot before the bed would become his urinal for the night. He was standing in the hallway outside his apartment. It was chilly but not as cold as his previous outside attempt. He looked around to make sure he was alone, reached into his sweats and pulled his dick out, aiming it at the wall and floor in front of him. When he was done, he stood for a moment admiring his puddle then headed back into his warm apartment, locking the door behind him.

    The bed was still damp and Alex knew that he was going to have to buy a new mattress. If he was going to continue this game he would have to consider piss proofing the bed and some of the house. As much as the piss excited him, he knew the lingering smell was going to take over if he let it. He noted the items he would need to move to the trash. His recycled magazines box, the pillow that still sat on the floor in the living room, his “Ex-Box.” He would throw the rug by the sliding door in the still soaked laundry basket and do a load of wash tomorrow. A smile flashed across his face as he realized tomorrow was Saturday. He wondered to himself if he was ready for two more days of piss games.

    “Definitely,” he said out loud.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex was lounging in bed watching television and dreaming up new places to wet down, new things to pee on or into. He was lost in thought when his cell phone buzzed on the nightstand. He reached for it and his heart skipped a beat as he noticed the name on the caller ID. Patrick. He almost let it go to voicemail, but answered instead.

    “Hello?” he answered the phone like he hadn’t just stared at the caller ID.

    “Hi,” Patrick replied.

    Patrick’s voice sent Alex’s heart racing and made his dick twitch under the sheets.

    “What have you been up to?” Patrick asked.

    Alex almost choked on his own spit as he tried to come up with anything but what he had really been doing cooped up in his house while the snow fell.

    “A lot of mindless television,” Alex came up with.

    “Ya. Me too,” Patrick said. “I have to admit it’s nice not to be in the office, but man we’re gonna have a lot of work to do when we get back,” Patrick continued.

    “Mhm,” Alex agreed. His mind was filling up with thoughts about doing very bad things to Patrick every which way he could.

    As the two men talked about work and weather and sports, Alex grew more and more aware of how much he needed to both pee and jerk off. Hearing Patrick’s voice was messing him up big time. Alex closed his eyes and continued to respond to Patrick as well as he could, letting the need to piss win out. He felt the hot liquid against his skin and bit his lip to stifle a moan. When he finished pissing he reached down with his free hand and played with his dick letting Patrick’s deep, sexy voice take over him. He attempted to cum without making a sound, but an audible groan escaped his lips.

    “What’s wrong?” Patrick noticed.

    At first Alex was going to claim he saw something on television that made him react. But he was feeling feisty and bold. It no longer mattered that Patrick was a colleague and off limits, he no longer felt the need to pretend he wasn’t in desperate need to fuck his brains out. Alex took a deep breath.

    “You made me cum,” he told Patrick the truth.

    There was silence on the other end of the phone. Uh oh, Alex thought, but as he went to end the call Patrick spoke again.

    “Wish I could have been there,” Patrick said.

    “Next time let’s make sure you are,” Alex said.

    Where was this all coming from? He was shy and reserved. Now he was pissing all over his house and coming on to Patrick whom he had been watching from afar for years. A thousand different feelings rushed through him.

    “I’m not that far from you, maybe I could head over there now?” Patrick suggested.

    Alex froze in place. YES! He didn’t say that.

    “Um, I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” he said.

    “Why not?” Patrick asked.

    “Uh. I haven’t showered in two days and my house is a mess,” Alex confessed.

    “We’ll shower together and I don’t care about the mess,” Patrick was using his convincing voice. It was working.

    Alex weighed the risks. His bed was soaked in piss and so was he. He could change the sheets easy enough, but the mattress was wet underneath. Flip it over. YES! He still did not say that.

    “I’d hate for you to get stuck in the snow on your way over,” Alex said.

    “It’s only a few blocks, I promise I’ll wear my coat,” Patrick was being playful now.

    “I’ll see you soon,” Alex caved in.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex jumped off the bed, stripped it down and flipped over the mattress. This task was harder than he expected but it worked. The other side was still dry. He made the bed and then jumped into the shower to rinse off the remnants of two days of pissing the bed, pissing his pants and jacking off onto himself. He felt silly. This fetish was going to stop. He made himself promise.

    The house phone rang to let Alex know that Patrick was at the security gate. Alex buzzed him in and stood at the door. When the knock came he paused for what he hoped was long enough to not appear that that’s exactly where he was standing. Alex could not help but smile from ear to ear seeing Patrick standing there. Patrick stepped inside and Alex watched as he took his jacket off.

    Alex knew Patrick’s body well. He had been staring at it daily for the four years they had both been at the firm. He was eager to explore it for real now, not just imagine it in dreams. Alex stepped forward and ran his hands down Patrick’s chest stopping just above his waist. Patrick reached up, grabbed the back of Alex’s neck and pulled him to his lips. Alex’s breath caught in his throat as he felt the sensation of Patrick’s mouth against his.

    Their lips moved in unison, their tongues explored each other’s mouths and they pulled their bodies as close together as they would go. After a while they stepped apart and gasped for air.

    “I have been wanting to do that for a long time,” Alex confessed.

    “I know,” Patrick answered.

    Alex took Patrick’s hand and guided him into the bedroom. They climbed onto the bed and kissed some more as they removed pieces of clothing one by one. As desperate as Alex was to know what it was like to fulfill all his fantasies about Patrick, he was going to take his time and remember every moment of this. He let his hands explore Patrick’s naked body feeling his firm muscles, smooth skin and hard dick.

    He noticed Patrick assessing him, and realized not many people knew he worked out and took care of himself as much as he did. His shyness had made him seem dorky. He tried to stifle a laugh as he kissed and licked his way down Patrick’s chest and stomach. He teased his dick with his tongue before sliding it into his mouth. Patrick took in a loud breath letting Alex know he was enjoying himself. After a few minutes Alex made his way back up to Patrick’s mouth.

    Patrick moved to get his face closer to Alex’s waiting dick. Alex hoped Patrick was not going to be freaked out by the massive amount of precum he had flowing, but Patrick’s tongue was soon lapping it up. Alex concentrated on not cumming as the warmth of Patrick’s mouth overtook him. It was no use, Alex felt it build up and ache to be released.

    “Fuck, I’m cumming!” he announced.

    Patrick let the cum slide down his throat.

    “I’m sorry,” Alex said.

    “For what?” Patrick asked.

    “Being so quick,” Alex said as he tried to hide his blushing face.

    “Are you done?” Patrick asked.

    “Done?” Alex was confused.

    “For the night?” Patrick inquired.

    “Oh. No, not at all,” Alex announced.

    “Then don’t be sorry, just fuck me already,” Patrick teased.

    Alex went to work readying Patrick’s hole, and it wasn’t long before he was hard and ready once again. He opened the condom packet with his teeth and rolled the condom onto his dick. He pulled Patrick’s legs onto his shoulders and guided his cock into his tight ass. Patrick bit his lip as the small pangs of pain hit him. Alex pumped his dick in and out of Patrick’s hole to loosen it up before pumping harder, faster and deeper, being sure to hit every spot imaginable.

    Alex loosened his grip on Patrick’s legs and let him move them down to the bed. Patrick reached up and grabbed the back of Alex’s neck to pull him in for a kiss. Alex gave several sharp thrusts with his hips before slowing his pace once again and coming into the condom. He pulled his dick out of Patrick’s hole and sucked on Patrick’s dick until he was ready to blow. The hot cum hit the back of Alex’s mouth and slid down his throat. He swallowed every drop.

    Both men were sweaty and breathing hard. Alex was lost in thought as he mentally catalogued every feeling comparing them to the dreams he had experienced recently. Patrick was watching him.

    “What’s on your mind?” he asked.

    Alex was embarrassed to admit the truth but honesty had gotten him here so he went that route.

    He explained to Patrick his two dreams that week, confessing that he had woken up to see he had cum in his sleep. Patrick was flattered. He made sure to let Alex know that in the future he should go after what he wants, like he does in the courtroom.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Patrick spent the night and Alex managed to sleep all the way through without wet dreams or wetting the bed. But he woke up groggy and almost forgot he wasn’t alone. He went to roll over and relieve his bladder when he came face to face with Patrick sleeping next to him. Patrick stirred awake.

    “Sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you,” Alex whispered.

    “It’s OK, I was awake anyway,” Patrick said.

    The two men laid there for a few minutes before Alex decided to go relieve himself.

    “Be right back, I gotta take a leak,” Alex announced.

    Patrick looked at him for a second, Alex could see him contemplating something.

    “What’s on your mind?” he used the same words Patrick had the night before.

    “Oh. I was just. Um…” Patrick stammered.

    Alex had never seen him at a loss for words.

    “Whatever it is you can say it, I just spilled my guts about my fantasies about you, remember?” Alex tried to sound assuring.

    “I have an odd favor to ask,” Patrick said. “And of course you can say no, I mean, it’s really…” he trailed off.

    “Whatever it is I’ll do it,” Alex said, then worried that was too broad of a statement.

    “Promise me you won’t think I’m weird,” Patrick was almost pleading.

    “I promise you, whatever it is, I won’t think you are weird,” Alex meant what he said. After the two days he had just had, nothing was going to surprise him.

    “Have you ever done anything kinky or out of the ordinary, sexually?” Patrick asked.

    Alex was wrong. This surprised him. How could he know? Was it written on his face? Had he seen something in the house? Alex was quiet for a moment and then he once again went with the truth. He looked right at Patrick.

    “Yes,” Alex answered. “But, just alone. Not with anyone else,” he added.

    Patrick looked at Alex and raised an eyebrow. Alex took a deep breath. He decided not to leave anything out.

    “The other day, just after I woke up from one of the dreams I told you about, I accidently pissed the bed,” Alex said. He watched Patrick’s face. It softened, and his tension seemed to lessen, Alex continued.

    “I immediately had this need to feel it again. So I spent the day. Pissing on myself, and into things,” he went on.

    “What did you use?” Patrick asked.

    “A box of recycled papers. An old box of pictures and mementos. A pillow. The floor,” Alex said. “And uh. When we were on the phone, I pissed the bed while you talked to me,” he admitted not looking at Patrick’s face.

    Patrick sat up and looked at Alex. Now that it was silent Alex’s brain went back to worry mode. He wondered if he had said too much. Patrick smiled.

    “I’m glad I asked,” Patrick said.

    “A couple weeks ago I was walking home from work. It was fucking freezing and all I wanted was to get home where it was warm and dry,” Patrick started his own story, he grinned at that last word. Dry.

    “I was two blocks from home when a desperate need to piss hit me. It was cold and I was close to home so I just walked faster,” Patrick went on.

    “By the time I got to my door piss was leaking out of my dick. I was so mad. I kept fumbling with the keys. Dropped them twice,” he said. “I finally got the door open, stepped inside and that was it. I pissed myself right there,” Patrick shook his head.

    “At first I was really angry. What was I five?” Patrick chuckled. “Then I started to like it. The feeling. And my dick got hard.” Patrick admitted. “But, I felt weird. So I cleaned up everything and tried to forget it happened.”

    “Except, every time I had to piss I felt tingly. Like, I wanted to piss myself again. I kept shaking it off. One night I decided I needed to see if I was weird…” Patrick paused. “I had no idea it was something people just, do. Like, it’s a fetish. I must have jacked off 6 times that night. My dick hurt,” Patrick laughed at himself. Alex smiled with him.

    “I wanted to try some of the things I saw. Like, wanted to find a guy to piss on, or piss on me, thought about drinking it. Haven’t tried my own yet. And really I didn’t want to find some random guy who wanted me to do everything, so…I just did what you were doing. Pissed myself, the bed, on things,” Patrick said. “You don’t know how bad I want to piss on my office floor. Haven’t done that though,” he said shaking his head.

    “I admire you for just letting yourself want it,” Patrick said, looking at Alex to indicate he was done talking now.

    Alex was staring at him in awe.

    “I was embarrassed at first,” Alex confessed. “The first time I tried again I couldn’t go right away. I had to will myself into it,” he remembered. “Last night before we talked I was going through the list of things I needed to do to get rid of the evidence. Like I had committed some crime. It was ramped up a notch when I agreed to let you come over. I flipped the mattress, the other side is soaked. I hid the pillow and recycle box in the closet with the other box I had used,” Alex smiled. His head was going to explode, he thought.

    “Now. You better tell me that favor before my bladder bursts and I have to go to the hospital,” Alex was half joking.

    “Oh my God!” Patrick remembered why this conversation got started. “I wanted to just, watch you piss, I was going to follow you into the bathroom, but I’d prefer it if you just, did it here,” Patrick confessed.

    Alex was happy to hear that request. Anything more would be too much for him right now. He smiled and laid back down.

    It took a few seconds before the piss would come, despite how desperate Alex was to pee. This was simple, easy. He had been doing it alone for three days. He told himself that and it came flowing out strong and steady. Some of it pooled around Alex, but some escaped and flowed toward Patrick. He was not bothered. When he was done he asked Patrick to do the same.

    Alex watched the yellow liquid flow out of Patrick’s dick and onto the bed next to him. He had not considered watching someone else pee, he was so wrapped up in his own. He enjoyed it. He knew it felt good, knew Patrick liked it. He felt his dick harden and reached down to play with it as Patrick continued to piss. Patrick finished and watched as Alex stroked his dick. Alex came hard, shooting cum onto the bed, just missing Patrick’s head.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex and Patrick stood in the shower letting the water wash over them.

    “Did you like seeing me piss, like you thought you would?” Alex asked.

    “Of course, why?” Patrick asked.

    “You didn’t um, get off,” Alex left it at that.

    “Oh. I don’t always feel like I have to, even when I am turned on,” Patrick said.

    “You’ll have to teach me that trick some time,” Alex said with a laugh.

    Patrick borrowed a pair of Alex’s sweats and it excited Alex to know that Patrick had not planned on heading back home any time soon. They had breakfast together and went to lounge around on the couch. It was still snowing outside and neither of them felt any need to be out there anyway.

    Alex had not made his mental list of things to piss on or in yet, so when the urge hit him he wasn’t sure where to go. He decided right there would do fine. Once again the feeling of piss washing over his legs, dick and balls was exhilarating. He wondered if it would ever stop feeling that good. He got chills as the fluid rolled down his legs and he felt it wet the floor under his feet. He looked at Patrick who was watching next to him. Patrick leaned over and kissed him in approval.

    When Patrick let go of his bladder Alex saw out of the corner of his eye that a puddle was forming in his lap. He turned his head to see better and felt giddy as he watched piss change the color of the borrowed sweats Patrick was wearing. His dick stiffened and he wondered if he should take care of it. He remembered what Patrick had said about not always getting off when he felt the need. Alex decided to try that instead.

    Alex and Patrick sat on the couch all day, napping, watching silly shows on TV and pissing themselves whenever they felt the need. They enjoyed watching each other as their wet sweats clung to their bodies when they got up to eat or get something to drink. Alex found it difficult to resist, but he did not jack off once despite his dick hardening every time he pissed or watched Patrick piss.

    As the night approached they made their way back into the bedroom and removed their soaked sweats before climbing into bed. Alex was happy to find Patrick’s dick was hard. He had wondered if the day of pissing with each other had affected Patrick at all. It had.

    Patrick moved in close to Alex and kissed the back of his neck. One hand found its way down to Alex’s ass, spreading his cheeks enough to allow his finger to tease his hole. The other hand was wrapped around Alex’s dick. He continued to kiss Alex’s neck and shoulders while he slid his finger inside the hole, feeling Alex tense up. He pushed on Alex’s shoulder and made him lay on his stomach. He kissed and licked his way down Alex’s back and nibbled on his ass cheeks. Patrick sat up, put a condom on his dick and leaned back over.

    Alex’s ass was tight, Patrick could tell he had not bottomed much. He wondered if this was the first time.

    “You OK?” he asked.

    “Mhm,” Alex replied.

    Patrick was unsure if that was ecstasy or pain he heard. He gave a slow push and Alex grunted.

    “Do you want me to stop?” Patrick had to ask.

    “God no!” Alex said.

    Patrick kept pushing until his dick was all the way inside Alex’s hole. He slid his dick in and out and listened to be sure Alex was OK. He heard an audible moan, the good kind.

    Patrick took his time sliding his dick in and out of Alex’s ass, being sure to kiss him on the neck, and lips when he could get to them. He could feel the hole tighten even more when Alex announced he was cumming. It made his dick throb harder and he came into the condom soon after Alex had stained the sheets with his cum.

    They laid face to face and breathed each other in.

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    Re: Awakenings

    When Alex and Patrick woke up they each had wet spots next to them where they had wet the bed overnight.

    “Do you think the feeling of guilt will ever go away?” Alex asked.

    “What guilt?” Patrick asked.

    “Wetting the bed,” Alex responded.

    “You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. It’s your bed,” Patrick said.

    He had a point. Alex closed his eyes and let the warm piss wash over his body. When he opened his eyes he noticed that Patrick was pissing. When he was done Patrick reached down and stroked his dick as Alex watched. He looked into Alex’s eyes and his breath caught as he shot his cum onto the bed.

    In the shower, Alex lathered Patrick up with soap, making sure to get every inch of him. Patrick returned the favor. Rinsed off and feeling refreshed they got out and dried off. Patrick borrowed another pair of baggy sweats and once again Alex’s heart beat faster with the idea of Patrick not wanting to leave.

    The snow was still piled up outside but the news was reporting that the worst was over. Most of the city would reopen on Monday. Alex wondered what being at work would be like now. They would have to be careful not to let anyone know they were together. Were they together? Alex thought. Patrick shifted next to him. Alex wanted to ask about a hundred questions but he kept quiet.

    Alex felt the urge to pee. He got up from the couch and headed into the bedroom, returning with his “Ex-Box.” He pulled off the top. It was still damp inside. He pissed into it. Patrick watched him. The stream went on for a good thirty seconds. It weakened, then stopped. Alex put the top back on, sat on the couch and propped his feet on it.

    “My turn,” Patrick announced a few minutes later. “Where do you want it?” He asked.

    Alex looked around the room. He hadn’t really thought about it. He spotted a glass vase on a shelf. He got up and brought it to Patrick. Patrick laid his dick on the rim and they watched as it filled up with piss. Patrick set it on the coffee table.

    They spent the day playing this game. Alex used his “Ex-Box” the whole day, and found different things for Patrick to piss into. By the end a large pool of piss sat at the bottom of his box and the coffee table was scattered with items Patrick had used. The vase, a bowl of silk flowers, an old messenger bag and a coffee mug each had various amounts of liquid in them.

    Patrick stuck around to help Alex clean up. When he was back in the clothes he had arrived in two days ago he stood in front of Alex and kissed him on the lips.

    “We have to be careful. At work,” Patrick said.

    Alex nodded.

    “Are we…together?” Alex asked.

    “Yes,” Patrick said.

    Alex loved that confidence. He kissed Patrick one last time and then watched as he walked out the door. When he climbed into bed for the night he kept repeating to himself that this was not a dream.

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    Re: Awakenings

    “Headache?” Patrick’s voice broke Alex out of his work-induced semi-coma.

    “God yes. This case is killing me,” Alex replied.

    “Break?” Patrick suggested.

    Alex pushed the file away and got up from his chair. They walked down the hallway talking about cases and work. When they got into the bathroom Patrick checked the stalls.

    “All clear,” he said stepping up to Alex.

    They stood near the sinks kissing each other for a minute. Alex undid his pants, took Patrick’s hand and guided it to his crotch so Patrick could feel the dampness of his underwear.

    “Mine too,” Patrick whispered into Alex’s ear.

    They stepped to the urinals. Alex watched Patrick unzip his pants and take out his dick. A steady stream flowed out of it. He turned to relieve himself while Patrick watched next to him. They finished and kissed one more time before heading back out. As they headed back to their offices they discussed Alex’s case keeping up their work relationship illusion.

    “Lunch?” Patrick asked when they got to Alex’s office.

    “Not sure I can…” he looked up to see Patrick’s gorgeous face staring at him. “Your office?” he sort of asked and stated at the same time.

    “My office,” Patrick said as he turned to head back there.

    Two hours later Alex and Patrick were locked in Patrick’s office. They were standing in the corner making out. Their lunch was laid out on the desk, partially eaten. Patrick got to his knees and unzipped Alex’s pants. He was wet from allowing drops of piss to leak, and excitement. Patrick reached in and freed Alex’s dick, wrapping his mouth around it. Alex breathed deep, put his hand on the back of Patrick’s head and held on as long as he could. When he had no more will to hold it in he tightened his grip on Patrick’s hair and shot his cum into Patrick’s waiting mouth. They kissed once more and went back to their lunch.

    “I can’t stop feeling the urge to piss in this office,” Patrick said as they were cleaning up their lunch.

    “It’s definitely tempting,” Alex said looking around.

    “I just can’t bring myself to do it,” Patrick said.

    “Ya,” was all Alex could come up with.

    Alex headed back to his office and looked around. He couldn’t do it either, he decided.

    At the end of the day Alex still had a splitting headache. He looked up to see Patrick standing in his office doorway. Alex’s mood shifted right away. Patrick stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

    “Don’t worry, we’re mostly alone,” Patrick said approaching Alex’s desk.

    “Mostly?” Alex asked.

    “Ed hasn’t left yet. He’s on a call,” Patrick was sitting on the desk now.

    “We should head out. I hear it’s a mess out there…” Alex was staring into Patrick’s crotch.

    Alex put his palm on Patrick’s lap, feeling his hardness underneath. He wanted to tear into his pants and wrap his lips around Patrick’s dick.

    “We should not be doing this,” Alex said pointing at the wall next to him. Ed’s office was next door.

    “Shhh,” Patrick teased.

    Alex wrapped his lips around Patrick’s dick and sucked him off, letting the fear of being caught drive him further into it. When Patrick grabbed the edge of the desk and tensed his whole body Alex opened his throat and waited for the hot cum to fill his mouth. He swallowed it, licked his lips and looked up at Patrick.

    “I can’t do it either,” Alex said as he was putting on his jacket.

    “What?” Patrick asked.

    “Piss in my office,” Alex said.

    Patrick nodded.

    “My place?” Alex asked as they were exiting the building. His apartment was 8 blocks one way, Patrick’s 8 blocks the other way.

    “Sure.” Patrick said, wrapping his coat around himself.

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    Re: Awakenings

    They walked in silence the entire way to Alex’s apartment. It was just too cold and they were in a hurry to get indoors. Inside the apartment they shrugged out of their coats and took off their boots. Patrick was about to walk further into the apartment when Alex stopped him.

    “Wait,” Alex said pulling Patrick’s hand toward his crotch area.

    Alex stood still letting hot piss fill up his briefs and run down his legs. It felt amazing against his cold skin. Patrick held his hand between Alex’s legs and felt the piss run through his fingers. This was the first time Patrick felt anyone else’s piss. He savored it, letting the feeling reach his own dick and it wasn’t long before Patrick was pissing himself. They stood there in a puddle of piss, kissing, groping.

    “I want to keep going but I’m really hungry,” Alex said between kisses.

    “Yes. Food would be good,” Patrick said nodding.

    Alex and Patrick were standing in the bathroom brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. Patrick stood watching Alex go through his before bed ritual. Alex paused.

    “What?” he asked.

    “Just watching,” Patrick said.

    “Making me nervous,” Alex said, turning to face Patrick.

    “That’s not what he’s saying,” Patrick said pointing at Alex’s semi-hard dick.

    Patrick stepped forward and kissed Alex on the neck, chin and then lips. He grabbed Alex’s hand and held it under his dick. He looked into Alex's eyes and let go of his bladder. Alex felt the warm liquid spill over his hand. Chills raced across his body and his dick leaked precum. He leaned further into Patrick kissed him, then lead him to the bed by his dick.

    Alex sat straddled over Patrick kissing him. His dick was lying against Patrick’s muscular stomach, precum still flowing out of the head. He sat up and kept his eyes locked on Patrick’s as he relieved himself onto his stomach and chest. Patrick’s nipples hardened and goosebumps formed all over his body. He shuddered as the piss rolled down his sides. Alex finished pissing and leaned down to kiss Patrick again.

    “Fuck me,” Patrick said between kisses.

    Alex obliged, sliding his dick inside Patrick’s hole with force and eagerness. He smiled as he felt Patrick’s whole body react. Alex fucked Patrick hard, only slowing down when he thought maybe he was using too much force. But every time he slowed Patrick begged for him to go harder. Alex slowed his pace just enough to allow the cum to shoot out of his dick and coat the inside of Patrick’s ass. Patrick came on his own stomach soon after.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex’s alarm clock was blaring that damn guitar rock music. He reached over and hit the snooze button.

    “Doesn’t that give you a headache?” Patrick’s groggy voice came from under the covers.

    “It’s the only thing that wakes me up,” Alex said. “What are you doing?”

    Patrick poked his head out of the covers. “Hiding from the alarm.”

    Alex giggled and pulled the covers back from both of them. He nuzzled his face against Patrick’s chest and let his hand wander down to his piss hard morning wood. He wrapped his hand around the shaft of Patrick’s dick and stroked it until he came.

    “That better?” Alex grinned.

    “Mhm,” Patrick responded closing his eyes.

    Alex saw the first drops of morning piss escaping Patrick’s dick. He moved down and licked the piss that was beginning to run down Patrick’s side. It tasted salty. He moved closer as the flow got stronger. Alex wrapped his lips around the head of Patrick’s cock. The piss was warm on his tongue. He let it fill his mouth and gulped it down. He watched the rest of it fall onto Patrick’s stomach.

    “How do I taste?” Patrick asked.

    “Amazing,” Alex said.

    The alarm blasted the air again, startling them both. Alex was reaching over to turn it off when they heard the announcement “Weather Warning: City officials have advised all residents to remain indoors. Blizzard conditions throughout the day.”

    Alex felt an intense desire to hold his hand up in a high-five victory pose but decided against it. He looked at Patrick and smiled wide instead. Patrick was smiling right back.

    Patrick made his way down to Alex’s hard dick and wrapped his mouth around it, sucking and licking until he felt the cum hit his throat. He pulled back and held Alex’s dick, watching for the piss to flow out. Alex closed his eyes and let his dick flow. He felt Patrick’s tongue slide over his stomach and then rest against the head just under his dick.

    “Amazing,” Patrick said after Alex finished and opened his eyes.

    Alex and Patrick slept until noon. Hunger finally made them push their way out of bed. They spent the afternoon on the couch cuddling and kissing. They kept an eye on the television to hear how long this latest storm was going to last. All news reports indicated it would be at least a few days of constant snow and sleet. This thrilled them both to no end.

    Once darkness had fallen over the city they made their way to the bedroom to continue cuddling. Patrick was running his fingers over Alex’s ass, teasing his hole. They were kissing, touching, grinding into each other. Alex rolled onto his stomach and Patrick kissed him from the back of his neck to the top of his ass. He let his tongue rake over the outside of Alex’s crack before spreading his ass wider to get it deeper inside. Alex took in a deep breath as Patrick’s tongue teased the outside of his hole.

    Patrick pulled Alex into doggy position and slid his hard dick inside Alex’s ass. He pumped hard into him, making Alex groan in pleasure. Patrick increased his grip on Alex’s sides and came hard into him. Alex was not far behind, shooting cum all over the bed. Patrick slid his dick out of Alex’s ass and held it there for a moment. Piss dripped out onto Alex’s ass and he arched his back in pleasure. Patrick covered Alex in piss before collapsing beside him.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex woke up in the morning in his usual state - groggy, piss ready and horny. Patrick was asleep next to him. He wondered if he should wake Patrick up to share his piss with him, but he didn’t want to disturb him.

    Alex laid still, his dick resting against the mattress. He pushed on his bladder and watched as yellow liquid flowed out of the head of his dick. He loved to watch it soak the sheet, the plastic mattress cover underneath allowing it to build up in a puddle.

    When his bladder was empty he closed his eyes and pictured every scenario possible to keep his dick throbbing. He concentrated with everything he had, flexing his dick without touching it, feeling the sensation of it laying in the warm piss. Every muscle in his body twitched and he felt his dick explode with cum. He let out a huge breath. Patrick woke up and turned to face him.

    “What’s wrong?” Patrick asked when he noticed Alex sweating and breathing heavy.

    “Nothing,” Alex responded.

    Alex felt guilt wash over him. Patrick was looking at his piss and cum puddle.

    “I um, didn’t want to wake you up. You looked so peaceful,” Alex said.

    “Thanks. I was having a good dream,” Patrick said. “Looks like you were busy,” he added.

    “Sorry,” Alex looked away.

    Patrick put his hand under Alex’s chin and made him look at him. “Stop apologizing for doing what comes naturally. You have to piss, do it where you want to, you want to get off, get off. OK?” Patrick smiled.

    “Kay,” Alex smiled back.

    Patrick sat up and motioned for Alex to look at his side of the bed. Alex felt better once he saw a puddle of fresh piss and cum matching his own sitting on the sheet where Patrick had been lying. They got out of bed together and went to shower.

    They were in the kitchen cleaning up after breakfast when the power went out in the whole building.

    “I think we should just get back into bed,” Patrick suggested, putting the last dish in the drainer.

    “Whatever will we do all day?” Alex said in mock disappointment.

    Alex and Patrick had been in and out of sleep for several hours as the power remained out. Their non-concern for the lack of electricity had switched to annoyance as they came to the realization that no power meant no heat. They cuddled together under several layers of blankets and comforters. Their plans for all day love-making were looking less likely, their dicks were flaccid even as they lay naked against each other.

    “I have to pee,” Patrick told Alex just so he knew it was coming. He let go of his bladder and felt the warmth wash over his dick, balls and waist.

    Alex squeezed his hands around Patrick’s arms as he felt the hot liquid hit him. It warmed him up at least for the moment. When it was his turn to relieve himself he let Patrick know and soaked them both. They spent the next few hours this way, sleeping, pissing and cuddling to keep warm.

    The power kicked back on sometime in the late evening. Alex woke up to see that the lights were back on and he nudged Patrick.

    “Power’s back on,” Alex told him.

    “Good,” Patrick said.

    They got out of bed and stopped to admire the pool of piss that had built up where they had been laying. They were both grinning as they put on warm sweats and headed to find something to eat in the kitchen.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Patrick sat at his desk at the office pushing paper around. He kept glancing at the clock on his computer. In the office next to him his boss Ed Munoz was meeting with Alex. After a few minutes Patrick heard Ed’s office door open. He tried to look busy while staring at the door to catch a glimpse of Alex as he passed by. Alex glanced into his office and Patrick knew the verdict had come in. Ed appeared in his doorway.

    “My office,” Ed said.

    Patrick stood up and followed Ed into his office. Inside the room there were 3 other men. Ed’s partners at the firm.

    “Mister Evans, you know why you are here,” Ed said looking down at papers on his desk.

    “Yes. Mister Munoz,” Patrick replied.

    “You should have been more careful,” said Ed.

    “Careful? Or less obvious?” Patrick asked.

    Ed and Patrick sat contemplating each other for a few moments. The partners watched in silence.

    “Are you suggesting this is a ‘gay’ thing?” Ed countered, leaning forward, lowering his voice to just above a whisper. “Because that’s not what this is about,” he assured.

    “Isn’t it?” Patrick replied. “I haven’t seen anyone else being let go for standing too close while talking to each other in a hallway,” his voice was rising.

    “I see you are the man in the relationship,” Ed murmured.

    “Excuse me?” Patrick’s voice boomed through the room.

    “HR has some paperwork for you to sign. Please don’t make a scene. Our decision has been made. Clear out your office and go home. If you are not out by 3 o’clock I will call security. That will be all Mister Evans,” Mister Munoz made it official.

    Patrick glared at Ed Munoz before standing to exit. He glanced around the room and made his way back to his own office, slamming the door behind him. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick letting go of his bladder without hesitation, wetting the chairs, floor and back of his desk. When there was nothing left he slid his dick back into his pants, grabbed a box, filled it with his personal items and walked out the door.

    In the human resources department Alex was exiting the director’s office. He and Patrick shared a glance while passing each other.

    Patrick took his time filling out the paperwork during his exit interview. He read every line and signed every sheet with scrutiny and precision. At 3 o’clock on the dot he made his exit. Standing outside the building he glanced toward Alex’s place before heading to his own place.

    Alex entered his apartment and dropped everything on the floor in front of him. He stood motionless, running down the past few hours in his mind. His stress was apparent on his face, in his posture. He glanced down at the box and cocked his head to the side. He opened the top and looked at the small amount of personal items he had thrown in. A mug, a calendar with pictures of faraway places he dreamed of visiting, a notebook and some papers. Alex unzipped his fly, pulled out his dick and let streams of piss flow into the box, wetting down each item. He let his dick dangle over his pants as he made his way into his bedroom to change.

    Alex felt the phone in his pocket vibrate. He looked at the caller ID. Patrick.

    “Hey,” Alex answered.

    “We’re suing,” Patrick did not even say hello.

    “For what?” Alex asked.

    “Discrimination, blatant homophobia, unfair treatment,” Patrick was steaming.

    “Patrick we signed an agreement when we were hired. No relationships at the office,” Alex was massaging his temples.

    “Do you know how many people are fucking each other at that firm Alex?” Patrick’s voice was raised.

    “Please stop yelling. Let’s talk about this tomorrow. This day has been a nightmare as it is, I don’t want to be fighting with you,” Alex sat down on the bed.

    “Come to my place, we’ll have dinner, relax, OK?” Patrick lowered his voice.

    “Please promise me, no more law suit talk for now ‘kay?” Alex hesitated.

    “I promise. You’re right. Tomorrow. We can talk about it tomorrow,” Patrick tried to sound calm.

    Alex headed over to Patrick’s place, now dressed in comfortable jeans, a v-neck sweater Patrick had complimented him on several times and his long overcoat. The weather was still cold but rain had washed away all the snow. Today it was dark and cloudy, wind blew cold air over Alex and he winced as it hit his face. When he rounded the corner on Patrick’s block Alex slowed his pace. He concentrated on his bladder, coaxing it to let go of the hot piss it was holding inside. He felt it pool up in his briefs and roll down his legs, soaking his jeans, socks and shoes. When he reached Patrick’s door he unbuttoned his coat.

    Patrick answered the door wearing a similar outfit, jeans and a sweater. His face still showed signs of anger but he was doing his best to be calm. His eyes softened and a smile formed as he noticed Alex’s wet pants. He pulled Alex in and kissed him.

    The small dining room table was set for two and Patrick had ordered in food. They sat down to eat and for the first few minutes it was silent.

    “Can we at least talk about what happened?” Patrick finally asked.

    “Sure,” Alex replied.

    “You first,” Patrick nodded to Alex.

    Alex was called into Mister Munoz’s office just after lunch. He glanced around the room at the other partners before taking a seat in front of Ed’s desk. Ed cleared his throat.

    “Mister Parker, it has been brought to my attention that you have violated the rules of the no fraternizing agreement you signed when you were hired here. Do you understand what that means and why you are here?” Mister Munoz was all business.

    “Yes, sir,” Alex said with a nod.

    “You are a good lawyer Alex. It should not be hard to find other work. We just, have no tolerance for that behavior here,” Mister Munoz had said.

    “Yes, sir,” Alex had decided that would be his only response.

    And with that Alex exited the room and went to see Human Resources to fill out his paperwork.

    Patrick was fuming. “No tolerance” He said under his breath.

    “Huh,” Patrick remembered something.

    “What?” Alex asked.

    “I get it now. When I was in there Ed said something about me being the ‘man’ in the relationship. Asshole,” Patrick was doing his best not to lose his head.

    “What else happened?” Alex asked, ignoring the implications.

    Patrick explained that he had been a bit more aggressive, suggesting outwardly that this was about them being gay. He remembered that the partners grew tense when he brought up the straight couples in the firm not being let go.

    “Alex I know we have a case here,” Patrick pleaded.

    “Pat I’m not saying we don’t, I just don’t want to deal with it tonight. My world just went crazy in a heartbeat and I’m really freaked out,” Alex admitted.

    Patrick nodded and they cleared their dinner from the table. Standing at the sink washing dishes they stood close to each other but stayed quiet. When they were done cleaning Patrick lead Alex into his bedroom.

    Patrick stepped up to Alex and kissed his forehead. He pulled Alex’s sweater off and let it fall to the floor. Patrick brushed his hands over Alex’s arms and chest, watching his nipples harden, feeling his muscles react to his touch. He put his hand on the back of Alex’s neck and closed his lips around Alex’s, using his anger and frustration to strengthen his desire. Alex reacted with the same force, grabbing Patrick’s waist and pulling him in closer. Patrick unbuttoned Alex’s jeans and reached in to massage his dick, feeling the dampness of his underwear.

    Alex pulled Patrick’s sweater over his head and kissed his chest, using his tongue to explore his pecs and tease his nipples. He got to his knees and unbuttoned Patrick’s jeans, pulling them and his underwear down to his ankles. Alex wrapped his lips around Patrick’s hard cock, Patrick grabbed the back of Alex’s head and held him there as he sucked him off to completion. Alex stood up and shared the cum with Patrick, kissing him, pulling him on top of him on the bed.

    Alex slid his dick into Patrick’s hole and watched as Patrick’s body tensed up in reaction to the sensation. Patrick had a firm grasp on Alex’s arms and begged him to fuck him hard and fast. Alex complied, grinding in to Patrick, pushing his dick further inside him. Alex announced he was cumming and let his dick explode inside Patrick’s ass. Patrick pulled Alex down to him and kissed him hard, biting his bottom lip. He held Alex there while he willed his dick to cum hands-free.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Patrick woke up and reached for Alex, but he was not there. He opened his eyes and searched the room. He got out of bed and found Alex in the bathroom. Alex was just stepping away from the toilet.

    “Everything OK?” Patrick asked.

    Alex jumped. “Oh, ya, fine.”

    Patrick watched as Alex walked past him back into the bedroom. He noted that Alex’s dick was flaccid. Patrick’s was still piss hard.

    “You sure you’re OK?” Patrick asked again.

    “Yep. Why?” Alex answered.

    “You just, went to the bathroom, in the bathroom,” Patrick was confused.

    Alex climbed back into bed. He pulled the covers over him and closed his eyes. Patrick could see tears forming under them. He kneeled on the bed and reached for Alex, resting his hand on his cheek.

    “What’s going on babe?” Patrick was using his thumb to wipe away the tears.

    “I’m so confused,” Alex didn’t open his eyes.

    Patrick laid down with his head on Alex’s chest. He felt Alex take a deep breath.

    “Two weeks ago I was a young lawyer moving up in a firm that always said I had potential to become partner. I was quiet and motivated. I had no weird fetishes and no desire to start any. My office crush was out of reach and out of the question and I liked the simplicity of life,” Alex said in one breath.

    “Babe…” Patrick started to respond.

    “I mean don’t get me wrong. This has been amazing. But I feel like I have aged several years in such a short time. I mean, here I am with complications I never imagined, some weird fetish I still can’t wrap my head around, and my nice quiet existence has turned into complete madness,” Alex continued.

    Patrick sat up and turned to look at Alex. He was staring at the ceiling.

    “I’m sorry if I’ve done something to contribute to that madness,” Patrick said to Alex’s chest.

    “No, that’s not what I meant,” Alex said sitting up. “I’m just really confused and out of sorts. I woke up this morning with an overwhelming need to take back my control of things, to change something I felt I lost a grip on. I decided it was the fetish. It’s been fun, exciting, but it’s just not me,” Alex explained.

    Patrick took a long pause. “We were let go because we are gay. That is the control we need to take hold of. We cannot let them do that to us. Alex, you know I’m right. You cannot, we cannot, let them change us. We didn’t get fired for having a piss fetish. We got fired because we were fraternizing with the wrong gender,” he was getting angry again.

    “What can we do though? Seriously how do we fight that?” Alex asked.

    “We need to bring a lawsuit to them. Or, I don’t know, bring it to the media’s attention. People need to know what’s going on at that firm,” Patrick’s voice was rising.

    “They’re lawyers Patrick. Good ones,” Alex was still not convinced.

    “So are we!” Patrick shouted. “Sorry, not mad at you, really…” he added.

    “You’re talking about going up against the biggest law firm in Georgia. Fucking Georgia for Christ’s sake. There are no laws protecting gays from discrimination, marriage is still illegal, hell they still support the KKK. I’m not trying to go against you but you’re talking about changing the entire make-up of the state itself. They let us go for being gay because they CAN,” Alex pointed out.

    “I totally get that. But what you are telling me is that you are more than willing to give up who you are to maintain your quiet existence,” Patrick explained.

    “No, not at all. What I am saying is I am not willing to go up against the entire state because one law firm let me go. There are other places to work,” Alex insisted.

    “You just said you were giving up your fetish, which you enjoy, to regain control,” Patrick pointed out.

    “The fetish is not who I am though,” Alex replied. “I had fun with it. It opened me up to new experiences, it helped me open up to you, but I’m still waking up feeling guilty about it. Being gay never made me feel that way, so don’t go there,” Alex finished.

    “OK let’s not lose focus. No more piss play, that’s fine. But don’t think that regaining control of your bladder is going to help you gain control of the homophobia we just got thrown at us,” Patrick responded.

    “I know,” Alex said. He got up from the bed and headed out of the room.

    Patrick looked down at his dick. His hard on was almost gone. He closed his eyes and let his bladder empty onto the sheets. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and stroked until he felt it pulsate against his palm and fingers. The cum shot out and landed in the puddle of piss in front of him. He got up from the bed and went to join Alex in the kitchen.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex was sitting at the table drinking a glass of orange juice.

    “I want to be totally clear here. My decision to stop the fetish does not mean I want us to break up,” Alex looked at Patrick who had sat down across from him.

    “I respect your decision. I hope you understand if I decide not to stop playing alone, for now,” Patrick countered.

    “I do,” Alex nodded.

    “Also, I’m proceeding with my plans to call attention to the discrimination at the firm. I can’t keep that to myself,” Patrick announced.

    “Understood. I will do what I can to help you. But I’d like to do it by just being your partner, I’d like to keep my name out of any lawsuits or media blitzes,” Alex requested.

    “Kay,” Patrick folded his arms across his chest.
    Patrick started researching discrimination lawsuits in Georgia right after breakfast. Alex did his best to help, suggesting cases from other states, listening to rants that came up when Patrick would find some case that ended badly. They sat on the couch most of the morning with Patrick on his laptop and Alex flipping channels on the television.

    When Patrick felt the urge, he allowed himself to piss his pants, watching to see if Alex was affected by the act. Alex never showed signs of it but his dick hardened as soon as he caught a glimpse of Patrick’s sweats turning darker. Alex used the bathroom as he had planned.

    At the end of the night Alex and Patrick stood naked in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Alex brushed his teeth and then went to the toilet to take a leak. Patrick watched him in the mirror. Alex made his way into the bedroom while Patrick finished brushing his teeth. Before heading to bed Patrick pissed in the sink.

    Alex was under the covers when Patrick entered the bedroom. Patrick joined him in bed. Alex turned to face him.

    “Tension. Already tension,” Alex noted.

    Patrick put his hand on Alex’s chest, he scooted closer and put his lips against Alex’s. Alex kissed him back.

    “We’ll be fine,” Patrick promised.

    They made love but it felt more like they had something to prove than anything else.

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    Re: Awakenings

    “Represent me,” Patrick said just as Alex was waking up.

    “Hm?” Alex had not registered the question.

    “Be my lawyer,” Patrick said again.

    Alex rubbed his eyes and cleared his head.

    “OK when I said I would support you I meant silently. I mean think about it. I can’t be your lawyer, I was let go from the same firm for dating you!” Alex rambled.

    “The media will eat that up, seriously Alex it’s perfect. Gay couple gets canned, boyfriend represents plaintiff in court. Genius!” Patrick was getting excited.

    “Wait, are you suing? Yesterday you were just bringing it to the media’s attention,” Alex was trying to keep up.

    “Well I haven’t really decided. But I have to do something. And either way I need representation, I can’t be my own counsel, it needs to look like I have people in my favor, not like I am just one gay man trying to go against the world,” Patrick explained.

    “I am on your side, but let’s do this right. You’re talking about making accusations against a well-known law firm, challenging their methods of employment, outing yourself in a huge public display,” Alex was trying to be logical.

    “I’ve been out for years, not my fault the firm overlooked it when they hired me,” Patrick countered.

    “I meant going public with your life, every part of it, including our relationship. We’ll both be under scrutiny,” Alex was starting to feel very bad about this decision.

    “OK. I’ll take one more day to go over things and really think about it,” Patrick gave in.

    “I’m not trying to stop you from this, I just want you to think about all the things involved if you go through with it. I want you to do it smart. Otherwise you, we, look like we’re just being petty,” Alex was stroking Patrick’s arm.

    Patrick put his hand on Alex’s leg. He nodded in agreement then got up from the bed and headed out of the room. Alex watched him walk out, shaking his head.

    Patrick was making coffee when Alex joined him in the kitchen. They went about making breakfast in silence, but they were not ignoring each other. They would brush hands and cuddle while they waited for things to cook. The tension was present but not overwhelming.

    “I have an idea,” Alex said between bites of toast. They were at the table now.

    “Ya?” Patrick looked up from his iPad. He was scanning news sites, his usual morning routine.

    “Blog it,” Alex suggested like it was obvious all along.

    “Do what?” Patrick asked.

    “Start a blog about what happened, write about what you have noticed at the firm, it will help you put it in perspective and it might catch someone’s eye in the process,” Alex felt really good about this.

    Patrick contemplated for a few moments. “That’s actually a really good idea. I knew there was a reason I liked you,” Patrick’s mood shifted.

    Alex smiled and cleared his plate from the table. Patrick followed him with his own dishes. He stepped behind Alex and wrapped his arms around his waist. Alex turned to face Patrick and the two kissed. They held hands and headed to the bathroom to shower.

    In the shower they lathered each other up with soap, being sure to take extra time when they reached the good parts. Alex was running his hands over Patrick’s dick and balls as he kissed the back of his neck. Patrick’s dick hardened under Alex’s palm and he wrapped his fingers around the shaft, stroking him off, continuing to kiss his back and neck. Patrick reached back held onto Alex as he came onto the shower floor. He turned around and kissed Alex on the lips.

    Patrick got to his knees and took Alex’s dick into his mouth. He slid it in as far as it would go and wrapped his lips around him. Alex grabbed the back of Patrick’s head and came hard into Patrick’s throat. They finished their shower and got out to dry off.

    Alex helped Patrick set up the blog site, they came up with the name “Under the Umbrella” and Patrick spent the next few hours getting together the first entry.

    Saturday, March 26, 2011


    Welcome to “Under the Umbrella,” a blog for those who are discriminated against under the umbrella of the law. We’ll tell you our story and we hope you will share yours too.

    My name is Patrick. I graduated Harvard Law in 2006. My first job was a disaster, working at a firm that served criminals who had little to no chance of winning their cases. I quit and moved to Georgia in 2009 when the opportunity I had been waiting for finally came to me in the form of a job offer at the Whitman & Associates law firm in Atlanta. Whitman is the largest law firm in the south, well known for taking on major corporations and winning cases for the every-man. I thought I had hit the jackpot.

    Looking back now I realize there were many signs I missed in regards to discrimination. During the initial interview I was asked about marriage, family, children. I remained coy, keeping my answers ambivalent. Not out of fear for my being outed as a gay man, more because I felt my stance on family and marriage was irrelevant to my job as a lawyer. My answers were sufficient seeing as I was asked to join the firm after the second interview.

    My first case was a success, winning a substantial settlement for a couple who had sued the Harding Corporation, a developer who’s latest housing project, it turned out, was built using low grade materials and non-licensed contractors. The suit sparked several other lawsuits within their community and made headlines, putting Harding out of business in the process. The next several cases were just as successful, and I felt I had hit the lottery.

    For the next year the cases I worked on were just as successful. My colleagues and I got along well. They stopped asking when I was going to settle down with a good wife and have 2.5 children when I told them I was playing the field while I was still young. In hindsight I should have been more forthcoming about my sexuality. But I was still under the impression it was not something that mattered to be a good lawyer.

    It was when another young lawyer joined the firm that things got more complicated. He took on some of the caseload that had been bogging me down, and for that I was grateful. But I could tell he played on my team from the start. And I knew I could get in trouble with him if I let myself.

    Whitman has a policy, it is written in the contract you sign when you are hired. No employee relationships allowed. Over the course of my tenure there I noticed a few people who disregarded that policy, sometimes discretely and sometimes blatantly. Whitman’s staff never flinched. Until they saw something they didn’t like. Us.

    Stay tuned for more in the next entry, which will be written by my partner, Alex.


    “I love it,” Alex looked up from the screen. “I’ll add mine tomorrow.”

    Patrick smiled and closed the laptop screen. “I’m tired. Let’s go watch TV in bed,” he suggested.

    Alex followed Patrick into the bedroom. They got undressed and slid under the covers. Patrick scooted close to Alex and kissed him on the lips, neck and chest. He let his hands wander down Alex’s chest and reached around to massage his ass. Alex moaned into Patrick’s ear as he nibbled on the lobe.

    Patrick pulled Alex on top of him and spread his ass. He slid his hard dick into the hole and pushed it in until his balls hit ass cheeks. Alex’s body tensed and he bit his lip. He sat up straighter and grinded against Patrick’s waist holding him inside his ass. Alex’s dick rubbed against Patrick’s stomach and they moved together in ecstasy. Alex’s dick exploded with cum just before Patrick’s cum hit the inside of his ass.

    Alex leaned forward and kissed Patrick on the lips, running his fingers through Patrick’s hair. He reached down and stroked his own dick. When it was hard enough he opened Patrick’s legs and slid his dick into Patrick’s ass. Alex continued to pump his dick into Patrick’s ass, Patrick kissed Alex’s neck. Patrick’s dick throbbed against his stomach. Alex came into Patrick’s ass, letting out a moan. Patrick stroked his dick and came onto his stomach. They kissed and cuddled, falling asleep together, smiling.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex left a note for Patrick and headed home. He took his time walking the 16 blocks to his apartment. The cool air felt good against his face, helped him wake up and think clearer. The events of the past 3 weeks kept playing over in his head. He was so used to being in control of his life, knowing where he was going and what he would do when he got there. Now things were muddy. He wondered if that was what having a boyfriend did to a person.

    He paused outside his door, remembering what he had done to the floor and wall just behind him. In some ways he missed his little game. Control. He thought to himself.

    Inside his apartment Alex sat down on the couch with his laptop and started to compose his blog entry for “Under the Umbrella.”

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    “About Me”

    As Patrick explained, we’ve started this blog to call attention to discriminatory behavior we’ve faced in the hopes it will help others recognize and deal with facing the same types of treatment. Thank you for visiting, please do not hesitate to share your story with us.

    So I’m Alex. I worked for Whitman for just about 3 years before being let go under the “you signed an agreement not to date your coworkers” law put in place by the firm’s partners. I was born in Florida and my family moved to Georgia when I was a toddler. I got my law degree at Duke University in North Carolina and moved back home to Georgia just after graduation.

    When I was hired on at Whitman I thought I was in for life. The partners were quick to pin the “future partner” tag on me after I won my first case. I kept my focus on that and was happy to settle in to my career and keep my life quiet.

    I came out to my family at sixteen but never came out at school. At Duke I kept myself focused on education and never really discussed my preferences with my peers. We were law nerds. Our lives revolved around classes, the library, Internet research and heated debates over big cases.

    At Whitman I was even more quiet about who I was, especially when it came to who I dated. Like Patrick I was asked on more than one occasion when I was going to settle down with a wife and kids. My answers always pertained to how busy I was with my career. Meanwhile I was harboring all sorts of feelings for this lawyer down the hall.

    For 3 years Patrick and I had been obeying the rules set up by Whitman about dating in the workplace. My own shyness and need to keep a low profile personally kept me on the right track. I fell off that track when a certain blizzard locked me in my apartment for 4 straight days.

    We kept our relationship to ourselves, not even telling friends and family. At the office we were all business. We thought we were doing really well to hide it. As it turned out, someone was keeping track of how often we were seen talking in the hallways and how close we would stand in said conversations. When the questions started we both denied everything. Cases and work were all we were socializing about, we assured them.

    Our boss met with us two days before the ruling was sent down from the top of food chain. He was certain we were dating and made sure the partners knew it. We both stopped denying it, we saw our chances of winning fading away by the minute. We were let go, as I mentioned, under the agreement we signed when we were hired.

    Patrick will fill you in on more from here.


    Alex posted the entry and called Patrick to let him know it was up.

    “We should move in together,” Patrick said after a few minutes of discussing the blog and further proceedings.

    “What?” Alex heard him, he just needed to hear him again.

    “Let’s move in together,” Patrick suggested.

    Alex went silent. He loved Patrick, he knew that, and he was sure Patrick loved him. But three weeks was not very long into a relationship and this suggestion was scary.

    “Alex?” Patrick broke the silence.

    “Can I think about it?” Alex’s voice cracked.

    “Of course, I didn’t mean tomorrow silly,” Patrick tried not to sound disappointed. He had expected a more enthusiastic answer.

    Alex paced around his apartment assessing the question Patrick had asked him. His mind was all over the place. Three years he had been dreaming of Patrick, imagining them as partners, lovers, forever. Now it was all very real and Alex was terrified. He wondered if this was just Patrick’s on the fly personality or if he really loved Alex enough to want to move in with him. He wondered if he could live with Patrick, share space with him, and not share his fetish. Alex stopped in the middle of his kitchen and made his decision.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Well that was quite a marathon read! Thanks for sharing it with us

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    Re: Awakenings

    Ya, sorry about that. Been working on the story for a while. Didn't even think about how long it would be until I posted it.

    More to come soon.

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    Re: Awakenings

    I really like your writing style. I find it easy to read. It's an interesting story -- the south doesn't want to get into this century or most of the last for that matter. I hope they sue and make a big scene. Time to drag those old coots into current times. It will be a tough battle though. As far as the fetish, the best bet is to not judge. I don't understand feet and socks; pissing on a partner in the shower after sex happens. Get over it. Besides male urine is sterile and has been used medically for centuries. When they win their case and the anxiety goes away, maybe they should celebrate by drinking a lot of beer and piss on each other together. In the shower And they should move in together and buy a 'water' bed

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    Re: Awakenings

    Went through a username change, despite getting a big kick out of "Welcome, evilbitch" every time I signed in. Haunted is a little less brash.

    Much drama is ahead for Alex and Patrick. Hopefully you guys will enjoy what I'm coming up with.

    As for the fetish thing, my warning was just to let people know it is there. I know for myself, if I start reading a story and something I didn't want to read about popped up I'd be mad. I like to give people that choice. It will likely make a comeback in little ways throughout the story, just not as prominent as it was in the first several chapters.

    Anyway thank you for reading and commenting. More soon!

    BTW - trying my hand at Slash Fiction, the art of writing about TV characters in homoerotic situations. Check out my first story in my blog here on JUB. Thanks.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Patrick’s house was cluttered with boxes and pieces of furniture that needed to find their new places. Alex and Patrick were in the bedroom putting away Alex’s clothes.

    “You regretting this yet?” Alex asked Patrick with a smile.

    “Not one bit,” Patrick smiled back.

    Alex’s phone buzzed on the dresser.

    “This is Alex,” he said to the caller.

    Twenty minutes later Alex ended the call and stood up from the bed. He walked back over to Patrick and picked up more clothes to hang up. Patrick looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

    “I got it,” Alex announced.

    Patrick hugged him. “Why aren’t you more excited?”

    “Shock?” Alex said wrapping his arms around Patrick.

    They spent the next few hours unpacking Alex’s boxes and moving furniture around. It made Patrick happy to see Alex relaxed and content with this decision. Their discussion of where to live went rougher than he had expected. Alex was unsure of giving up his apartment and his own space to move into someone else’s. He suggested they find a new place together. Patrick assured him that he knew how to share really well. Alex agreed once they came to a compromise about mixing furniture and some of their belongings.

    At the end of the night Patrick and Alex took a long shower. Their muscles ached and it felt good to have the hot water flow over them. Alex gently massaged soap all over Patrick’s body, and Patrick did the same for Alex. When the hot water ran out they toweled off and climbed into bed together.

    Before shutting off the lights Alex made an entry to “Under the Umbrella.”

    April 28, 2011

    “An Experiment”

    A month ago I sent my resume to 4 of the top law firms who compete with Whitman & Associates. I got a call from every one of them. During each call I let it be known that I am a gay man.

    Miller, Bowry & Johnson courtesy called a week later letting me know they had selected a previous candidate who had come to them before me and had more of the experience they were looking for.

    Landry & Associates never called back.

    Jackson, Howe & Allman did a phone interview before asking me to come into their offices for a follow up meeting. I put on my best suit and met with their managing partner, Mr. Howe, and their Human Resources director, Samantha. Within 15 minutes I got the gist of this face-to-face meeting. “The job is yours as long as you don’t do anything ‘gay’ or better yet why don’t you just not even tell anyone that, OK?” I respectfully declined.

    Today I got a call from Weaver, Collins & Robertson. They offered me a position in their firm, no requests for silence, not even a suggestion that I keep my gender preference to myself. I accepted their offer.

    Lesson learned this month: being honest about my sexuality to potential employers did not cause spontaneous combustion, it did, however, expose a few more homophobic firms here in Georgia.

    More to come soon.


    Alex closed his laptop and turned off the lamp. Patrick was half asleep next to him. They cuddled up to each other and drifted off to sleep together. It was the first night living under the same roof and it felt really good to both of them.

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    Re: Awakenings

    hey, I loved evilbitch! I did a name change years ago. It used to be sheepfokker. I got tired of telling people that I didn't
    Glad to see Alex getting a job. Maybe he can get Patrick in the back door so to speak. In any event hope they have a nice life together--not easy when one is unemployed.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Three Months Later…

    The summer sun was bright and scorching. The park was buzzing with activity. Families picnicking, basketball games in heated action, barbeques cooking up the usual faire. Alex and Patrick were sitting together at a table surrounded by Alex’s co-workers from Weaver, Collins & Robertson. Patrick stood to get more drinks. His gentle touch on Alex’s shoulder went unnoticed by their party.

    At the cooler Patrick waited behind James Collins, a young lawyer who just joined his father’s firm. James was cocky, he had that rich boy look, Patrick hated him without even speaking to him.

    “How you doing man, I’m James,” he held out his hand to Patrick.

    “Patrick,” just his name, strong hand shake. Hope this guy walks away now, Patrick thought.

    “What do you do?” James wasn’t going anywhere.

    “Lawyer,” Patrick was still being short.

    “What firm?” James wasn’t catching the ice.

    Patrick reached into the cooler and pulled out two beers. “Independent contractor,” he answered.

    “So you two meet at Whitman or something?” James was relentless.

    Patrick nodded, glancing over to Alex who was deep in conversation with his co-workers.

    “Why’d you leave?” James’s questions kept coming.

    “’Scuse me?” the question confused Patrick.

    “What made you go independent?” James rephrased the question.

    Patrick thought on this. He was still unsure if he liked this kid. Cocky young thing working at daddy’s firm. But maybe that was a good thing.

    “Did you not hear the story?” Patrick’s demeanor loosened, he watched as James raised an eyebrow and encouraged him to continue.

    Patrick explained to James the firing, the grounds for it, his want to bring a suit, their attempt to bring the issues to light on their blog. He could see the wheels in James’s head turning as he gave up more information.

    James reached into the pocket of his Dockers shorts “Let’s talk, officially, in my office next week,” he handed Patrick his business card.

    Patrick pocketed the card and shook James’s hand. He might like this kid after all.

    The sun set over the trees and the office picnic wound down. Alex had suggested that he and Patrick stay as long as possible so that he looked good to his co-workers, so it wasn’t until after dark that they made their way home. Patrick emptied his pockets on the table near the front door, as usual. Alex caught a glimpse of him putting James’s card in his wallet.

    They went about their nightly routine and headed to bed. Patrick looked over at Alex and smiled, Alex thought he might tell him what James’s card was all about. Instead Patrick leaned into him and brought their lips together. Alex parted his lips and pulled him in further. He put his arm tight around Patrick’s waist and rested his hand on the small of his back. He could feel Patrick’s cock harden on his thigh. Patrick traced Alex’s back with his fingers.

    Alex laid flat on his stomach and let Patrick take over. Patrick slid his fingers between Alex’s ass and fingered his hole. He kissed Alex’s neck and shoulders as he pushed his dick inside him. Alex moaned, Patrick laid against him and let his hips do the work. He reached up and intertwined his fingers with Alex’s, pushing his hard shaft deeper inside. He let go of Alex’s hand and reached for his cock, moving his hand over it in unison with his thrusts. Alex took in a deep breath and his dick exploded with cum. Patrick was soon filling the inside of Alex’s ass with his own juices.

    They laid there sweaty, sticky and hot. Patrick kissed Alex once more and started drifting off to sleep. Alex watched him until his breath was steady and his body relaxed. His mind wandered back to seeing Patrick talking to James earlier until sleep took him too.
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    Re: Awakenings

    Alex stood in the shower letting his mind wander. He was deep in thought when Patrick joined him. Alex moved over to let him get under the water.

    “Awake early,” it was a statement and a question all on one.

    Patrick shrugged. “Just have a lot to do today.”

    Alex wanted to ask what he could possibly have to do this early but he kept his mouth shut.

    Patrick took a step to the side and gave Alex more room. Alex was washing soap off his body when he saw why Patrick had moved. Patrick’s dick was flowing with piss. Alex finished washing the soap off and left Patrick in the shower alone.

    Alex got dressed as fast as he could and made his way into the kitchen. He grabbed his lunch and some coffee before heading to the door. Patrick met him there.

    “Have a good day babe,” Patrick kissed Alex on the lips.

    “Thanks,” Alex said as he left, he gave him a half-hearted kiss back.

    At the office Alex kept himself busy with his caseload. He did not want to let his mind go to the places they wanted to. He had left the house angry, stayed that way until he got into the office, and started to shake the feeling during lunch.

    He was sitting outside in the warm sun with Cassie. She always made him laugh. It was just what he had needed today. But his reprise from anger lasted a short time, when he looked up just in time to see James Collins heading into the building with someone who looked very much like Patrick.

    “Shit, boss is back,” Cassie was shoving containers back in her bag.

    “Who’s that with him?” Alex asked.

    “Alex, that’s Patrick, your boyfriend,” Cassie was confused.

    Alex felt the anger rise again. “Right, forgot he said he was meeting with him today,” he tried to cover it.

    Cassie was in too much of a hurry to notice Alex’s mood switch. They made their way back into the building.

    “I’m gonna take the stairs,” Alex told Cassie as they got to the elevator. “See you later.”

    “See ya,” Cassie waved to Alex as he walked away.

    Alex’s office was small but sufficient. File cabinets sat in each corner behind his desk flanking a large window that looked over downtown Atlanta. His desk was organized, clean. A small frame with a picture of he and Patrick sat next to his computer screen.

    “You’re gonna break that keyboard you keep typing that hard,” the voice yanked Alex out of his focus. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

    “James. What brings you down to this level?” Alex looked at him with all the judgment and snarkiness his words portrayed.

    James came into the office and sat in one of the chairs in front of the desk. “Just thought I’d fill you in on my meeting with Patrick,” he flashed a smile at Alex.

    “Please, do,” Alex tried to look interested and informed.

    “There’s a solid case. Although ignoring the cease and desist order could be an issue. It shouldn’t be a problem to find evidence of discrimination all over the firm, I’m sure there will be witnesses who will testify on Patrick’s behalf, if given enough incentive. You’ll be a witness of course,” James told him.

    Alex pretended to know what James was talking about. “Will it go to trial, you think, or could it be settled out of court?”

    “Depends on how hard Whitman wants to play. I mean I’m fairly sure they’d like keep the fight out of the courts, publicity will be bad as it is, once we bring it to the media’s attention, but I’d love to drag this through the system,” James said getting up from the chair. “Anyway I gotta get back up to my office. Take it easy man,” he said, smiling at Alex once more before leaving his office.

    Alex threw his pen on the desk and went back to pounding on his keyboard.

    At home Patrick was cleaning the house and making dinner. When he heard Alex’s keys in the lock he headed to the hallway to greet him.

    “Hi,” Patrick said with a welcoming smile.

    “Hi,” Alex did not look at him. He threw his keys on the table and walked right past Patrick heading for the bedroom. Patrick followed.

    “How was your day?” he asked with apprehension.

    “Fine,” Alex lied.

    “’Kay. I have dinner cooking, you hungry?” Patrick tried to keep the mood light.

    “Sure,” Alex kept with the one-word answers.

    They ate in tense, awkward silence. Patrick attempted to start conversations once or twice but could not find any words to say. Alex had no intention of talking at all. When Alex finished eating he got up and brought his plate into the kitchen, rinsing it off and setting it in the sink. Patrick stepped up to the sink next to him.

    “Want to tell me what’s bothering you?” Patrick asked.

    Alex kept his eyes forward. “You met with James Collins,” he said after a brief pause.

    “Yes,” Patrick answered.

    “Without talking to me about it first?” Alex glanced in Patrick’s direction.

    “I was waiting until I had something to tell you,” Patrick’s voice was steady, calm.

    “Do you know how stupid I felt? I saw you heading in to the building with James. I was having lunch with his assistant. She knew you would be there, I had to pretend I did too. Then James comes to my office to fill me in, like I knew all along you were doing this,” Alex tried hard not to raise his voice but his anger betrayed him.

    “Alex. I wasn’t trying to do this behind your back, I really just wanted to see what James had to say before coming to you with it. You said you wanted to be a silent supporter. I was trying to honor that,” Patrick’s voice stayed even.

    “At my firm, my workplace,” Alex said heading out of the kitchen.

    “So what are you more mad at? That I didn’t tell you that I was going in or how your co-workers view you?” Patrick snipped.

    “Don’t, do not turn this on me, you figured I would stop you from seeing James so you did it without me knowing, did you not realize James would come see me anyway? And what the fuck is he talking about, disobeying a cease and desist order?” Alex shouted.

    “This was not a planned out betrayal, Alex. Whitman sent a cease and desist order for the blog. Guess someone found it online, but we are not divulging any information that is false or defaming and I’m still a fucking lawyer, I know a flimsy order when I see one,” Patrick yelled back.

    “Whatever, I’m going to bed early,” Alex stormed off to the bedroom.

    Patrick spent the rest of the evening on the couch. At 4AM he got up and headed to the bedroom. He was as quiet and gentle getting under the covers as he could be. Alex stirred awake anyway.

    “I can’t sleep on that couch,” Patrick whispered.

    Alex sat up. “Look, it was just, wrong, for you to go to Collins without me knowing. I never said I didn’t want to know, I said I would stand by you, quietly, in whatever you decide. That doesn’t mean I am against it,” he looked at Patrick.

    “It was never a conscious effort to make you look bad. I really just wanted to have solid information before I involved you in anything. You’re right, I should have told you, with it being at your firm, I did not think it through,” Patrick confessed.

    “I’m with you, every step of the way, just please keep me informed so that I can be helpful, ‘kay?” Alex softened his voice and put his hand on Patrick’s neck.

    “I will,” Patrick agreed, leaning in to Alex, bringing their lips together.

    Alex pushed Patrick onto his stomach and got on top of him. He kissed the back of his neck and shoulder blades, raking his tongue down his spine. He felt Patrick’s skin and muscles react under him. He reached down and opened his ass, pushing his hard dick part way into Patrick’s hole. Patrick grabbed hold of the sheets and moaned in approval. Alex slid his dick in farther, pushing against Patrick’s ass until he could feel his balls against it. He reached around and wrapped his hand around Patrick’s cock, stroking it as he thrust his hips into his ass. Patrick arched his back and let out a deep moan, cumming onto the sheets and Alex’s hand. Alex slowed his pace and took in a deep breath as his dick exploded with cum inside Patrick’s ass.

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    Re: Awakenings

    The plot thickens. I hope James ends up owning Whitman as part of a high profile court ordered settlement and has the old bastard disbarred.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Another short update for today. After this things are going to get bumpy for Alex and Patrick. Drama, action and some surprises coming soon!


    Patrick was watching Alex sleep, tracing his bicep with his forefinger. Alex opened his eyes halfway to see what was going on. A smile crossed his lips.

    “Hi,” Patrick whispered.

    “Hi,” Alex whispered back.

    Patrick moved closer and pressed his lips against Alex’s neck, letting his nose graze his Adam’s apple, he let his hand slide over Alex’s nipple and felt it harden, he traced the lines on his abs and stopped at his waist, resting his hand on his hip. Alex ran his hand through Patrick’s hair and held it there as he felt his lover’s mouth and tongue continue to make their way down to his stomach and reach their destination.

    Patrick used his tongue to tease Alex’s hard dick. He took his time licking and kissing the head and shaft, playing with his balls, before wrapping his lips around Alex’s dick and sucking on it until Alex was gasping for air. Patrick let the cum slide down his throat and continued to lick and suck.

    “Fuck!” Alex cried out when he realized a steady flow of piss was escaping his dick.

    Patrick held Alex’s dick in his mouth, encouraging him to continue. Alex gave in and let his bladder empty. Patrick wiped the remnants off his mouth and moved to kiss Alex. His lips rested against Alex’s and he used his tongue to open Alex’s lips farther. Alex reciprocated despite his apprehension. He wrapped his fingers around Patrick’s neck and held him there, deepening the kiss.

    “I have to get ready for work,” Alex whispered when they moved to catch their breath. Patrick kissed him one more time, deep and longing, before letting Alex get out of bed, watching him leave the room.

    Patrick laid on top of the covers and reached down to take care of his own hard dick. He swallowed hard to relish in the lingering piss and cum taste in his mouth and felt his dick blast out a load of cum. Relaxing his grip he let piss flow out over his stomach and roll onto the bed.

    He met Alex at the front door, their usual routine. Alex kissed him goodbye with no sign of after affects from the earlier accident.

    When Alex got home from work Patrick had dinner waiting for him as usual. They sat down to eat.

    “So about this morning,” Alex started.

    “Ya?” Patrick answered.

    “I thought about it, all damn day,” Alex confessed.

    “Oh?” Patrick asked.

    “Well, ya. What I thought about was, whether or not I was ready to let that control go again. And I’m really not, right now. I’m not going to make a big deal out of it, if that happens again, but I’m not ready to go there, for now,” Alex said.

    “OK,” Patrick nodded.

    “You sure?” Alex wondered.

    “Yes. It’s not fun for me, if you hate it,” Patrick told him.

    “’Kay,” Alex said. “How was your day?” he changed the subject.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Four months later…

    Snow was falling, streets were quiet and the first signs of holiday time were showing up around Patrick and Alex’s neighborhood.

    “It’s too damn early to be putting up Christmas lights,” Patrick quipped as the couple pulled in to their driveway.

    “After Thanksgiving, and only then,” Alex agreed.

    Inside they shrugged out of their jackets and hung them in the hall closet.

    “Wine?” Patrick asked as he went to the cabinet and grabbed a bottle of red.

    “Absolutely,” Alex answered as he put 3 logs in a pile in the fireplace, he stood over them with a lighter and watched to make sure they were going to continue to burn.

    They sat on the floor in front of the fireplace and tried to warm up. Their day had gone better than expected. After months of planning, gathering information and sending out countless press releases their fight against Whitman & Associates was in full swing. Today’s meeting assured them that progress had jumped further than they had even expected. They raised their glasses to celebrate.

    “To our victory, our future, us,” Patrick toasted.

    “To us,” Alex agreed.

    Patrick’s phone rang in his pocket. The vibration scared him and he threatened to spill red wine on the carpet in front of him.

    “Hello?” he answered, steadying the wine class to assure nothing spilled. “Hi mom.”

    The conversation was short and by the look on Patrick’s face it was not a simple check in call. Alex looked at Patrick with concern.

    “We’re not going to Boston for the holidays,” Patrick announced.

    “Wait, what? Why not?” Alex asked.

    “Because you are not welcome in her house,” Patrick blurted out.

    “She said that?” Alex was shocked.

    “We’d prefer it if you came to Boston alone, Pat,” he imitated his mother’s shrill voice.

    Alex’s heart sank into his stomach. “Did she give you any reason why?”

    “We just aren’t sure how the family will react, you understand don’t you?” Patrick imitated her again.

    “You have to go, Patrick, it’s family, Thanksgiving, I’ll just go be with my folks,” Alex tried to sound supportive.

    “No. Why would I do that? I’m going against a giant law firm for this same shit,” Patrick was fuming.

    “Your mother has nothing to do with Whitman,” Alex countered.

    “Principle Alex. My own mother just told me to hide, it’s bullshit. I’m not going to Boston.” Patrick downed the rest of his wine.

    Alex dialed his parent’s house. His father answered. “Dad. I know it’s kinda short notice but Patrick and I were wondering if you and mom would like to join us for Thanksgiving dinner at our place?”

    He waited for an answer. “OK well just let me know when you talk to her, ya everything’s great. OK talk to you soon. Bye.”

    Patrick nodded to Alex. A silent thank you.

    Thanksgiving morning found Patrick and Alex busy cooking the traditional turkey, stuffing and all the fixings for Alex’s parents. After wresting with getting the turkey into their oven with much laughter and Alex’s ingenious suggestion of removing all the racks, the guys relaxed a bit before company was going to arrive. They were napping when Alex’s phone rang.

    “Hi dad,” he answered. “Sorry to hear that. Well you are welcome to join us if you feel like you can leave her…I see, OK well tell mom I hope she feels better. Ya, you too.”

    “Well, we’re on our own,” Alex said tossing his phone on the coffee table. “My mom is apparently not feeling well and my dad doesn’t want to leave her alone,” he told Patrick.

    “When this Whitman business is over let’s run away, far far away,” Patrick quipped.

    “Where should we go?” Alex teased, leaning against Patrick’s waist.

    “Somewhere tropical? Or wait, maybe Mars?” Patrick was being sarcastic.

    Alex got up from the couch “I’m gonna go check on the turkey.”

    “Hey! How ‘bout Turkey?!” Patrick laughed. Alex laughed with him.

    They ate their turkey dinner together, opting to sit at on the floor by the fireplace instead of at the table.
    After digging in to the homemade pumpkin pie Patrick made they snuggled under a blanket cuddling by the fire and drifting in and out of food induced sleep. Between short naps they kissed and fondled each other until they were completely naked. They made love, taking turns bottoming, and when the fire finally died out they made their way into bed.

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    Re: Awakenings

    The Final Chapter

    The giant boardroom looked empty with only 4 people in it. Sitting in the middle of the huge oak table were Alex, Patrick and James. Across from them, Mister Munoz. It was an act of defiance, only sending Munoz to represent them. Although they had lost, Whitman was still trying to show their clout.

    “Mister Munoz, you have agreed to the terms we have laid out in this affidavit. And you have been given the authority to sign on behalf of your partners at Whitman & Associates, is that correct?” James asked, loud enough for the video camera that sat in the corner of the room to catch his full voice.

    “That is correct,” Munoz announced.

    “In summary, the plaintiff, Patrick Evans, will receive a cash settlement in the amount of $1.5million. Your firm will no longer require employees to sign contracts forbidding any relationships at the office. Mister Evans and his representatives, myself, James Collins, on behalf of Weaver, Collins & Robertson will not disclose any information regarding this settlement or the previous treatment at Whitman & Associates,” James laid out the gist of the settlement.

    “That is correct,” Munoz said again.

    “Please sign here, and initial here,” James slid the papers to Mister Munoz and offered him a pen. Mister Munoz rolled his eyes and took his Monte Blanc from his pocket.

    “Mister Evans, please sign and initial here, and here,” James said handing the papers over to Patrick. “Let the record show that this contract has now been signed by both parties. This meeting will adjourn.”

    James reached out to Mister Munoz in an attempt to shake his hand. Mister Munoz refused. He stood and exited the room.

    Patrick turned and held out his hand to James. James pulled him in and hugged him.

    “Thank you for everything,” Patrick said half hugging James.

    Alex and James were heading out to Roswell, Georgia where Alex’s parents were having Christmas Eve dinner. It would be the first time Patrick met them, and the first time Alex had any of his boyfriends home.

    “You remembered to lock the back door,” Alex asked Patrick about halfway to Roswell.

    “Yes, relax. Everything is going to be fine, it’s Christmas, they’ll be on their best behavior,” Patrick tried to sound soothing.

    Alex stared out the window and tried to breath normally. When they pulled onto his parent’s street his panic was started to set in. His palms and forehead began to sweat and he was beginning to hyperventilate.

    “Alex. Breathe,” Patrick said reaching over to him and grabbing his hand. “Happy thoughts. Remember, we’re not far from home, any issues we leave. Right?”

    “Right. Happy thoughts, escape plan,” Alex breathed.

    Alex’s mother greeted them at the door. She grabbed James into a strong hug and moved to do the same for Patrick. Alex relaxed as he watched his mom guide Patrick into the house. In the living room watching football were Alex’s father, aunt, uncle and two cousins, both around Alex’s age.

    “Alex!” his dad stood up and hugged him.

    Hugs went all around the room, each member hugging Alex and meeting Patrick with warm handshakes and even a couple of hugs.

    They ate Christmas dinner around a big table, sharing family stories and laughing happily like your typical family around holiday time. Alex’s fears seemed silly now that they were entrenched in dinner and no one was flinching at his boyfriend being a part of the family gathering.

    On the drive home they laughed at how nervous Alex had been. Not only had they accepted him as one of the family but they had bought Patrick gifts, assuring that they were nonplused by his presence there.

    It was New Year’s Eve. There was a block party being held in Alex and Patrick’s neighborhood. They were busy in the kitchen preparing food for the big feast being set up in one of houses down the block.

    After getting everything ready they went to get themselves cleaned and dressed for their night of house hopping. They were in the bathroom getting ready to shower. Alex stepped behind Patrick and wrapped his arms around his waist. He held him there, kissing his neck and shoulders, running his hands over his chest and stomach. Patrick reached back and grabbed the back of Alex’s legs, pulling him in closer. He turned to face Alex and they kissed each other with passion and want. Alex pushed Patrick onto the toilet seat and straddled him. Patrick massaged Alex’s ass before letting his dick slide his waiting hole. Alex moaned and pulled Patrick deep inside him, riding his dick until he felt hot cum fill him. He leaned down and kissed Patrick while he stroked his own dick until his cum was splashing over Patrick’s chest.

    A nice hot shower followed and they left the house in a hurry once they realized they had made themselves late with their bathroom tryst.

    The neighborhood was buzzing and people were gathering in one of the bigger houses where big spreads of food were laid out all over the dining room and kitchen. Drinks flowed and people chatted. They house hopped throughout the night and stood together just before midnight, counting down the year and kissing each other once the clock struck 12.

    New Year’s Day. Patrick got out of bed quietly and threw on the first set of clothes he could find. He left a note for Alex, “went to get us some breakfast, be back soon.”

    At the small market down the street from them Patrick grabbed eggs, bacon and pancake batter. He put the items on the conveyer belt by the check out stand and waited to be rung up. Behind him stepped 3 men. They were loud, disrespectful and probably still drunk from the night before. Patrick did his best to ignore them. He paid for his items and headed out the door.

    In the parking lot the 3 obnoxious men were following close behind Patrick. They were still being loud, pushing each other and laughing. Patrick quickened his pace and set his groceries into the back seat of his car. When he closed the door he noticed the men standing at his back bumper. He tried not to acknowledge them. Before he could get into the driver’s seat one of them grabbed his jacket and yanked him out.

    “What do you want?” Patrick yelled to him.

    “How about you suck my dick?” the man said throwing Patrick to the ground.

    The other two men were laughing, hooting and cheering him on. Patrick pushed the man holding him and he stumbled backward. One of the other men kicked Patrick in the head, knocking him flat on his face. The three men took turns kicking and punching Patrick in the head, face and back. Patrick did his best to fight back. Fading in and out of consciousness Patrick could hear the men hurling homophobic slurs and laughing with enjoyment. Just before passing out completely Patrick heard a voice yelling for the men to stop.

    Alex was awoken by his phone ringing on the nightstand beside him. He sat up.

    “Hello?” he was still groggy.

    His face turned pale white when he heard the person on the other end. He was numb. He threw on some clothes and headed out the door.

    At the hospital people were running in and out of a room Alex could only hope was not Patrick’s. In the waiting area sat Josie, their neighbor and the person who had called 911 before letting Alex know what had happened. She stood up and grabbed Alex, pulling him into a hug.

    “How bad?” Alex could hardly speak.

    “They won’t tell me anything,” Josie told him.

    Alex made his way to the nurses station, doing his best to stay focused, upright.

    “Can you tell me anything about a patient brought in a few minutes ago, Patrick Evans?” he asked the nurse.

    “Are you a family member?” she asked without looking up from her computer screen.

    “I’m his partner,” Alex said without thinking.

    “I’m sorry sir but we cannot give out any patient information unless you are a family member,” she still would not look at him.

    Alex held his breath. He was about ready to make a scene, instead he asked “has his family been notified?”

    “Yes, please wait in the lobby,” the nurse was unrelenting.

    Alex walked back to the waiting area and sat next to Josie. Patrick’s parents were in Boston. It would be hours before they got to the hospital. Josie sat with him as long as she could before heading back home. Alex thanked her for being there, for finding Patrick and staying with them. Josie left Alex alone in the waiting area.

    “This is ridiculous,” Alex yelled at the new nurse on duty. “I have a right to know what is happening to my partner,” he demanded.

    “I’m sorry sir, we are not required to tell you anything,” this new nurse was no better than the other.

    “You are not required. That’s sweet. How about you be human and tell me anyway?” Alex prodded.

    The nurse walked away leaving Alex at the counter.

    Patrick’s parents arrived at the hospital just after 6PM. They saw Alex in the waiting area and ignored him, heading straight for the nurses station.

    “He’s in critical condition, coma, the doctors are doing everything they can,” Alex could hear the nurse explaining to Patrick’s parents. His mother was sobbing. His father held on to her, calm.

    “Can we see him?” he asked the nurse. She lead them into Patrick’s room.

    About an hour later Patrick’s father stepped out of the room and headed toward Alex. He sat down next to him.

    “Alex?” his voice was steady but strained.

    “Yes,” Alex acknowledged that he was in fact, the Alex. “How is he?” he asked.

    “Unresponsive, still,” he told Alex. “Look. I appreciate you sticking around and all but you should really just go home. We’re here now and we can take care of him,” he said it as more of a command than a suggestion.

    “Mister Evans. Patrick is my partner, I will not be going anywhere,” Alex told him.

    “Suit yourself, but we have asked that no one here allow you to see him. If it weren’t for you he wouldn’t be here in this condition,” Mister Evans accused.

    “Excuse me?” Alex was stunned.

    “Go home Alex. This no longer concerns you. Missus Evans and I will take care of our son. You’ve done enough,” Mister Evans said again, stood up and walked back into Patrick’s room.

    Alex sat in the waiting area in disbelief. But he did not move. No one was going to tell him where he belonged.

    Josie stopped by the next day to check on him.

    “They won’t let me see him, think this is my fault,” Alex told her.

    “What!?” she exclaimed.

    “His father told me to go home, I was no longer needed here,” Alex told her.

    “That is such bullshit,” Josie said in a loud voice.

    She sat with Alex until she had to head back out again. Alex once again thanked her for being there for him. He was still so numb, Josie hugged him hard and assured him she’d be there no matter what.

    Patrick was in a coma for 3 days. Alex sat in the lobby, sleeping there, eating in the cafeteria and cleaning up in bathrooms in the hospital all three days. On day 3 Mister Evans approached to him again.

    “Patrick is brain dead,” Mister Evans announced in a monotone voice.

    Alex stared at him like he had spoken another language.

    “We are taking him off of life support,” Mister Evans was robotic.

    Alex could only stare. “Will you please just let me see him, say goodbye?” he finally spoke.

    “No,” Mister Evans got up and walked back into Patrick’s room.

    Alex slumped in his chair and sobbed uncontrollably. He waited until he saw the doctor, a nurse and Mister and Missus Evans standing outside Patrick’s room. Missus Evans was sobbing. Alex knew that was the end.

    Alex went home and locked himself in his house, their house, for several days. When he had cried and lashed out against everything in the house enough he set about packing up. He quit his job. Threw whatever belongings he could fit into his car and headed far away.

    He ended up in New York City. This would be his home now. Atlanta held nothing for him anymore. Over the course of his 3 day journey into New York Patrick’s parents had put his house up for sale, took over the funds for the settlement Patrick had been promised by Whitman and pushed Alex as far out of his life as they could.

    Alex became a successful, well-known LGBT lawyer and activist in New York City. He met and fell in love with his fiancé Max while at a fundraiser for LGBT youth and they plan on getting married in Washington DC some time next year.

    THE END.

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    Re: Awakenings

    Stories don't always have happy endings. This one shows that homophobia is very much alive, and that gay marriage is still needed to eradicate the injustice of a life partner having no right to make live and death decisions with regard to his partner.
    It was however an excellent story.

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