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Thread: Jesse James

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    Jesse James

    I decided to finally get around to doing something with my profile page, and thought I'd put a little something together to add in the space provided for those who want to add a little something about themselves.

    Well, I typed this whole thing out, and then go to add it to my profile, only to find out the space is limited to 300 characters, and my "little" something was 1,067 characters long. Even after taking a hatchet to it, it was still 50 characters over, so... I'm posting it here.

    I hope that's alright. Anyway, here it is.

    I’m not sure I know the words, to describe myself to you
    To tell you who I really am, I haven’t got a clue
    I’m hiding in my closet deep, keeping up the lie
    While the life I could have had, slowly slips on by

    Most don’t even question it, though there are a few
    Like my little sister, who’ll say she always knew
    She’s had me pegged for many years, slinging names and slurs
    Mainly when she’s mad at me, that attitude of hers

    I’ve known almost all my life, that I preferred males
    Big and strong and fit and lean, and oh those happy trails
    Adam’s apples, hairy chests, perfect bulge and ass
    When it comes to love of men, I can not take a pass

    If he’s hot I’ll take a look, or more if he’ll permit
    I like a guy who’s full of joy, and has a charming wit
    I’ve had my share of fleeting trysts, man on man for fun
    Love has yet to come my way, though life is not yet done

    There’s more I could go on to tell, like what I like in bed
    Or share these crazy fantasies, running through my head
    But, for now I’ll leave you here, with this small reflection
    Sex is great, so sign me up, but always use protection

    Last edited by Jesse James; December 21st, 2010 at 11:16 PM. Reason: just being picky

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    Re: Jesse James

    Well, Jesse, I think you are in the prime of your life at 37. Mature enough to know what you want. Maybe it's time to work your way out of that deep Great little addition to your profile. And a Scorpio besides.................


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    Re: Jesse James

    Wow, that was good. Great job.

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    Re: Jesse James

    Very cute poem. Loved it. Good Job. "oh those happy trails"

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    Re: Jesse James

    Jesse, thanks for sharing your talent with the rest of us. I'm guessing these are some very personal feelings. We're all in this together man...thanks.

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    Re: Jesse James

    Thanks for sharing!
    I'm PROUD to be a Gay

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