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Thread: Family Tutor

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    Family Tutor

    Justin had just gotten out of his last final of his junior year of college and was finishing packing up the remainder of his stuff. His parents had already came up the weekend before to get almost everything, Justin just had to grab a few last minute things and then he'd be on his way out to my car. See, my younger cousin had just finished up a tough year at school. He hadn't had much time to come back home on breaks because he was doing poorly in a few classes and had to stay to get some help.

    I hadn't seen him in forever, and gladly offered to pick him up when my aunt asked me to. I mean hey, what's family for right? My cell went off in my lap, conveniently set on vibrate and sitting right on top of my dick, the vibration causing me to get a little aroused. 'Be right out' said the text, and sure enough, Justin was sitting in the passenger seat ready to roll two minutes later. "Hey Justin! Long time no see, how'd the final go?"

    "Ugh, it went terrible. I don't think I did well at all. It looks like I'll need you to tutor me some more in a few things this summer, I need to make sure my grades go up," Justin said with a smirk.
    "Oh yeah, well I know a few things we can get started on right away," I replied. With that I leaned over and slid my hand over my cousin's bulging crotch. It had been months since our last session... and I had a feeling he was ready to get down to business. But first, a history lesson:

    My cousin is three years younger than me. We had always been close and got along great. Our brothers were the athletes, we were the smart ones. Well, until Justin hit senior year of high school. He had already stayed back once, and now at nineteen he had to fight to graduate. Between all of his classes and getting his stuff out for college he had been having a rough year, and my aunt wanted me to help him over the summer so that he'd be ready to go once he started in the fall. I had seen his class list, and I knew I wouldn't have any problems helping him out. I let her know a day that I would be free to help, and told him to come over prepared.

    The day came, and I completely forgot I had to tutor him. I was home alone, and due to my spare time, raging hard on and awesome internet connection, I was perusing some gay porn when my cousin walked into my bedroom unannounced. The look of shock on his face was priceless, not because it showed fear. His face showed curiosity.

    'Having some fun there Mike?"
    "I was until you fucking barged in, Jesus Christ I forgot you were coming" I was scrambling to put clothes on and was feeling awkward when he walked over and started to click away at some pics on my screen.
    "I always wondered what it would be like to have my dick sucked by a guy. They always say that a guy would know better since he knows what he likes."

    My family had already found out I was gay two years earlier. Justin had asked questions and was overall supportive. It seems he was curious too.

    "Yeah I tend to give some pretty good head. You should try it sometime." I said, jokingly.
    "Maybe you can tutor me on that instead of this boring shit I have to read."

    With that my jaw dropped. Had I just heard him right? Did my cousin really just say that?
    "I was kidding Justin."
    “I wasn't. I kinda want to try it." He was smiling and was sitting on my bed in such a way that he was trying to hid his crotch. I walked over and sat down next to him and then put my hand on the front of his pants. His cock was rock hard, and when I touched it Justin let out a light sigh.

    "You sure about this Justin?"
    "Yeah Mike, suck me please. I want to see what it's like."

    He began to take off his clothes, and I began to get hornier by the second. My cousin was about 3 inches shorter than I was. I was 6 feet tall; he was about 5'9. We were pretty much opposites in appearance; I had blonde hair and blue eyes and fairly toned body, he had brown hair, brown eyes and wasn't as fit as me. The biggest difference was his body hair...he had a gorgeous treasure trail flowing from his belly button to his cock, and a nice patch of fur over his ass. I was almost drooling as I sat down next to him. I started to massage his shoulders, relaxing him. I told him to lie down on my bed, which he did, and I started to let my hands wander.

    My hands slid over his pecks, twisting his nipples as I went. Sliding over his stomach, teasing his belly button. My fingers swirled the hair just below his belly button as my hands made my way to his dick. His dick wasn't as impressive as I had hoped, but I could care less. It was about 5.5 inches, kinda thick...but I could handle it. He had nice, low hanging balls, which I cupped in my hand as my left hand gripped the shaft of his cock, which by now was leaking a steady stream of precum. I jerked him for about a minute and then made my move.

    My lips kissed the underside of his cock, tongue darting out to lick off the precum that had made its way to the tip of his penis. I licked it all up and then wrapped my lips around the head of his dick. He was breathing heavy now and I knew he probably wouldn't last long. I slid the rest of his cock into my mouth, lips wrapping around the base. He let out a gasp, and then I went to work.

    I used my left hand to grip his dick while my right hand caressed his body. His cock was rock hard and he was breathing heavier with each thrust into my mouth. I was in a steady rhythm and he was beginning to get more into it. Just as his breathing got the heaviest he moaned...

    "Mike I'm cumming...”
    With that I took his entire cock into my mouth just as his dick erupted with a huge cumshot into my throat. He let rip at least 5 or 6 shots, which I happily swallowed. I licked at his cock and sucked any remaining drops out of him before letting his dick out of my mouth.

    "That was fucking awesome...I didn't know you were going to swallow!"

    " of my talents. Did you enjoy that?"

    "Yeah....can we do that every time I come over?"

    "Yeah, as long as you don't tell anyone. It has to be our little secret."

    "Works for me...”

    And so it began.....

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    Re: Family Tutor

    ok. your story is confusing me. at the beginning it seems like your talking in third person and from there it spirals downwards.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Quote Originally Posted by clarinetboy View Post
    ok. your story is confusing me. at the beginning it seems like your talking in third person and from there it spirals downwards.
    A paragraph break at line five and all should be clear!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    I love the fact that it starts by telling the story only to find the story is being told by the main guy. I helps to relate to the character. well done mate, its all good so far. x

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    Re: Family Tutor

    i enjoyed it, any chance of the story continuing?

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Yes, it will continue. And will be a long continuous batch of stories...and they're true.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Welcome to JUB and the Story Board, and thank you for your pole-warming installment!

    I look forward to hearing more about your experiences.

    Thanks, again.

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 1 - Lose the gag reflex

    It had been nearly a month since the initial encounter with Justin. He was involved in the typical summer activities...beach, sun, being outdoors with friends..and I was actually doing the same. About halfway into June he sent me a text saying that we needed to get together for some more lessons. I had to figure out what types of things I'd be teaching him, I didnt want to start off too advanced but I wanted to keep challenging him. I settled on teaching him how to suck a cock. I mean hey..I didn't want to be the only one doing all the sucking.

    He came over that Friday night, looking cute as ever. He was wearing some basketball shorts and a black tank top. I gave him a quick hug then we went to my room. My parents had gone out for the night so I knew we were in the clear there. He hopped on my bed with a smirk and said 'So, you gonna work this load outta me cuz?"

    "Nope, you came over for a lesson, and that's exactly what you're going to get."

    The look of shock crossed his face and I got on the bed next to him.
    "It's your turn to learn how to suck a dick. This isn't gonna be a 1 way road here. You suck me I suck you we all make out on the deal."
    "yeah, I guess that's fair. So what do I do?"
    "First don't you think you should take my clothes off...and lose yours in the process?"

    Justin smirked and started to undress. He pulled off the tank top he was wearing, exposing the cute treasure trail I loved so much. As he slid the basketball shorts off I realized he wasn't wearing any underwear. His dick was at full attention but I wasn't worried about that. Once he was naked, he came over to me and began undressing me. Shirt came off in a flash and as he slid my pants down, the look on his face went from giddy to worried.

    "Mike, your dick is huge!"
    "7.5's not bad."
    "How am I going to get that all in my mouth, I'll choke."
    "Thats why you need to lose your gag reflex. Remember how I deepthroated your cock as you came? You'll be able to do that to, you'll just have to practice."
    "I what do I do?"

    "First, you need to get to know the dick. Grab it with your hand, jerk me off a bit. With your other hand play with my balls. Caress my whatever you want. Don't look at it like it's on fire, it's not going to kill you and I promise I won't choke you with it. After that, give it a few licks. Lick the base, the shaft, then the head. Once you get it a little wet, wet your lips and wrap them around the head and gradually go down, swirling your tongue as you go down. Take as much as you can this time..we'll have more practice get to work."

    Justin took hold of my raging boner with his right hand and cupped my nuts in his left. While he massaged my aching balls gently he was slowly gettting into a rhythm of jerking me off. After a minute or so he looked up at me and said "now or never" and began licking the base of my dick. I was ecstatic. He was licking up and down my cock, which was throbbing and fully erect. He gradually made his way up to the tip of my cock, and just before he got the head in his mouth, I watched his swirl his tongue across his lips to make sure they were nice and wet. I was in for a treat.

    He got the tip of my dick in and started licking all around the head. The feeling was amazing, and I told him he could go at his own pace. He was licking like my dick was a tootsie roll pop and he wanted to know what was at its center. IF he kept licking and sucking like that it wouldn't be long. He got about half of my cock in his mouth and then gagged a little.

    "Mike that's as far as I can go."
    "That's I said..practice. Just stay at that area and use your hand like you're jerking me off..lick and suck as you go up and down."

    Back in his mouth my cock went and he went to town. I could feel myself getting ready to explode and I grabbed his hand.

    "Justin I'm going to cum."
    "So cum." And he sucked my cock right back into his mouth.

    I blew soon after that. He tried to swallow as much as he could, but some ended up dribbling out the edges of his mouth and back around my dick. After my dick stopped dribbling out my cum, I pulled him up on top of me and gave him a hug.

    "Good job. Nice going for your first time."
    "I tried, I couldn't get it all and I couldn't swallow it all either."
    "Like I said, you'll be practicing. Soon enough you'll be able to take it all."

    And practice he did. Over the next few months of the summer he had plenty of lessons. He picked up 69 along the way, and we did this in a variety of ways...Me on top, him on top, side to side. Each time he got a little bit more of my cock in his mouth or could go down further before gagging. One day in late August we were 69ing on his bed, with him on the bottom, when I pulled him to the edge of his bed and let his head dangle.

    "I'm going to face fuck you. I'll make sure I don't go too deep..just suck like you've been doing."

    I slid my dick into his mouth and started to face fuck him. I was getting a steady rhythm going and while doing so I had started to suck him again. I could feel myself getting close, so I tapped his thigh. This had become our signal so that we wouldn't have to stop sucking. After tapping him, he tightened his lips a bit. As I yelled "I'm cumming!" he did something I wasn't expecting.

    Justin reached around me, grabbed my ass, and pulled me into him. All 7.5 inches of my dick disappeared into his mouth and deposited a huge load right down his throat. He was swallowing every drop and just as he finished sucking the last bits of cum out of my cock, his own dick erupted in a geyser of cum that showered his hairy chest. Since I don't like being messy, I licked every drop off of him and then licked the drop that had formed at the edge of his cock.

    "Jesus Justin, that was fucking great!"
    "Yeah, I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but I wanted to try."
    "Well guess what, you just passed that lesson. Good job."

    With a smirk, he looked at me and said "What am I learning next?"

    I let him leave that day without knowing what was in store for him. I figured it's best to be surprised.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Very nice. Very hot.
    I see this is an "all practical lab work" course.

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Very very nice. This is a great story. Can not wair for the next lesson to begin. hehe. Many people can get some pointers from you.
    "If I have to choose between loving you, and breathing. I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU."

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    Re: Family Tutor

    this is incredibly hot.
    can't wait to erupt for the next lesson.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 2 - Playing in the crevice

    Justin had gone home that night pretty pleased, and I spent that night thinking about where I'd take him next. I had plenty of ideas, but wanted to keep things going slowly so that I didn't go too far, too fast. I had the perfect thing in mind, and it would segway perfectly into lesson 3, which was exactly the lesson I was looking forward to.

    I texted Justin about a week later and let him know I was ready to show him his second lesson. I got a back, and I let him know that I'd text him a day and time. Luckily for me, my family doesn't stick around the house much, and I had the entire house to myself for the weekend. I let Justin know to come over on Friday night ready to learn a lesson or two, and then I began to prepare my lessons.

    Justin stopped by Friday night after he went to the gym. Mildly sweaty, he walked into my house smiling from ear to ear.

    "I'm ready to rock and roll, what's on the agenda?"
    "First, a shower. Go strip down and start the shower for me."

    We walked into the bathroom and he started the shower. I leaned against the end of the sink and watched him while he started to undress. First off went the shoes and socks..nothing special there. Then off went his top. As he slid it up over his head I caught a glimpse of his cute treasure trail leading into his pants. I started getting a little excited now, as he started to slide his shorts and underwear down his legs. I could tell he was getting excited too, because as he slid his pants down his dick was going from limp to full attention. I stopped him before his pants came off..

    "Wait, pull those back up and turn around..then do that again."

    With a smile, the shorts went back up, and he turned. He started sliding them back down, first exposing the top of his crack, then sliding further. His tight little ass was now in plain site, the furry cheeks already driving me wild. As he got down to his ankles, he bent, exposing his furry hole for me. I was rock hard now, and since he was naked and I was naked, we both got into the shower.

    Justin got in first and I followed. He was already under the stream of the water when I stepped in facing him, our dicks hitting against each other. I pulled him into me, kissing against his collar bone. I slid around until I was behind him, arms keeping him pressed against me while my cock pushed its way against his crack, hoping to slide between his cheeks. I stopped it there, grabbing some soap from the tray. I started lathering him up, massaging his body as I went. As my soapy hands got to his cock he let out a sigh, my hand gripping his dick tightly while my left hand slid down to grab his ass. I couldn't take it anymore, so I washed the soap off of he and I and then we got out of the shower and dried off. With that, I led him to my room.

    "So what am I learning tonight Mike?"
    "Tonight you learn that your ass is just as fun to play with as your cock"..and with that I pushed him onto my bed, face down. His ass was driving me wild, but I knew I had to take this in steps. I spread his legs open and knelt at the edge of my bed, right between his legs. His hole was puckered shut, closed off, not knowing what was in store for it.

    "You ready for lesson 2?"
    "Yeah, let's go"

    I grabbed each cheek and spread them apart, his tight little hole waiting for me. I flicked it once with my tongue and listened to Justin let out a slight gasp. Flicked it again and definitely heard him gasp again. Third time was the charm, as I licked from the underside of his nuts all the way across his hole and up his crack. His moan was loud enough that the neighbors could have heard him.

    "You like that huh?"
    "Yeah, keep doing that"

    I started rimming him more vigorously, teasing his hole with my tongue, rubbing his cheeks, biting each side from time to time. Justin was really getting into it and started to push himself back onto my tongue as I licked. He even went as far as to reach back and spread his ass for me. I had rimmed him for about 10 minutes when I stood up behind him, his hands still holding his cheeks apart.

    "Why'd you stop?"
    "Cuz I have something else in mind, you ready?"
    "I guess?...he said, a little worried.
    "Relax, I'll be gentle."

    He let go of his cheeks and brought his hands up above his head. As he did so, I knelt back down and gave his ass a few more licks to get his hole nice and wet. I stood back up and put my thumb against his hole, caressing in a circular motion.

    "This may sting a bit, but just relax, I'm not going to hurt you."

    I started to push my thumb inside of him, going slowly. He tightened up, and I had only gotten my thumb far enough to have his asshole closed tight around the first knuckle.

    "'ll get easier, I promise."

    I started to massage his back with my left hand while my right still had my thumb inside of him. I could feel him relax a little, so I started to push a little more. I pushed while he moaned louder, until finally my entire thumb was inside of him and his asshole was wrapped tightly around the base of my thumb. With my other fingers I began to caress his balls and cock, rock hard and dripping.

    "Mike that feels weird, are you done?"
    "My thumb is all the way in...and no, I'm not. Just relax and watch what I can do"

    With that, I began to move my thumb in slight circles inside of him, watching his hands ball into fists as his moans grew heavy. I was flicking back and forth across his prostate and I could tell I was driving him crazy. I started to pull my thumb out, until I felt his hole tighten as I got to the first knuckle, so I slid back in. I was listening to him breathing and didn't want this to end so soon, so I slid my thumb out and turned him over. He looked puzzled, until I grabbed him and flipped him around so that his head was hanging off over the edge of my bed.

    He opened his mouth almost instinctively as I thrust my cock down his throat. Clearly lesson 1 had worked, because he didn't gag at all. I started to really face fuck him while he jerked his cock fiercly. I bent down and took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him off, only to have him grab my head and force me all the way down his shaft, burying my nose in his pubes. He blew a huge load right in the back of my throat, which I swallowed happily. With that, I blew an equally big load in his mouth, which he actually swallowed entirely as well. Once he let my dick slide out of his mouth I laid down next to him on my bed.

    "If that's what getting fucked is like I don't think I want to do it Mike"
    "Why, you were getting into that."
    "Yeah, but that was your thumb, your cock is bigger than that!!"

    "That's what lesson 3 is for Justin, you'll be ready in no me"

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    Re: Family Tutor

    I'm ready for lesson 3!
    Definitely ready for someone to assist with a lesson one or two, too, lol.

    Thanks for the morning wake up.

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 3 - You only get one cherry, make it count

    Since the family was all away for the weekend, I invited Justin to stay over for the entire weekend. I had many lessons planned, unbeknownst to him, and I was going to get them all in so that he could use everything he learned in future weekends. After he finished swallowing my load, we ended up cuddling in my bed, watching a movie. Once it was time for bed, instead of go sleep in one of the spare bedrooms, Justin stayed with me. As we lay in the bed cuddling, my dick couldnt help itself and sprang into life, pushing itself against Justin's furry crack.

    "Jeez Mike, you'd think you want to fuck me tonight or something" he said with a smirk.
    "Not tonight, but tomorrow night I will be."

    His face went from goofy jokester to deer in headlights.
    "Mike, I thought your thumb felt weird in my butt. Your cock is huge, are you fucking crazy!?"
    "Don't worry, I'm going to take it very slow and I'm going to allow you to tell me how deep or fast you want me to go. I promise. A lesson is a lesson, so either you're up for it or you miss out."
    "Well, I guess I can try it. But if it hurts we're done."
    "I promise.." and I gave him a hug and a smack on his ass and then we went to sleep.

    The next day went by with a blur. Justin and I pretty much just relaxed by my pool all day, grabbed some dinner and enjoyed each others company. I could tell he was a little awkward because he was thinking about the action that'd be taking place later in the night, so I just tried to keep him as relaxed as possible. Later that night we went to my room to relax and watch another movie, although Justin didn't realize the movie we would be watching was a gay porn flick I had popped into the DVD player when he wasn't looking.

    "Mike, what the fuck?!"
    "Exactly...take pointers.."
    I hopped onto the bed and started play wrestling with him. I stripped his shirt off without even trying while he struggled to remove any of my clothing. By the time he had gotten my shirt off I had unbuckled his belt and had pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles. His cock was flopping around, semi hard, and as I turned him over and spanked his ass, the guys on the tv were just starting to fuck.

    "Mike I dont know if I can do looks like it hurts."
    "It depends on the top. If they don't care about the bottom, then it may hurt. If they want the bottom to enjoy it as much as they do, they make sure the bottom is ok the entire time. Bottoms don't always just sit there and take it, they can dictate the action to."
    "But these guys have been fucked before, I haven't?!"
    "Well lucky for you, you have me to pop your cherry. I already told you that I'm going to go easy on you..this time..."

    I yanked off his jeans and then removed my clothes. I straddled him with my ass in his face and leaned down to take his throbbing cock in my mouth. Without me even asking, Justin buried his tongue in my hole, licking up and around while he moaned from the attention his knob was getting. I let his dick slide out of my mouth before I grabbed his legs and rolled him up so that I could get at his hole. My tongue found the cute little target and went town. His dick was dripping drops of precum and I knew he was getting into it.

    I took my middle finger and began swirling it around the edge of his hole, teasing him. As he continued to rim my ass, I slid my finger inside of him, making an easier entry than my thumb did. He let out a loud moan as it found its target, and then as I began to play with his prostate he buried his face in my hole while moaning and panting. I knew it was time to start lesson 3.

    I rolled him onto his stomach, legs spread out, ass open and waiting for me to take it. I could see he was ready, but nervous.

    "If you're ready, I'm ready. Like I said its all on you."
    "Do we need a condom?"
    "Well, I'm 100% clean...but it's up to you."
    "Well..I'm ready Mike, just be careful with me."

    I grabbed the bottle of lube that I had in my nightstand and applied an ample amount to his hole. It tightened with the coolness of the lube, but loosened up as my finger again slid inside of him to get him ready. While I fingered his tight hole I was putting a good coat of lube on my now raging hardon. I couldn't believe I was going to take my cousins cherry. I was almost drooling knowing that my cock would soon be pushing its way past those furry cheeks, into the ready and willing hole. With one last push in and out of my finger, it was time.

    I positioned myself between his spread legs, cock aiming right for the prize. Knowing anal is just as much mental as it is physical, I wanted to get him into it. I put the head of my cock against his hole, listening to him sigh, and then pulled back.

    "You want this cock?"
    "I think so.."

    Not a good enough response. I smacked his right cheek and asked again..
    "You want this inside of you don't you?" as I pushed the head of my cock against his hole again.

    "Yeah! I'm ready Mike.."
    "That's what I wanted to as I'm pushing in, you need to kinda push out with your asshole. It'll make it easier for me to get my cock inside of you."

    I gave him one more smack on the ass for good measure, then I made my first move. I put the tip of my cock against his hole and started to push. I didn't receive any resistance, surprisingly, and was making decent progress, slow and steady. His breathing was picking up and I saw his body tighten. I was about 2 inches in and I had hit the first barrier...

    "Justin you need to relax now..IF you want this dick you need to let me know."
    "I want it Mike, I just gotta get used to this..."
    I lowered myself down and whispered into his ear "then relax babe" and kissed the back of his neck...and with that, the floodgates opened.

    I could tell Justin had relaxed, because that ring opened up and I began to slide deeper. Inch by inch disappeared into his furry hole as his moans grew louder and louder. With one final push, and a yelp, I buried my dick inside of him, his tight hole wrapping around the base of my throbbing dick.

    I wrapped one arm under his chest and laid myself down on top of him, cock still firmly planted inside of him so he could get used to the feeling.
    "I'm completely in, are you ok?"
    "Yeah...oh my god this feels so weird."
    "I'll take it slow unless you say otherwise. It may hurt for the first minute or two while you get used to having a cock inside of you.."
    "NOW you tell me, after you've already gotten it in?!"
    "Don't worry, once that passes I'm going to fuck you so good you'll never forget your first time."

    I started to slowly pull out, letting each inch pass slowly through his furry hole until pushing it right back into him. Each slow pull and push resulted in a long sigh as I pulled out and a slight moan as I slid in. He was wincing as I pushed in, but as I worked my dick into him more and more I was seeing he was relaxing. Once I saw him bite his lip as I pushed deep into him, balls slapping between his thighs, I knew he was ok.

    "You like that don't you?"
    "Yeah, I'm getting used to kinda feels good."
    "Oh, you wait...I'm going to have you moaning louder than the dude in that porn vid."
    "Well what are you waiting for?..."
    Don't have to tell me twice.

    I lifted myself up so that my arms were holding me up, and slid out until my cock came close to sliding out of him only to ram my full 7.5 inches of meat right back into him. He moaned loudly, and before he could say a word I had pulled my dick out again and rammed it home, balls slapping between his legs, his cheeks nestled against the base of my cock. Three or four hard thrusts later he started getting mouthy.

    "Oh yeah...oh fuck....Mike...Mike keep going...fuck me Mike, I want it.."
    "You want it harder?"
    "Yeah, fuck me good, you want me louder than the guy in porn right?" he said with a smirk. Kid didn't have a clue..

    I went into high gear and really started to give it to him. Long pulls out followed by deep, fast thrusts in. His moans grew louder, but not loud enough yet. Deeper, faster I went..his ass bouncing with each thrust as his hole swallowed every inch of my cock. His hands made fists in my sheets while he bit into my pillow to muffle his yells. I grabbed a fistfull of his hair and pulled his head up..

    "I want to hear you.."
    "oh god...then just keep fucking me."

    I was noticing that this position wasn't allowing me to really dominate his ass the way I wanted, so I lifted him into doggie style. With each thrust I was pulling his body onto my cock, making him take every inch.
    'oh fuck mike...oh fuck....oh my god..keep fucking me.."
    Still not loud enough, so I lifted myself up, standing over him doggie style. I put my hands on his shoulders and really started giving it to him. His yells got louder, and after a few hard thrusts he was finally moaning louder than the video.

    "fuck yeah like that huh.."

    I was really punishing his hole...and knew I'd probably be cumming soon, and wanted to see his face when I released my load inside of him. I pulled out of him and flipped him onto his back and pulled him to the edge of my bed. I took this second while my cock wasn't in him to notice that his hole was nice and open. Without another second I slammed my cock into his ass, getting an even louder yell from him. His ankles were propped on my shoulders and I grabbed his waist and was really fucking him good. He started to moan louder, and louder, and I could see in his face that he was close.

    "..ohhh godddd...oh my god....Mike..Mike...I think I'm cumming.. I think I'm gonna cum...oh my goddd"

    With that I gave him harder thrusts, and on the 3rd of 4th deep thrust his cock let loose with a huge blast of cum, the first drop landing on the edge of his lips. I didn't want to miss this, so as I fucked the cum out of him I leaned down, licked the drop of cum, and then kissed him, tongue passing his juice into his mouth. I pulled up and looked him in the eyes

    "you gonna take this load?"
    "yeah, give it to me..."

    As I started to cum I pushed deep into him...pushing in deep with each spurt of cum that left my dick. I watched his face as I did this, watching his eyes close, biting his lip, smirking. As the last drop oozed from my dick, I pulled out and laid on top of him.

    "oh my god Mike that felt great...I didn't know I could cum without touching my cock!"
    "Yep, I'm a good top..what can I say.."
    "Did I pass the lesson?"
    "God yeah....well, when it comes to giving up your cherry for the first time. The real question is, are you glad you were fucked by me?"
    "mmm hmmmm...can we do that more often..."
    "tell ya's the deal. We can do that more often, but you have to pass every remaining lesson first."
    "what other lessons are there?"
    "you've already gotten fucked in 4 positions. I need to teach you all the rest. If you fail to finish any of those, you get to start back with this lesson...face down, ass up waiting for my cock."
    "how many other positions are there?"
    "plenty, sound like a deal"
    "of course it does..if getting fucked by you makes me cum that hard every time, I definitely want to keep going with these lessons."

    Exacty what I wanted to hear. I kissed him on his forehead and then we jumped in the shower. After a quick little glimpse of tv, he fell asleep beside me. I went to bed that night with the biggest smile on my face. Lesson 4 would occur the next night, and had the potential to cause my cousin to slip up and have himself back face down on my bed, biting pillows...moaning louder than a porn star.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Such a hot bunch of lessons. Very nasty story.... thanks!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    WOW!!! That was hot!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    You keep writing a hot tale of kissin' cousins.
    It's a good thing this is guy on guy, and there are no "other considerations"
    to have to worry about, just two close to each other guys enjoying each other's bodies.

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 4 - Always be ready for the unexpected

    Justin woke me up the next morning with a slap on the ass.
    "Morning cuz!"
    "Morning sexy...hows that ass feel?"
    "Not bad actually, want to teach me some more?"
    "'s still early, we have all day. But since you ask, I have a proposition for ya"
    "Oh yeah, what is it?"
    "Since I'm the teacher and you're the student, from now on we handle things like this..whenever I say I'm ready to give you a lesson, you have to be ready too. when I say suck, you suck. When I say drop your pants and bend over you better drop your pants and bend over. If you don't do that at any step of the way, you fail that lesson and you start back face down on this bed, ass up, with me fucking you for as long as I say."
    Justin looked like he was considering the offer, slightly worried by the looks of it, before answering "Ok, just don't make any lessons too crazy..I don't want to fail any!"

    Justin was surprising me by how enthusiastic he was for all of this. He wasn't realizing it, but he was becoming very submissive when it came to taking my cock..which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. If trained correctly he would become a great sex partner. I had a few things planned out for the day, and after he accepted my proposal I knew I'd be testing him very hard today. Let's see what he was made of.

    We hung out by the pool most of the day, catching some sun and just relaxing. Around 2 we went inside to grab some food and a couple of drinks, and I was ready to give him the first demand.

    "Justin, I think you need to give my cock some attention."
    "Huh?! Oh, right! So whip it out then."

    I dropped my bathing suit to my ankles and my dick hang there, waiting for Justin to swallow it into his mouth and get me hard. He didn't waste anytime, getting onto his knees and licking the tip of my dick before getting it all in his mouth. Before he could let it slide back out I said:
    "Don''re gonna get it hard just using your mouth. Time to see how you do with cocksucking and your gag go.."

    Justin kept his lips wrapped at the base of my cock, his hands grabbing my ass to keep his head against my hips. His tongue started to swirl up and down my shaft and I started to get harder. Justin was really trying to keep it all in his mouth, opening wider and pulling himself into my crotch. Just as I was almost fully hard I could see him almost gag, but he didn't, he took every inch of my dick and with that I pulled it out of his mouth.

    "Nice passed that with flying colors. Now drop those trunks and show me that hole."
    With that he stood up and took his trunks off in one motion, turning around and bending against the counter top. I knelt down and started to rim his gorgeous hole while I milked his cock.
    "Go in my room and get the lube."
    "Right now?"
    "What did I say this morning, whenever I say go, you go..remember."

    Justin ran up the stairs and I could hear him rummaging around to find the lube. He came down a second later, with my dick going slightly limp.
    "Since you took so long, now you get to make me hard again."
    Didn't even have to force the issue, he sucked my dick until it was a raging hard on and then looked at me with a 'what's next?' face.

    "Stand up and bend against the counter like you just were. Time for position 5..stand and deliver." I lubed up my dick to make it nice and wet and then slid two fingers inside of him to get him lubed up. He jumped when my fingers slid it, but his moaning let me know he was down for it. I postioned myself behind him and got ready.

    "Remember, push out while I push in.."
    "I will..remember I'm still new at this.."
    "relax babe, I won't hurt you.."

    I pulled his ass closer to me and put my dick against the crack of his ass...teasing him. I grabbed my dick and slid the head up and down, teasing his hole.
    "Mike....fuck me please." Good job Justin..

    I pushed my cock against his hole and started to slide myself into him. I was making a much easier time of it today, which surprised me. He was already moaning lightly, but by the time I had my cock fully embedded up his hole he let out a loud yell.

    I grabbed his hips and started to fuck him, slowly at first, but picking up speed. His moans were already loud, but he was getting into it. He was biting his lip, slapping the counter top, and pushing back onto my dick as I pushed into him. He wasn't as mouthy as last night, but that's ok with me. Before he got too excited, I gave him another test.

    "Come here, lay down on the rug over here."
    Justin walked into the living room and laid down on the carpet, not knowing what was next. I walked over, positioned myself over him, and then dropped into him, cock head just pushing past the outer ring.

    "I want you to give me 30 push ups. I want your ass to take every inch of my dick on the way up, and you better not let it slide out on the way down. 30 full pushups...start when you're ready."
    "Mike, I'm not good at pushups..and I think I'm going to have trouble staying focused with your dick inside of me.."
    "Well if you want to pass this lesson, you better find a way."

    Justin got into a push up position and started his task...moaning and sighing along the way. He got through 15 pushups without a problem, his hole swallowing my dick completely and then keeping it tight around the head of my dick on the way down. It was around 21 that he started having trouble. I could see his arms shaking, his body quivering. At 26 I had to start getting loud with him.

    "You have 4 more, you better not fuck up now."
    "Mike I don't know if I can do this..."
    "You go, I'll count them off."

    27!...he got all the way up and dropped down..ok there.
    28! he got to the top of his pushup he still had an inch of my dick to take.."Get it higher Justin, you're not there yet." he did, then dropped down.
    29!..same problem as the last pushup, only this time he had a good 2 inches left. "You better get the rest of my dick in there Justin, you're soo close now. Let's go." He found some strength and got it in, then dropped.
    30!..."Last one..let's go Justin!" He was struggling...moaning loudly...taking inch by inch of my dick as he forced his body up. He got all of my dick in him, then started to drop fast to the floor..exhausted. Then he realized he had to keep the head of my dick inside of him. I knew he wasn't going to stop himself, so I grabbed his hips and pulled his ass back into my cock, making him yell loudly. I held him there for a few seconds then let him lay on the ground.

    "Good Job! I didn't think you'd get that last one."
    "Yeah, but I almost let your dick out..."
    "That's fine, I gave you an assist. Time for position're going to control this one."

    I walked him over to one of the couches, while I sat down.cock ready and waiting. "You're going to have a seat right on my dick...and you can ride it however fast or slow you can control the pace. But you can't get off until I cum inside of you.
    "Ok, do I face you or face away from you?"
    "Face away from me first...I want to watch your ass while you bounce on my cock. I'll tell you when to turn around."

    Justin lowered himself onto me, moaning softly as it slid inside of him. His pace started off slow, but picked up pretty quickly. He was really fucking himself good, dropping his ass right on my dick, his furry hole swallowing each inch completely. I could feel his cock dripping cum against my thigh, so I made him get off and turn around to face me. He straddled my hips and lowered himself back onto my cock, bouncing up and down, his dick slapping against my chest. I pulled his head down to mine and kissed him hard on the lips, while giving a few hard thrusts into him. I slammed him hard, biting his lip as I rammed it home, and then I rolled him off the edge of the couch.

    Justin's shoulders rested on the ground while I rolled his legs down, positioning myself over him. I started to pile drive his ass, deep and hard. Justin grabbed my ankles, almost digging into the skin whle I fucked him silly. I watched his cock throb, his eyes roll into the back of his head...and then with a long moan he blew a huge load into his face, cum hitting him right on the lips, running down his cheek. The tightening of his ass as he came, and the cumshot to his face pushed my over the edge. I pulled my cock out of his ass and pointed it right at his face as I let my own load go. I caught him in the mouth with two bursts and the rest hit his cheeks.

    I grabbed some tissues and wiped the cum off of his lips before giving him a kiss.

    "Jesus Mike, I thought I had to make you cum!..You just blew all over my face!"
    "I told you to always be ready for whatever I say....I changed my mind mid lesson, so I showed you another position and then gave you a facial. You still passed..."
    "Thank god..I don't know if I can last anymore today with all of this action."
    "You'll last...especially since you have another lesson tonight."

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Where do I sign up for private tutoring?

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 5 - Respect your teacher

    Justin had been passing each test pretty easily, so far, and I knew I wanted to really test his well as his ability to take orders. We had showered and cleaned up after our fuck session and had decided to go grab some dinner. We ate at a downtown restaurant and then decided to head to a movie.

    Once we got to the theater we stocked up on all the typical movie goodies, grabbed a seat..and watched the previews roll. We had sat in the very back, top row, of the theater at my urging. As the first preview started rolling I reached over and put my hand on Justins crotch..massaging his dick through his pants.

    "Mike, what are you doing?! There are people in here with us!"
    "Relax, they're all way ahead of us and they're watching the flick not me grab your nuts..Trust me...and what did I tell you? You don't do something, you fail."
    He looked worried, but released his grip on my wrist and let me continue working his cock with my hand. I got him relatively hard, and then I unzipped his fly and pulled his cock through his fly.
    "Just stay looking forward..and this is when you don't want to make too much noise.."

    I went down on him like no one was watching. Tongue swirling around his head, hand sliding up and down while my lips sucked tightly at his skin. He was gripping the armrests so hard his knuckles were going white and I could hear him moaning softly. I worked his cock over for about 5 minutes before his body tensed and the cum shot out of his dick so hard that I could feel it smack against the back of my throat. I didn't swallow a drop, instead I let his dick slide out of my mouth before sitting up and kissing him, swapping his cum into his mouth, allowing both of us to swallow some.

    "Now you know how your cum tastes.." I whispered with a smirk..
    "Thanks...I wasn't expecting that at all Mike..."
    " be a good younger cousin and get my dick in your mouth pronto."
    "Mike I'm nervous we'll get caught.."
    "You should be more nervous about what I'll do to you if you don't have those lips wrapped around my cock in 30 pay the price."

    With that, Justin moved into a squatting postion and pulled my cock out of my jeans. He got the whole thing into his mouth in a hurry and started to suck me like a champ. I was hard instantly, and true to prior lessons, Justin didn't gag once. He was working my dick over good..getting me going while we were surrounded by strangers. As I neared my climax I tapped him on his shoulder and he deepthroated my cock and took the entire load of cum right down his throat. He licked my dick clean and then tucked it back in my jeans. He smirked at me and sat back in his seat, and we finished the movie and headed back to the house.

    I let the rest of the day go by without any new tests. I think Justin was always expecting some sort of request, because anytime I said "Hey Justin!" he'd glance over nervously. Most requests were little things...change the channel, toss me a pillow..stupid shit that you'd ask someone for normally. Finally, at around 7, I called to him while he was in the shower.

    "Hey Justin!"
    "I'm putting out something for you to wear for me once you get out of the shower."
    "Okay, I'll be out soon!"

    About 5 minutes later I heard Justin coming down the hall towards my room. He entered with a smirk on his face, making me smile even wider. There stand Justin, nice and toned, treasure trail leading to his package wrapped up in a nice jockstrap. He did a little turn to show me his meaty ass, with the furry crack begging me to slide my dick in between.

    "Jockstrap huh?"
    "Yeeup. Makes for easy access whenever I decided to fuck you silly later. You'll never know when I'll make my you better be ready. For now, come lay on top of me and lets watch a movie"

    Justin jumped on my bed and laid in between my spread legs, leaning against my body as we watched some TV. As I played with his nipples and carressed the hair on his stomach, I could see his dick coming to attention.

    "Yeah Mike."
    "Why don't you get up and spread those cheeks for me to lick that sweet hole of yours."

    Justin got up and stood with one foot on each side of me. He reached down and spread his gorgeous cheeks to expose his tight little hole. I dove in, flicking and licking around and inside of him, listening to him exhale deeply and moan softly.

    "Sit on my cock.."
    "But Mike, there's no lube.."
    "Then I guess you better spread those cheeks and let me get you nice and wet, and you better get my cock wet...or it may hurt.."
    "Mike, can't I just get the lube..?"
    " you want to fail.."
    "No sir..."

    I got his hole nice and wet, while he got my cock ready, and then he moved down and started to take the jockstrap off.

    "Excuse me..that stays leave that on while I fuck you."

    Justin knelt down and straddled my legs..ass hovering over my cock. I watched him reach back and spread his cheeks, while lowering himself onto me. The head of my dick pushed against his hole, and with a little resistance, started to slide in. I watched as Justin slowly swallowed every inch of my cock inside of him until his still spread ass was resting on my groin. With that, he let go of his cheeks andlet them wrap around my dick...well, whatever wasn't already in him.

    "Before you start riding me...heres your test. We're going to see how long we can fuck before either of us cum. If I come pass. IF you cum first, you fail..and you'll be punished appropriately. So whatever you better do whatever you gotta do to keep that cum inside of you until I say you can it?"
    "I don't know if I can do that Mike...I like having you fuck me..and I'm afraid you'll make me cum again before you do.."
    "Either yes or no Justin, make up your mind.."
    "Yes please just fuck me."

    I pulled him down so that his arms held him up while he bounced on my cock. I grabbed his waist and started to pound him good, his dick restrained in his jockstrap so he couldnt jerk himself off. I fucked him like this for about 10 minutes before I rolled us onto our sides. He had lasted this long and I was really giving it to him, so I was impressed so far.

    I was fucking him slower now, sliding in and out while I held his right leg in the air. He was picking up more and more positions as we went and hopefully he'd figure out which he liked the best. I fucked him slowly and deep for a good 20 minutes..and still he was holding out.

    "You liking this Justin?"
    "God yes...I don't know how much more I can take Mike.."
    "Well I'm not even you better figure it out."

    He had a worried look on his face...but he seemed ok. I pulled out and changed my position so that he was still on his side..almost in the fetal position. I slammed my cock back into him, making him yell, but smile at the same time. I started to fuck him harder, making him yell and moan.

    "Mike, oh god're gonna make me cum!"
    "You better hold it in Justin!.."
    "I'm trying!..oh god..keep fucking me...harder!!"

    I pulled out and pulled him to the corner of the bed, so that his legs were each draped to one side of the corner, his ass positioned just right on the corner of the bed so I could stand and deliver with power.

    "Reach back and spread these cheeks!"
    "Yes sir.."

    Justin reached back and spread his ass wide..his hole not as tight as when we started but tight nonetheless. I slid my cock back into him and really went to town on him. I grabbed his waist, pinning his arms inside so that he kept his cheeks nice and spread. His hole was really taking a pounding and he was taking it like a man. We had been fucking for nearly an hour now and he was still going strong. I let his hands free and he let his cheeks slap back around my cock. I kept pounding him hard, the bounce making his bubblebutt jiggle with each pound. He reached out and grabbed the sheets tight while I continued to fuck him hard.

    "You like that position stud?"

    I started fucking him like there was no tomorrow. I was pulling almost completely out of him and then slamming myself back in with a passion. He pulled his legs up and locked them around me, while I grabbed the band of the jockstrap and pulled him back with each thrust into him. He was really yelling now, moaning so loud I thought the neighbours would hear him..when he started to whimper..

    " Mike...slow down.."
    "'re loving this too much.."
    "Mike I'm gonna cum.."
    "I'm close better hold it..."

    I'm not going to lie, I kind of wanted him to fail this...just so I could punish him. So I really started pounding him..

    "Spread those cheeks again boy!"

    He reached back and spread them...his legs still wrapped around me..

    I was pounding him relentlessly...listening to him moan and yell..screaming my name. Then, I felt his body tense...and he started to yell between moans...


    I kept pounding him, feeling his hole tense up as he shot his load into the jockstrap. Just as he finished cumming, I released all of the cum I had left in me deep inside of him. I fucked quite a load into him and then pulled out..

    "you better keep that load inside of came first...this is your only redemption...hold it in..!"
    "Mike..I'm trying..."

    I smacked his right cheek that made him yell..

    "try harder because if you let my cum get out you fail.."

    I watched him trying to keep his hole tight..but I knew that because of our major fuck session he was probably exhausted. I had fucked him good for nearly an hour and a half..


    And just like that, his hole relaxed..and the first drops of my cum oozed back out of him..

    "I'm sorry Mike..I failed...what now?"

    I could see the smirk on his face, and wondered if he secretly wanted to fail too.

    "You'll find later...for now..cleanup. And don't wash that jockstrap..keep it and remember this night.."

    Punishment may not be as bad of a thing as anyone was thinking..

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    Re: Family Tutor

    You've got me hot and bothered to beat the band - or meat, as the case may be.

    Cum on over and take care of me!
    Great chapter, man.

    I need to take care of business!

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 6 – Always do what the teacher tells you

    After Justin and I cleaned up after our lengthy fuck session, which of course resulted in his failing of one of the pivotal lessons, we hopped in my bed and decided to put on a movie. After choosing one and starting it, Justin hopped into bed next to me and rested his head on my chest. After about 2 minutes (while the previews were rolling) he looked up at me with a somewhat questioning look.

    “Mike, I failed that lesson. Now what do I do? Do I start over from Lesson 1?”

    His smile let me know that he was taking this as somewhat of a joke. If I was going to continue turning him into my sextoy, which wasn’t my original intention but his actions and submissiveness during his lessons made me lean toward breaking him in, I had to show him who was boss.

    “No, you get punished. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but you’ll be punished for not doing as I said.”
    “Mike, I can’t handle pain…”
    “I didn’t say hurt you…I said punished. The deal was you do as I say during these lessons. If you complete them then you pass and move onto the next sex lesson. If not, you get punished before moving on. The punishment is up to me, and since you failed, you have to do exactly as I say…otherwise the punishment continues.”
    “As long as I don’t get hurt, I guess that’s what I have to do to keep learning, right cuz?”
    “Right…now shut up and watch the movie.”

    I didn’t put anything into motion with Justin that night…or any night for the next few weeks. We stopped all sexual interaction and just kept it to normal hanging out and having fun. During the two weeks that I was planning my methods of punishment, I could tell that Justin was anxiously waiting for me to make the move. Little did he know what was in store for him.

    The weekend that I put my plans into action was a weekend that I was planning to have a little getaway by myself. I packed up a few necessary items and left my parents house. On the way to my destination I texted Justin to pack a few days worth of clothes, because we were going on a getaway trip. By the time I got to his house he was packed and ready to roll. He had no idea where we were going until we hit the signs around Boston.

    “Mike, where we going?”
    “I booked us a room at the Westin Waterfront in Boston. You and me, in a nice cozy room, for two days.”
    “That’s so cool! I haven’t been to Boston in forever..”
    In my head I thought how cute he was to get so excited, when he wouldn’t be seeing much of the city until I was done with him.

    We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Once we got to the room I told him to toss on his bathing suit and head down to the pool. He was busy staring out the floor-to-ceiling glass windows at the Boston skyline, so I had to clap to get his attention. He grabbed it out of his bag and started changing. I sat on the edge of the bed, watching as he slipped his shirt over his head and then undid the zipper of his shorts. As he slid his shorts down to his ankles I couldn’t help but stare at the cute bulge in his boxer briefs. He turned around as he started to take his boxers off, almost acting like he didn’t want me to see him naked.

    “Don’t act like I haven’t seen your asshole before..”
    “Yeah I know…I don’t know why I got shy”
    “You’re probably thinking I’d start your punishment and go to town on your hole once it got exposed…relax. Not today.”

    He smiled and put on his bathing suit and headed off to the pool. Once he was gone, I grabbed my bag of goodies and tossed it on the bed. I set up a few items and left the bag within reach for later. Then I tossed on my bathing suit and headed for the pool.

    Justin and I relaxed in the pool for a little while then headed back up to the room. He was toweling off and I had stripped my suit off of me and was walking around the room naked.

    “Hey Mike, am I gonna get a taste of that cock of yours tonight? It’s been a while.”
    “Who knows..maybe your punishment was an end to our sex sessions…”

    His mouth dropped.

    “Close your lips and go hop in the shower, we’re heading out to eat in a few and I want you looking sexy.”

    Justin quickly took off his bathing suit and started up the shower. I let him have a few minutes by himself before sliding in from the back while he soaped his body up.

    “Come on now, you need to soap up better than that to get all that skanky chlorine off of you.”
    “Holy fuck Mike you scared the hell out of me!”
    “Eh, just wanted to save some time so we can make our reservation. Here..turn around let me soap you up.”

    I grabbed the body wash and squeezed an ample amount into my hand. I started on his shoulders and back, working up a lather before sliding down his arms. Once I had gotten both arms nice and clean I slid my arms around him as I lathered up his chest and abs, making sure I worked some lather into his cute treasure trail. Judging by how hard his cock was by the time I got to his crotch I knew this boy was horny and ready to go. Unfortunately for him, he’d have to wait. I cupped his balls with my left hand while I circled his cock with my hand, soaping up and down his throbbing shaft, tickling the head of his dick. I had pulled him close to me, my dick between his legs, begging for some space so it could get to full attention. I kissed his neck before backing up to soap up the furry cheeks that I loved so much. I knelt down and massaged some soap onto each cheek, then slid my hands down each leg. I worked some soap into his furry hole, and then pushed him into the stream of water to wash him off. Once he was fully clean, I gestured for him to hop out so he could get ready.

    By the time I had finished in the shower he had gotten into a nice pair of jeans and a cute T-shirt. I got dressed in record time and we made our way out for dinner. I was somewhat anxious to get the night underway, but I knew I wanted to play it cool. Dinner went great, and the nice walk back to the hotel kept things light and fun. When we got back to the room it was about 7 at night and dusk was just starting to arrive.

    “Why don’t you slip out of those clothes while I take a piss. I’ll meet you back on this bed for a little fun.”

    From the sounds of it, Justin was naked and ready in about 2.7 seconds. I finished up in the bathroom and made my way back to the bed wearing only my boxers. Justin was already somewhat ‘excited’ and I could tell he wanted some.

    “So, you want some of this cock huh?”
    “God yeah…I actually missed the sex..even though the last time you fucked me silly.”
    “Yeah, you held your own, mostly. Now it’s time for that punishment.”

    With that, I slid him down so that he was lying flat on his back on the bed. I straddled him, letting my cock rest on his abs, while I kissed and licked his neck. His moaning let me know he wanted me..his cock let me know he wanted it bad. I grabbed his right wrist and pulled it towards the corner of the bed…where I strapped it into a looped restraint.

    “Mike, what the fuck..”

    I grabbed his left wrist and pulled him to the other corner, where I snapped the other hand into another restraint.

    “Mike, I don’t know if I like this..I don’t like having my hands tied.”
    “Oh, it’s not just your hands…”

    And with that, I snatched his left leg and yanked it down to another restraint. By now he was somewhat fighting it because he was a little worried. I got his left leg in and grabbed his right and got his ankle into the restraint just before I lost my grip.

    “Mike, come on. I told you I don’t like pain..I’ve seen these types of movies..”
    “No pain, just a ‘punishment’. The more you do right…the more freedom you get. But for now…I call all the shots.” With that, I blindfolded him.

    “You ever see that movie where the guy gets fucked all weekend and sees how many loads he can take…well…this is going to be your weekend. Only it’s just with me. We’re going to see how many loads you can whatever hole I make you take them. And if you don’t swallow or hold in each and every load I’ll keep you tied up for me to fuck whenever I want. I’ll release restraints along the way, but only if I want to…and guess what…the first load you’re going to suck out of me.”

    I slapped my cock against his cheek, and then without a word he took my cock in his mouth and started to suck me. I propped a pillow behind his head so that he wasn’t hurting himself, but then I just started to face fuck him. I was working a good rhythm up, my balls slapping against his chin while he sucked away. I pulled my cock out and changed my position so that Justin’s mouth was just against the edge of my hole. He darted his tongue in and around my hole while I worked my cock, getting it nice and ready for him. When I knew I’d be getting close, I flipped back around and rammed my cock back into his mouth. He gagged a little, and then deepthroated my dick down to the base. I held his head there while he took all of my cock down his throat, then continued face fucking him. I felt myself getting ready to blow, so I gave him the customary tap on the head to prepare him. He deepthroated my dick like a champ as I released my load into the back of his throat. I had been saving up for a while, so it was a big one. He didn’t gag, but a little looked like it was going to make its way out of his mouth.

    “You better swallow that load boy..Every drop. Then you better lick my dick clean!”

    He did…and then let out the biggest moan.

    “Fuck Mike…that was a lot.”
    “Yeah it was, but you swallowed it all. Nice job. For that, I’ll take the blindfold off.”

    I took it off, and then reached down into my trusty bag of goodies for new attire.

    I snapped a collar on him…not a dog collar, a collar. It was padded on the inside so that it didn’t hurt him, but had rings on the outside for other things to snap into it.

    “You’ll need that later.”
    “Jesus Mike, what the hell am I?”
    “You’re my sex slave until I say otherwise. You’re being punished…and I intend on making you pay for your mistake.”
    “my failed attempt during the last session..?”
    “But we fucked for hours…how was I supposed to keep it in..I could barely walk without looking funny!”
    “You better learn..because if you don’t keep every load in that tight little ass of yours I’m going to make sure you can’t sit down without thinking of my cock inside of you when you leave here. Take a little while to prepare..I’ll be back soon. And don’t start yelling either…if I hear you once I leave this room you’ll be in for it.”

    And with that I put my clothes on, and left to go grab a drink at the bar, while Justin lay locked up in the bed restraints I had bought specifically for this occasion. Boy was he in for the night of his life…

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    Re: Family Tutor

    A Great story can't wait for more

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 6 – Continued…

    I hadn’t been down at the bar for more than an hour and I was already anticipating my next move. I had gotten through my first drink without really thinking about my cousin tied naked to the bed, but by the end of my second drink my dick was telling me to get back to the room. I paid the tab and listened to my dick, making my way to the elevator. When I got back to the room I was surprised to see Justin still aroused and relaxed.

    “Well, well, well. Look who’s still a bit excited.”
    “Shut up Mike. This isn’t as fun as you think it is.”
    “What was that?”
    “Did you just tell me to shut up?”
    “I…I was only joking.”
    “Yeah, well tonight there is no joking. Time for me to show you some consequences.”

    I stripped off my clothes, with my dick aching for some action. I went to the bed and unclipped his leg restraints. Justin thought he was getting out easy, but I quickly put him into a hold while I turned his body. I twisted his torso while I unclipped his right wrist restraints, before quickly snapping it into the restraint where his left hand was currently. I continued this until he was tied stomach down, spread eagle to the bed. I gave his furry cheeks two good smacks, making him yelp. One harder slap to the right cheek left a handprint, while I snatched a hold of his hair and pulled his head up.

    “You don’t like that do you?”
    “Not really…it hurts!”
    “Well, then you better bite down on something nice and hard or you’ll be yelling pretty loud in just a minute..”

    Rather than allow him the ability to yell, I pulled another little goody from my bag. I snatched a small face cloth from the bathroom, which I doubled over the gag that I then strapped around Justin’s head. He fought it initially, but then let it slide between his lips and into his mouth. I gave his ass two good smacks, which only got muffled yelps through the gag. Good I thought..for now.

    I got between Justin’s legs and spread his adorable cheeks to expose his furry hole. Since we hadn’t fucked in a few weeks, Justin’s hole was pretty tight. Not for long of course..
    I started licking around the rim of his puckered hole, darting my tongue in and out. He started moaning softly, breathing nice and deep. He pushed his ass up in the air to get my tongue deeper in him and I continued eating his hole. After a few minutes I lifted myself up and repositioned myself. My dick was throbbing..waiting to pop his little asshole open. I wasn’t going to wait any longer. I spit into my hand, making it nice and wet, and then rubbed it onto my dick. My cock was glistening and ready, and soon Justin’s ass would be too. I gave his hole one last lick, leaving it nice and wet, before I put the head of my cock right on his outer rim.
    “It’s been a while…and you’re nice and tight. Remember what I told you when we started…you can moan and yell all you want. You aren’t going anywhere and that gag will muffle your screams. I’m not trying to hurt if you want this cock you better be ready to take it..even with no lube.”

    Justin let out a whimper..but nodded his head. I placed my hands on each side of him, supporting my body, while my cock sat waiting against his hole. I started to push, sliding the head of my cock into him, beginning my long awaited ‘punishment’ for Justin. I got about 3 inches into him before he tensed, moaning loudly. I waited a minute, then started pushing again, thrusting another inch into him, making him yell. He tensed up even more, locking my dick in place.

    “You’ve got a few more inches to go before you’re done…and it hasn’t even started yet. Suck it up and stop being a bitch. You wanted this cock.. now show me you can take it.”

    He relaxed, and as I pushed deeper he pushed out. I rammed my cock home with one final thrust while he screamed against the gag and tested the restraints. He wasn’t going anywhere. I gave him another minute and then I started my initial rhythm.

    I didn’t want to hurt him…so I started out easy. Short, slow strokes in and out. I wasn’t pulling fully out and I wasn’t speeding up my pace…just letting him get reacquainted with his old best friend. He was breathing heavily, moaning and pulling at the wrist restraints. He had just gotten accustomed to the short strokes when I pulled my cock completely out of him and then rammed it back into him, spreading his hole open until the base of my cock was right up against his asshole. He yelled..legs straining against the restraints..hands grasping for the sheets. I started to pick up my pace..longer, harder thrusts in and out of him. From my view, I was clearly nailing his tight ass right into the bed. His yelling was loud, but for me, with this being a punishment and all, it wasn’t loud enough. I gave him one last hard thrust and then lay down on top of him.

    “You failed your last attempt…this is only the start of your punishment. I’m going to fuck you over and over again tonight and you’re going to love every second of it. Your ass is mine and no one else’s. If anyone is going to fuck it, its gonna be me. If you think of anyone’s cock it better be mine. I’m gonna own this hole until I tell you otherwise and tonight is just the beginning. You will always do as I say…whenever I say it. Got it?!”
    Justin nodded..still moaning softly.
    “ I’m gonna enjoy this.”

    I lifted myself off of him and started to pound him relentlessly. I was sliding in and out with ease…thrusting deep into him. Each thrust making him yell. I wanted him louder, so I started to push deeper. I’d pull out fully and then ram my cock straight back into him as deep as his hole would let me. In and out. In and out. The gag muffling his screams but my little cousin was still pretty loud. In and out..harder..harder. His screams almost audible through the gag. I changed my position so that my feet were on the sides of his butt, almost squatting over his ass, dick still planted firmly inside of him. I grabbed his shoulders and really started slamming into him, using my pull on his shoulders to help me slam my cock even harder into him. His hot, bubble butt providing the perfect bounce, jiggling with each thrust. He was really yelling now, fighting the restraints. It was then that I could feel the first rumblings of cum making its way out. I fucked him harder..making one last deep thrust as I deposited my first load of cum deep inside of him. His moans were of relief and also lust…I could tell he wanted that load as much as I wanted to give it to him.

    I didn’t even give him a chance to relax. I unclipped his leg restraints, leaving the soft padded wraps around his ankles for use again later. I pulled his hips up so that his ass was in the air, cheeks spread open. I pulled out and knelt down to give his hole a lick, testing to see if he’d relax and let my cum slide out of him. He didn’t, he kept the first load in. I wasn’t expecting otherwise since it had been a while and he was fairly tight still, plus the initial punishment fuck didn’t last more than 20 minutes. I was still hard as a rock, so I continued my fun.

    I added a little spit to my cock again and then rammed my cock right into him, his asshole swallowing every inch. The first load was working as lube, so my cock had no resistance on its first pass in. The scream Justin let out was more of wanting it, not so much pain. I started fucking him with nice long strokes, sliding in and out. I reached around to feel his cock, which was hard as hell and oozing more precum than I’d seen before out of my cousin. He was moaning, grabbing at the bed, trying to get out of the wrist straps. I continued pushing myself into him, grabbing his cheeks, spreading them apart while my dick pushed deep inside of him. I started to rotate my hips in a circular motion, sliding my dick in and out at different angles, driving Justin wild. He had pulled his legs up under him and was accepting every thrust, every push my cock was making. I got up into a flying doggie position, again using his shoulders as leverage. His body tensed and he groaned loudly as I started to fuck him aggressively in this position. He was getting more and more worked up, grabbing the restraints at his wrists, grabbing the sheets, moaning louder and louder as I punished his hole.

    I could tell I was working his body more than he was used to. He had a glistening sheen of sweat from all of the action and his legs were starting to drop. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back.

    “You better keep that ass up in the air. I’m not even close so you’ve got a long way to go.”
    He repositioned himself so that his ass was where I wanted it, and I continued pounding him, even harder now. He was really moaning, grunting, and getting into it. I knelt back down between his legs and spread his cheeks apart, opening him up wide. I gave his ass a few slaps, watching his meaty butt jiggle as my dick pounded him over and over again. I reached around to feel his cock again, which was dripping with cum.
    “You aren’t cumming anytime soon Justin, so get that out of your head. You cum when I say you can cum.”
    I couldn’t believe how into it I was getting, but it was turning me on more than I had anticipated. I was close, so I wanted to give him all he could handle. I stood back up again, grabbed his shoulders, and really started to give it to him. I was sliding in and out, pulling my dick out and pushing it back into him. He was yelling with each thrust, clenching the sheets, his knuckles almost white. With a few final thrusts, I came inside of him again. I let every drop flow out of my dick before pulling out of him. I watched and waited to see if once he relaxed the cum would flow, but luckily for him he kept this load in too.

    “Good, you’re learning to hold onto my seed. I’m going to breed you all weekend long Justin and that hot little hole of yours is going to milk my cock dry every time. You better not let any of it hear me?!”
    Justin’s muffled words couldn’t be heard through the gag, so I unstrapped it and let it fall from his mouth. Through heavy breathing he whispered “Yes sir”
    I couldn’t help but smile. One last spank on the ass and I let him collapse onto the bed.

    “You’re keeping the wrist restraints on for now. I’ll remove those when I’m good and ready, but you can keep your legs free.” I’m going to clean up and head back out. You think about how much you can take while I’m out. You’ve already taken 3 loads…let’s see what you think your limit is.”

    I hopped in the shower, put some clothes back on, and headed back out the room. Somehow, I knew that I’d take him much farther than his limits.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    It's been awhile. But you haven't lost your skill and talent at turning us all on!

    He's going to have one sore, but satiated, ass by the end of the weekend.

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 6 Continued…

    I went back down to the lobby area and hit up one of the other little bars on the inside of the hotel. I wanted to up my energy level, so I asked the bartender for a Red Bull and vodka and settled into a barstool to watch some tv. I chugged this drink pretty quick before asking for just a Red Bull, then chatted up some ‘regulars’ for a bit. I had to admit, I was still thinking about Justin tied up in the room the entire time so I wasn’t paying much attention to their conversation. After another drink I paid the bill and left the bar, not sure if I wanted to go back to the room yet. It was about 10:30 and I didn’t want my boy thinking I had forgotten about him. I hopped in the elevator and made my way back to the room.

    “So Justin…what did you think about during your time alone?”
    “I’m not sure how much I can handle Mike…you’ve already worked my ass pretty good.”
    “Give me a number…answer the question this time.”
    “I think I can only take like 2 more loads Mike…if you fuck me any harder I think you’ll split me in half.”
    “We’ll see about that.”

    I walked to the bed and gave him a smack on his ass. Then I reached up and unclipped his left wrist restraint and easily tossed him around to latch it into the opposite strap, doing the same for the right wrist. I had clearly worked him good because his fight wasn’t as strong this time. His legs were still untied and the blindfold was off, but the collar remained. I grabbed a few new items from the bag and began to fasten them together.

    “Oh god Mike…I don’t know if I can go again right now..I don’t know if I can handle it.”
    “You’ll be able to handle it, I’ll go easy on you.”
    I snapped the two leg harnesses into the rings on his collar, then slid one strap around his left leg, tightening it just under the bend of his knee. I did this again for the right side and just like that, Justin was all tied up in a missionary position. I went down on his asshole, licking it over and over, getting it nice and wet and getting him back in the mood.
    “You think you’re gonna cum soon?”
    “you told me I couldn’t until you said so..”
    “good answer….and it won’t be now.”

    Just like that I sat up and grabbed his ankles. I positioned myself just right and then started pushing my dick inside of him. Now that I could see his face, I watched him bite his lip as my cock slid into him, easier than last, and his eyes roll back once I was fully in. After two thrusts I realized he would be louder than I wanted right now, so I put the gag back in place and watched him with each new thrust.

    I didn’t lie to him when I said I’d take it easy. I worked his hole nice and slow for a good 20 minutes, pushing myself into him deeply with each thrust and then pulling out, pushing in slowly and then pulling out. He was still fighting the restraints, but not as hard as when I was fucking him harder earlier in the night. The leg straps kept his legs up, so even if he got tired his asshole would still be at full attention, ready and waiting for my cock. He was moaning softly the entire time, and I could tell by his face he was really enjoying it. Not one to get bored..I decided to change positions on him.

    I unclipped the left hand restraint and clipped it in along with the right hand, turning him onto his side in the fetal position. I pinned his legs down with one hand and grabbed his waist with the other, holding his body right where I wanted it. In this position I started to fuck him a little faster, getting some rhythm going. His moans got a little louder and he started to grab at the restraints again. His legs were still strapped to his neck collar so they were locked in place too. I worked him good for another 15 minutes and I knew he was about to get another load.

    “You want this load boy?!”
    Justin issues a few guttural moans, while he nodded his head. I kept my rhythm at a normal pace and blew another load inside of him, fucking it deep into him. He let out another low moan as he felt my dick throb inside of him, the cum flowing in.
    “Keep that load…don’t let a drop out…and you better be ready because you’re gonna work this next one out yourself!”

    I pulled out of him and went back into the bag of fun. I grabbed a few new straps and undid the leg straps. I fastened the two new straps to each wrist restraint, before unclipping each wrist from the corner restraint. I quickly latched these extender straps into the lower corner snaps, giving Justin enough length in the straps to kneel upright with his arms held back just behind his body.

    “You’re gonna straddle me and milk my cock for this next load. You got that?!”
    Justin nodded, and then pointed with his fingers to the gag.
    “You want the gag out huh?”
    He nodded.
    “Well, that all depends. If you think you’ll be riding my dick hard enough to make you yell, I suggest you leave the gag in. It’s up to you.”
    I laid down on the bed, dick still hard and ready to go. I pointed my dick in the air and looked at him.
    He kept the gag in his mouth and then straddled me. I noticed he was only semi-hard now, but his balls were nice and tight. He clearly had a huge load to blow…but I wouldn’t let him. He began to sit back, swallowing all 7.5 inches of my cock in one motion, which made him moan in delight. He sat there for about a minute, and then began to slide up and down my dick.

    “Yeah, you’re gonna learn to milk my cock. You’re not getting freed until you take another load. Ride it however you want but you’re not done until I cum.”
    With that Justin picked up the pace…either because he wanted the restraints off or he really wanted another load, I couldn’t tell. He was really giving it to himself, moaning loudly, pulling forward on the wrist straps. Then he did something that surprised me. Each time he would sit down on my cock he would relax his hole, swallowing my cock deep inside of him. Then, as he’d raise up, he’d tense his muscles so that his hole became tight around my dick. This was driving me wild, and I could tell he was getting into it. He was really giving it to himself, moaning louder and louder, his dick flopping up and down, up and down. I grabbed his waist and stopped him, which cause him to look at me quizzically.

    “I’m gonna turn you around, I want to watch your ass bounce while you ride me.”
    He nodded, and didn’t resist while I rearranged the straps to turn him around. Just as quickly as before, Justin leaned back onto my cock, his asshole swallowing up every inch of me. He started to bounce up and down, really coming down hard on my cock, working it deep inside of him. His yells were definitely audible through the gag, but I didn’t care…he was doing what he was told to do.

    “Justin, I’m gonna cum.”
    He took that as his cue and began to ride harder, really giving it to himself while continuing to keep his asshole nice and tight.
    “Yeah Justin, ride it…ride it….oh fuck I’m gonna blow.”
    With that I grabbed his waist just as he had ridden to the top of my cock and forcefully pulled him back down onto my cock while I released another load inside of him. The gag didn’t stifle his resulting cry at all, and I’m sure the rooms closest to us heard it. I held his body in place while my cock unleashed every drop into him. He had fucked that load out of me in just under 10 minutes…pretty good I’d say.

    “Come off that cock Justin..let me see that hole.”
    He rose up and off of my dick, then leaned forward to let me see the results of his punishment. To my surprise, his cute little ass still looked just as tight as when we started, aside from a tiny hole beginning in the center of what used to be a tight pucker.
    “You’re staying pretty tight Justin…guess you still have some punishment to take tonight.”

    He whimpered and fought against the restraints. He was holding in the two loads he had just taken, bringing his total to 4 that I had fucked into him, with another he had swallowed. He still had some work to do, but he was keeping it all in and surprisingly hadn’t cum yet. His balls were nice and full, and he definitely was waiting to blow, but I don’t know how he was keeping it in.

    Don’t go anywhere…I’ll be right back.

    He looked pissed that I was leaving again, but too bad. I tossed on some shorts and ran to the soda machine on the floor. I grabbed a few waters and brought them back. I took the gag out and put the bottle to his lips, letting him drink as much as he wanted.

    “Mike, my ass is taking a beating. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out.”
    “You’ll hold out until I say got me. That’s the rule…you do as I say and you cum when I say you can.”
    “But Mike..”
    “But nothing…you know what, I was gonna give you a break, but now I guess I’m gonna have to teach you another lesson. Don’t talk back.”

    I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and draped it over the large desk chair that was in the room. I positioned it in front of the dresser mirror, for my own pleasure. Then I grabbed Justin in a full-nelson and released the long straps. I carried him to the chair, pushing his upper body over the top while I knelt down and pulled the straps down tight and looped them around the legs of the chair, keeping him bent over while still standing upright. Then I grabbed another goody from my bag, knelt down and snapped his ankle straps into it. My new goody was a leg immobilizer, keeping his legs locked in place at the ankles at just about shoulder width. He wasn’t resisting, he was actually accepting this position, not making a sound. Still, I put the gag back into his mouth and then knelt between him.

    I gave each cheek a kiss, and then parted them to see his adorable furry hole. It was still wet and glistening from the spit and cum that had made it to the ring of his hole, but not out. I stood back up, spit a large glob of saliva onto my cock and massaged it along the shaft. I was still surprisingly pretty hard..probably because I was getting so into this. I stood up, grabbed his hips, and pushed myself into him. He tried to arch his back, but could only lift his head while he moaned and pulled at the straps. I decided to fuck him nice and hard for him giving me lip, plus the mirror was turning me on. As I fucked him, I noticed that his dick was almost limp between his legs, but still oozing precum. His balls were big as ever and longing for release. As I fucked him I could feel the steady smack of his balls and cock underneath. As I fucked him nice and hard, I watched in the mirror. Watching each push and dick pulled out, then disappearing inside of him. I grabbed his hair and turned his head to the mirror.

    “Look at that Justin…look at yourself take that cock. You like that view?!”
    He nodded.
    “you like my cock in you?”
    He nodded.
    “Yeah…you love the feel of that cock inside of you. You gonna take this load boy?!”
    He moaned..closed his eyes, and then tensed his asshole tightly around my cock.
    “Oh fuck yeah…now you’re gonna get it.!”

    I started fucking him hard..holding his waist, slamming my cock into him. His screams were loud but I didn’t care, and neither did he. He kept his hole nice and tight and watched in the mirror as I fucked him silly. I smacked him hard on his right cheek, making him yelp, but he stayed just as tight. I watched in the mirror as I blew another load, almost pulling out and letting it slide out of him, but I fucked it back into his body. I watched in the mirror as he arched his head back, let out a deep moan, then collapsed over the chair, exhausted.

    “You aren’t done yet!” as I smacked him on the ass. I pulled out, waiting for some cum to dribble out with me, but I watched him tense his hole again, keeping it in.
    “Good job Justin! 5 loads and going strong.”
    He let out a grunt.
    “Whatya say we go for one last round, and if your good, I’ll get rid of the restraints.?”
    He nodded again.
    ‘Alright, here goes.”

    I unsnapped the long wrist straps and grabbed him in a full nelson again. I brought him to the bed and made him kneel on the edge of it. I then folded him down and pulled his arms back, snapping each hand into a locking brace on each ankle.
    “I know how much you love doggy maybe we’ll finish tonight off like that.”

    I knelt down and gave his asshole a good ravaging with my tongue. He was moaning and tensing his hole, grabbing his ankles with his fingers. I stood up while he remained on the edge of the bed and slapped my cock into the crack of his ass.

    “You want this cock Justin..”
    No response, so I smacked his ass.
    He nodded, and then flexed each cheek, making them bounce. He was too cute, and definetly becoming very submissive. I shoved my dick inside of him, making him yell. I looked down and watched him try to pull his wrists out of the straps while I drove my dick into him again and again. He was breathing heavy and moaning with each thrust, his cock slapping between his legs, releasing strings of precum all over. I grabbed his waist and was really delivering a good fuck when he started tensing his hole again. I reached around and under his crotch to see that his cock was at full attention…dripping.

    “You better not cum Justin! That’s an order!”
    He was whimpering while I fucked him deeper.
    “So help me God if you blow after all you’ve gotten through today I’m going to fuck you until you can’t walk tomorrow.”
    More whimpering.
    “Well…if you like getting fucked so bad and want to cum..I’ll fuck you even harder to make you cum.”
    “!!” He yelled through the gag, and then tightened his body up again.

    I fucked him harder than I had in a long time. He was really fighting the restraint, moaning, whipping his head around. Somehow, he held out. Yelling as I fucked him nice and hard, I blew one final load inside of him. He had held his cum…I don’t know how.

    “For that…you can be freed. On one condition. All day tomorrow you will continue doing as I say and we will continue having sex. Whatever position I want, however long I want it and wherever I want it. Got it?”
    He nodded.
    I released the clips for the immobilizer, giving his limbs the freedom he had been begging for. I took off each strap, the gag and the collar. He flopped belly first onto the bed, exhausted.

    “Mike, I’m exhausted.”
    “I can tell…but you’ve surprised me. You’ve taken seven loads total and haven’t let a single drop of cum escape your body…not out of your mouth, not out of your ass, not even your own cock.”
    “I’m trying to do what you tell me too. This is my punishment right?”
    “Yeah, and you’re not done. But let’s get some rest…you’re body is going to need it.”

    Justin curled up and I laid down next to him, wrapping my strong arms around him. He pushed his body against mine, getting as close as he could against me.

    “Mike, have you had sex with anyone while you and I were having sex?”
    “Will you once I go back to school?”
    “Do you want me too?”
    “Well, no. I like knowing that my ass is the only ass pleasing you.”
    I smiled. “Here’s the deal..for as long as we’re doing this I’ll only fuck you. You already know your end of the bargain. You will continue to worship my cock. That sound like a deal?”
    ‘Yeah..that works for me.”
    “Good, now rest up.”

    I had turned him into my little sex buddy. He was already fairly submissive…and tomorrow would prove just how far he would go. His breathing had slowed and I knew he had fallen asleep, which wasn’t surprising as he looked pretty exhausted.

    I closed my eyes, thinking about what I could do to test him tomorrow. It should be a fun day.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 6 Continued

    I woke up the next morning with a raging hardon, no doubt from dreaming of the sweet ass I had been fucking all night long that was laying right next to me. I had given him all that he could handle…or maybe I was just being easy on him…and was planning on pushing him beyond his limits. I was already probably 80% on my way to successfully turning him into my boytoy, but I wanted to be 100% sure he was ready.

    It was only about 10 in the morning and I didn’t know if I wanted to start him this early, but my dick was at full attention and wouldn’t go down. I reached over to the nightstand, careful not to wake Justin who was laying spreadeagle across the bed, and grabbed my lube and my cockring. I slid the ring around my junk, making a tight little seal around my shaft and balls. I was harder than ever, and with my dick throbbing for some release I applied a generous amount of lube to my cock and gave it a few strokes. Justin was face down on the bed, legs slightly spread. His furry ass was inviting me in and my cock was ready for more action. I lightly slid in between his legs and positioned myself above him. As I lowered my body towards him, Justin must have sensed me because he started to wake up.

    ‘Hey Mike…what’s up?”
    “My cock…so now that you’re awake you’ve got some work to do.” And with that, I pushed my dick into him. He arched his head and let out a loud cry, tensing his whole body while my dick slid into him.
    “Fuck! Oh my god Mike…why does your cock feel so much bigger?!”
    “That’s the cockring…it’ll also keep me harder longer and probably make me last longer…so your asshole better be ready for a beating.”
    “Oh fuck…can the first round be gentle?”
    “What did you say boy?”
    “Umm..i mean”
    “You meant you want it hard and rough and you want to feel every inch inside of you…you got it”

    I started going to town on him. His asshole definitely wasn’t as tight as the night before, but he was still putting on a great show. Justin was taking every inch of my cock, and between the moans and yells I could catch glimpses of him biting his lower lip. I was working him out good, already making him break a sweat, my thick cock pushing into his asshole while he pushed his hips out to accept every inch. After about 15 minutes I pulled him down to the corner of the bed, so that I could stand and deliver while he lay across the covers. I reached around and pulled his cock down so that it dangled over the corner of the sheets, dripping precum to the floor in light streams.

    “You want this cock don’t you Justin?”
    “God yes…”
    “how many more loads you want?”
    “umm..I don’t know if I can..” before I thrust hard into him.
    “Wrong answer.”
    “5 sir!..I can take 5”

    He was already up to 6 total that I had filled him with, and I wasn’t sure how many times I’d even be able to blow today, but if he wanted 5 I’d give him 5.

    “Reach back here and spread these beefy cheeks for me. I want to see that hole nice and open, waiting for my cock.”
    “Yes sir..” and he reached back, grabbed each cheek and spread wide. His hole was still pretty tight, even after the pounding I’d been giving it. I stood behind him, positioned myself perfectly and then rammed my cock into him.

    “Fuck!” as he let go of his ass.
    “You better spread those cheeks for me Justin, I want them spread wide for me.”
    “Yes sir!..”

    I grabbed him just above his cheeks while he held them open and pulled him back onto my cock. I started slow, but then I picked up the pace…fucking him deep. I could feel his body resisting the deep thrusts but I just kept pushing deeper each time. I could tell by his moaning that I was driving him wild, and his cock was dripping even more now.

    “You want this load?”
    “fuck me mike…fuck that load into me…”
    “keep those cheeks spread boy..”

    I worked him for another 5 minutes with long strokes and then pulled my cock almost completely out of him as I started to cum. I could feel the cum flood inside of him, just past the ring of his hole. His moan that resulted from the cum rushing into his body almost drove me even more wild. The guttural moan as I blew my seed into him was making me crazy. I fucked my load into him and let him relax his body while I kept my cock inside of him.

    “Another load for you Justin…and I’m still hard as a rock. You’re getting the full fucking treatment today boy so you better be ready for all of it.”
    “I want it all…I want you to fuck me again right now Mike…”

    I pushed him up the bed, while I was still fully inside of him. I rolled with him so that we were in the spooning position, lifted his right leg up into the air, and started to slowly fuck him. I watched as he grabbed a hold of his soft dick, tugging at the throbbing nuts that were begging for release. He reached down and grabbed a hold of my nuts, giving them a quick tug as I slid out of him and slid back in. I wanted to go easy on him with this one, really let him get into the feeling. I was still very hard, filling him up completely and I wanted this fuck to last a while. My pace was deliberately slow, I wanted to push him and see how long he could last without cumming.

    “You love this cock don’t you Justin”
    “yes sir…I want you to keep fucking me..”
    “how long?”
    “as long as you can go…I want you to cum again right now Mike…”
    “Right now?”
    “yes, I want more..”

    I picked up the pace a bit, holding up his leg while I split him in half with my throbbing cock. He was grabbing at his nuts, pulling tight, while his other hand held onto me. I wasn’t going to cum just yet, I was going to make him go crazy. I rolled us so that he was laying on top of me, my arms wrapping around him tight while I pushed myself into him over and over again. His hands reached back to grab at the headboard, while positioning himself so that I could fuck him with long strokes. He was learning fast, and I was loving it. I slid my hands down to his cock which was again soft, but still oozing.

    “You want to cum Justin..”
    “ sir…not until you say so..”

    His hands gripped the headboard while mine gripped at his hips, lifting him up off my cock then pulling him back down onto it. His cock was flopping between his legs and I could feel it bounce against my sack as he came down on my dick. I couldn’t take much more of this without blowing, but I wanted to last longer. I wanted to keep testing him. He was grabbing at his nuts with his left hand, pulling tight, moaning so loud I know that the next rooms could hear him.

    “Fuck me Mike!...Give it to me now! I want to feel you cum inside me!”
    He started to ride my cock on his own, fucking himself harder and harder. My head rolled back and I gripped the sides of the bed while Justin continued to work this load out of me. I could feel myself nearing orgasm.

    “Work that load out boy…your almost done”
    “I want it…fuck it into me Mike!”
    And with that, I blew another load deep inside of him. He grabbed and yanked at his nuts like they were about to explode, moaning and gasping.

    ‘You want to cum don’t you?”
    “not til you say I can”
    “In that case…you cum when I tell you to. For now, you better keep those loads in.”

    I pulled out as he rolled to the bed. I wiped my dick off with a towel by the nightstand and grabbed another goody from my bag.

    “Here, put this on.”
    Justin grabbed the sexy underwear from the bed.
    “It’s a thong…”
    “not just any thong…put it on.”
    Justin had missed a pivotal piece of the garment. As he was sliding the thong up his legs, I was applying some lube to the buttplug. Once the thong was almost to his crack I stopped him.

    “Wait, I forgot something.”
    “THAT goes on these!”
    “Yep, snaps right in. To keep you begging for my dick all day you’re gonna wear this thong and buttplug. We’re going to be doing a lot of walking too…so I hope you can handle it.”
    “I’ve never had one in so I don’t know..”
    “First for everything, here, pull up the thong.”

    Justin pulled the thong up around his waist while I positioned the buttplug.
    “Spread those cheeks for me Justin.”
    He reached down and spread them, while I pushed the tip of the plug into his furry hole. With a few light pushes it was in.

    “How is that?”
    “It’s not as big as your cock, so I’ll manage.”
    “Good, toss on some clothes, we’re going out.”

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Lesson 7 – Release

    Justin walked in front of me down the hall and I could tell he was getting used to walking with something literally up his ass. We got to the elevator and he glanced over at me.

    “So, where to?”
    “A little store in Chinatown. We’ll walk there since it’s so nice out. It’s only about a 20 minute walk.”
    “Umm…ok sounds like a plan.”
    “Hows that plug feel?”, as I reached around and pushed at his hole.
    “Mmmm Mike cut it out..I’m trying not to be hard this whole time.”

    The elevator came and we started making our way across town. He was walking easier now and I lead him along the way to the store. We got there and Justin started giggling.

    “Mike, this is a porn shop.”
    “No shit Sherlock….where do you think I got all the toys we’ve used?”

    We walked in and started browsing. Justin walked over to the dildos and looked at me. I shook my head ‘no’ and he smiled. I was over in the edible undergear section when he came back over to me with a cute little leather harness. It would fit basically across his upper chest, meeting in the middle of his chest and upper back with a metal ring.

    “I’ll take it…and you’re wearing it tonight.”
    He smiled and we walked to the counter to buy the goods. The owner of the shopped looked at me funny, so I mouthed off.
    “What…I can’t put a harness on my cumslut here so I can work him harder tonight..ring me up bitch.” She did..with a disgusted look on her face.

    Back outside Justin confronted me.
    “Am I a cumslut?”
    “Do I fuck you?” “Yes” he smirked.
    “Do I cum inside of you?” “Yeah”
    “Have I cum inside of you more than once in one sex session?” “Ha, yep”
    “Have you loved every second of it?” Smiles…”Yep”
    “Then congrats, you’re my cumslut. Now let’s head back to the hotel.”

    We got back and I hopped on the bed while Justin started to take his close off. He slipped the harness on over his furry pecs and then modeled off the harness and thong ensemble.

    “I like that…you look hot Justin.”
    “So hot that it’s time for me to give that ass some more attention. Come here”

    He walked to the edge of the bed and I slid the thong down, pulling the plug out of him slowly. He sighed lightly as it came out, then flexed his ass.

    “We’re gonna fuck on that chair again, I want to watch us in the mirror ok?”
    Justin nodded.
    I sat in the chair and Justin straddled me, facing me. His dick was hard and his balls were bulging. I grabbed some lube and applied a bit to my cock and then fingered his asshole. My fingers slid in easily, and I knew my dick would to. I positioned it against his hole and then started to push. Justin started to sit onto it as I pushed, and in seconds he had swallowed my whole cock inside of him with no resistance.

    “Yeahhhh…oh God Mike that feels so much better than that buttplug.”
    “The real thing always is….you missed it didn’t you.”
    “Mmm yep…now fuck me Mike..”

    He started riding me while I watched in the mirror. His ass was putting on quite a show. He’d ride to the tip then slam back down, his cheeks bouncing on my hips. I watched in the mirror as he grabbed his cheeks and spread them as he rode my dick. Up and down, up and down. He was getting into it, and the mirror was making me even more excited.

    “Ride that cock want that cum don’t you”
    “god yes..Fuck me Mike. I want it!”
    “Turn around boy and watch yourself in the mirror”
    Justin got up, spun around and then slid right back onto my cock. I watched his face in the mirror while he bounced up and down on my cock, taking it deep. I didn’t even tell him I was cumming, I just watched his face as he felt it rush into him. The look of ecstasy was evident and he kept riding until he knew I had stopped cumming.

    “Lay on the bed, on your back”
    He did, and I slid right back into him. Only this time, instead of fucking him missionary, I wrapped my arms under his knees and around him and lifted him up. He yelped as gravity pulled him into my dick, then he wrapped his arms around my neck to hold himself up. I started fucking him again, using the wall as leverage. I kissed his neck and licked his earlobe, listening to him moan as I fucked him slowly. I looked him in the eyes, saw the glimmer in them, and then kissed him. It was a long, hard kiss. His body tensed, almost shaking. I pulled my head back to look at him again.

    “Mike…take me…”

    I dropped him to the ground, shoulders touching the ground while his body was still up and started to pile drive his hole with aggression. I was pushing deep, watching his face while his dick dripped precum across his chest. I was giving it to him good when he saw the look in my face, knowing that I was going to cum.

    “Breed me Mike….take my hole!”
    I came, a few quick bursts. I could feel the two loads inside of him while I fucked him and knew. He had finally submitted fully. He was mine. Now, it was his turn.

    “Get up. Go stand against the windows!”
    Justin obeyed, standing and leaning into the windows, hands on the glass as we overlooked the city. I came behind him, spread his legs far enough apart for me to get in, then rammed my dick home. I leaned into him and whispered

    “This is your final load boy…but you won’t get it until you release yours…I’m going to work that load out of you and make you feel realllly good.”
    “Fuck me Mike, fuck me now!”

    I started slowly, sliding in and out, pushing in as far as I could go. I reached around and felt his cock at full attention. He moaned as I grabbed his nuts, giving them a squeeze.

    “you want to cum?”
    “Yes SIR! Make me cum..PLEASE!!”

    I started fucking him harder, watching his ass swallow my dick with ease. He was moaning loudly, almost shouting. His body was shaking, sweating a bit while he took every inch of me. I grabbed his shoulders and started to fuck him as hard as I could.

    “Yes Mike!..fuck me!.oh god…oh god..fuck me good.”

    I grabbed him by the waist and was really punishing his hole, his ass clapping around my cock as I slammed into him again and again.

    “Mike…Mike!..oh god Mike fuck me!...mmm godddddd..”

    I could feel his body shaking as I delivered one of the hardest fucks I’d ever had. His body was taking a beating and I knew I was driving him wild.

    “Cum Justin…I want to see that fucking load of yours…”
    “More mike! Fuck me longer!..”

    I abused his asshole for another ten minutes before his moaning picked up.

    “mmm…Mike…oh god right there….Mikeeeee..”
    “blow that load boy..”
    “Mike…don’t stop!...I’m….oh my god…I’m cumming”

    I fucked him in hard, deep strokes. After the fourth or fifth I felt him shake and felt his asshole tense around my cock and knew he was there.

    Justin blew a huge, thick load across the window. 5, then 6 spurts flew from his cock, thick and white. He was shaking, moaning deeply as I continued to fuck him. The tightness of his ass drove me over the edge and I fucked another load into him.

    “Oh yeahh Mike…fuck that in.”
    After my cock stopped spurting I pulled out. I knelt between him while he stood leaned against the window and spread his cheeks. His hole had taken a beating…and was still looking amazing. Definitely a bit looser than the day before, but he was keeping the loads in.

    “Lick that cum of yours off the window Justin…that counts as another load for you..taste your own.”
    “Yes sir”
    Justin kneeled down and started to lick each droplet of his cum off of the window.

    I kissed his neck lightly, and then lifted up to see him staring me in the eyes. He leaned up and kissed me again, the taste of the cum still on his lips. I pushed my lips hard into his and my tongue darted into his mouth, caressing the underside of his. He arched slightly, and I could feel his cock at attention again.
    “Mike, I want you one more time. Like this…face to face.”
    “You think you can handle it?”
    “I’m exhausted, but I want you one more time..please?”

    I kissed him again, and then positioned myself. I grabbed the lube that was still waiting on the bed and slid the cockring back around myself. I applied just enough lube to be slick, then put the head of my cock against his waiting hole.

    I pushed in just the head…his eyes looking at me like he wanted me to just ram it home already, but this was going to be different. I rested his legs on the inside of each elbow and continued to push deeper into him, watching him bite his lip. I leaned forward and kissed him, pushing deeper while my tongue swirled around his mouth, tasting the cum that had just passed our lips. When his asshole had finished swallowing the entire length of my dick, I looked him in the eye.

    “I love this Mike…please fuck me nice and hard….I want to feel your load in me again.”
    “You will, for now, your entire body is mine and I’m going to make it feel real good….enjoy this”

    I began with a slow rhythm, sliding in and out, pushing hard on the instroke and pulling slowly out. His breathing was normal, but he was grabbing at the sheets already. I nibbled on his neck while I began to move my hips in a circular motion, making my dick enter and exit his body at different angles. His eyes rolled back and his moans got louder as my dick tickled and teased his gspot. I lifted myself up, grabbed hold of his ankles, and started to pick up my pace.

    After about 5 or 6 deep hard strokes Justin started to get vocal. His asshole was looser than the previous day, so I knew that it wasn’t pain he was feeling. He was moaning out of pure enjoyment.

    “fuck me good Mike…mmm..ugh fuck me.”
    “I want to hear how much you’re loving this..”
    “Mike I don’t want to stop…please fuck me…keep fucking me…harder!”

    I leaned back into him and kissed him before hammering my cock hard into him. He curled his legs around my back while I pummeled his hole, the sweat of his body mixing with mine. I licked at his neck and then kissed him hard while he grabbed at my ass, pulling me into him. The cock ring was doing its job…I was hard as a rock and we had lasted a good 20 minutes and still no where near release.

    “Pull out for a second..”

    I did, and Justin jumped off the bed and over to his bag. Out came the cum-stained jockstrap that Justin had worn during an earlier fuck session. He slid it on and went back to the corner of the bed, laying down onto it. His legs straddled the corner, toes barely touching the floor. He reached back, grabbed each cheek and opened wide.

    “Fuck me Mike…make me your bitch”

    I hopped between his legs and rammed my throbbing cock into him. I pinned his arms to his side, keeping him pulling his cheeks wide. I started to ravage him with a sexual fury that I hadn’t known before…so into it that I knew I’d cum soon but no idea when it was coming because I wanted to completely dominate Justin’s asshole.

    “Fuck…me…Mike….fuck…fuck…oh my god…”
    “yeah babe….take it….oh fuck Justin…oh god…..”
    “mmm Mike! MIKE!!”

    His body tensed, and I knew he was blowing his load. He let his cheeks go and they swallowed up my cock while I kept fucking him. The bounce that they were making while I pummeled him drove me over the edge and I came again inside of him. I dropped down on top of him, laying there. After about 5 minutes, I pulled out, knelt behind him and pulled his cheeks apart.

    “Justin, I want you to let those last few loads out.”
    “I thought I had to keep them in me..”
    “Do what I say…relax and let them out.”

    I watched his hole relax, and saw the first little globs of white make there way out. I started licking his hole, licking the cum into my mouth. He relaxed more and let a huge load into my mouth while I licked it up. He was moaning, and when I could tell he was done, I got up, spun him around and pushed him onto the bed. I grabbed his face and kissed him deeply. He knew what I wanted, and opened his mouth and took the cum into his mouth, swallowing it. We made out for a minute, then I collapsed onto him.

    “Mike…I don’t think I can even stand up right now”
    “That tired huh”
    “I think you were right…I think if I sit down I’m going to feel your cock inside of me.”
    “Is that a good or bad thing” I said with a smirk.

    “A good thing” said Justin, smiling.

    We checked out shortly after that, with the front desk giving us weird looks. The rooms around ours must have complained, but I didn’t care. I had just successfully converted my cousin into my sex slave. His ass was mine for the taking, and my cum was all he wanted. It was going to be a very interesting future, knowing that I could have his fine ass whenever I wanted.

    I never expected where it would end up taking us.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Great story !!!!!!!!! very EROTIC!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    What a monster cum-fest of a story.
    Erotic as all Hell.
    It just kept on cumming and cumming and cumming . . .

    Great Read.
    (And, Where DOES it take us?)

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Justin slept the entire ride home, cuddled against the window of the passenger seat using a sweatshirt as a pillow. It had been a long weekend for him, and I wasn’t surprised he was exhausted. I had fucked him into submission, literally, and he could use the rest. He didn’t start to wake up until I was pulling into his parent’s driveway.

    “Doesn’t look like anyone’s home…and I forgot my fucking housekey”
    “Don’t worry, your mom gave me one a while ago, I’m pretty sure I still have it on my key ring.”
    “Thank God Mike…I owe you one!”
    “Well, for now let’s get inside and relax a little.” I’d be taking him up on his offer shortly…and then some.

    He unpacked his stuff and threw most of the clothes in the laundry. I watched as he slid the cumstained jockstrap into the back of his dresser before putting away any clean clothes and couldn’t help but smile. We hopped onto his bed and started watching tv.

    “So Mike, what exactly does me being a sex slave entail?”
    “Well, basically your body is mine to do whatever I want with.”
    “And I have to do whatever you say right?”
    “Yep, If I say come suck this cock, you better be slobbering all over it pretty quickly. If I say ride better jump on it. Whenever I want to take this fine ass of yours I will, and you’ll do what I say. Got it?”
    “Yes sir…and Mike?”
    “how long am I your slave?”
    “Until I tell you otherwise. I own your body and everything about it. My cock is the only cock you are allowed to touch, suck or feel inside of you. I can tell you what underwear to wear, if I even want you in any. I can tell you to finger yourself…use toys on yourself…but most importantly I tell you when you can and cannot get off. I cum first, at all times. Deal?”
    “Good, now since you owe me for letting you back into your own house…looks like you have a dick to take.”
    Justin was all smiles. “Yes sir…what position do you want to take me in?”
    “Lay facedown on your bed, and spread ‘em. I’ll be back soon.”

    I went out to my car and grabbed my digital camera from my bag. I hadn’t taken any pics this weekend of the two of us, why not start now? I jogged back into the house, locked the front door and made my way back to the room. Justin was doing exactly what he had been told…he was face down on his bed with his cheeks opened up to expose his furry hole. I walked over, got the camera into a great angle, and snapped a pic.

    “did you just take a pic of me naked?!” Justin said as he turned over a bit.
    “Yes, is there a problem?”
    “No…I’m just worried other people may see it…if we ever lost the camera or someone saw them on your computer.”
    “Don’t worry, the pics will get saved into a password protected file that only I can see…it’ll be my own little porn folder, only you’ll be the model.”
    “Well, in that case, snap away sir.”

    I moved his hands so that his ass was relaxed, bubble butt and fir galore. I snapped two of this, one of just his ass and another of his whole body in this position.
    “Go doggy” I told him, and he did. I snapped one of him in this position, then had him push his cock down so that the pic would get both his ass and cock in the shot.
    “Flip over and pull those legs back…lemme see that hole.” I snapped a few of him in the missionary position, then turned him onto his side to snap a few more.
    “Come over and stand against the wall, legs spread…arms up.”
    “Mike you’re getting me excited now…”
    “good, I’ll take care of you in a second, one last pic.”
    I snapped a few of him this way, then tossed the camera onto the bed. I walked up behind him while he had his hands on the wall. I grabbed him by the cock and then reached up and pulled his hair and head back.

    “Ready to make this photoshoot a bit more steamy?”
    “Yes sir”
    “good...come here.”

    I sat on the edge of the bed and he knelt in front of me. I grabbed the camera and got it ready before winking at him. He knew what to do, and within seconds was slobbering up and down my cock. I took a shot of my cock halfway in his mouth, and made him look up at me while I took another. This was getting pretty hot, but I knew there were other things I wanted to do.
    “Lay down on the bed, and keep your head hanging. I’m going to face fuck you.”
    Justin flipped around and I jammed my cock right back down his throat. After a few thrusts I pushed my cock in to the hilt and snapped a pic while Justin’s throat swallowed every inch of me. I pulled out and put the camera down.

    “Those are hot so far.”
    “Good, glad you like them.”
    “Only now it’s time for the sex pics. You ready for this dick?”
    “Yes sir.”
    “ok, hang on.”

    I grabbed a ruler and a black marker from his dad’s office and came back in the room. I marked off each inch of my cock and tossed them onto his nightstand.
    “We’re gonna document each inch you take with a picture. Ready?”
    “Yes sir!”
    I lubed up his hole so that the wetness wouldn’t wipe off or smudge the markings on my dick. I pulled him to the edge of his bed and he instinctively reached back and spread his cheeks nice and wide for me.
    “good boy!” I I placed the head of my dick against his puckered hole. I snapped a shot of this, and then pushed the head in. Inch one…click. Inch two…click…inch 3…click.

    Justin had started to moan as I pushed myself into him, pushing out so that his asshole accepted my cock nice and easy. I kept clicking away until he had taken my entire cock inside of him. I snapped one pic of this, then brushed his hands away so I could get a shot of his cheeks swallowing up my cock. The pics came out great, and I was more than ready to pummel my boy, so I turned the camera off, tossed it on his nightstand, and started another round of anal assault on my cousin.

    I took a fistful of cheek in each hand and spread his butt open, watching as I slid in and out of him, his moans getting louder.
    “Fuck Mike…that feels soooo good..”
    “you like this pace slut?”
    “no sir….fuck me faster”
    I picked up my pace, giving his ass a good pounding. I released my grip on his ass and grabbed his wrists at his side, not allowing him to move.
    “pound me sir!...fuck my hole hard!”
    “yes sir!, fuck me hard!!”
    I grabbed his shoulders and started to really give it to him. He yelled out with each thrust and let out whimpers as my cock slid out of him.
    “fuck…oh fuck Mike…take my hole…Mike…mmmmm Mike…”
    I could feel him tensing, knowing he was feeling good…and readying his cock for a little cum fireworks. I smacked him hard on his ass.
    “Don’t cum boy..that’s an order!”
    “ feels so gooood.”
    Slap! “an order!”
    “yes sir” he whimpered…

    I grabbed his cheeks again and spread them wide, pulling out and pushing in harder, deeper with each thrust. I didn’t want to keep him waiting too long this time, so I was really aiming for his g spot. He was bucking wildly, head flailing around, moaning louder and louder.

    “Cum Justin…drop that load!”
    “Yes sir….fuck me HARDER! FUCK ME MIKE…..
    …oh god….oh god…Mike..Mmmmmikkkke….fuck!”
    And just like that his body tensed and he blew a huge load against the side of his bed. Four big globs of cum hung there while his dick dribbled more towards the floor. I was close, but had other plans.
    “Reach back and spread em boy!”
    He did, and as I was about to cum I pulled my cock out and let the cum shoot back into his open hole. As it pooled in his hole, I rammed my dick back in, fucking my seed deep into him. I pulled out, grabbed the camera, and snapped a pic of his hole. Droplets of cum were making there way out and the pic got the cum on his mattress as well. Once I had collected enough photos for my liking, I turned the camera off and led Justin to the shower.

    “The pics are hot!”
    “I bet they are. You got me all excited Mike…are you going to jerk off to those?”
    “Whenever I can’t get inside that ass you can guarantee I’ll use these pics.”
    Justin smiled. I soaped him up and cleaned him off and he did the same for me. As we were getting dressed I heard his parents garage open and knew they were home.

    “Well, looks like we finished just in time. I’ll text you soon for another round, ok babe?”
    “Yeah Mike..Cant WAIT!”

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Justin had picked up a summer job to make a little cash before he went off to college, and I finally went back to my own job that I had during breaks. For a summer job, I was pretty busy all the time and it greatly reduced my time with Justin. I played the text game with him for a solid two weeks before we were finally able to meet up. It was early one Wednesday morning in late July that I sent him a picture of my cock hanging out of my boxers. His reply: “when and where?” I couldn’t help but smile. I set up our little rendezvous so that I’d pick him up from his job on that Saturday and we’d head out to a ‘secret location’. He agreed, and sent back a picture of himself in the mirror, ass to the camera. God I loved my little butt sex slave.

    For three days I looked at the pictures I had taken of Justin from the last sex session, edging my cock to the point that I wanted so badly to cum, but knowing I was saving it. I was working myself up into a sex crazed maniac and couldn’t wait for Saturday. Each day at work I’d steal glances of the sexy pictures he’d send me, waiting for Saturday to get my cock deep in that ass again.

    Saturday morning came, and I drove to the secret location to prepare. A few things here, a few things there. A nice supply of lube. Good to go. I hopped in my car and drove to the store that Justin was working at. I snapped another picture of my cock hanging out of my zipper. He sent back a shot of his mouth open with the words ‘cumming soon’. I had to laugh, and in about 5 minutes Justin was exiting the store and had hopped into the passenger seat.

    ‘Hey cuz…how ya been!?’
    “Fucking horny as hell. I’ve been staring at our pictures all week. Now it’s time for the real thing.”
    I pulled my cock back out of my jeans, and looked at him with a “get to work” look. Justin leaned across the front seats and inhaled my dick in one motion, not stopping until his throat was full of my meat. I started to drive, barely able to concentrate on the road as Justin was sucking me like a champ. He was working his cock while he was sucking me off, and every now and then I grabbed the back of his head and held him down, gagging him a bit. By the time I had gotten to the ‘secret location’ I was close to cumming, but wasn’t going to blow my huge load like this.

    “Come up off that cock boy, we’re here.”
    Justin sat up, and his eyes lit up.
    “No way Mike”
    “Yes way, now get out of the car and go inside, the door is open.”

    I had taken Justin to a rental property that both of our parents owned and shared. With it being the middle of summer, the property was usually rented but it hadn’t been as busy this summer as in the past. I took that as an advantage and was planning on using it for our little trip.

    “You know where the room is and where the bathrooms are. I want you to go in and shower. By the time you’re out of the shower I’ll be ready to go. I’ve laid out a few items I want you to wear so put those on when your done with the shower. I want you to shave your balls and trim your pubes, but leave the rest of that furry body alone. Got it.”
    “Yes sir”
    “Good, get a move on it…my cock is waiting.”

    Justin got out of the car and ran into the house. After driving my car into the garage to avoid it being noticed, I hopped out and ran into the house behind him. I walked into the bedroom and finished prepping the last few items, and then I got myself ready. I undressed myself and tossed the clothes in the laundry hamper. Once I had gotten naked I slid on a nice black thong that I had bought just for this occasion, the string sliding between my cheeks and fitting snugly against my body. I was really excited for this encounter and couldn’t wait to ravage Justin’s body. I heard the shower stop running, and Justin toweling off. Moments later Justin exited the bathroom and closed the door.

    Standing there in all his naked glory, Justin was wearing the hot leather harness that I had bought him during his training session, the leather straps wrapping tightly around his chest and back coming together in a ring right between his furry pecs. The new piece was something I had just bought…a thong with a see through pouch, leather strap and a nice stretchy band that disappeared between Justin’s cheeks. The front of the leather strap had another strip of leather that came up, crossed over his belly button and then strapped into the ring of his chest piece. The pouch was tight enough that it was keeping his dick tucked firmly into his body, not allowing it to pop out. I grabbed the camera and took a few pics of him in his slave attire, made him turn around and took a few more.

    “Not gonna lie, this is pretty hot Mike”
    “That aint the half of it. There are accessories as well. Open the top draw of that dresser.”
    Justin did, and smirked. On went the blindfold and I led him to the bed. I forced him down onto the bed stomach first and gave him a hard smack on the ass.

    “How’s that hole boy? You keeping it nice and tight for me?”
    “Yes sir.”
    “you think you’re ready for this cock?”
    “I know I am sir…”
    “Get up on all fours.”
    Justin did, and I positioned him on the bed. Since he had the blindfold on, I figured I’d tease him a bit. First I slapped him hard on the ass again, making him yelp then smile. After a minute, I positioned myself in front of him and slapped my cock against his lips. He reached for it with his mouth but I pulled back, making him search for it. Eventually he got his lips around the head of my cock and I rammed my dick down his throat. I grabbed his harness and held him there while he swallowed deeply, and then pulled out and let him breath. He was breathing heavy, definitely getting excited. I moved away from him, letting him think I was gone, before I slapped him hard on his ass again. He yelped, but stayed in the position. I knelt behind him and pushed my cock against the strap between his ass, grinding our bodies together. I grabbed the strap of his thong and ran my right hand around his waist to cup his throbbing cock and nuts in my hand. I squeezed gently while I pulled him back into me and then I released my grip and knelt back.

    I reached up and unsnapped the leather piece connecting his thong and harness, tossing it to the side. I grabbed his thong and pulled it off of him, forcing him to lay down on his stomach as I slid the thong off of his legs. I rolled him over, repositioned us, and then flipped into the 69 position, with Justin on top. I sucked his dick into my mouth and tasted his salty pre-cum that was oozing from his dick. He didn’t think twice as he felt for my cock and went down on me with a hunger that I hadn’t seen in months. I was deepthroating my entire cock over and over again, using his throat to milk the head of my cock. This boy was driving me wild, but I wasn’t ready quite yet.

    I pushed him upright and let his cock slide out of my mouth, while sliding deeper under him. I grabbed his cock while my tongue found his hole, flicking in and out. He was moaning, and the gentle squeezes of his cock were making little globs of precum drip to my neck. I was devouring his hole, licking ravenously as he reached down and spread his cheeks for me. My cock was now oozing, the shiny goodness dripping down my cock. I grabbed Justin’s hips and pushed him off of me.

    “Lay down boy…”
    “yes sir”

    I positioned him on the bed and then pumped a good amount of lube into my hand, applying it to my throbbing cock and some to his ready and willing hole.
    “Reach back and spread that ass…now”
    Justin did so like the little sex slave he is, and I started to push myself into him. Since it’d had been a bit, he was a little tight at first, but that initial resistance didn’t last long as my little fucktoy opened up and moaned as my cock plowed into him.
    “mmm yeah Mike, give me that cock”
    “your ass is mine boy…enjoy this”

    I started to put a fuck on him that he would remember for years. I slid my thighs up so that I was almost straddling his ass, my cock still embedded firmly inside of him. I grabbed his shoulders and began to pummel his hole, making him moan as I pulled out and yell as I pushed in deeply. He was opening up completely to me, his hands gripping my thighs, squeezing as I fucked him harder and harder. I changed position so that my legs were between his, arms at his side while I nailed him into the bed again and again. I was fucking him so hard I thought I was going to jam my cock right through him. He was yelling, shouting in pleasure and pain. He was whimpering every now and then, but the words were a mix of ‘mike…please keep going..’ and ‘oh my god mike, please don’t stop’. I gave a few last hard thrusts and then pulled him up doggy style.

    I grabbed the edges of his harness and used them to pull Justin back onto my cock while I drove it into him. I was getting deeper and deeper with each push, really giving it to him. He had grabbed the headboard to steady himself and had a deathgrip on it while he steadied his body in the doggy style position. I could feel his cock bouncing back and forth, flinging drops of shiny precum all over the bed. I looked down to watch his furry ass bounce and jiggle each time I slammed into him, only to let my cock out and slam back in. I loved it. I was in heaven. From the sounds of Justin, he was in euphoria.

    “Fuck yeah boy….give me that hole.”
    “Take it sir…take me…fuck me oh god Mike fuck me!!”

    I pushed him down onto his stomach again before rolling over so that he was on top of me. I repositioned us again so that he could use the headboard for leverage while he rode my cock.

    “Lift those legs up boy and squat over this cock.”
    Justin did, and as he did I grabbed his cheeks and spread them while I continued ravaging his asshole. We were both sweating profusely, our shiny bodies glistening in the afternoon light while we continued this marathon fuck session.

    Every push of my cock elicited another shout from Justin:
    “Fuck. Me. Mike. Keep. Fucking. Me. Harder. HARDER. HARDER!!”
    I was slamming into him, his cock bouncing off of my abs, his face a mixture of pleasure and sheer bliss. If I could see his eyes I would bet they were planted in the back of his head. I was getting close, and was damn sure I was going to deliver.

    I raised him a bit higher, using every ounce of strength I had in my muscles to hold him up while I slammed aggressively into him. He was going wild and his asshole as delivering the performance of it’s life.

    “Mike, oh Mike…fuck me. Fuck me”
    “Fuck Justin….oh fuck….mm yeah Justin…”
    With a final hard thrust I started to shoot inside of him. He moaned loudly as his body tensed. His asshole and cheeks squeezed around my cock, milking the rest of my load while his cock shot load after load onto my chest. His cock was dripping with cum and he was breathing and moaning heavily.

    “Get up here and let me taste that ass.”
    He slid off of my cock and turned himself so that his hole was directly in front of my face. I licked his asshole clean, getting all of my load that had made it to the rim. While I was doing that, Justin was licking my cock clean as well, and then licked his own cum off of my chest.
    “Get up here and give Master a kiss.”
    He flipped around and we kissed deeply, swapping cum back and forth until he swallowed every drop of it. I reached up and took his mask off, looking him in the eyes as I kissed him again. I gave him one last slap on the ass and then grabbed a remote by my bed and pressed a button.

    “God Mike, that was fucking great!”
    “I know….you’re ass really put on a show.”
    “Thanks…I had saved that load up for today…I knew you’d fuck it out of me without me having to touch myself.”
    “As always….go clean up.”

    Justin went into the bathroom and hopped in the shower again. I quickly reconfigured a few items and then turned on the tv. I jumped into the shower with him and soaped up. We both got out at the same time and toweled each other dry. I walked out of the bathroom first, my cock swinging in the wind while Justin followed.

    “What are we watching?” Justin said, not noticing the tv.
    “Us.” I said with a smirk.
    Justin looked up to see our fuck session playing out on tv.
    “You taped us!”
    “Yep…that’s why I said your ass put on a show.”
    “I want a copy…you better send this and the pics to me!”
    “As long as you make sure they’re locked in a folder. Otherwise I’ll see to it that you never fuck anyone else again.”
    “Well, I’m already only fucking you…so it’s nothing new.”

    We watched the entire video, jerking each other off as it played. He came first, watching me fuck him doggy style. I came next, watching the cumshot. We both cleaned up and got dressed. We grabbed dinner later that night and I fucked him again before we went to bed. I couldn’t help watching it one last time before I fell asleep, with Justin nestled against me.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Sunday morning Justin and I woke up pretty early, considering we had gotten to bed pretty late. He gave me a quick little peck on the lips before hopping out of bed and running to the bathroom, his bubbly butt bouncing as he went. I heard the toilet seat go up and could hear him relieving himself and I was oddly turned on by it. The toilet flushed and I was brought out of my little haze, listening as the first drops echoed on the tiled floor of the shower, just before the rush of water began. I could see the steam wafting out of the bathroom after about 30 seconds and heard the shower door close, and got up and grabbed the video camera.

    I got into the bathroom just as Justin was starting to get himself wet, head dipping under first, letting the water wash over his head and upper back. I flicked the camera on and started recording, grabbing my throbbing cock through my briefs. The shower door was clear glass, and was one of the types of standup showers where you can pretty much see right into the shower with no real problems, so I could see Justin in all his naked glory. He was letting the water cascade over him, splashing to the ground. The water was gliding down his chest and flowing off his soft cock, giving the illusion that he was peeing in the shower. He turned flashing his ass to the camera, the water making the fur glisten and shine.

    There was something so insanely hot about watching him shower. I’ve seen him naked plenty of times, but this was the first time I just sat and watched him. He soaped his body up, gently massaging himself. First his pecs got a good lather, then under his arms. Next his stomach and pubes. As he started to lather up his balls he looked up, saw me taping, and just smiled and kept going. He didn’t start to get hard, just continued to wash himself. He turned while he started to rub the soap into his ass, sliding his hands under the lower crease of his cheeks and massaging the soap into his furry crack. I was beyond horny at this point and was aching to get up in those cheeks, but I was waiting.

    Justin stepped back into the water and began washing the soap off of him, streams of soapy water splashing at his feet while he stood in the spray of the hot shower. He finished up and turned the shower off, stepped out and started to towel himself off. He started with his hair, covering his head and drying himself while his cock just wiggled in the open, drip drying. Next he toweled his torso and groin, legs and feet. Then he turned to me and bent down to continue drying his legs, his furry hole becoming visible. Then he finished drying himself and I hit the stop button.

    “And that concludes video two of America’s Sexiest Home Videos…” he chimed in from across the room.
    “You got that right, I was ready to jump in there and fuck your brains out.”
    “So why didn’t you?”
    “Eh, saving myself for my wedding night.” I said as I snatched his towel from him, leaving him naked.
    “Good fucking joke you asshole…if that was the case then we’d have been a married couple by now.”
    “And you would have been pregnant at least 20 times…”

    Justin was smirking, walking around the room naked. I had hopped onto the bed after getting naked, my cock somewhat soft at this point but always looking for attention.
    “What do you say we film volume 3…cocksucking 101?”
    “Sounds like a deal, hit the record button.” Justin said with a smirk.

    I grabbed the camera and started recording, catching him as he walked across the room, laid down across the bed in between my legs and grabbed hold of my nuts. He grabbed hold of my cock and started to lick the head, flicking his tongue over and around it while he looked into the camera lens. My cock was growing harder, and before it got too hard he sucked it into his mouth and started to swallow me deep into his throat, humming and moaning as he went. The vibration in his mouth felt great, and he began to suck and lick my cock with such delight that it made me smile. He continued to look at the camera from time to time while he was sucking me. I was moaning loudly, and I’m sure the camera was catching all of that in the tape.

    “Suck that cock boy, work for that load.”
    “Yes sir…”
    I rested the camera on the nightstand and rolled so that I was positioned over him in almost a pushup, face fucking him. I was really pushing my cock deep into his throat each time, making him gag and gasp as my cock slid in and out. I was getting close, and I wanted a better money shot than me cumming into his mouth from afar. I grabbed the camera and kept filming, but I pulled myself up, kneeling over him while he continued to suck my cock. I was getting closer and closer, knowing I would be cumming any second.

    “Open wide Justin!”
    He did, opening his mouth and sticking his tongue out. I grabbed my cock with my left hand and pointed it down into his mouth as stream after stream of cum shot out of my dick, each drop landing perfectly in his mouth. I pushed my cock closer and he wrapped his mouth back around it, sucking me dry.
    ‘And cut..’ I said, breathing heavily.
    “At least you hit the target and didn’t get any in my eye….and you tasted great this morning by the way.”
    “Glad to hear it. Now while I go shower, I’m going to put our other video on. I’m going to turn the camera back on…so it can tape you jerking off. Better make it hot, depending on how much it turns me on, you may or may not be getting fucked today.”
    “Hmm…we’ll see about that.” , smiling to himself while I walked to the bathroom.

    By the time I got back, Justin had finished up and was dressed. I quickly put some clothes on, packed up our stuff and tossed it into my car. We left the rental property and started to head back to his house, the camera tucked in the glove compartment.

    “So, off to college in a few weeks huh?
    “Yeah, I’m kinda scared though. I’ll be like 3 hours from home and I’ve never been by myself before.”
    “Well, I head back to school a little after you, and I’ll only be about a half hour away from you, so you can always call me and we can hang out or meet up so that you aren’t too homesick.”
    “Yeah, and you just want to make sure you can still fuck me from time to time.”
    “HA! You got that right…can’t leave my little cumslut craving for my dick too long can I?” which made him smile.

    We got back to his house and I dropped him off, waving goodbye as I drove. I got back home and quickly uploaded the videos to my computer, labeling them and saving them into my locked folder. I shut and locked my door and started to play his jerkoff vid. To my surprise, he had positioned the camera so that as he lay on his back, legs spread, the camera could view his hole and cock. The video started with him jerking off regularly, then progressed to his wet, glistening finger massaging the outer ring of his hole. I watched as his balls bounced up and down, hand jerking himself ferociously as he slid not one, but two fingers inside of himself. He was fingering himself pretty good, moaning loudly as he went. He was continuing to jerk himself off with a pretty good pace, his asshole tensing around his fingers as he was getting closer. I watched as his nuts pulled into his body and his hole give a tight squeeze as he moaned ‘oh fuck yeah’ and I could see the globs of cum flying out of his cock. 3, 4, then a little bubble at the tip as he slide his fingers out. He grabbed the camera and moved it up his body, letting me see where his cum had landed. The result? Facial. His cum had landed right on his lips and as the camera got to his face he licked it off his lips and swallowed, with a smile.
    “Mmm…not bad. But your cum tastes better Mike..” he said before shutting the camera off.

    That settled it, I was fucking him tonight. I texted him that I’d pick him up at 9 and we’d hit up a movie. I told him to wear boxers, with the fly in the back, no questions asked. When I picked him up he hopped in the car with a smirk.

    “You like that vid?”
    “Like, I almost needed to buy a new keyboard thanks to you.”
    “These boxers are pretty uncomfy this way might I add..”
    “Shut it, we’ll fix that.”

    We got to the movies late and picked a flick that had a 10:30 start time. We grabbed a soda and some candy and were hanging out in the theater waiting for the movie to start. By the time it started, we realized we were still the only ones in the movie. Perfect, this was making my plan even easier. About halfway into it I reached over and started to caress his nuts, feeling his cock expand in his shorts.

    I leaned over and whispered into his ear “my cock, your mouth, now.”
    He got up and knelt down in front of me, and I’m sure any moviegoer would have thought I was here by myself. He was sucking me pretty good, my cock the only thing poking through my zipper just in case. I grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him back.
    “You’re gonna ride this cock right it?”
    “How Mike?”
    “Why do you think I told you to wear the boxers backwords. Pull your shorts down far enough in the back so that you could slide my cock through the piss hole of your boxers…then ride it like no one is watching.”
    “You sure, I don’t want to get caught.”
    “Do it bitch…you got me horny today now you finish it.”

    Justin stood up and pulled his shorts down below the fly. I unbuttoned the slit and spread the fabric enough to see his furry hole puckered behind the opening. I gave it a few quick licks then sat back. Justin lowered himself onto my still glistening cock, slowly at first but then coming down on it hard. His hole was nice and tight around my dick, and I reached around and gave his cock a squeeze. He grabbed the arm rests and began to raise and lower himself along my shaft, pausing at the bottom to feel the length of my meat inside of him. One time as he lowered himself and stayed, I flexed my dick, making it fill just a bit more, filling his insides even further. He sighed loudly then whispered “I want you to fuck me hard”

    I got us up and turned him around so that he could lean on the back of the seat. I grabbed his waist and began to forcefully enter him over and over again, his cheeks clapping and bouncing as they swallowed my cock over and over again. He was moaning a little too loud for my liking, so with one hand I grabbed his shoulder and with another I covered his mouth. I was really yanking him back onto my cock as I pushed in, and he was moaning and gasping into my hand, muffled screams inaudible over the sounds of the movie. With a few hard thrusts I shot my load deep inside of him, and almost on cue his cock spasmed and I could see a growing wet spot in his shorts.

    “Lick this clean boy and then go clean yourself up.”
    Justin did as he was told, then we left without even finishing the movie. We grabbed a late snack on the way back to his house, and as I dropped him off I winked at him.
    “What was the wink for?”
    “You can add those boxers to your collection…the jockstrap, the thong, and now your cumstained boxers.”
    “Yeah, my little trophy case.”
    “HaHa! Oh really?! Well I guess I’m going to have to see to it that I add to your collection. Later babe.”

    Justin got out and ran to his house. I drove off, thinking about how I’d end the summer and cap off the sex lessons and sexual encounters before Justin took off to school. The plan would turn out pretty intense, so stay tuned.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Justin was going to be heading off to his first year of school in a little over three weeks, and I’d be heading back to my own school shortly after. I wanted to end the summer with a bang (or several) so I started to plot what I wanted to do with him. In hindsight I should have waited until this last week to have our little slave training extravaganza, but if I had I wouldn’t have had the time to have our picture or video sessions. I’d figure out a way to top it one way or another.

    The day after our movie fuck session, I emailed him with some demands. The first was that he was not allowed to jerk off or even look at any porn. Next, on the night before we had our ‘going away fuckfest’ I wanted him to shave his entire body, completely. I wanted all fur removed from all areas and I could assist if necessary. Lastly, after the fuckfest, we wouldn’t have anymore sex until I visited him for the first time at his college, whenever that may be. Justin responded with a short email the asked a few basic questions: ‘If you love my body hair so much why do you want me to shave it?’ and ‘What am I going to do until we fuck again??’ I responded with ‘no more questions, you obey what I say remember?”

    Over the next two weeks I didn’t jerk off either, obeying my own rule. Sure, I watched our video a few times and admired the pictures of his sexy body, but I didn’t jerk off once. I was saving my load for Justin, nothing would be wasted on this final fling of the summer. Each day I sent him a picture of my rock hard cock, constantly reminding him what he would be leaving at the end of the summer. I was hornier than I’d ever been and I knew he was probably even worse, but I waited. Planned, and waited.

    The weekend he was scheduled to go to school I told his mom that I wanted to help him pack for school since I wouldn’t be able to help him move in. She happily agreed and said that they were actually happy I’d be able to help him pack because they actually had a family emergency on my uncle’s side that they had to run to and couldn’t see Justin off. She told me he was bummed, but when my aunt told him that I’d be coming over, he ‘perked right up!’ When I got there that day Justin came up to me with a not-as-enthused look on his face.

    “Why the sad face…your awesome older cousin is here to help you out.”
    “Mike, Matt is staying home with us. He’s not leaving with my parents.”
    Matt was Justin’s younger brother. It was an unfortunate blow to my initial plan, but I’d make it work.
    “Don’t worry about him, we’ll figure that out. Let’s go pack.”

    I walked through the house, surveying the chaos thanks to all of the packing going on. Matt was watching tv in the living room.
    “What’s up Mike?! Haven’t seen you in a while!” My younger cousin looked more like me than his own brother, and everyone noticed it. He had been away at a lacrosse camp for most of the summer and I hadn’t seen him for most of it.
    “Yeah no shit! How was camp?”
    “Eh, it was ok. I don’t think it was worth the money if you ask me but dad wanted me to go.”
    “Ah well…I’ma go help Justin finish packing, we’ll be in his room if you need us.”
    “Ok, have a blast. His room is a fucking mess.”

    I followed Justin up to his room, staring at his butt as he walked ahead of me. I couldn’t help but feel both excited and upset that this would be one of our final sex sessions for a while. I’d definitely make it memorable….more for Justin than for myself. We finally got to his room and I realized that his brother was right, it was a fucking mess.

    “Jesus, who taught you how to pack?!”
    “Shut up Mike” he said with a smirk. “I have a lot of stuff that I’m trying to either pack or get rid of.”
    “Well, let’s get to work then.”

    We started working on cleaning up his room, putting all the stuff to be packed on one side of his room while all of the stuff going in the trash got tossed in front of his door in a large heap. I made sure to close the door before we started, this way I’d have an out if we had any unexpected company. The trash pile was getting pretty high, mostly with old clothes that didn’t fit him anymore and lots of old paperwork or other items. As the day went on, the trash pile got bigger and bigger while the packing got easier and easier. By the time we had finished packing his first suitcase, we were both sweating through our shirts.

    “Why don’t you take that shirt off, you look a little hot there buddy..” I said to him with a smirk.
    “Why don’t you do the same?”
    The shirts came off, and as he finished pulling his off of his head I crossed over to him and wrapped my arms around him. As my hands grabbed at his ass I kissed him deeply.
    “Last weekend together for a while.”
    “I know Mike, I’m kinda sad that I won’t be able to see you as often….for, you know…”
    “We’ll figure it out. Trust me on that. For now, why don’t you kneel down and wrap those pretty little lips of yours around my dick.”
    “But Matt is downstairs, what if he comes up.”
    “Don’t worry about him..” I said as I glanced over at the door. “I’ll take care of that when the time comes.”

    He glanced down at my shorts and reached out to grab hold of them at my waist. In one quick motion both my shorts and boxers were around my ankles and Justin was kneeling in front of me. With a quick glance up at me to smile, Justin opened wide and took my soft penis into his mouth. He worked his tongue over every inch of my shaft, making the blood rush to it with a quickness. In less than 20 seconds I was rock hard and lodged fully down Justin’s throat, his soft gagging letting me know that he hadn’t completely lost his gag reflex.

    “Suck that cock boy, you won’t have it for a long time after tonight..”
    I didn’t really even have to say it, because Justin was worshipping my cock anyway. Worshipping may not even be the word for it, Justin was treating my dick like it was the Holy Grail. He was sucking me like he would never taste me again. He cupped my balls with his left hand while his right caressed my legs. He quickly let my dick slip out of his lips to get a few good licks of my sack, savoring the sweat that had accumulated. He quickly refocused his attention on my shaft, deepthroating the entire thing until his nose was buried into my skin. No gagging this time, just swallowing as much of my cock as he could handle. Just then Matt knocked on the door.

    “Yo guys, you still working in there?”
    Justin panicked and started to come off of my dick, but I grabbed his head and buried my entire dick down his throat.
    “Yeah Matt, we’ve still got a long way to go?”
    “Ok, can I grab a pair of your shorts Justin? Mine are all in the laundry and I’m about to go out?”
    Justin tried again to come off of my shaft, but I again jammed my dick right back into his mouth. All he could do was mumble.
    “He said grab a pair from the laundry. The door is blocked by a whole bunch of shit…it’d take forever to clean it up.”
    “Alrighty, guess we’ll have to do laundry later…See you guys later tonight.”

    I held Justin’s head until I heard the front door slam. Justin pulled off quickly, gasping for air.
    “Fuck Mike! What are you trying to do suffocate me with your cock?!”
    “You would have survived. Now I believe you still have some cum to swallow, so get going.”
    Justin gave a quick roll of his eyes. Apparently this boy forgot who he was with.
    “Excuse me, did you just roll your eyes at that task?”
    “Sorry Mike, I didn’t mean to..”
    “I guess I’m just going to have to force-feed you this cock since you seem to be getting g a little tired.”

    I jammed my cock into his mouth and put both hands on the back of his head. I was facefucking him pretty good, with a good rhythm going, and he was only slightly resisting. He was pushing at my legs in the beginning, mainly because I was really ramming it into his throat, but he eventually submitted and was definitely getting into it. He was moaning and gasping as my cock slid in and out. I was close, and I had other plans in mind than him swallowing my seed.

    “I’m gonna cum boy…but don’t you dare swallow it. You better keep it in that mouth..”
    As I let rip with a large volley of cum, I held my dick just barely inside of his lips, filling his mouth with cum. He was licking around the tip of my cock, driving me wild. When I felt that last burst leave my dick, I pulled out, pulled him up, and kissed him. We swapped my cum into my mouth with a few deep kisses. Instead of swallowing, I forced him face down on the bed, ripped his shorts down and gave him a hard slap on his ass. Interestingly enough, he was freeballing that day, so no underwear for him. I knelt behind him, spread his cheeks, and started to rim him, using the cum that he had just sucked out of me as lube. As I licked and started to push my cum into him, I was working my thumb in and out of him, pushing it deep. Justin was moaning loudly, and reached back to spread his ass nice and wide for me. I pushed the last of my cum inside of him and then slipped two fingers in. I tickled his insides briefly as I worked some spit onto my cock. I slide my dick against the crack of his furry ass, teasing him.

    “Oh god FUCK me Mike…”
    I pushed my cock slowly into him, while he continued to spread his ass open as wide as he could. I hit resistance about 3 inches in, and then Justin pushed outward onto my cock and swallowed the rest in one fluid motion and one loud yelp. I laid myself down between his legs while he wrapped them around me. I knibbled on his earlobe and kissed the back of his neck while I began with short thrusts. He was already moaning loudly, and I knew how loud he could get. I leaned in and whispered into his ear
    “Here’s your test. I’m going to fuck your brains out, and I don’t want to hear you moan louder than a whisper. You never know when your brother will come home…and I’m sure you don’t want to answer any of those questions now do you?”
    Justin shook his head no…and then bit down on his pillow.

    I pulled myself upright and then pulled his waist up to level his hole with my hips. He reached back and spread em, while I started to speed up my pace. With each thrust inside of him Justin whimpered a little louder, but stayed at a very quiet level compared to the raging moans and yells he was used to uttering while I railed him. I slapped his ass hard twice, before grabbing his waist and shifting him to the edge of the bed so I could stand and deliver.

    He rested his arms on his mattress while I continued giving him long hard thrusts. I was really giving it to him, watching him bite his lip. His cock was hard as a rock, dripping long strings of silvery precum down to his sheets. Then I heard the door open and close.

    The look of terror on Justin’s face can’t be explained, but I just wrapped one arm around his waste and then reached up and covered his mouth with my other hand. I kept fucking him, harder and harder. I could hear the footsteps on the stairs, Justin holding onto my arms as I pummeled his ass relentlessly. I had counted the number of steps I heard and knew that Matt had gotten to the edge of the hallway. I fucked Justin harder, listening to him moan, feeling the vibrations in my palm. Just as Matt got to the door and pounded on it..

    I came. Huge bursts of cum flowed into my little cousin while he moaned into my hand, muffled and barely audible.

    “Hey I’m back, I got all the way there and then realized I forgot my wallet.”
    I released my hold on Justin’s mouth while I held him against my dick.
    “Ok Matt, we’ll see you later!” Justin yelled.
    We waited to hear the door slam shut and then we fell onto his bed, the force ramming my cock deep inside of him again.
    “Haha…you’re lucky that happened now and not while he was here.”
    “Oh my god Mike…I was freaking out…”
    “You were fine, and you took that pounding like a champ. Nice job.”
    “That was a big load too…I’m surprised you came so fast”
    “Eh, I was turned on by the feeling of almost getting caught…”
    “Yeah, thank god we had piled all that shit in front of the door or he could have caught us.”
    “Well, maybe next time we should let him watch.”

    Justin rolled over and looked at me, and I just started laughing.
    “Relax…I’d never let anyone in the family know. You’re secret is safe with me.”
    “My secret?”
    “Yeah, that you turned into Mike’s little butt buddy over the summer and love every second of it.”
    “Fuck you!” he smiled, as we began to wrestle on top of his piles of clothes.

    To be continued….

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    Re: Family Tutor

    We hadn’t made a dent in packing all day, aside from two smaller bags that we had filled with all of Justin’s winter clothes that we had already gone through. The pile by the door had gotten larger during that process, but he was somewhat packed none-the-less. He had emptied all of his draws and his closet and all of the clothes and items were piled on his bed. Sensing his frustration, I wanted to give him a little boost.

    “Look, if you plan on fucking again you may want to hustle with this packing. That bed is a mess and I sure ain’t gonna fuck you all over these clean clothes Justin..”
    I got a smile out of him. “Well then, let’s grab another suitcase and hurry this up.”

    The pace picked up a bit. In a little over an hour we had packed away almost all of his clothes, and had actually cleaned up the mess in front of the door by putting it into trash bags. The bags stayed in front of the door, but at least the mess was more manageable. At about 7 o’clock the room was packed and clean, aside from some dress shirts and ties that were still on the floor. Justin dropped onto his bed, exhausted, and I walked over and hopped on top of him.

    “You too tired for a round of ‘hide Mike’s sausage’?”
    “I’m never too tired for that…but I don’t know how energetic I’ll be.”
    “That’s fine…I already have an idea. Get naked.”
    Justin stripped quickly, and I grabbed the ties from the floor. His bed frame had a header and footer that had little posts on the corners…perfect for what I planned on doing. I flipped him onto his stomach and started to loop the ties around his ankles and the posts.

    “How did I know you’d find a way to tie me up this weekend?”
    “How didn’t I realize this before?! Now shut up while Master gets you ready.”
    I tied him in the spread eagle position, not giving him much slack to move around. I was gazing at his plump, hairy ass when I got another idea. I grabbed his trophy jockstrap from the only draw that still contained items, jammed the cumstained pouch into his mouth and then used a tie to tie it inside of his lips.

    “There ya go boy…you taste that cum of yours?”
    Justin nodded, and moaned.
    “I’m gonna tear that ass up Justin…I hope you prepared for this..”
    Justin nodded again, and moaned louder.
    I hopped between his legs and started to rim him. I licked around and around his furry hole, teasing the little rosebud and flicking my tongue in and out of him. I was massaging his hairy cheeks as I did this, and gave his right cheek a bite for good measure. I was getting harder and harder as I went, but I wasn’t about to start yet. I grabbed my camera and began snapping pictures of my cousin all tied up, ass in the air, jockstrap lodged deep in his mouth. He gave me a pleading look that said “please fuck me” but I just smacked his ass hard and got back between him.

    With his asshole nice and wet, I began to finger him with two fingers, deeply massaging his prostate, making him moan loudly again. I knew I was teasing him, but I couldn’t help it. As I was just about done fingering him, I heard the door open and shut. Matt was back.

    I could sense Justin tense and get nervous, so I just leaned in and whispered ‘stay quiet’ to him. I heard Matt rustling around in the kitchen, grabbing a snack I’m sure. I slid a finger back into Justin while I listened to Matt first do whatever he was doing, then run up the stairs to his own room, then head into the bathroom to take a shower. So far we were ok.

    ‘Just stay quiet Justin, maybe he’ll go back out and we can continue.”
    He nodded. I kept fingering him, feeling his hole loosen up a bit the longer I went. Finally I heard the shower click off. After a few minutes I got up.
    “I’m going to go take a piss and see what he’s doing. Don’t you move..” I said with a smirk and smack on his ass.

    I hid my hardon, slid between the mound of garbage and the open door and shut it behind me. As I made my way past Matt’s room I heard rustling and figured he was changing. I got to the bathroom and flung it open, and there was Matt toweling off after his shower. I got a good glimpse of his cock, and let me say, my youngest cousin was packing a missile.

    “Fuck Mike, don’t you knock!”
    “Sorry!! I thought you were out!”
    “Forget it, just get out.”

    I ran back to the room, slid my way into it and shut and locked the door. I walked over, stripped naked, and sat next to my tied up sexslave. I waited and listened as Matt went to his room, actually changed, and then went to watch tv.

    “I thought I had the biggest cock in the family, but judging by what your brother is carrying between his legs, I’d bet he’s got a 9 incher when hard.”
    Justin looked at me surprised.
    “Yeah, I just walked in on him as he was drying off and saw it all. Even soft it was a monster. Good for him.”
    I looked at his ass and started getting hard again.
    “You ready?”
    Justin looked at me frightened, knowing Matt was still here.
    “Just be quiet…no matter how hard I fuck you, you have to take it and love it, but don’t yell or moan…or he’ll hear us.”

    Justin didn’t have much time to resist, because I was already lubing up my cock and positioning myself between his legs. I started to push inside of him, ready to fill him up one last time, and he had already started moaning. I reached up and rammed his head into his pillow while I pushed my entire cock deep into him, making him yell. I doubt Matt had heard it over the tv, but I waited anyway.

    “I told you to stay quiet boy….you didn’t listen.”
    “Well, now you better learn how to stay quiet, cuz I’m gonna take out your punishment on this tight little hole of yours.”

    I started to slowly pump myself in and out of him, working up a rhythm. He was fairly quiet, pushing his head into his pillow to muffle his moans. I wanted to make this last, so I maintained a slow, steady pace. He was already beginning to glisten with the first beads of sweat while I was working his body over. His bed was solid and wasn’t making any noise and luckily for him, neither was Justin.

    After a solid 20 minutes, I wanted to change positions, but I didn’t want to pull out and untie the makeshift restraints. I eyed the box cutter on his nightstand and sliced the two ties holding his legs in place, giving his lower body freedom. He pulled up his legs and moved into a doggy style position, and I grabbed and tugged at his cheeks to expose his furry hole as I slid in and out of it. I gave him two quick smacks on the ass, and then started to fuck a little harder than before. His bed was still quiet, but now Justin was moaning steadily into the pillow.

    Justin’s moans were steady. As I pushed in it was a quick grunt, and as I pulled out a long moan. It was cute, but I was going to test his limits. I got into a flying doggy stance and really drove it in deep. He yelped..then I saw his hands tense, knowing he had been loud. I listened for anything from downstairs, but heard nothing. I started up again, pushing deep and pulling out, pushing deep and pulling out. Justin was staying quieter now, moaning loudly into his pillow. I was getting close to cumming, so I started to really fuck him deep. The long strokes produced long moans and barely audible yelps, but he was really taking it. His body had a nice sheen of sweat on it that had made his furry asshole look even hotter than normal. With three deep thrusts I rammed my dick to the hilt and deposited a huge load inside of him. As I did this, he moaned loudly and I looked under him to see huge globs of cum pooling on his sheets. I pulled out, grabbed the camera and took a few shots of his thoroughly used asshole and the cum on his bed. Then I untied him.

    He yanked the jock out of his mouth and kissed me hard.
    “Fuck Mike that was hot..”
    “Yeah it was…your ass was nice and tight.”
    “Your cock was great….can we go one more time before you leave?”
    “Yeah, I want you on your back…I want to see you as I cum one last time.”

    Justin rolled onto his back and I positioned myself and slid back into him. His eyes rolled into the back of his head and he bit his lip.
    “Take me master..” he whispered, and I obliged. I was fucking him deeply, watching his face as he moaned and groaned and grabbed at his sheets, his cock, his full balls. He was going wild, and I was fucking him deeper and deeper into ecstasy. I leaned in and started to kiss him deeply, sliding my tongue into his mouth over and over again, and penetrating his mouth with my tongue each time my dick penetrated his asshole. He was moaning as we made out, his asshole tightening around my dick again and again as I ravaged him.

    “fuck Mike…don’t stop….”
    “enjoy this Justin…enjoy it..”
    I leaned back into him, wrapped my arms under his back and grabbed his shoulders, and really started to fuck him. I was sliding in and out, rotating my hips so that I hit his g spot at all angles. He was grabbing onto my ass, pulling at my cheeks, pulling me deeper into him. He reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me into him and kissed me deeply as I fucked him harder and harder. I leaned up and looked him in the eyes and watched his eyes roll into the back of his head. I saw his muscles start to tighten up and felt his asshole squeeze my dick tight, and as he came he whispered

    “I love you Mike…I love you..”

    And came…over and over again. His chest was covered in his cum. I leaned down onto him, kissed him deep, and then fucked my seed deep into him. I laid on top of him for another minute or two before I pulled out and looked at him.

    “Did you mean that?”
    “umm…yeah I guess I did…I’m gonna miss you…miss this.”
    “I’m not dead and my dick isn’t falling off of me…I’ll still be seeing you.”
    “I know…heat of the moment I guess.”
    “Come on, let’s finish this up so you can be ready to go tomorrow.”

    We packed the rest of his shit after we cleaned up. The suitcases and bags were packed into his car. The trash was brought to the curb to be picked up, and Matt even helped finish cleaning up and tidying the room. I walked Justin to his car as he was ready to leave.

    “I’m only a phone call away you know…I’ll be up around that area soon enough and then I’m a pretty quick ride to your school.”
    ‘Thanks…I know.”
    “Tonight was fun..”
    “Yeah…thanks for breaking me in this summer…I didn’t know it would be such a great summer.”
    “Well, I took notes. You officially swallowed 49 loads of my cum and took 20 loads in your ass. Pretty good for a few months.”
    “You actually took notes?!” Justin said, smirking.
    “Yep, this way we can shoot to break those numbers over the next three months…you know, make it a little quarterly competition?”
    “Sounds like a plan to me.”
    “Don’t ever let anyone see these vids or pictures…or you’re a dead sex slave..”
    “I promise..haha.”

    I gave him a hug and a squeeze on the ass, and then watched him hop into his car and drive off. The summer was officially over, but at least the school year was just beginning. And with it, a whole new string of sexual encounters.

    That pretty much summed up the summer that I broke in my younger cousin. yes, the story is true. Was some of the dialogue paraphrased...yes. Did all of the action really happen, yes. I really turned my younger cousin into my fuckbuddy that summer, and it did continue. I'll continue the stories, but wanted to finalize this grouping. I'm also attaching two pics. They aren't him, but they'll give you a feel for what he looked like. The guy in the pic looks similar to him, only not as goofy. The body type and dick size is about the same as Justin. As for the ass shot..I know all of you have seen this one before...but it's almost an exact replica of how hot Justin's ass was. I was a very lucky guy..I'll admit.

    Enjoy guys, more stories to come in the future!
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    Re: Family Tutor

    It had been about 3 weeks since the school year had started, Justin at one school in Boston and myself at another, and things between us had been put on hold. I wanted him to focus on getting himself settled, while also allowing him to get sexually deprived so that he would want it more when the time came. He was living in an apartment with 3 other guys, two on one floor and two on another, and it was hard for us to interact in the fashion that we were used to. I had bought him a cam for his computer before he left, but we were unable to really use it because his roommates were always around. Mine, on the other hand, were always gone. I always had things to myself when I was home and could go through all the pictures and videos of Justin I had accumulated over the summer whenever I wanted. We were able to send pictures of ourselves through our phones, but even that was tricky because I never knew if someone else on his end would snoop or not.

    Justin had asked me a few times in emails or phone calls when I was coming to visit him. I was close enough that I could go whenever I wanted, and vice versa, but we just hadn’t scheduled anything yet. Nor did I want to give him a heads up; I wanted to surprise him when the time was right. I gave him a call just to see how he was doing.

    “Hey Justin, how’s things?”
    “Hey Mike! Going good. My classes are actually pretty easy and I’m getting along with everyone here.”
    “Good! You haven’t slipped and told them you like to suck on your older cousin’s cock did you?”
    “Shut up ASS! Nooo..They’re actually all going home this should come visit!”
    “I would…but I have to stay and set up an event here. We’ll have to plan another weekend.”
    “Mike…you’re killing me here. Do you know how horny I am right now?”
    “Not as horny as I am…my cock says to tell your asshole he misses it by the way...”
    “Haha..My asshole says he needs a date really soon to catch up on old times.”
    “We’ll figure that out soon enough. You sticking to the plan and not hooking up with anyone up there?”
    “Yep..Your cock is the only one I can touch right sir?”
    “You got it. Still keeping yourself manscaped nice for me in the event I show up for an inspection.”
    “Of course…except that won’t happen until who knows when..”
    “Well cheer up kiddo…I’ll get up there soon enough. We have a LOT of catching up to do. I’ll talk to ya later.”
    “Bye Mike”

    Knowing that his roomies would be gone, I knew that I would be making a trip up to his school. I had no event to plan; I just didn’t want him knowing I’d be there. My cock really was aching to punish his little hole, but it’d have to wait another few days before that would happen. Meanwhile I would put little plans in place to ensure that Justin was ready for me.

    I texted him on that Monday saying “Dinner and a movie the weekend after this one?” He responded “Yea, where do you want to eat and what movie?” The response: “For dinner you’re going to eat my cock, and the movie we’ll watch is ‘How to train your sex slave’ starring Justin and Mike” I got a smiley face back…so I knew he liked that one. On Tuesday I texted him asking him if he had been going to the gym, because his recent pictures on Facebook looked like he was gaining some muscle. He said he was, and that his chest was getting bigger and he had a bit more meat on his arms. I ended the exchange saying “as long as that ass is still nice and fat I’m happy.”

    The next few days went by without any exchanges. I was leaving him hanging, pretending I was busy. I had packed up an overnight bag for my little trip and had a few items tucked away within the clothes. Justin had classes until late on Friday and I knew he would probably go out, so I’d be able to sneak up there without him knowing. I hopped in my car and drove the 30 minutes out to his campus and grabbed a parking spot in a lot nowhere near his apartment, that way he wouldn’t find my car. I walked the couple of blocks to his apartment, which he had given me the address to when he first moved up, and stopped at the front door. No cars were in the driveway, so I knew his roommates were all already gone. I checked under the front mat and above the door frame and sure enough, spare key. Gotta love college kids that plan for the drunk trips home after being out all night.

    I let myself in quietly, just in case someone was home. Not a soul in the house. I made a quick scan of everything to see where things were. I knew Justin’s room was on the 2nd floor and was right next to the bathroom. I made my way up there, checking out his place, observing the clear glass shower door in the bathroom, and walked into his room. Always clean, his room was made up nicely and was actually pretty clean for a college room. From cam sessions I knew that his closet was directly behind his computer desk, and was the type with the sliding doors with the slots in them. I hid my bag in the back of his closet and put my plan into place. I snapped a few pictures of myself in various degrees of stripping..all in front of his closet. At the end, I held a note over my junk that read “if you want this so bad, come find me..” I put all the pictures into an email and sent it to his email address that only I knew..for sexy purposes. I knew that he should be getting out of his class right about now, so I stepped into his closet, still naked, and closed the doors.

    Justin got home about five minutes later, I could hear him trudge up the stairs and open the door to the bathroom on this floor. I heard him unzip his shorts, and then the steady flow of him taking a piss. This actually turned me on pretty quickly, and I wasn’t really into watersports, but for some reason I got hard just listening to him pee. He zipped up, flushed and turned the shower on. He came into his room as the water was heating up, and as he began to undress, I flicked on my camera. First came the shirt, slid up and over his head with ease, exposing his furrier than usual chest and treasure trail, his pecs definitely looking bigger. Next he unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly and down went his shorts, revealing his American Eagle briefs. He walked around his room a bit with just his underwear on, his balls flopping back and forth, ass bouncing as he walked. He turned on his computer and went to his email, checking his school email first, then personal. No check of the sexy email..yet. He got up out of his chair and slid the briefs down, bending over basically right in front of me. God I had missed that ass, nice and plump with the right amount of fur. Seeing it after so long got me going and my cock was at attention in seconds. He walked out of his room, his ass jiggling as he went, and hopped into his shower.

    I slid open the closet door and carefully positioned the camera so that it could tape him as he showered. From the view, it was evident that he didn’t have the shower too hot because the glass wasn’t fogging up at all. I watched through the viewing screen as Justin soaped up his body, washing himself, his ass, his chest, his cock…working up a lather and washing off. When it became clear that he was almost done, I grabbed the camera and ran back to my hiding spot. Justin shut the shower off soon after I was back in the darkness of his closet, and he came into his room still dripping wet, toweling himself dry. I taped everything, watching him spend time everywhere to dry off his furry body. He plopped himself down into his chair naked and opened up his sexy email account and clicked on my email. As he scanned through the pictures I heard him mutter “that fucking tease” then he yelled “maybe I’ll leave you hiding so you get a nice case of blue balls!!”. I texted from within the closet, watching his phone vibrate on his desk. “Not a good idea for you?” he read out loud, and I watched as he got up, hard on raging, and started to investigate his house.

    The obvious first location to look would have been the closet, but he apparently either didn’t think like that, or was ignoring it. He searched the other floors, the other bathroom, his bedroom, and finally walked in front of the closet. I could see him through it, watching him smirk as he grabbed the handle and began opening the door. Before he could get it all the way open, I reached through the widening gap and slapped one wristlet of the handcuffs that I had grabbed from my bag.

    “Oh fuck..” muttered my now shocked cousin.
    “Not quite yet, we’ll get to that soon enough” I replied with a smirk as I put the other wristlet on my own wrist. I pulled him into me and gave him a long kiss, pushing my tongue into his mouth to find his. I made out with him there for a few minutes before pulling back and looking at him.

    “Hey studly, glad to see that cock of yours still works.”
    “I thought you were busy this weekend?”
    “Eh, a little white lie doesn’t hurt anyone..”
    “So..what’s with the handcuffs?”
    “Well, I figured you’d want to be next to me for as long as you could this weekend…so I handcuffed us together. We’ll have to figure out all of the next moves.”
    “Well where is the key?”
    “My apartment, locked in my desk.”
    “What the fuck Mike?! How are we supposed to get back there to unlock us we’re both naked still!”
    “We’ll figure that out when the time comes, for now, don’t you think you should put that big mouth of yours to use and start sucking on this cock.”

    Justin knelt down, right wrist suspended in the air, and immediately wrapped his mouth around the knob of my cock and slid his mouth straight down to its base. His tongue made slight waves on the underside of my dick and his moaning sent vibrations along the shaft. If this boy hadn’t sucked dick in three weeks, he sure seemed like he was right back in the swing of things quickly. He got a good rhythm going and began using his left hand to work up and down my throbbing dick along with his wet, moist mouth. I was enjoying this, watching him go to town on me like it had been ages since he last gave someone a blowjob. I saw his own dick throbbing, waiting for release, so I pulled his wrist up, making him come up with it. I moved him to his bed and swung myself around so that my cock was angled down his throat while his own was finding its way down my throat. As his dick found the back of my throat, Justin let out a deep moan, the vibration of which caused my own cock to throb and fill his throat. He gagged a bit.

    “Boy you better work that out, I thought you were better than that.”
    He grabbed my hips with his free hand and pulled me into him, swallowing every inch of me. I felt his throat grip the head of my dick, as he hummed in enjoyment. I began to work his cock even harder, deepthroating him over and over again, allowing him to fuck my face while I fucked his even harder. After a few deep thrusts, I came, juices flowing down Justin’s throat. He swallowed every drop, sucking harder on my dick to make sure he got everything. As I finished cumming, Justin started to blow in my mouth. He had cum as he was pulling out, and his seed filled my mouth. As the heavy bursts of his three week load filled my mouth, I enjoyed each drop as I swallowed him. After we had drained each other, I swung back around and kissed him again. Tasting my own cum and giving him a taste of his kept us both hard, but I wasn’t ready to fuck yet.

    “Whattaya say we watch a movie? We can cuddle here and watch something.”
    “Sounds good to me…but I really want that cock Mike..”
    “You’ll get it…trust me…”

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    Re: Family Tutor

    sexyfrat.....this was worth the wait!

    The Three Musketeers... Bashful, Chrisglass, and Ronboy!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Wow, great story! I'm so glad I found this. Keep it up.

    Wish I could be someone's Justin.
    You depend on our protection yet you feed us lies from the tablecloth!

    I know you'll find your own way when I'm not with you tonight.


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    Re: Family Tutor

    This thread has lived up to its original promise and is one of the sexiest story lines in the JUB collection - truly fantastic!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Amazing writing! Can't wait for the next chapter!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    We snuggled as we watched TV in his room, him lying between my legs, right arm across his chest while still cuffed to my left wrist. I was paying more attention to his naked body than I was the TV, but I wasn’t going to let him notice that. I couldn’t help but continue to steal glances at his now soft dick, hanging down over his hairy balls. The light fur over his navel led a nice little path right to one of my favorite toys, while little patches covered his now meatier pecs and nipples. The fur on his upper thighs wrapped around to my most favorite possession, and I couldn’t help but get a little excited.

    I started to nibble on Justin’s neck, breathing softly before giving a lick and a peck. I moved to his collar bone, giving a few more licks, all the while staring at the response I was receiving. I watched as his breathing picked up and his balls tightened, pushing his slowly hardening member onto his furry stomach. Soon enough, Justin’s meat was fully erect and ready for some action. I licked at his earlobe, eliciting a moan. I couldn’t help but smile, knowing my little buttboy was aching for my cock, and I was going to give it to him…and give it to him good. I only had Friday, Saturday and some of Sunday, but in that time I’d make sure that I put his body to good use.

    “Let me get a look at that hole Justin...”
    “How do you want me?”
    “Roll onto your stomach, as you do I’ll bring your arm up and around so that it’s behind your back...”

    As we rolled together, I was able to reposition his right arm so that it was cocked behind his back, which ironically created a bit of immobilization for him, which worked for me. I slid behind him, marveling at the hairy mounds of flesh that would soon be swallowing me whole. I glanced at his hole, nice and tight thanks in part to the lack of hardcore sex that it was used to. That’d sure change. I gave it a few quick flicks of my tongue, which got a few more moans out of Justin, before I spit a nice wad of saliva into his crack and massaged it inside of his hole with my tongue.

    “Oh god Mike I missed you…”
    “Yeah right, you just missed this cock...”
    “Mmm…I want you inside of me Mike...please give it to me...”

    I knelt behind him, slapping my cock against the crack of his ass, watching the flesh bounce and jiggle with each slap. I slid the head of my dick up and down, flicking it across the hole, occasionally pushing every so often to give him a bit of a tease. I could sense he was waiting for it, but I wanted to tease some more. I gave him a hard smack on his right cheek, the handprint immediately showing. At the same time I took my left thumb and jammed it deep inside of his hole, massaging his special spot while his own arm arched backwards. He yelped, but then moaned deeply as I played with him. I slid my thumb in and out, swirling it around the rim of his hole before pushing back into him. His hole was loosening up nicely, and I had to lean down and get a few more licks. My tongue darted in and out of him, tasting his flesh, the light musk and furry interior was driving me wild, and I could tell I was driving Justin crazy.
    “Mike, I need it…please fuck me.”
    “Please Mike, I can’t take this anymore…do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for this...”
    “And you’ll keep waiting…”
    I could tell he was about to break, I could hear it in his sex crazed voice.
    “Please Mike! Fuck me! Just fuck me!”
    “You want this cock boy?”
    “You want to make Master happy?”
    “YES”..without hesitation.
    “Then you better be prepared to continue doing as Master says and be a good little slave, or you won’t be getting any of this. I will punish you and this hole whenever I please, and you’ll love every second of it…” as I pulled hard on the cuffs, arching his wrist back further.
    “Yes sir!...I’ll do it Master!! please give me that cum…”

    I rammed the full length of my throbbing cock inside of him, producing a yell that was more of a guttural cry than anything. I had applied some lube during our little agreement discussion, so I had ample amounts of that, but the fact that he hadn’t been fucked in almost a month impeded my first pass. I felt his insides reflex around my dick, trying to get used to the feeling. Justin was whimpering, arching his back as he fought to keep it together. He hadn’t felt my cock in him for a while, and he wanted it so bad and didn’t want to disappoint me, so he didn’t yell or cry after that initial push, he just grinned and bared it.

    I made my first move out of him slowly, feeling his body tighten as he tried to keep me inside of him. I pulled completely out, watching his body.
    “Mike, please fuck me…don’t tease me I can’t handle this.”
    “You’ll do as I won’t you?”
    “Yessir, Yes!”..he said, voice quivering.

    I pushed myself back into him, his hole spreading and swallowing every inch of my cock with ease. I could feel my dick filling him up, pushing his limits. I gave a hard thrust and got a low grunt. I pushed hard again, moans. I started to pick up my pace, listening to Justin moan and breathe deeply as I slid in and out. I watched his cheeks bounce with each thrust in, the meat flowing around my dick. I loved this, loved every second of it. I was going to make him work for this load.

    I slowed my pace down some more, but kept a good hard rhythm going. Justin had already begun to show traces of sweat, making his body glisten in the afternoon light. I gave his wrist some slack and swung his arm so that it wrapped back around his chest, only I wrapped my left arm around his neck placing him into a soft choke-hold. I pushed him down flat, his legs instinctively spreading and back arching as I continued my pace. His moaning was soft, but pleasurable. I could feel the sweat of his body mixing with mine as we continued our bonding.

    After what seemed like hours but was only about 20 minutes, I rolled us over so that I was on my back and Justin was on top of me.

    “Ride it Boy..your turn to put in some work for this load.”

    Justin spread his legs out on either side of me and began bouncing hard, punishing his hole. I reached up and grabbed a tuft of his hair, pulling him back, keeping his legs pinned under him while I pulled him down onto me, my cock sliding deeper into him. He moaned as I wrapped my arms around him and began to thrust deeper and deeper inside of him. I could feel his nuts bouncing against my own, and his cock bouncing back and forth, soft but dripping. His complete obedience rendered him flaccid, knowing that his pleasure was coming from knowing that he was greatly pleasuring me.

    “Master wants to see your face Boy. Spin on that cock and let me see it.”
    With a little fumbling of his legs and a bit of assistance from me, Justin spun 180 degrees without pulling himself off of my penis. He kept it buried deep inside of him while he turned, his wetness providing plenty of lube for the maneuver. Once he was facing me I pulled him down close and began kissing him while I thrust into him again and again, his moans flowing from his mouth into mine.

    I was absolutely punishing Justin’s hole. It had loosened up nicely during the initial moments and now he was mine. Justin’s dick was oozing gobs of shiny pre-cum, drizzling my chest with what would soon be plenty of his seed. I was thrusting hard, his facial expressions and moans driving me closer and closer, but not before I made him blow. I could see his balls tightening, dick slightly filling with blood but not completely. And then he came..

    Burst after burst erupted from his cock, the spasms sending his soft cock around my chest as his cum drenched my abs and pecs, a drop landing on my cheek. I pushed deeper and deeper, making the last bits ooze from his cock, his body shaking with orgasm. I slammed up hard into him and held him there as I deposited my own load deep within his body. He looked at me with a look of sheer pleasure as my throbbing cock delivered load after load of cum into him. He leaned down and licked the drop of cum off of my cheek before kissing me, and I continued to push my seed deeper and deeper into him, his body accepting every drop. When I finally slid limply from inside of him, his body had been thoroughly used and abused. His sweat mixed with the cum that was coating my chest, our bodies held together.

    “Master, I don’t think I can ever stop enjoying that cock..”
    “Good, you’re going to get plenty of it this weekend.”
    “I’ve never felt so happy to be fucked by you..”
    “You remember our initial deals right…early on in your slave training?”
    “What do you mean?”

    “Oh you know…the one about you never cumming first, unless I deem you worthy, or else you get punished….”

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    Re: Family Tutor

    “Punished how?” Justin asked, knowing that I had a whole arsenal of tricks up my sleeve.
    “Lucky for you I brought my goody bag of toys..just for bad little boys like you.”
    I flipped him to the side of me and then pulled him hard to the edge of the bed as I reached into my duffle bag that I had brought with me. I pulled out a large dildo, probably about 10 inches, and a large bottle of lube.
    “That’s going in me?”
    “We’ll see…The tip will go in first, and depending on how well you work my cock we’ll see how much gets forced inside of that hairy little ass of yours.”
    “But that’s bigger than your cock! I can’t handle all of that…”
    “You may not have to…but if you don’t hurry up and get this cock nice and wet you’re going to have all 10 inches of it rammed inside of you pretty go.”

    Justin knelt on the bed and crouched down into a doggy style position, sucking my flaccid cock into his mouth and rolling it softly with his tongue. It got hard pretty quick, and he was making a good effort to deep throat me as I hardened, but he failed, a slight gag coming from his lips.

    “Mistake number one boy..” I said, as I lubed the dildo and began to push the first inch inside of him, his hole resisting ever so slightly. Justin continued to slide his tongue up and down my shaft, tickling the head of my cock as his mouth sucked me deeper inside of him. His teeth caught me on the left side on one pass in and out, so I pushed another two inches into him, making him moan slightly.

    “Watch those teeth bitch, at the rate your going your gonna have this dildo nice and deep pretty quickly.”

    He corrected his mistakes by deepthroating me so deep I thought he was going to suffocate himself, his throat grasping around my cock as his tongue played below it. I pulled out to let him breathe before pushing deep again. This time he wasn’t ready and he gagged again, coughing a bit of spit out of his mouth. Two more inches slid into him, his hole swallowing it up easily after my own cock had been inside of him. I was getting tired of the head, so I pulled my dick out of his mouth and flipped him around so that his upper body was on the bed, ass on the edge while his legs draped to the ground. The dildo was still firmly planted in his tight little hole and I pushed a bit more into him. He had about 4 more inches of cock to accept, and I was going to watch every bit of it slide into him.

    “You’re gonna eat this entire dildo boy, so stop fighting it…”
    “My hole can’t take much more Mike..”
    I slid two more inches in…his body tensing and fighting it.
    “Master…sorry Master..”
    “Yeah, you better be. Now relax and lets see you take these last two inches..”
    I watched his body tighten, everything but his hole, as I began to push the last two inches in. His little rosebud flared out and around the dildo as I pushed, the dildo sliding deeper and deeper. Justin was moaning, his moans and gasps reaching a crescendo as the base of the dildo finally made it to the outer rim of his asshole. He lay there for a few minutes adjusting to the size of the cock inside of him.

    “How’s that boy?”
    “mmm” Moaned my little bitch.
    “Good, cuz now you’re going to add my own cock into the mix…and you’re gonna love it.”
    “Oh god…oh god how am I going to do that..”
    “You let me worry about that….you worry about lasting longer than I do..”

    I lubed up, and lubed up good. My cock was glistening and ready to go. I rotated the dildo so that the balls were pointed up, and put the tip of my cock underneath the dildo at the outside of his asshole. I started to push slowly in, getting the first two inches of my cock into him as he arched and moaned..breathing quickly.

    I slid deeper, and deeper, my cock splitting him as I pushed into his hot, sweaty body. He was breathing even faster, moaning and tearing at the sheets of his bed. When I finally pushed my entire rod inside of him, and with it pushed the dildo deeper, he let out a cry that was half moan half pain.

    “You ok slut?”
    “Yes….master…I can’t believe this is happening..”
    “Well believe it…you’re getting double dicked nice and good tonight boy.”
    “Please sir…I can’t do this..”
    “You don’t have a choice…”

    I pulled out and pushed in deep, and did it again, and again, and again. Each time by body slammed into him it pushed the dildo in deep. The sheen of sweat made Justin’s body twinkle in the light, his body taking a beating, his mind racing. I watched as he tore at the sheets, pulling at whatever he could.

    “Fuck…Fuck yeah give me that dick Mike…”
    “You like this now huh boy..”
    “Fuck…mm yeah give me that dick!”

    I reached down with my free hand and began to pull the dildo out of him, timing it so that I’d pull the dildo out as my dick slide out only to ram it home as I slammed into him. He was really getting it now, and he reached back with his free hand to pull his left cheek away as I pulled the right away, watching his body swallow me again and again.

    “God…God yes..YES!! FUCK, FUCK ME..I’m gonna cum Mike oh fuck I’m gonna cum…”
    “You want to cum boy?!”
    “Please yes sir…PLEASE LET ME CUM!!”
    “Shoot that load boy, I wanna fuck it out of you.”

    I slammed him harder and harder as he moaned and yelled, burying his head into a pillow to muffle his screams. I watched as his body tightened and felt his muscles tighten around my cock. I reached down just in time to catch his load as he screamed and shot a huge burst into my cupped hand. I caught every drop, and then pulled out of him, ripped the dildo out, and lubed my cock with his load before ramming my dick back into him.

    “Take this seed boy…and your own” I gave him three hard thrusts before I blew my own nut in him. I pulled out, letting a bit dribble on the outer ridge of his hole before jamming it deep into him.

    “Yeah Mike…yeah give it to me..I want every drop.”
    I pulled out again, and with my free hand made a ring around my cock and from the base up, wiped both loads off of my cock, pushing it into him with two fingers, feeling the warmth and wetness inside of him.

    “Good job boy…you did well.”
    “Thanks sir, did I do what you wanted.”
    “Exactly what I wanted..and then some.”
    “I don’t think I’m going to be able to sit right for a week.”
    “Ha, you’ll be fine…I promise.”

    I grabbed him and pulled him to the bathroom where I turned on the water and grabbed some towels. I looked at him in the mirror and then twirled him around and bent him forward, pulling his cheeks apart to show him how bad his hole had been abused. Justin smiled as he looked, realizing that what had been a tight little butthole this morning was now a loose little O staring at him.

    “So which do you like better…that 10 inch dong or my own cock..”
    “Well the dildo was nice and big..but didn’t give me what I need..” he smiled.
    “And what’s that Justin?”
    “Your cum..”

    I smiled, and we both got in the shower to clean ourselves off.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Really hott story awesome

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    Re: Family Tutor

    After we showered I realized it was approaching 9 and we hadn’t eaten anything yet. I had a long night planned for Justin, so I wanted to make sure he had enough energy to last for what I wanted to put him through.

    “Let’s order a pizza.”
    “Mike, how are we going to pay for it we’re both naked and handcuffed to each other..don’t you think that will raise some red flags for the delivery guy?”
    “You let me deal with that, give me the phone.”

    I ordered, and tossed the phone on the bed. I pulled him into me and gave him a deep kiss, while my right hand wandered down his back and cupped his ass, squeezing the meaty cheek. I pulled my head back and let my tongue flick across the underside of his jaw, working its way to his earlobe. I could feel his dick pressing upward in between my legs as he got harder and harder, but that’d have to wait.

    “The delivery guy will be here in 10 minutes. Whatya say we make a little wager.”
    “I have to say yes don’t I?”
    “Yep, pretty much.”
    “Ok..then sure, what’s the bet.”
    “I’m going to slide on some shorts, up to my thighs. You are going to stay naked. You’re gonna work my cock with that pretty mouth of yours until either I cum or the pizza guy gets here. If you make me cum before that doorbell rings, I answer with my shorts up and you hidden behind the door. If that bell rings before you’ve swallowed my load…you answer…naked.”
    “Oh god…”
    “Oh nothing…if you get to work now you may have a chance..”

    Justin pushed me over to his bed and sat me down, kneeling down on the ground between my legs. I wasn’t fully hard yet, so Justin quickly deepthroated my dick and worked it with his throat until I was throbbing inside of him. No gagging, no coughing…he was deepthroating me like a champ. He started to work my shaft with his lips and tongue, and I gotta admit this head was amazing. I could see him working his dick while he was mouth fucking mine, and he was moaning like all he wanted to eat for the night was my seed.

    I was really getting into it, and I could feel my nuts tightening up into me. I knew I was close..but was the delivery guy closer. I don’t know what I wanted blow..or watch him squirm while he answered the door naked.

    “I’m close boy….keep it going”
    Knocks at the door, followed by a frightened look up from Justin while he had almost my entire cock in his mouth.
    “I said doorbell..not knocking…I’m still close…”
    He started to really go down on me, sucking and licking, tongue swirling.
    Knocks again..only this time Justin just kept on sucking, and I could feel myself getting closer. Justin was trying harder and harder but no matter what he was doing, I hadn’t erupted yet.
    Doorbell. Justin let my cock slip from his lips and muttered ‘fuck’ under his breath. I was kinda bummed for him, so I quickly thought up a plan.

    “Let’s go boy, we’re doing this together.”
    “Just watch.”

    We walked down the stairs and walked to the front door, grabbing my wallet along the way. When we got to the door I pulled him in front of me, his ass grinding into my throbbing dick, my left arm pulling his right arm across his chest to hide the cuffs.
    ‘I’m gonna cover your’re going to open the door and give him whatever I tell you to give him…and just keep your mouth shut.”
    “Alright, open.”

    Justin opened the door, and we both watched the delivery guys eyes go wide.
    “I’m sorry, I must have the wrong sorry!!”
    “No, this is the right house…you just interrupted a hardcore sex session I was having with my cousin here….where’s my pizza?”
    “ 10.75.”
    “How about I pay for that, and give you a $100 bucks to pretend you never saw this. You won’t talk about won’t say a word…and if we ever order from you again you are going to be the guy to deliver it.”
    “Sure…I guess I can do that.” He his eyes looked Justin up and down.
    “Umm..keep your eyes on me buddy…I don’t need you looking at his body like that..I own this…if you want a piece you have to come through me first…and the price is pretty high my friend.”
    “Sorry…bye!” and he ran off.

    Justin slammed the door and spun around to face me.
    “You’d sell me out to a delivery guy?!” he said with a smirk.
    “Fuck no…but with an ass like you have I’d probably make a pretty penny off of you…but don’t worry, you’re my property…only I will enjoy that hot ass of yours. Speaking of which..I was almost about to blow my load. You owe me.”
    Justin was about to kneel down again when I yanked him back up.
    “No…your ass is calling. Get over here”

    I yanked him to the kitchen table and bent him over the edge, perfect height for a little stand and deliver action. I knelt as far as I could, spread his cheeks and spit a nice glob of spit right into his hole. I worked my thumb in and out of him to loosen him a bit and then spit an even bigger glob on my cock, making it glisten. I stood up and put the tip of my dick against his outer rim and started to push, sliding in with no resistance, burying my throbbing piece of meat deep inside of him. His hole wasn’t as tight as it had been used to…but that was ok. I was close anyway and at the angle I had my cock, I’d finish Justin off pretty quickly too…my cock was sliding back and forth across his prostate with such pressure I’d be surprised he lasted more than a minute.

    “Mike, holy fuck you’re going to make me cum already.”
    “No I’m hold that in boy.”
    “I…I can’t…oh my god I can’t take this…oh my god…”

    I slid him to the side, directly in front of the pizza.

    “If you’s landing on that pizza…and you’ll eat every slice of it.”
    “Mike, please….please….feels sooo good…”
    I started to pound him harder, keeping my cock at that angle. He grabbed onto the edge of the table so hard I thought he’d snap off the edge.
    “mmm..mike…MIKE!...oh goddddd…mmmmm.”

    And just like that, he shot two large shots of cum right onto the pizza, coating one side of it with two white streams. I watched as his body shuddered, and I grabbed him with my free arm as his whole body tensed, causing me to erupt deep inside of his belly. His legs turned to jelly and I had to hold him up for a minute until he regained his composure.

    “Jesus Christ Mike….that was intense.”
    “I could tell…now, about that pizza…”

    As I cleaned off my cock, Justin grabbed a slice and started eating, completely unphased by the cum that had dribbled across the top. I smiled, and grabbed one of the clean pieces and started eating. I watched as he finished his slice, and grabbed another..and then another. We finished that fucking pizza without a problem and cleaned up the house a bit. As we walked back upstairs I caught a glimpse of my cell phone out of the corner of my eye. It was blinking, which meant I had a message. I grabbed it, read it, and immediately got angry.

    “We gotta cut this little rendezvous short babe…I actually have to go back to school.”
    “No wayyyy Mike. Come on!”
    “Can’t..I just got an emergency call that I have to go back to school to help with a meeting. We gotta go.”
    “How!? We’re still naked and handcuffed…and the keys to the cuffs are at your place!”
    “Toss some shorts on. I got this.”

    We got dressed, each of us freeballing in a pair of basketball shorts. I called a cab, pretending to be drunk. While we waited the 5 minutes for the cab to get to his apartment, I couldn’t help but engage in quite an intense makeout session with my little furball. As the cab pulled up and beeped it’s horn, I kissed him hard and then put my plan in motion.

    “You have your keys right?”
    “Ok, pretend your drunk and passed out, I’m going to carry you to the cab to hide the cuffs.”
    “Ok..let’s go.”

    I picked him up over my shoulder and carried him to the cab, pretending I was drunk as well. The cabbie didn’t have a clue, or just didn’t care, and took the address of where my car was and drove. Once we got to my car I had to carry Justin again, but after the cab left I dropped him to the ground and we ran to my car. We hopped in and took off for my place. The roads were pretty quiet, so I made it back to my apartment pretty fast. We got out and ran to my door and were inside pretty quickly.

    “Thank god no one is home…I’m not through with you yet.”
    “Can we at least get these cuffs off Mike? They’re starting to hurt my wrist.”
    “Sure, let’s go up to my room.”

    We went upstairs and into my room. As I fumbled through my desk for the key, Justin had flicked on my computer and was scrolling through my porn folder, which, ironically had entire folder dedicated to his pics and videos. It was password protected.

    “What’s the password Mike, let’s see how much you’ve kept.” Justin said smirking.
    “I kept everything…the password is your middle name.”
    He typed it in and opened the file, confirming I had really kept all of his naughty pics and the videos of him solo and us together. I grabbed the key and popped the cuffs off of his wrist, then mine. Just as I did that my cell rang.

    “Hello….yeah I’m home….you’re shitting me….how long?!...alright, I’ll be here.”
    “What was that?” Justin asked, quizzically.
    “My roommate calling to let me know he’d be home in 2 minutes but forgot his key…I have to let him in and then me and him gotta bounce to go to a meeting….FUCK”
    “Dammit, I thought we’d have more time than that Mike..”
    “Guess what…we’re fucking before I leave.”
    “2 minutes Mike? You’ve never cum that fast before..more like 20 minutes..”
    “’s happening. Get over there on that bed…face down, ass up on the edge of that corner…now!”
    Justin did, his legs draped on each side of the corner, me jumping behind him. I grabbed my bottle of lube from my desk before I got behind him and had lubed up nicely.

    “This is going to hurt…but you can handle it right?”
    “Yes sir…I’ll try”
    “Let’s go boy..I’m going to tear this asshole up…”

    I rammed my throbbing cockhead inside of him, and the shaft slid in quickly after it. Justin yelled loudly, then remembered that my roommate could be back any second and grabbed a pillow and buried his head in it. I started to pummel him, brutally fucking his hole. I was fucking him so hard I thought I would split him in half…and from the sounds of his muffled screams, it sounded like Justin felt like he was being split in two. I watched my cock slam into his meaty ass over and over again, my cock delivering one of the hardest fucks I had ever delivered. Justin was absolutely screaming into the pillow, but still managed to reach back and spread his cheeks for me, while my cock punished his body. I was cumming, and cumming with such an intense feeling that I couldn’t believe. I shot load after load deep into him, ramming my cum deeper and deeper into him, not slowing down my pace. Justin moaned deeply over and over again, and over his muffled moans I heard my roommate banging at the door. I pulled out and grabbed a pair of shorts quickly.

    “Clean up…get some clothes on now.”

    I ran downstairs to let my roommate in, and then ran back up to see Justin. He had yanked my comforter off my bed because he had cum all over it as I had delivered my load in him. He was dressed and ready to go, but looked upset.

    “When will I see you again Mike..3 months?”
    “No..sooner. I just have to run tonight. You’ll be seeing me again soon don’t worry.”
    “Ok…want me to take the train home?”
    “Yeah…but first..take this.”

    I handed him the business card of a tattoo artist I knew. I wasn’t going to tell him that it was a former closeted fuckbuddy who owed me favors for fucking him senseless whenever he needed a fix…and let’s say he owed me a lot of favors.

    “You’re mine..and always will be. Your homework is to think up a tattoo and a place for it that will be your branding. It’ll have to claim you and your body as my property. He’s gay friendly, so he won’t care what it is or where it has to be. Just call him in advance.”
    “I’ll have to think of a place to hide a tattoo…”
    “You’ll figure it out. I gotta go..come here.”

    He walked over to me and I pulled him in tight and gave him a kiss. We ran downstairs, Justin heading off to the train while I hopped into my roommates car and we headed off to our meeting. I was very pissed to have to cut my time with him short…but very interested to see how creative he got with the tattoo idea…

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Just found this story today. GREAT! Keep it coming.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Sorry it's been so long boys...I've been pretty busy on my end but I have had more of the story typed out. I'll be uploading it in pieces over the next few days. I also was able to find some pictures over the holiday breaks while visiting my stay tuned for the pictures as well. Sadly none of the videos survived...but the pics are just as good!

    It had been almost a week since my little handcuff experiment with Justin had been rudely interrupted, and I was still furious that I had to cut that session short. My dick was aching for him..and the night after I left him I got the hardest boner of my life thinking about what I wanted to do to him. The only way I could get it down was to go on cam with him and watch him finger his hole while he played with himself. When I asked him to do it he didn’t even bat an eyelash…he must have known that I was horny as all hell and needed release. He recorded it all, as usual with our cam sessions, and sent it to me again the next day so that I could enjoy it again, which I of course did.

    Justin called me the Wednesday after our session to ask me about the tattoo request.
    “Mike, what exactly do you want this tattoo to be?”
    “Something that symbolizes that your body belongs to me…at least from my perspective. If you wind up fucking girls then you’re a-ok. If you stick with guys..guess what..unless I releases you from our little pact..that body belongs to me.”
    “So what should it be?”
    “That’s for you to decide…I don’t care what it is or where it is, the reason it’s on you is what counts. It could be an arrow pointing to your ass with the words “Mike fucks this” and that’d work.”
    “I obviously can’t do that..”
    “No kidding….you’re smart…you’ll figure it out.”

    And figure it out he did. Sunday of that week he texted me, telling me that he had just finished getting the tattoo and he hoped that I’d like it. I let him know that I’d like it no matter what, and he shot back a smiley emoticon. I was interested to see what he had done, so I let him know that my apartment would be free any time the entire next week, and that he could come over whenever. I secretly hoped that he planned on staying for more than one night, but we’d cross that bridge when we got there.

    Justin showed up Monday night, clearly not wasting any time. He was wearing cute little shorts that hugged his ass perfectly and a white athletic top. I could already see the outline of the jockstrap in his shorts, and I started to get a little bit excited. His jock was bulging nicely and I knew that his cock wanted to get out just as bad as mine did.

    “What’s up slut?”
    “Nothing sir..just came to show off my new ink.” Justin’s smirk was enough to make me want to tear his clothes off and rape him right in my doorway.
    “Well what are you waiting for? Let’s see it.”

    Justin came in and shut the door. He slid his shorts off quickly, and then slid his top off over his head. He was standing there in only his jockstrap and a smile. I didn’t see a tattoo on first glance.

    “ where is it?”
    “You have to look, it’s a surprise”

    I started to walk around him inspecting him for the telltale signs of a tattoo…redness, glossy skin because of the lotions you put on it...anything to clue me in. I inspected his entire front, including his cock and nuts, and couldn’t find anything. I checked the inside of his lips...nothing. I started to make my way around his back, looking up and down. The light was bad, and I couldn’t see much, so I flicked on the lamp behind him. I started to bend down to check his legs when I saw some glossy skin around the crack of his ass. I pushed him to the back of the couch and bent him over, spreading his cheeks. I could see from afar that what had once been a nice furry patch of skin was currently a regrowing tuft of fur. He had clearly shaved around his asshole, so I spread his cheeks, and sure enough, found his tattoo.

    “Property of MP” ringed around the outside of his puckered hole.

    “I like it…I like it a lot..double meaning too..not only do I own your body as a whole..but this asshole clearly belongs to me..”
    “Yeah and I know how much you like the hair on my body…so I figured the hair on my ass would partially conceal it from other eyes.”
    “You did good buddy…very good.”
    “Thanks..glad you like it!”
    “I like it so much that I want to prove it right this second.”

    I stood up and began unzipping the fly of my jeans. My dick flopped out at full attention and began poking against Justin’s meaty bum. My jeans fell to my ankles and I yanked my shirt off over my head in one motion. Justin, who was flopped over the back of my living room couch, had already reached back and was exposing his hole for me. I let a large wad of spit fall from my mouth onto the top of his crack, watching it ooze down into his hole. He slid his fingers in and out of himself to make him nice and wet, but I knew he’d take it no matter how much or how little lube I used.

    “You wanna make good on that tattoo boy?”
    “Yes sir…take me please…you own me so what are you waiting for??”

    I started to push into him slowly, feeling his asshole swallow my cock more and more. The deeper I pushed, the louder Justin moaned. When I was completely inside of him I looked down and saw that “Property of” was forming a perfect ring around the top of my shaft, so I knew “MP” was placed perfectly on the other side. I began to thrust into him with passion, sliding in and out of him at varying angles and speeds. He was breathing in short, quick bursts. Each time I’d thrust in he’d let out a quiet moan or whimper, and with each pull out he squeezed like he didn’t want to let my cock go. I was working into a steady rhythm, his ass bouncing and jiggling over and over again while my dick was rammed home over and over and over.

    Justin reached back and grabbed his ass, spreading it, making his hole tight around my shaft. I had placed my hands on the back of the couch, but as he spread himself open for my enjoyment I repositioned my hands onto his shoulders, pulling him forcefully into my body as I slid myself into him. He pulled his cheeks away strongly, making his hole nice and tight around my shaft.

    “Yeah sir…fuck that ass…”
    “Let go boy…I wanna see that ass bounce.”
    Justin released his grip on each cheek and moved them to the back of the couch, holding himself from sliding over onto the seats.
    “harder sir!.” Justin said while biting his lower lip, eyes rolling into his head.
    “You want it rough?”

    With my right hand I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, while my left smacked him firmly on the ass. He yelped, but just kept moaning and groaning away, enjoying himself. His cock was swinging back and forth like a pendulum between his legs, spraying precum all over the back of the leather sofa and my floor. He was alternating between locking his hole around my cock and relaxing..which was driving me wild. I was watching his body begin to tense up, and I knew he was close, but he wasn’t coming first.

    I reached down with my right hand and lifted his right leg up so that it was in line with the back of the sofa. This tightened his asshole up even more and allowed me to slide just a bit deeper into him with each push. I was close…very close.

    “ooooo…please master.. fill me…please cum sir…
    “already cumming slut…” as I shot the first of many bursts inside of him.
    “mmm…yeah Mike…yeah..”

    I felt Justin’s first burst hit my inner thigh, then heard the rest hit the back of the couch. I pulled out of him and grabbed his head, jerking him towards my leg.

    “Eat that boy…then lick every drop off of that couch!”
    “Yes sir!” he cried, as he licked the glob from my thigh and then licked the little bubble of cum oozing out of my cock. He turned and got every drop off of the couch and swallowed deeply..and as he was bent over licking, with me watching him I heard a noise behind me, by the door.

    “Well well well Mike…what have we here?”

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Justin jerked up quickly and frantically tried to put his shirt back on…not like the Under Armour shirt he was wearing would cover up his freshly fucked ass. He was scrambling to put it on, not getting his arms in the right holes, until he finally shot his head through the neckhole and looked behind me to see who had come in on us.

    “Oh fuck…I..I..”
    “Shh....” the intruder whispered as he closed and locked the door. He walked over to Justin and bent him over, Justin not having much luck of resisting the strong muscular grip of the person who had secretly barged in on us. As Justin was bent over with one strong arm, the other hand groped across Justin’s ass and spread his cheeks, showcasing the hole I had just ravaged, as well as the tattoo. He released his grip on Justin’s ass and walker around to the front of the couch. As he did, he was pushing down the waistband of his shorts and boxers and by the time he got to where Justin’s head was resting, these items were down at his ankles. Justin looked up just as the intruder turned around and spread his own ass right above Justin’s face.

    “No fucking way!..” gasped Justin..
    “Yes way…I sure hope you resisted his charm longer than I did...”
    “He did, but after I turned you, you became more of a power bottom than I had ever expected.”
    “Well, at least we’re keeping it all in the family.” said Marc, my younger brother.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    :O what a twist! And please keep up with what I think is the hottest story on JUB!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Surprised? So was I.

    I had turned Marc into my first fuckbuddy two summers before I started with Justin. He had been a different type of nut to crack..but once I did it was some of the best sex of my life. We had grown up sharing a room, always seeing each other while we changed and got in or out of the shower. He was smaller than I was in height..but he had started bodybuilding and was definitely gaining size quickly. He was about 5’8 and 160 pounds of all muscle. When we got to highschool we stopped sharing a room, and I didn’t see him naked as much as I used to as he hit and went through puberty. One night when our parents had gone out for dinner I inadvertently walked in on him as he was coming out of the shower. What I saw blew my mind.

    My brother’s cock was at least as big soft as mine is hard. It hung down over his nicely sized nuts and was dripping with water as he toweled off. It caught me off guard, and instead of retreating and closing the door I stood there staring.

    “ you want to hold it or something?? What are you doing?”
    “Actually I’m impressed..your cock is huge..easily bigger than mine.”
    “Shut up Mike, I’ve seen you when you walk to the shower..we’re probably the same.” Marc said as he continued drying himself.
    “No way…here I’ll show you. You’re definitely bigger than me.” I whipped my cock out from behind my shorts and boxers and stood in front of him.
    “That cock is definitely bigger than mine Marc…you’re almost double my size when I’m soft.”
    “So?..what about when you’re hard…I bet we’re the same size.”
    “Well…let’s see.”

    We both worked our cocks for a few minutes until we were both fully hard. Marc was doing it more as a competition…I was doing it because I was now extremely aroused.

    “Case closed…you’re huge.”
    “Shit..I guess I am a lot bigger than you are…how big is that?” he asked me.
    “I measure at about 7.5 inches..have you measured yours?”
    “No…hang on.” Marc moved closer to me, and put his dick next to mine, almost rubbing them together. “I think I’ve got at least another inch there..maybe more.”
    “Yeah..I think you’ve got at least 9 inches there. Jesus”
    “You’ve got better legs though..turn around I bet you have a nicer ass than I do.”
    I turned..and I knew that mine wasn’t better. His was awesome thanks to his gym sessions.
    “Now you turn..let’s see yours Marc.”
    Marc turned, still slightly wet, and I couldn’t help but think of what I’d do to his amazing ass. It was nice and meaty..firm but soft at the same time. Marc had no body hair, so his ass was perfectly smooth.
    “You win again Marc…your ass is nicer.”
    “I guess so. that we’re both hard as a rock what do we do.?”
    “ have any porn on your computer..we can just jerk off in your room…”
    “Yeah I do..let’s go.”

    I followed him down the hallway, watching his muscles flex in his ass as he walked. We rounded the corner into his room and he tossed the towel on the bed and sat down at his computer naked. He played around for a bit and then he pulled up a vid from his stash and started to watch it.

    “This work for you?”
    “Yeah..that should be fine.” I stared more at his cock as he began to stroke himself than at the computer screen. I grabbed my own cock and began to jerk off, watching him. I watched his muscles flexing and relaxing as he stroked his cock and I kept sneaking peaks at his dick when he wasn’t looking. I couldn’t help but notice how thick his cock was…I guess I should have expected that after seeing how big he was soft, but it was impressive.

    “I can’t believe how big your fucking cock is Marc…that’s insane.”
    “It’s not that big..I don’t think so at least..”

    I got up and walked to the chair. I stopped his hand as he jerked and kept his hand in a fist around his shaft.
    “Keep that size fist and let go of your cock.”
    He did.
    “ watch this.”
    I slid his hand over my cock to let him see how much extra space there was.
    “Think again..” I said laughing.
    He grabbed down on my shaft and jerked me a few times.
    “Your’s is still a good size..”
    I reached over and seized his shaft in my hand and jerked him a bit.
    “Still..I’d love to have a cock this big. Jesus Christ.”
    As we were playing with each others dicks..the scene on the screen had flipped to the girl deepthroating the star’s cock to the base.
    “See that….that’s one of the negatives. Girls can’t handle my cock. They only suck on like half of it.”
    “They try?”
    “Ha, yeah right…they look at it like it’s gonna choke them. Which it may..who knows.”
    “How about a bet?” My brother loves competition…and hates losing…so this was a trick on my part.
    “If I try to deepthroat your cock just once and succeed…you have to suck me off.”
    “Deal” he said without thinking.
    “ aren’t gonna do it..I guarantee it.” Little did my little brother know I had sucked many a cock before his. Not as big..but I’d figure it out.
    “Well to sweeten the deal and make it fair, if I do it you have to swallow my load and then I’ll return the favor and swallow yours.”
    “Umm..I don’t know about that one…”
    “Oh…but you were so confident before..if you don’t think I can do it what do you care if you have to swallow or not?”
    “You’re right…deal. Let’s see what you got”
    “Alright..lay down on the bed.”

    Marc hopped up and hopped on his bed, laying spread eagle..cock pointed to the sky. By looking and feeling his cock, I knew he had a slight curve for the top 2 inches so I positioned myself in a 69 angle to allow his cock better entry. He didn’t realize I was changing my angle for a reason.. he was still interested to see how far I’d get. I spit a nice gob right on his knob and worked it over his shaft to make his cock a bit moist, and licked my lips. I started at the tip of his cock, licking around the head before I made my move. He moaned lightly, but continued watching. I started to slide his cock into my mouth, going slowly but steadily. I had gotten half of it in and was already stretching my mouth a bit. Marc just continued to stare. I kept working more and more of his cock into my mouth, the tip of his cock just starting to slide its way down my throat. I had at least 6 inches so far, time to go for the gold. As I pushed his cock further down my throat, all I could hear was..”Oh..My…!” with the WAY coming as my lips reached the base of his cock. I swallowed twice around his dick, grabbed his nuts, and came off of his cock in one motion.

    “Looks like I win.”
    “How the FUCK did you pull that off..usually it’s only half in and girls are already gagging.”
    “I don’t know..I really wanted to get sucked off today so I guess I had to win the bet no matter what.” I said with a smirk.
    “You asshole…”
    “Well a deal is a deal…I hate losing but I made the bet. Guess I wrote a check my cock couldn’t pay out.”

    He flipped me off of him and I lay across his bed. He repositioned himself and then looked at me as he had my cock in his hands.
    “Does it taste funny?”
    “Your’s didn’t, but I don’t know how my own dick tastes.”
    “How do you want me to do it?”
    “Well, think of what you like during head and do it to me I guess..”
    “ goes nothing…do I still have to swallow?”
    “Did you bet me that if I swallowed your cock you’d swallow my load?”
    “Yeah..I guess I did..ok..guess I have some work to do.”

    Marc wrapped his mouth around the first half of my cock and licked around the head slowly, getting a feel for what was in his mouth. He looked up at me while my dick was in his mouth and I just nodded to keep going. He began to suck a bit more enthusiastically, moving up and down my shaft with ease. He gagged a few times, but kept working my cock with both his lips and his hand. He was doing a damn good job of it too.

    “That feels pretty good…keep going”
    Either because I complimented what he was doing..or to try to prove he could match what I did, Marc grabbed me by the nuts and deepthroated my own dick, except he gagged a bit.
    “Looks like you would have lost your own bet if you had to suck a cock the size of yours.”
    “You’re damn right I would..” Marc gasped as he took a quick breather.
    He went back to sucking me off and was working it with a steady rhythm. After about 10 minutes I was close, and let him know.
    “Yeah Marc..suck that dick..this feels fucking awesome…I’m gonna cum…”
    He sucked harder and harder, trying to finish the job, and just like that I shot a huge load into his mouth. A good sized glob of it shot out of his mouth and back onto my cock, but he used his tongue to flick it back into his mouth and I watched as he swallowed it. He licked every drop of cum out of my cock and then let it fall from his mouth and he flopped onto the bed.
    “Holy fuck that was a lot Mike..”
    “The bet was to swallow..I never said you had to swallow it all.”
    “Well..a bets a bet…I wasn’t about to have you claim I didn’t follow through.” I knew my brother’s competitive nature would work to my advantage.
    “Well like you said, a bet is a now it’s my turn to try out yours.”

    Marc rolled onto his back and I grabbed a hold of his cock. I licked up and down the shaft several times before rolling my lips over the head of his cock, swirling my tongue around and around. I started to work his cock nice and slow, going almost to the base and then sliding up and playing with the head of his cock.

    “Fuck Mike that feels good..”
    I started to suck his cock to give him head that he’d never forget. I was working his cock and he was enjoying it, I could tell by his breathing and moaning. He was moaning quietly as I licked up and around his shaft, teasing his cockhead with my tongue. I worked his cock good for about 5 minutes before he grabbed my shoulder.
    “Mike..I’m cumming..”
    He didn’t just cum…he exploded in my mouth. I had trouble keeping all of his cum in while continuing to milk his cock with my lips. I swallowed every bit of it before letting his dick out of my mouth.

    “Fuck Mike…I gotta say that was the best head I’ve ever gotten.”
    “Well…I guess if you can’t find girls who can do it for ya..and you need some release..I could help you wasn’t that bad.”
    “Shit…that deal works for me!”
    “But what…?”
    “You have to return the favor.”
    Marc looked at me for about a minute..
    “Still got a deal…if you keep sucking my cock like that I’ll do whatever you want.”

    A statement I wouldn’t let him forget..

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Will we be getting more for Christmas? That would be a perfect gift.

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