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Thread: Family Tutor

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Sorry for all of the delays's been a pretty busy couple of months for me. On the other hand...I have had some time to write down more of this story and I'm going to fire off quite a bit of it in rapid succession, so sit grab some popcorn and your cock and enjoy.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Marc and I continued our little agreement for about a month without any issues. Whenever he’d come home from a date with a girl that didn’t end the way he planned, he’d come into my room, flip his cock through his jeans and say..”Looks like I need your help with something.” That was his comment every time..and it turned into a cute joke. I’d do my end of the bargain, sucking his dick happily and giving him the release that he needed. Whenever I wanted a little release, I’d say “Are you hungry at all?” He’d laugh, and then he’d go down on me without a complaint, generally sucking me to completion and swallowing every time. One time our parents were home and Marc was up in his bedroom.

    “Hey Mike..”
    “Yeah whats up?”
    “I need your help with something…”
    I was actually pretty surprised he was as ballsy to ask while our parents were around, so I thought he just actually needed help with something else. I jogged up to his room and closed the door behind me. He whipped his cock out and looked at me with a smile.
    “I’m horny as shit…can you help me out?
    “Yeah..please Mike..I’m so horny..”
    “well..are you hungry at all?”
    He smirked…”Starving”
    “Well then let’s take care of this together..”
    I laid down on his bed and pulled my pants down. He took his off completely and walked over.
    “69…you on top. Kneel so that I have enough space to work without you smothering me with that thing.”

    We began our little 69 session in earnest…both going to town on each others dicks. He was sucking me off pretty nicely while I played with his cock and had his balls slapping in my face. I reached up and grabbed his meaty ass, squeezing and pulling them apart. He moaned a bit, and started to face fuck me a bit as we continued. We kept it up for a good 20 minutes before his moaning let me know he was cumming. His load shot into my mouth with such force I couldn’t help but gag. I swallowed every drop, slurping drop after creamy drop from the tap. I came just as hard, shooting into his mouth. He swallowed every drop of me and then collapsed on top of me.

    “Thank God for this Mike….you don’t know how horny I was..”
    “Oh..I had a clue…your cock felt harder than ever..”
    “Thanks for doing this…”
    “You do the same for’s not like it’s just you getting off..”
    “Yeah..but it’s more challenging for you cuz of how big I am..I owe you one.”

    Oh, he’d definitely owe me big time..

    That night our parents left for the weekend. I figured it was a good time to push the little agreement Marc and I had a bit further. We were hanging out in the living room watching some TV when I popped the question.

    “You need help with anything Marc?”
    He looked over at me..somewhat surprised. “Are you asking me if I want you to suck me off again?”
    “Kinda, I’m kind of in the mood to play with your dick a bit more.”
    “Well, if you’re game I’m game..I’m never gonna turn down a good blowjob.”
    “Oh, so I give good ones huh?”
    “You give great ones Mike..that’s why I keep coming back for more!”
    “Well, get naked idiot..let’s get this show on the road.”

    Marc stripped his clothes off while he sat on the couch, his muscles tensing as he pulled his shirt off. I watched as he slid his shorts and boxers off of him, his cock already somewhat hard. I got naked as well, and crossed the room and knelt in between his legs. I grabbed his cock with my right hand while I grabbed his nuts with my left..massaging both. I gobbled his cock down to the base, and once I got there Marc’s hand found the back of my head, holding me in place.

    “Oh god that cock..”
    I was working him good, squeezing his balls, squeezing his pecs, licking at his nuts and thighs. He was losing his mind, I was watching as his head snapped back and forth, his moaning getting louder and louder. I decided now was as good a time as any. I let his dick slide from my mouth and I grabbed his ankles with each hand. I lifted his legs up, exposing his hole, and began rimming him, licking around and inside of his hole, up to his nuts, around the base of his cock. I watched his eyes open wide, and then roll into the back of his head.
    “Yeah Mike..that feels good..holy shit.”
    I flicked my tongue in and out of his tight little hole and then let his legs fall over my shoulders while I sucked his dick back into my mouth. After a few more minutes he was moaning loudly.

    “Fuck Mike.FUCK YEAH!..keep going….yeah….oh god….oh fuck Mike I’m cumming..holy shit…holy fuckkkk…”
    His load was amazing. I swallowed over and over again. I counted at least 8 gulps before he was done, and at that point his legs were quivering and he was grasping at the couch.
    “Jesus Christ Mike, I thought you’d suck my cock right off of my body.”
    “You like that?”
    “Like it..I loved it!..I told you if you suck my cock like that I’ll do anything!”
    “Oh promise?”
    “Fuck yeah man…I owe you that much.”
    “Well then, I want to fuck you..”
    His smirk faded. “How..I don’t have a pussy?”
    Straight boys…so naïve. “No, but you do have a nice little hole that’s probably tighter than any pussy.”
    “You wanna fuck me in the ass?!”
    “I’ve wanted to try it since I saw you naked after the shower that day.”
    “Yeah, I do have a pretty nice ass..did you plan on licking my hole just then?”
    “Kinda spur of the moment. I knew it was clean and I’m already licking around the area, figured I’d see how it tasted as well.”
    “I liked it..did you.”
    “Yeah..kinda.” he said..sounding a bit apprehensive about agreeing.
    “I did say I’d do anything for you huh?”
    “And taking it in the ass tonight would pretty much be the tip of the iceberg of things I could do for you huh?”
    “I’d say so..”
    “Will it hurt?”
    “It might, I don’t know, but that’ll be up to you. I’m sure if you think it’s going to hurt it’ll hurt.” Again, my brother didn’t know I’d already fucked a guy or two..
    “Is there any restrictions on you fucking me?”
    “Like what?”
    “Well..lube..condom…how long…” Marc was sounding nervous.
    “I’ll rim you good and get you nice and wet..that should work for lube. I’ll get a nice glob on my cock too. Condom…your choice. How hard and long…that’s for me to isn’t it?”
    “Umm..I guess…don’t bother with the can just pull out when your gunna cum. Let’s do this. I kinda wanna see how this goes..”

    I knelt below him again and lifted his legs up, starting to tongue his hole again. It was tight..very tight. I slid my tongue in and out, darting quickly but licking hard around the edges. I rimmed him good for about 5 minutes, watching his cock grow and throb back to full attention.
    “You ready?”
    “Yeah Mike..let’s do this.”
    I knelt at the edge of the couch, his ass hanging just at the lip of the cushion, legs perched on my shoulders. I let a good amount of spit fall from my lips to coat my cock, then put the head of my cock against his hole.
    “You ready?”
    “Ready and waiting…”
    I started to push slowly into him. The head slid in slowly, and then hit that wall of resistance.
    “Relax…I’ll slide in easier if you relax and just take it.”
    He took a deep breath and relaxed his body and as he did that I pushed…and I felt that ring pop open. I slid in quickly for a few inches before catching myself…and making him yell.
    “You ok?”
    “Yeah…that hurt a bit but I’m ok. Keep going.”
    “You sure..I can stop..”
    “No…if you keep your end of the bargain I have to keep mine..I want that entire cock inside of me in the next 5 seconds or I’m punching you.” Good old competitive swagger..knew it’d come in handy.
    “I’m ramming it home on” and I pushed the last few inches of myself inside of him as he yelled.
    “You said 3!” he yelled.
    “Figured the surprise would get me in easier.”
    “Are you all the way in?” Marc said..pleadingly.
    “Yeah, you’ve got it all.”
    “Well what are you waiting for…let’s fuck already.”

    I flexed my cock once, twice, three times..watching his face as my dick swelled and relaxed, stretching his insides. I pulled out almost completely, feeling his hole try to squeeze me out, only to push it all the way back in. I did this for a while, letting his body get used to the feeling. He was breathing heavily, and moaning a bit, but I couldn’t read him on whether or not he was ok or not.

    “You good?”
    “Yeah…it hurts a little…but I’m getting used to it…it feels kinda good not gonna lie..”
    “You think you can handle me speeding up the pace bitch?”
    “Fuck you..” I rammed my dick in hard. “mmffph…’re running the show…”
    “I’m gonna go ready for this..”
    “As ready as I’ll ever be..fuck..just don’t hurt me.”

    I started to be a bit more forceful with my thrusts, as I pushed in I’d force myself deeper, burying more of myself inside of him each time. Marc would let out a manly grunt with each thrust..then a whimper as I pulled out. I was still going fairly slow, just thrusting harder. He was pretty receptive..literally…his asshole was loosening up nicely. He looked up at me at one point as I pushed in and in between grunts whispered “I’m ready..”

    I was pretty excited at that point, my dick harder than ever and I was watching his dick rise to meet my level of excitement. It was oozing from the tip, and I couldn’t help but wonder how long he’d last before exploding all over himself. I sped up my pace, sliding in and out pretty easily with a bit of a squeeze here or there. Once I slipped out and jammed it right back into him and I heard a “fuck yeah” whisper from him. After a few minutes of steady hard fucking he started getting mouthy.

    “Fuck yeah Mike..yeahhhhh…this feels gooooodd…mmmm god.”
    “you like that cock don’t you..”
    “yeah man…keep going hard..hows my ass feel on that cock..”
    “awesome..nice and tight..”
    “fuck me hard mike..I want you to enjoy this..”

    I started to pummel his ass, working it at all angles. He was grunting and moaning louder and louder now, grabbing at the couch, tugging on his balls. I wanted to switch up the position a bit, so I rolled him onto his side so that he was almost in the fetal position, his ass right on the edge of the couch still. I did this all without pulling out, and the twisting motion must have been fun because he moaned loudly as it happened..whispering “fuck..fuck..” over and over again. The change in position let me really slip it in at different angles, letting him feel it every which way. After a few minutes I wanted to switch it up again.

    “You like this position..”
    “fuck yeah..keep it going Mike..”
    “Wanna change it up again..”
    “…” was his response between thrusts.

    I started to roll him again, sliding his legs over the edge of the couch so that he was kneeling on the floor but had his stomach and chest on the seat of the couch. favorite position. The turning made him moan loudly again, but his hole was nice and loose now so it let the friction happen. I started to really give it to him in this position. I was kneeling at first, but then I got up and was almost crouching behind him, fucking him in nice, long strokes.

    “How’s it feel bitch..”
    “fuck Mike..fucking..great..”
    “you like this?”
    “reach back and spread them for me..”

    Marc reached back and grabbed at each cheek, pulling them apart and holding each meaty bubble nice and wide. His hole was stretched around my dick and I watched as it swallowed me over and over again. This was utter paradise for me…his body was so muscular and amazing and I was taking complete control of it. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to keep moving him around to try different positions, so I reached around his waist with one of my arms and pulled him up so we were standing. He repositioned his arms on the back of the couch, and I watched as his muscular frame flexed and relaxed as I fucked him harder and harder. I grabbed him by his meaty shoulders and started to pull him into me as I pushed my cock inside of him. I was fucking him harder and harder at this point, but he was taking it over and over again. At one point he reached down to jerk himself off, and I smacked him hard on his ass.

    “Don’t touch your cock…you’re pleasuring me remember?”
    “it feels soo good mike…oh man..”
    “come off this cock..I’m gonna have you sit down on it and ride it.”

    I pulled out of him, feeling him squeeze as I did so, and sat down on the couch. He looked at me with a “what do I do?” face and I said “Face away from me and sit down on it..then you can ride it however you want..just don’t let it slide out.” Marc turned around and before he could start to lower himself to meet my throbbing cock, I stopped him.
    “Wait, bend over and spread em..I wanna see what your hole looks like.” He did, and what had been tight as hell before was now definitely used and abused.
    “Can I ride it Mike?”
    “Yeah..sit down on it and ride it slow or hard as you want..”
    Marc came down on it slowly, and rode it slowly for about a minute before picking up the pace. He was bucking up and down, really coming down hard on my cock. I could hear his own cock smacking against his abs as he rode up and down. I was getting closer and closer..but I wanted to have him blow first.

    “Stand up..”
    “Why…this feels soo good”
    “Go back to how we started…I’m gonna pummel you so hard you won’t be able to sit tomorrow..”
    “Try me..”
    He got up and flipped back onto the couch, ass hanging just off the edge. I grabbed both of his ankles to keep his legs spread and then I crouched low and slid myself back into him.

    “Oh shit…yeah Mike fuck me good!”
    I fucked him like this was going to be my last fuck on earth. I was going hard..harder…ramming myself into him. The echoes of my body slapping into his were louder than ever and his cock was oozing tons of precum. It was dripping all over his chest. I watched his eyes as they rolled into the back of his head, his body slamming into the back of the couch with each thrust. His dick looked harder than ever, and I couldn’t wait to watch it explode.

    “Yeah man..”
    “I can feel it…you’re making me cum…oh god…oh my god..Mike..Mike…don’t stop..”
    “cum man…I wanna see that load..”
    I fucked harder…harder…he was grabbing at his ass, spreading himself for me..
    “don’t..stop…mike…mike…ooooh GOD”
    He came…he came over and over again. The first shot came out of his cock and shot clear over his shoulder and onto the couch, with each burst after that coating his mouth, shoulder, pecs and abs. When he was finally done cumming he let out a low moan. The tightness of his body as he came drove me to my limit.
    “I’m gonna cum soon..where do you want it?
    “Can you cum inside of me?”
    “It’s gonna be a huge load..”
    “do it..fill me up…I hate having to pull out so just fill me.”
    I fucked him in nice long strokes before I started to cum…and as I did I pushed my cum deep into him.
    “oh man…I can feel that..yeah man cum inside of me..”
    I finished pumping my seed into him and pulled out, and then immediately bent down and licked at the edge of his hole to get a bit of the cum that was dripping out of him. I then licked his abs, his pecs, his shoulder and neck and the cum off his lip. I swallowed all of it.

    “Mike..that was fucking AWESOME man..holy shit I’ve never cum so hard in my life!”
    “How’s your ass feel?”
    “ legs feel so week right definitely fucked the shit out of me.”
    “uhh..I’d say I fucked the cum right out of you..”
    “and into me..that felt pretty good Mike..not gonna lie.”
    “Which position did you like best?”
    “Definitely doggy..but I liked riding it too..that was hot.”
    “Yeah man..doggy is my favorite..”
    “Dude I can’t believe we just fucked!”
    “ shit.”
    “Gotta tell ya, I’d probably do it again if you wanted.”
    “Yeah? You really liked it?”
    “Oh yeah..I didn’t think I’d like it at first but that was awesome.”
    “Well, how about we change up and formalize our agreement?”
    “Well, we already have our agreement about head…if you want it your line is “I need your help with something” and if I want you to blow me I ask you “are you hungry?”.”
    “Yeah..that works out well because it’s fairly easy to disguise.”
    “Ok, well, say I suck you off..and later I want to fuck your ass again..I think I have a new line for it..and you actually said it when we were fucking.”
    “If I want to fuck you, instead of have you blow me, I’m gonna ask you “do you need a refill” and your response will be “yeah, I need you to fill me up.”
    “Ha…I did tell you to fill me up didn’t I?”
    “Yeah, you definitely did.”
    “Well, are you going to blow your load in me every time?”
    “Do you want me to?”
    “Kinda…I already swallow your loads in one hole..I might as well do it in both. Easier cleanup.”
    “Deal then. Now whenever one of us asks…we can’t back out. We have to follow through with it.”
    “That’s fine Now can I go shower now…I have cum all over me.”
    “go for it..”

    I watched him prance his hot little ass across the room as he went to go shower. I was shocked that it had taken less than two months to go from seeing my brother naked to fucking him senseless on our living room sofa. He had been cool with all of it..and clearly enjoyed it. I knew we’d do it again; it’d just depend on how soon and how often. But clearly this was a win-win situation for both of us.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Marc and I played around with our little agreement a few times over the next month. It was pretty much always a give and receive type thing; sometimes same day, other times I’d suck him off and then let him know it was time to be my bottom a day later when I was really horny. It was working out well. I had sucked him and fucked him in just about every room of our house, in both of our cars, at a hotel one weekend when our family had gone for a little vacation…it had gotten to the point that I wasn’t even asking him to suck me, I’d always ask for him to give up his ass for me and he was always a willing participant. I had fucked him almost every day of that month, sometimes more than once a day. He always took my cum inside of him, never wanting a drop to go elsewhere. I had fucked him in almost every position imaginable, just to give him a taste of all angles and delivery. One night after a particularly hardcore fuck session where I had him on his stomach, ass up in the air to take its beating, we were laying together on the bed and he started up with the 21 questions.

    “So have you gotten head from a chick in the past month? You’ve been pretty horny all the time.”
    “No, I haven’t actually...have you?”
    “No, your mouth has been the only one on my cock since we started this little agreement.”
    “I’m surprised Marc, you usually have a line of chicks.”
    “Eh..they’ve all been duds. You gotten any pussy lately?”
    “Only yours.” I said to him with a smirk.
    “Haha…very funny you dick. I’m serious.”
    “Yeah so am I, I’ve only fucked you for the past however many days..”
    “You really enjoy fucking me don’t you?”
    “Yeah man…it’s great. We both know what we want..we both get off..we don’t have to worry about condoms or getting someone relationship’s cool.”
    “Yeah..I agree with that..”
    “Do you still like getting fucked?”
    “Ha..Do I! I’m so used to it now I don’t know why we didn’t do this before.”
    “So you’re cool with continuing our agreement?”
    “Yeah Mike, I don’t want to stop it. I’ve never had such good sex until we started our little agreement so why would I stop it?”
    “Well..technically you’re the chick in the relationship..since you’re always the one getting dicked.” I said with a smirk to tease him.
    “Well..I can’t help that I kinda like having you fuck me…I never knew I could cum without touching my cock before you fucked me that first time.”
    “So you’re still down for being my bottom.”
    “Definitely..and happy to do it..”
    “Just checking.”

    About a week later we were driving home from the gym when Marc turned to me.
    “I think I need you to refill my tank..” he said with a smirk.
    “Really? I haven’t even helped you out with anything today.” I said with a grin.
    “I really don’t care…I really need you to fill me up when we get home. I can’t stand how horny I am and I need you to fill me up NOW.”

    We got home and went up to my room. His clothes were off in about 0.3 seconds and mine were off soon after that. He walked over to my bed and laid himself at the corner edge, one leg off to each side, cock pointed at the floor throbbing…hole ready and waiting.

    I grabbed the lube out of my nightstand and put enough on me to grease up my shaft. I walked behind him and smacked my cock hard against the crack of his ass twice..teasing him.

    “Mike, stop. Please just fuck me..I need it.”
    “Mike..please fuck me…I’ve been craving your cock so bad all week.”
    “Oh Yeah?..How bad?”
    “Dude…whenever I don’t have you fucking me my asshole actually feels empty I always have to have you inside of me.”
    “How bad do you need this dick?”
    “Mike..I’ve been wanting you all week..I don’t even care if you suck me off anymore I get off so much better when you fuck me”
    “So..bad enough to make a new agreement?”
    “YES…I just want you to fuck me Mike..what do you want me to do?”
    “Do you agree that from now on I will fuck you whenever I want, regardless of when or where?”
    “Yes Mike, we can fuck anytime..”
    “Do you agree that you won’t ever fuck any guy but me unless I say otherwise?”
    “How about any girls?”
    “This is a yes or no question..”
    “Yes..I’ll give up fucking girls if we keep this up..”
    “Do you agree to becoming my sex slave…”
    “uhh How?..”
    “I am what matters…you may want this cock, but only I can give you this cock. You can beg to me and I may give in, but other than that, I choose when we fuck, how we fuck, how hard we fuck and if you get to enjoy this cum inside of you..and I tell you who and who you can or can’t need my permission for anything involving sex with someone else”
    “Yes, I’ll do it…”
    “There is more Marc..”
    “What..please Mike I can’t take this much longer..”
    “You cum when I let you cum. You will continue to take my load every time..never cumming unless I allow you to.”
    “Yes..yes I agree!”
    “You sure you can keep the terms of the agreement..?”
    “God yes Mike, now please fill me with that cock!”

    I rammed my cock deep into him with one thrust. He screamed into the bed and then whispered “yeah Mike..just like that..” I started to fuck him with such aggression that I couldn’t believe he was taking it so easily. I had Marc screaming into the pillows of my bed, hands grasping at the comforter.
    “This what you wanted boy?”
    “Yeah Mike..god..yes..”
    “Call me sir…”
    “God sir…fuck me harder sir! I can take it!”
    I was really fucking him now, watching his ass jiggle as I slammed into him over and over again. I couldn’t believe how well he was taking this dick, I was really driving it home and he kept screaming for more. I smacked him hard on each cheek…”yeah sir…slap that ass..” SLAP..”Please sir..again..” SLAP “mmm…”

    I gave him the dicking of a lifetime. His muscles were glistening with sweat, his asshole was completely mine and his body was now mine for my own pleasure.
    “You close boy?”
    “No sir..fuck that cum into me sir..”
    “Good answer slut…roll over.”
    Marc rolled over and I slid him to the edge of the bed and shoved my cock right back into him. I was pulling him into me as I thrust into him, making my cock ram him just hard enough to make his pecs jiggle and bounce. His cock was soft, which wasn’t saying much since it was still huge, but I could tell he was completely into the sex. He was tugging at his balls, his ass, his pecs…anything he could get his hands on. At one point I reached down and grabbed his shoulders and really started to punish his hole. I was close…really close.

    “I’m about to cum boy..”
    “you ready?”
    “mmm..God sir please..please…”
    I shot a heavy load right as I was pulling out of his body, and then kept coming as I shoved myself back into him. I watched his head snap back and his eyes roll into the back of his head, then watched as his own cock oozed a load of its own. He was moaning, muscles spasming, sweat dripping onto my bed. I pulled out, wiped his cum up with my fingers and pushed them into his mouth.
    “You don’t waste that seed boy, you get every last drop.”
    He licked my fingers clean.
    “Fuck yeah sir…that’s what I needed..”
    “you realize what you just agreed to right?
    “Yeah man..I just agreed to be your own personal cumdumpster.”
    “haha, yeah, you definitely did.”
    “I’ve been keeping track..”
    “Oh yeah..have you?”
    “Yep, I’ve swallowed your seed 19 times and my asshole has swallowed your seed 35 times.”
    “You’re really into this huh?”
    “Dude, this is the best sex I’ve ever had..”
    “Yeah, I gotta agree with you..Well, go clean look like a mess.”
    “You did this to me..haha.”
    “And I’ll do it to you whenever I want..remember that.”
    “Yes sir”, he said with a wink.

    Over the next two years, Marc and I fucked almost every day. He turned into a definite power bottom, getting really into it whenever we fucked. I loved it…I got more pleasure out of fucking him than I thought I would. He came every time..always allowing me to cum first or if I had given him permission, he came first. The sex got better and better, and we did it almost anywhere. When I went off to college and we had to slow down our encounters, Marc would send me pics of himself so that I could get myself all worked up while I was away and then completely ravage him when we met up. He kept a running log of how many loads he swallowed in either hole..trying to beat his score each year. After I came out..we had an interesting discussion.

    “So…you tricked me didn’t you.”
    “Who? Me??”
    “Yeah you…you knew you liked guys when we started fucking around..”
    “Yeah..I did.”
    “Had you had sex before?
    “ do you think I managed to deepthroat that cock in one try?”
    “You jerk! You baited me into becoming your sex slave!”
    “Correction..I baited you into sucking me off…you turned yourself into my sexslave.”
    “Yeah..I guess you’re right.”
    “So..what else do you have to ask me?”
    “Do you still want to fuck me…or do you want to start dating guys?”
    “I still plan on fucking you…I just think I’m going to start fucking you less..I think that’d be best.”
    “Yeah, you sure?”
    “Well, I’ll still fuck whenever you ask me too…I made a pact and I won’t ever snap that. Just letting you know.”
    “Well in that case…prove it.”
    “I own your body right?”
    “Well, I want you to get a tattoo saying so.”
    Marc already had recently gotten two I knew he’d go through with it.
    “Where? Do you have something in mind?”
    “Yep, and I know someone who will do it too. Let’s go, we’re doing this right now.”

    I drove him to a Tattoo Parlor where a personal friend worked. By personal friend I mean former fuckbuddy who owed me some favors. We walked in and I knew exactly what I wanted to happen.
    “I gotta get this boy a tattoo.”
    “What do you want?”
    “I want ‘Property of MP’ tattooed around his asshole.”
    My friend smiled. “He owns you huh?”
    Marc smirked. “Yeah..he definitely owns me.”
    “So you want that tattoo?”
    “Yeah, let’s do it.”

    Thirty minutes later my brother was branded. To do the tattoo Marc had had to spread his cheeks just enough to expose his hole, but not enough to stretch. I was so hard watching the entire thing happen. At the end, my friend chimed in.
    “He’s pretty cute. You actually both look pretty similar. He’s got darker hair but you definitely look like you could be brothers.”
    “That’s cuz he is my brother...”
    My friend stood shocked as we walked out, laughing hysterically.

    We got home and I went to his room.

    “So, now that we’re slowing down on our agreement, what is your final tally thus far?”
    “Well, in the past two years I’ve sucked you off 117 times and you’ve fucked me 307.”
    “No way, I’ve fucked you that many times?”
    “Yep, I always kept track.”
    “Damn, it’s a shock your asshole isn’t a sloppy mess by now.”
    “Shut up Mike….so when can we fuck again?”
    “I don’t know…I think it’ll be a while. I need to figure out some things and we’ll see where that takes us.”
    “Well, I’m always ready and willing…”
    “Oh…you’re definitely willing.”
    “Yeah slut?”
    “Can you fill my tank one last time?”
    “You want a final fill up?”
    “Yes sir…”
    “Well, I think I can do that for you…’

    Marc and I had one final session…only this time it was less hardcore ‘fuck my brains out’ sex. This time we made love. I worked his body for a good 2 hours before we both came. He squeezed his ass tight, trying to keep my dick inside of him. I gave him one last thrust and pulled out.
    “Had to end on an even number”
    “This isn’t the end Mike…you’ll come back for’ll miss fucking me.”
    “you think you’re that good huh?”
    “Please…I know you can’t forget about this ass…or you would have been fucking other guys all along the way..”
    I guess he had a point.
    “Well..for now..let’s go out on that can try to entice me back to that hole if it’s ever aching for my cock..”
    “Will do..”

    I did miss fucking him. I missed fucking him for a while. He continued to send me pics of himself naked, little vids of him fingering himself or stripping and other sexy things. Then one day he let me know that he was dating a girl, and that he’d have to stop sending that for a while. I said I understood. His last comment before we officially ended our little agreement: “Bet she can’t suck a cock like you.”

    Lucky for me..Justin walked in on me jerking off to one of the vids that Marc and I had made of our fuck sessions…and then I had a new sex slave to enjoy.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    “So little cuz…it looks like you’ve taken a liking to cock huh?”
    Justin glanced up at me. “Answer him” I commanded.
    “Yeah Marc..I have.”
    “So what do you like best…the sucking or the fucking?”
    “The fucking…definitely the fucking.”
    “Yeah, I did too..” Marc looked at me with a smirk. “So what’s your favorite position Justin?”
    “Doggy style”
    “Me too! Mike’s cock hits the spot just right in that position doesn’t it?..slamming into you..”
    “God yeah..I love it..”
    “I can see that…you’re getting a bit hard again Justin.”
    “Well..I can’t help it…Mike fucks me so good..did he fuck you a lot?”
    “308 times to be exact…but that number is only the amount of times we fucked…not how many loads I took in my ass..quite a few times Mike stayed in me and just fucked another load into me..”
    “Holy long did you guys last?”
    “2 years..” I chimed in..
    “Hey Mike, I can see why you got Justin into this..he’s got a fat ass on him.”
    “I was able to find an ass actually more nutworthy than yours.”
    “Shut ass is still tops..”
    “Nope..Justin’s furry hole has you beat…” I caught Justin smile at this admission.
    “Well then Mike…don’t let me disturb what you two were doing..”
    “Oh…I had just finished dumping a hot load into him when you barged in…but now that you’re here…I want you to have some fun as’ll be like old times.”
    Marc grinned from ear to ear. “What do you want to do?”
    “Turn around..let Justin see that cock of yours.”

    Marc turned, his cock only semi hard, and I watched Justin’s eyes go big. Marc smiled, and then worked his cock to its fullness, throbbing in his hands.

    “This the biggest cock you’ve ever seen Justin?” Marc asked.
    “Since I’ve only ever seen Mike’s and now yours..yes, it is. Fuck Marc that things a monster!”
    “Yeah..Mike used to deepthroat this like a champ..until I realized I liked his cock better up my ass than having my cock in his mouth.”
    “Cut the chit chat. Let’s go up to my room.” I commanded.

    The boys followed me, Justin still in his white tank top and no pants and Marc with his pants now off, in his hand. We ran up to my room and I shut and locked the door.

    “Let’s go sluts…clothes off now.”
    Marc and Justin both stripped of all of their clothing and stood there in front of me, cocks at full attention.
    “Marc, lay down on my bed..usual position…ass right just at the lip, legs dangling off.”
    Marc hopped onto my bed and assumed the position.
    “Ok, Justin, I want you to straddle Marc and then lay down on top of him. I want your ass to be just at the same position as his..”
    Justin walked over to Marc, straddled him, and then laid down on top of him. The resulting position was just what I had hoped for.

    “Here’s a little game we’re going to play. I’m going to rim both of you..finger both of you..and then fuck both of you.with equal time on each hole. The person that cums first…gets fucked by the other two all night long.”
    “What if you cum first Mike?” asked my brother.
    “Then you both get to fuck me for the first time.”
    They both looked shocked..
    “No way…you always do the fucking.” Marc said.
    “Well consider it a challenge. If the both of you can find a way to hold out while I pound you’ll get to take my asshole. If I fuck a load out of one of you..the other one becomes our bitch for the night. So you you want to fuck me..or fuck each other.”

    They looked at each other for a few seconds, as I got into position. I started with Marc first, since he was going to be the tightest. I licked around his little rosebud, flicking in and out of his hole. It was definitely tight, but I knew he’d accept my dick without reservation. I pulled back and started to lick at Justin’s hole, tasting my cum and sweat from inside of him. I fingered Marc while I rimmed Justin, sliding first one finger, then two inside of him, massaging his tender spot.

    “God don’t know how much I’ve missed this..”
    “Shut up talking.”

    I switched back to rimming Marc, now sliding two fingers inside of Justin. He was breathing deeply, enjoying this. They were both extremely excited, their cocks were throbbing and dripping precum. I figured it was time.

    “I’m going to take you both now. I don’t want either of you to talk..I want you to watch either others facial expressions to see if the other is going to give in and cum or not. Got it?”
    “So I can tell you that Justin’s gonna blow?”
    “Yep, and when you can tell he’s close, either you can tell me to pound the fuck out of him, or beg him to hold out so that you can both take me on tonight.”
    “ohh..I get it..we can decide how tonight goes.” Chimed in Justin.
    “Yep, and since neither of you have ever fucked a guy, it’s up to you. Would you rather your first time be fucking someone else, or fucking your master…you ready boys”
    “YES SIR!” They yelled in near unison.

    I stood up and grabbed the lube out of my nightstand, applying an ample amount to my dick. As I did that, I was contemplating who I’d stick it to first.

    And then I decided…and rammed my cock straight into my brother right up to the base. He held true to his orders and didn’t yell, but his moan and grunt told it all.

    “You’re up first baby’s been a while..let’s see if you can keep up. You looking each other in the eyes?”
    “Mm hmm..” they whispered.

    I started to fuck my brother slowly at first, getting him reacclimated to my cock inside of him. He was loosening up very quickly, clearly wanting to get fucked. I picked up my pace..while watching the clock. I was feeling like Marc was going to last, so after about 5 minutes I pulled out and rammed my throbbing cock right into Justin’s ready and waiting hole. I slid in without any resistance and started to pound him in nice long strokes. I looked around to see that they were gazing intensely into each others faces, waiting to see who would crack first. I fucked Justin for 5 minutes as well, before pulling out and slamming myself back into my brother. I was pounding him harder now, making both of their bodies move and jiggle. As I fucked Marc I got to watch Justin’s ass jiggle to the motion. Marc was surprising me by tensing his hole as I pulled out and relaxing as I thrust into him. He was enjoying this…and would probably last. So I moved to the next target.
    As I slid into Justin I changed up the game.
    “You two can talk to each other…either taunt each other or work decide.”

    I started to pound Justin hard, and Marc knew it.
    “you like that Justin..”
    “mm hmm..’ Justin whimpered..
    “well do you want to fuck Mike or not?”
    “I..don’t..know….uhh god Marc this is great.”
    “then take his cock and cum…” Marc reached up and around and spread Justin’s ass apart, while I pounded even harder.
    “No!..Marc stop!!..I can’t!..I can’t take your cock!!..”
    “We’ll see about that..” I I pulled out and slammed back into Marc’s warm hole.
    “Oh shit…oh man..yeah man right there…”
    Justin capitalized and began to taunt Marc.
    “You like that don’t you..I can feel your cock oozing against my stomach Marc..cum!..cum man”
    I pulled out and rammed back into Justin.
    “Justin..hang on..let’s do this..let’s fuck Mike..let’s fuck him nice and hard like he fucks us.”
    “focus dammit..look at me..think of how hot it’ll be to watch me fuck him..split him open.”
    “Trying Marc…trying…oh god…”
    Justin grabbed onto Marc’s body and was gripping tightly, trying to withstand the urge to let go and cum. Marc must have seen it in his face.
    “Mike..pound the shit out of him..he’s gonna cum..he wants it.”
    “No…help me Marc..” Justin whimpered.
    Marc reached back around and spread Justin apart and I pummeled him for another 30 seconds before I heard Justin whimper.
    “Fuck yeah Justin..blow that load..” Marc said, as the first warm globs hit his chest.
    “mmm..fuck..” moaned my cousin, as I pulled out of him.

    “Since he came first..Marc gets my load..” I let them know.
    “Yeah Mike..give it to me. FILL MY TANK man!”
    I jammed my throbbing cock back inside of Marc and pounded him hard, our bodies bouncing, causing Justin to bounce and jiggle. It was the hottest thing I’d experienced to date.
    “Harder Mike..I can take it..Harder…HARDER!!”
    I obliged, and Marc lasted another 10 minutes of hard, ass pounding sex before he grunted and came, spreading his load between their chests. I came shortly after, depositing my load deep in him.
    “Yeah Mike…yeah..yeah…give me that..”
    I pulled out..and then barked orders.

    “Justin, get off of him. Lick my cock clean and then you better lick all of that cum you two just blew all over each other. I want his stomach and cock clean.”
    Justin licked and swallowed off of my cock first, and then gladly licked and ate all of the cum off of Marc’s chest.
    “Lick out his asshole too boy..don’t miss that.”
    Marc spread his legs to give Justin access, and Justin dove in, tonguing Marc’s hole, eating out all that he could get.
    “Good, Marc, your turn for cleanup. Lick off Justin. Now.”
    Marc did, licking Justin’s cock first and then licking the cum off and out of the hairs on Justins abs and chest.
    “Don’t forget his hole?”
    “Yes sir!” Marc spread Justin’s hairy cheeks and dove in for the good stuff. When he was done, he laid down next to Justin on my bed and I sat down at my desk.

    “Well then…what did we learn today?” I asked.
    “That Marc can take one hell of a fucking?” Justin said, as Marc laughed.
    “Well, Marc is more of a power bottom…the harder I fuck him the harder he wants it. You’ve always been a submissive bottom, taking it however I gave it to you. If I had told you both that, you would have known from the start who’d win this game..’
    “ as always.” My brother chimed in.
    “Now now..don’t forget. You get to tag this hole just like I do. For tonight only.”
    They looked at each other.
    “Mike..I don’t know if I can handle his cock..” Justin said.
    “ sure you want to allow me to fuck another guy. Isn’t he your property?”
    “Yeah, I’m letting you use his body for the night. Except you can’t cum in him. You have to either wear a condom or pull out and cum on him. Only my seed will ever flow into either of your holes.”
    “You sure?” Justin whimpered, nervous.
    “This isn’t a question, this is an order. Your ass is ours tonight..Marc can use it just as much as I can…and we intend on using you good tonight boy.”
    Marc smirked, and I could tell he was looking forward to seeing how it felt to fuck another guy.

    “I want you both to cleanup. We’ll take care of this tonight. Let’s go grab some food first.”

    They showered together, cleaning each other off. Justin couldn’t help but grab at Marc’s cock, feeling it, seeing how big it is. Marc kept massaging the soap into Justin’s hairy chest and ass, sliding his soapy fingers along Justin’s asscrack. I couldn’t help but jerk off while I watched them, cumming nice and hard while I watched them play with each others bodies. Tonight would be one wild night.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    We grabbed dinner at a little takeout place right around the corner from my apartment. Talk was obviously about the many encounters we had all had together.

    “So..Marc…How did Mike get you?”
    “Well..he kind of tricked me..but that was after he walked in on me after a shower and started sizing up my dick.”
    “Ha..that’s funny..we started after I walked on in him jerking off to some porn on his computer.”
    “Yeah..what’s funny was that video was of me banging Marc’s ass into his bedframe.”
    “You kept those!?” Marc exclaimed.
    “Yeah why not?”
    “ that I think about it..I think I did think about how similar the voice in the video sounded like you Marc.”
    “ least I know he kept them for jerking purposes. Did he ever film you guys?”
    “Yeah, we recorded a bunch. Lots of webcam and pictures too.”
    “Yeah, I did that for him too when he went to college.”
    “And I have all of it saved in your own folders on my computer.”
    “Fuck Mike..what if someone sees them?” Marc asked.
    “He password protected them…the password is your middle name.” Justin smirked.
    “Ohhh..nice. So how long did you last before he took that cherry?
    I jumped in..”He lasted a lot longer than you did…but that’s for various reasons. I had already had my experience with you, and wanted a different route with him.”
    “What was mine?”
    “Ours was straight up competitive nature that turned into all out sex. I trained Justin into the bottom and cock slut that he is today…over the course of months. He didn’t bottom until I thought he was ready.”
    “Ohhhhh..” Marc said. “So you trained him in everything you know?”
    “Yup.” Justin said.
    “So you can deepthroat my nine without gagging..same way Mike does it?”
    “Yeah..although you still may choke me with that cock Marc so careful.”
    “Justin is also more into bondage…thanks to our sessions. We may even tie him up later for our use.”
    Justin smirked. “Oh really Justin…that’s kinda hot.” Marc told him.
    “Yeah..I had him tied up to his bed once at their house and Matt came home and almost walked in on us. And then I walked in on him. I’ll let you know..his cock may be as big as yours Marc.”
    “Better not be..I have to keep that title. If Justin’s ass is the best of all of us then my cock has to be the biggest.”
    “Yours is..I’ve snooped on his laptop and found pics of him hard that he sent to his girlfriend…he’s not as big. He’s a shower not a grower…maybe 8 inches” Justin said.
    “Haha…good. So how many loads have you taken of our master?”
    “I don’t think I kept accurate count…but not as much as you.”
    “Yeah, but I lived with Marc for most of that…now that you’re closer to me you may catch up to Marc’s number.”
    “Well now that we’re back in business I may be visiting more often..I don’t want to lose that title either.”
    “What title?” Justin asked.
    “Mike’s number 1 cumwhore.” Marc said, smirking.
    I smiled..knowing Marc’s competitive nature was taking control again.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    WOW! You have outdone yourself! Way hot!

    The Three Musketeers... Bashful, Chrisglass, and Ronboy!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    When we got back to my place I had already started to plot in my head what I wanted to have happen tonight with Justin. Marc would do whatever I told him to do sexually, and Justin would do whatever I told him to do as the I had to play my cards right. My place would be all mine for the night, so I could do whatever I wanted. I shut and locked the door behind me, and then bolted it, knowing that my roommates didn’t have that top key.
    “So boys? We’ve got quite a night ahead of us. Let’s get this show on the road.”
    “What are we up to first?” Marc asked me as Justin nodded.
    “Funny you should ask. What do you want Justin to do first?”
    Marc looked at Justin, who just smirked and shrugged his shoulders. “How about seeing if he handles this cock like you did?”
    “Ok…Justin, get on your knees and show him what you can do.”

    Justin got up and slid down between Marc’s legs after Marc had pushed his pants and boxers down to his ankles. He was still mostly soft, and Justin sucked the length of Marc’s cock into his mouth.
    “Work him hard Justin, I want to see him hard as a rock.” I commanded.
    I watched Justin’s mouth move and shift as his tongue worked around Marc’s hardening member. Marc had his head leaning against the back of the couch and was moaning.
    “I’m getting hard Justin, you may want to come off a bit..”
    Justin didn’t. He kept sucking, harder, working Marc’s dick nice. I watched as Marc’s cock started to swell and push at Justin’s mouth, forcing him to open wider. Just as Marc’s cock began to hit the wall of Justin’s throat, he moved further down Marc’s shaft to take it all, swallowing the cockhead and looking for more. Marc moaned deep and then grunted ‘fuck yeah’ as Justin kept Marc’s throbbing monster down his throat for a few seconds before pulling off and licking at the head.
    “Jesus..he’s better than you Mike!”
    “He should be as good or better than me…I did train him remember.”
    “If he keeps this up I’m gonna be cumming in no time.”
    “You better not… cum can flow into either of you..either hole..other than my own. So figure it out. But to test you..Justin…show him what you can do.”

    As Justin started to really work on Marc’s cock, I ran up to my bedroom to get my camera. I couldn’t miss this action…or forget why not take a few pictures. I came back to see Justin slobbering all over Marc’s shaft while Marc gripped at Justin’s shoulders, moaning and grunting as Justin sucked. I took a few pics of the action.
    “Stop. Let’s move this along..”
    “Fuck Mike..he’s trained him well.”
    “’ll see even more when your splitting him open with that cock.”
    Marc turned to Justin. “I can’t believe he’s letting me fuck you..”
    “Me either, but I’m kinda excited…and nervous too.”
    “Don’t be nervous..I’m still gonna be calling the shots. You’ll both do as I say during this first little session. Now Justin…take off those pants and get that hole in Marc’s face.
    Justin stood up and slid his pants off, turning as he did it. He bent down in front of Marc to remove the pants from his ankles and I watched Marc eye his hole. “Stop staring at it. Lick it…” Marc dove in, licking Justin’s crack and hole, moaning as he did. I caught Justin’s eye and he just smirked at me. “Don’t smirk at me Justin…I still have the power…now that you did don’t get to cum until later matter how hard we fuck you or how good you feel.” Justin frowned, but knew I was right.

    “That’s enough. Marc, take this lube and get a good amount on the beast you call a dick. Justin’s little hole is gonna need it.” I tossed it across the room and Marc caught it and immediately applied a nice amount to his cock.
    “Justin..I want you to face me so I can see your reaction as you sit on that cock. Marc, you’re gonna sit there and just keep that cock pointed to the sky. Let Justin control how much of you he takes and how fast he does it. He needs to get used to you before you really let him have it. Justin, you take as long as you need..but that cock better be buried inside of you when you say it is, or I’m gonna let him punish your hole.”
    “Yes sir..”
    Justin straddled Marc’s legs, reached back, and spread his cheeks wide as he started to squat over Marc’s dick. He slid the head and about an inch inside of him to start with, breathing as Marc hit the wall. He took a deep breath and started to go lower, allowing more of Marc into him. Once Marc popped through, another few inches slid inside pretty easily before Justin got down to about the 7 inch mark.
    “Oh My god he’s huge…” Justin moaned as he released his cheeks, allowing them to bounce down around Marc’s shaft.
    “God’re almost there. Holy fuck this is hot.” Marc said from behind him.
    “you’re almost there Justin, let’s see what I taught you.”

    Justin grabbed his cock and let out one more breath as he descended on the final inches of Marc’s meat. His face went from relaxed, to pained, to orgasmic as his hole stretched around the lowest part of Marc’s shaft.
    “Fuck man…it’s all in.”
    “Thank god..” Justin whispered.
    “Stay there…don’t move…let your hole get used to it.” They didn’t move at all, Justin just played with his cock a bit and Marc reached up and grabbed at Justin’s shoulders.
    “Justin, start riding that cock. Slow…up and down…I want to see you ride the entire thing.”

    Justin started to bounce slowly on Marc, raising himself off and then lowering himself back down onto Marc’s member. His facial expressions let me know that while he was struggling at the size, he was enjoying it still. Marc was moaning, also enjoying this. After a few minutes I made my first order.

    “Marc, get up and move Justin into the doggy style position…keep your cock in him.”
    Marc started to stand, shifting Justin into a bending position, and shifted Justin around so that he was laying chest on the couch, knees on the ground.
    “Congrats Justin, Marc just flipped you into one of the first positions that I fucked him in the first time we did it.” Justin just moaned.
    “Marc, start to give it to him.”
    “How hard?”
    “Not too hard…yet…I’ll tell you when to really fuck him good.”

    Marc picked it up a notch, starting to push Justin’s limits. Justin was moaning and whimpering, grabbing at Marc’s legs as Marc really started to deliver inside of Justin’s body.
    “Mmm man…this feels good Mike”
    “Yeah? How do you feel Justin?”
    “like..I’m..being……half…ughhhhh” moaned Justin.
    “You like this cock in you Justin?” Marc asked him.
    Marc looked at me. “Why?” he asked.
    “Because my hole belongs to Mike!..”
    Marc smiled…and so did I. “Guess you really did train him good.” Marc said to me.
    “Yes..yes I did. Now flip him into missionary and bang him out as hard as you can. I want to hear him moan and yell.”
    Marc rolled Justin just like I rolled him when I fucked him, spinning him with his cock still planted in his hole until they were missionary. “Any last words Justin?” Marc smirked.
    “Yeah..let’s make Mike proud..” Justin gasped with Marc still throbbing deep inside of him.
    Marc started to fuck Justin in long, hard strokes. Justin was moaning almost constantly, and with each gutbusting thrust was starting to yell louder and louder.
    “Harder!” I said..and Marc obeyed. Justin started to yell and whimper.
    “Harder I said!” and Marc obeyed again, really pounding Justin. Justin was yelling louder now, and grasping at the couch.
    “Bang him out!” I yelled, and Marc rolled into Justin and really started to pummel his hole. Justin reached down and spread his cheeks, tightening himself around Marc’s shaft.
    “Oh yeah Justin…yeah…fuck yeah…” Marc whispered, as I watched from behind, his cock splitting Justin over and over again.
    “Mike…I’m gonna cum..he’s making me cum…” Justin whimpered.
    “ hold it!” I yelled.
    “Oh goddddd….pleaseeee..” Justin cried.
    “no..HARDER MARC!” I yelled.
    Marc was slamming Justin so hard I thought he’d break the couch. Justin was yelling and moaning, but kept his hole stretched.
    “Mike, I’m about to blow..” Marc yelled.
    “Pull out as you do and cum on him.” I shouted.
    After about 4 more long strokes Marc pulled out and started to ooze his load onto Justin’s cock and balls. “Oh god…holy fuck..” Marc whispered as he jerked his cum out. After he was done cumming, Marc rolled Justin a bit so that he could see the damage.

    “Holy shit Justin, I tore you a new one.”
    “No shit..I don’t know if I can sit down after that.”
    “So…did you both enjoy that?” I asked.
    “I did…and I can see why you turned us both into bottoms…but I gotta say, I like having you fuck me more.” Marc proclaimed.
    “Yeah..his cock felt great…but yours is better.” Justin said.
    “Well, now that we’ve gotten that portion out of the way, let’s move it to my bedroom so that I can get in on the action. Marc, pick him up over your shoulder and bring him upstairs.”

    Marc grabbed Justin and lifted him over his shoulder.
    “Wait!” I stopped Marc and walked over to him. He was facing me, and Justin’s ass was facing me as well. I leaned in and gave Justin’s hole a nice lick, and then turned and deeply kissed my brother. “Go” I said, and watched them go upstairs.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    When we got to my bedroom Marc tossed Justin onto the bed and then hopped down next to him.
    “So what’s next?” Marc asked me.
    “Lay there…Justin, put a bit of lube back on Marc’s cock and get back on it..face him.”
    Justin grabbed the lube out of my nightstand and applied some to Marc’s softening dick, jerking him back to full strength. After Marc was back to his full length, Justin got up, straddled Marc and then slid himself back onto Marc’s dick.
    “That went in easier that time huh Justin?” Marc asked him.
    “Yeah…because you just abused my hole.”
    “Yeah, and it’s going to be abused some more.” I said as I got behind them. I positioned myself behind Justin and then put the tip of my dick on top of what was remaining of Marc’s shaft and the outside of Justin’s hole.
    “Oh god…don’t tell me Mike..”
    “Yep, you’re getting stuffed tonight Justin.”
    “Mike, won’t that tear him open….we’re both pretty big.”
    “Trust me, I’ve already trained him on this. ready.”
    “Yes sir..”
    “Marc, grab him and hold him against you, he may try to run away from this.” I said with a smirk. Marc grabbed him in a hug and held him tightly. I started to push in, feeling Marc’s cock underneath mine and Justin’s warm hole around the rest. Marc had loosened him up nicely, and I was sliding myself into him pretty easily. When I was in, Justin let out a low guttural moan.
    “Mike, I think we’re going to put him in a orgasm coma..”
    “He’ll deal..he’s ours for the night since he couldn’t hold out.”
    “Very true…how do we do this.”
    “We’re gonna alternate our thrusts. As I push in, you pull out and vice versa. He’ll always have a cock in him no matter what.”
    “You cumming in him while I’m inside too?”
    “We’ll see, for now, let’s just fuck this boy senseless.”

    We started to fuck Justin nice and slow, almost like we had done this before. Our timing was perfect, and Justin was moaning almost nonstop. He was laying on top of Marc’s chest, while I spread apart his cheeks and Marc held him in the hug.
    “Mike..let’s fuck him harder…” Marc said to me.
    “Yeah..let’s give him what he wants.”

    We picked up both the pace, and the aggression with which we were fucking our little cousin. Marc was really pushing deep with his monster of a cock and I was pushing deep and down, pushing Marc’s cock against Justin’s inner walls. Justin was almost crying in pleasure. The look on his face was unforgettable.
    “Yeah slut?”
    “You aren’t cumming..if that’s what your getting at..”
    “Please..sir…..ughhh yeah…..I can’t hold it..”
    “You’re gonna hold it…Marc…go harder….I’m gonna seed this boy.”
    “Yes sir…”

    Marc and I started to really pummel Justin, and after a few short minutes I was cumming deep inside of him, coating both his hole and my brother’s cock in my cum.
    “Fuck Mike…that feels hot.” Exclaimed my brother.
    “Yeah man…holy shit that was intense.”
    “Justin, slide off his cock and clean it off…now.”
    Justin hopped off in a flash and eagerly licked every drop off of my brother’s shaft, getting every last drop.
    “Justin, lay down on your” He did.
    “Marc…put this condom on and then get that dick back inside of your little cousin.”
    “Ok..” He grabbed a condom, rolled it on and after positioning himself between Justin’s spread legs, slid himself back in with one thrust. Justin just yelped.
    “Now that I’ve pleased my submissive whore..I need to take care of my power bottom” I said, as I applied some lube to my throbbing cock. “I’m gonna slide this into you Marc…and hover over you with enough space for you to move. Your job will be to ride my cock and fuck Justin at the same time. You can ride me as hard as you want, remembering that the harder you ride me, the harder you’ll fuck Justin.”
    “hot man..” Marc exclaimed.
    “Not so fast. You can only cum after I cum inside of you. That means if you’re riding me furiously and you feel like your better hold it in. If that condom catches a load before you’re hole’re in for it. Once I can cum…and once you cum inside of Justin..Justin can cum.”
    “Hot! like that Justin?”
    “Mmm hmmm..” Justin moaned.
    “Ok…let’s get this going.”

    I stood above Marc and lowered myself into his body, my cock splitting him easily. He moaned, waiting for me to get all the way in, and then asked
    “Can I start now?”
    “Yeah..let’s see how hard you want it.”
    Marc heard that and went off..pushing his ass into me and slamming his cock into Justin at a furious pace. He was ping-ponging his body between the two of us, really hammering both himself and Justin in the process.
    “Yeah..yeah…give me that cock…”
    “Fuck Marc…punish Justin’s hole..” I yelled, knowing it’d make him ride me harder.
    Marc was slamming into Justin and then pushing hard into me, the slapping of our flesh was probably audible two houses over…same goes for Justin’s yelling. Justin was taking a beating.
    “You want this load soon?” I asked..
    “No..I want to enjoy this..”
    Marc continued his furious assault on both his own hole as well as our cousins. We were going at it for a good 15 minutes before I could tell he was close…and that Justin was about to lose his mind.
    “You want this load now boy?”
    “Yes sir…” he yelled..
    I grabbed him by the waste and started to slam into him, pushing him deeper into Justin. With one final thrust I blew a huge load deep into him, and with that gushing into him Marc went wild and came inside of Justin.
    “Fuck Mike…Fuck Justin….”
    “God!.GOD!!” Justin yelled..and I knew he had cum too.
    I laid there for a minute or two and then pulled out of my brother.
    “Pull that cock out of your cousin boy..but leave that condom inside of him.”
    “You’re do it.”
    Marc somehow figured out a way to slide out of Justin while keeping the condom inside of Justin. After he did so, he immediately wrapped his mouth around my cock and sucked it clean. I grabbed my camera and took a picture of Justin’s ass..with the condom poking out.
    “Now pull that out and feed it to your cousin.”
    Marc did, and after Justin rolled over, Marc squeezed the cum into Justin’s mouth.
    “Kiss each other…share that.”
    They did, and it was one of the hottest things I’d ever witness.
    “good…now lets clean up…and hit the sheets.”

    We showered in turns, Marc and I first, fondling each other as we washed. Justin and I followed. After we were all done we all snuggled in my bed for the night, naked, arms wrapped around each other. Justin fell asleep first, clearly exhausted from the onslaught on his body. I was kissing Marc’s neck and shoulders, getting hard again, when he whispered…
    “Can you slide into me again, and stay in me as we fall asleep?”
    “Yeah..I can do that.”
    I worked my cock a bit, and then spread some saliva on my hand to lube up my dick. Marc was still pretty loose, and I pushed myself in with one thrust and stayed there.
    “Ahhh…yeah that’s it.” Marc said while he squeezed his hole around my dick. “Stay there..I don’t want to forget this night.”
    While Justin slept, I started to slowly grind myself into Marc, short strokes, but enough to pleasure him. Marc whimpered lightly, taking my dick and enjoying it. After 20 minutes of this I came inside of him and Marc let out a light gasp, and then tightened as hard as he could around my cock. He fell asleep shortly after, and a few minutes later my softening dick slid out of his hole, leaving it slightly wet with my cum.

    I fell asleep and had dreams of all of the great sex I had had over the past few years with these two hot pieces of ass..and wondered how much longer I’d be able to do this.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    I woke up a few hours later to the feeling of warm breath on my thigh. I looked at the window first and saw that it was still dark out, then I reached over and clicked on my desk lamp. Justin was planted between my legs in doggie style position, licking at my cock, while Marc was behind him, licking at Justin’s hole. Justin was just about to wrap his mouth around my cock when I stopped him.

    “No..stay where you are. Marc, come around and put yourself where I’m sitting.”
    We made the moves, Marc changing positions with me. After Marc was sitting at the head of my bed, Justin’s mouth hovering close to the head of his cock, I pushed Justin down so that he was flat on the bed. I grabbed one of my pillows and slid it under his waist so that he was slightly raised.

    “It’s still dark out boy…so we own your body for another few hours. You’re gonna suck Marc’s cock nice and good while I pound your furry little ass. You decide what you want more…My cum in your hole or Marc’s cum down your throat. I’m giving you both clearance from our little agreement for the sake of this game and this game only.”
    “ for me.” Marc joked.
    “ definitely will work for you..because if Justin milks my cock good enough and I know I’m gonna cum before you cum, I’m pulling out of him and you’re gonna take the load in your mouth.”
    “But what about me?! If I’m the one in the middle shouldn’t I get something?” Justin asked..
    “ get to enjoy two cocks at once slut..start sucking that cock..NOW.”

    While Justin started to go down on Marc, I was rimming his hole, enjoying the taste of him. I was rock hard, and ready to go, but I had to do something first. I got up and stood in front of Marc.
    “Get this cock nice and lubed up so that I can fuck your cousin boy..”
    “Yes sir..” Marc exclaimed, before sucking my cock into his mouth in one motion. After a few generous licks and plenty of saliva dripping from my shaft, I pulled out of Marc’s mouth, moved down my bed and then planted my cock deep inside of Justin, his moan muffled by Marc’s cock plunging into his throat.
    “Yeah his ass man…It feels hot when he’s moaning and shouting into my cock…fuck him good bro..”

    Justin was arching his back to take my cock, while holding himself up on Marc’s thighs to suck him off. Each time I pushed myself deep into him I impaled him equally as hard on Marc’s cock. I could hear him gagging slightly on Marc’s cock, so I fucked him harder.

    “No gagging boy! You’re better than that!”
    “Fuck Mike..look at that ass jiggle. This is turning me on man..”
    “You like seeing me fuck him.”
    “Yeah Man..fuck that ass..tear him up man he’s loving it. I can tell.”
    “I’ma change it up a bit..I’m gonna need you to hold me up.”
    I got up so that I was crouching above Justin, but my cock was still deep in him. I grabbed onto Marc’s outstretched arms for leverage, and then started pounding the shit out of Justin.
    “Mmmphh!..ummmmm..ugggh..” All we could hear was Justin struggling to take this pounding while getting facefucked as well.”
    “Fuck yeah Mike..give it to his hole.”
    “Fuck his face Marc..let’s give it to him good. It’s starting to get light out so we only have a few more minutes of abusing his body.”
    “Deal man..let’s do this.”

    Marc and I skewered our cousin on our cocks, slamming our throbbing meat into both of his holes. Justin was losing his mind. He was taking the abuse from both angles like a champ, and I knew I was getting close. Marc usually took a while for head, so I knew he’d be taking my load in his mouth shortly.

    “You ready to take this load boy?”
    “Yeah Mike…fuck man give it to me..”
    “Don’t swallow..I wanna see it when I’m done.”
    “Awesome man..I want it…Justin work his cock..I wanna taste his cum in my mouth man..”

    Justin started to push his ass back into me as I thrust in, and after about 2 minutes of hard pounding, I was ready to blow. I pulled out of him and stood in front of Marc’s open mouth, putting the head of my cock just inside of his lips to keep it all from going anywhere but his mouth. He took each blast, moaning as I came. As I pulled my cock out, a little dribbled onto his chin.

    “Stay there..mouth open.” I grabbed my camera and took a pic. “Now feed that load to your cousins hole, get it all in there…then ram it home with your cock..get it deep inside of him.”
    Marc got between Justin’s legs, spread his cheeks wide to expose the gaping hole, and started to drip my cum from his mouth into Justin’s pussy…licking it into him. Justin was moaning lightly. After Marc had gotten all of my cum into Justin’s hole, he positioned himself over Justin and rammed himself into him.
    “ohhh fuck…” Justin whimpered, with a pained look on his face.
    “Take it boy, because he’s fucking you until he cums…”
    “What?!” Marc exclaimed.
    “You heard me…fuck him senseless and drill him til you bust your nut deep inside of him. Do”

    As Marc started to fuck him, I slid myself back in front of Justin and got my throbbing cock right back in his mouth. Justin started sucking me while Marc pounded him into the mattress.

    “Fuck yeah Justin..give me that ass…”
    Justin was pushing back into Marc, taking it deep and hard. I was fucking Justin’s face, watching with pleasure as Marc’s massive cock slid over and over again in and out of Justin, my cum shimmering on Marc’s throbbing shaft as he slid in and out of Justin’s hole. We kept this up for a while, Marc lasting longer than I thought.

    “Fuck him harder Marc..”
    “Yeah..can he take it?”
    “Do it, he’s going to remember this night forever..”
    Marc was punishing Justin’s body. Justin was sweating profusely, the hairs of his body glistening with sweat. He was moaning and whimpering, but I knew he wanted it. After a good 15 minutes of gutbusting sex, I could see in Marc’s eyes that he was about to blow.

    “I’m cumming man..holy shit I’m cumming.”
    I started to blow just as Marc came, both of our loads flowing into Justin at the same time. Justin just moaned and eagerly swallowed them with both hole. He was bucking his hips harder and harder into Marc, milking the long shaft. Marc was grabbing into Justin’s meaty fleshy ass, pulling Justin’s body into him.
    “Fuck yeah Justin..take this load man…holy fuck Mike.”
    “You like that” I asked him.
    “Yeah..I definitely know why you fuck him so much. This boy can take a dick like a champ.”
    “Yeah..only now I can’t sit for a week. Thanks guys..” Justin chimed in as he licked his tongue over his lips to get all of my seed.
    “You liked it..don’t lie..” Marc teased..
    “Eh..I got you off…but I wasn’t into it. I was focusing on sucking Mike’s cock so that I wouldn’t scream in pain from you fucking me in half.”
    “Oh really?!” Marc exclaimed..
    “Shut know you’d rather have my dick up your cunt than fuck Justin zip it..” I chimed in to stop the fighting.
    “Well…yeah, I would. It was fun to plow him though.”
    “Did you cum Justin?”
    “No..I just took your loads.”
    “I’ll take care of you later. Marc, go hop in the shower..Justin will follow you.”

    Marc got up and crossed the room and I heard him close the door and start the shower. I took this opportunity to test Justin again.

    “So boy…you think you could get pounded out nice and hard until Marc turns off that shower?”
    “Yeah Mike…I need to cum..”
    “Alright..turn over boy..”
    Justin rolled back over onto his stomach and arched his back to spread his hole open. I positioned myself and then leaned into him to push my cock deep into his guts. I pounded the hell out of him, Justin yelling into my mattress while I pinned his arms above his head. Marc normally took quick showers, so I knew I’d have to pound this boy hard and fast. Justin was moaning into my bed as I throttled his body, using it for my pleasure. I came long and hard just as Marc turned off the shower. I pulled out and rolled Justin over to see that he had cum all over my sheets. I leaned down into him and kissed him hard.

    “Thanks Mike..needed that.”
    “Go shower smell like a used cumrag..”
    “That’s basically what I was last night..remember?” Justin said, as he got up and ran into the bathroom. As Marc walked out and passed Justin he looked at me and said “Why the fuck does he look so happy?”
    “Oh..I don’t know. I think he got what he wanted.”
    “Oh…got it.” Marc said..confused, while I just smiled.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    After Justin had gotten all freshened up and was out of the shower, I hopped in to clean myself off a bit. It had been an eventful night and I was hoping it would be another eventful day, until Marc came into the bathroom with an angry look.

    ‘Hey Mike?”
    “Yeah..what’s up?”
    “I gotta go man…I just got a text message from work that they need me today.”
    “Yeah man…I gotta head out in like 15 minutes.”
    “This sucks man…”
    “you want to take this cock one last time before you go. I’m not sure when we’ll both be free again..”
    “I was hoping you’d ask that…yeah man..I want it good before I go.”
    “Where’s Justin?”
    “taking a nap on your bed..we wore his ass out last night.”
    “Well..get those clothes off and get in..stop wasting time..”
    Marc stripped down quickly and stepped into the shower to get wet…while I stepped back and grabbed my camera and took a picture or two for later. The water was cascading down his back as he bent over to show me his hole..and I didn’t want to waste another second.

    “you wet enough?”
    “yeah man..ready and waiting.”
    I stepped behind him and slapped my cock between his cheeks, sliding it up and down the crack.
    ‘fuck Mike…get it in me please…”
    I pushed my cock into him slowly, letting the water slide over each of us while his hole took me inch by inch. Once I was completely in I wrapped my arms around his body and grabbed at his pecs, while he positioned his hands on the wall of my shower and spread his legs a bit. I maintained my slow pace, sliding in and out of him as he moaned into his arm and I bit at his shoulder blades. This wasn’t going to be a bang out session, I was going to make love to him so that he continued to remember this.
    “Mike…please don’t stop this…”
    “I won’t babe….I won’t..”
    “this feels so good man…oh…my..god”
    “you missed me didn’t you..” I asked as I slid in and out.
    “Yeah…I missed you…mmm..and that cock….ugh and the cum..”
    “god yessss” he whispered as his cock slapped between his thighs.
    “I missed your body too..”
    “it’s…yours..Mike…ugh fuck…fuck me harder Mike.please..” he whimpered.
    I stood up straight, moved my hands from his chest to grabbing his waist, and I began to fuck him with more power…asserting who the master of this fuck was. Marc’s cock was throbbing, slapping at his abs as it flopped back and forth in unison with my thrusts.
    “Mike….oooooh Mike…”
    “you want this boy..”
    “Yeah Mike…please..”
    “squeeze that hole bitch….I want you to milk the cum out of me..”

    Marc did, and did it well. After about 30 seconds I was cumming deep inside of him while he moaned. I could hear him whimper “I love you..I love you..” over and over as I came.
    “You love me?”
    “Yeah Mike…holy fuck yeah..”
    “Still willing to do anything for me?”
    “Yeah Mike.anything.”
    And so I wanted to test him…

    “You want to take another load?”
    “Fuck yeah!”
    “Not cum Marc…”
    “Then what..” he whispered..
    “I was about to piss when you came in…and after fucking you I really need to release..”
    “I’m gonna pump your guts with this piss…and you’re gonna hold onto every drop until I tell you to stop..”
    “ok…go ahead Mike..I’m ok…”

    I pushed my still throbbing cock into him deeply and started to let my stream of piss flow into him. I pulled out slightly, letting his insides get filled with it before pushing back deep.
    “Oh GOD Mike…oh man…oh man…”
    “How’s that feel boy…”
    “Warm….so warm..”
    “Keep tight…I’m not done yet..”
    “Oh my god mike…oh my god..”
    I had my hands on the lower part of his abdomen and could feel it expanding as I continued to pump more and more of my piss into him.
    “fuck Mike…how much did you have to go?”
    “I’m not done yet….keep holding it in boy”
    “ohhhh mannnn…oh man…”
    After about another 30 seconds of steady piss stream inside of him..
    “I’m done..I’m gonna pull out of you. Hold it until I say so.”

    I pulled out, and I felt Marc’s hole tighten up around my tip as I exited.
    “Oh man Mike…how long do I have to hold this in..I feel like I’m gonna burst..”
    “Until I’m done with this shower..”
    “oh god…”
    I punched him in the stomach..
    “what the fuck..oh man..oh man..”
    “If I hear any of that hit the floor it will be the last time my cock enters your body..”
    “I’m holding it Mike..I’m holding it.”

    I finished up in the shower and stepped out. As I was toweling off I turned to him, kissed him hard on the mouth and whispered in his ear…
    “Keep holding it.”
    He whimpered..
    “Keep holding it..”
    More whimpering..
    “Let it out…”
    And as he relaxed, his hole pulsed out and started to spit out all of the piss that had been sitting in his belly. A nice stream arced from his hole to the wall of the shower.
    “Oh shit…holy shit Mike..thank god..I couldn’t hold it much longer..”
    “Shower and clean up…”

    Marc cleaned up, and cleaned the shower, then hurriedly got dressed. As he was about to sprint out the door I grabbed him by the wrist.
    “Come back next weekend..I’m not done with that ass yet..”
    “Will Justin be here?”
    “No, next weekend will just be you and me…”
    “Deal..see you next week.”

    Marc bounded down the stairs, but not before stopping at my bed to slap Justin on the ass as he left. “Later cuz…Make sure Mike pisses before your next session.” Laughing as he ran out.
    “what the hell was that about?” Justin asked..
    “Marc got something he hadn’t planned on getting…let’s leave it at that or you’ll be next.”
    “So is it just you and me now?”
    “Yes…yes it is..”
    “Good”, Justin whispered, and then slid his basketball shorts down to reveal a hot white thong. “I brought a friend that I was going to play with..want to watch?”
    Justin pulled a nice dildo out from behind him, and as he lubed it up with his mouth, my cock roared to attention.
    “Yeah..slide that in there..” I said as I ran up to grab my camera. When I returned the dildo was halfway in, the strap of the thong slid off to the side.

    Justin worked his hole for a good 15 minutes with that dildo while I watched and recorded…and he got what he wanted…my load all over his face. He licked at the cum on his lips and smiled as he slid the dildo out of him.

    “We have a long day ahead of us don’t we Mike..”
    “Yeah…your hole has quite a day ahead of it..” I smiled.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Annnnnd I'm caught up. Thanks for reading guys..I'm still working on writing down more of the fun I've had over the years. If you like reading my story..please comment, rate the thread, message whatever you want. I love hearing how much you guys enjoy it.

    As an added bonus...later today I'll post my first batch of pictures of Justin that I was able to find (I was able to resurrect an old PC..and found pics of both Justin AND Marc..more to come). I'll let you guys see 5 sometime today, so stay tuned!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    And without further delay...some pictures of my cousin Justin. I'm starting with 5 of him clothed..just so you can see what he looks like.

    I have about 70 pics of him...and I did clear these with him to post. When I asked him if he'd be down with me sharing some pics of him he said: "Why are you asking..don't you still technically own me?"

    These first few pics are of him right around the time we first started hooking up. The more comments I get on this story...the more I'll post pics. Some pics won't be posted until they are able to go with the a few will be released later on as I write more down.

    Enjoy you can at least put a face (and mouth) to the story.
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    Re: Family Tutor

    Oh my God i came twice while reading your new additions!!

    Please keep up the amazing story and I will be checking non-stop to see those pictures today.

    EDIT: And there they are! :O Mike, this is not only the hottest thing I have ever read these pictures just sent it into overdrive. Please keep being the hottest damn thing on JUB!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    More of Justin..these pics will start transitioning to what he looks like now...then the rest will follow
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails JJ (3).jpg   JJ (12).jpg   JJ (2).jpg   JJ (20).jpg   JJ (21).jpg  

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    Re: Family Tutor

    As a side note...the pic where he has the dollar in his mouth..we were out to eat with other people. They had gotten up to go to the bathroom and I jokingly said..why don't we hit up the bathroom and you can suck me off before dinner??

    He replied "I'm not a prostitute..I'd have to charge you" with a smile.
    "Oh yeah!, what's your price?"
    "A dollar" he said.
    And I whipped it out and said "So you sucking me now or later??"

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    Re: Family Tutor

    A few more:
    Thoughts so far? You guys think I picked a good one?
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    Re: Family Tutor

    YES! Between the absolute hotness that is you, now we know how hot Justin is too. This was the best mid-day break I could have! Just imaging your thick cock breaking Justing in two...incredible.

    Coming and finding more story or pictures is the sexual highlight of anyday.

    Question: I know you said we were getting more story, are the pictures coming of a more x rated nature?

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    Re: Family Tutor

    These are pics as he's starting to beef up.
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    Re: Family Tutor

    Last round before we start seeing Justin in various states of undress

    The picture of him on the ground is one of the more recent ones I could find. The pic of him doing the '21' sign was on his 21st birthday...there is quite a story associated with that pic so stay tuned on that one!
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    Re: Family Tutor

    Just have to say it again....incredible!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Teaser shots...last round for a bit
    Can't give everything up so soon...have to keep you guys waiting for more
    The beach shot is more recent...the tattoo is a recent addition to the others he has. But you can see from this pic just how much junk he has in his trunk.
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    Re: Family Tutor

    You know that I love your story.

    And to see Justin in the flesh.....WOW! I don't care if he is your cousin...he is a keeper! Give that beautiful sexy beast all the love you can! He is perfect!

    The Three Musketeers... Bashful, Chrisglass, and Ronboy!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Sexy Loooove The Story

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    Re: Family Tutor

    The anticipation of the next part is always hard

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Hey guys.
    Been really busy lately. I was in the process of a move and some very busy times at work, so I haven't been able to post. I have three more chapters to add..and will be shortly. I'll also add some more pictures of Justin.

    Stay tuned..I think I ran out of pictures of him with clothes on

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    Re: Family Tutor

    So the hottest story on JUB is about ready to get three updates AND a ton of sexy photos to go with them?

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    Re: Family Tutor

    After hanging out around my apartment for a little while, basically cuddling and watching tv while I played with the hair on his lower stomach, I decided what was next for my little cousin. He had thrown on a pair of boxers and jeans but was shirtless at the moment, while I had on some Abercrombie sweatpants and an Under Armour tank on. I didn’t know what else Justin had brought for clothing, not that I gave a damn, but I wanted to make sure he’d have enough to last the weekend.

    “Why don’t you go toss on one of my t-shirts and meet me in my car, we’re gonna go for a ride.”
    “I can go for a ride right here if you want Mike..” Justin said with a smirk.
    “Nice try slut…now go put on a shirt and meet me outside. Don’t forget to lock the door on the way out.”
    Justin rolled off of my lap and ran upstairs to put on a shirt while I went outside and started up my car. I had a small bottle of lube in my backseat, which I grabbed and slid into my pocket. After a minute or two Justin ran out to my car after locking the door to my apartment. I could tell he was wearing one of my shirts backwards, and he was grinning from ear to ear. As he walked around the front of my car to the passenger side he stopped and faced his back to me. I owned a cheesy shirt that had two arrows, one pointed to the head and said “The Man” and the other arrow pointed to the cock area and said “The Legend”. Justin was wearing it backwards, so that “The Legend” was pointed to my favorite body part of his. I smiled as he continued and hopped in to my car.
    “Cute, but what makes you think your ass is legendary?” I asked as he smiled.
    “You keep coming back to it don’t you…you did say I had the best ass in the family…therefore it’s legendary among us.”
    “Alright…I guess I’ll give you that…even though I haven’t seen or fucked your brother’s ass.” I said with a smirk.
    “Very funny..I don’t think he’d be into getting his asshole pounded.”
    “That’s funny..neither did you and look how you turned out.”
    “Ha, true. So where are we going Mike?”
    “South shore area…I know a few outdoor trails that we can hike around today, get some fresh air.”
    “Oh cool…that should be fun!”
    Oh…it’d be fun alright. He wasn’t aware that I planned on turning him out on top of the trail we’d be hiking.
    The ride from my place was only about 15 or 20 minutes long, but I couldn’t help but play with Justin a bit while we drove. I slid my hand across his left thigh, sliding under his the lip of his jeans and boxers until I reached his hairy crotch. He wasn’t hard yet, and I cupped his cock and nuts in my hand, cradling them gently. I started to slide my fingertips down between his legs, and he rolled himself down toward the edge of the seat and spread himself more, allowing me to get at his hole. I could feel his body heat pulsing at the outer rim, as I slid my middle finger slowly inside of his sweaty hole. I went as deep as my second knuckle before pulling out, only to continue sliding in and out, in and out. I kept a light grip on his shaft and nuts as I did this, tugging as I pushed my finger inside of him and then releasing the pressure as I exited his furry hole. I was hard, and oozing a bit..but I could tell Justin was enjoying the light play. We were getting closer to our destination, so I slid my hand out from under his jeans.

    “We’re almost there. You ready to rock and roll?”
    “Of course..I haven’t been hiking in forever.”
    “You think you’ll be up for all the physical exertion?”
    “Please..when we fuck it’s like my exercise..I think I can handle a little hike.”
    Except he didn’t know what he’d be in for at the top. The area was actually pretty deserted for a weekend..but it was kind of windy so maybe it was turning people off. No sweat off my sack…that’d just make it easier for me to enjoy Justin at the top of the trail.

    I grabbed my backback from my backseat and we set off on the trail, Justin ahead of me taking in the sights, while I stayed behind..taking in my own sights. I watched his ass bounce and squeeze as he walked along the trail, and I couldn’t wait to take him in the open air. At one point he bent over to tie his shoe and I walked up and pushed my crotch against his ass.

    “Whoops..didn’t see you there.”
    “Yeah just want your cock in my ass every second of the day.”
    “Don’t tempt me with a good time..” as I grabbed at his ass.
    “I don’t think we’d be able to do that here Mike..we’re out in the open.”
    “Who knows?” I said. “You never know when or where I’ll have my dick in that ass..”

    The trail to the top took about 20 minutes. We kept walking and as we neared the top, the trail opened up a bit and exposed a nice panoramic view of Boston. Justin was enjoying it, walking around taking in the scenery. It was a really nice view, and you could pretty much see all of the city from where we were at. I wasn’t about to waste any more time, especially since it was fairly deserted.

    “Come here Justin, I have a little spot I found that is pretty secluded and has a better view.”
    “Cool, where.”
    “Follow me.”

    I walked off to the edge, behind a large bush that opened up into another small clearing. The bushes and trees kept it hidden, I had only found it by accident when I had to pee once while there. We kept walking and arrived at what was basically a natural rock table, with a few ledges and rock outcroppings to the sides and in front of the smooth top surface. Justin walked ahead of me and took in the view.

    “This is awesome Mike..” he gasped. I walked behind him and wrapped my arms around him.
    “You like it?”
    “Yeah man, it’s amazing.”
    “You know what’s gonna be even more amazing?”
    “My cock sliding in and out of you while you watch the skyline.”
    “No way Mike…in public!”
    “Shhhh…” I said as I put my finger to his lips. “This area is deserted, off to the side of everything. Plus, look to the left.”
    From the side of the outlook we could see the area where our car was parked. We were still the only car, which meant we’d know if anyone would be interfering.
    “You sure about this Mike?”
    “Positive…now take those clothes off for me.”

    I stepped back and watched him strip in front of me. The shirt came off first, and as I snapped pictures with my camera, he unclipped his belt and zipper and dropped his jeans, exposing boxers that were riding up into his crack. While he slid his boxers off, standing there dick swinging in the wind, I grabbed the small blanket out of my backpack and laid it across the rock top. I was noticing that his waist and the ledge were at perfect height.

    “Let’s go Justin, lay across the top of the ledge…put those hips right at the edge.”
    He leaned across the blanket, ass spreading before me. I knelt below him and started to tongue his furry crack, licking at the sweat forming in his hole.
    “Mmm Mike…we really gonna do this?”
    “You’re already naked..and your hole is nice and wet. What do you think?”
    “You’re gonna fuck my brains out huh?”
    “ ready..”
    “Did you bring lube too?!”
    “I came prepared boy..I planned this out before we left.” I said as I was lubing up my shaft.
    “You jerk..I should have known something was UGGH!!”

    I didn’t let him finish, I rammed myself deep into him in one motion, cutting off his words.
    “Fuck Mike…”
    “You can take it..”
    “Yeah…I can.”
    “How do you like it up here.”
    “Mmm..better with your dick in me.”
    “Reach back and spread em. And bite into that blanket there…things may echo and we don’t need the whole area knowing we’re fucking up here.”
    He leaned down, bit into the blanket, and then reached back and spread his cheeks wide, stretching his hole around my cock. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back into me, while he grunted into the blanket. I started off slowly, compensating for the initial thrust that I gave him. He was easing into it, body loosening up. His hole was accepting me easier and easier with each push, until after about 2 or 3 minutes it was easy access. I paused while deep inside of him.

    “How do you want it Justin?”
    “However you want to take me master..”
    “No…tell me..I’m letting you call the shots up here.”
    “Keep it slow..I’m enjoying this.”
    “Ok..tell me when you want it harder..”
    “I will..”

    I slid in and out of him with long, deliberate thrusts. As I pulled out I’d get almost to the point of popping out, before thrusting back into him, pushing into his gut. In and out, in and out. Justin eventually let go of his cheeks and let them swallow the rest of my cock up, bouncing as I shoved my cock into him again and again. He was breathing heavily, and moaning, but not getting to mouthy. The pace was deliberately slow for me, I didn’t want to cum too fast. I was enjoying this.

    “Harder Mike..” Justin said after about 15 minutes. “I want it harder..”
    “You got it babe..” I grabbed his waist and start to pick up my pace. He arched his back and got up on his elbows, while still biting at the blanket to stay quiet. It was muffling his cries..but not enough.
    “yeah Mike…mmph…….yes…YES..”
    I pulled out.
    “Mike…why’d you stop?” Justin said with pleading eyes.
    “Turn around.”
    He did, and I grabbed under his legs and lifted him up. I positioned my cock against his hole before dropping him down onto it. He held on around my neck, while I held onto his legs, keeping him in the air.
    “Yeah Mike…fuck me man…”
    I was slamming up and into him, his hole sliding up and down my shaft with ease.
    “Mike…can I cum soon?”
    “Yeah babe….let it rip..”
    Justin hadn’t lasted long. After about 4 or 5 more deep thrusts, I felt Justin’s hole tighten around my cock as his cock erupted in 3 heavy bursts of cum that splattered against both of our stomachs. Justin was nibbling at the edge of my collarbone as he came, and started whispering “cum in me…cum in me please” as I continued to fuck him. I gave him exactly what he wanted. As I knew I was about to cum I picked him up and pounded my cock right to the base as I delivered a huge load inside of him. His hole milked the rest out of my shaft, and Justin bit at my neck as I finished cumming inside of him.

    “God Mike..that was hot.”
    “I’m not done yet Justin…”
    “Another round?!” Justin smirked.
    “No..but another load for you.”
    “Huh?” he muttered…until he felt the warm stream flowing inside of him.
    “Oh my god…Oh my god…”
    “Shhhh..tighten that hole boy…don’t let any out.”
    Justin wrapped his arms tightly around my neck, his head cradled against my shoulder..
    “Oh fuck Mike…holy fuck…”
    I pissed deep into him…and gave him a bigger load than I had given Marc. I kept going and going..his eyes opening wider and wider. When I eventually finished, I must have given him more than he could handle.
    “Mike..please let me go.”
    “hows it feel..”
    “so warm…so full…oh man…..oh fucking man..”
    “I’m gonna let you go…when I spread your cheeks you can let it rip.”

    I dropped Justin’s legs to the ground, while he continued holding onto my neck. I reached down and spread his meaty ass, and whispered..’go’.

    Without a seconds hesitation Justin let it out, the stream arcing across the rocks.
    “Oh fuck…oh Man….”
    “Let it all out..” I whispered.
    His belly continued to empty, the mixture of my load and piss flowing out in a steady long stream. Once his hole finally puckered shut, I slapped his ass and kissed him deeply.
    “Man Mike….warn me next time.”
    “would you have let me piss in you if I asked?”
    “Would I have had a choice?”
    “Nope…you wouldn’t have.”
    “Well..then I guess the surprise was better.”
    “How’d that feel?”
    “Like I wanted to explode..Jesus Christ when is the last time you took a piss?”
    “This morning, and ironically enough it was inside an asshole as well.”
    “MARC’S!!” Justin yelled.
    “Shhh..keep it down. And was inside of Marc.”
    “So that’s what he meant before he left.”
    “Yep..clearly you didn’t listen to the warning. Now get dressed we gotta roll before someone else starts hiking up this way.”

    Justin quickly put his clothes back on, and put the shirt on the correct direction this time in case we passed by people on the way down. I gathered up the blanked and crammed it back in the backpack. We started to make our way down the hill, not seeing anyone until almost at the car.

    “How’s the view up there?” the guy asked, as he held the hand of the chick he was with.
    “It’s great…a nice spot to take in some quality time with someone.” I told him.
    “Awesome, it’s our first time up there.”
    “It was my first time too” Justin exclaimed.
    “To see the view..?” the girl asked.
    “Yep, among other things.”

    I smirked as we kept walking, got to the car and headed off. We grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading back towards my apartment in town. Justin hopped into the passenger seat while I slid behind the wheel and started driving back to my place. Justin had a cute little smirk on his face, and I knew he was thinking some thoughts in his head about what had just happened. I reached over and gave his bulge a squeeze, and he looked at me and said “next time you wanna use me as a toilet, give me a little warning…I feel like I still have piss leaking out of my hole.”

    I just smiled..

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Yes! Very good update, can't believe that I had missed it.

    Any chance of us getting more story and some more pictures soon?

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    Re: Family Tutor's been a very crazy time for me...hence the lack of updates to the story. For your diligence...starting tomorrow i'll be posting an update chapter every night for the next 6 nights, along with pics to go with them. Thanks for your patience guys!!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Stories and pitures for 6 days!!! I'll take it!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    So guys…sorry for the delay in posting pieces of the story. I’ve had a very rough couple of weeks/months..and I just haven’t had the time to do anything. I’ll start posting more parts of the story, as well as the coming updates. But first…

    During my rough period I broke up with the guy I’ve been dating for quite some time…mutual decision. Of course..this leads to increased sexual tension..which just kept building and building. I was supposed to be going back to visit my family in Connecticut around Memorial day, but had to skip it and instead went down two weekends ago. I hadn’t been back to visit in a while..and I know that things at the house would be a bit different than when I last was there. The biggest change…Marc had been dating a chick for about 3 years now, and they were pretty serious. I hadn’t seen him in a while, so I was excited to see him and see what he was looking like these days. I made the 2 hour car ride back to my parents house and when I arrived I was the only one there…they hadn’t gotten out of work yet. I let myself in with the key that I had, and wandered around my parent’s house taking in the changes. They hadn’t made many, ironically, the only real change was that Marc now had my old bedroom, while his was now a guestroom.

    As I wandered into Marc’s room, I walked over to his dresser and searched for an underwear drawer. The second draw from the top was the jackpot, as piles of boxer briefs and boxers were filled to the top. As I reached through the piles, I found his thongs and jockstraps tucked away in the back of the drawer..hidden from view. I smiled, knowing that these were the very pieces of underwear he would model for me before getting thoroughly fucked in them. I pushed the drawer closed and went to go hang out and watch some TV. About 20 minutes later, I heard a car pull in, door slam closed and then the door to the house opened and shut. About 15 seconds later, Marc strolled in with a smile on his face.

    “Hey big the fuck are ya?”
    “Doing ok…could be better…you’re looking pretty good over there Marc..your body is looking nice these days.”
    “Thanks” he said with a smirk..”you’re still looking pretty in shape yourself.”
    “Yeah..certain muscles have been getting better workouts than others as of late.”
    “Oh yeah? That’s a shame” he said, smiling and laughing.
    “No shit huh. So where are the rents?”
    “Gone…they won’t be back until tomorrow morning..they had to go help out some lady that mom works with around the house…no idea.”
    “So it’s just you and me huh?”
    “Yeah…we need to catch up man..”
    “Yes..yes we do..”
    “Alright..I just left the gym..I gotta go shower and then I’ll be back out ok?”
    “Yeah..go for it.”

    Marc turned and ran up the stairs..stripping quickly and getting in the shower. I, of course, made my way up the stairs to go to the bathroom..

    As I pushed the door open and looked in, Marc was lathering up his body with some soap with his back to the shower door, completely unaware that he had a visitor. His body was nice and tight, round ass glistening as the water ran over it. He lathered up his upper body first, pecs and pits, before moving down to lather up his nice round nuts, meaty cock and fat ass. He rubbed some soap up and down the crack of his ass, pausing to swirl some soap around his asshole. I wondered if this was his everyday routine…or something else. As he washed his body off in the steamy water, he turned to face the showerhead, and his cock hung low and long between his legs. He looked up after rinsing his face off, and noticed me out of the corner of his eye.

    “How long you been staring at me?”
    “Since just after you got in…I see your ass is still nice and plump and that cock still looks amazing.”
    “Thanks..a little hairier than last time you saw me…but I like it.”
    I hadn’t noticed any more hair on him, but as he turned off the water and stepped out of the shower to get a towel, I saw what he meant. His pecs and abs had a nice layer of light fur on them, stopping just above his cock. As he dried off, he made it a point to turn around to show me his ass..which also had a light layer of fur on it. The prize of the day though, went to his now furry asshole, that I noticed as he bent over to dry off his legs. I could barely see the tattoo that he had gotten for me, but it was there below the fur.

    “That’s fucking hot Marc…loving the body hair.”
    “Thanks..I let it grow out a bit once I started dating Jess…especially around my asshole…sorry, just had to cover that up to avoid the questions.”
    “No worries…come here, let me get a closer look.”
    “Umm…Mike…do you mind if we slow that down…I’m pretty serious with Jess..”
    “You do recall that you have a tattoo around your asshole that marks you as my property..right?”
    “Yeah but…”
    “But nothing…when you got that you agreed to be my sex slave for however long I called you my sex slave..right?”
    “Yeah..I did.”
    “ of today you still are my sex slave…but for now I’ll just agree to take a closer look at your body…and relieve you of your other duties..for now.”
    “Alright…” he said, as he walked towards me. He stopped right in front of me, cock dangling in front of my face. I reached up and caressed his right thigh as my hand slid up and grabbed a hold of his thick cock. I stroked it once, twice, a third time, before letting it go and turning him around.
    “Lean forward against the wall and spread that ass”
    He leaned into the wall, shoulders and head up against it while he reached back and spread his cheeks for me. The hair was only partially covering the branding, but it was still visible if you looked. His hole was nice and tight…should be since it had been almost 2 years since I last fucked him.
    “Looking good…go get dressed..we should go grab some dinner.”
    “Sure, I’ll meet you outside in 10..”

    I walked downstairs and got in my car to wait for him. About 15 minutes later he came out and hopped in my car.
    “Sorry, couldn’t find something in my room..took a bit longer to get ready.”
    “No biggie..let’s roll”

    We hit up a local restaurant and grabbed a bite to eat and a few drinks. Over dinner we talked about his relationship with his girlfriend and how great they were doing, and then about my relationship that I had just finished and what I’d be doing now that I would have to move and start over. When I told him I hadn’t had any sex in over 3 weeks, he just about died.
    “Sorry I can’t help you out with that bro…kinda wanna keep it to just Jess for right now ya know?”
    “ worries..I’ll just jerk off later probably..”
    I bought us a round of shots…and then another…to commemorate my visit. At this point, I could tell Marc was feeling it a bit…which was odd since he used to be able to drink me under the table.

    “Feeling a buzz lil bro?”
    “Yeah man..I don’t drink that often anymore so this is hitting me..”
    “Let’s go back to the house then..just chill there.”
    “Sure..let’s do it.”

    We drove back to the house and got changed into some gym shorts..both of us remained shirtless since it was so hot. I didn’t have any underwear on..and it looked like he didn’t either. I went to the fridge and grabbed us both 2 beers, and we sat on the couch and tossed in a movie. After drinking both beers…and just bullshitting through the movie, I could tell Marc was pretty drunk.

    “what are you a lightweight now? Jesus..”
    “Shut up ass….I don’t drink like we used to…and yes…I’m pretty hammered man.”
    “You feeling sick?”
    “A little..can you help me upstairs?”
    “Yeah..let’s go.” I clicked off the TV, got myself under his right arm and helped him up the stairs. He was like dead weight, but moving with me so at least I didn’t have to carry him. We got to his room and I dropped him onto his bed.
    “You good..”
    “Yeah man..thanks.” He muttered as he rolled onto his stomach.
    “Alright..I’m gonna go in the other room and watch some tv..if you need me yell.”
    I turned and started to walk out of his room. Just as I hit the door he muttered..”Mike..”
    “Yeah?” I said without turning.
    “I think you need to refill my tank man…it’s been empty for too long..don’t want it to get rusty.”
    I turned around, and he had slid his shorts down past his bubble butt, exposing the jockstrap that he had on under his shorts.

    “I thought you didn’t want to go this route right now?” I asked, slightly shocked.
    “Well..I haven’t played with you in a long time….and when you grabbed my cock today it brought back memories…really good memories bro….”
    “And you’re drunk..”
    “That was so I would be a bit numbed as you fuck me..I remember how big your cock is…and my hole is really tight now..”
    “you want anything in return?”
    “No….I just want you to pound my asshole til you get what you need…”
    “awesome man..I can do that..”
    “just one thing..” he slurred.
    “Can you wrap it’s been a while”
    “Do you not trust me?”
    “No…I just don’t know if my abused hole would be able to keep the cum in..”
    “yeah man..I will.”
    “How many times you think you can cum in me tonight..”
    “Well I’m buzzed..and if you recall..when I’m buzzed I can fuck for hours before I blow my first nut.”
    “Oh fuck…I forgot…”
    “you think your hole can take it all night?”
    “I’ll try man..”

    I walked over and got behind him on the bed, grinding my cock into his asscrack through my shorts. I heard him sigh lightly, as he pushed back into me. I leaned in and bit the right cheek, before licking the top of his crack, tasting a bit of sweat. I moved lower, licking deeper into his crack, until I reached his hole. The fur got me rock hard instantly, and he pushed himself back onto my tongue.
    “you like a hairy hole..If I remember correctly..” Marc whispered.
    “I like your hole no matter shhhh..”

    I stood up and slid my shorts off of me, cock throbbing in the wind. I slid his shorts past his ankles and tossed them to the floor..his ass still framed in his jockstrap that he was wearing. His cock was limp, which was probably due to the booze, but we’d see how long that last.

    “you have lube Marc..”
    “ of the nightstand..condoms are there too.”
    I pulled them out, and put a nice sized glob of lube on my cock, working it around my shaft until I was nice and slick. I drizzled a drop into his hole, working it into his body with my fingertips. His hole was tight…very tight. I couldn’t wait to get back inside of him. I positioned myself above his body, cock aimed right at his hole..

    “Spread that ass boy…it’s all mine tonight..”
    “Yes sir..” he muttered, spreading his cheeks to expose his glistening little taint.
    I started to push myself into him, first the head popped through the first wall, and as he sighed and moaned, I pushed another two inches in before hitting resistance. I decided that if I was going to take this hole again, I was going to take it right. So I rammed my cock deep inside of him, making Marc grunt and yell, straining against the sheets as my cock impaled him into his bed.

    “Holy FUCK…did your cock grow?”
    “no…but your hole got tighter…and it’s all mine bitch.”

    I started to fuck him. HARD. He let go of his ass and grabbed at the edges of the bed while he arched his back and pushed his ass into my cock with every thrust. He was yelling…louder and louder as we went. Either the booze was wearing off or he wasn’t handling my cock well. I decided to change positions on him after a few minutes. I rolled him onto his side and pulled his legs up into the fetal position while I continued to pound away at his tight little pussy. I grabbed at his waist and pulled him into me, while his head bounced back and forth, eyes rolled to the back of his head. He was moaning and grunting with each thrust, but his cock was still limp. Even limp it was still a monster, so his beefy bulge was bouncing as I slammed into him over and over again.

    He was sweating…so was I, but the sweat was running into the newly formed tufts of hair on his chest, abs and ass, and it was driving me wild. I pulled out of him, which made him look at me with a drunken daze that had a ‘what are you doing’ look. I rolled him on his back, grabbed his legs and tossed one over each of my shoulders, before ramming myself deep into him over and over again.
    ‘you remember this feeling…”
    I stopped..”and you’re never going to…because you’ll always be mine..”

    I slammed him hard in that position for another 30 minutes, watching his cock and nuts bounce back and forth..over and over again. His asshole was taking a pounding…then again he should have remembered what booze does to my ejactulation times…so he asked for this one. His body would keep tensing up from time to time..and he’d yell louder and louder. Eventually I pulled out, rolled him over and then pulled him up into doggy style. He was still limp…which I didn’t care..this was for me. I rammed my cock deep and started to fuck him with such force that I thought I would break my cock.

    “Mike..dont…stop….dont…stop!....fuck me!!..fuck..ME!!”

    I got into the flying doggie position, grabbed his waist, and started to fuck him fast and furiously. I reached around and swiped at his bulge, feeling the sweaty package in my hands. Marc moaned loudly as I squeezed at his balls. I repositioned my hands on the small of his back while I pounded away. A good 10 minutes later I was pushing my cock deep into his body, as deep as it would go, as I came deep inside of him.

    “You fuck…you didn’t wear a condom!”
    “Nope…your body is mine bitch…I do what I want with this load…if I wanna breed you, your gonna get seeded lil bro..”
    “oh god….oh my god my ass is sore man..”
    “you took that like a champ man..”
    “I think you fucked me a new asshole…jesus..”
    I pulled out to inspect..

    “Yeah…I definitely fucked you good…when I started your hole would make a little pea sized hole….now it’s as big as a silver dollar…”
    “That was great man..I needed that..”
    “Me too..I loved it Mike..”
    “ stayed limp though..I wish you came..”
    “Umm what..”
    “I came three times Mike…you fucked it right out of me twice while you were impaling me missionary..and another doggy style..I thought you knew?”
    “Was that why that pouch is so fucking wet! I thought it was sweat..”
    “A little…but you had my cock oozing…best orgasms ever man..I really didn’t want you to stop..”
    “ cock took a beating too with as hard as I was pounding you…but I’ma tear that ass up again later tonight before we go to”
    “Ok..I’ma go take a nap and get rid of that drunk feeling..I want you alert next round.”

    I left him to nap while I went to shower. He stayed in his jockstrap…letting the cum and sweat mix together around his bits. I showered quickly, and then went to grab a snack before getting ready for round 2. Now I’d really see what he was made of.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Around midnight I went back upstairs to my brother’s room and closed the door behind me. He had left one of his desklamps on, and in the faint glow I could see that he was still wearing the jockstrap, spread-eagle on the bed, asleep. As I walked over I slid my shorts down and off, letting my cock flop in the breeze. I sat down on the bed, moving between his legs. His ass was spread slightly due to how he was laying, and I could see just a bit of my cum bubbling right at the edge of his hole. It had tightened back up a little since we fucked, but you could still see that it wasn’t what it had been earlier in the day. I leaned in and licked at my seed, swallowing it as I ate his hole. It tasted of my sweet, salty cum and a bit of sweat..the smell of sex was in the air and would be there for days. A light moan came from my brothers lips, and before he had a chance to wake, I made my move.

    My cock had gotten hard upon the sight of his strapped ass oozing my seed, and without warning I rammed myself into him, giving him one hell of a wakeup call.

    “Aghhh!! What the fuck..who?..” He started to struggle, trying to get away, pulling himself from my cock. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into a full nelson, pulling him into me and deeper onto my cock.
    “Shut up bitch…your ass is mine..”
    “ugh…FUCK…pull out…please pull out…it hurts!”
    “Deal with it like the little bottom bitch you are!” I pulled out; just enough to think he was going to go free, only to ram it home hard.
    “Fuck! Please…stop….”
    “You’re gonna take this cock until I tell you otherwise…” as I started to rhythmically fuck him, long, equally paced thrusts.
    “Fuck..stop…ugh….please….mike….ughhhh…oh man…..mike…”
    “What bitch…”
    “st-….ohh…oh god…stop..”
    “No..” I was thrusting long and deep..his asshole tight, trying to squeeze me out, but it wasn’t happening.
    “Mike…STOP!...please..I can’t take it…oh…my…god..”
    “Shut it!”
    “ugh…oh…oh…OHHHHH…GODDDDDD” as his body tensed up and shuddered, his abs spasming, hole tightening. He had just shot a nut into the basket of his jockstrap again.
    “You little came before me again!”
    “I’ll make it up to you!! Holy fuck…I came so goddamn hard…”
    “ liked the little rape scene apparently..”
    “Holy shit yeah…but now I owe you…”
    I pulled out of him and rolled onto my back. He rolled over and kissed me on the lips, tongue darting into mine every so often to get a taste of me. I let my own tongue explore inside his mouth, tastingthe sweetness on his tongue as I slid my hands down and grabbed handfuls of his ass.
    “You want me to please you all night don’t you?”
    “Can you do it?”
    “You know how I am with challenges…” he said with a smile.
    “Then get to it…this load isn’t gonna work itself out.”
    “Load…I’m getting multiple tonight..”

    He changed his position so that he was 69ing me, his ass in my face. His cock was at full attention, stretching his jock. I could see the dried up areas of cum..and the fresh pools of it from when he just busted his load. I swiped my finger and got a good hefty glob of his cum and then shoved my finger deep into his asshole..working his cum inside of him. He moaned…just as he was putting his mouth around my cock. The vibrations down my shaft were just right, and as he started to suck, I just closed my eyes and relaxed.

    I don’t even know how long he was sucking my cock. I got lost in it. He was working my entire cock with his tongue, throat, lips…pausing every so often to jerk me slowly. He went to town on my dick, sucking and swirling his tongue around the tip of my cock. By the time I finally blew a load down his throat, a load which he swallowed gladly, his cock had grown limp and he was laying on my chest, ass still in my face, hole calling my name.

    “I forgot how good your cum tasted…even when we were fucking you would just bang me out and breed me over and over..I haven’t had a load in my belly for a long time.”
    “You always loved it though…and your mouth and throat never lost its touch. What fucking time is it anyway”
    “You sucked my dick for 2 hours?!”
    “Pretty much..slow and steady won the race apparently.”
    “damn..good job..”
    “Yeah well now it’s time to get another load in the other hole…”

    He rolled off of me, and then repositioned himself so that he was straddling my hips, facing away from me. My cock was at full attention still, and as he reached back to spread his cheeks to accept my cock, I saw his hole pucker and open a bit. He put the tip of my cock right against his hole, and in one motion swallowed my entire cock inside of his ass, right down to the base. He was still holding his cheeks apart, and as he let go they slid around my cock, trapping it inside of him.

    “mmm Fuck man..that was hot.”
    “Shhh…just relax..I got this” he said to me with a smirk as he looked back at me over his right shoulder.

    Marc started to raise himself off of my dick, only to sit back down on it nice and hard. He raised himself again, only to slam himself down even harder. He started to gain a rhythm, really giving it to himself good. He was riding my cock nice and hard, squeezing his hole around my shaft as he rose up off of it, tightening up as he sat back on it. I just closed my eyes, and let him do his thing. He was putting in work, I was loving it..and my cock was loving it too. After a while, he started to roll his hips as he moved up and down my shaft, really stretching out his hole with my cock as he went.

    “you missed this didn’t you”
    “Yessss..” Marc hissed as he pushed his hole down onto my dick.
    “ride it harder…”
    “shhhh..Let me handle this Mike..I can take care of you..”

    He continued riding me nice and slow for another 10 minutes, before turning around while still impaled on my cock. He rotated a full 180 degrees while my cock was inside of him, and the friction of the turn made his hole feel even tighter than it was. He continued riding up and down on my cock, while his cock throbbed on my abs. I could see it bulge and harden as my cock slid inside of him, only to deflate a bit as my cock slid out. His head was glistening in precum and I knew that he wanted to blow, but was servicing me and knew that he couldn’t.

    As he pulled himself off of my dick, Marc reached back and spread his cheeks nice and wide, tightening his asshole around my cock. Once he pushed all of me inside of him, he would push his cheeks together, squeezing around my cock as he pulled up off of me. He was working me, and working it good. My cock was ready to blow at any second but I wanted to see how long he could go.

    Marc’s cock was dripping onto my stomach, his dick getting stickier the more he bounced on my cock, flopping his cock into his own dripping precum only to pull out of it. I wanted him to cum on me, shoot all over my chest, but I knew he wanted to please me first. He continued to ride me nice and slow, really enjoying the fuck that I was giving him. After another 10 minutes he pulled off of my cock, got into doggie style position, and looked back at me.

    “Can you pound me nice and hard Mike… my asshole needs it.”
    “I can give it to you as hard as you want…”
    “rape my ass Mike..I want you to take control..”

    I looked around my room quickly and found two neckties and a belt. As I pulled out of my younger brother I rolled off of the bed to grab these items, only to quickly jump back onto the bed, wrapping a necktie around Marc’s neck. I quickly tied a collar around him and then tied it to his headboard. I then flipped him onto his stomach, pulled his hands behind his back, and wrapped the other necktie around his hands to tie them behind his back so that he couldn’t get to the other knot. I then shoved my cock back into him with such force that it easily could have torn something.

    “no…please…go easy on me…”
    “Fuck you bitch…I’m tearing this asshole apart if it’s the last thing I do..”

    And I did..for the next 35 minutes I fucked my brother so hard I don’t know how he walked the next day. He was bucking, pulling, doing everything he could to relieve some of the tension from the tie around his neck, but every time he would pull himself up, I would go even harder on his hole. I eventually rolled him over onto his back, flipping his legs over my shoulders. As I continued to fuck harder and harder..I looked into his eyes. He was begging for me to cum, to breed him one more time. I could see him asking me to fuck a load so deep into him that there was no chance for it to ooze out. I couldn’t take any more. With three hard, deep thrusts, I blew my seed deep inside of him. His eyes rolled into the back of his head, and just as my cock finished delivering what he wanted, his cock spurted out three huge globs of cum. He had been holding out the entire time, making sure that I came first, like a good cum whore should.

    “I can’t feel my asshole…you fucked it right off of me…”
    “It’s still there…if I fucked it off of you what good would you be to me next time I came home…”
    “Fuck you..”
    “Keep it up..I’ll keep fucking you..”
    Marc smirked..”I can’t take much more..I’m tired as hell..and my asshole feels like you could shove a football in there without a problem.”

    I pulled out and rolled him up a bit to peer at his goods.
    “No..not a football..but I could definitely get a few inches of a baseball bat inside of you without a problem at this point..”
    “ I that loose?”
    “ are..”
    “Man… least it was worth it.”
    “Yeah was…”

    I rolled onto my back, and Marc positioned himself so that he was resting his head on my pec. After a few minutes, he was definitely out cold, snoozing away. I looked at the clock, and realized that we had been fucking almost until dawn. He had definitely put in work to make sure I enjoyed myself, but at the same time I knew that his little whorish self couldn’t get enough of it once he felt it inside of him again. We fell asleep, curled together in his bed, naked and dripping with sweat, but both thoroughly satisfied.

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    Re: Family Tutor

    and without further of my brother...more to follow..
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    Re: Family Tutor

    his face pic..and a few others
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    Re: Family Tutor

    The new parts of the story? HOT! The new pictures that go along with it? EVEN HOTTER.

    I cannot wait until tonight for more story and more xxx pics. Wow...this is a story series done right!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Since I can't get to post a story tonight..and likely won't be able to tomorrow, I'm going to give you more pics of my brother to to.

    the asshole pic is before I got him his tattoo, when we first started out doing this...I have pics of that..but I'd rather not post them because i feel like that's mine..and should stay between me and them.

    enjoy..I'll be back with more story on Thursday!
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    Re: Family Tutor

    and a few more
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    Re: Family Tutor

    Amazing ass on him, I only hope there are some hot xxx pics of you working it over to a cummy mess

    Can't wait for the new parts of the story

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    Re: Family Tutor

    Any recent updates or pictures to go with the hottest story on JUB?

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    Re: Family Tutor

    You should update this. And make your fans happy lol

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    Re: Family Tutor

    it's been a crazy couple of months. I'll be adding some new segments shortly into the new year so stay tuned boys

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    Re: Family Tutor

    I've been a great fan following this story till now. Look forward to hearing the new segments in the new year. Thank you!

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    Re: Family Tutor

    great story

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    Re: Family Tutor

    did u record any video of you?

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