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    Request: True-sounding stories

    I haven't found too much of this in this forum but I'm always turned on by true or at least true-sounding stories, if written as though the author is recollecting actual events and written in first person, at least playing it off as an actual experience. Especially if it's a sexual encounter that was completely unexpected or forbidden. Seducing an inexperienced guy is also hot.

    Anyone have stories like this?

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    Re: Request: True-sounding stories

    Well here is mine... and it is a true story. It is about the day I realized that I was Bi.



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    Re: Request: True-sounding stories

    I used to have an amazing one about ht first time I got seduced and fucked by a guy a just met. My Ex was digging through my stuff one day and she found it. Never saw it again.

    I did write this not too long ago. This all happened about 3 months ago. Hottest fuck ever.

    It's been about 3 months since my last hook up. My asshole ached and quivered as I played out past encounters in my head. One event in particular stuck out in my memory. I thought about the night Lisa and I first met justin.
    We placed an ad online seeking a man to join us for a threesome. It was Lisa's fantasy to watch me suck a guys dick. Justin replied and we invited him over. He was a 25 year old black man, about 6'2" very handsome and very hung. He sat on the couch next to Lisa and me We chatted for a few minutes before Lisa suggested that we get down to it I got down on my knees between his legs unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. I took the head of his cock into my mouth as is slowly started to grow. Within a few minutes he was fully erect. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and worked his thick 9 inch cock into my mouth. Lisa got down and sucked his balls into her mouth while I sucked him. We took turns slobbering up and down his big black dick for the next 10 minutes before heading to the bedroom.
    I laid down on the bed, Lisa straddled me taking my dick into her pussy and justin knelt behind Lisa. He rubbed the head of his dick between her ass cheeks and tried to slip into her tight hole as she rode my cock, but his dick was entirely too thick. a few minutes later I took control flipping Lisa onto her back pumping my dick into her pussy as fast as I can. She moaned louder and louder as she came. Her pussy clenched tightly around my dick making me cum deep inside her. After I pumped the last of my cum into her pussy I got up and stood at the foot of the bed.
    What happened next is the focus of my obsession.
    Justin moved between her legs and positioned his dick at the opening of her dripping wet pussy. He slowly pushed the head of his dick into her pussy stretching her hole wide open. Lisa squealed and winced in pain briefly as he continued to push his dick into her snatch until he hit bottom. He slowly started to work his massive dick in and out of Lisa, making her scream with every stroke. I had a clear view of his thick shaft thrusting into her pussy as it stretched tightly around him. Justin quickened the pace of his thrusts as Lisa screamed louder and louder every time his rod filled her pussy.
    I stood in amazement and stared at his thick cock pounding away stretching her pussy open as it disappeared into her. Justin stopped and rolled over pulling her on top of him . Lisa straddled his enormous rod taking it deep into her pussy. Her entire body shook and she cried at the top of her lungs as she rode his dick sliding up and down his shaft. She fell forward onto him trembling as an orgasm raged through her body. Justin wrapped his arms around her and thrusted his dick up into her pussy fucking her harder as she came.
    Lisa fell to the side onto the bed with her legs wide open. Justin got back on top pushing deep into her convulsing hole. He pushed her legs open wide and pumped his dick into her as hard and as fast as he could. I watched as he pounded her pussy harder and deeper. Lisa continued to scream and growl as Justin ravaged her limp body. Seeing his huge dick fucking her pussy deep made my mouth water and asshole quiver.
    I focused on the image of his thick black cock thrusting deep into her pussy making her scream at the top of her lungs. I began to fantasize about trading places with Lisa so it was my asshole being stretched open and fucked mercilessly. The thought of being fucked by Justin turned me on more than I could have imagined. I wanted his dick inside me. I needed him to fuck my ass.

    I have asked him in the past if he would be interested in getting back together and fucking me in front of Lisa. This was as much her fantasy as mine. He turned us down saying he wasn't into fucking guys even if Lisa was to participate.

    I obsessed over Justin's dick and how hard he fucked Lisa that night. I decided I was going to have him no matter what it takes.

    I e-mailed Justin to ask him if he was up for a little fun. I lied and told him another girl was interested in the three of us getting together. I explained that it was her fantasy to watch him fuck me in front of her and offered to pay him one hundred dollars. He was reluctant, but agreed to have sex with me because he really needed the cash. We planned on meeting in a hotel room later that night.

    As the time drew closer I e-mailed him again explaining that this girl was too shy to meet him, but still wanted me to hook up with him so I could tell her about it afterwards. Once again he was reluctant to go through with it, but could use the money. Justin inquired about the cost of a hotel room for the night. I had planned to spend around fifty dollars on the room. He bargained that if I gave him the extra fifty dollars and supplied a box of condoms he would agree to fuck me in his apartment. I accepted his offer with a sly grin on my face.

    I left work at about 5pm. Before heading to Justin's apartment I need to stop and grab supplies for the evening. I pulled into the Wal-mart, walked inside, and found the "adult" isle near the pharmacy. I grabbed a box of Trojan magnum condoms, a bottle of my favorite lube and headed to the checkout isle. I stood there with a dirty mischievous look on my face as the cashier rung up my items while avoiding eye contact. I walked out of the store carrying my bag of goodies and made my way to Justin's apartment.

    I grew a little nervous as I pulled up outside of his building and knocked on the door. He answered the door and invited me to come inside. Before we started I hopped in the shower to freshen up. I toweled off quickly and returned to the living room to find him sitting on the couch, his robe open and his dick sticking through the slit in his boxers, watching a porno flick. I quickly got down between his legs and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock sucking him deep into my mouth. His rock hard dick sprang to life hitting the back of my throat. My mouth watered as I sucked his dick making his shaft nice and slick.

    He stopped me and said "Mind if I collect?" I hopped up, grabbed the cash from my pocket and handed it to him. He took a second to count the money before placing it aside.

    "You ready?" He asked.

    "Yes, I want that dick so bad!" I replied.

    He opened the box, ripped a condom from its package, placed it on the tip of his cock and proceeded to roll it down his shaft. I got down on my knees in front of him, poured a wad of lube into my hand and rubbed it into my ass then filled my hand once again to coat his dick. I turned around and got on my hands and knees.

    "Bend down further and arch your back." He instructed as he got down on his knees behind me. I bend down leaning on my forearms placing my face on the carpet, and sticking my ass into the air. He inched closer behind me holding his dick in his hand. I felt the heat of his knob as he guided it between my cheeks and pressed it against my asshole. My body quivered with anticipation as I braced myself for his dick.

    Justin pushed his dick firmly against my tight asshole forcing it open.

    "Ahh" I wince in pain as head of his dick stretches open my hole pushing into my ass. My sphincter wraps tightly around the shaft of his cock hugging every ridge and vain as he pushes deeper into my ass.

    "Oh fuck!" I cry feeling the head of his cock hit bottom before pulling back out to prepare for another stroke. His hands grab my hips holding them firmly as he begins to pump his dick in and out of my tight hole. I feel the well defined ridge around his cock head pushing and scraping against the walls of my ass with every stroke.

    "Yes fuck me!" I scream. He smacks me across the ass before pushing his dick all the way into me.

    "Oh my god! That feels so good!" I moan as his dick pumps into me faster and deeper.

    "You like that slut?" He asks while smacking me across the ass again.

    "Oh yea!" I reply in a deep guttural moan.

    He leans forward and pushes his dick deeper into my ass with each stroke. His dick slams deep into my ass sending a trembles down my spine. He slams his dick into my ass deeper and harder speeding up his pace once again. His balls slap against my taint each time he plunges his rod inside me.

    "Yes! Fuck me hard!" I scream as I collapse flat onto the floor burying my face into the pillow. He kneels over me, straddling my legs and leaning forward with is arms out straight to brace himself, and continues to slide his dick deep into my ass.

    "Oh yes! Fuck me!" I moan with each stroke digging my fingers into the floor as he prods my insides with his massive cock. His body rocks back and forth on top of me pushing his dick into my ass deeper and deeper.

    "Fuck my ass!" I squeak like a girl. He rocks back and forth fucking me faster and harder.

    "Yes fuck me! Fuck me!" I screech, the pitch of my voice getting higher the faster he fucks me.

    "Mmm yea that ass feels good." he moans. His hips start pumping in a circular motion whipping his dick around and around inside my ass stretching my hole wider. Every inch of my ass is poked and prodded by his cock as it works a circle inside my ass.

    "Oh fuck!" I squeal at the top of my lungs, lying limp on the floor with an ass full of dick.

    "You like that whore?" he moans smacking my ass again.

    "Yes daddy give it to me!" I reply.

    He leans further over grabbing my shoulders for leverage as he thrusts his dick deeper into my ass. His hips pump back and forth taking long deep strokes pushing his dick balls deep into my ass before pulling back leaving only the head of his cock inside me. I picture his shaft sliding in and out of my tight ass while he fucks me harder and deeper. My body begins to tremble as he continues to fuck me with his long deep strokes. A wave of heat courses through my body from head to toe as I shake and tremble beneath him. I feel his dick throbbing deep inside me as my asshole clentches tightly around his shaft.

    "Oh god yes! Fuck me harder!" I scream biting down on the pillow squeezing his dick in my ass. I feel a snap as the head of his dick bursts through the tip of the condom into my raw asshole.

    "Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!" he groans thrusting forward burrying his throbbing dick deep in my ass. He pulls out and pumps into me one last time pushing as deep into my hole as he can. His rod is as hard as steel. I feel his dick throbbing harder and harder swelling against my insides.

    "Fuck yes! Cum in my ass!" I beg.

    "Oh shit!" he screams as he body tenses up. His dick pulses spraying a thick stream of cum deep into my ass. I feel a rush of heat shoot from his swelling dick filling my ass. "I'm cuming!" he moans. His dick pulses again and again pumping load after load of steaming hot cum into my ass.

    "OH MY GOD YES!" I groan as I feel my ass filling with sticky cum.

    He begins to pump his dick in and out of my cum filled ass again, his dick still hard as a rock. My tight hole squeezes his shaft sending convulsions through my body. He drives his dick faster and faster into my ass until his dick begins to throb once again.

    "OH GOD FUCK MY ASS!" I scream feeling his dick deep inside me.

    "OH FUCK!" I shout as Justin hastily pulls his dick from my ass and climbs to his feet.

    "Get up whore!" he commands. I push myself up from the ground onto my knees and turn around. "Open your mouth" He shouts holding his throbbing dick in his hand. Open my mouth just before he shoves his dick into my mouth releasing a surge of cum down the back of my throat. I suck his dick into my mouth wrapping my lips around his shaft. Another load shoots into my mouth followed by 2 more as he pumps his dick down my throat.

    A moan escapes my mouth muffled by his cock as I slurp the cum from his dick. His dick softens and falls from my mouth leaving a string of cum on my lip.

    "Swallow that cum you little whore!" he demands. I look up at him and swallow his cum down my throat before licking his dick clean.

    He picks up his robe, covers himself and sits down on the couch. I crawl up onto the couch and pull my clothes back on. He walks me to the door, I shake his hand thanking him before he closes the door behind me. I slowly walk down the steps and out of the building. I head down the side walk to my car with my knees shaking and trembling below me the whole way to the curb.

    I got in my car and drove away, my asshole and knees still quivering from the best fuck I've ever gotten. Getting my ass fucked by Justin's huge thick cock was well worth the hundred and fifty dollars I paid him. I get hard and stroke my dick every time my mind wanders back to the encounter.

    There isn't much I wouldn't do to be fucked like that on a regular basis.

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    Re: Request: True-sounding stories

    Since we're all pushing our own stuff, I'll recommend my project, "I Thought I Knew." It is a true first-persons story. I hope you enjoy. http://www.justusboys.com/forum/showthread.php?t=176387
    "Reading should be easy. Only the reader should be hard." -- hardreader

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    Re: Request: True-sounding stories

    Trevor's Year by Tantiboh is also a true story, and well worth the read.

    And I know, if I'll only be true, to this glorious quest . . .

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