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Thread: "Average" guys?

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    "Average" guys?

    It seems that most porn we come across is either of (i) medicated ************, (ii) anorexic waifs, or (iii) the clinically obese. I quite wish there were more porn dedicated to guys of average build...say BMI 21-25; neither overweight nor under. It's guys like this that we see and interact with for the most part on a daily basis, and for me that familiarity is a turn-on. Is anyone else into this?

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    Re: "Average" guys?


    i'm not into muscles, I don't want to see rib-cages and I don't like obesity.

    average guys everytime.

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    I think the b******lder weightlifter guys are gross.
    And the sloppy pale fattie with big boobs is disgusting.
    I kind of like skinny men, a little.
    There is a broad range in the middle that is best!
    I am your nymphococksucking, Bottom Boy only, cumswallowing freewhore.
    I like to suck cocks, but not be sucked. I like to be fucked, but not fuck.

    I need constant cumshowers & huge hard cocks cumming deep in my mouth & ass!

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    I am all hot about average guys. European male porn (Cazzo, Wurstfilm, Triga, etc, etc, etc,...) shows much more average guys, but I am hot about American porn as well.

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    average can be very sexy indeed. theres more to a hot guy than a big cock . a friend made a vid that i saw-
    he's 15 pounds overweight - technically-- he's got a little tummy and a thick but not huge cock - around 6 - and when he beat off it was soo sexy and REAL - this heavy breathing and the quiet moans were not contrived and sooo sexy - and the not huge load was the greatest.. and althouh he didnt think it was very special - it was - and i got off bigtime too. i can find something sexy about AVERAGE guys i see all the time. nice hands and a sexy voice can do way more than big biceps and overdone chest..
    a nice smile, sexy eyes and a little stubble and i'm in danger of getting punched in the face for saying something i shouldn't.
    you bet - "AVERAGE" IS WAY MORE THAN average !!

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    I love average guys!
    But I don't hate on guys who are considered above, or below average. I don't mind muscles, and I don't mind a bit of chubbiness.

    But average is always good! Average is the type of guy I want to make a life with!

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    Average dudes are great...they are more real. The majority of guys aren't the polished super models you see on porn.

    And any way, I've learned not to fall for super handsome men...fuck that. Give me an "average" looking guy any day.

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    I agree with all, average is the best turn on. The size of the cock, or the man isn't what is inportant. Put some underwear on an average man, and I'm really in trouble.

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    Definitely. The best looking guys are the ones who looked like they used to work out but kind of let themselves go a little bit. They have a little stomach but still have nice pecs. Average looking "everyday" guys are great.

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    I havent seen many films of obese men fucking someone but there seems to be a glut of films with twinks and studios types having sex.
    I like seeing an average blue-collar man between 30 and 60 years old fucking or getting sucked or otherwise serviced by a less masculine dude in his twenties. I know some dislike obese men but seeing a fat older man face-fucking a twink or the twink orally servicing the man's feet also gives me a boner.
    One guy said a film of a massive manly bodybuilder "raping" a skinny weak effeminate twink both turned him on and frightened him.

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    Re: "Average" guys?

    I love average to chubby "everyday" guys. A little belly? Hopefully with some fur on it? I'm there.

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