Why was my story deleted?

The Story Board is subject to the general rules stated in the Code of Conduct governing the Just Us Boys site and in addition, there are guidelines for story writers. These may be found in the top section of the Story Board. While the Code of Conduct is specific, the Guidelines are just that and there will be occasions when a story is considered unsuitable for reasons that have not been listed.

When a story is reviewed, two main criteria are taken into consideration. The first of these concerns the ages of the characters depicted in the narrative. Age 18 is the minimum acceptable age and where there is any doubt because of the description of a character or characters, the piece will not be accepted. For this reason, care should be taken when using words such as ‘boy’ and, ‘teenager’.

A main area of contention is related to stories in a High School setting. There is probably more learned about sex in High School than anything else but so far as this site is concerned any sex acts described in fiction can only be those that are legal. We follow the USA age requirement and that is 18. As more mature seniors in High School are the only ones to fall into that bracket the setting is a potential minefield. Interaction between school staff and students is also a topic to treat with care.

The second consideration has to be violence. Any theme describing acts of rape is unacceptable. As for other forms of violence whether they are fetish related or, for example, a street fight, these should not be extreme or too graphic in their description. It is suggested that the author should ask himself, “does this constitute assault?” When the answer is an obvious yes, then leave it out. It is assumed in fetishism, any action is consensual and subject to agreed limits. Ensure the limits are reasonable.

It should be understood that it is not possible to accept stories that include real people as characters - this includes movie stars and the like.

Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove stories that fail to conform to the general principles and standards that cover the content of this site as a whole.