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Thread: Dads underwear

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    Re: Dads underwear

    I swapped underwear with him a couple of times, we were about the same size, and I jacked into it 'till I came. I'm sure he came in it as well, so it was like we cummed on the same spot, and that excited me even more!

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    Re: Dads underwear

    One night I was in the den and my mom was asleep and I had snuck into the bathroom and stole my dad's underwear out of his gym shorts he jogs in a park inside our house every day and I was so nervous because I have always thought about my dad he is about 5'8 very hairy legs hairy chest pecs hairy balls very sexy guy he's in the army and I was sitting on the computer looking at dad's own porn and sniffing his underwear thinking of his sweaty nuts bouncing around while he jogged and I started looking at classified ads on craigslist for local dads who would want their son suck them off and I saw a couple posts from a guy about my dads age to meet at the same park my dad jogs and every single day I almost wanted to freak out because I felt like I was going to deep but. The post had just been posted and it was shortly after one in the morning so I replied to it and the person wrote back and said meet me in the park bathroom in the last two stalls. I walk over to the park all nervous and had put my dad's underwear back into the hamper and could still smell his balls on my hand I was so horny I cannot wait to actually suck off a guy around my dads age so when I go into the bathroom there was a Gloryhole.. And my heart was pounding and I was shaking because I heard the door open I knew it was that dude that I was talking to online when he comes over to the stall I noticed it was my dad's shoes and his hairy legs and I couldn't believe it because the post online was for a dad looking for a hot Twink son to call him dad while he fucked his son's mouth and it was literally my real father and so I didn't know whether I should get up and leave or stay and my heart was pounding and my dad's dick and balls came through the hole and I just started sucking his dick and he kept calling me son and I kept calling him dad and he knew that it was me because he knows my voice and then he shot so much cum into my mouth I almost gagged and I shot all over his hairy legs I stayed into the stall because I was so nervous and I waited for about 30 minutes before I left and when I got home he was in the kitchen pulling out a beer and he just said did you have fun while you were out and I said yeah all nervous because it was a little awkward my mom was still asleep and that was the hottest night of my entire life

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    Re: Dads underwear

    everytime i have the chance i smell and lick some daddies' briefs. at my dad's place, or uncle's or even friends who live with their dads... i sneak into the laundry room or underwear drawer, smell them all and wank.. i love worshipping mature men dicks and briefs...

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    Re: Dads underwear

    Well my dad knew I wore his underwear cause I asked him. Used to wear tighty whites then boxer briefs. He worked nights so when mom and siblings left I would get his underwear on and snuggle up to him. Used to wer my brothers also

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    Re: Dads underwear

    How many of us still have some of our dads underwear?

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